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Confessing More Than Just My Sins

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Zelda Spellman was livid. Hell she was beyond livid. There wasn’t even a word to describe the rage and heartache that coursed through her veins. Not even a day after stealing Lady Blackwood’s first born child and Father Blackwood was already at her door, howling at her, calling her a thief and a plentiful of other ugly curses. But Zelda was rather surprised that Father Blackwood wanted to keep the girl, instead of killing her like she thought. She would no longer be the Unholy God Mother to his children. Originally Zelda thought it was Hilda who had said something about her stealing the child but it was Prudence. Prudence too, was not pleased of Zelda’s actions but promised her that the babes were in her care and there should be nothing to worry about. Praise Satan for Prudence... 

“Why did you want the baby?” Father Blackwood had questioned her. Never would she admit she wanted a child. Never would she allow herself to be that vulnerable though she could guess it was obvious what her intentions were. If only. If only during her activities with Blackwood he had planted his seed in her. If only she had a child of her own. It was hopeless. Impossible. Besides Sabrina, Zelda was childless.

 Hilda had moved out of the room and even after the babe was taken back by her father, Hilda still did not plan on moving back in. So Zelda was alone. Alone in this big, empty room where she had been for the past 3 days. Sabrina had been the most persistent out of all her family members, constantly coming up to her room and begging her to come downstairs or eat something but Zelda always refused. She even refused Hilda’s homemade pastries, something she never, ever did. So there Zelda lay, on her bed, her back facing the door. Sometimes she’d get up and pace but never would she dare to leave her room. 

But on the fourth morning of her isolation, things changed. While brushing her hair in the mirror after a restless nights slumber, she caught a figure out of the corner of her eye, lounging on her bed. She spun around quickly to meet Mary Wardwell’s piercing blue eyes and cat-like smirk. She was in a pair of green sleeping robes that had a v-neck so deep it exposed her cleavage entirely. The robes stopped at her ankles, but parted just enough to show her bare shins. Zelda barred her teeth at the witch in front of her, holding the hair brush with a death grip. 

“What in Satan’s name do you think you’re doing?!” She hissed. “Astral projecting into my bedroom?! At this hour?!” 

“Please.” Mary scoffed, her luxurious brown curls bouncing slightly as she did so. “It’s only seven in the morning. I just came to check on you.” 

“Well I’m fine. You can leave now.” Zelda snarled, turning her back on Mary to finish brushing her hair. She paused, glancing at Mary through the mirror. “How did you know I wasn’t well?” She asked, eyes narrowing.

“Sabrina informed me on everything.” Mary tilted her head, blinking innocently. “And I came to see how you were doing. Isn’t that what friends do?” Her sweet tone was anything but sweet, Zelda thought. It was honey laced with poison. 

“You are not my friend, Mary.” Zelda snapped, turning her head to look at her. The other witch raised a sculpted brow. 

“Oh?” She sat up a bit, exposing her chest almost fully now as she did. Zelda glanced down for a moment, biting her lip once more. Mary’s eyes gleamed at her gesture, lips parting to reveal a wolfish grin. “Then what are we.” Mary questioned her. “You just can’t take your eyes off of me. No matter where we are. Hell you can’t even stop looking at me right now, can you?” Mary cocked her head again. There was a familiar gleam in her cold gaze, causing Zelda’s eyes to dilate. She put the hairbrush down, meeting Mary’s gaze once more. 

“Who are you, really.” She asked softly, locking gazes with the woman in front of her. Mary chuckled softly, a deep, husky sound that sent chills down Zelda’s spine. 

“If I told you, you’d be on your knees, worshipping me in seconds. But I don’t give that kind of information away so easily, my dear Zelda.” Zelda’s eyes widened, her throat becoming fairly dry. It all made sense now, didn’t it? Her inhumane behavior, her vast knowledge on The Dark Lord, and her eyes. That piercing gaze, that could kill a man in an instant if he dared to provoke her. This was Lilith, the first witch and Queen of Hell itself in Mary Wardwell’s body. And Lilith had been watching Zelda and her family, protecting Sabrina all this time, right under their noses until that sleep demon appeared after Sabrina solved the configuration puzzle. Zelda was on her knees in an instant before the woman, taking one of her hands into her own and pressing her lips against her knuckles.

“Forgive me, Lilith, Mother of Demons. Forgive me for my rude behavior. I-I... did not recognize you in this form.” 

“Well it’s about time you did.” Lilith tucked a strand of Zelda’s flame colored hair behind her ear, running the back if her hand down against her cheek. “Though this body is my absolute favorite I’ve ever corrupted. It rather suits my personality, don’t you think?” 

Zelda nodded. “Rightfully so, your unholiness.” She murmured. “M-may I ask why you specifically came here?”

“Well you are, one my most favorite worshippers and thee only one in your coven that even remembers to pray under my name almost every night.” Lilith sighed, looking up at the ceiling for a moment. “And Faustus did a rather, poor job helping you with your Satanic Confession.” She looked down at Zelda, shifting a bit as she spoke. “Men... so demanding and so... careless... he did his part but... left you, afterwards. With not a care in the world.”

“I thought I could trust him.” Zelda felt her voice crack and Lilith certainly heard it, the way her neck slightly cocked at her. “But you are indeed right, Mistress he cares about nothing but his blood line and it’s... infuriating.” She growled the last word. 

“You’re right about that.” Lilith murmured, holding both of Zelda’s hands now, ice blue eyes looking down at the woman who still knelt before her. “But not to worry. He wont slaughter that babe’s neck like he promised. I will make sure of that as will Prudence.” 

Zelda’s eyes widened, exposing the dark blue that most would consider to be brown or black. “Y-you put a spell on the child?” 

“Indeed. As did Prudence. That child will experience no harm from her father. Ever.” 

Zelda exhaled a shaky breath of relief, pressing her forehead against Lilith’s hand. “Praise you, Mistress of the Night. Praise you...”  She went to press another kiss onto Lilith’s knuckles until two fingers slid under her chin, tilting her lips away from her hand. Zelda locked gazes with the demoness again, her breathing slightly hitched. 

“Up.” Lilith ordered and Zelda obeyed. She stood, letting go of Lilith’s hand, their eyes still locked. Lilith’s cat like smirk curled onto her red lips again. She gently patted the spot next to her on the bed. Zelda again obeyed. She crawled over to Lilith’s side, gasping as the demoness wrapped an arm around her middle. 

“How would you feel about continuing to Satanic Confessions with a more, trustworthy, figure.” 

Zelda licked her bottom lip, heart pounding in her chest. Surely Lilith didn’t mean... “I-I are you implying that you would lead me in another round of Satanic Confession?” 

“Correct.” Lilith purred, placing her free hand on Zelda’s shoulder. “And as much as I would love to do it here,” she let her teeth graze against Zelda’s ear, marveling at how the other witch shuddered, “I’m not really in your room. Plus your house is...”

“Busy. I know.” Zelda blurted, tilting her head up to reveal more of her neck. Lilith’s eyes dilated just the slightest. 

“My my..” she grinned. “And here I thought you were dominant. You really want this, don’t you.” She purred. 

Zelda swallowed, her throat bone dry. 

“Absolutely, Mistress.” 

Lilith hummed in approval, trailing her lips down Zelda’s neck and back up again, nipping her ear, harsher this time. 

“Come to my Cottage tonight. We’ll have more, closure..” There was a gentle breeze and that warmth around Zelda’s middle was gone. She shuddered, exhaling the breath she was holding. Lilith, who was more of an unholy lord to her than Satan himself had come to her aid. And she wanted her.