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Inner Beast

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"Ugh! I should be at workshop not here!" Mei groan.

Tanya sighed "Hatsume, there's a reason why you are here." she looked over to him, Power Loader had asked him to supervise Hatsume while he clean up her mess...again.

At first he refused but Aizawa made him change his mind. Tenya made Mei take a bath before he let her inside his room, where he can keep a close eye on her.

Mei walked over to his bookself, one book caught her eye but it was on the very top. She stretched her hand out and stood on her toes "Come on.." Tenya noticed and went over to help her. Mei turned around only to bump into Tenya causing him to tumbled down onto her.

Tenya was about to apologize but stop...her shirt had both fallen down to her shoulder and he could almost see her white lace bra.

Mei couldn't help but stare at Tenya. His hair was now messy, his uniform had two buttons down showing a peek of his toned body, for some reason she found him rader sexy without glasses.

Both didn't realized they were leading in till they felt each other's lips. Tenya gently wrap one hand around her waist, with the other one was holding her back.

Tenya ran his tongu over her lips begging for enters, when she open her mouth he attached them. He easily lifted her up as she wrap her legs around his waist and made their onto his bed.

He threw his shirt across the room along with her skirt and shirt. Mei's bra was hard to unhook but she help him.

Their lips finally parted, their tongues enjoyed one last twirl before they were apart, each of them breathing a gallon of air.

Tenya looked down at Mei... fuck.

Mei had her tongue out her red swolen lips, still demanding more while saliva ran down her jaw, her pupils were so dilated that Tenya couldn't see the yellow in them anymore.

"Guess there's no going back" Mei smiled, he couldn't agree more.

He lower himself between her legs and pushed her thighs apart to make room for his broad shoulders.

Tenya could smell Mei and see the fluid of her wetnest on her panties it made his mouth water. Using his teeth he tugged her panties down, "Can't wait for you to meet my side" He smirked, kissing her thigh "Mei~."

Tenya dipped his head down and began tasting her, he could feel her legs trembled.

"Ah!" Mei shrilled

His tongue found her clit and began twirling around that sensitive bud, his lips sucking on her simultaneously. She tasted...good.

"Iida! Ahh!" Mei cried out a her legs began to shake.

Mei hands grabbed his jet black hair and pulled on the strands. He could tell she was close, Tenya smirked but that wasn't going to make him stop. He shoved his tongue deep inside and her hips bucked against him. "Ahh! yes!" Mei cried.

Tenya enjoyed how she squirmed underneath him, he parted her legs wider.

Mei's body began to shake and muscles in her legs tensed "Iida! I'm gonna...cum!". She threw her head back and screamed, her thighs clamping either side of Tenya's head.

He slowly pulled away and watched her twitch as she slowly regain her composure. Tenya looked her dead in her eyes "Call me by my name..." he really wants her to call his name, she nodded.

Tenya opened the draw next to him and pulled out a box of condoms. Mei giggled making him blush "We have to be safe after all." ripping the wrap and unzipping his pants.

He climbed on top of her, put the condom on and position his cock. Mei wrap her hands around his shoulders and brought him down against her chest. "Tenya," She breathed, her voice hot against his neck.

"Do you really want this?...I don't want for things to go back the way they were…" there was a hint of bitterness in her voice.

He softly caressed her cheek "Mei...they won't. To tell you the truth...I fell in love with you, I just was so afraid that you'll take my confession as a joke..."

Mei pulled him closer to her "I would've said 'yes' ethier way...Tenya."

Tenya smiled and kissed her softly, he slowly pushed himself inside. Mei gasp when she felt his cock twitch inside her "It's so big."

He looked down at her to see if she was in any pain, Mei whispered next to his ear "It's okay."

Tenya began thrusting slowly but it became difficult to keep paced "Fuck it!" without wraning he slap his hip deep into her. Mei gasped, his hips snapped back and worth at a maddening pace, she felt amazing.

Tenya kissed her lips, muffling her scream as he pushed himself all the way in. "More! Harder!" Mei cried breaking away from his lips to scream as he moved. He growed when he felt Mei's nails clawed down his back.

Tenya nestled his face into the crook of her neck and began leaving bit makers as he coutined to thrust into her, not realising that he using his Quirk.

He thrust harder and faster, losing control. The whole room was filled with moaning and the creaking of the bed.

Mei's orgasm began to build quickly and her body trembled beneath him. "T-Tenya! I can't anymore!" She yelled, wraping her legs around him.

Tenya felt climax approaching "M-me too!" giving on last thrust he push himself deep into her.

His hands clawed into her hips (probably gonna leave bruisers) "Mei!" He wailed, he bit on Mei's neck.

Her head fell back against the pillow as she reached her end as well "Tenya..." Mei silent cry.

She panted and gasped in relief, as Tenya pressed a soft gentle kiss on her cheek. He slowly separated himself from her and collapsed beside her on the bed completely exhausted as he threw the condom in the trash.

Tenya pulled Mei closer towards him till she was against his chest. They laid still for several moments catching their breath, Tenya looked down at Mei. She was giggling "What is it Mei?"

She looked up at him with a warm, tired smile "Who would of know that Iida Tenya was a beast in sheets."

He smiled and look over at the mark he left on her neck " And your the only one who knows..." placing a kiss on her forhead. Tenya sat up and place Mei onto his lap, a sadistic smirk spread across his face. "Up for round two, Mei.."

"If you're going out to do it a second time, make sure you keep it down."

The familiar voice making them both to pause and the two students turned to look at the source of it.

"A-Aizawa?!" Tenya had stopped momentarily and began stuttering "I-I can explain-"

"I understand, sorry for walking in on you two." Aizawa shrugged with a sigh, closing the door behind him and locking the door.

Mei and Tenya looked at each other then started laughing. Tenya pulled her back into his lap "Now where were we?"