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Don't You Love the Color of the Sky?

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Inhale. Exhale. Izuku opened his eyes.

He was sitting on the railing on the top of the school roof, his legs dangling in the air. Kacchan’s words echoed in his ears. If you think you’ll have a Quirk in your next life…go take a swan dive off the roof, he had said. Izuku was starting to think that wasn’t such a bad idea. No Quirk, no dad, no friends. The only thing he was leaving behind was his mother, and while it pained him to think about how distraught she’d be, he thought it would be better this way. At least then, she wouldn’t have such a disappointment for a son.

He’d written his notes, each of them crammed into Izuku’s jacket’s pocket. Once he was dead, they’d find them and hopefully give them to each of the people he had addressed them to. There were only three: One for Mom, one for his dad, and one for Kacchan. His writing wasn’t the best, considering how his hands shook as he wrote them, but he didn’t think he could revise them.

Izuku slipped off his red tennis shoes, his favorite pair. He tucked his socks into them and dropped the shoes behind him on the roof. Strangely enough, at the moments before his end, Izuku felt remarkably at ease. He hummed a song under his breath, nothing of significance, just a tune he found catchy. Was that a metaphor for his life now? A short melody with no meaning? Izuku didn't want to think about it. He supposed it was time for him to take his last bow anyway.

He stood, taking one last look at the sky. The sun shone as brightly as ever, as brightly as it will for years after he was gone. Puffy white clouds dotted the endless blue, floating along lazily in the gentle breeze. Perfect day to end on.

Izuku extended his leg, and stepped off. Just before he did, he thought he heard someone call his name.


Ochako didn’t think. She dropped her smoothie, racing forward. She raised her hand, and with a well-timed slap that reverberated through the street, Ochako stopped the boy from meeting the pavement two feet below him.

“Are you okay?” she asked, her voice having gone up several octaves. The boy looked wide-eyed at her. Now that she was up close, Ochako took a good look at him. He was her age, wild green hair growing from his head like grass. His face was dotted with several freckles.

“Thanks,” he said. “Uh, you can put me down now.”

“Release!” With that, Ochako unactivated her Quirk, dropping the boy unceremoniously on the concrete.

“Wow, that was so cool! Your Quirk must allow you to lift some heavy stuff. How many things can you lift? How much do they have to weigh? You slapped me, so I’m guessing you have to touch things first to make them float-”

“Uh, wow, you sure do talk a lot,” Ochako said. She stretched out her hand. “My name’s Ochako Uraraka. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh.” He hesitated for a couple of seconds before taking her hand. “Izuku Midoriya.”

“You’re lucky I saved you.” Ochako shuddered to think about what could have happened if she hadn’t been fast enough. “What were you even doing up there?”

Midoriya dropped his gaze to the ground. “N-nothing.”

Ochako frowned before noticing a piece of folded up paper beside her shoe. “What’s this?” She picked it up and unfolded it. “Dear Kacchan,” she read aloud.

“Wait, no, stop!” Midoriya tried to snatch it back. “That’s private!”

Ochako’s eyes widened as she read a couple lines more. She stopped before going any further, turning back to Midoriya with disbelieving brown eyes as she reluctantly handed the letter back to him. “You were going to kill yourself,” she said, and it wasn’t a question.

Suddenly, something shook the ground behind them. A blonde boy stood up, ignoring the cracks he had made on the sidewalk in his landing, stalking swiftly over to Midoriya. He grabbed the other boy by the face, turning it side to side and quickly looking Midoriya up and down, as if checking for injuries. “Fucking idiot,” he growled. “I know I fucked up, but I didn’t expect you to actually try and kill yourself.”

“Kacchan!” Midoriya pulled away. “You saw?”

‘Kacchan’ scoffed, folding his arms. “I was trying to find you when I saw you running towards the roof. I was a second too late to stop you from-” he cut himself off, squeezing his vermillion eyes shut, like he was trying to hold back angry tears. “Damn it, Deku, I thought I killed you!” He rounded on Ochako. “Thanks for saving this loser, I guess.”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Shit, I fucked up so bad.”

Midoriya turned to Ochako. “Thanks again for saving me. You should probably go home now.”

“Wait!” Ochako dug around in her backpack and pulled out a marker. “Can I have your arm?” She quickly scrawled her number on it in black Sharpie. “You seem like you could really use a friend. If you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate.” She gave him her best ‘Hero Smile’. “Take care of yourself, ‘cause someone really cares about you.” She turned around and walked away, leaving Midoriya and Bakugou to stand there staring after her.

“Who the hell was that?”

“…A friend.”