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the story of the werewolf and the boy

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the meeting


Two kids played together laughing happily as they chased each other in turn, after the chased one had been touched by the one chasing.
One kid had spiky ash blond hair with ruby red eyes glowing in the sun. The other kid had curly dark-green hair, big round emerald eyes following the other kid.

Both were in a playground having fun together while no other soul was in sight. The sun slowly decending behind the horizon, turning the sky from a beautiful blue into an firey red-orange. Green grass grew on one side of the playground, a pair of swings and a sandbox breaking the continous grass green. The other side has cave like hills. One hill looks like an elephant while another looked like a tiger, a zebra, a horse and a giraffe.

The kids ran from the sandbox to the little hills.

,,Hahaha! Try getting me now, Izuku!" the blond shouted to the one chasing him, hiding behind the blue elephant.

,,W-Wait, Kacchan!" the so called Izuku stuttered in a hurry, panting as the smaller came to a stop at one of the animals entry holes to get inside it. And just before the boy wanted to chase his friend, noticed the green eyed kid short cries coming from the inside of the blue elephant. He stopped in his tracks waiting for the next cry to resound as he didn't quite believed his ears.

,,Hey! Izuku! What's taking you so long? Making me fucking wait!" Kacchan came running over to his smaller friend, discarding his hiding place behind the elephant. He watched Izuku bringing his finger as his eyes fixated on the entry, likely to say he should shut up. And before the bad tempered Kacchan could call out to his friend, why he should shut his fucking mouth, interrupted a really quiet yet loud cry his attempts. The ash blonds red gaze boring holes inside the... hole.

Both boys now looked into the darkness. Waiting.

Izuku slowly crouched down, going inside the little hill. Inside it searched the young kid for the cause of the noise. He didn't have to search for long as he discovered a little bundle of very dark-brown fur lying in a corner, shivering from the cold of the evening.
Izuku approached it and like a kind of silencing magic befell the animal, stopped the cries of the little bundle when it seemed to notice the young boy nearing the location it laid in.

At first Izuku thought it became too weak to go on with its cries of help, but when he lifted the dirty animal up, clicked it iin Izuku. The animal was silent because the forest eyed was there. Izuku looked at it shivering in his arms, two different coloured eyes met his. The left a light silver coloured one while the other was a very bright and strong violette.

Izuku gazed into those eyes seeming captivated by their beauty. He couldn't describe this feeling he got, but Izuku was sure he wouldn't be able to leave that puppy alone again.
Izuku exited the animal hill thingy with an actual animal in his arms. He smiled when it nestled up against him, drowning comfortably in his warmth.

,,Hey! What the hell is that?" Kacchan didn't leave as it seemed. Still cursing even though Izuku told him multiple times to not do that, but like always his childhood friend doesn't listen.

,,It's a poor little puppy, Kacchan." he leaned to his friend showing him the animal lying in his arms.

,,I think, i'm going to keep it." Izuku smiled warmly the hole time at the bundle in his arms. His mom might be shocked at first, but she'll accept the poor animal. Probably.

The blond of the two didn't speak another word. Even when the two walked home toghether, was Kacchan silent. He just watched his best friend and that animal with a strange interest. A feeling rising in him.
Kacchan couldn't quite place that feeling, but he just thought that there was more to the animal. A long and hard road lies before them, somehow.

Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki, Kacchan, parted ways in the same neighbourhood. Having just a few houses between them made them not only friends but neighbous as well.

Izuku opened his door entering his home while shouting warmly and excitedly 'Mom! I'm home'.

,,Welcome home, Izuku." his mothers, Midoriya Inkos voice resounded from the kitchen as she cooked dinner.

The 3 year old boy fastly took off his shoes paying attention to the little life in his arms, so it wouldn't fall from his hold. slowly made the young dark-green curly haired his way through the hallway to the kitchen, from where a tasty scent came from.

It seems like today is Katsudon dinner time. Izukus favourite.

Inko peered over to her angel, her light blue apron fluttering lightly at the fast turn she made after she had seen the poor little thing in Izukus arms.

,,Sweety, what do you have there?" she asked, starring at the mudded bundle of dirty fur. Her heart qulenshing painfully at the poor sight of the weak animal.

,,It's an abandoned puppy i found at the park, mom. I couldn't leave it the animal there, so i brought it home." Izuku explained, looking in Inkos eyes pleadingly. She already knew what will come next.

,,...Can we keep it? I promise, i'll take care of it! So please!"

Inko isn't able to defy those puppy eyes her sweet son gives her right now. In addition she already loved the quiet animal in her sons arms. Her heart immediatly being stolen by that cute little puppy. Even if she might have wanted to say 'No', there was no way she could do that now.

,,Yes. It can stay here, Izuku." an angelic smile appeared on Izukus face as he jumped up and down in excitement and happiness. Quiet protests awakened from the animal from the sudden movement of its holder.

,,Ah! Ups! Sorry!" the kid apologized, whereupon the dirty animal squeaked, likely saying that it was okay.

,,We should wash it. Then it should be a lot better for the little baby." Inko said while taking off her apron and making sure the food wouldn't get burned during the time she won't be in the kitchen.

The mother son duo went upstairs to the bathroom, placing the puppy inside the typicak white bathtub. Izuku brought towels as it was instructed from his mother whil Inko turned on the water, not too cold not too hot, and began washing the new family member.
At first was the turn of moistening the mudded fur before shampooing it. Then came the rinsing, the clear water coloring into brown tones. The dark- brown fur turning into a beautiful black. Like, really dark black.

Inko picked up the now black furred puppy checking which gender she had been before wrapping the female in the white towel Izuku brought.

Izuku watched everything from beside his lovely mother, clapping happily when Inko announced that the puppy was a girl. Together they went back to the kitchen area, where food cocked by itself.
Izuku sitting at the table of the living room which was directly connected to the kitchen with no wall to be in the way. The black furred and female dog baby trying to walk around the table she was placed on. Izuku watched her attentively walk around sniffing while paying attention so that the dog wouldn't fall from the sides.

,,So what should we name her?" came it from the kitchen after a few minutes of silence.

,,Name?"... Mmh... black fur, so Kuro?... No... K... K... light, happiness. The light of upcoming happiness?

,,Mom. What about Kou? Like the light of upcoming happiness!" Izuku beamed in joy. Pride welling up inside of him.

,,That's a wonderful name for her." Inko agreed placing bowls of Katsudon on the dining table, placing another but smaller bowl on the floor with sliced raw meat in it.

The first dinner with three began when they sat together and just enjoyed each others company while letting the food melt in there mouths. Bliss showing on Kous and Izukus face after the first bite. Inko giggling from the cuteness from the both.

When thy finished with the meal, took Inko and Izuku bowls and washed them together. Kou following Izuku silently, watching the mother and son having fun while sitting aside.

Izuku would start humming a song and his mother Inko would join in after a while, creating a perfect duett between the two. Giggling when someone made a mistake, punishing one another with a splash of water.

After finishing that task, turned Inko the TV on making herself comfortable, meanwhile Izuku got Kou and nestled against his beloved mother. Kou rolling herself up in the middle of the two, lying with either body half on their legs. Her mismatched eyes following the movements of the hero on the TV.

Yes, heroes. No, not like the comics or anime heroes, but real life heroes fighting in their world.

Heroes started appearing after the phenomenon of the luminescent baby( the first person to be born with a quirk) occured and the general populace acquired quirks.

A quirk is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their user and are classified in multiple categories:
- Emitter-type Quirks have the ability to either release certain substances or alter materials around them in certain ways. Emitter-type Quirks require a conscious effort to activate (Electrification, Explosion), and some even require large amounts of concentration in order for them to remain active (Erasure).

They can also have various ranges. While some users require physical contact to use them on, others can have much longer ranges with no distance restrictions. These type of quirks are, by a wide margin, the most common type of quirks.

- Tranformation-type Quirks cause the user to take on a temporary alternation of some kind. Transformation-type quirks allow the user to temporarily 'tranform' their body in a variety of manners, sometimes enhancing existing features to the body altogether( Tool Arms).

They usually require a close-range proximity in order to fully utilize them in combat due to them only affecting the users body. Tranformation quirks usually require a concious effort by the user to 'activate', though most users can be trained to initiate their quirks with greater intent and precision( Edge Shot and his Foldabody quirk). While Transformation-type quirks are often quite powerful, their biggest weakness is that their effects are often temporary and over-exertion usually leads to negative repercussions on the users behalf. Because this type of quirk combines the activation time and mutant-shape aspects of the other quirk types, it is also often known as Hybrid or Composite.
Transformation quirks seem to be the least common type of quirk.

- Mutant-type Quirks can have a wide variety of features and abilities depending on the individual, but the common similarity seems to be that these quirks are a part of the users physically, causing the user to exhibit irregular bodily features that generally have some sort of purpose to them. As a result, Mutant quirks are passively active and, at a glance, are the most identifiable.

Mutant-type Quirks create bodily structures that bestow the user more complex abilities that Emitter and Transformation quirks can't safely provide. Often times, they will bestow prehensile appendages that allow for greater degrees of control or structures added to preexisting limbs to enhance preexisting abilities( Engine). Mutant-type Quirks even have the ability to channel to Emitter-type quirks( Earphone Jack). Though because these quirks are passively active, they are immune to Quirk-disabling effects.
Mutant-type Quirks are also the only known type of quirk which can be passed down through generations without necessarily bestowing the corresponding ability.

As a result of this, while it's uncertain how common mutant quirks are, it can be safely assumed they are the most commonly inherited.

Heroes are individuals who use their quirks to protect civilians from villains, natural disasters or any other kind of harm. These who take heroism as a profession are referred to as Pro Heroes.

It didn't even really pass an hour and the two humans and puppy fell asleep an the couch. The TV still operating, painting the now dark room in blue light from the news channel.

A blond haired bob woman with a serious expression on her face appeared on the big screen.

,,Hello and welcome to the 8 o'clock news. I'm Yamamoto Aoki. Today we have a fire accident in Musutafu. A laboratory for quirk experiments exploded with now found reasons. All scientists died in the fire. But was it really, because of the fire or were they killed beforehand? We tried to gather information, but it seems that the police tries to hide the important information considering the hole situation. We will inform if we have gathered more information. Until then a good evening." and the TV changed to the series it played before the news after some advertisement,
The family oblivious to the news that were proadcasted as they slept through the hole thing.

"Good Night"