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I Wouldn't Tell You Lies

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Soulmate marks, How it works in this universe!

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At birth, a person will wear THEIR soulmark somewhere on their body. It is very rare and seen as special to be given a mark. Many cherish it, whether they find their partner or not.

Later on, in life, their partners soulmark may appear depending on the distance between one another.
Someone whose partner lives on a different continent may never get to see their partners soulmark unless they were to move closer.

While each mark is different in its own way, it is known that every mark has three large spots that appear alongside it. One represents emotions, another physical wellness, while the third shows if their partner has some kind of permanent deformity, trauma, or mental illness.


**These dots are known as, Yen, Yang, and Bip. Respectfully.

Yen (Emotions) is shown in Orange, and is always the dot on the very top of the soulmark, making it stand out the most. A Yen connected to a soulmark is very rare but is documented. It is unknown for
the cause of why this happens.

Yang (Physical Wellness) is shown in Yellow and is likely to show just above Bip, though it has been
documented to show up almost anywhere below Yen.

Bip (Permanence) is shown in Purple and is always connected to the soulmark, research has told us that it is because many may never use this dot. It is found to stay the colour of the soulmark unless a deformity, trauma, or mental illness is presented. Once Bip has changed colours it will never change back unless presented with death. Memory loss does not effect Bip.