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YOI one-shots

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In Japan, the word "yūri" means lily. Yuuri believed that to be a beautiful name, which is why she changed it to that.

Before she was 18, she was known as Hideaki, the boy who was teased because he loved figure skating. On her birthday, she immediately changed it to something she believed to be her, but seven years later, and she still hadn't got her gender marker changed.

Nobody seemed to question the fact that she had a girl's name. That was both something she enjoyed and something he hated, as she was still in the men's league instead of the woman's.

But today, that would finally change forever.

Yuuri had gotten reassignment surgery just after the season ended, hoping that she could return to the ice by the time next season began, and she had been getting estrogen doses for ages before that. But for now, with everything in order, she could finally change the M to an F and be happy with herself at last.

But despite her excitement, she was shaking from fear.

"Just go in there," Viktor encouraged her. "You can do it."

"I know I can," she said. "I'm just... Scared."

"Of what? You're finally getting what you always wanted... Right?"

"Of course," she assured him. "I don't know why I'm scared, I just... Am. It's probably just nerves getting the best of me." She chuckled awkwardly. "I can do this. I can do this..." She slowly stepped inside the office.

Viktor waited outside, the tension clearly evident both with him and with Yuuri.

He believed it to be centuries until Yuuri finally came out, her ID held up for anyone to see.

"I did it."

With that, Viktor gripped her in the tightest hug she would probably ever have.

"Ooohhhh, I'm so happy!" He exclaimed. "How do you feel?"

"It's... It's almost like a massive weight I didn't know I was carrying has been taken off my shoulders." She laughed.

"We should get ice cream!" Viktor suggested.

"That would be really, really nice." Yuuri smiled.

And for the first time, she felt truly happy with herself.