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A Fuzzy New Job

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Harry had learnt that the wizarding world wasn’t all it was promised to be back during first year, yet he still held onto hope that things would change. Get better. Perhaps that small spark thinking that it would was still there somewhere, just waiting to be found in the dark. However, it would take years before Harry would be able to smile at the thought of the wizarding world again. Memories were too painful at the moment for him to consider it, so, with all the painful funerals out of the way, the Weary Hero took his godson, his godson’s grandmother, and his memories, leaving nothing behind but some orders to certain individuals he trusted.

Time Skip

Finally, on a sunny day in early July, Harry stood within the large studio apartment with Andromeda at his side holding Edward to her chest as he snoozed. Releasing a sigh, he smiled softly, the two watching the sunrise silently. It had been a while since he could just The silence was broken by Andromeda’s low tone.

“What are you going to do now?", He spent a few minutes considering her question. With the money from the Potter, Black, Peverell, and Slytherin vaults combined (taking away the couple million he had given Andromeda) he didn’t need to do anything at all. It would be well within his right to spend the rest of his days living the life of luxury Severus had always accused him of. Life would be peaceful and the only thing that would be required of him would be to care for Edward (not Teddy no-). But Harry knew that he wouldn’t be at peace despite how much he wished for it. The horrors of the past few years and the raw grief and guilt he felt from the recently dead demanded he do something to distract him. So after mulling over all this he finally replied in an equally low tone.

“Focus on my non-magical education and get a job. Something relatively busy I think. It would be for the best,” he glanced at her after he said it, catching her look of understanding.

“I’ll focus on raising Te- Edward for now. He certainly keeps me busy enough,” she replied sending the metamorphamagus a watery smile.

Nodding at her, he turned away slowly and headed into the kitchen where a pasta bake had been cooking slowly for the past twenty minutes as they sat outside, waiting for the Gringotts Moving Elves to finish unpacking the last of the stuff.

Harry wasn’t the same as he once was but it was a good thing. Especially now he could focus on what he wanted. And what he wanted was to find something to stave off the boredom of life without being in danger every two seconds (albeit mostly from his own choices).