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The Forbidden Pool

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Wolf AU - Part of the EXO Wolf Series

Genre: Mature, Fluff, Angst, Possible Smut (In later chapters)

Pairing: EXO OT12 X Reader; Jongdae X Reader

Words: 2,710

A/n: Hey guys, so I’m really excited about this series! Here’s a short little prologue for you all for now, I really hope you like it. I have a lot planned for this series, and these parts are probably not going to be as long as the parts for my Monster Series, but since they’ll be a bit shorter, I’ll probably be able to update a little more frequently. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


That’s all your body knows to do at the moment.


A smile makes its way onto your face as you let out a shriek of laughter, glancing over your shoulder at the solid black wolf bounding towards you. The air of this cool, spring night nips at your cheeks as you quicken your pace, doing your best not to let him catch you.

A few more seconds pass by until you feel yourself get tackled to the ground and flipped over, breathing heavily as you attempt to catch your breath. The wolf’s golden eyes stare deeply into your own as your chest rises and falls with each new breath you take. You can see the mischievous glint in his eyes and are about to open your mouth to protest when he starts littering your face with kisses.

You start to giggle as you push your hands against his chest to get him to stop.

“Jongdae,” you giggle. “Jongdae, stop, you’re drooling all over me.”

You feel him chuckle from above you, stopping to stare into your eyes once more.

You know I just love seeing you flustered, his voice sounds in your head.

“I know, but I don’t want drool all over my face,” you reply, bringing your hand up to stroke the side of his own face.

I just love you so much, I can’t help myself, he purrs from above you as you continue to stroke his head gently.

“Oh, what am I going to do with you?” You giggle, and Jongdae swears it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard in his life, well, other than you moaning out his name.

Love me unconditionally until the end of time? Comes his reply, and you can see the hope twinkling in his eyes.

“You know I will,” you smile. “Now, would you please get off of me, you’re crushing my chest.”

Oh! I’m sorry! Immediately, he jumps off of you, removing his front paws from your shoulders. I didn’t hurt you, did I? God, I’d never forgive myself if I ever hurt you.

You sit up in the grass of the field you’re in as he worriedly paces around you, sniffing you all over to check if you’re hurt. You roll your shoulders.

“I’m fine, Jongdae,” you reassure him, standing up. “You could never hurt me. Not really.”

It’s true, it would take a lot to hurt you, for you’re not exactly all that you appear to be. You’re not quite human, yet you can make yourself appear as one, and that includes masking your scent. To anyone else, you are just (Y/n), a simple human girl who ran off to chase after adventure when you were young. For those that do know you, like Jongdae, you are (Y/n), a Demigod with immense power and wisdom.

You’ve been around for quite a long time, travelling between dimensions until you settled on Earth in this one. Hundreds of years have passed since your arrival here on earth, but it was only four years ago that you stumbled upon the huge black wolf walking beside you.

He was hunting and he came across you in the woods due to the smell of the food you were cooking. You, sensing his presence, invited him to join you while you ate. He was a bit hesitant at first, not understanding how a mere human could have sensed his presence, but he transformed back into a human himself, nonetheless. You gave him a blanket to wrap himself up with before he came out to join you for the meal.

He was shy at first, and also very weary of you, a stranger deep in the woods who was offering him food. Eventually, you got him to open up to you and you learned his name and where he came from, how old he was, the typical stuff.

You knew you were his mate before he even had the slightest clue.

Due to your abilities, masking your scent and your true nature is simple, especially after being around for so long. He did feel something around you, but he didn’t know exactly what is was until you revealed your true nature to him. That was after a week of knowing him, and he literally pounced on you once you let him get a whiff of your real scent.

To this day he cannot get over the way you smell. Even though you still mask it, now that he knows, he can always smell you. You smell like daisies and honey to him, his favourite.

You make it to the forest on the edge of the field and begin walking through it, Jongdae still right by your side in wolf form. You grab your two bags you had hidden beneath a tree, and carry one on either shoulder. He looks at you with concerned eyes, and you know he’s telling you to put the bags on his back to let him carry them, but you shake your head no. You can handle them.

The two of you continue to walk in silence through the forest, coming near to the base of the mountain range that lies beside the forest you’re in. You hum a small tune to yourself and you can sense how happy Jongdae is to be near you, making you smile.

A little ways ahead, you can sense a hidden clearing, and you can also faintly hear the sound of a waterfall. Glancing at Jongdae out of the corner of your eyes, you can tell he hears it too.

A few minutes later, you spot the opening in the rocks to your right, and quickly slip through it, Jongdae following close behind, or at least, he tries. The gap is too small for his wolf form to fit through and you hear him let out a small whine of discontent.

Turning around, you come face to face with Jongdae in his human form in all his naked glory. Your eyes widen slightly as you turn around quickly, a faint blush coming to dust your cheeks as the bags drop to your sides.

“Geez, how about a little warning next time, Dae,” you say.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, darling,” he teases, coming up to wrap his arms around your waist from behind.

“I know, but still,” you reply, to which he just chuckles.

“Alright, I’m sorry,” he chuckles once more, giving you a quick peck on your cheek.

You take this time to actually look around you at the clearing. There’s a small pool of freshwater in the centre of the clearing where a waterfall spills into off to the left. Foliage surrounds the rock walls of the clearing, moss growing on the rocks due to the moisture in the air. You scan the area and notice ledges running all the way up the sides of the clearing, easy places for one to relax, or hide. You can sense some animal life in the pool, as well as in the surrounding foliage, but nothing to take caution of yet.

You let out a sigh as you place your hand on top of Jongdae’s arms, turning your head to look at him. You noticed he’s just staring at you with so much love and admiration in his eyes, your heart skips a beat. You lean back into him and he hums in satisfaction.

“Why don’t we go for a swim?” He suggests, but you scrunch your nose in disapproval.

“You can, but I’m not too fond of getting wet and having to dry off afterwards,” you tell him, and his pout almost makes you change your mind.

“But the moon is out, and so are all the stars, and I bet you’ll look so beautiful in the water with me,” he turns you around, making you face him as a grin pulls at his lips. “Naked, with the moon reflecting off your eyes, and your skin all aglow.”

“Dammit, Dae, you know exactly what you’re doing to me,” you mirror his grin. “But I’m still going to have to decline. I’ll sit with you though, and dip my feet in. How’s that?”

“Just being in your presence is more than enough for me,” he replies, giving a quick kiss to your lips before he’s pulling away from you and diving into the pool.

You shake your head, letting out a soft chuckle as you make your way to the edge of the pool to dip your feet in. You make sure your bags are close by to grab easily incase anything were to happen. You doubt it, but just to be safe, you keep a hand near the straps.

You notice Jongdae lurking just under the water, slowly creeping to where you’re sitting. Only his eyes and nose are visible from above the water line. You send him a look.

“Don’t even think about it, wolf boy,” you threaten, and he pouts, bringing his full head above the water.

“Aw, you know I was just going to have a little fun,” he continues moving closer to where you’re sitting.

“We both know what happened last time you wanted to ‘have a little fun,’” you smirk, and he cringes slightly.

He remembers all too clearly. He tried to sneak up on you and scare you, but you, being able to sense him, felt him coming up behind you. However, what you weren’t expecting was for him to poke your sides, making you reflexively jump and hit him in defence. He had a bruise for two full days on his chest before it healed properly. Well, that and he wouldn’t dare let you heal it yourself, no matter how bad you felt about it. He kept saying he deserved it, and that he was a bad mate for trying to scare you like that. You giggle at the memory.

“I still wish you would join me in the water, though,” he’s back to pouting, standing right in front of you, the water stopping just above his hips.

“I know,” you sigh. “Maybe next time.”

His whole demeanour perks up at this, hearing you suggesting that there will be a next time. He can’t stop himself from cupping your cheeks and kissing you due to his excitement. You smile into the kiss, bringing your arms around his shoulders and running your fingers through his damp hair. You can feel his chest rumble in contentment and you are so caught up in the feeling of him kissing you that you do not register the new presence surrounding you until you hear their thoughts.

Aw, cute couple, a voice echoes in your mind, making you pull away from Jongdae.

Too bad they’ll be dead soon, another voice sounds.

You lock eyes with Jongdae, sending him your own silent message to act natural. He looks at you in slight confusion until you tap the back of his neck three times. Immediately, he understands. The two of you are no longer alone.

He’s surprised he hasn’t picked up on anything yet. He can’t hear or smell anything different, nor sense any new presences, yet he knows you can. With two quick taps to your side, he silently asks you to confirm what he already knows. One tap back from you confirms it. Werewolves.

Do we have to kill them? They seem harmless enough, a third voice rings out, and you take this time to count just how many there are.

Eleven. Fuck.

To enter the forbidden pool bears the penalty of death, a fourth, more powerful voice says, must be one of the leaders.

But guys, I feel weird about this, can’t you feel it too? Like something isn’t right?Another comments, as they all move in closer.

You can sense six to your right, and five to your left, all on different levels of the clearing ledges. They’re smart, masking their scent and being extra cautious to be quite. You almost admire their teamwork and skill. That is, until one steps on a twig and it snaps.

Your head shoots up at this and you can feel Jongdae tense under your fingers. You both play the part of just learning someone else is nearby, you the scared human, Jongdae, the overprotective wolf boyfriend.

“What was that?” You look around the clearing, appearing as if you’re searching for where the noise came from.

Sehun! A voice shouts.

I’m sorry! The fifth voice speaks again.

“I’m sure it was nothing, just a squirrel,” Jongdae plays along, stroking your back to make it look like he’s comforting you, but in reality, he’s trying to stay calm. Whoever dares threaten his mate is dead.

Jongdae, I need you to calm down, you can’t handle all of them on your own,you look into his eyes, seeing the conflict he’s having mentally.


No, Jongdae, there are too many of them, you cut him off.

How many? He asks, worried.

Eleven of them, you reply, and he can barely suppress his growl.

You’d hate to think of how he’d react if you told him what you’ve come to realize in the past few minutes. You can hardly believe it yourself. You start to feel lightheaded at how overwhelmed you are becoming, but you manage to calm yourself down.

On my signal, the fourth voice says, and you can tell he’s crouching low to the ground, the others following in suit. Now!

With that command, several wolves jump out of their hiding places and surround you and Jongdae while the other four stay hidden incase the two of you decide make a run for it.

A growl escapes Jongdae’s throat as he jumps out of the water and transforms into his wolf form once more, his need to protect his mate overpowering everything else. He knows you can take care of yourself, but due to you hiding yourself as a human, you also suppress most of your powers. This way, it’s easier for other supernatural beings to think you’re human and you don’t give yourself away.

Jongdae, I can handle this, I don’t want you getting hurt, you almost plead him in your mind, yet he just growls louder in response.

No! Let me handle this, they’re not getting anywhere near my mate. Besides, I don’t want them catching your scent because you’ve used too much of your power, he replies, fur standing on end as the several wolves slowly advance towards you.

By now, you’ve dropped your scared facade and have slung both bags back over your shoulders. Make it quick then.

With your words, Jongdae bares his teeth, stance one of defence at the moment. You can feel the static gathering in the air as his body gathers energy for what he’s about to do. Sparks start to flash over his body as he prepares himself to attack the wolves in front of him.

Shit, she’s his mate! He’s mated! Another one of the eleven wolves starts panicking, making you smirk.

He can’t attack us all at once, once he goes after one of us, go for his mate! The fourth voice commands once again.

You sigh just as Jongdae launches himself at the large brown wolf on his left, planning to go quickly one by one and take them out, but the two on the right anticipate this. Immediately, they both lunge for you as Jongdae makes contact with the brown wolf, rendering the wolf immobile.

Time literally slows down as you calmly walk over to Jongdae’s form crouched on the ground and ready to attack his next victim. You quickly climb onto his back, grip his fur tightly into your hands, and transport the two of you out of there, but not before making time return to normal speed. However, since you haven’t used your powers in a while, you don’t manage to transport the two of you very far, only about 200 metres away.

As soon as Jongdae launches himself off the ground, taking off in the opposite direction you were just at, you hear them. The distinct sound of eleven wolves howling. Howling that they’ve found their mate.