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Age Regression is Now My Profession

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Welcome to Part 3 or my series! This time, solely dedicated to ageplay (since yall seem to like it so much). Comment your requests down below, or come to the discord to chat about the fandoms and share your artwork and/or ideas for chapters! 


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"Alex, get back here baby!" John called, "no! I'm not a baby!".

John rolled his eyes and smiled, "Alex. Come on, you are going to take a bath and then a nap.".

Alex shook his head, "no! Im dont wanna take a nap! I'm not a baby!" He cried.

John just smiled and easily carried him down the hall, Alex screamed and begged, but stood no match for him. When he finally managed to get Alex undressed and into the water, Alex seemed to calm down a little. He placently pushed a rubber ducky around, and splashing at it.

"Having fun big guy?", Alex shrugged and held his arms up, "i want out. Cold.".

John dried him off and put a pull up on him, "there we go. How about some pajamas? I got you cool racecar ones!".

Alex had given up on fighting back, and let John dress him. John rubbed sweet smelling lotion on him, and dressed him on soft and fuzzy pajamas, then, gently combed his hair.

Afterwards, John cuddled him to his chest and proped a bottle up to his mouth.

Thats when he lost it.

Alex wailed and started kicking, John waited until he was finshed, then patted his back soothingly.

"Oh baby-"John began, "NO BABY!", "'s okay. Now Alex. What's wrong?".

"Don' wanna be lil', Imma big boy!"Alex wailed

"Oh honey, it's okay....such a brave boy. Such a big boy. Come on Alex. Smile for daddy.".

Alex blinked and gave a toothy, watery-eyed smile.

"There we go. Come on Alex, do you want to take a nap?".

A nod.

"How about a bottle?"John asked

"No! Not a baby!"

"Okay, how about a sippy cup?".

A hesitant nod.

"Alright. Let's get you to sleep now."


John sat beside him and stroked his hair gently, before he finally drifted off to sleep.

Maybe being a little wasnt so bad.

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"Come on Alex, open up.."Thomas tried, raising the spoon to Alex's mouth, "No! Get away from me!"Alex screamed, kicking out at Thomas furiously. "Alex, I know that you're grumpy. But, if you take a bite, you can take a nice long nap.".

Alex glared and crossed his arms, "No."he said sharply, bringing his hand up to whack the spoon out of his hand. Thomas caught it, and gave it a little smack "Alex, you dont hit daddy, okay? Daddy's sorry for hurting your hand, but that was naughty.".

Alex huffed and continued to sulk, "no-"he was cut off by a spoon being put in his mouth? He smacked a few times, it didnt taste that bad, actually it tasted familiar...sweet and fruity. A bitter taste at first, but it got sweeter..."mango?". Thomas smiled, "yep. Mashed mangos. Like it?". Alex reached for the spoon, and Thomas just shook his head. "No Alex, daddy'll feed you. Now open-", he trailed off as Alex complacently opened his mouth and waited. Good baby.

True to Thomas' word, Alex got to have a nap after his snack, and despite being grumpy and sleepy. Alex was refusing to lie down. "Honey, it's okay. How about a movie? Will that make you sleepy?"Thomas cooed, "no."Alex hissed. Thomas didnt take it for an answer, he was just scooped up and held like an infant. Thomas turned on an old western movie, and gently rocked Alex back and forth. Slowly, Alex began to drift off, and he felt himself be carried and tucked into a soft bed..

"Good night Alex.."

"Nigh da'.."Alex mumbled sleepily, unaware he was slipping into head space. Thomas smiled and closed the door, proud to finally get Alex to stop fighting his littlespace.

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Thomas tried his best when James Madison was sick. He was precious to him and he loved his little with all his heart, and vice versa. But, Madison tended to be whinier when he was sick..

"Dadee! Dadee!" Madison whined, holding his arms out for a hug. "Im coming, im coming. How do you feel baby?"Thomas cooed, "icky. Tummy icky..."Madison whined, snuggling into Thomas' chest. "Poor baby. Let's get you some medicene, and after that you can snuggle with daddy and have some juice okay.", "owange?", "of course baby.".

Madison fought the medicene for a few minutes, he hated cherry flavored, and drank his juice. Now, he was snuggling with his daddy as they watched a Disney movie. Thomas smiled as Madison curled up and fell asleep, and kissed his warm forehead.

Madison sucked his pacifier and rolled onto his belly, still sleeping soundly, but fitfuly. He eventually settled down, but had to be woken up to take more medicene, this time not even bothering to complain, and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Madison was better after a couple of days, and Thomas couldnt be more relieved. He kissed his baby and hugged him, Madison reciprocated and continued watching his cartoon.

Thomas knew that, if Madison ever got sick again, he'll be just fine.

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"Maria? Are you okay?" The unspoken question was, do you need to be little? Maria shook her head and shakily pointed down the street, to a balding man in a fedora and a suit. He was scowling at her, and moving quickly towards them. "'s okay. Mommy will take care of it...", "mama..."Maria whined, wiping tears from her eyes.

James reached to grab Maria by the arm, muttering things under his breath, which smelled of alcohol. "Let go of her!"Angelica said coldly, pulling Maria as hard as she could. James smirked, "anx whatcha gon' do 'bout it girly?". Angelica fumed and jerked Maria as hard as she could, freeing her from James' hold, and holding an arm protctively infront of her. "Dont make me call the police. My sisters boyfriend is on the force and he's just around the corner!"she bluffed, Alex was a lawyer. Not an officer. "Go ahead."he snarled, making another grab for Maria.

"ALEXANDER! HELP!" People who have been ignoring them paused and watched, James' face paled and he backed away before stumbling down the street. A hand rested on her shoulder. It was Hercules Mulligan, he looked like a giant who would rip you to shreds, but he was a big sweetheart. Angelica let out a breath and hugged him, prompting Maria to do the same.

"You two alright?"he asked, Angelica nodded "just gave her a fright. We're okay now..Thanks Hercules.", he smiled and waved his hand " no problem." And walked away.

Angelica decides that was enough excitement for one day, and took Maria for ice cream and went home.

They never did see James Reynolds ever again.

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"Call us over if you need us. We'll take a break for a while, okay?", "Im fine. Go practice."JD groaned, the two were babying him, even outside of littlespace. Kurt had dressed in warmly, and brought him some toys to play with so he wouldnt get bored, and even left his cell phone so he could play games.  Ram had been mpre concerned with his eating habits, and brought a cooler of sandwiches, chips, and juices. The two said bye one more time, kissed his cheek and left him on his own.

He startee feeling the itch around the middle of practice, but ignored it. He could wait. He decided to distract himself by playing on the phone, but got bored and irritated with the dumb flappy bird, and decided to have a snack. He didnt even notice he was in littlespace. He just knew he couldnt get the straw in the juice box. Daddy always did it for him, and papa musta made the sandwiches because they werent cut into triangles and still had the crust. He pouted, and threw his juice onto the metal seat.

"Hey now, what's wrong?"a voice asked, "Auntie Ronnie!"he cheered. She smiled and sat next to him, "having fun sweetie?", "nuh-uh! Bad juice!"he cried, "poor thing. Need some help?"she asked. He nodded and scooted closer. Veronica expertly poked the straw in a new juice box, just like his daddy did. He sipped it and curled up into Veronica's lap. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed, "sleepy?"she asked, "mhhmm..."he yawned.

By the time Kurt and Ram got done with practice and showering, JD was still asleep. "Thanks for coming Veronica."Ram said, holding JD with one arm and the cooler in the other. "No problem. Anytime!"she said, walking off. "Da..dee?"JD yawned, "hey buddy. Go back to sleep okay?", "mkay daddy...".

JD slept for the whole car ride and for twenty minutes when they got home. They smiled at his sleeping face, knowing they made the right decision to call Veronica to watch him, after Kurt noticed him getting more frustrsted with tiny things.

Even with all of his troubles, JD was still their little.

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Connor walked into his room, returning from a short trip to the bathroom, only to freeze at the sight of his boyfriend rummaging in his closet. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asked, anxiety and paranoia gripping him from the inside, though he refused to show it, instead only outwardly portraying the anger that he really didn’t feel.

Jared slowly turned to face Connor slowly, “Connor?” he asked, “what’s all this?”

The ‘this’ that Jared had been referring to was a pastel purple sippy cup with three matching pacifiers, in various shades. The ‘this’ was also known as Connor’s favorite things to use when he regresses.

All of a sudden, despite his best efforts otherwise, Connor felt himself fall into his headspace, his eyes watering as he tried his best not to cry, sniffing. Jared’s eyes widened as he noticed the tears lining his boyfriends eyes, rushing to his side and bringing him into a hug, his own protective instincts consuming him. “Hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he muttered reassurances into Connor’s ear over and over again as he sank to the floor, Connor cuddling into him, finally allowing himself to start sobbing into the comforting arms of his boyfriend.

Now, Jared wasn’t an idiot, when his boyfriend, normally as tough as nails, broke down sobbing he knew that something was up and, thanks to his random late-night research, he had some idea of what was going on (Though, if he was being honest, the sippy-cup was by far the biggest clue, as it looked relatively new, and, as far as he knew at least, none of the Murphy’s were the right age for them), and how to take care of it. Boy, was he glad that the other Murphy’s were all on some weird retreat of some sorts.

Once Connor’s tears had slowed to sniffles and small gasps of breath, Jared started to gently move the two of them to Connor’s bed, freezing when he heard Connor’s small voice blubber out, “D-daddy?”

Jared stopped and looked at Connor, gently asking, “Yes baby?”

“N-nap with daddy please?” The way Connor’s L’s sounded more like W’s was absolutely adorable to Jared, and he had to stop himself from squealing out loud.

“Of course baby boy, let’s get you ready for bed,” Jared couldn’t quite keep the smile out of his voice, knowing that Connor would be extremely embarrassed once he was big again, but wanting to savor this for as long as it lasted.

Chapter Text

Ah yes. Finals week. Aka the most stressful week of the entire semester.

Though both Jeremy and Jake has pretty good GPAs and we're good students, the waves and crashing of anxiety, they weren't immune to.

It was about an hour or two into studying before Jake heard a thump next to him, and Jeremy's head in his book... Literally.

Jake was about to laugh, but then Jeremy almost started bawling, and of course was already at his side in an instant, holding him close and shushing him gently.

Jeremy started to bawl and sniffle and babble in Jakes arms, clenching to his shirt. Jake only continued to try and calm him down, shifting so that Jeremy was being cradled and reached into his bag next to him to grab Jeremy's bottle.

He didn't even realize that it was his bottle, and how he'd already grabbed for it and began to feed himself until Jake kissed his cheek and praised him for being such a brave boy.

Jeremy squealed around the nipple, yawning and curling into Jake's chest when he was done. The latter decided it was nap time and carried Jeremy to his room, helping him dress into his dino pajamas, tucking him in when Jeremy started to whine and make grabby hands for Jake.

Jake kisses his forehead, quickly darting out of the room to return seconds later with Jeremy's pacifier before he got too fussy.

Though Jeremy was still whining and sniffling, his smile returned faintly as his dada returned! He squealed again, making more grabby hands.

A paci was popped in his mouth and Jake snuggled up behind him, holding him close until soft snores could be heard.

Finals could wait.

Chapter Text

"Zoe, you need to calm down baby.",


Alana gently bounced Zoe on her lap, she'd been fussy all day and Alana couldnt put her finger on why. "Zoe, you need to tell mommy what's wrong.". Zoe whined and curled up in her lap, sucking her pacifier and closing her eyes. Alana readjusted her grip,  Zoe was practically on top of her! Zoe whined softly and held onto her blanket, "tell mommy what's wrong."Alana cooed.

Zoe lost it.

She kicked and screamed until she was blue in the face, Alana waited paitently until she was done and gently rocked her. "There we go..."she cooed, Zoe hiccuped and buried her face in Alana's shoulder. "Bo."she whimpered, "Bow?"Alana asked, "No! Bo! Bo!"she whined, "What's 'Bo' Zoe? Can you show me?". She set Zoe on the floor and waited for her to move, Zoe crawled behind the couch and Alana went to stop her "no Zoe! It's yucky there- oh.". Zoe was hugging a stuffed bunny to her chest and smiling contently, "Bo!".

Alana felt relieved, and somewhat dumb for not figuring out what 'Bo' was. "Mama! Bo hung'y! Cookie! Please?"Zoe asked, holding Bo up for emphasis. Alana smiled, "alright baby. Does Bo want chocolate milk too?", "uh huh!". Alana rolled her eyes and went to retrieve the snack. "Chocolate chip or Oreo?"she called, "Choco Chip!".

She smiled and set the plate down in front of Zoe, "t'ank mama!". She watched Zoe nibble hers and 'feed' her stuffed bunny a cookie.

Alana sighed and sat on the sofa to watch over her, Zoe was strange and ridicilous. But Zoe was her strange and ridiculous.

Chapter Text

Evan woke up to a hand frantically tugging his blanket. He blinked until the face of Jared came into focus. "Jared?"he looked him over, and met his teary eyes. Shit. This was Little Jared. Jared must of gotten triggered by something and fallen into headspace.

"What's the matter baby?"he yawned, "I wet..."Jared sniffed. Evan blinked blearily and sat up, "alright bud. Let's get you changed.". Evan led Jared to the bathroom, and ran a warm bath. Jared was sniffling and it broke Evan's heart. "Baby. It's okay. It was just a accident."Evan cooed, "you were such a big boy for coming and getting daddy, and big boys get big hugs." For emphasis, Evan hugged him and kissed his forehead.

Jared wiped his face and sniffled, "weally?". Evan smiled and nodded, pulling off Jared's big boy underwear and racecar pajamas "come on baby. Let's get you cleaned up. Connor! Get in here please?". Connor slumped in tiredly, "wha' wrong?". "Jared had an accident, could you clean up while I give him a bath?". Connor pursed his lips, and nodded "alright." And picked up the wet pajamas. He disappeared and soon, the washing machine started.

Jared sat still as Evan washed him, "so big and brave."Evan praised, Jared blinked sleepily and sucked his fist, "s'eepy daddy."he whimpered, Evan nodded and drained the tub. "Come on bud. Let's get you into some pj's and back into bed.". Jared closed his eyes and curled into Evans's arms, sleepily yawning. Evan leyed him down on the changing table and tugged a pull-up on his hips, and dressed him in warm spiderman footie pajamas. "Alright bud, back to bed."Evan cooed, "s'eep wit' dada an' daddy?"Jared whined, "Ba' mon'ters! Ba' s'eep!". Evan frowned and hugged him tightly "Of course..Poor baby, did you have a bad dream?".

Connor made sure he grabbed Jared's pacifier and favorite stuffed animal, a husky dog, then crawled into bed with Evan, with Jared tucked between them. He sucked his pacifier and snuggled with his toy. "Night Jare-Bear.", "night buddy. Sleep well.", "nigh' dada....nigh'...da...dee..." Jared sleepily yawned. Evan turned off the light and snuggled into Jared, and Connor did the same thing. "Night Ev.". "Night Connor.".

Chapter Text

Jeremy gently stroked Jake's hair as they watched a movie, Jake was almost sleep when Michael came in from doing the dishes. "Da?", "hey buddy. Time for bed."Michael easily lifted Jake into hid arms, Jake whined and pouted. "Jake, dont start that. Daddy says it's bedtime. How about a story?".

Jake lit up, "stowy?"he asked, "yep. You get to choose.".

Michael and Jeremy tucked him into bed and layed down beside him, "alright. How about Hansel and Gretel?' That's good-" Michael cut him off and Jeremy flushed. Basically a story of child abandonment. Something Jake didnt need on his mind right now, "or Little Red Riding Hood.".

Jake sucked his pacifier as Jeremy read to him, and curled into Michael's soft body. Michael smiled at him and combed his fingers through his hair. Jale yawned sleepily and closer his eyes, only to blink them open. "Dada...daddy?", "yes buddy?", "s'eep with dada an' daddy? P'ease?".

Jake innocently looked at them, making them smile. "Of course buddy. We'll be right back with our pajamas. Then we can cuddle some more.".

The rest of the night went smoother than normal.

Jake didnt pitch a fit about bedtime.

Jake didnt have a nightmare.

Jake was happier than they'd ever seen him.

Jake's breathing evened out, and his face went peaceful.

"Night Jakie," "Night buddy.".

Chapter Text

Rich had been feeling Little all morning, he'd drawn cartoonish figures in his math notebook instead of notes, he felt grumpy because he missed lunch, and to make it all worse, Jake wasnt there. He was home with the Flu and didnt want Rich to get sick, so he sent him to Michael's. Well...

Michael wasnt home.

There was a note in the mailbox announcing they'd be gone for shopping the entire day and to leavr any packages nextdoor at Jeremy's house. So, Rich was left sitting on Michael's porch. Feeling bordering Little and alone.


Jeremy found him after fifteen minutes though, and he was invited to play videogames, which he happily did. If Jeremy knew he was bording on headspace he probably would have been more...careful...with his selection. Jeremy and Rich had been playing for an hour, when Jeremy went to the restroom. The videogame was graphic and scary..he unknowingly began sucking his fingers, and sleepily rubbing his eyes.

"You okay?"Jeremy asked, Rich nodded and made an effort to play again.


Which was a mistake.


There was a jumpscare, before a "GAME OVER" screen.


His lips trembled and hot tears spilled down his face, making Jeremy look at him in alarm.

"Rich? Are you okay? What- oh..Oh!" Jeremy patted his back, prompting Rich to crawl in his lap.

"Thotht..."he lisped quietly, "thotht..".


Jeremy bit his lip to keep from smiling, Richie was patting his cardigan and cooing "thotht" softly to himself.

"Hey bud, how you feeling?".

"Th'eepy. Naptime?"he yawned, "sure...buddy. Let's get you ready. I think Micha left some clothes..."he said, digging through the closet and pulling out a long shirt that would reach Rich's knees, and almost dropped it at Rich's outburst.

Rich bolted up at that name, "dada!".

Jeremy looked at him confusedly, "i thought Jake was your dada?".

"Daddy!"Rich insisted, "and Micha?"Jeremy asked, "dada!"Rich said proudly.


Jeremy was shocked, Michael never mentioned seeing anyone. Ever. And Jake...was the the straightest no-homo guy he'd ever met.

" about I call dada and daddy and see if one of them can come get you after your nap?".

"Uh huh!".

Jeremy gently dressed him and waited until he fell asleep to call Michael.


"Jere? What is it? We're shopping for-", "Rich is Little right now."Jeremy interrupted, there was a crash and a woman yelling in spanish, he only managed to catch "Michael" "you" "pay" "that" "your" and "money", "Mami! Yo tengo emergencia! Rich es pequero y es muy solitario!"(im sorry for butchering spanish, dont kill me im only a sophmore in highschool).Michael protested in Spanish, there was more chatter and Michael sighed "i have to go. Tell him im on my way. Be there in twenty.".


Rich squirmed in his sleep and brought his thumb into his mouth, making Jeremy smile. "Alright.".

Jeremy hit end, and sat on the bed, he could try calling Jake...

He went to his contacts and hit "Sports Boy"

"..hello?" A raspy, groggy voice answered.

"Hey Jake...Rich is..kinda...sorta...little. Right now....".

Jake made a soft groaning noise, "Just get Michael-"

"He's out shopping, he wont be back for almost half an hour!".


" him. He's usually...calm..look man, I'm exhausted..I'll call you back later..."he yawned.

Jeremy made a noise of affirmation, and hung up.


"Dada hom'?"a tiny voice yawned, Jeremy smiled calmly, "Not yet buddy. How about a snack?"

Rich excitedly, but sleepily nodded and shuffled after Jeremy into the kitchen. He made peanut butter and celery, and a glass of apple juice.

Jeremy watched as Rich switched between eating and taking a drink. He finished and Jeremy put the dishes in the sink. "Alright bud, how about some tv until daddy comes and get's you?".

Rich nodded and plopped down onto the couch and waited for Jeremy to change the channel to cartoons. He settled on a rerun of an old episode of Spongebob, and Rich quietly watched as Jeremy washed dishes.


True to his word, Michael showed up half an hour later. "Dada!Dada!"Rich cheered happily, "hey buddy. Ready to go?", "uh huh!". Michael smiled, "thanks Jeremy.", "no problem. He was a angel.".

Rich waved goodbye as he and Michael left, and Jeremy was left to wonder...


Should he adopt a Little of his own?

Chapter Text

Jeremy honestly didnt know what he was thinking.

Michael had talked him into adopting a Little, and had dragged him along to countless adoption agencies, reporting some of the more sketchy ones. He just didnt feel any...spark...between him and any of the Littles he met, which made him feel  guilty. Even though they were adorable as hell, there wasnt any connection. Until one particular little came along.

He had just been sitting in a chair, watching as Littles romped, played and teetered on unsteady muscles, when a hand tugged his cardigan. "Sir? Is you m'kay?"the voice asked, a definite Little. Je looked up to see a boy, who's physical age was almost sixteen, shyly looking at him. "Im fine. Im just...looking around.". The Little cocked his head and popped his thumb in his mouth, he couldnt help but feel drawn to the Little. "So..what's your name?", "Squip"the Little spelled, "Squip?"Jeremy asked, "it's just his nickname. His name is Samuel Quiency Ulysess Ivan Peters. Quite then mouthful."a ladynin a light blue nurses uniform explained. Her name tag read "Hi My Name is Heidi Hansen".

"So, how old is he?", "oh his regressive state is about a year old. But someone has been refusing to regress lately."she said crossly looking at Squip. "Don' wanna."Squip said plainly, sticking his tongue out at her. Ahe just smiled, "relax. The Littles here are friendly and sweet, my son son Evan is just the biggest sweetheart."she smiled, "and he's a little too.". Jeremy smiled, "this is my first time friend Michael recommened this place...but im not entirely sure...". Heidi smiled, "dont worry. Im sure you'll find a very special Little.".

Squip shyly hung around him all day, and whined when it was time for him to go.

"Squip, Jeremy isn-"

Jeremy locked eyes with Squip's crystle blue ones and smiled, feeling lightness in his heart.

"He's perfect...".

Heidi smiled and briskly walke off to get the paperwork.


After almost a half of year of waiting, visiting and home checkups and shopping for baby supplies, Squip could come home.


Sure there were disagreements, and he learned that Squip hated being babied...but occassionally gave in when he felt the need to me smaller.


Jeremy couldnt ask for more.

Chapter Text

Connor gently hugged Evan and patted his back, "it's okay Ev. It's okay.".

Evan had had a rough day, and was one minute away of throwing a tantrum...if he could anyway. The reason he'd been stressed, was that he couldnt slip! He tried and tried, but it was like there was a mental block.

Connor kissed Evan's forehead and rocked back and forth, "'s fine...dont cry baby.".

 Connor gently cooed at Evan as he began to bounce him, "Comemon Ev, give daddy a big smile?".

 Evan sniffled and wiped his nose on his arm, "m'kay."he whimpered. He closed his eyes and gave Connor a big toothy grin, before collapsing back into tears.

"Alright bud, how about some yummy juice, then a nice nap? Huh? Would you like that?c



It was afternoon, and Evan had yet to slip. Connor was getting worried, and decided to stay next to him during his nap.

When Evan woke up, he didnt cry or sniffle...he hugged Connor and started to chew his fingers.

He had gone into headspace while sleeping. Connor felt relieved.

"Alright bud, how you feelin'?"he cooed while changing him, Evan giggle and removed his hands to clap happily.

"Goo'! Uh puh! Uh puh! Dada!".

"Just a minute baby. How about some cartoons?"

Evan lit up and excitedly bounced, "uh huh!".

Connor set him down and watched as Evan rushed to change the channel from the news to a cartoon.

Evan was a sweetheart and a crybaby.

But he's Connor's sweetheart and crybaby.

Chapter Text

Evan had been clingy all day. He refused to let Connor out of his sight, and went ballistic when he left for school.

Connor had taken him to a doctor who siad it was 'perfectly normal' and sent them on their way.

Connor decided to take a different approach and spoiled Evan with cuddles and kisses every few days. On the days he spoiled Evan, he didnt whine as much or complain.

As it turned out, the doctor was right. It was normal.

Evan just wanted his attention.


"Da! 'Ook! 'Ook!"

"Ev, Ive already read you a bedtime story. It's time for bed now. ".

Evan stuck his lip out and whined, "Ev. Puppy eyes dont work on me. Go to sleep."Connor smiled, and kissed Evan on the forehead.

After he himself had gotten settled in, he felt a presence by his bed.


He didnt even have to open his eyes to know it was Evan, "yes?".

"S'eep with da' p'ease?"Ev whined, crawling onto of his chest and snuggling him, "love da'!".

Connor smiled and cracked his right eye open to see Evan suckking his pacifier and holding his bunny to his chest, snuggling up to Connor and yawning sleepily.

Connor closed his eyes and sighed. One more night wouldnt hurt.

Chapter Text

It was a peaceful afternoon, the birds chirruped every so often, the clouds lazily floatednin an otherwise clear sky...perfect.

Jeremy was laying his head on Michael's chest, the two watching a horror-comedy on cable with Michael softly stroking Jeremy's hair with his free hand, Jeremy half asleep.

"Tired Jere?"Michael laughed, Jeremy closed his eyes and mumbled something.

Jeremy shifted and rolled over, thrashing almost violently. He screamed his head off and threw his fists against the floor. Michael wrapped his arms around him and gently rocked, "shhh...just a bad's okay...".

"Daddy...."Jeremy whimped, Michael gently shushed him.

"It's okay baby. It's alright. Just let it out..."he murmured.


Jeremy latched onto Michael and rubbed his teary face on his hoodie, "oh poor baby...". Michael shifted into a more comfortable position and hugged Jeremy, who still cried softly. His tears dried up after a few minutes and now he just sleepily layed on Michaels shoulder. Michael smiled and pushed a pacifier into his mouth and went to change Jeremy into his pajamas.

"Such a big strong boy. Didnt have an accident today."

"I good?"he asked in a tired yawn.

"Jere did very good. How about a little treat after your nap?"Michael cooed, Jeremy nodded and closed his eyes.

He was asleep in minutes, leaving Michael smiling and happy.

Chapter Text

"Okay, on the count of three, we all open our results."Thomas said after a few minutes of silence.

They had been staring at the manilla envelopes with anxious curiosity, them being John, Hercules, Aaron, James, Lafayette, himself and Alexander.

One by one, they all opened and recieved "Caregiver", with a list of supply store and websites to visit to ease the bonding process.

Except one person, "LITTLE?!"Alex yelled in disbelief. The group was just as shocked as he was, "little?"Thomas questioned.

Alex closed his eyes, "you know what. No. I dont care, just a dumb test anyway. Let's forget about it.".

"Who's hungry?"John asked, trying to divert the conversation away from topic. It was making Alex upset.

"How about some McDonalds?"Alex suggested, "I've been craving a mocha frappe late-". Alex was cut off by Hercules, "sorry man. No more coffee.". Alex looked perplexed, which was honestly adorable, and questioned why he suddenly cared.

"You need to take better care of yourself. No more caffiene for you.".

While walking to the restraunt, Laf made a a point to hold Alex's hand. "It's dangerous. Hold my hand.". Alex obliged, although ableit hesitantly. They sat a a booth while Thomas ordered, Alex restlessly shifted in place.

 "Mon petite lion, do you need to use the restroom?", he shook his head "Just tired.". "Here we go. A double bacon cheese burger, large fry and coke for me. Two regular hamburgers, a Dr. Pepper and medium fry for Hercules. A triple bacon cheeseburger with extra onion, large fry and water for Laf, and a kids meal for Alexander.

Alex pursed his lips, it was dawning on him what they were doing. He didnt say anything, and opened the box. A ten piece McNugget, a juice box, a small fry and a toy. He started to nibble on his food, getting stopped every so often to get sauce cleaned off his face and hands. As they were finishing their meals, Laf felt a nudge on his arm.

 "Yes Alexander?", "I'm tired...can we go home now?". "Sure thing..".They packed up their leftovers, and started for him. Alex got tired of walking halfway and Thomas, the only one not carrying something, carried him back.


He had fallen asleep before they even gotten home, the sedative that Thomas slipped into his drink was taking effect. Poor baby didnt even realize he was hurting himself, "check his folder, I need to make him some clothes.", John dug through the pile, and pulled out Alex's. Sure enough, he was a 6 month old to a one year old Little.

They split up to do certain jobs. Hercules went to his room to make come clothes, James and Thomas went to the store to get diapers, pull ups, food, formula, toys and the like, John went to the Little's Center downtown and Lafayette stayed to watch Alexander.

When he woke up, Alex was a bit grumpy. He tiredly climbed out of bed and went to the livingroom, where he was met with a mountain of toys, coloring books, crayons, and stuffed animals. He felt angry. He thought he told them to drop it.

"Hey there sleepyhead. Have a nice nap?"John cooed "Im NOT a little. Drop it already."Alex growled.
John didnt deter, "we got you some presents. Why dont you go play with Lafayette and the others?"

"Not a little!"Alex insisted, moving towards the livingroom. He ended up playing with the building blocks and almost whined when he was told it was time for dinner. Like at the restraunt, he was fed by hand annd wiped down. He was then sent to play under the supervision of Thomas.

"Notta Little."he grumbled under his breath, "yes you are darlin' now why dont we color a picture for Grandpa Washington? Would you like that?". Alex blinked a few times and giggled, his eyes gleamed innocently and happily. He was in headspace.

The two colored for a while, until Alex fell asleep on his coloring book. The group smiled at each other and James went to tuck him in,

"Night kiddo.".

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Chapter Text

Jake stared at the paper in disbelief. It couldnt be real. The results were wrong.

He blinked a few times and read the results again..


He threw the letter on the floor and brought his knees up to his face chest. He sucked in a deep breath and tried to calm down. It was wrong. It had to be wrong. He laughed a little, it had to just had to.

Jeremy nervously opened his letter while Rich comforted Jake.

"Little..."he said, smiling brightly. Michael nodded and smiled, patting Jeremy's hair gently.

Jake felt a pang in his gut that went all the way up to his chest, which creeped up to his head. Michael led Jeremy away to change into somthing comfortable and Rich stayed with Jake.

"Jakie, it's okay for you to-"Jake cut him off, "Rich. I am not a Little. This was a mistake.". Rich bit his lip and kept quiet, "whatever makes you happy.".

Jeremy came back giggling and dressed in a soft-looking bear onsie, he plopped down on the floor and played with the blocks, toy cars and action figures Michael had brought up from the basement. He sucked his pacifier happily, and played under the watchful gaze of Rich and Michael.

"Daddy! Papa! Oo'k! Oo'k!" Jeremy squealed happily, pointing to the mishapen tower.

"Good job bud!", "nice tower Jere-bear! Jake why dont you play-"

"No."Jake stated huffily, shifting to ease the tight feeling in his stomach. "It wasnt a question Jake. Go play with Jeremy. Me and Rich need to..make dinner.".

The two left Jake and Jeremy alone, "daddy? Papa?"Jeremy sniffled and looked like he was about to cry. "Dont cry Jeremy. It's okay, they just went to make dinner.".

Jeremy nodded and wiped his eyes, "p'ay?", he looked so pitiful and sad, Jake couldnt say no.


He settled in beside Jeremy and haphazardly pushed a car around, his headache eased and the tightness in his chest and stomach dissipated. He giggled a little and swung his legs back and forth, pushing the cars around the clumsily put together towers.


Rich and Michael peeked out after ten minutes and highfived.

Mission Accomplished.

Chapter Text

   Rich hid silently in his closet, hands over his ears and whimpering softly, shaking all over. His dad had come home drunk and was wrecking the downstairs. He bit back a sob and wiped his teary eyes...

   He fumbled with his phone and started to suck his thumb, he pressed "daddy" and waited.

    "Hey Rich, what's up?"Michael's voice answered on the third ring, hr felt a little bit of relief at that. He whimpered softly, and mumbled lispily that his dad had come home drunk again and started yelling and throwing things.

   "'s okay buddy. Just stay put okay? Where are you?"Michael said softly, "in c'oset.".
He whimpered, "I'll be there soon buddy, okay? Stay there.".


   It took all of ten minutes to find Rich's old run down house, Michael took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

    A dishevelled man, who was clearly drunk, answered. "Wha'?"

    "I'm here for Rich."Michael frowned. The man grunted and pointed down the hall, mumbling under his breath. Michael shuffled past him and opened the door to Rich's room.

     "Rich buddy? You still here?", there was a tiny sob from the closet and Rich came bolting out into his arms, "'s okay. I'm here.". Michael gently rocked him and kissed his hair, "Richie did so good today, such a good boy.".

    Rich sniffled and hugged him tightly, "how about a bottle when we get home? Would you like that?"Michael cooed.

     When Rich was feeling particullartly little, Michael would indulge him with bottles and cuddles. It made him so happy to see Rich nodding off happily with tiny dribbles of milk dripping down his chin.

     Michael managed to get Rich into his carseat and gave him his headphones to play lullabies. He calmed down and sucked his pacifier slowly, and curled up a little in his carseat. Michael smiled at him sadly, the poor thing was so sleepy. A nice warm bath, a bottle of warm milk and cuddles outta but him right to sleep.

    Michael checked back on Rich every few minutes and smiled at him, Rich gave a sleepy wave and rubbed his eyes with his fist.

     "Someone's sleepy, huh?"Michael teased, Rich yawned as a comfirmation, "s'eepy...".

     Michael parked the car and carried Rich inside, the sleepy toddler closing his eyes. Rich was fed a sandwich, given a warm bath, made sure he used the toilet and diapered him just in case, and was now being rocked to sleep with a warm bottle of milk. Michael gently hummed and smiled as Rich drained the bottle sleepily. He was burped and settled into bed with a stuffed bunny, something he couldnt sleep without.

    "Night buddy. Sweet dreams.".

 Rich sleepily curled up and sucked the ear of the bunny. "Nigh' da...".


    Rich was asleep and sleepily drooling on his thumb, and smiling. Michael stroked his hair and kissed his forehead, gently pulling the blanket over his shoulder.

"Love you Richie.".

Chapter Text

Evan chewed his thumbnail nervously, he hated the doctors office. He hated the sterile smell and the cold, harsh air. But, he hated one thing most of all. Getting his blood drawn. He hated needles and the sight of blood. It made him nauseus just thinking about it. But, it was necessary in order to knke what his classification was.

"Evan Hansen? Dr. Carmen can see you now."the nurse called out, he nodded and shakily stood up.


"Alright Mr. Hansen, let's see your blood results. Everything seems to be just fine, but..."

His chest clenched, fuck...he had cancer didnt he. No wait, she said he was fine. Why would she sound so serious if he was just fine?

"Are you alright sweetie? You're looking a little pale..."

He nodded and sucked in a breath, "but..what?".

She smiled, "well, it seems that your classification presented. Now there is no need to worry or be upset, and dont try to throw a tantrum. I had a Little here the other day that thought throwing things would change who he was...".

He stopped listening after one word, Little. He had nothing against them, he had family members pn his moms side who were Littles and Caregivers. But mostly neutrals. He was positive he was a neutral. His mom was one, his dad was one, his grandparents and great grandparents were neutrals too! Hell, Jared, his family friend had presented as a Caregiver shortly after his sixteenth birthday.

"L..little?"he mumbled

"Sweetie, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Do you need me to call someone to come get you?"

He shook his head, "I'm fine...thank you.".

He walked out the door silently.


He couldnt let Jared know. He'd tease him for the rest of his life if he knew. He had to keep it a secret. His thumbnail chewing turned into thumbsuckung and he hand to force himself to stop.

No one could know. He got home and decided to watch tv to ease his mind, he dressed in comfy pajamas and layed down on the couch.

It became a routine. Go home, take a shower, dress in his softest pajamas, and wsrch cartoons before his nap.


He didnt notice Jared was catching on. Until he walked in on Evan cuddling a stuffed animal, in footie pajamas, almost asleep. He didnt say anything while Evan tried to calm down, just gently patting his backmintil his breathing regulated.

"S-s...s-s-SORRY!ISORRY! INOMEANTO!IBAD!BAD!BADE'AN!", "Shhh slow down Ev. Why are you bad?", he hiccuped and sobbed harder and Jared forced a smile to hide his worry. "Poor thing..did someone have a bad day?"Jared cooed, he whimpered and nodded. "Hey, where's your mommy or daddy?", "Don' gots daddy...or mommy.", Jared felt his heart sink."Hey....bud. How about a nap?", Evan nodded and layed on the couch with Jared beside him.

"I'll be right here Ev."


"Night Ev..."

"Nigh' daddy...."


Jared smiled and pulled his blanket up to his shoulders and kissed his forehead.

Chapter Text

"JD, slow down. We're almost there. You'll see 'Ronica in a minute."Kurt shushed, tugging on JD's hand to bring him back.",

"Daddy...."he whined, it was pitiful but adorable, "I wanna see Ronnie!". Kurt smiled and rolled his eyes, "we're almost there buddy. Daddy's already waiting on us.".

A slight shove from behind made JD trip up, and sent him careening to the pavement, "outta my way you FREAKS.", Kurt bit his tongue to keep from swearing and tried to console JD. He had scraped his hands and knees and was trying not to cry. Kurt gently shushed him and dug around his backpack for bandaids and a small hydrogen peroxide wipe. He cleaned up the blood, bandaged him (dinosaurs, as insisted by JD. Who was obsessed with them) and lifted him into his arms.

"There we go. C'mon bud, let's go see papa and 'Ronica.", JD sniffled and hugged him, "m'kay...".

"There you two are we've been looking all over for- what happened?!"Ram mother henned JD and checked him over for more injuries, "some asshole knocked him down and called us f-r-e-a-k-s. He's got a few scrapes, maybe some hurt feelings but he's okay.".

Ram's expression darkened, "Who. Did. This."it wasnt a question. It was a demand. "Papa..", "yeah buddy?", "man over there."he said shakily pointing to the guy across the parking lot, smoking and talking to a group of guys.

Ram stalked over angrily, and even though Ram and Veronica made attempts to hold him back. "Ram! You just got out of the hospital! You cant get injured again!"

"Dont care. He hurt JD."

"THIS WONT FI ANYTHING!"Veronica said angrily, Ram brushed her off and moved towards the group. The guy looked up, and paled. The group parted and he walked through, and he grabbed the guy by the shirt and lifted him up, and slammed him against the truck.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"the guy yelled.

"What is wrong with you? You pushed down a helpless little? Why dont you pick on someone your own size? C'mon tough guy. You took down my little, you can take me down."

The guy paled again and he started shaking, "y-you'll get suspended for this!"

"Oh, I know I will. And when I come back, I'll beat the shit outta you again if you even think of touching my baby again. You think I'm scared of a suspension. Every day I'm gone, would be the best days of my life. Because I get to spend them with my baby. I cant say the same thing for you, can I?"

The guy was shaking as he was dropped and scrambled to his feet, "l-l-l-let's g-g-go g-guys....".


Ram walked back to the group with a satisfied smile, "problem taken care of. Now, let's get you a snack buddy.".


"That was so hot."Kurt whispered, "well too bad. You arent getting anything from me tonight." Ram smirked.

Kurt looked shocked, and Veronica patted his back, "Ah, the troubles of relationships. Get some extra blankets, you'll be sleeping on the couch until he's done with the mother hen phase.".

Kurt did end up sleeping on their bed, but was kicked out by JD's excessive thrashing. He was pouty the next day, but Ram made it up chocolate chip waffles.

Chapter Text

Alex chewed the string of his hoodie and glanced at the clock every few seconds, as if waiting for the world to end. The second that the bell rings, he bolts from the class. He's halfway down the main hallway when he is tugged back by a strong grip on his hoodie.

"Where do you think you're goin Hamilton?"the voice sneered, Alex tried to take a deep breath and turned around. "I'm not in the mood Jefferson. Just leave me alone..."his voice was more shaky than intended and Jefferson smirked. "Sorry. I cant allow that darlin'."


"Jefferson....please..."he voice was quiet, which seemed to eg him on. "No Hamilton. Me an' you are gonna have a lil talk 'bout manners.".

"Jefferson..."he felt his mind start to cloud over and feel lighter. "Fuck...not now...please?"

"A lil' too late for that Hamilton."he made a move to grab the front of Alex's hood, when he finally stopped and noticed.

Alex had gone almost completely limp, but his eyes were open and wide.

Thomas dropped him and Alex hit the floor floor with a small yelp of pain....

"Fuck. You're one of...those. Arent you? Shoulda're always such a dang crybaby, arent ya? What's wrong? Are you gonna cry to daddy?".

To Thomas's surprise, he did cry. Loud and hard. Huge sobs echoed through the hallways and big tears were spilling down his face. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Thomas felt panic rise up, what should he do? Alex normally walked home. Washington had already left, and his friends all had after school clubs....fuckin James was out sick, but he was normally sick...what was he going to do?!

He knelt down and held his hands out peacefully, "hey...hey. Please dont cry..It's okay...Dont cry...".

Alex stared at him blearily and whimpered, "shhh...that's it...good boy."

The toddler hiccuped and sadly started to suck his thumb, "daddy....".

"I know, I know. Give me your phone baby. I'll call him."Thomas reasoned, Alex blinked up at him and rubbed his rumbly tummy, poor thing didnt have anything to eat this morning.

"Hey, how about before we call daddy go get something in your tummy?"

Alex nodded and held his hand out "daddy says to hold hands when going places. 'Specially when walking cwoss the stweet."he lisped around his thumb. "Sweetheart dont do that. It's yucky. Do you have a pacifier?"Thomas reprimanded.

Alex lit up and pulled it out of his hoodie pocket and popped it into his mouth.

"Okau, we'll go across the street and get you some food, then we'll call your daddy.".

"Mkay Tommy!"Alex nodded, holding his hand as the strolled down the sidewalk and crossed over.

Thomas got him settled into a booth at the diner and ordered them cheeseburgers and fries, and looked through Alexs phone. "Okay buddy, go on and call your daddy.".

Alex grabbed the phone excitedly, and looked through it.

It was quiet until Alex smiled cheerfully, "hi daddy!", "I okay...", "Tommy here! He help!", "uh huh!I good! I p'omise!", "I eated my food.", "burgie an fry-fries.". Alex chatted absent mindedly to his daddy and told him where they were. "Mkay daddy! 'Ove you too! Bye bye!".

Thomas fondly smiled and Alex hung up and finished his food, after they paid and were getting ready to wait outside, Hercules showed up. "Daddy!", Alex excited ran towards him and hugged him, "hey bud. How you feeling? Did you behave?". "I good! I good fo' Tommy!".

Hercules smiled and lifted him with ease, "bath and nap for you when we get home bud. Thanks Jefferson.".

"No problem. He's a real joy."

Thomas smiled as they parted ways, maybe he should adopt a little of his own...

Chapter Text

Evan breathed heavily, head between his knees and tears in his eyes. He had one shot at the presentation and blew it. All those people staring...laughing...talking about him in whispered voices...he had bolted from the room and now was having a complete panic attack.

Connor and Jared had followed him, to comfort him. "Ev, it's fine. It's just a dumb project. You're making an A in that class anyway! It wont effect your grade!"Connor reasoned, "Yeah. Besides. Mrs. Greere is a bitch for making you do that. She knows presenting makes you anxious.". The two rubbed his back and helped him up and to the office.

"Hon, I think you should regress. This will make the process a lot quicker. It helps you and you know that.."Connor gently told him as Jared buckled him into the car seat, fumbling with the stupid lock that always seemed to be stuck. Once it was secure, he kissed Evans forehead and went to the passengers side.

Evan nodded and closed his eyes, and counted backwards from twenty.

Connor gently smiled at Evan and he smiled back, Jared dug through the bag in the glovebox for his blanket and stuffed monkey. Evan giggled and smiled at Connor while they drove home. Evan rubbe his very soft blankie against his face and nuzzled his monkey.

"Love you you papa."he cheered, swinging his legs happily. "We love you two baby. Now, how about a bubble bath when we get home? Then some nice comfy pajamas and a movie?"

"Yay! We watch Pooh?"he asked, "sure thing baby. We'll watch anything you want. Then we can have mac n cheese for dinner!".

Evan laughed and smiled at them, Connor and Jared smiled at him then at each other.

They loved their Evan.

Chapter Text

Jeremy hated shopping, especially while he was little. He got bored and tired easily, and tended to get bratty. But, now he was standing still, placantly sucking on a pacifier. "Jere, let's go baby.", Jeremy didnt budge. "Jerebear? Are you alright baby?", Michael followed his gaze to a dress. "Oh. Do you want to try it on?". Jeremy looked shyly at the floor, but nodded "p'ease.".

Michael smiled as he zipped Jeremy up, "there we go. So pretty baby. Wanna give daddy a twirl?". Jeremy giggled and twirled, his puffy diaper somewhat visable. "I pwetty?", "very pretty! Do you want it?". Jeremy nodded and clapped happily, "uh huh! Uh huh!". Michael smiled, "how about you change clothes and I'll go see the price, okay? Daddy'll be right back okay?", "mkay daddy!".

Michael blanched when he saw the price tag, it was twice his budget right now. Jeremy came skipping happily out of the changing room, dress in his overalls, striped shirt and velcro shoes. "Daddy! I wear it now? P'ease?"Jeremy whined, reaching for it. "Sorry bud. We cant get it today. Maybe next time.".

Jeremy didnt like that. He sucked in a deep breath and threw himself on the floor and screamed. He yelled and kicked and threw him fists on the floor until his was red in the face. "IWANTITIWANTITIWANTIT!IWAN-"Jeremy was lifted up and carried out of the store by a embarrassed and fuming Michael. He kicked and screamed at him to be put down.

Michael ignored him, strapped Jeremy into his carseat and went to put the items in the trunk. Jeremy still kicked at the seat by the time he was done. Michael sat in the front seat quietly, and then slowly started driving away.

Jeremy stopped. Michael only got quiet when he was really mad..."daddy..."he whimpered, Michael looked at him sharply. "Jeremiah Heere. What did you do to make daddy upset?"he asked calmly, Jeremy mumbled and looked down. "Jeremy. Look at me. Answer where i can hear you.", "I...few fit?"he lisped quietly, "I sowwy daddy...I be good! I p'omise!"

Michael sighed, "oh. I know you will. Ten minute time out. No cartoons. No bubbles. No dessert. Dinner. Bath. Then bed. Got it?".

Jeremy nodded and sniffled, wiping his eyes and whimpering. "Jere. Daddy loves you. But you cant throw fits when you dont get your way.".

"Mkay daddy...".


Jeremy quietly did his punishment, and got a big hug from Michael. As said, he didnt get his bubbles in the bath or a cookie after dinner. But he did get a bedtime story. Jeremy snuggled against Michael and closed his eyes, "sowwy daddy....'uv ooh...nigh nigh..."


"I know Jere. Night baby. Love you too.".

Chapter Text

Heather knocked on the door and waited paitently for Veronica to open it. The two had a study date thst they'd been planning all week, and she'd be damned if anything was going to ruin it. That anything was the tiny toddler who opened the door.

She blinked in surprise at the kid, who was dresse don a dinosaur printed Tshirt and dark blue overalls, on hand holding a sippy cup of a blue liquid. He didnt have shoes on, and the bare small chubby toddler feet moved towards her. "W'os oo'?"he lisped behind his pacifier.

"I...uh...Is Veronica home?"she asked, the toddler took his pacifier out and yelled "wonnie! Lady here! Pretty red lady!"

"JD! What did sissy say about opening the door?"Veronica asked angrily, "Sowwy Wonica...I bad?"he whimpered. "No, just dont do it again. Now go and play with your toys.". The toddler giggled and toddled off, taking a drink from his sippy cup and settling into the soft couch cusions.

"Sorry Heather. Mom kinda dumped babysitting on me last minute."Veronica laughed, Heather rolled her eyes fondly. "Alright. Now, spill. Who is he?", "oh. That's JD. My baby brother. We adopted him around...five or six months ago."she explained, "he's usually very shy. Probably why you never met him before..". Before Heather could say anything, she was interrupted.

"Wonnie! Woonnie! My tummy hurt! Make bestest!"JD whined, "it's make it better JD. Seems like someone had too many slushies, huh? I think you just need to go potty.".

"Mkay!"he said, rushing towards the bathroom. "Sorry about that he's-"Veronica was cut off by JD running towards her.

"Pretty lady! Pretty red! Up! Up! Up!", "JD! Ask nicely, sorry Heather.".

Heather was dumbfounded by the toddler, he climbed up into her arms easily and giggled, "play wit' me! Play wit' me! P'eaaaase!?".

JD whined and climbed down and decided to run around in circles until he wore himself out, Veronica settled him down on the couch and gave him a sippy cup of water.

"I am so sorry about him. He gets really hyper when he has too much sugar."Veronica apologized.


"It's fine Ronnie. He's...strange...but very about that study date..."

Veronica groaned, "how about we just make out instead? Im too tired to study."


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Holy shit i cant believe it's been this long since I updated, dont worry. We'll be back soon! Starting May 31, 2019 @12:00pm CST It will be summer! Then we'll have at least a weekly upload, and if not, a bi-weekly upload schedule!

Chapter Text

Holy shit i cant believe it's been this long since I updated, dont worry. We'll be back soon! Starting May 31, 2019 @12:00pm CST It will be summer! Then we'll have at least a weekly upload, and if not, a bi-weekly upload schedule!