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"he's doing it! A perfect Superman maneuver.. it's always so heroic if he does it,

isn't it Brian?"

"I have to agree with you Coran. He isn't fan favorite for nothing."

The white haired surfer is loving his life right now. Not because of the fame or anything. It's because he's on the water. He can do whatever he wants on the waves. The fans are cheering for him on the beach and he is here doing what he can do best.

"It looks like he is our winner again Coran."

"Indeed he is, I don't even doubt it. It even looks like the other contestants have given up.. poor souls." Coran looks closer. "Oh but down there you can see some of them even cheering for their competition. Like our Shiro down dare our former champion before him."

"Well he was his mentor.. so he must be very proud."

He looks towards the beach. He can't see a lot, it is pretty far away.. but well why look at the beach when the water is so much more beautiful.

But the water can be dangerous as well. That is something he got to understand that day.
He was just going back to the beach and.. "Brian something is wrong! Something is pulling him underwater!"

It was all so quick.. blood everywhere.. water everywhere. And the pain. It didn't take long for the creature to let go.. but the pain continued. He probably fainted.. or did he not? He doesn't remember.


"Lance you and I both know this isn't going to work."

"Hunk.. shhsst.. She will hear us."

"Lance you have been crushing on her since we first trained at this spot of the beach."

Lance looks at his friend. "You mean I've trained and you ate."

Hunk shrugs his shoulder.
"Can't argue with that."

Lance points at the group or girls jogging down the road. "Look Hunk! There she is." He then stands up and walks towards the group he pointed to.

"You don't even know anything about her!" Hunk calls after him.

But that doesn't stop Lance. The whole plan is to get to know her right. He just has to do a little flirting and for sure he will soon get to know everything about her.. on a date. Cause come on who wouldn't want to go on a date with him.

He walks towards the group of unknowing girls. He looks at his upcoming wife, yes he has already dreamed about how she would look in a white beautiful wedding dress. Her beautiful tan skin.. brown hair with a bit of a golden shimmer through it. Those golden eyes.. big kissable lips, perfect for when there will be said that he can kiss the bride.

He of course will make her life wonderful. Flowers whenever he can give her.. taking care of her even when it gets hard. Kissing her after receiving his price and name as champion of the waves... okay just when he will win the championship.

The girls seem to have noticed Lance walking towards them. Lance is wearing something quite.. as the girls call it.. hot.. It is hot in California so he is wearing a tank top and his swimming trunks.
So the girls start to whisper a little.

Lance notices this and gets even more confident. This means he had a higher chance of getting that phone number.

When he stands next to the beautiful girl he puts on his most charming smile. "Hello.. I'm Lance. And I know exactly who you are, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."
The girls all start to giggle and they look at the girl who Lance is talking to. "I saw you and thought that if you would look at me my world would stop for a moment, and believe me when I tell you it just did."

The girls behind the beauty Lance is talking to start to laugh even more.
Lance has no idea why but he continues. "So can I please get the name of the woman who has stopped my world."

"The name is I got a boyfriend.. nice to meet you." Now all the girls start to laugh even harder.

Mm I got a boyfriend is a bit of a strange na... oh wait.. "Really??? Damn it!"

"Better luck next time loverboy." She mocks him a little. "Ow but to answer your question. My name is Lara."

"Well.. hello Lara. Sorry to have bothered you and your friends." Lance apologizes. "Hope your boyfriend knows he is very lucky."

As Lance wants to walk away in defeat one of the girls shouts. "Ey why don't we go on a date instead handsome. If Lara doesn't want you I sure would."

Even though the girl is beautiful.. Lance has dignity.. and he doesn't want to disrespect the girl as well. So he says. "I'm sorry.. I don't want to disrespect you by making you a second choice.. you're too beautiful for that."

"Fucking hell Lara, why did you let this gentleman go?" The girl responds.

Lance chuckles and says goodbye to all the ladies.. but he is still bumped out about being rejected though.. like he thought about their wedding already. He always does that with his crushes.

Lance returns to Hunk who is already looking at him with pity. "I am guessing that didn't go well then.."

"Nope.. she already has a boyfriend.. of course she does. What was I thinking? I mean a girl like her not having a boyfriend is just as rare as Pidge not solving a math problem." He then falls down on his towel and lays down. If he wasn't wearing sunglasses it would've hurted his eyes because he is looking at the sky.

"Look dude.. you will find someone. A nice girl who will be in love with you for who you are." Hunk sits down next to Lance. "She will never cheat on you.. always want you near. And she will probably imagine their wedding with you as well."

Lance looks up towards Hunk. "She then would be my soulmate.. you really think I'll find someone, you know how long I already have been trying."

"Yes.. the ladies man will get his girl." Hunk gives Lance a wink.

"Thanks bro.. I needed that."

"No problem."


"Shiro you really didn't had to come over to help.."

"Hey.. you're finally living close by now.. let me enjoy it." Shiro grabs a moving box out of Keith's hands.
"Keith I have to say you bought a very nice apartment. There is so much space.. you know enough space to bring somebody home.."

"Yes I get it Shiro.. a nice looking boy.. you want me in a relationship since the beginning but I keep telling you, just haven't found the one."

"I understand Keith.. now show me around."

Keith nods as a reply and he and Shiro walk towards the kitchen. "Here is where I am going to make my instand noodles.. and pizza, we can't forget about the pizza." Shiro looks around a bit and complements Keith on the style. It is very modern and simple, but it looks stylish and luxe. Then they walk to the bathroom. "This is the only place that I will get wet in."

"That is what he hoped she wouldn't say." Shiro jokes.

"Damn it Shiro.. keep it kid friendly for once.".. Keith did like the joke though.

Then Keith shows him the guest bedroom. It isn't much, but the bed looks comfortable. Now only the master bedroom is left. "And this is where I will spend most of the time.. probably doing nothing."

"About that.. Look I know you dont need it. But a job would be the perfect way to get out there again. It has been years you know, and you can't and I won't allow you to spend more years locked up in your house." Shiro walks to Keith and lays his hand on Keith's shoulder. "It would be good for you.. trust me."

"I'll think about it.'

"Now lets unpack your stuff. And maybe we could go for a drink afterwards or something."

Keith smiles. "Sounds good.. if you pay."

Shiro laughs. "Fine.."


"Lance pay attention!" Lance looks up but then feels a tiny hand hit him on the head.

"Pidge why did you do that! That hurts!" Lance rubs the top of his head.. Pidge has little hands but they can and will you at some point.

"That is what you get for not paying attention." Pidge says to him with her hands crossed. "Now listen instead of looking at those girls working out over there."

"Eh I was totally not looking at those girls."

"Yes you were, don't lie to me."

Lance rolls his eyes. Yes he was looking at the girls... it would have been a shame not to. And yes maybe Pidge was explaining some surfing moves to him that are very crucial to winning the championship, but the girls where a little more important.
"Look.. thank you that you did al these calculations for me Pidge.. but why? Isn't it better for you if you keep them for yourself, I am still your competition."

"And my friend.. I don't care if you or Hunk would win.." Pidge answers.

"Same here.." Lance says with a smile.
"It would be time Hunk dares to do some more advance moves and wins.."

"You haven't ever won as well.. don't say Hunk is the only one that needs improvement. " Pidge says.


"It is the truth so shut up. And I have won something... third place remember?"

"Fine yes.." Lance jumps up. "But I tell you this time it is me who will win first place.. I have to do this."

"Okay great.. but then actually listen to me when I give you tips you idiot. Now where were we? O yes.." And so Lance is stuck on the beach for hours with Pidge, talking about techniques and other stuff he doesn't really understand. But he will for sure remember the things she told him. After a while it is getting later and later, and Pidge is still talking about everything that could improve Lance's surfing statistically.. Lance is still not sure if they would really work practically as well. Hunk joins them as well now it is getting late, he was getting a bit worried. It is getting dark and they all agreed to have dinner together at Hunk's house, but they still hadn't arrived. Pidge and Lance apologized but Hunk understood... Pidge talked to him about his statistics and technique as well not so long ago. He knows the pain.


"Hey Lance? How did it go with your next wife? You said something like asking her out soon.." Pidge asks.

"I don't wanna talk about it." Lance says with a pout.

Hunk looks at Pidge and answers for his friend instead. "Already has a boyfriend.."

"Ha knew it! Look Lance you are too easy to get anyway."

"I am not easy to get!" Lance says offended with a raised voice.

"You really walk to every girl you see to get a relationship. And you literally made out with a girl at the bar just because she just wanted too. You would say yes anyway. You want to be in a relationship so much you don't even think clearly anymore." Pidge grabs her phone. "Do I need to show you my list of girls you hit on when I was with you."

"No.. no you don't.. look yes I want to be in a relationship, but I like flirting too okay.. I'm just Lance the loverboy, Romeo, Casanova..." Lance smirks. "Sex god.."

Both Pidge and Hunk groan. Pidge says. "Argg noooo." And Hunk says. "Buddy please don't."

"What I am!"

"And we don't wanna hear about it." Pidge says full uf disgust."

"No you can just not handle the truth." Lance says trying to be smooth.

"Can we just skip this subject?" Hunk asks wondering why he even invited his two friends here in his house, he could've been watching some cooking show instead. But okay he loves his friends so he will have to deal with it.

Pidge and Lance do both agree on skipping the subject. So they start talking about what they all have in common, their love for surfing.


"You really sure you don't want to join in?" Shiro asks with his surfboard in his hands.

"You know I don't.." Keith answers pretty irritated. Shiro knows this but still keeps asking everytime he goes into the water. "I don't want to surf with you or go in the water, can you shut up about it."

"Okay okay.. I get it.. but Keith, it was years ago.."

"So! I am not going."

Shiro has a little fake smile on his face when he says. "I get it.. just stay here then." He says it kindly because he knows Keith can't do anything about it.

"Just go Shiro.. Adam is waiting for you." Keith looks away.

"I'll see you in a moment okay."

"Won't promise I will be still here if you take long." Keith says as he sits down at the towel in the sand. Then Shiro runs off towards his boyfriends and both of them dissapear into the waves. Keith just takes a breath and looks around him. Further then this to the water is a hell no. Just sitting here is good, very good. Loving the sand.. the weather.. the sun.. and the seagulls stealing your shit.

Keith grabs his phone to get at least some entertainment over here. Why did he even agree to go with Shiro and Adam. He doesn't even like this place, mostly because there is a fucking seagull stealing his fucking food right now at the moment! Keith tries chasing it away with his arms, but of course the seagull doesn't evem flinch. Juwp he defiantly hates the beach.

Now he just doesn't care anymore. Just die then seagull because you can't find food for youself because you ate mine.. own fault didn't do anything. But at that thought he feels sorry for the bird. Arg this is stupid.. Keith just decides to walk out his anger. He shouldn't be angry at the seagull right now, it is his hatred for the beach not the birds... okay a little bit the birds.

Keith walks past children playing on the sand and in the water. Moms chatting with other moms. Dads chatting with other dads. And here and there some teenagers hoping they will get a tan.. but burning in the process...

He then arrives at a cafe that is just next to the beach. He enters and is greeted by a nice looking interior. It's all cosy and nice looking. Keith hopes they will have good coffee cus he really needs one now. Keith walks up to the counter and a girl with a happy smile greets him. "Well hello. It is always nice seeing a new face. My name is Romelle. You can place your order here and the lovely Shay will bring it to you as fast as she can."

How did this woman even know he was new? Does she remeber every customer's face? Impressive but kind of scary. "Eh.. hello. Can I just have a black coffee."

Keith could've sworn that he heared this Romelle say underneath her breath. 'Knew he would choose that.'
She then goes to the back to get Keith his coffee. Keith now takes a seat somewhere in the cafe. It doesn't take long for the girl named Shay to bring him his coffee. He smiles at her and says thank you.


Lance, Hunk and Pidge walk into the cafe. They have done some training on the beach for the championship and now they decided they deserved something to drink... okay Lance decides this and wouldn't take no for a answer.

"Ow hello guys. Did you three train at the beach today?" Shay says as she sees them coming in.

"Of course we did.. the championship is coming up and we need to be ready." Lance answers. "And of course for the tournaments before that."

"But now we would like the usual please." Hunk says smiling at Shay.. of course he is smiling at Shay.. Not that anyone could actually not smile at her, but Hunk surely smiles at her since he clearly liked her from the day he met her.

"Coming right up!" She says as she walks back towards the kitchen.

"Okay guys you both did great today. I told you my statistics where important." Pidge sits down at the table they always sit at when it isn't already in use.

Hunk and Lance sit next to her as Lance says. "Yes yes we get it. They really did work."

They don't have to wait for a long time till their drinks arrive. They keep talking about how to improve their surfing techniques while they drink them. Pidge still thinks there must be a way to calculate the wave that is just right..


Great just great. The people not sitting too far from him are surfers. Can't they talk about something else. I mean they could talk about how great their drinks are. But no they need to keep talking about the water and the waves.

Few years ago he would've joined in on their conversation.. but now he won't. He does miss it sometimes, but he can't go to the waves.. he just can't.

Keith can't handle it anymore. Just when he thought to have found a quiet spot away from the beach and the water.. these guys come in. Keith stands up goes to the waiter Shay and gives her some money. It is probably too much but then she will have a big tip. Then Keith walks out of the cafe.. and he hopes that when he is here next time that he can sit here in peace and quiet.


"Well that guy had a bad day." Lance says laughing a little. That guy just rushed out of here all cranky looking.
Well not his problem isn't it. Some people are just like that somedays.

"Maybe something happend?" Hunk says all concerned about a stranger.

"Hunk.. I think it is all fine. No need to worry about it all night." Lance says.

Pidge chuckles then smirks as shw says. "If someone would lay awake at night thinking what happend to a stranger it would be you Lance."

Lance shrugs one of his shoulders a bit. "Yeah okay that is true. I kinda want to know why that guy was storming out of here."

The three friends laugh. Typical Lance. Always wanting to know everything.. but in a friendly way, he just gets concerned about people. Even the ones he doesn't know.


"Keith where were you? I didn't think that what you said was serious. You actualy left." Shiro says with Adam standing next to him looking all worried.

"Ah come on don't nag old man. I was gone for like 20 minutes. Don't act like I am a kid lost at the beach." Keith says with a laugh.

"Well we know you got lost sometime before at the beach, so it isn't that weird that we where worried." Adam says arms crossed. Keith rolls his eyes. Since he has met them they kind of like took the parents job and watched over him. That's because Keith doesn't have the best relationship with his parents.

"Adam.. I can handle myself. I can talk, walk and I have money.. I think I'll get home if I get lost." Keith says.

"Fine then if you say so." Adam looks a bit unimpressed though.. he is probably doubting what Keith just said.

"Look lets just go to the car and go home. You two lovebirds are done splashing in the water right?" Keith is in fact really done and just wants to sleep.

"Yes we are done 'splashing'.." Adam says.

"Good then lets go!"
Keith already walks away before Shiro and or Adam can say a thing about it

"He seems cranky.." Adam says.

"Well it is Keith.. and you know why he is cranky.. He doesn't want to he here." Shiro replies.

"I know I know... I just wanted to get him outside of his house, so inviting him to join us seemed like the right option."

"It was a good option." Shiro leans his head towards Adam and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for trying.."

"Keith really needs something that he can focus on though. In the past we couldn't even get him to shut up about.. you know the waves, but now he kind of has nothing."

"He has us.." Shiro tries.

"You know that isn't enough Shiro.."
Shiro nods as a response.
"We aren't even the same age.. and I think he sees us more as parents sometimes then friends.. I just want him to be happy you know, he deserves it after... you know.."

"I know. He does deserve it.. at least some more friends. He doesn't know how fun it is to just hang out with someone. He never had someone but us." Shiro says.

"Well he did go out with some colleagues in the past."

"That isn't enough Adam."

"Look lets give him some time for him to get used to living here. Then you will see.. he will be fine."

"Lets hope so.." Shiro says with a smile.


"Lance catch!" Hunk throws the ball towards him. They all decided to just take a day off and relax at the beach. Hunk and Lance are just playing throwing games and stuff, and some other random people at the beach joined in.
Pidge is just on her phone with earplugs in underneath a parasol.

Lance catches the ball and of course needs to brag about.. "Eyyy I caught it,
I'm the fucking best!" But pride comes before a fall.. literally. Lance trips and falls. Of course everybody laughs and of course Pidge laughs the hardest of them all, but Lance can laugh with them so there are no hard feelings. It is a bit embarrassing though..

"Great job Lance!" Pidge shouts from her spot.

"Thanks gremlin!

"No problem!"

Lance rolls his eyes at Pidge.. Always so sarcastic and doesn't even join in with everybody else. So Lance gets a idea, and a smirk forms on his face... that is never a good sign. "Pidge think quick!" And he throws the ball towards her with all the power he has in his arms.. But somehow she is able to catch it anyway.

"Good try Lance.. But no." She says not even looking at him.

"What how!?"

She only shrugs as a response.
Lance doesn't bother anymore. He knows he wont get a answer out of Pidge. So he and Hunk played their games some more.

After a while the sun went down amd it was almost dark now. Most people have left the beach.. some people are still sitting romantically with a partner. Some people are walking with their dogs.. and then you have Lance, Pidge and Hunk. They also love to be here at night. Hunk is already setting up a campfire.

As he is busy doing that both Pidge and Lance sit down in the sand next to each other.

Hunk stands up to grab a lighter. He then makes the fire and sits down next to his friends.. now comes the moment everybody stares at the fire..

Lance looks at the fire and the sea.. it is such a beautiful combination. He takes a deep breath and takes it all in. It is so calming. With all the big contests coming up soon he has some stress. He needs to train, eat well.. and just the pressure of doing well at them.

"Okay... lets ask each other some random questions." Hunk says

"But we know each other for years... we know everything about each other already." Pidge looks at Hunk like he's crazy.

"Hey we probably don't know everything." Lance shrugs his shoulders. "I'm in."

Hunk smiles. "Pidge it is fun trust us."

"Fineee... I'll join in as well."

"I'm going first!" Lance is excited to do this... maybe he can get them to answer his juicy questions..
"Lets start with... Hunk."

Hunk looks at his friend and says.
"Alright.. ask."

"Okay.. What do you like most about Shay?"

"What.. I don..."

"Yes you do Hunk.. we can all see that you like Shay." Lance says with a laugh.

"I agree with Lance here." Pidge also laughs.

"Fine... how she is always kind and polite..." Hunk answers I bit rushed.

"Cuuuuttee." Both Pidge and Lance say to mess with their friend.

Then it was Pidge's turn to answer a question. Hunk and Lance thought for a while.. what do they want to know from Pidge. Hunk then knows something. "If you weren't surfing what would you do instead?"

"I would be hanging out with better friends." This is because Pidge met Lance and Hunk through surfing. "And probably working at a Apple store."

"Thanks for calling us bad friends."

"Ey ey... I said better friends. Not that you two are bad ones Lance."

And so they continue their little game of questions. At some point they put in that if you don't answer you need to take a shot of alcohol. It was a drinking game now. But they didn't mind answering most of the questions.

The last question was for Lance. Hunk asked. "Lance.. Why don't you have a girlfriend by now? You always flirt with everything and we see that the girls love it when you do. You go on many dates, look good, are romantic and you said you wanted it."

Lance answered with.
"I'm just waiting for the right wave to catch Hunk."



End of chapter 1.......