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For Old Time's Sake

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It was lunch break. The students were either heading towards the cafeteria, communal grounds, or just chilling in classrooms and corridors. The faculty staff were either eating their own food, going out to eat or preparing afternoon classes. Out of the teachers, only Eraserhead, Present Mic and Midnight stayed in the teacher’s lounge. Apparently, none of them felt the need to do anything valuable with their free time.


‘Does anyone else have that feeling?’ asked Present Mic.
‘What feeling?’ Midnight asked back.
‘You know, the three of us, just chilling, having the room to ourselves,’ he explained. ‘It almost feels like we’re students again.’
‘Back when things were actually more normal,’ said Eraserhead, with his deadpan voice.
‘Come on Shocchan, you know us well, so you should know how quirky we are.’
‘Yamada, please don’t call me Shocchan again. I thought we moved on. I should also mention how you’ve become even more annoying over the years. Look at you, you’re just randomly screeching for whatever reason. And people wonder why I’m still playing straight-faced man to your joker.’
‘What about you, Shocchan? You’ve been grumbling even more than you were back then.’
‘Not you too, Kayama. I was just getting to you and how your lust for the spirit of youth has deteriorated to unsettling levels. And yet, I keep crawling back to you because I don’t know why.’
‘Probably because you’ve been doing this since you enjoyed the idea of dating an older student back then. Remember when you made our class jealous just by getting with her?’
‘I wish not to, and I was just contemplating the thought of dating someone in the year above me.’
‘If you don’t want to bother with this conversation, let alone any of us, why don’t you just crawl back inside that hideous sleeping bag?’


In a rare moment, Eraserhead flared up with an indignant expression and activated his quirk on the 18+ Hero. No one ever called his sleeping bag hideous, if they knew what was good for them.
‘You’re one to talk,’ he spoke with some tranquil fury. ‘You act like you’ve got the male population at your feet like you’re Mount Lady, you practically get horny over some fucking kids and you still have the gall to describe my sleeping bag in unflattering terms!’
She didn’t even care what he was doing; this was not the first instance. ‘There you go again; erasing my quirk for petty reasons. I have standards, you know. I’m not some attention whore who dreams about…’
‘You talk about having standards all the time, but the moment you step out of line, pull a Boa Hancock and actually fall…’
‘You think I’ll have a thing for one of your students?!’
‘Yo Eraser, cool it, will you?’ said Mic, sounding quite worried for his friends.
‘Stay out Mic,’ she sternly told him. ‘You never really get it, Shocchan. I’ve always been yearning and lusting for you since we met again. The spirit of youth may attract me, but you still manage to turn me on.’
When she started speaking, Eraserhead deactivated his quirk, with his face taking on a slightly heavy-hearted expression. He didn’t see himself as the most social person, he was always on the off switch when it came to him and Midnight and sometimes he didn’t even want anything to do with her. So, to hear her proclaim her feelings yet again took him back.
‘Kayama, I know I keep saying this every time we get back together, but I’m sorry. I guess I just impulsively spoke my mind without realizing. It’s just that, I worry about you.’
‘Well, don’t,’ she said, trying to comfort him. ‘Despite the façade I present to the public, and even you and Mic, you’re still the one I dream about. Sure, you have your issues and you don’t really express yourself, but you’re my anchor. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d even consider myself normal. I’m sure I never told you this for maybe 15 years or less, but all I want is… you.’
‘So, when does the reunion makeout begin?’ asked Present Mic, slyly.
‘Not now, Yamada,’ Eraserhead answered back.
‘So what do you say, Aizawa? Now that I’ve let it all out, let’s try it again, only we stay on this time. For old time’s sake.’
‘At least you didn’t call me Shocchan this time. But yes, let’s see how long we can last.’
‘Even longer than the last time, Shocchan.’
‘And there goes my newfound good mood.’


Regardless, he and Midnight embraced each other and their nose and lips connected. As Present Mic watched with hidden glee and satisfacton, his friends had already entered makeout position. Never before had he seen reunite this fast, if he even saw them reunite. Eraserhead was just holding Midnight while her hands were ruffling through his hair, as they usually would. After about a minute or so, he pulled away from her as soon as she lay down on a table.


‘What the fuck, Shocchan?’ she breathlessly asked. ‘We were only just getting started.’
‘It’s nothing Kayama, but I was just too busy thinking about the time.’
‘Why waste your time on a clock when you have me right here? There’s a lot I want you to do to me. Caress me, bite me, fuck me, go down on me, whatever you like!’
‘You do know we have classes later on, right? I’m not risking our jobs and supplementary sources of income just to satisfy some carnal desires. Maybe when the day is over, I can rent a place where I can do all that you want me to do. The caressing, biting, fucking, whatever. Plus, you’re Midnight. It takes a while for your desires to simmer, and you do a great job hiding your horniness.’
‘I suppose you’re right. Should we meet up at Kabukicho tonight?’
‘Why not? We should take Yamada with us. He knows some people around this area.’
‘I’m right here, you know. How can you forget your first shipper on deck?’
‘Of course we know, Yamada. We just need someone to be our third wheel for the night.’
‘Well, there’s one way to describe accomplice. When I find a place for you, you’re both on your own.’
‘What can we do without you, Mic?’