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You, Me, and Survival

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"Hey Steve."

"Yeah Tony?"

"What are we going to do now?" Tony asked and Steve sighed, looking up from his sketch and gave Tony a sad smile.

"I don't know buddy."

The two had just left their parents funeral and were walking home. No one had come. People were too busy. And their parents hadn't known a lot of people. They had an uncle. But he was out of the country.

There were no bodies to bury. the car accident had been too severe. But they were surprised. When they found out their parents were gone, the two knew they were all alone now.

Neither were too eager to return to the house void of their parents so they stopped to sit by a pond a mile away from their home.

"But we'll make it right?" Tony asked hopefully.

"Of course Tony; it might be hard but we'll be fine." Steve said though he hardly seemed convinced himself.

Steve was eighteen so he was given legal guardianship of his younger thirteen-year-old baby brother Tony. The two didn't have much; their parents had been barely making it by when they were alive and didn't leave their children much to live on in the left bank accounts. That was a problem, past the obvious reasons. Steve was an omega and the only career an omega could choose was one as an Intimacy Specialist -a fancy term for prostitution- through the government. Tony couldn't work legally until he was sixteen but he was going to do odd jobs to help out like mowing lawns and cleaning pools.

"Am I still going to go to school? I can drop out and go back to high school." Tony offered.

"You're on a full scholarship; that's no problem we might have to move though and sell the house and find an apartment in Cambridge." Tony nodded, "I'll start work soon." Tony's stomach turned at those words, "And Brock will help us out."

Tony resisted the urge to enter a safe-mode induced rage.

Brock? Brock was undeniably the worst person on the planet. Steve might have left him back before their parents died but now the omega probably felt like they needed the bastard alpha and would keep him around. This was fine for now because in a couple of months Tony will be fourteen and that will give him alpha authority over Steve. He wasn't going to dominate his own brother but Brock was a definite no, no.

There must have been some sort of concerned look on Tony's face because Steve took hold of his hand.

"Hey, we'll be fine. We'll make it through; don't worry." The blonde said with a reassuring smile.

Tony held on tight to his brothers hand because right now he was his only hope.