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As the soft rays of sun slowly made its way across the room through the window, you slowly find yourself drifting into consciousness, your senses gradually returning one by one. First, your vision returned, but was a bit blurry at first, as with any mornings really. Second, you felt the warm beams of the sun slowly caressing your face, before you slowly start to register another warm but firm body against yours. Ears picking up the movement of fabric and soft billowing of the window curtains. Then you felt movement beside you, a limb wrapping itself around you to pull you tighter against the defined body beside you. Sighing in content, you snuggled up closer to Saitama’s chest as he rests his chin on top of your forehead.


For what seemed like hours, the both of you basked in each other’s presence, inhaling each other’s scents and listening to each other’s heartbeats. In that moment everything felt at peace, everything felt complete. You felt yourself being lulled back to sleep. Eyes seeking refuge once more under your eyelids.  You couldn’t help yourself, it was the perfect day to sleep in.


Just as your eyes had drooped closed, you felt slow movement once again. Then the warm body you were currently snuggled against began to move and away from yours. You whimpered as you mourned its loss, and you heard a low chuckle in response. Then, soft lips press against your temple, and with that a smile graced your lips. “I have to go catch the sale at the supermarket, but I’ll be right back you big baby,” You lightly giggled at the playful nickname, you could practically see the smile on Saitama’s face even though you were seconds from slipping into your subconsciousness.


Slowly, Saitama made his way off the futon you two shared, and made his way to the dresser to change. As soon as he left, you felt the cold, emptiness beside you, and you pouted. You felt lonely without his body against yours, missing the feeling of holding something close to you in your sleep. He served as your personal, dorky pillow of course. You two were like pieces of a puzzle, completing each other when pieced together. Fitting together quite nicely, and looked as if it was made to be together. Then, you felt the blanket move up to cover your entire torso, as you went to cuddle the pillow that Saitama used to lay his head on. You heard another chuckle from the bald man then a hand ruffling your hair before leaving for the door.


“Take care,” You managed to call out, eyes barely opened to see him off.


“Yup,” He responded before he closed the door behind him, finally setting off for the supermarket.


You always knew Saitama was quite a frugal man, always wanting to save as much money as he could, saving and gathering as much coupons as possible and even going around the whole city just to find the market that sells the cheapest products. Well, it was thanks to his frugal personality that you were able to afford repairs for the apartment you both shared whenever a monster decides to destroy the roof of your humble abode. You smiled to yourself thinking about that dorky egg head. What a fucking dork really. You slept in for a couple more minutes, before your mind decided to start the day. So you sluggishly sat up from the futon, stretching out your limbs and letting out a stifled yawn before going to the kitchen to grab your daily dose of, oh so wonderful, coffee. But as soon as you left the haven of your blankets, a chill immediately ran up your spine. Instinctively hugging your arms across your waist, you finally registered that you were still bare from a result of your previous ministrations with Saitama last night.


You made a quick bee-line to the dresser, eyes still a bit hazy and still too sleepy to actually grab a hold of what you were wearing. Groggily, you grabbed what seemed to be the coziest cloth to wear and wore it without a second thought. As you let the cloth fully enclose you, you were immediately enveloped in warmth which brought you great content. You sighed in relief as you quickly wore your underwear just to make sure you weren’t cold down there too, and silently made your way back to the kitchen. It was only after you took a couple sip from your favourite coffee did you finally realize that you were actually wearing Saitama’s oppai hoodie. The cuffs of its sleeves ran way past your palms and just barely left your fingertips, the hem ran past your waist and the warm cotton flowing over your torso. It was huge on you, but it was really comfy though, so why bother changing now? Well, now you kind of understood the sentiment behind why this was Saitama’s favourite hoodie.


With the mug in hand, you walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. Bringing your knees underneath the hoodie and against the chest, you then reached for the remote and flipped through the channels of the television.



Unlocking the front door with his spare key, Saitama grabbed the groceries and slowly opened the door, still being mindful in case you were still asleep. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for him to still find you huddled underneath all the blankets and pillows of the futon. Although, with the soft murmurs and that familiar static sound coming from the television, he could tell you were already up and about.


“I’m back,” He called out as he sets down the two grocery bags and began the process of removing his footwear.


He heard light footsteps, to which he knew belonged to none other than his partner, approaching him.


“Oh? You’re back so quick,” He heard you say as you rounded about the corner.


“Well you’re up earl--”


Saitama hadn’t even finished his sentence when he finally laid his eyes on you. He recognized his hoodie, that looked big, on you. The cotton dipped and curved around your body which framed you so nicely. He took in your slightly ruffled, morning hair, delicate fingers grasping your favourite mug and your bare legs that he loved so much. He found himself in a predicament, but you didn’t quite seem to notice. “Wow, you must’ve gone all out at the market huh,” You tilted your head, eyeing the two grocery bags that were quite stocked. Saitama only replied with a hum and a nod, still completely enraptured by your form.


“That’s good, we are missing some stuff in the fridge right now an--”


“Is that my hoodie?” Saitama asked abruptly.


“Oh,” You turned to the bald man, “This? Yeah… Do you not want anyone wearing it? O-Oh crap I’m sorry! I’ll take it off right now if you want!--” You said in a rush, setting down your mug by the counter before proceeding to take off the hoodie.


“No, no, uh… It’s fine. I just… Wasn’t sure at first if it was mine, but you can… Wear it,” Saitama quickly said before you had the chance to take it off. “Oh, okay,” You nodded before grabbing your mug once more and heading into the kitchen. Saitama watched the cloth move along with your figure which just captivated him so much he didn’t exactly know why. But to him one thing was for damn sure.


You looked too cute in it…


You stifled another yawn as you placed the empty mug into the kitchen sink, turning on the faucet to clean off the mug. “You didn’t bump into that mean old lady did you?” You asked, earning a snort from the bald hero.


“Luckily not,”




“The supermarket must have been crowded huh,” You nodded along as you began rinsing the mug.


“Surprisingly, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it’d be,” He said in response, dropping the groceries and slowly making his way towards you.


“Really? Huh,” Quite lucky, you thought.


Just as you finished rinsing the mug, you jumped slightly when you felt strong arms wrap around your midline. You relaxed when you realized it was just Saitama, and you virtually melted back into the hug as you turned off the faucet. “What’s up hotshot?” You asked as he tightened his embrace. He only let out a low hum as you felt him bury his face in the crook of your neck. The both of you stayed like that for a moment, you leaning into him as Saitama nuzzled his face further against your skin. Then warm lips lightly sucked on your sweet spot. Instantly a gasp shot out of your mouth. Being together for quite a long time, Saitama knew exactly where the spots that made a rise out of you were. Slowly, he traced open-mouthed kissed up your neck, up to your jaw before nipping and nibbling at your ear. He found himself delighted with the soft moans and gasps that you made in response, and how your hands immediately went to clutch at his arms. He clearly enjoys making you putty in his hands. It was quite straight-forward of him, but Saitama had always been a very straightforward guy.


You felt his hands began to venture across your clothed torso, from your waist, to your chest and to your collarbone. The audible sound of flesh moving against cotton and your stifled moans and breaths continued to spur on the bald hero. “Saii~~” You moaned out blissfully as he continued venturing his hands across your body. Then, his hands clutched your shoulders to turn you around and face him. Though, being significantly taller than you that he could rest his chin on the top of your head, you had to tilt your head up to look at him directly. Lust and adoration evident in his eyes.


“Hah, what’s got you so riled up this early in the morning?” You asked through half-lidded eyes.


“Can’t help it when you look so cute in that hoodie,” Your cheeks flushed a deep red at the compliment, not to mention his low but very sultry voice vibrated through your body which sends a particular heat to your core. He then bends down below your eye-level, but then he grabs the underside of your thighs and lifts you up with ease. Your arms and thighs instinctively wrapped around him in fear of falling; but in the end you knew Saitama would never drop you. Your hands found purchase at the fabric of his shirt by his shoulder and your legs locked together behind him. Gaining a bit of leverage from being lifted, Saitama tilted his head up to meet your lips with his own, you tilting your head for a better angle.


His thumb drew circles on your thigh and his lips moved fervently and with passion against your own. It wasn’t long until you both find yourselves on a full out makeout session, moans and grunts escaping your lips. Your arms wrap around his neck in an effort to pull him even closer to the kiss, even though the both of you were already in the closest proximity you could ever be in each other’s embrace. As the both of you continued crashing lips, you vaguely registered a familiar soft blanket on your back. You were so lost in the kiss that you didn’t realize that Saitama had actually carried you across the kitchen and onto the futon that you had previously laid in not too long ago.


Crawling on top of you, Saitama made sure to caress your thighs, one hand giving him support and the other one stroking the soft flesh of your thighs. You felt something wet and warm licking at your bottom lip, his tongue asking for entrance. Deciding not to comply for the fun of it, you kept your mouth shut, a sly grin began to form on your lips. Seeing as you had no plans of letting him in, Saitama moved his knees up a bit further to better support himself. Lips still moving against yours, he moved both his hands up your thigh, making their way to the waistband of your underwear. With a sudden but swift move he rips the underwear apart, tossing the remnants to the side. You immediately felt the cool air hit your folds. You gasped and was about to scold him for ripping apart the fifth underwear of the month when Saitama took the chance to slip his tongue in.


The bald man let out a low growl into the kiss as he bucked his hips against your throbbing heat, while you on the other hand was trying to keep up with the intensity of the battle currently residing in your cavern as of now. Tongues clashed and danced, tasting each other and battling to conquest. In the end you couldn’t quite keep up with him, as eventually your lithe muscle grew tired and deciding to retreat. It was inevitable though, since that damned bald egg never seem to tire at all. Saitama smirked at his victory, and had used the chance to delve deeper into your cavern. His tongue explored and caressed every inch of your mouth, swallowing the moans that came out of it.


Meanwhile your core throbbed against Saitama’s clothed hard on, which he slowly moved against with a roll of his hips. You moaned at the friction, as hands clutched at his shirt. Roaming your hands further down, you tugged at the hem of Saitama’s shirt in an off motion. He grinned at your request, and obliged. He slowly parted from your lips, and you had to take in a breath. You watched through half-lidded eyes Saitama taking off his t-shirt, tossing the cloth to the side, revealing his, oh so, defined physique. It was already an established fact that Saitama practically had the body of a greek god, and it was no secret that you adored feeling him up. He doesn’t seem to mind though, but he does enjoy the look on your face when you take in his whole torso.


He bends down once more to nip at your ear and place wet kisses on your neck, to which you tried to expose as much of with a tilt of your head. The bald man continuing to buck and roll his hips against yours, bringing friction on your exposed core. A warm hand slowly made its way to your dripping pussy, and a thumb slowly circling your clit. A sharp moan erupted from you in response, writhing and body shaking from the tingling pleasure that ran up your spine; spreading across your body. Saitama did know how to turn you into a puddle with just simple strokes of his dept fingers. Thumb still circling your clit, his digits slowly teased your entrance. An unbearable ache formed at your core, pussy begging for more friction as your hips twitched at the sensation.


You let out gasps as Saitama continued to tease you at such an agonizing pace. “P-please! Stop-- Ah! Teasing me! Nngh~” you all but pleaded, hands clutching at his forearms, trying to find something to hold on to.


Saitama smiled at your pleas, seeing your glossy eyes practically begging him, eyebrows furrowed together, erogenous yet cute moans leaving your throat and a deep blush that dusted your cheeks just spurs him on so much to the point that he might go crazy from the sight of you in such a state alone.


He couldn’t really refuse your pleas even if he wanted to, “As you wish,” and with that, his fingers plunged into your core. A wail tore from your throat as he pushed his digits in deeper, stroking and just relishing the sensation of your slick walls around his sly fingers. His digits fondled and caressed all the right spots, igniting your sensitive bundle of nerves and instantly waves of pleasure enveloped your body. With the thumb still circling your clit, his dept digits began to massage a particular rough spot in your walls, which he knew was your g-spot. An intense shock of pleasure shot through your entire body, your breath hitched and a sharp moan tore from your throat which stood out from the rest. “Aah! Saitama!” Oh how he enjoyed seeing you like this. He watched in amusement of how you twisted and squirmed at the pleasure that consumed you, eyes closed shut and mouth releasing a string of erotic moans that never failed to make a rise out of him. Damn he could watch you make those expression forever and he’d never get tired out of it, well he could watch you make any expression and he’d love it all the same. He turned his focus back to his fingers which snuggled deep inside you, he moved them in a scissor motion to stretch you a bit more for what was to come. You could feel him opening and stretching out your warm walls, which elicited another whimper from you.


As much as Saitama wanted to watch you moan squirm some more, he really wants to make you come to euphoria with his cock alone.   


He slowly removes his fingers from your slick heat, to which you whimpered at when you felt that tingling pleasure dying down. Your chest slowly rose up and down, you watched with a deep blush Saitama sucking his fingers that was previously inside you, point dry. He couldn’t help it, your juices just tasted so sweet. Still wanting more, delicate hands ventured across his torso and onto his v-line, you began tugging at Saitama’s shorts; eventually unbuttoning them yourself. You felt a low chuckle and a rumble emanate from Saitama which sent chills down your spine and straight to your core.


“Babygirl you’re quite eager huh,” He chuckled before placing a kiss on your cheek, taking off his shorts along with his boxers to knee level. You looked down and blushed at his throbbing member that had just sprang free. You could even feel your already sopping pussy grow even wetter at the sight. You already knew that Saitama was way above average, and it extended onto his cock too. You mewled sharply when you felt Saitama guide the tip of his member between your folds, rubbing and teasing at your entrance. Fuck, with how riled up he made you, you might as well just cum on the spot from his delicious strokes on your clit.


Shit, it was getting hot, but it is then you realize you still had the hoodie on. “Ah, wait! I haven’t-- taken off--,” Your hands went to the hem of the hoodie, that is until Saitama’s hand clutched your wrists; effectively stopping them from removing the cloth.


“No, keep it on. You look so cute in it that I have to fuck you in it,” He said in a low growl, emphasizing his word with a single, but so fucking good, thrust into your pussy. His cock plunges into your heat in one swift thrust, stopping at the hilt. You felt your walls stretch to his girth; your back arched from the pleasure and you let out another wail from the intrusion. Strong hands was placed between your head as Saitama positioned himself above you. He let out a blissful sigh as he let himself indulge the feeling of your soft but tight walls encasing itself around his hard member. He stayed still inside you, partly to savor the heavenly feeling of being inside you and to let you adjust to his sudden intrusion. He turned to look at you to find any indication of discomfort or pain in your features, but found the opposite. Breathy moans were all that left your lips and the same deep blush that dusted your cheek remained.


Though he figured you were still trying to adjust to his length so he waited your signal, watching your chest heaving up and down. Your eyes were closed as you let your walls relax to accommodate his girth. You couldn’t really get used to his large size, not at all. As you tried to relax your heat, Saitama took the time to take in your entire torso. You had still worn his hoodie - by his request -  the cuff of the sleeve completely enveloping your palm, your fingertips closing around the cuff, the hood that seemed to rim around your face so perfectly, the cotton fabric hugged your bust that seem to hide it but still delicate and pliable enough that still suggests its there and the rest of the ensemble that loosely hugged your figure.


Man, he can’t believe he just found a new kink.


A gentle roll of your hips manage to snap him out of his reverie, your hands held onto his defined arms once more. “Nngh, you can move now~” You had practically mumbled it out, barely audible enough for him to hear. He smiled at your sheepish nature, he placed his left arm around and underneath your head, the other still supporting himself. He placed a kiss on your forehead, to which you smiled at. No matter how much Saitama just wants to fuck you till you can’t walk the next day, he always makes sure to show you his affection, which was something that you appreciated greatly. With a grunt he slowly began to move, his member stroking all the bundle of nerves inside you. A hot pleasure shot through you once more, but was mostly centered around your throbbing core.


In… Out… In… Out,


Saitama’s thrusts were slow but were so deep. Whenever he thrusted back in he made sure to grind into you before pulling out, making sure that you would feel every movement from his cock. His hips moved into you with pure intent to turn you into a puddle of mush as a familiar pleasure slowly began its climb deep within your core. You let out a string of moans and gasps, wanting to voice how much pleasure he was giving you. Saitama’s brows furrowed as he let out shaky breaths and moans from the heavenly sensation running up and down his spine. The warm, wet tightness of your walls inviting him to delve deeper. His left hand cradled your head, he let his other arm drop to his elbow to support his weight, his chest pressed against your own. Oh he was warm, he was very warmHis forehead rested on top of yours, watching your face contort in pleasure. Wrapping your arms around his neck, your nails dug into his skin, which you doubt wouldn’t even pain him at all. You writhed and squirmed from the overflowing pleasure which slowly began to envelope your body, and you couldn’t help but let out erotic moans in response.


“S-Saiii~,” You drawled out as he began to increase his speed. His right hand forming a fist as he thrusted in and out of you, your walls gradually growing tighter and tighter from each thrust. It made his head go wild. In response to his increasing speed, your moans increased in intensity and volume as well. You tried to stifle them, but you ended up failing miserably. “Fuuucck, you turn me on so much…” Saitama said in a shaky moan, grinding into you. Your body spasmed in response to this as your hands scrambled for purchase on his shoulders. Each time he thrusted into you it made your skin grow hotter and hotter so deliciously, which was intensified by the hoodie you still wore. Sweat had already long formed between your bodies as Saitama began to piston his hips directly into yours. He grunted each time your walls clench around him, adding on to his already building pleasure. The skin underneath the cloth that you wore felt as if they were on fire every time your partner pumped into you. 


He relished in the sound of your wails and whimpers as you lost yourself in the throes of pleasure. Your mind would turn into a mess of thoughts and sensations that you couldn’t even comprehend exactly what they were. Increasing the speed of his thrusts, Saitama wrapped his right arm underneath your back, pulling you even closer to his body and lifting up your hips in the process. He moved forward slightly on his knees, then pulling his cock all the way out until only the tip was inside, before slamming back in to the hilt. Eyes wide and your jaw dropping, a scream tore through you, a sharp and intense pleasure nearly overthrew you. The sensation shot through your torso and limbs like electricity. Smirking at your reaction, Saitama continued that same, fast motion, you knew too well he was aiming to strike your g-spot in every hard jab to your slick heat. Wails and cries ripped out of you as the bald hero began to truly fuck you in earnest.


His right hand gripped at the cloth wrapped around your torso as he continued pumping into your core, grinding his pelvis into yours. He panted harshly as he slammed into you and staying in so deep inside you. His breaths felt like hot, searing fire on your skin. 


“God… You look so fucking good in that hoodie,”


“So cute,”


“You’re so tight and warm,”


You tried your best to not hide your face in your hands from embarrassment, you could only whimper to him in response as your lips seemed to refuse to form any coherent sentence. You huffed and shuddered as Saitama’s head fell to your ear, muttering how much he loved seeing you in such state and whispering sweet nothing. Tears pricked at the corner of your eye from both the intense pleasure slowly enveloping your entire body and the sweet affection Saitama was giving you. Tightening your arms around him, you tried to reciprocate the affection by placing kisses on every ounce of skin that you could reach, the bald hero smiling at the soft gesture from you. He let out another rumbled moan into your red ear as he pumped, slammed and grinded into for what seemed to be the millionth time.


And then, you felt that familiar buildup in your core rising with growing intensity with every piston and with every thrust of Saitama’s hips. Holy shit, you were so fucking close. You whined as you felt the growing heat increasing in you.


“Aaahn!~ I-I’m, - close! Mmmff!” You managed to say, still incapable of forming a full sentence due to the building pleasure in your heat. Saitama, knowing that you were close to release at this point, nodded and began pumping his length into you faster and harder. The pleasure building up fast with every stroke to your g-spot. You hugged him tighter, sweat glistening on his defined body, nails digging and scratching onto his back, to which he groaned in response. You knew he was close too, you could feel it in the way his cock throbbed along your walls, and how his thrusts grew even more feverish and with more haste. He clutched even harder at the hoodie you wore, pulling you to him to meet his thrusts. Your eyes widened as you felt the pleasure building up so much you simply couldn’t take it.


“Saii!! I -- mmff!” You huffed and whimpered, unable to tell him how close you were.


“Fuck--, come on (y/n), go ahead - I’m right here, I got you~”


Moving his other hand to grasp the side of your face, he turns you to face him once more as he pushed in deeper and harder, slamming into the deepest points of your pussy, pushing into your limit, the tip of his cock kissing the entrance to your womb. That last thrust was all that you needed to reach that sweet release. That amazing sensation that made you seeing stars. You found yourself in such ecstacy, brought by pleasure with surged to such insurmountable heights. Everything else had felt numb, all you could feel was how fucking good everything felt. Holding on tightly to the hero above you was what slowly grounded you back to reality. The bald hero did a couple more deep thrusts in you before releasing deep inside of you and letting out a choked moan into your ear. Your body spasmed from the intense orgasm as rivulets of cum bubbled out from your soaked pussy. Saitama panted harshly above you, turning to face you, then pressed his lips against yours in a deep kiss. You closed your eyes, relishing in the kiss. The large, warm hand that caressed your cheek gave you great content as Saitama’s thumb drew light, small circles on your cheek.


Lips danced slowly against the other, as the both of you slowly began to come down from your high. Laboured breaths slowly began to return normal as you basked in the afterglow. Finally parting from the kiss, both of you took in the much needed oxygen as Saitama rested his forehead on yours. Slowly, Saitama pulled out of your enclosed heat, to which you whimpered as his member left you. Wrapping his arms around you, he brought you on top of him as he rolled onto his back, one hand tangling themselves in your hair and the other playing around with the hem of the soft cotton cloth of the hoodie.


“Sai, I didn’t know you had a thing for girls in hoodies,” You giggled as you rested your head on his chest. The bald man rolled his eyes in response, “Yeah, yeah,”


“If that’s the case then I should start wearing your clothes more often,”


“Wh-- Are you trying to kill me?”