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You'll Know When You Hear A Song You Don't Know

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Finally, the day was over.

Not only was the paperwork miles long, but it seemed like every five minutes, a hero needed to come save the day. Kotetsu was able to handle it, and racked up some points for a change, until the third call. A metal beam swung into his midsection, flying him backwards. Thankfully, his hundred-power was still going, so the damage wasn’t too bad. But now, he’s so fucking sore.

The veteran hero crawls into bed after a very quick shower. He didn’t even bother setting his alarm, hell, he didn’t even know what time it was. He wanted rest, peace, and quiet or he’s going to rip his callband in two. The mattress cradles him like he was missed, the blankets smelled good and had the perfect temperature, the pillow is erasing his headache. But the silence, although he thought of it as a negative thing before, was welcomed.

Until that stupid, sad opera song starts going off in his head again. Whoever his soulmate is needs to listen to better music because jesus christ is he sick of opera. Who listens to sad opera this late at night anyway!? Not only that, but almost every day this week!? He finally gets time to just be and now he has to listen to this shit!?

Kotetsu grimaced, maybe imagining choking whoever was listening to that damn song(and the person who wrote it).

So, he reaches for his phone and opens up his music app, scrolling through any songs with the phrase “stop it” or "shut up" in it.

It’s the only way he can fight back at the moment.