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“Yes...more, yes, god yes!”

“God, so hot. Fuck, it’s so tight””

“P-please, deeper…” 

“Fuck, I swear to GOD...fuck..”

“H-h-harder! AH!! Yes! Right there! Mmm.”

Guttural moans. Breathless pants. Nails scratching down his back. Katsuki grits his teeth as he snaps his hips forward and back, the sound of skin on skin reverberates in his head.

Sweat drips off his brow onto the body writhing in pleasure underneath him.

Hot breaths on his neck, trailing up to his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. Katsuki moans, as his mouth connects with the lips that have been trailing against his jaw.

Warm shifts to hot, soft and sensual. The tongue that invades his mouth is sweet and fiery. It’s addictive as fuck, and it drives him crazy.

The mouth pulls away as he snaps his hips forward hard.

Katsukiiii~,” his name rolls off their tongue, sweet like honey, and Katsuki comes apart at the sound of it. Plenty of people have said his name, but something about that voice has sent him over the edge.

“Katssukkiiii,” they call again.

Blurs of green flash under him, but he can’t seem to focus. Everything’s so hazy, so he chases the one thing he can seem to focus on: heat and pleasure. The high of an orgasm.

Fuck, it’s feels so goddamn good.

He grabs his lover’s leg and hoists it up and forward driving even deeper into them, and they cry out more.

“haaah….so good….perfect.”

Katsuki revels at the praise, leaving sloppy kisses down their neck. Swiping his tongue along the neck to the earlobe and panting heavily into their ear.

His pace is brutal and fast, his lover loving every second of it as they moan even louder.

“Ah ah ah! Katsukiiii~,” they say again.

Katsuki relishes in the way the “i” is elongated at the end, it drives him absolutely wild. Katsuki growls into their neck, biting down hard on the curve between neck and shoulder. And then he feels hands in his hair.

Fuck .

Katsuki whines at the tender touch. His lover pulling his face to theirs, their foreheads touching. His eyes are open but damn everything is such a blur. He feels their hot breath on his face as they pant. He sees lust burning in jade, and he swears he sees stars.

“Katsuuuukiii~” they moan again, and Katsuki groans in response, and his lover devours his mouth again. Hot open mouth kisses, sloppy as fuck, but who gives a shit.

“I-I’m...ahh...ahh..I’m gonna cum.” they say.

Katsuki feels himself nod and fuck yes, he’s close too.

“Hahh...please...please, cum ..inside me,” they pant out with each thrust .

Katsuki’s mind short circuits at how fucking hot that sounds, and just feels himself ravage his lovers mouth as his silent reply, his hips starting to quicken just a touch more.

“Ahh haahh, Katsuukii~” they shout as they come undone. Katsuki is right behind them. His hips stuttering as his eyes shut and vision goes white.

Chest heaving, he has no energy left to roll over, so his lover just pulls him down flush against them. His eyelids feel heavy, hands are combing through his hair.

“Perfect. Katsuki is perfect.” Katsuki’s heart soars at the sound of that, and it’s the last thing he hears before he knocks out.


Katsuki’s nose scrunches up as he feels the sunlight invading his face. He’d open his eyes but damn the headache of a hangover is threatening to take over. He groans as he rolls over away from the sun.

He slowly opens his eyes getting accustomed to the shadows in his rooms; blinking a few times, before he flops onto his back again, starfishing in his bed.

He sighs, as he tries to stretch out, he feels a little sore. There’s a slight burn in his thighs.

Oh, that’s right. He fucked last night. He can’t remember who he came home with though. He gets up to explore his apartment stumbling a little bit as he makes his way out of his bedroom. Maybe his lover is in the bathroom or in the kitchen?

Nope, not in the bathroom and nope not in the kitchen.

He goes back to his room and grabs his cellphone, maybe they exchanged numbers?

aaand nope, another fail. Oh man, is he up shit creek now.

Shit. Katsuki definitely wants to see them again. He scowls because fuck, that was probably the best sex he’s had like ever. Both his hands scrub his hair furiously for not fucking getting that guys number. He runs a hand down his face and sighs exasperatedly. Oh well, maybe someone saw them together, maybe one of his friends can help him out.

He heads back to the kitchen, and starts to make some food to quell the hangover. As he stands over his stove, he thinks about last night.

Fuck, he had gotten way too shit-faced.

Now, Katsuki has had quite a few drunken one-night stands. Work as a pro-hero was stressful, you know? He thinks last night was a dream, but the ache in his legs and the small marks on his neck and chest tell a different story.

But there was something about last night’s hook-up that was different, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on. But now he contemplates, was it because he was drunk-off his ass that made it so good? If he actually did get the chance to meet them sober, would that same spark be there? He shakes his head, why the fuck was he even thinking about that. He wasn’t really looking to date anyways. This was supposed to be stress relief.  

And romantically speaking, he didn’t really have anyone in mind when it came to dating.

Well. That’s a lie.

If Katsuki were a tree, he’d be the goddamn biggest pine tree in the forest. Because he’s done nothing but fucking pine away for a green-haired idiot since high school, whose green hair and eyes were just as, if not, a beautiful brighter green than the metaphorical pine tree that he is. Katsuki shakes his head. Loathe to admit it, he was gone for Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki sometimes felt he was the heroine of a shoujo manga, where the protagonist falls in love for the boy next door/childhood friend trope. It pisses him off.

But what pissed him off more, was that by the time they were third years at UA, everyone was in love with the nerd. So what, the asshole had gotten strong (ridiculously strong he notes), and had really filled out with his growth spurt and the muscle to go with it (I mean, have you seen Izuku’s biceps and thighs?). He’d watched both women AND men approach Izuku outside their classroom asking if they could talk to him privately. And well, every time that happened Katsuki just happened to run into these awkward ass confessions, and no , he would never admit he was following the nerd to see what Izuku’s reply would be. As if. Katsuki Bakugou does not stalk. But much to his relief, the nerd always politely turned them down, and always somehow walked away with a new friend, and that really grinded Katsuki’s gears. Izuku didn’t need new friends. He had plenty in the class, him included!

Katsuki turns off the stove, and slides his food to a plate and heads over to his table and eats quickly. He has a long day ahead since he’s got night patrol.



Katsuki arrived early for his shift at the hero agency, and after changing into his costume, he heads for the break room to load up on caffeine because he knew he’d need it to last through the night.

He hears a melodic laugh coming from the break room and he instantly knows who’s in there. Katsuki’s heart rate picks up a bit and he gets a fluttery feeling in his stomach and he grinds his teeth because what the hell, he’s too hungover for this shit right now.

Stomping into the breakroom, he scowls instantly. Izuku is in his hero costume holding a mug of coffee and chatting it up with Eijirou and they’re laughing about something. He swears to God that time moves in slow motion and the world goes in soft focus, as sparkles and blooming roses frame Izuku’s laughing face. He did mention that sometimes he feels like he’s in a shoujo manga, right? Despite the butterflies he feels, he stomps down on them and reverts to his signature scowl as he watches the two. He hates seeing how easy it is for shitty-hair to talk to Izuku. He hates how casually Izuku touches Eijirou when he’s laughing so hard he has to hold onto him as he doubles over. He hates how close they stand to one another as Izuku shows Eijirou something on his phone, their cheeks millimeters from touching. If you’re asking if he’s jealous. Fuck yeah he is. Katsuki wishes conversations would flow easily between him and the nerd. Wishes that casual contact didn’t make the nerd flinch. But he is not as fortunate in the social department as the rest of the extra’s at the agency. Has Katsuki tried? You bet. But his intent never comes out the way he wants it.

Eijirou looks up the moment Katsuki walks in and yells, “Baku-bro! You made it early!”

Katsuki grumbles as he opens a cupboard and grabs a mug and walks over to the coffee pot.

“Wow, someone’s in a shitty mood.”

“Shut yer trap shitty-hair, I have a hangover, alright?” he replies without looking at them.

“Hi, Kacchan! We just brewed a fresh pot of coffee too, so it should be nice and hot!”

He nods in acknowledgement as he pours a cup. He turns to face them, and leans against the counter. Izuku is smiling brightly at him, which confuses Katsuki. Izuku never smiles like that at Katsuki. That smile makes his stomach flip flop and god it’s too blinding for him right now.

“What the fuck you lookin’ at nerd?” Ah, fuck, that’s definitely not what he wanted to say.

Izuku’s smile falters, his eyebrows knit as confusion flits through his features. What the fuck? Thinks Katsuki. Izuku’s hand comes up to rub the the back of his neck and he awkwardly laughs, “..ah. um... nothing..ha.ha..”

A smile is back on Izuku’s face, but it’s awkward and very fake. He stands up and grabs his cup and looks at Katsuki, and then Eijirou, “Uh, I should probably head back to my desk to finish up that paperwork. So..uh..yeah..let’s catch up later Eiji!” he starts walking to the door, and doesn’t say a word to Katsuki.

“Later ‘zuku!” Eijirou yells back at the retreating form.

“Brooooooo,” Eijirou looks at Katsuki once he’s sure Izuku has left their immediate vicinity. He saw how quickly Izuku booked it out of there, and the fact that he didn’t even say bye to the blonde, must mean his explosive friend totally fucked up.

“What!? And what the fuck? ‘Zuku? Eiji?! When the hell did you get so familiar!? Giving each other nicknames and shit.”

“I don’t get it! You’re in love with him right? Why the hell do you talk to him like that?!” whisper yells Eijirou as he ignores Katsuki’s complaint, “That was the perfect opportunity to at least say ‘Thanks for the coffee Izuku’ or I don’t know...maybe a simple ‘Hey, what’s up?’ would’ve been better than ‘What the fuck you lookin’ at nerd?” Kirishima puts on his best scowl to imitate Katsuki.

Katsuki frantically looks around, and even stomps to the entry of the breakroom to see if anyone heard Eijirou.

“Would you shut your damn mouth!? You might as well tell the whole damn building my fucking secret!”

“Bro, It’s 9PM, there’s only a handful of people in the office for night patrol and desk duty. You know it’s practically deserted at night!”

“Doesn’t matter Kirishima, you shouldn’t be blabbing about this in public to begin with.”

“Whatever man. So, spill it, what’s got your panties in a bunch for you to snap at ‘Zuku like that? 

“...would you stop calling him ‘Zuku.”

“OH. I see. But you can call him Deku?”

“That’s his goddamn hero name!”

“Whatever,” he rolls his eyes, “So spill it. Why do you look like absolute shit tonight?”

Katsuki tells him that he went out the night before with Denki, Mina and Sero and how he got shitfaced. Then he tells him about the amazing one-night stand.

“- I don’t even know their name!”

“Well, that’s not new, that’s what one night stands are about right? 

“...yeah, but...last night was seriously the best night ever. But, I woke up and they were gone already.”

“And you don’t remember anything about them?”

Katsuki shakes his head, “Not really, and that’s exactly why it’s pissing me off!”

“Do you really want to see them again though? I mean, you’re pining after someone else. What’s the point of pursuing them?”

“..are you deaf? I said it was the best sex ever. At least they can be a fuck buddy or something, it doesn’t have to turn into a relationship.”

“I guess. Well, we should talk to the rest of the bakusquad to see if they know who your mystery man is.”

“...I wish you wouldn’t refer to yourselves as’s annoying.”



Katsuki had gotten a hold of the Sero, but he was of no help as he remembers that all of them were pretty trashed that night.

Denki and Mina were another story. He had a hard time trying to get a hold of those two. Kind of predictable, they were the biggest airheads of the group. Soon Friday would be upon them, and then he could nag the two idiots at their usual meet up for drinks about it.

Usually, one night stands rolled off of Katsuki like water off a duck’s back, but this. There was something nagging his conscious about this one and he seriously couldn’t put his finger on it, and that just made him even more irritable.

But you know what else was even more irritating?

Izuku had been more awkward with Katsuki than usual since their last interaction in the breakroom. Every time Katsuki walked into a room that Izuku occupied, the latter would look at his watch and say to the person he was talking to, “Oh would you look at the time? I’ve got somewhere to be! I’ll talk to you later!” and he’d zoom out of the room with a quick wave to Katsuki.

Okay, okay. While Katsuki was annoyed at how much attention Izuku gave him, it was more annoying that he wasn’t even given the time of day. Who did the nerd think he was?

Well, now they were both in the locker rooms, alongside Eijirou. Nerd can’t run now, he smirks as he quickly catches a glance at Izuku’s back. They were changing out of their hero costumes when-

“Holy shit ‘zuku! What the hell?” Eijirou exclaimed as Izuku unzipped his jumpsuit. Eijirou was changing out of his costume to the right of Izuku, and Katsuki’s back was to them facing the opposite side of the room.

“W-what is it Eiji?”

“Your neck! Bro, what is that!” Eijirou approaches Izuku, and Katsuki looks on with mild interest, as the nerd gets flustered and his hand snaps to his neck.

“It’s n-nothing!” Izuku stutters, as he turns to face Eijirou and tries to back away, his hands up trying to placate the man approaching him.

And that’s when Katsuki see’s it.

"‘Zuku, have a hickey!” Eijirou says excitedly as he intrudes on Izuku’s personal space, “and holy shit they left a bite mark! That’s...that’s kinky,” he nods in approval.

Katsuki wants to pick his jaw up off the floor. Izuku has a hickey. Izuku has a bite mark. Who the hell marked the nerd up. Was the nerd dating? Who the fuck was he seeing? He’d explode them! Someone finally broke through Izuku’s defenses when he wasn’t looking?

Izuku was a crimson shade of red and was awkwardly laughing and looking away as his two index fingers pointed together.

“Locker talk time - it’s the manly thing to do!” Eijirou continues, “who is it ‘Zuku? Were they good?”

Katsuki is still watching the drama unfold before him, paying rapt attention to the answer.

Izuku glances at Katsuki whose face is a downright glower, and focuses back to Eijirou, “no-nobody!”

“Come on man! This is the first time you’ve come into work with those kind of ‘battle wounds’ Humor us!”

Katsuki can see the nerd getting more and more flustered, eyes darting all over the place. Katsuki also knows that, while Izuku is an open book with everyone, it’s clear that the nerd wants this to be kept a secret.

“Lay off shitty-hair. You don’t have to tell us shit, nerd.” he growls in defense of his crush, as much as he hates not knowing the answer. Izuku looks at him with unsure written in green eyes and Katsuki turns back to changing out of his costume.

“..ah, true. I guess that wasn’t manly of me. Sorry ‘Zuku.”

“Ah, it’s no problem Eiji. Really, I’m...I’m just not comfortable sharing,” he replies. Katsuki misses the glance that Izuku gives him as he turns around.

Katsuki slams his locker at the sound of their pet names again . He looks at Eijirou with an exasperated look, and all the red-head can do is shrug his shoulders. Katsuki picks up his stuff and heads towards the door, and as he passes by the two, Izuku catches Katsuki’s forearm, forcing the blonde to stop and look at him.

Katsuki looks down at mussed green hair, and glittering emeralds with a shy smile on his face. Ahh, he could look at this face all day and not get tired of it. But then his eyes drift down to the mark of possession on his neck, and snaps back to Izuku’s eyes with another scowl.

What?” he gruffs out.

“Thank you, Kacchan,” he says with a watery smile and let’s go of Katsuki’s arm and turns back to finish changing out. Katsuki walks away, the warmth of Izuku’s hand radiating down to his bone. 



Finally, he’s back at the bar and finally dumb and dumber are there and he can’t wait to ask them about two nights before. He walks over to them with beer in hand.

Mina is looking at him with a devilish smirk, and Denki is looking at him with a knowing look. What the fuck?

Now at their table, Mina is grinning maniacally and Denki is wiggling his eyebrow. These fuckers know something.

“ guys look kinda creepy looking at Bakubro like that, what’s going on?” Asks Eijirou.

“Ohh.. I don’t know.. Bakuboy, you tell us,” Denki is goading Katsuki now.

“Mm hmmm, tell us Bakugou, you must be on cloud nine after the other night!” exclaims Mina.

“Alright asshats! What the fuck happened the other night?”

Mina and Denki look at each other with a confused look.

“Uh, what do you mean?” Denki questions. The furious look on Katsuki’s face says plenty to the two.

“Oh my god, did he turn you down? We thought things were going so well!!” said a now concerned Mina.

Katsuki’s brow now furrows and twitches in irritation.

“No you dumbfucks! I don’t remember anything! I just woke up knowing I had the best sex of my life and whoever it was disappeared the next morning!”

Mina and Denki’s eyebrows go up.

“So, what you’re saying don’t remember who you slept with,” says Denki slowly, and Katsuki wants to rip his hair out.


Mina frowns, and puts her hand on top of Katsuki’s, “Poor Bakugou. It was the best night of your life and...the tragedy. You don’t remember any of it,” she wipes fake tears from her eyes.

“Are you idiots gonna tell me or what?” he growls.

They look at each other again this time. They look at Eijirou, who just puts his hands up in defeat, don’t look at him for help.

“Bakugou, what did you do the later that day at work?” asks Mina, sipping on her vodka tonic.  

“Went on patrol, duh.” he takes a swig of his beer.

“Did...did you talk to anyone?” Denki questions.

“Uh..the first people I saw were Kirishima and Deku.”

They both slowly nod, “..and what happened?”

“What the fuck? Why can’t you just tell me what the hell happened instead of playing twenty questions?”

“*sigh* Look Bakugou, if we tell you straight up you’re going to flip your shit. But, we need to know about your interactions with certain people that day, because..I have a feeling your sober self ruined the moment….so tell us..what happened?”

Katsuki looks at the duo and at Eijirou and he said, “for fucks sake. Fine . I was hungover, I grabbed coffee in the break room. Shitty-hair was there and so was Deku, and they were chatting. Kirishima told me I looked like shit and Deku, the little ball of sunshine he is, tells me that there’s a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me.”


“..and…? The nerd’s just staring at me with a fucking smile on his face so I said, ‘What the fuck ya lookin at nerd?’ and per usual Deku gets flustered and leaves.”

Denki and Mina groan.

“You’re an idiot,” Denki sighs.

“You poor unfortunate soul,” Mina says pouting as she puts her hand on Katsuki’s shoulder in an effort to comfort him.

“What the fuck? Why are you guys acting like this? What the fuck does De-” he cuts himself off. The puzzle pieces coming together. The blurs of green beneath him. Why Izuku smiled so brightly that evening, the look of confusion at Katsuki’s harsh greeting. The god damn hickey and the look he gave him before he told Eijirou it was no one.

“..I...fucked...Deku? Deku..was...the best sex of my life?” He can’t believe it, he wants to feel victorious, like he won, but he can’t because...he’s a total asshole.

“Holy shit,” said Eijirou, “You’re telling me...oh my god. Wait wait wait..the locker room.”

“Fuckkkk,” Katsuki groans, “..when you fucking pointed out he had a hickey and that he had a bite mark, I was pissed. Like, what the hell, who was Deku banging!...But...aahh fuck! When you asked him to spill it…”

“He looked at you,” Eijirou finished his sentence,”because he wasn’t sure you wanted anyone to know…”

“..and I was glowering at him, and then I went and said he didn’t have to say shit.”

Katsuki runs his hand down his face.

“...I fucked up….I really really fucked up,” he mutters. The entire table nods in agreement.

“Bro, you were so much smoother when Midoriya when you were drunk,” Denki says.

“Haah? What the hell does that mean?”

“Bakubabe, you were really sweet to Izuku the other night when you were shitfaced. We’re not sure what you were saying to him, but you had him blushing like a maiden,” continues Mina.

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve all seen Midoriya blush, but whatever you were saying to him, really must’ve threw him for a loop. He was smiling shyly at whatever you were saying, and he was looking at you like you hung the moon and stars. Oh my god, and remember when Bakugou was tracing Izuku’s freckles!”

Mina squealed, “Yassss!! It was the most adorable thing! Wait, I think I have a photo!”

Mina whips out her phone and she fist pumps because yes, she took a photo. She places her phone on the table for everyone to see, and Katsuki’s eyes grow wide.

Izuku’s back is against the bar, and Katsuki is towering over him with a disarming smile and a look of fondness in his features. His hand is on Izuku’s face, thumb on his cheek, without a doubt tracing the freckles on his face. A stark comparison to how Katsuki was sober. Izuku is looking at him with his big doe eyes shimmering with anticipation, hanging on to every word Katsuki is saying. Izuku’s eyes have always been expressive, and it’s one of the things he loves about him.

A quick flash of the night in question flashes in Katsuki’s head. He remembers lustful jade looking at him through thick lashes and heavy lidded eyes. And, those stars he was seeing, were indeed Izuku’s freckles. No wonder it felt so surreal. He was sleeping with the boy of his dreams.

Izuku had tried to engage with Katsuki, but he was met with the same angry hateful attitude the boy was known to tout. Katsuki no doubt believed that Izuku felt like he had to pretend that night meant nothing when Katsuki made it unsuspectingly clear that he wanted nothing to do with the nerd. This is definitely why the nerd was acting weird.

He groans, and his forehead falls to the table, “How the fuck do I make this right?”

“Uh, talk to him?”offers Denki. Katsuki just lifts his head up enough to scowl at the blond.

“Seriously Pikachu, this is exactly why I’m in this mess. I don’t know how to talk to the fucking nerd.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to suck it up Bakubro and be a man! You’ve got to confess to him properly,” says Eijirou adding his two cents.

“Sober,” chimed in Denki and Mina.

“Right. Sober,” repeated Eijirou with a smile.

Katsuki groans. The three stooges were right. He’d have to talk to Izuku properly about his feelings. He shudders at the thought.



Katsuki psyches himself up on his day off. He didn’t want to confront Izuku at work, knowing that he’d book it the moment Katsuki walks in the room. He’s paced around his apartment practicing what he wants to say to Izuku. How to bring up the other night, his behavior at headquarters, and confessing how much he loves the nerd, and how he wants them to be boyfriends.

First phase, text Izuku.

Hey shitty nerd, you’re slacking off today right? Abort. Do not Send. Strike one Katsuki.

What the fuck are you doing today? Negative, still too harsh. Strike two.

Hey nerd, are you off today?

Simple, clean, only offending term is probably nerd. Send it off Katsuki.

The response is immediate:

[Izuku:] Uh, yeah. I am. Are you?

Why the fuck else would I be asking? Don’t you dare, Katsuki.

Yeah, I was wondering, if you wanted to meet up? I wanted to talk to you about something. Smooth. Katsuki smirks as he sends it off.

Katsuki watches as the typing bubble lights up, expecting an immediate response, but then the bubble disappears for a moment before reappearing. He starts to feel anxious.

[Izuku:] What have you done with Kacchan?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean shitty Deku!@#$

Oh Katsuki, so much for self-control.

[Izuku:] There you are! (o≧▽゚)o It was weird you didn’t have any cuss words in that text! Where do you wanna meet?

What the hell, Izuku using kaomoji!? It was hard to read Izuku through text messages as he seemed more open than he was in person; especially with the awkwardness of the last couple of days.

Uh, I was thinking you could come over? I can make dinner and we could watch a movie. He replies

[Izuku:]...are you trying to Netflix & Chill me?]

Fuck. No. No. NO. This was not his intent. This is going bad before it’s even started.

[Izuku:] Just kidding Kacchan o(≧∇≦o). I honestly don’t know what that even means. It’s just something I’ve heard Mineta say. What time should I be there?

Izuku follows it up before Katsuki can even respond. What.The. Fuck. Katsuki almost had a heart attack and here’s Izuku dropping bombs without knowing the type of load it carries. He decides not to address it, keep Izuku’s mind pure, and makes a mental note to destroy Mineta for tainting Izuku. But is he really doing Izuku any favors? I mean, thinking about half the shit that came out of Izuku’s mouth the other night in bed …..he shakes his head. Stop. There’s a task at hand!

Does 7PM sound good? He finally responds.

[Izuku:] Is 730 okay?

Yeah, sure

[Izuku:] See you later! ☆~~ヾ(>▽<)ノ。・☆

Later nerd

Katsuki smirks, phase one complete. Now on to phase two. Time to make Izuku’s favorite dishes. He first tidies up around his place and then sets to work on Katsudon.

Phase three is about to begin. Katsuki has practiced everything he wants to say, the points he wants to bring up. He’s set the dinner table and dinner is being kept warm in the oven. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. Izuku was about to step into his apartment again for the second time this week (after a night of mindblowing sex that Katsuki still can’t fathom happened) and Katsuki is almost desperate in that he doesn’t want to fuck this up.

The doorbell rings and he’s up faster than lighting as he runs to the door, stumbling and tripping in the process. Taking a deep breath he exhales to calm his nerves and twists the doorknob open. Izuku is there, with an awkward smile on his face and a hand at the back of his neck, “H-hi Kacchan,” and produces a bottle of wine to Katsuki, “I, uh, didn’t want to show up empty handed.”

“ didn’t have to,” he says as he takes the bottle. He moves from the door to let Izuku in, who walks into the genkan of Katsuki’s apartment and takes off his shoes. He shuffles past Izuku and into the kitchen to places the wine on the table.

“Just make yourself comfortable in the living room, dinner’s just about ready,” he calls out, as he heats up the Katsudon’s and sets the rest of the food on the table.

Katsuki walks back into the living room and calls Izuku to come to the dining table. He asks Izuku if he’d like to open the wine for dinner and he obliges. Just a little bit wouldn’t hurt.

“Amazing, Kacchan. You made Katsudon!” exclaimed Izuku when they finally sat down to dinner.

“..S’nothing Deku, I happened to have the ingredients,” and by that, he really meant he just happened to have the ingredients in his basket, at the store, earlier that day. It’s half the truth.

“Thanks for dinner, itadakimasu!”

The two kind of chat during dinner, but Izuku is fully enjoying the provided meal that he can’t really help but make noises that are borderline lewd as he eats.

“Ughh, omg Kacchan this is so..good, mmm,” Izuku sounds like he’s having an orgasm as he eats Katsuki’s dinner, and...that does things to Katsuki. Weird things. He tries to get his head out of the gutter, and sips on his wine. Is it getting hot in here?

After dinner is finished, and the table is cleared, Katsuki tells him to sit in the living room while he cleans up the rest of the kitchen.

On to phase four now. Katsuki has to sit down and bring up the “event” in which things had happened without scaring off Izuku. He takes a deep breath and heads over to Izuku, bringing a decanter of water and the wine to his coffee table. Katsuki does happen to turn on Netflix and asks Izuku what he’d like to watch.

Izuku picks a hero movie (because of course he would) and then they settle in. They’re sitting on opposite ends of the couch. They’re close, but not close enough. He notices that the green-haired boy has pulled his legs up and wrapped his arms around them.

“You cold or somethin’?” he tries to keep it neutral.

“Mm a little bit.”

Katsuki gets up and disappears to grab a blanket throw. He tells himself that when he comes back he’s going to sit next to the nerd and throw the blanket over both of them, and this is how he’ll segue into the awkward conversation.

He comes back to the living room and walks towards Izuku, and flops down on the couch next to him and throws the blanket over them both. Izuku flushes a little bit at the closeness between them, and ends up leaning more into the armrest.

“I’m not gonna bite Deku,” he says.

It was at this moment, that Katsuki realized he had fucked up; because, oh shit he has, he has bitten Izuku, and the evidence is on his neck as they speak.

They both kind of freeze and blush at the statement and before it gets even more awkward, Katsuki just thinks well, it’s now or never. Katsuki coughs, and clears his throat.

“So…..Deku….,”he drawls. Smooth Katsuki, smooth.

Izuku looks at him nervously, and says, “Umm, yes?”

He readjusts to face the nerd, his knee presses up against Izuku’s thigh. They both look at the contact, but don’t say anything.

“Dek-I mean, Izuku. We need to talk about the other night.”

Izuku slowly nods his head, “....right...I uh, was um..hoping we would at some point….” he replies with a nervous laugh.

“I’m sorry.” Katsuki softly mutters.

“Pardon? I ..uh, couldn't quite hear you.”

“I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ alright? I didn’t mean to be an asshole the other day. I mean...God. It’s just, it’s never been easy for me to talk to you! And-and I was so god damn shitfaced that night that I didn’t even fucking remember sleeping with you! I remember the touching, the kisses, the colors, but fuck. I couldn’t remember your face. And it pissed me off! It pissed me off that I couldn’t remember the face of the person that gave me the best night of my fucking life, and wh-when Pikachu and Raccoon Eyes told me it was you, and showed me the photos, and told me what I did. I felt like utter shit! I let you believe-let you think.. that I didn’t care, that I didn’t want you telling anyone that we slept together. B-but Deku-Izuku, just know that-that is so far from the truth. I just…” Katsuki takes a deep breath, and runs a hand through his hair as he looks up to the ceiling. He looks straight at Izuku and continues:

“I just...I fucking love you nerd. I’m in love with you, and have been for so long. I was so elated to find out that the best night of my life was with you, but I regret not remembering how we got there, because deserve more than just drunk sex. A-and, ugh, fuck. I want to do this properly. I want to date you, be your boyfriend and fucking spoil you.”

Katsuki turns his face towards the TV as silence envelops them. His speech more or less said what he had to say, he could’ve done without the stuttering and the word vomit, barely breathing as everything poured out. But now, the ball was in Izuku’s court. He had to sit and wait for either an acceptance or a rejection.

A shift on the couch, and then there was a hand on Katsuki’s chin. Deku pulled his face to meet his straight on again.

“So, you don’t remember anything from the bar? You just remember the sex?”

The way Izuku says it like that, makes Katsuki feel like the guiltiest piece of shit. He’s ready for Izuku to get mad, to tell him to piss off.

Katsuki shakes his head, “I’m so sorry Izuku.” His gaze drops down.

Izuku has a soft smile on his face, as he tilts Katsuki’s face up so that their eyes meet. Izuku’s face is full of a fondness that Katsuki doesn’t think he deserves, but Izuku was always the one with the biggest heart.

“Kacchan. That night, when you cornered me at the bar. I was so shocked when you approached me. I thought, maybe you had mistaken me for someone else, but that-that wasn’t the case at all! Because, d-despite your drunkenness, what you said…..” Izuku blushes at this point before continuing on.

“Hey, isn’t that Midoriya with Iida, Uraraka and Todoroki,” observes Denki.

“Ohh, yes! Yes it is!! Bakugou, the love of your life has made an appearance!”

“As if Bakubro is actually gonna say anything to Midoriya,” asserts Denki.

“Haahh? What was that pikachu? You think I don’t have the balls to talk to Izuku?”

Mina and Denki look at each other, Katsuki just addressed Deku as Izuku. Mina’s smile turns into an evil smirk.

“Oh, yeah, without a doubt you wouldn’t be able to talk to Izuku,” she taunts.

“Oi, oi, oi Pinky, you tryna start somethin’?” Katsuki grits back.

“Nah, not even Baku-babe. Just statin’ facts.”

“Uhh, this...a good idea?” whispers Denki.

“Trust me!” she whispers back.

“What are ya guy’s whisperin’ ‘bout” Katsuki says.

“We were just saying, don’t ya think you should tell dear Izuku how you feel? What if he finally says ‘yes’ to someone’s confession!”

“Yeah! What Mina said! I mean...omg, no wait. Mina!!! Is that Scribblr? The number 6 hero? He’s talking to Midoriya!”

“OMG, yes! And look! Izuku is already fanboying hard!”

Katsuki’s head darts to look at Izuku at the bar, and yeah, the nerd is positively freaking out. He’s got no notebook on him, so he’s using his finger as a pen and writing in an invisible notebook, and he’s got a big dopey smile as he listens to the hero.

“Pfft, Scribblr is an extra. Number 6? I’m fucking number 3 right behind Izuku,” He watches as Izuku and Scribblr end their convo as the latter walks away.

“Oi, you fuckers said I didn’t have the balls to talk to him right?” He grins mischievously.

“Hmmm, I don’t doubt that you can TALK to him; but can you do it without the attitude,” Denki challenges.

“No, no Denki. What we were saying Baku, is that you don’t have the balls to tell him how you feel about him,” dares Mina.

“Oh yeah? Watch me, extra’s. I’ll sweep ‘Zuku off his fucking feet.” He postures. Katsuki downs the rest of his beer, slams the glass and and strides over to Izuku.

“Oh my God, pinch me. This is happening!” squeals Mina.  

“I can’t...believe...we finally convinced him. Thank god for alcohol,” says Denki.

They watch Katsuki walk over to Izuku. The blonde leans against the bar and towards Izuku. Izuku jumps slightly at Katsuki’s sudden presence, and looks slightly nervous.

“Hey,” Katsuki smiles at Izuku.

“Uhh, hi?” Izuku replies hesitantly and quickly looks around him, to double check Katsuki is talking to him.

“What are you drinking?” he leans on one elbow and turns to Izuku.

“Umm, an ..old fashioned?” Izuku is really confused by calm smiling Katsuki.

Katsuki waves the bartender over, and orders two glasses of the old fashion. Hands one to Izuku and raises his glass, “Cheers, Izuku,” and he flashes the most disarming smile that Izuku has ever seen. Wait, what? He called him Izuku.

“Uh, Kacchan? Are you okay?”

“I’m perfectly fine.”  

“You’re drunk.”

“And you’re beautiful,” he clinks their glasses and winks at Izuku.

Izuku redden’s as he splutters, “Ka-Ka-Kacchan!?”

Katsuki knocks back the rest of his drink, and leans into Izuku. Katsuki’s face is relaxed, soft even. Izuku is bewildered, he knew Katsuki was stunning, but this face? Sans scowl and anger? It’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Izuku also sees a look in Katsuki’s eyes he’s never seen before. Fondness? Adoration? What?

Katsuki reaches up and tucks a curl behind Izuku’s ear, with the softest smile he says, “Your hair is softer than I ever imagined it would be.”

Izuku’s eyes are blown wide, uninhibited Katsuki is surprisingly…

...cheesy as hell.

“You have such an adorable fucking face Izuku,” he mutters softly.

“Kacchan, wh-where are you going with this?” Izuku as the blush continues to deepen.

“God, your eyes are just so beautiful up close, like fucking stars,” Katsuki’s pulling out all the stops, he’s gonna sweep the nerd off his feet.

“Ummmm, Kacchan…are you messing with me right now?”

“Nope. Okay, look...I uh I know I’ve been an asshole, but..fuck, I’ve ...really wanted to change’s just fucking hard!! Pikachu and Pinky were talking shit and said I’d never be able to tell you how I really feel. Can you believe that!!? They were fucking challenging me, and you know I don’t back down from a challenge!”

“...Kacchan….are you...saying…are you ...what...what even is this right now?” Izuku’s face goes soft and his eyes widen as he looks at Katsuki in anticipation.

Katsuki’s hand reaches up to Izuku’s face and his thumb glides across a freckled cheek.

“I’ve always wanted to run my fingers along your freckles,” the blonde’s voice softens again, as he steps closer to the nerd. Crimson eyes devour green, like he’s searching for something in Izuku’s eyes.

Katsuki’s mouth opens, but there’s a slight pause; hesitation as he glances away. Izuku’s hand comes up to wrap around Katsuki’s wrist: reassurance, a silent ‘tell me.’

“I’m in love with you, Izuku,” Katsuki’s voice drops an octave lower, a deep rumble in his chest that sends a shiver down Izuku’s spine. Red stares into green unwavering, Izuku knows this isn’t a joke, that Katsuki is serious.

Izuku’s speechless and staring at Katsuki in pure astonishment. It took a drunken Katsuki spurred on by a challenge to admit these deep feelings he’d locked within. Liquid courage indeed.

Izuku’s not exactly sober himself, he has a warm buzz that only intensifies at the words “I love you,” and instead of replying he reacts. Leaning up, he kisses Katsuki on the lips.

“...fuck, you mean...I confessed..right then and there. In that photo that Mina took?!” Katsuki’s dumbfounded.

“There’s a photo?”


“Can I see it??”

“Ugh, I have to ask her for it..later..we’re getting off subject…Why didn’t you didn’t leave a note, send a text?”

“I mean...I..we were gonna see each other at work later that day...I..I knew you were drunk, but...I didn’t know you were blackout drunk!”

“...I...okay….you got me there. But, why? Why didn’t you say anything at work?”

 Izuku just deadpans, “...are you serious Kacchan?? I was met with so much hostility when we saw each other. Like, what...what did you expect me to say? In front of Kirishima no less? ‘Oh hey, we just had sex and you told me you were in love with me!’ You would have freaked out! Exploded something! At the bar you were so sincere with your feelings! Then you wake up and you’re back to treating me like shit? Of course I was confused! I didn’t know what to do. When it comes to you ; we have to go at your pace. I figured if you wanted to talk, you’d seek me out. You hate it when I confront you. I mean, if you could act like that I figured you probably didn’t mean anything you said at the bar. Especially when you told me to shut up in the locker room when my hickey was visible.”

 “Th-that’s another thing!” Katsuki blushes, “I wasn’t angry at you! I was jealous thinking that it had been someone else. For fuck’s sake, I’ve been pining for ages Deku!”

 “..j-jealous? Pining?”

 “Yes nerd. Jealous! Happy now? I was upset in the break room with how buddy buddy you and Kirishima were! I was upset you were avoiding me and fuck...I was just...gahh! Talking when I’m sober is apparently not my strong suit!”

Its silent for a beat.

 “Kacchan…,” a soft voice interrupts the silence. A warm hand closes over Katsuki’s.  

 Katsuki’s fingers curl around Izuku’s and he says,”Look Deku, I’m not the most affectionate, or emotionally available. But I know deep down, despite my shitty attitude, I love you. And if you’re okay with that, I...I’d really like to be boyfriends. So what do you say Izuku?”

 Katsuki turns to face Izuku, who crawls into his lap and wraps his arms around the blonde and nuzzles into his neck, “Who do you think I am? I’ve known you our entire lives, and have looked up to you and admired you for who you are; shitty personality and all. I’ve loved you forever Kacchan, unconditionally.”

 Katsuki sighs, and pulls the green haired boy closer, whispering, “You’re not joking right? You really love me?”

 Izuku huffs a small laugh, and kisses Katsuki softly on the lips, “Yeah, I love you Kacchan.”

 “But, If talking is so difficult, why don’t you just show me again, how much you love me,” a sultry voice whispers into Katsuki’s ear.

 The two pull away to look each other in the eyes, Izuku’s eyes are daring.

 “...Izuku…,” he starts.

 “Katsukiiii~” Izuku drawls.

 The blonde’s grip on the smaller boy in his lap tightens and he groans at the sound of that, and Izuku chuckles, “Ahh, I knew you liked that the other night.”

 “You little shit,” Katsuki smirks as he holds the boy closer; where the hell did Izuku’s confidence come from.

 “Takes one to know one,” Izuku laughs, leaning in to kiss the blonde again.

 It’s soft and tender, and Katsuki’s heart feels like it’s going to burst. He holds fast to Izuku and deepens their kiss.The two continue to share slow sensual kisses as Izuku’s hands start to thread through Katsuki’s blonde hair; which causes him to groan again.

 “You really like it when I do that, don’t you,” huffs out Izuku. Katsuki grunts out an agreement and continues to to explore Izuku’s mouth. The latter rubs small circles into the back of Katsuki’s neck.

 The blonde wants to takes his time with Izuku. He wants them to slowly take each other apart, melt into one another. Unlike the first time, he wants to savor this. He wants to overwrite his drunken blunder and commit this one to memory. He wants to brand the feeling of Izuku’s skin against his. He slides his hands over the smooth planes of Izuku’s back underneath the smaller boys shirt. His fingertips lightly tracing the curve of his spine cause Izuku to shiver under his touch.

 Katsuki slowly peels Izuku’s shirt off, breaking their kiss for a moment. Izuku follows suit by lifting his lovers shirt up, his fingers grazing along Katsuki’s ribcage. Their hands ghost over each other’s torso’s exploring the hard planes and dips of each other’s bodies. bare skin on skin; a stark difference from the hot mess of the other night.

 Izuku pulls away and gets off of Katsuki’s lap, grabbing his hand and pulls him up with a smile, “Let’s go to bed Katsukii~”

 Katsuki stands and pulls Izuku close to recapture the mouth that sinfully says his name. His hands dropping to the latter’s waist, pushing him backwards as they shuffle towards the bedroom without breaking apart. Katsuki softly shoves Izuku to fall back on the mattress.

 Izuku props himself up on his forearms as he watches red eyes rake down his body. Hands reaching for the waistband of his pants, quickly unfastening the button and dragging his shorts down. Izuku inches himself up higher on the bed making room for Katsuki to join him as he leans forward into his space. His legs splayed open, Katsuki slots into the space.  

 Katsuki hovers above shining pools of green and a mass of tangled seaweed. Izuku’s arms lazily loop around a sturdy neck, pulling him down in a kiss that drowns Katsuki. He feels knees tighten around his waist, pulling him further into depths of lust. The blonde can’t help but roll his hips forward. The friction between their groins igniting embers in their gut, and Izuku moans into Katsuki’s mouth.

 Katsuki starts to unravel when Izuku’s hands travel between their bodies; slipping through the blonde’s boxers and fingertips lightly glide down his length, curling around him and strokes him. He pulls away from the greenette, his face dropping into the latters shoulder and moans. Never in a million years had he thought that Izuku and him would ever be able to be intimate with each other, let alone for it to feel so good, so right. He peppered kisses along a freckled shoulder, up his neck and nibbled on his ear as he rolled his hips into that hand.

 He litters kisses along a freckled shoulder, up his neck and nibbles on his ear, chanting “Izuku,” with every kiss.

 Lips press against his neck, “Katsuki, please. W-want you.” The last thread of his sanity snapping at the admission. He pulls back to look at Izuku’s face, his eyes shimmering with lust. He dives for his mouth, kissing him with fiery passion; pouring his emotions into action where words fail. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of Izuku’s boxer briefs, he tugs them down while Izuku manages to kick them off, while he pulls down Katsuki’s pair. Katsuki kicks his off too, leaning back down. The duo gasping into each others mouths as their lips lock when hot skin collides with hot skin

 Katsuki’s hand fumbles for his dresser drawer without breaking their kiss. After he finds the bottle he’s looking for, he shifts so that his forearms are alongside Izuku’s head to flip the cap open and drip lube down his fingers. Adjusting his position, he slides his hand between them, his fingers graze Izuku’s member as he reaches lower.

 Izuku gasps when he feels cold gel trace around his ring of muscle; Katsuki traces his jawline with kisses as he tells Izuku to relax as he works the first finger in. Soon two are in, and he’s pulling soft moans out of Izuku as he stretches him out.

 “Katsukiii~ please..more...need more. Need you .”

 Katsuki kisses Izuku fiercely at that admission, “I need you too,” he whispers against Izuku’s lips. He leans back on his knees, and takes the lube to drench his length. Looking down at a flushed Izuku panting soft breaths. Half lidded eyes watch Katsuki spread the lube down his length before looking back at Katsuki. Izuku’s debauched face is too sinful for words, and Katsuki wants nothing more than to pull more sinful noises and faces out of the boy underneath him.  He lines his cock up against Izuku and looks at the green-eyed beauty again. Izuku nods as he bites down on his lower lip and Katsuki starts to push.

 The blonde’s holding his breath as he pushes inch by inch. Izuku is so tight and so god damn hot, it takes some self-restraint to not just blow his load. He glances at Izuku who’s also holding his damn breath, tears pricking the corner of his eyes as his hands clutch at the bedsheets below him. Once Katsuki’s fully sheathed inside, he leans down on a forearm as the other hand reaches for Izuku’s clenched fingers. Izuku lets go of his bottom lip and Katsuki takes the opportunity to kiss him, after a few shared kisses to counteract the burn of being penetrated, Izuku says, “you can move now Katsuki.”

 Katsuki just nods, as he slowly draws out, both of them closing their eyes with a deep moan. When the tip is just about to slip out, Katsuki pushes back, and this elicits an even deeper moan from Izuku whose eyes have closed and head dropped to the side.

 Katsuki starts at a slow pace, really relishing in the feel of Izuku gripping around the length of his cock as he pushes in and out. Izuku’s moans are soft and small, but he starts to squirm around, looking for more friction, he wraps his hands around Katsuki’s neck, looking into crimson eyes and says, “Faster, please.”

 He never breaks eye contact as he picks up the pace, memorizing every slight facial expression Izuku pulls, all these because of Katsuki, for Katsuki. Izuku’s moans get louder, breathing faster, he pulls Katsuki down and latches his lips to the blonde’s neck and sucks. After he’s satisfied with the blooming red mark he whispers into his ear, “H-harder Katsukii~.” On command Katsuki’s hips snap hard, and that must have hit the spot because Izuku cries out loud and his fingertips dig into the skin of his biceps. Katsuki continues to hit that sweet spot, and he can feel the tension of his own orgasm building.

 Burning green opens to meet blood red, and Izuku’s hand comes to cup the side of Katsuki’s cheek. Through his pants and moans he breathes out, “I-I’m close.” The blonde groans and says, “Me, too.”

 Izuku reaches down between them and starts to stroke himself, and Katsuki’s gaze flicks between watching Izuku’s hand and watching his face. Watching Izuku touch and pleasure himself is such a beautiful sight, especially with his cock buried in him. He bites down on his lower lip as he watches Izuku, and his pace picks up just a touch; he wants to bring them both to the edge.

 The green haired boy’s breathing becomes more erratic and short. One hand slips to Katsuki’s neck and the grip tightens at the base. Izuku’s legs wrap around Katsuki’s waist and tighten as Izuku’s body goes completely rigid. His head’s thrown back against the pillow as his lower back arches off the bed. Katsuki watches the scene unfold as streams of white splash against Izuku’s abs and chest. His orgasm following as soon as Izuku’s legs had pulled him tight as a vice after one final thrust. He felt his warmth explode inside.

 Both didn’t move from that position as they tried to gather their thoughts and catch their breath. Katsuki’s eyes were trained on Izuku’s face whose eyes were closed and a soft smile on his face. Katsuki’s head dropped slightly feeling spent and felt the other arm hook around his neck, opening his eyes again he sees a dazed Izuku smiling at him pulling him down for a kiss. Soft kisses were exchanged while hands roamed over bodies again amidst the stickiness.

 Katsuki pulled out and rolled off to the side, pulling Izuku also so that they faced each other. His hand came up to Izuku’s face again brushing sweaty bangs off his face before settling onto a cheek and tracing freckles once more. Izuku shifts closer to Katsuki as he nuzzles his face into the palm. The two cuddle, tracing patterns into each other’s skin, whispering more confessions and giggling into the night. Intertwining their fingers together and sharing chaste kisses here and there, basking in each other’s presence in the afterglow of sex.

 Izuku’s thumb is also tracing Katsuki’s cheek and his smile starts to grow wider.

 “What?” asks Katsuki.

 “Mmm,” he hums, “I was just thinking…”

 “When are you not?”

 Izuku pinches his cheek, “smart ass.”

 “You already knew this,” Katsuki smirks, “but what is it?”

 “I was just thinking..that...that was even hotter sober.” he laughs.

“Yeah,” laughs Katsuki, “much much hotter.”


The Morning After

 Katsuki wakes up to the sun shining on his face, His nose scrunches up as he rolls over to escape the glare. His eyes snap open when he remembers last night and what the heck why was his bed empty? As he sits up in bed, the bathroom door opens.

 “Oh, you’re awake already,” Izuku says with a bright smile that rivals the glare of the sun.

 “Fuck, I thought you ran off again,” he admits.

 Izuku crosses the room and crawls back into bed wrapping himself around Katsuki’s back, and kisses his neck and smiles against it, “Nah, not this time. You’re stuck with me now Kacchan.”

 Katsuki reaches for the hand draped across him and laces their fingers together and smirks, “I like the sound of that.” He turns his head and places a kiss on Izuku’s lips.

 The two head to the kitchen and make breakfast together, sitting down at the table for their second meal together and just chatting. While they clean up Katsuki can’t believe how natural it all feels, as he sends Izuku off to shower first. It feels so domestic, and he’s living for it. He let’s Izuku borrow some clothes and then they’re both out the door headed to the agency. Together.

Katsuki actually has a smile plastered on his face instead of his signature frown. Everyone in the agency stops to stare at them, because not only does he have a smile on his face, but his hands are interlocked with Deku’s, whose got a slight blush as he waves to those they pass by and greets them good morning. He can see the looks of shock on their faces and the whispering starting; but he’s never been one to give a shit anyways, he just continues to smile.

 They head to the locker rooms to change into their hero costumes, and while Deku finishes first he stops by Katsuki and gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him he’ll see him in the breakroom. As Deku pulls away, Katsuki grabs his arm and pulls him back with a smirk before kissing him full on the lips, before he sends him on his way.

 When Katsuki reaches the break room, it’s like deja vu. He hears Izuku’s melodious laugh as he approaches the door, but this time he lets it fill him with happiness instead of dread. As he crosses the threshold he sees Izuku chatting with Eijirou as he pours himself a cup of coffee. Next he notices that Izuku has reached for a second cup and started to fill it. He sees Eijrou stutter and watch Izuku with a confused look on his face. Izuku puts creamer and sugar in one and leaves one black. Katsuki really can’t help but smile at the gesture as he walks up to them.

 “Oh. Hey….Bakugou?” Eijirou greets him but falters when he sees Katsuki smiling.

 “Shitty-hair,” he replies.

 “Kacchan!” greets Izuku as he hands him a cup.

 “Thanks, Izuku,” he says as he grabs the cup this time he pecks a kiss on Izuku’s cheek.

 Izuku’s cheeks tinge pink and Eijirou stares between the both of them and finally it clicks.

 “Oh. My. God. Bakugou! You finally manned up and confessed like a real man!”

 “Fucking hell Kirishima!” Now Katsuki’s scowl is back. Izuku’s hand reaches for Katsuki’s before he can blast an explosion and he laughs.

 “Yep. Kacchan and I are officially a couple,” he says as he raises their joined hands for Eijirou to see.

 “Congratulations guys!” Eijirou exclaims as he wraps them both in a hug.

 Due to Eijirou’s outburst the gossip mill worked a lot faster than usual, with Mina and Denki show up as the two are wrapping up their day. Mina showed Izuku the photo which Izuku requested it be sent to him.

 “Sooo, Midoriya. You gotta tell us, how did Lord Explosion Murder confess?” asked Mina.

 “Oi, watch it,” Katsuki warned.

 “Yeah! Did he have a bit of liquid courage again to spur him on?” goaded Denki.

 “Shut it Pikachu!”

 Izuku just flashes a smile and says, “No Kaminari, Kacchan was sober when he told me. And as for how I think that’s just between us.”

 The duo boos, and Katsuki wraps his arm around Izuku, “Yeah fuckwads. I managed to confess properly, what of it?”

 “It probably wasn’t as romantic as the one at the bar,” pouts Mina.

 Izuku replies with a saucy smirk as he looks up at Katsuki, “Oh Ashido, if only you knew.”

 It’s Katsuki’s turn to turn a little pink, while Mina and Denki exchange a look and they both nod their head as they both come to the realization that yeah, they really don’t want to know what the final confession was like if it made Izuku react like that.