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Omega Days

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Shouto learns quirks before secondary genders; at the age of seven he could understand how temperature could affect how big his flame or his ice could be, and also how dependent was his resistance in order to keep the pace. But he couldn’t understand what some of the maids were talking about ‘Todoroki-sama using too much his alpha voice’ or ‘The oppressive hormones would probably be suffocating the child’. These phrases were a lot in his mind, in order to think about something else than his personal classes or the training.

He didn’t trust his tutor, being always obedient to his father and telling him everything; and he probably would put extra work on him because ‘if you have time to think about useless stuff, then you can work more!’ and he wasn’t risking to that. The servants were a little better, yet, most of them keep a distance of him and were taking care of his siblings; it wasn’t safe to say something to them.

He…he wasn’t so close to his family, not since he got his quirk; because there were in another ‘world’ or something like that, and of course, nothing in this house was secret if he was in the place.

But that day he was in a mission, nobody told him when he was supposed to be back, yet, the idea that he would not be on time for eating was good enough for him. He makes sure to make his classes and exercise as usual, like he didn’t have a plan on anything; once he was finally free and requested to take a bath, he stopped in the door of his big sister and knock the door.

“What is the matter?” She opens the door soon, looking a little bit up, expecting somebody from the service since her parent wasn’t around; she realizes of the mistake and looks more down, incapable of hiding her surprise “Shouto?”

He hasn’t checked the time yet, however, she was still in her school uniform, but with the jacket open and with her tie somewhere in the room. She had a little messy braid under her shoulders, making more complicated than usual notice the red in there, he could notice some more acne than before in her face, but decides to not comment about it.

“I-I need help” When was the last time he said something similar? It was difficult to tell; if they talk, is normally some regular stuff, like new hobbies, new ways to use their quirks, how was your day; short sentences without too much meaning behind it. Yet he was sure she was trying to have some type of relationship with him, especially since…Touya; not that he could remember too much about him at this point. Natsuo would probably be outside with his friends or playing, always going outside as much as he could.

Fuyumi put back her glasses, catching more of her attention “What is it?”

“What is an alpha?”

The eyes of her sister grew bigger, and without a second thought look at the hall, making sure nobody else was there “You don’t know?” That last bit was murmured

“Nobody had explained to me, but I hear that word about our father a lot” He wasn’t sure why was necessary to mutter, yet being sure if his sister did it, it really could let them in trouble “I-I don’t have anybody else to ask”

The older one was in conflict; she didn’t understand why nobody told him about the dynamics, even if he didn’t interact with anybody besides the people in the house, he would need it at some point. Whatever was the reason, she certainly wasn’t thrilled by the idea of breaking any hidden plot to make Shouto unaware. On the other hand, it has been years since they had been this long together, and he was seeking her help; her family was fallen apart so much, but she wanted to keep the pieces even if the image would never be complete. Risking losing the little trust of her little brother wasn’t a choice.

She could keep it simple and tell him to not say a word until it was the time.

“Come here, I will try to not make the explanation too long; I don’t think they would notice you being unsupervised.”

He didn’t notice until then, but the youngest in the Todoroki family exhale of relief to that words. It was good to know that even in that circumstances, he still has an ally there. 

Shouto was ten when they already told him what the dynamics were about, at least by his teacher and not just his very flustered sister; even if she actually tries to explain in a family way instead of just medical terms. To this day he wasn’t sure why to wait until that day, he was aware that he would not know which his secondary gender would be until puberty, but that doesn’t mean he was happy that something this important was being hidden.

When he asked his father, he only told him that wasn’t important at the time and he would not waste time with things that didn’t matter. Knothead.

Internet was useful for this; he wasn’t really interested in the tool and he had limited time with it, but at least he could have a conversation about the news and what was happening in the outside world without getting completely lost. After a little research, it made sense how his father was an alpha by his personality; even if it was a cliché, the douchy asshole who thinks is above everyone really fit him.

It also made sense with Fuyumi; her calm and reserved personality fit the role of the beta she was. He knew Natsuo was also a beta, but he hasn’t got enough time with him to know if he was above stereotypes or not; Touya was also an alpha. The only omega in their family was his mom.

Mom used to do this all the time for us,” Fuyumi told him once, putting a lot of comfy sheets and pillows in a corner “Omegas know by instinct how to make a nest, and is natural of them to rest there, same with their puppies!

He couldn’t remember; even being only ten, their memories with the only parent he did like were fading away. He hasn’t told this to anyone, neither how sad this made him. The bigger one may have noticed, by the fact she made a nest for him.

It may not be like hers, but I hope you like it,” She told him with a hand on her nape; the nest was most of the stuff you would expect in a bed, including the plushies. He didn’t understand the attraction of doing in that instead of the bed at that moment, but after resting there, he notices why.

The blanket smelled like her, making him feel she was there even if at that moment she was in her school, taking classes and far away from him. The weight of all the stuff was like a hug, feeling warm and fuzzy; and because he was in the corner, he could rest safely against the wall, being capable of notice who could cross the door in any time and get up if it needed it.

He would go to her room to rest when he had time between the lessons, or he will go to the room just for the scent if he was stressed. Fuyumi was the only family he could trust at this moment, and even if she wasn’t an omega or his mother to naturally comfort him; just the thought of her helped a little.

In many occasions had thought of how would be if it was his mom the one making the nest, more naturally the way it should be, not only for the biological instincts but also thinking in her pups in order to make it. He had even thought if he could make one in his room, in the hope that it could him to rest better in the nights.

If he was an omega he could know how to do it without thinking too much about it, it must be in him if it was the case, right? His dad would probably prefer an alpha; not only of the idea of ranking, but other despicable uses like his scent and pressure natural of the cast to make others bend to his will. He would not mind being a beta; being capable of having a calm scent would definitely help with victims and in emergencies, plus not to have ruts or heats to disturb his schedule would be good.

Being an omega…he wasn’t sure what to think; it would be good piss the old man in a way it would be impossible to change. How the heats could make alterations to his work and studies was difficult to tell at this point; he wasn’t thrilled of the idea of being an Oma, not that he hoped to get a mate anyways.

On the other hand, it may sound odd; but the idea of being an omega somehow make him feel closer to his mother, even if it was just by the idea that she passes through the same changes he would make in that case.

Is not like it matter right now, only time could say.  

He was thirteen when he found the answer.

In retrospective, the signals were there. He was feeling more tired every time, he wanted to be closer to everybody-being with Fuyumi was normal, but the need to rest his head in his teacher’s lap wasn’t-, and before thinking too much about it, he makes his own nest. He thought it was just to piss his father; not noticing how sleepy he was in the moment he did, and how natural was for him.

He did some space in the closet, preferring something small and dark. He took the fluffiest blanket he owns, pillows, borrow some clothes and plushies from Fuyumi, steals some laundry from Natsuo-yeah, to that point it was-and took the sheet his sister told him, it was from mom when she was living with them. It looked more like a literal nest, but it was cozy and with the smell of his family everything was easier to bear; before he notices, he was sleeping there every night, waking up early enough to nobody noticed he wasn’t in his bed.

That Saturday was different.

His skin was feverish and hot, almost to the point of break to sweat, but it didn’t matter how febrile he was feeling, the idea of getting out of the nest and the warmth was worse somehow, like being unprotected of the outside world. He has been hours trying to find a comfortable position, a better arrange of the nest, but it didn’t matter, it was never good enough.

He heard steps into his room, and he was feeling on guard; it didn’t matter who was in the other side of the door, he was feeling vulnerable and something inside him was telling ‘nobody is allowed here, get out

“Young master, where are you? You need to get ready for your classes!” It was the voice of one of the servants, he thought it may be Kasumi, but his mind wasn’t really in the place to remember voices. Without thinking, he was growling inside of the closet, and a little bit of ice was out his space, like a warning. “What?”

Sadly, it was that what finally point where he was. The door open, revealing a young servant in a traditional yukata, with her brown hair in a perfect bun to let her work without the problem of the hair in the eyes; the ones who were gray and were looking with surprise at him. Even in his sick state, he could notice the scent of a worried omega; he growls anyway, she wasn’t welcome there and against his best judgment, he would definitely put her out with his quirk if it needed it.

“Oh my dear”

“Where is Shoto!? He is late!” He could hear his father in the hall, what let him to create some icicles; he didn’t have the mood for this bullshit right now. Kasumi, who actually understood the situation; close the door of the closet and go to his master.

The smell of his father was in the room, he notices even inside the closet; since when his nose is that good?

“Todoroki-sama, you can’t train the young master now, he-”

“He is sick? Call the doctor and let him some medicine! He needs to be back on training as soon as possible.”

“I’m afraid the doctor can’t make too much now, we need to wait.”


It was impossible for the dual user to tell, but he was sure he could hear the maid swallow, obviously afraid of being the one telling the news.

“Young master is in a fake heat, he is an omega.”

The mind of Shoto stops at that moment, almost not noticing the scream of wrath that was coming from his parent.

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Things started to change after all.

After his heat, his father gives him some odor suppressants, some fake scent-to mask his lack of one-and heat blockers, in order to stop this. With the combination of all of this, he could pass as he didn’t know his dynamic yet and act as everything was normal.

You can’t show weakness; heat and attract alphas would only be a distraction. You will not think of any of those” He wanted to growl of that memory; omegas could be heroes as everybody else, only fewer people would have issues with this idea nowadays, if he tries to go with a UA openly as an omega, nobody would comment about it. However, it was true that was a more alpha centric space-even with betas being more expected these days since they would stop fights more easily and didn’t fall in the instincts for scents-. If heats could be an issue there was debatable, but Endeavour was, after all, a piece of shit who literally control every aspect of his life in order to make suitable to beat All Might, how surprising it was he could try to control this as well?

If he could guess, the asshole didn’t have anything against omegas or omega heroes, he was sure it didn’t care to him which dynamic the rest of his children was. The matter was that he was one.

The matter of fact that something came out wrong his ‘plan’ from him always put a grin on his face.

However, he wasn’t sure what to feel about his dynamic. Except some maids being sure he was taking the medicine, it didn’t change too much for them; Natsuo was pretty much the same. Fuyumi didn’t look like she cared; she would let him make a nest in her room-even if he still has the one his closet, not that the fucker knows of course- and time to time complement how better he was with that, and also let him some of her dresses or skirts to be at home. He didn’t have too many dresses even before knowing he was an omega, since it wasn’t practical for training his dad didn’t allow it. However, he would use it to sleep or when he was resting, they were comfortable.

His life wasn’t that different from before; the major difference it was how he was comparing to his mother.

She was also taking blockers right now, in the hospital? When she was his age, she knew she was an omega or somebody else told her? What was her way to make a nest, which materials preferred to use? She…she would be happy if she knew? That he was like her? That he wasn’t like his father, an abusive alpha; that he got something from her besides her quirk?

He knew he would never know the answer, to coward to even ask Fuyumi who had actually seen her. He didn’t deserve to know her, to contact her; not after the nightmare was her life for his fault, she probably didn’t like to think about him, about her disgusting son.

That didn’t stop the thoughts, of course. 

“Okay, all looks in order, except…” The principal stopped a second from seeing his papers, and going back to them “There is a blank in your secondary gender, can you please fill it?”

Before that question, everything was going as well as planned.

In order to go for recommendations, you needed to go some company or hero agency to support your position, go on a special test, and have an interview with the principal to see the documents, a reason why to allow the student in, etc. It didn’t make too much sense to him why to do all these procedures if you will end in the same class as the people who took the regular exam; not to mention that was a lot easier. Of course, not that Enji cared about it; it would look good in his ‘ascension to power’ and beat All Might, who got into UA by in a regular way.

He has done his best in all of this; even if he hated the guts of the old asshole, that was the best school in all Japan, and try to blow it up just for him would be stupid. Besides, he wanted to prove a point to him: he could be the best of the best without his fire, if he could do it, he would prove to Endeavor that he didn’t need him at all.

Also, messing with the ‘future’ he prepared for him was always good.

Honestly, this part was the hardest one; go on a race? Ok, a test to prove his knowledge? Nothing he couldn’t handle, but the fact that he needed to hear all the bullshit old man was talking about, why his position as number 2 was good enough to prove the point of why he needed to be accepted was getting in his nerves. He was a lot better than most of the other ones in the Recommendations test, he wasn’t in need of his stupid name to get there.

If Nezu notices any of the tension between them, was polite enough to not tell anything. However, he was making a good point

“We don’t know, he hasn’t presented yet” Endeavour responded, serious and calm like he didn’t tell a lie straight to the headmaster’s face. However, he did his best to not show any feelings in his face; the good side about the odor suppressants is that even his emotions got masked by that.

Because he was so fixated into the idea that ‘heats’ and ‘alphas’ would be a distraction to him, he was still into all the medications he had the past two years; he didn’t want the media to know either for the same reason, so the plan was to act like he was a late bloomer and use the uniform that alphas and beta guys would use. Of course, the plan was shit; he will be there at least three years, sure, somebody who hasn’t presented as fifteen was believable, but when he was eighteen what would be the plan? The man didn’t listen to the logic of course, and “we will see our options later”

Our, like he cared what he would say; he wished so much to freeze his face.

“Oh, I see! Pardon the confusion. Let’s continue then”

And just like that, the problem was brushed as nothing. 

He wasn’t sure what to expect on the first day of class, being homeschooled and not going out as much as his peers didn’t help either. He should be nervous, the only occasion he was with so many people of his age was the process of the entrance, and that wasn’t for socialize; not that he was there for make friends, but now he would change of having a single tutor all by himself to being with other twenty people. It was a lot.

Many of them were talking already, a couple of them already try it; the regular stuff, what is your name, how are you doing. Again, not interested, so he responds as shorter as possible and try to make clear by his expression he didn’t want to follow the conversation, it worked.

Now he is in his assigned seat-they have a desk assigned by numbers, he was fifteen-and hoped that classes would start soon enough; at least that was something he could get.

Not that he was so lucky.

“Remove your foot from that desk! Such an action is insulting to those who came to U.A Before us as well as the craftsmen who made the desk!” So early and people were already starting a discussion; this was supposed to be normal in the classes or he was just unlucky?

The discussion was between what appears to be a beta and an omega if his nose didn’t fail him. The Beta was tall, maybe more than him; strong and square, perfect posture, uniform clean and without a crease, dark blue short hair and with glasses, he couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but his expression was firm. The omega was a guy, was sit so he couldn’t tell how tall he could be, from this position he notices his uniform even new, wasn’t so well treated as the other one, he had a blonde short hair.

“And you should correct your posture! You are using a skirt and-”

“As I care! And that goes for both things; I seat how I like and if whoever sees my underwear, I hope they remember because is the farther they would get with somebody as amazing as I am!” Shouto couldn’t see his expression, but he can imagine a superior grin right now. The other one got blush with the suggestive idea that the shameless omega was saying.

He knew you didn’t to be like the stereotypes your dynamic has; it wasn’t logical to believe that something as gender could determinate how was your personality as a cookie cutter. Not to mention that he was also an omega as well, and he wasn’t as submissive and kind like the perfect omega partner many would dream of. On the other hand, this guy was so out of that notion that if it wasn’t for the smell of that dynamic, Todoroki would believe he was an alpha using the feminine beta/omega uniform for some reason.

Even as one of the best hero school, it was still using the traditional uniform as any other. He knew of this for Fuyumi-that actually go to all the process, not being taught classes at home like him-; alphas were supposed to use pants and same with beta boys, omegas and beta girls would use skirts. The pants for the girls would be skinnier and the length of the boy’s skirt was longer, but that was all the difference you will get from that.

I am supposed to wear one” He thought, if they didn’t have the circumstances he was born into, he will probably know what to expect in a first in school and not needing your big sister to tell you about it, he will be comfortable with the uniform and not feel so odd like right now, and maybe could talk to people instead of just wishing to things to be over.

But life wasn’t what you wanted, wasn’t it? 

The notion of normality was actually, not something the class 1A had; at least that was clear once he told his day to Fuyumi and she was surprised for all he told him. For once, this was actually odd and not his lack of social skill doing everything.

None of the alphas in his class had started any type of fight for dominance, that was a surprise because in something as being a hero the idea of the top was primordial and as a field involving violence, it wouldn’t be weird that somebody tries to become the alpha of the whole class. The reality? The closest thing to a combat non-related to classes was an omega and an alpha, and was the omega-the explosive guy from the first day-who started the whole thing, not the other way around.

Apart from that, almost everybody wanted to become president of the class, for a reason he couldn’t gasp yet; probably it was involved around the idea of being a leader and show your capacities? His siblings said only people who liked study and were passionate about the school liked that, and the rest would avoid it any extra responsibility like the plague. Maybe his classmates knew something he ignored.

He voted for an alpha girl, not for her dynamic, but because it was the only familiar face in his class-they saw each other in the test for recommendations-anybody who could got in that way was good enough for have an important role in the class, even if he didn’t actually understand why it was important at all. In the end was the same Beta from first day-Iida if he recalls correctly-who won, and nobody complained about that.

Other than that? No, everybody was more focused on being friends and future heroes than whatever you could smell. A relief, honestly.

“Okay, somebody else goes here to teach this. Behave, I want to sleep and don’t want to wake up and use my quirks because you couldn’t control yourselves” Aizawa told to the class, was the beginning of the day, yet he had learned soon enough that he loved taking naps and would take any chance to do it, even if others would consider unprofessional be in a sleeping bag snoring in front of his students. Maybe it was not only class 1A who wasn’t normal.

Midnight stepped in, making the guy who was in front of Yaoyoruzu whistle; and for uncomfortable that could be, is like the omega woman didn’t mind at all. If it was him, he would freeze him in an instance; it was in these rare occasions he appreciated the fact that nobody there knew his secondary genre.

She moved her whip, bringing the attention to her, more than it already was “Okay! You are not only part of the UA, but you had also leave middle school; is now time you learn about how we threat relationships here and temporary mating as well!”

Comments and yelling starting in an instance, luckily enough the R rated hero stopped them before Eraser Head used his quirk. Without minding the loud of the room, he put his hand up for a question “Excuse me, what is temporary mating?”

And with that, everybody in the room was looking at him, and for their surprise and muttering, this was unexpected. He keeps it his stoic face, he had been in more difficult situations where no reveal your feelings were key; however, he was swearing in his mind because this was probably another situation nobody told him about for ‘not being important enough’. Fucking shitty old man.

The professor keeps the pace and smiled at him “Good point! Is better to let you guys know what we consider temporary mating in the UA, before somebody got in trouble for having the wrong idea!” If she actually thought this was his question or cover him to avoid looking like a fool in front of others, was a mystery. “Temporary mating is the common agreement between two classmates--not only an alpha and an omega!--to support each other in need of their instincts and have a cordial relationship.”

“Of course, we are not talking about actually mating, independently if you had experienced real heats, ruts, or not yet; is strictly prohibited to do any sexual acts in the school, we don’t encourage to do it outside the perimeter, however, is your choice as responsible future heroes and part of our society to behave and what you do in your own time!”

Todoroki was regretting this already, deeply.

He should have wait to go into his house and look on the internet, maybe sneak his phone, or heck, ask Fuyumi; at least like that he would not need to be careful to hide his blush in front of some many people. Good thing they were looking at the front or hide their own embarrassment; also, he was good masking his emotions and the fake scent covers it up.

Shouto wonders if the teacher would comment on the smell of shame in the room, or just will ignore it for the rest of the class.

“Whatever, there is some advantage of the temporary mating that is the reason why UA doesn’t prohibit students to do it” So this is forbidden in other schools? He guessed maybe it was for being too related to sex; his sister was a teacher, maybe she knew something about it. “In alphas, ruts are normally easier to bear, and their mate could help a to take down their temperament even if this one is feral!” Said with some excitement “In omegas, they normally feel safer around their choose mate, that includes the fever cooling down and been more focus in fakes and real heats!” She appointed, gladly “There is not that much difference with betas, since they don’t have the issues as the other two dynamics. However, independently of the dynamic; the communication is more fluid between the ones in the relationship, some investigations conclude feeling more confident around the other.”

“The difference between fake mating a real mating is normally a matter of the nature of the relationship. Fake mating tends to be more platonic, and is only official by a matter of word; some people had said they experience the benefits of fake mating even if they are not indeed, in that type of relationship with that person! Not that is common, but still”

“The reason why we allow it here in UA, however,” Midnight push the frame front of her glasses “Is because this school is stressing guys, having that type of connection without worrying about dates is something you will deeply appreciate! We also encourage the pack mentality here, so you will probably be together in the same classroom until you graduate. Learn to know each other, trust each other, working together is key in the hero industry!”

This was for real?

Yeah, sometimes you need it to work in teams for the common good, yet Shouto know from his own father how that was more an obligation than something they did voluntarily. The hero world was a cruel beast, closer to work in the entertainment business than any other department. Both depends heavily in the popularity, what could determinate how are you doing at the end of the month; sure, the government pay from the work, yet is not near as good as some could believe; it wasn’t odd for people to retired due to not getting enough, mostly sidekicks, but still.

He wasn’t going to let him be chewed up and spit out by that world.

He will demonstrate to everybody, especially his father, that he could climb to the top only using his ice and proof that he is not his puppet.

And he will do it alone.

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Things had changed.

He sits, alone in one of the changing rooms; since part of his uniform was burned by his own fire.

That was an odd statement; of course, these clothes were not made to tolerate quirks-since this can be anything, try to have a cloth that can tolerate it all would be impossible-so yeah, having issues for it was more than expected. Yet his mind still doesn’t process what had just happened; it has been a long time since he had used his fire side on purpose, but this was the first time feeling like that while using it.


How long it has been? When was the last time he didn’t think about his father? Worried about being punished, sad by his words, mad by his actions; it was always something, even when he was doing regular stuff, it was in the back of his mind. Being stoic to not reveal weakness, demonstrate to the enemy your power, don’t talk too much or they could get you; as much as he hates it, Shouto was the way he is today for him, not only his actions, but as a response.

Being “rebel” to him was a response, not using his fire side too; is like he couldn’t go anywhere without seeing that hard glare, judging him 

Until now.  

It was almost laughable how he did all of this, fighting, studying and doing all for revenge, to demonstrate a point that could sound childish if you think it logically. He was so focused on that, that he forgot he actually had dreamed to become a hero, on his own.

"But you want to be a hero, right? That's fine. You're not... bound by his blood. Decide who you want to become. And be all you can be."

How he could forget those words? How that he needs it to get a punch in the stomach from his rival to remember?

Speaking of which…looks like he can’t do it alone, after all.

That was also ironic, he thought he could defeat the others without too much trouble, he didn’t pay too much attention to him, yet the exercises and the problems they had before, was somehow enough to make him confident he could win without using his fire side. He had been trained all his life, Todoroki did so much…that should be enough, right?

And yet, somebody who only knew part of his story because he told him, was smarter enough to resolve a problem that had been present in all his life.

Well, not like that; this wasn’t over, a fight and some words couldn’t be enough. But as a first step, one he couldn’t have done without him.

Honestly, Shouto didn’t get it. Why is he doing so much for him? He literally damaged his fingers beyond normal aside his arm, all trying to help him; the one who told him they were rivals and didn’t show any mercy or sympathy for him before. Talking to him in battle didn’t help him at all, it could be a strategy in order to destabilize him and win for that, however, that smile…no, there was no way that was his plan; not with him smiling at him when it was his obvious that would defeat him.

All his life, he thought alphas were like his dad; prideful, tough, that would smash whatever was in their way. He knew before that guy wasn’t exactly like that, yet losing a battle and breaking his bones for him…that was another level.

Todoroki was so deep in his thoughts, that almost forgot where he was. He was shirtless, still with the burned jacket in his hands; smoke, sweat and the fake scent impregnated the cloth, yet, if you pay enough attention, you could notice something muskier, more of an alpha than a synthetic smell or from an omega.

Midoriya” He thought, remember the scent from the battle; his determination was impregnated in the arena; it was easy to notice some of it was in there, too.

Shouto…he didn’t understand a lot of things, and maybe need to learn more from others that he wanted to admit. For now, he wanted to learn more about him. Maybe, he could grow up more, at his side.


“Can we talk for a second?” Todoroki inquired, making the other guy painfully turn around to see him.

He didn’t show it, yet he felt guilty at seeing him like that. For what he could hear from others, he needed an emergency surgery since pieces of his bones were incrusted in him, and even with the help of Recovery Girl, it was still obvious he will need extra time to be healthy again. Is not like this was new, this was a routine at this point and he normally doesn’t care when this happens. It was because was his fault, or perhaps he cares for him more than just a rival?

He can see him just like a rival, now?

“T-Todoroki-kun?!” He appeared surprised, yet recover shortly “S-Sure, what do you need?”

The dual user put his hands in a fist, still aside his legs and hoping the other one didn’t notice this. He for sure need it to talk to him, yet he wasn’t the most skilled, also…the fact this matter to him this much make him feel vulnerable. Maybe this was also from Endeavor, talking in the back of his mind about not showing weakness and how your feelings were indeed, a weakness nobody could see.

I’m not him,” Thought before squaring up his shoulders, what makes more curious the shorter boy.

“I wanted to apologize,” He told him, looking straight to his eyes and noticing his surprise “You got like this because of me”

“Is fine!” He insisted, raising a hand “I did this to myself! I could just walk away or give up, but this was my decision. You don’t need to feel sorry for anything”

“Even if you said so, you didn’t need to go this far” Not for me. If what he was meant to say; but there was no way, he can admit something so personal “I also wanted to ask…if you don’t mind. But, why you did it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You…you weren’t only trying to win, right? What you said there, you wanted to help me. Why?” He couldn’t shake that doubt of his head; he was rude to him, uninterested, yet, it was enough for him to try to save him from himself. And for him, which world was so full of shadows and sorrows, that didn’t make any sense.

That wasn’t something the alpha obviously didn’t expect, with a hand in his nape, look to the other side “This may sound weird to say, but before…I thought you looked sad, even when you won.”

Todoroki blinked, confused. He appears sad? He had been stoic for years, first was a requirement for his training but it develops in a second nature at this point. Even if that was true, what that hasn’t to do with anything? They weren’t friends, he hasn’t spoken to him directly until that day; and despite that, was still enough just to do that for him?

Shouto…he couldn’t understand, coming from a world where heroes compete against each other for rankings, when his house was a battleground, where his only reason to being alive for his parent was to become a weapon for his success. Something like helping others because they looked depressed…sound childish, just like when they told him the reason why he desired to continue in the fight, is that he wanted to be a cool hero.

And still, was nobler than how he got this far. This was it? Why he did all of this, because-

“Deku-kun!” Another voice wakes up him from his dreams, and when he turns around; both Uraraka and Tsuyu were coming in their direction “Here you are, ready to go home?”

“Yeah” He smiled, more relaxed. They were together? He saw a lot of people going to their houses in groups, he wasn’t one of them of course. Turning around, Midoriya saw him again “You want to come with us?”

He blinked again, he…was talking to him? “Me?”

“Sure! I don’t know where you live, but we can go to the station together, unless you are uncomfortable with that! If that’s the case, well…”

He was still pretty much confused about what just happen. The way he saw the world…was so much simpler, yet more amazing that he could; at least if his predictions were okay. He already knew he couldn’t continue like this alone, and from all the people around, Midoriya was different for everybody. At least, from what he knew.

It was worth the try, right? 

“Sure. Let’s go.” 

After all what happen, he knew he needs to change some things.

For starters, is time to talk with his mother. He never did it before because he thought he will just make things worse for her, yet if he learned anything from his battle, it's that you can't go anywhere if you're tied to the past. He needs to be free of it, from his father, his sorrows. And that included that painful memory.

He will never recover completely if he doesn’t say sorry to her. All those thoughts and doubts that were in his mind needed to stop, and he cannot do that without having this conversation.

Shouto was unsure, scare even; because he didn’t want to cause her more pain. She suffers a lot already for his fault, she even got into that hospital for him. What would be her reaction, after all those years? She will recognize him? She had never seen him with his scar, and had been ten years. She will be mad at him for taking this long to apologize? Or his mere presence will cause her an anxiety attack?

This was really the right thing? Or he was just being selfish?

Stop” He thought to himself, clenching his teeth while walking “I already made my mind, is not the time for doubts

He always thought he was brave, strong, that there was no challenge that would make him try to go back. It was unexpected to him that this would become the greatest task he had done, making go against villains alone be like child’s play. He could feel his pulse go rampage against his chest, his glands leaving a distress odor--even if he was wearing a sweater trying to hide his glands--and part of him desired to go back to his room, into his hidden nest in the closet and no go back.

Todoroki growl for his instincts, desiring to kick his omega back into the deepest part of his mind.

He wasn’t weak, neither a child who needed to go into his parents’ bed in order to feel safe; and the fact that those impulses where so similar was annoying to him. Maybe this is part of the things he normally doesn’t experience for being in so many drugs in order to prevent to appear like an omega.

Endeavor got a call early in the morning, that was part of the decision why he thought it was the best moment to try to contact her mother, and also casually forget to use the deodorant which normally uses to hide his lack of odor, or what would normally be the lack if he didn’t stop taking his pills for it since the sports festival that was a couple of days ago. He will get caught probably, yet decided he didn’t care.

He wanted to face his mother without lies, that included the one where all the people outside the mansion though. Shouto still remembers some years ago, when he got presented; being grateful to be a little more like her, and wondering what she would think about it. Looks like he will have a response to that, soon.

Stepping in the Hospital wasn’t a big issue, the nurses were surprised for it; Fuyumi had notified about his existence to the staff before, and also call that morning to let them know that he was coming and not was a lie. Even if they try to appear professional it was obvious in their expressions nobody saw this one coming; as far as they know, she only had two kids.

If they knew.

Apparently, the doctor had a talk to her before about his visit and the fact that it was him; since it was the first time and he was…related to a panic attack she had a long time ago, they needed to check she will be fine about it. For what he knows she was aware that he was going to be there and was okay with his visit. That was a good sign, right? At least she didn’t hate him enough to forbid his visit there.

Going to her room, he could feel his palms starting to sweat and his heartbeat going crazy, resonating against his chest to the point that he could feel it. He had dream so many times to go there, to see her; the fact that this happening was making him anxious. A mix of emotions were inside him; excitement, fear, nervousness, guilt, and a little bit of happiness. Even with the hospital letting odor erasing in the air conditioning, he thought his emotions where in the air; probably would smell really weird with all those feelings.

Once he got in front of the door, he almost was going to leave it, to go back and act like this never happen in first place. Part of him wanted to hide his face for the rest of his life, the other one really wished to see her; he was never mad at her, and he could hate it, yet he could feel that little kid inside him that wanted to see his mom again.

But most of all, he wanted to face her and say sorry; for causing her so many troubles and sorrows, for not being there for her, everything. And with that, he finally got in there.

The room didn’t have any decoration, but some furniture; on the side was a desk against the wall, the other side it was a bed with a light and something to look for the vital signs, and between these two on the side was a window. The room had more than that, yet he couldn’t apart his eyes from the front, where she was. Her mom was using hospital clothes, the one a patient will normally use; she was facing the sky seating in the bead.

“Mother,” He said, softly; making her look at him. She has barely changed, some more wrinkles; yet the same gray eyes, white hair on the same length; and that dreamy glare of her. He couldn’t detect any fear of hate on the hair, only a mild surprise that was coming from her.

“Shouto” She was facing him, and to hear that voice just got his memories. She sounds exactly the same as he was little, saying his name in such kind way that could make him feel protected. He feels a knot in his throat and his eyes getting watery; seeing her, smelling her, hearing her, was too much; how long he had wanted this? If he was more imprudent, more emotional and younger, he will probably just run to her side and hug her as if was the end of the world. But he knew that was not the moment, and more importantly, if she will be open to something like that. “Come here, take a sit”

He nods since he wasn’t sure about talking yet, and taking some steps and the chair that was with the desk, seating in front of her. Todoroki was looking at his hands, trying to control himself and not let her see that he was close to crying. They didn’t say anything for a little time that felt like ages to him. Why he was so awfully quiet? That was the plan, go there and accept his mistakes, why he chickens out after doing the most important step?

“Your scar…is still there.”

“Hmm?” He didn’t pay attention, too occupied kicking himself mentally.

“Your scar…even if it had been ten years, you still have it” As a reflect, his hands go there; where the burn part started. He didn’t feel anything these days, despite how it could look it was already cured in its own way. He looks at her knees, not facing her yet “It…it hurts?”

“No, is fine now; really” His voice was emotionless, still too scared to let his feelings slip so easily.  

She was her hands in her knees, an in a moment, she had these in a fist, and the smell of sadness was in the air. He swallows, it was really that painful for her to see him? Maybe this was a mistake and he was pushing too much; he knew that he needed this, but it was worth to put his mother into pain for his own selfish desires?

“I’m so sorry Shouto” His eyes open wider, without believing what she was saying. He hears that right? Without thinking about his previous shyness and sentimentalism, he lifts his head and sees her; she indeed appears to be sorry.

He blinks, confused “Beg your pardon?”

“I’m sorry Shouto” she repeats, now being her the one that was looking down, not facing him “I hurt you, you hear me say horrible things and I left you. I know you were suffering, and I still didn’t try to go for you, I’m so sorry-” She stops talking, sobbing and getting tears out of her eyes, overwhelmed.

His mind was shocked, trying to process this. She was sorry for him? Why? It was he fault, it was because him she got beaten down, that she got that reaction and needed to be in the hospital for this long; and she was asking for his forgiveness?

“I…I don’t understand”

“I know it doesn’t make sense; I was supposed to protect you and-”

“No, is not that” He negate with the hear, looking directly at her for this; he wanted to see her response “Why you are saying sorry?”

“W-What?” She shutters, trying to clean her tears a little; stopping a moment.

“I…it was my fault” He holds his legs so much that he feels his nails, even with the cloth of the pants. He keeps himself together; there was no comeback “I couldn’t keep the pace, and for that you got punished. I was there when I suppose to be sleeping in my room, I scare you, you got here for me. This is all my fau-”

He stops at mid-sentence, when in the blink of an eye, she got out of his seat and hug him, letting his head on her chest. Todoroki freezes, surprised for the sudden touch, especially one that kind and soft. Shouto didn’t get a lot of hugs these days; Fuyumi used to do it when they could, yet he was getting older and stronger, so he slowly stopped. He knew his father didn’t like it in the first place and he was scared she will be punished, since he was getting bigger and shouldn’t be “weak”.

It had been a decade since his mother hugged him.

“I’m so sorry, Shouto” She repeats, putting a hand on his hair and petting softly “I should've be there, I should;ve at least contact you to tell you; but I was so scared that you will hate me, I couldn’t manage that. You did nothing wrong, you couldn’t do it; you were so young, and you didn’t deserve anything that happens to you. I thought to be apart from you will prevent hurting you more, and I see I was wrong. But let me tell you something, you don’t have anything to be sorry about, and I love you, Shouto”

The knot in his throat was back, and he feels it in full force to the point he couldn’t say anything. He never thought-he had never dream she will say something like this, this lovely and wonderful; feels almost like a dream. He couldn’t believe it totally, not yet; but knowing that she still loved him, and she didn’t hate him…was too much. Without thinking further, he put his arms around her waist and cry, cries like he was a child again; the difference this time, is because it was for relief, happiness.

She holds him, just like when he was a child. His mother didn’t say anything against it; where his father would probably complain about this demonstration of weakness, she just silently pets him in the head and let him cry all he needed to do. All the doubts, fears, those feelings he kept to himself in order to survive in that house; where now out in full force. Good thing the shitty old man doesn’t have a way to know what was happening in that room. 

Shouto wasn’t sure when he finally stops, separating from her and muttering a little ‘sorry’ for all that show; Rei just smiled and got back to her seat. There were in silence again, but at least this time was more comfortable than before. Perhaps, because they told their fears to the other; who could know they will forgive each other so easily.

“What made you change your mind?” She said, breaking the ice again “Not that I’m not glad that you are here, on the contrary; yet, why did you come here after all this time?”

There was also that, saying sorry wasn’t the only reason to be here “I…for the longest time, I refused to use my fire” She stared at him, surprised “I thought that If I could be a hero just with my Ice, I could demonstrate to him that I didn’t need him. I wanted to refuse to use his power”

He looks at her, being afraid that she could say him that it was the correct thing to do and the past few days thinking wondering were a mistake. Rei keeps the silence, let him continue.

“But then…somebody, said something to me that makes me change my mind. He said, ‘Is your power, isn’t?’” Todoroki closes his eyes for a moment, almost remembering that day on the battlefield “He said how everybody was doing their best to become a hero, and I should do the same. And thanks to that, I remember something you told me”

"But you want to be a hero, right? That's fine. You're not... bound by his blood. Decide who you want to become. And be all you can be."

He repeats those words softly; it was ironic, now he could remember it as if was yesterday, even if he forgot that conversation for most of his life. How he could? How did he let behind something that important? And why he needed somebody else to remember it?

But most important, she still believed that?

“You…you still think so?” He plays a little with his hands, shy for some reason “That…that I can be a hero even if I use his fire?”

He was conflicted, and not sure which who talk this. Even if he told his past to Midoriya, this somehow feels too personal, not wanting to admit his weakness to somebody he wasn’t sure was a friend or not. Is sister would not understand the complexity of the issue, she wasn’t a hero and her power wasn’t that strong anyway. His mother may not be a hero, not now or in the past, but this…this shaped her life, she was in the spot she was because of her quirk and Enji’s quirk.

Also, he felt responsible for this situation, if even she that was here for him, could say he was okay using his fire…then, it would demonstrate this was the right decision.

She didn’t respond immediately, looking carefully at him. Then in one moment to another, she moved a little to the front and took his hand “Shouto…who are you?”


“Who is Todoroki Shouto?” She rephrases the question, staring at him “Is Endeavor’s son? His legacy to prove he is the strongest hero?”

He knows what she is saying this, and her tone of voice makes obvious she is not saying this to hurt him or anything; still, he tenses himself before finally saying “No, that’s no me”

She nods, satisfied “That’s your answer, Shouto. You are not him, and neither your quirk; you are your own person, and whatever you want to do with this is your decision. But do it for you, not for anybody else, not me or him.”

That…was not what he asks for, yet it was better than hoping for her opinion. If he wanted to move from the shadow of the old shitty man, he needed to stop focus so much on him, or just will proof to others that he couldn’t do anything that wasn’t related to him; and he would not let that happen.

She moves her hand to his neck, rubbing slowly her wrist again him; he could almost purr to it. When he was the last time he was scented? This was common in families, especially between parents and children; yet his mother was the only one who did it to him when he was a child, his father refusing to submit to those instincts. He was glad about it, because he prefers to be burned by his fire than smell like him.

This was common because it was proof of the family bond, and kids felt calm when they could smell their parents, even if they weren’t around. He remembers that special omega parents, would have the urge to do this; it was a basic communication instinct.

He wonders if she had dreamed to do this since they were separated from each other.

“You are an omega, too,” She says, waking him up from his daydreaming and making open his eyes since he closes this when she was petting him. The tone of her voice is neutral, not mad or happy; just natural.

“You were hoping I will be one? Or you preferred I was something else?”

“None of that, actually” She smiled, full of love in her eyes “Many parents hope his children would be male, female, or some dynamic. I…didn’t have a preference to be honest, I was just hoping you guys will come healthy. Is all I ever wanted”

Her smile decays, a little “The only thing I feel bad about you being an omega, is that I wasn’t there for you. Fuyumi told me you didn’t know what was happening to you until somebody told Enji you were nesting. I’m sorry.”

“Is fine” He responds, perhaps too quickly; yet sure about his answer. It was indeed a surprise, yet nothing gets out of control of anything; it was a good thing a maid discover him instead of his father at least. “I will manage, I promise”

 “If you have any worries about omega related things, or anything, you are always welcome to come back and tell me,” She says, with a smile that demonstrated his sincerity.

So, she wanted him to be back; that fact alone was enough to make him smile, too.

Chapter Text

When Shouto wake up that day, the idea of going to UA was kind of…excited? Maybe that wasn’t the word, but most like something to look forward to, even is possible nothing had changed at all.

It was funny, it had only been a couple of days since he was there, yet it almost feels like an eternity. Perhaps it had something to do with the meeting of his mother yesterday, it was only some hours and still, is like his life had to change it in ways that appear to be impossible before. The last 72 hours had changed the way he views things more than the last 5 years.

He looked around his room, like expecting things to look different. It was the same tatami mats, his futon being wrinkle for him moving at night --he always takes some time to sleep looking for the perfect position, so this happens he wants it or not--, his low desk where he can knee to do his homework or read, with the school books that were the same of the beginning of this scholar year.

The light is trespassing his window, illuminating his space without need of artificial light. His eyes follow until he sees how outside looks like, and he can notice how flowers are starting to fade and yet, the leaves are getting a vibrant green and bigger every day. Putting a hand on the sunlight, he feels warm.

Summer is coming,” He thinks, remembering the little buds of the beginning of the year; even if nothing in his house had changed, nature would do it without you notice it “I guess the temperatures would start getting even more warmer

Maybe not only the outside was getting warmer.

Before he could think more about it, he listens to a soft knock, so silent that he could have mistaken for his imagination “Shouto, breakfast would be ready soon” Fuyumi says, as a warning.

Even if they had maids to do that, she would always say it to him, knowing the reason why he would like to now: Enji was always the first one to eat, so it was up to him to risk being late for classes or get to be around him so early in the morning.

None of them were pleasant, yet, for once wasn’t thinking if he had the strength to not scream into his face for being annoying; thinking that perhaps, he could test if this new type of vision could hold onto other things, like him.

Is not a bad moment to test. 

He goes to his closet and starts looking for his uniform, shoving into his clothes and himself the deodorant in spray he uses to cover up his lack of natural odor, only that this name, is still some in him.

He didn’t take for the past days, in order to go clean with his mom about who he is, and also to not let her be scared about the situation he is going on right now. He didn’t want to talk about what is happening in the house, and the last thing she needed is to be worried that he was taking a lot of drugs and stuff in order to not let others know he was an omega, only because the Knothead of his dad wanted this way.

It was a matter of luck he was in a mission, so he didn’t notice, yet probably wasn’t the case that day.

Not to mention that…how the others in his classroom would react about it? Before, what they could think about him, or anything it that matter wasn’t important. It didn’t matter how curious he felt about his classroom, it wasn’t a concern until well, recent events.

For no reason, he pictured Midoriya in his head, making a conversation with him in the train until they needed to go to his station; he appeared to be kind of awkward, yet he insisted and hold most of the conversation. It was mostly about heroes, the only topic they have in common--as far as they are aware of-- and for some reason, he knew more about it than anybody else he had met. It was kind of intriguing, seeing him get facts and ramble at times; and also learn something about pros couldn’t hurt him.

Midoriya was an alpha, more by title than well, anything else. You could notice that his scent was muskier than a beta, and not sweet to be an omega, so it was the only thing else. Apart from that? No. He had never seen this guy go feral, didn’t matter how over the edge he was and how things would be easier if he let his instincts control him; he didn’t use his pheromones in order to try to submit others, and even he was shorter than him. His features were soft, and a smile that could be kind of nervous yet warm enough to make you feel safe around him, or at least safe enough to know he wasn’t a threat.

How Midoriya would feel about being an omega? He should care for it? They only have some few conversations, nothing that could mean a friendship, even if it was the closest thing to one in his life. Just because they walked together that day doesn’t mean he care for him, or maybe he does? Midoriya broke his bones for him; well, he kinda does that usually, so it may not be that important-

He shocks his head, trying to stop that train of thinking “Quit fooling around” he tells himself “It doesn’t matter anyway, is not like I’m going out” Thinking about stuff that would not happen was just a waste of time, especially when he probably would see his angry dad that day and needed his mind to concentrate on other things.

So, he takes his uniform, put it in and prepares himself for the day he will have.

Just as he predicted, when he arrives at the dining room, both his sister and his father were there. Natuso probably was gone a long time ago, he always took something fast to make and go to get the train; Shouto more than once was curious if his classes were that early, or perhaps he just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. He never got a lot of chance to interact with him, but after getting into college? It was less than usual.

For breakfast, they have miso soup, rice, rolled scramble egg and a broiled salmon with soy sauce. Their family had already put their perspectives portions and the ones for him, the seat was in front of his dad but aside with Fuyumi, so it was tolerable. With some luck, he could just sit and eat, looking all the time at his food, and he would leave without a word.

He got to finish his soup when he finally spoke.

“Have you trained more with your fire?” His tone of voice was less abrasive than usual; apparently, use his fire had to calm him a little from how the things were before. Even if he didn’t care that much for him, having less scream in his life was definitely an improvement.

“No” Was the only response he gave, taking a piece of the rolled egg and hoping that could let him understand that he was too busy eating.

Not that Endeavor understood about subtleties.

“Are you still thinking about it is right or wrong?” Then you go, the mockery and angry in his words. “It makes you powerful, what else that would mean?”

“Use it or not is my decision”

“W-Wow! This egg is amazing, right? T-Thank you, Sawoko-san” Fuyumi say, in a vain try to lead the conversation somewhere; when none of they say another word, he got up “I-I will go for more”

The entire time she was speaking and getting up, Enji never put his eyes on her, not even once. All he was looking was at him, with that disapproval glare that had been characteristic on him since he can remember. 

Truly, some things never change,” Shouto thought with bitterness, yet inhaling and exhaling “The only thing that can change is me, how I handle this is also my decision, too

Before Endeavor could say another word, Fuyumi go out of the kitchen “Dad, your agency has called you; they want you to go on a mission”

Finally, he stops seeing him, and nodded to those words. He had eaten most of his breakfast, yet wasn’t odd he didn’t finish for whatever call he has; he only has this much anyways because nobody wanted to disappoint Endeavor for not getting enough food ‘like I wasn’t paying for it!’. Without goodbyes or anything, he was on his way.

A couple of seconds after hearing the principal door close, Shouto go on his sister “Did he truly have a call?”

With a little, yet mischief smile, she responds “Is not like they didn’t need him all the time anyways”

He loses his posture a little, feeling less rigid and stress. Even if the things were complicated in his house, he knew he will always have an ally on her. 

“Oh, Hey Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya wave at him with a smile, he was reunited close to Uraraka and Iida’s spot, that was usual since they were friends. Deku welcoming him was new, not that he complained.

He may have given up to the familiarity since when they go back home together the other day, he didn’t do a lot in their conversation but was better than the silence when he did it alone; Midoriya went as far as asking for his number ‘just in case you get sick or something’. Uraraka smiled back to him as a greeting, and Iida even surprised didn’t say anything. He just nodded as response going back to them.

“Sorry Uraraka-san, I interrupt you, what you were saying before?” Midoriya got back to see the other alpha, who was playing with her fingers quite nervously; she was like that before or perhaps his presence makes her uncomfortable?

“W-Well, I wanted to ask you guys i-if any of you had been in a t-temporary mating before” She was getting red with every word, going as far as try to hide her face in her hands.

Oh, at least wasn’t him this time.

“A-A-A r-relations-ship?!” The freckle guy was almost screaming, and the brunette needed to shut him up before taking more attention of any more people; they were both really red at this point.

“P-Please don’t say it out loud” She was whispering with her hands shutting his mouth, if it was for the others ones seeing them or her own shame, Shouto couldn’t tell.

“Mmm? What the subject out of the blue? You are interested in somebody?” Iida asked, what was good because he at least appears a lot less concerned with this, bringing some sense of normality. He was also not affected by the issue, mostly because he only has some words as a reference. At least the class rep could be more useful than him on this, or he hoped.

She nodded “W-Well you weren’t there, but after the Sports Festival, T-Tsuyu-chan and I were heading home alone because we live closer, a-a-and she ask me t-to be her partner, j-just for fake mating and t-that stuff!” She explained, still very blushed but at least been able to tell.

Asui and her? That was a surprise; he didn’t pay attention to any of them before, since they weren’t that much of a fighter that could make him actually care, so he didn’t know they were friends in first place, or more since they could get this far. He was inexperienced in this matter, yet this type of relationship appears to be quite…intimate, and the fact that she was like this was proof.

“An omega asking an alpha? That is quite a surprise, not offense though” That comment was from Iida; so, this wasn’t the norm? This may be useful; none of them knew he was homeschooled, and he prefers it to keep it like that, he didn’t want to think how odd would be for them that this type of stuff was a puzzle for him, even if social norms should be something everybody should know just by living.

All thanks to Endeavor.

“I-It’s fine, I don’t mind, it was just a surprise, I guess? We are friends and all, but this well, I didn’t think it would happen” She was back playing with the tip of her fingers, but at least her face was going back to the original color “That is why I was asking, I want to know if any of you have experience with this and well, what I should do.”

“S-Sorry, I haven’t been in one, so I don’t know, I-I don’t even have experience with dates or anything” That last part was almost a whisper from Midoriya, so you needed to be close enough to hear it. That was actually a surprise for Todoroki; he was friendly and warm with everybody, not to mention that you could feel confident enough with him around. How is that he didn’t get anybody like that?

“I’m afraid I’m in a similar situation Uraraka-san; I’m a beta so I don’t have a necessity to look for one, and my last school actually prohibit that kind of relationship between students” That actually make sense, not to mention that for how formal Iida appear to be, he can hardly see him being in a relationship that can interfere with his studies.

Then three pairs of eyes focus on him, and it took him some seconds until notice they were waiting for his response. Oh, right.

“I…I haven’t present yet, so I didn’t form that type of bond with anybody” Surprisingly enough for him, he feels bad for lying to them; is not like they were close or anything, yet he didn’t like saying those words. That was odd, he hasn’t gotten any problem before. 

Even if it was an anomaly, everybody just nods and go back to the conversation; what he silently thanks since he didn’t want to continue with the lies. He didn’t reveal to anybody that he was an omega and prefer it to keep it like that.

Some things are better to keep a secret, for a while at least.

The work for today was at least more interesting than what he thought, not that he was as excited as any of his classmates.

Chose the hero name. 

It was important after all, like Midnight say; the name you got would be one you will be recognized later in your career, what you want to be and what want people to remember about you. Since he got the most offers, would be surprised if other heroes and the media were looking forward to him; so, he wasn’t going to escape from the attention any time soon.

For somebody who was being trained to become a hero all his life, it was curious that a detail like that didn’t go through his mind before. 

For what he can hear, a lot of the students have hero names in minds since they were children; something they liked since elementary school or before. It didn’t matter if he tries, he was sure he couldn’t recall such memories; the little childhood he has was a long time ago, and if he thought of something or not, it probably couldn’t get what he wanted to be. 

By the way, what he wanted to be in the future?

His only goal in life until recently, got stronger with his ice and be greater than his father was. Not for fame, glory or money; just as revenge to show him, he could do it without anything from him. Now that appears to be more of a child tantrum than a specific goal; and without that, he was left with nothing.

What was he picturing in the future? He could imagine the next years, going in this school, perfectionating the use of his quirk, maybe Midoriya, Uraraka, and the others would be there. That only lasted until the third year, then, what he would do?

Make his own agency? Join another one? Be a sidekick before being on his own? Or be awhile in another country like All Might. 

A lot of possibilities, none of them more appealing than the other and wasn’t important to get an answer soon; yet, a direction would be nice.

For a moment his eyes go to Midoriya, who was playing with the marker in his hands and thinking about his own name. It was good to know he wasn’t the only one having issues to decide; it was ironic since how decided the freckled guy sounded in the fight, like this was the way he always desired to be; and still, didn’t have something like the name.

Which direction he should go?

It’s your power, isn’t it?!” That scream plays in his mind again, and that is the only thing he wants to do. Whatever it was, would be his decision, his future. 

His; maybe he had an idea after all.

Writing quickly on the board he has, doesn’t take a lot of time to go to the desk and say his idea.

“Shouto” No title, no pretty ways to write it or even a special way to say it; just his name. Without too much surprise, people reacted a little odd about it.

“Just your name?” That was Midnight response, at least without rejecting it like the other ones. Not she, but anybody in the class got the idea for what he was looking for. Somehow, that make him feel calm; that was still too personal for somebody to catch.


He perhaps didn’t know what he would do with his life, or even what desires he has for the future; but for now, looking to be his true self was a satisfying goal for now.

Chapter Text

It took some time for Todoroki to finish the list of agencies who wanted him. 

Even if Yaoyorozu thought it was a great compliment to have so many people interested on him, he couldn’t believe was for his abilities. Only shallow people with no idea about fighting would believe he did great out there. He let his temperament took charge of the situation more than once, keeping part of his quirk unused for his pride and doubts, and being incapable of thinking straight. 

Sure, would be impressive finish battles quickly; yet he has more standard than that, and having your feelings blur your vision in the battlefield was a big mistake.   

He was sure a lot of little agencies would be thinking was good enough and would request him anyways. Todoroki skipped a lot of this ones who were small enough to not recognize the name; is not like he was prideful and only wanted the best of the best, is because going to an agency knowing about them would be a bad idea, and if he try to look for all the four thousand out there, he will not made it on time.  

Some of them were rivals of Endeavor and would probably be proud to took him just for the sake of show off that he chooses them instead of his father. Scratched them immediately; he wouldn’t be a pawn on their pity games. 

While checking others, he knew only one stick with him. 

The one of old man. 

At first, the idea sounds awful; he didn’t like to be with him in the house or training, why he would be those days at his side, without the choice to go away with an excuse like in the house? It sounds like a disaster about to happen; try to not let his anger take the best of him with Enji screaming, all of that in public for more humiliation. 

While that petty part of him wanted to just scratch his name with the biggest black marker he could find; he tries to use his logical side. Todoroki knows he needed to start leaving feelings aside in order to keep moving forward. That man didn’t deserve forgiveness and wasn’t planning to do it any time soon, yet he deserved to continue with his life without obsessing about him. 

And if he forgets it was his father, and imagine it was just a strange that happens to be the second best…it actually made a lot of sense. 

For better or worse, Shouto knew better than anybody that he fought tooth and nail to get where he was; it wasn’t a tittle that he could just brought, not with that pride of his. No, he got that spot fair and square, and there was a reason for that. 

The last years he did the best he could to ignore him and do the opposite if he could, just out of spite; never thought about his fighting style or techniques except when they were in battle. Shouto didn’t know of other aspects; like working with his side kicks, being with the civilians, how he manages the real villains. 

Those count, right? That was part of being a hero, and he probably wasn’t nice or anything; yet, still was the number two. 

It was really, the best opportunity he could get. 

“Huh? You guys would not come with us?” Midoriya asked while taking his stuff, seeing Uraraka being a little red and next to Asui. 

“Hmm, no; we will go together, so, see ya tomorrow!” While nobody commenting the evident, it was obvious that the brunette was nervous; playing with her fingers and doing the best to not float herself in the process. The other one just waves at them and go by her side. 

“Huh, perhaps they would try it?” The freckle guy mention, seeing them go away. When he moves his head to Shouto, he looked a little embarrass “N-Not that I want to pry or anything! I-I was just, thinking out loud I guess” 

“I actually think the same” He wasn’t a gossip guy, yet feeling a little more confident with them, he was curious if their relationship changed. He still didn’t know how temporary mating works, but by logic; being together would help to make the bond, right? It sounded almost subconscious in the classes with Midnight, not that he was totally sure. 

Socializing was more difficult than he thought. 

“Hum, Iida-kun is already on his way, so that leave us the two of us” Midoriya put a hand in his nape, shrinking a bit “Is okay with you? Like, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything” 

Shouto just move his head to the side, confuse “Yes, why would be uncomfortable?” 

“Well, i-it’s me so, I guess could be, um, forget it” he waved his hands quickly, and going to the door “Let’s go” 

As always, you could smell the nervousness in him. 

As an alpha, his odor was musky and thick, yet it was somehow refreshing and light; what was an extreme opposite of his father, that was acrid and acidic. 

Normally depending on the secondary gender, the smell would have some characteristics; betas would be calm and balmily, and omegas were sweet and soft. Of course, every person was different and same with their personal scent; like Bakugo being somehow spicy and sweet. 

Some people liked to compare the smell of people to regular things; like pine, cinnamon, etc. Todoroki didn’t think it was quite right; is like trying to use words to mimic a sound, you could get something close yet wasn’t the same. 

Since his dad was the only alpha he knew in his house, as the other people around were betas or omegas; he thought others would be like him: oppressive, confident, bossy. Being in this class and slowly making friends was helping to change that perspective; and little details like this would be reminders, everybody is different, and things are not how he expected. 

Perhaps that was the reason Midoriya was interesting, at least for him. The way he talks, thinks and socialize are not something he expected from anybody, let alone with his secondary gender. It was ridiculous to think that him, which was the only person aside his family who make him a little comfortable to be around; have something in common with the old man. 

“-then Todoroki-kun, what about you?” The green haired asked, looking at this direction. 

“Hmm?” Shouto asked, waking up and realizing what was going on around him. They were now waiting for the subway--when they enter the station? --yet he has the smaller guy looking at him, curious about whatever he asked. 

Maybe not having friends was more than his lack of social abilities. 

“Sorry, can you repeat it? I didn’t hear you” Better say that than revealing you were thinking about him and how he felt comfortable around. It would sound creepy anyways. 

“O-Oh, yeah! Here is a little crowded, so I guess is difficult to hear with so many people talking, hehe” He put a hand on his nape, and perhaps he was a little hurt that he was obviously not paying attention for that long. None of them comment about it “I was talking about the person who I will go for my internship; there is not that much about it and it was difficult get information about it, but sounds interesting!” 

“Is not too risky? The fact that is difficult to track?” 

“I guess? But Al-, I mean, a teacher told me about him” Shouto raised an eyebrow when tripped mid-sentence, perhaps there is something he didn’t want to tell? “Also, he was the only one who took interest on me” 

“…Oh” Says quietly, a little surprised. He was so focused in his own list and situation, that he didn’t notice than in the list of names in the board, his wasn’t there. It makes sense; his quirk could make him injury so would be add a victim in a situation, what wasn’t very useful. On the other hand, it was a shame how apparently nobody notices his deduction skills and planning; what was a surprise because he won the race just with that alone, without needing his quirk like him. 

Whatever was the reason, the results were there: while Todoroki got thousands of requests, he was lucky to get one. Suddenly, he felt bad for the kind of troubles he had about deciding, when he was already lucky to get that chance. 

“Sorry, I guess it was rude for me to say that” 

“It’s fine! Don’t worry, it makes sense in the end, is not like a lot of people know me, not to mention the show I give in the battle against you. I think it makes sense” Midoriya plays with his bandage, what only gives Shouto a bitter taste in his mouth. It was stupid of him to think less than him before their battle, same with the rest of the world; there was more potential on him that his plain features show “I’m fine with it, really; I think even if I got more offers, I will still go with him.” 

“Really? Why?” That question rails a little bit out of his guilty thoughts, and he was more than pleasant to forget about those. 

Just at that moment the subway decided to appear, with them walking quietly towards the seats. Gladly enough it wasn’t a lot of people with them, so they could take a space without too much trouble, sitting in front of the other. Like nothing, Midoriya continued when they were comfortable. 

“Well, he was the mentor of somebody I really admired” He smiled at him, and he notice that spark of his eyes like he was talking about heroes and stuff, something that really mattered a lot to him “I still have a long way to go, but I think this is the right direction” 

“Right direction” Shouto murmured, looking down. That is something he was also struggling, when Midoriya was already going on his own path; how can you advance if you don’t know where to go? 

“What about you, Todoroki-kun?” The other one asked, at least this time he hears. 

“Hm? What about what?” He repeated, just to make clear he was listening this time; he didn’t want to ruin the closest thing he had to a friendship for being with the head on the clouds. 

“What agency you want to go? Had you decided already? I guess is complicated because there is so many options, so you have a lot to think about! Or perhaps you have already one that catch your attention? Maybe from a hero you already like-” Before Todoroki had the chance to response, the freckled alpha starting mumble his own thoughts out loud, and Shouto decided to not interrupt. Apart from being rude, he was fine with him doing that; at least filled the silence most of the time he will give as an answer. Of course, Midoriya notice what he was doing “S-Sorry! I didn’t let you respond, that was stupid from me”

“Is fine” he says, completely serious “And answering your question, I’m not sure yet, as you said, a lot of options” 

“Oh, I see” 

Technically, he has an idea, one that still didn’t sit all well with him. One part of him wanted to discuss about it, perhaps somebody who wasn’t as biased as him and would think about this with a cold mind. Yet it was still feeling a little personal, and even after sharing his life with him, it feels more intimate that it should. He didn’t want to bother him more with his problem, not after being kind enough to help him already. 

For most of his life, he was only one goal: show to his father he didn’t need him; and now that is not in his mind anymore, or not like that at least, he feels lost. He wanted to be a hero, but that was pretty much the only thing he knew. In comparison to his classmates, which only motivation as far as he knows is being “a cool hero” and still got this far; feels like he comes from a different reality that him. Perhaps, if he knew more? 

“If you don’t mind me asking” Todoroki started, looking to the side “Why you want to be a hero? You mention something about being cool, but-” 

“Oh that? Hehehe, don’t mind me” He blushes, nervously playing with his hands “I-I wasn’t thinking clearly at that moment” 

“So that is not your motivation?” 

“W-Well it is, but is more than that” he mentions while looking to the windows, yet he notices in his glare that he was looking at something that was far beyond there “Have you seeing the video of All might saving one hundred people? Mmm, maybe know, considering your ehm, situation, but it was really popular some years ago; him saving civilians in ten minutes” Shouto actually knows, since his father did a tantrum for it, yet didn’t want to interrupt “I loved it, I asked my mom to put it again and again, it was all for me; I wanted to be something like that, to be able to help people with a smile, to be their hope.” 

Todoroki waited, expecting something more; a backstory about a tragic situation, maybe an accident he was involved and for that reason he wanted to be there for others. However, he remains silent, lost in his thoughts and for once, not speaking out loud. 

“That’s it?” Shouto bluntly says, because this is the extent of his social skills.  

“What?” Midoriya just looks at him, kind of embarrass now. Todoroki just wants to snap himself. 

“I mean, I was just surprised” He admitted “You are seeing so decided to succeed and fight, the fact that you only do it for the sake of others is…kind of a surprise for me.” 

The alpha just smiles, kind of awkwardly, and somehow charming, but he does “You need any more reason to be a hero than help others?” Is a question, yet he doesn’t look for an answer. And again, Shouto stares at him, surprised. 

He vaguely remembers when he was younger, when he could be with his siblings without issues and watch movies, cartoons and others; he remembers the heroes of those stories. Noble and humble; the kind of hero everybody expect would save you, one that does for the act of helping. After his dad and the face of the hero industry, he thought those people were only part of stories; that real heroes were only the ones from the first quirk generation that did it when it was still illegal; yet today was for money and fame. 

But there he was, the one who not only say it; prove to him in the battlefield that selfless people still exist. And just like that, his plain classmate just became more fascinating. 

The next day had a lot more movement, with everybody excited for the next days. They were going to their internships, it was just a matter of picking your outfit, going to the station and then everybody goes on their own.

Endeavor asked to go with him in the morning and forget those procedures, yet he needed to pick his suit, or his clothes just would end ruined; so, he accepted that. Technically he could request to took it the day before and do as he said; not that Enji needed to know that. Just because he decided to keep moving forward doesn’t mean he liked to be at his side, and if he had the opportunity to not expend extra time with him, he would take it.

Good enough, with his classmates being so happy about going in the field, he wasn’t in need to say a lot and just listen to the chitchat. Iida was going to Hosu, Uraraka would go with a hero called Gunhead, Asui with some sailor-heroes; they hear more names out there from others, but he only concentrated to remember of the group he is usually in. Still wasn’t sure if this was ‘friendship’ but still, remember it for future conversations couldn’t hurt, right?

It was useful he didn’t need to say anything, because his mind was focused on Iida. They didn’t know each other, and these days he appeared to me quieter than in previous ones; at first, he thought he may be mad at him for the battle, until he notice also Midoriya and Uraraka were worried, so perhaps this wasn’t on him. Shouto wasn’t a people person, and he would not think he is good reading people; Iida’s face brings him some memories, ones of him on the mirror every time he wakes up and just wanted to finish with whatever bullshit his dad had.

That wasn’t a good signal, and that was the only thing he had. While he could have his own theories, it felt wrong try to approach the president of the class and assume the situation; he wasn’t like Midoriya who could just get involved so easily. So, he just saw how him and Uraraka approached Iida; and hoped that whatever the young hero says to him, he would listen. If somebody could help with that type of problem, he was sure was Midoriya. Unsure what else to do, he only moves away, on his own direction.

Once he was in the subway, alone and in the way to the Endeavor agency, part of him wished he could just go somewhere else. Not that it was a bad idea, he knew it make sense and could help him learn how somebody like him could get that far; yet the most childish part of him, in the inside, wished he could go away. Maybe with Iida, to learn what he was doing and perhaps learn what was troubling him, with Uraraka, that was going with a hero expert on hang-and-hand combat, what was lacking on him; he could almost picture himself aside Midoriya, learning for the mysterious man that would be his mentor, and learning to be a selfless hero just like him.

He just shook his head, getting away from those ideas “What I’m thinking? I never got interest to be with others, just because I’m fine around them, doesn’t mean I like them…right?” Is not like he wanted to insist in being alone, not now; yet, the idea of being with people voluntarily and liking the idea of being at their side…that was a foreign concept in his mind.    

With that in his mind, he got into the station where following the instructions of his dad, a black limousine was waiting outside; he could use it where UA drop them, yet with the traffic the train was a better idea. This last one he didn’t mention; but also, he didn’t like to point out on his direction how different was from the others, in front of them. He was already tired of people remembering how he was the son of Endeavor, to also have his classmates like that.

What the others would think?” Shouto thought for a second, going again for the group of people he had been seeing this past days “Iida also comes from a family of heroes, so perhaps he has more idea, Asui would probably don’t say a lot more than being surprised, Midoriya and Uraraka perhaps would be impressed, I know Uraraka doesn’t come from a family with money” he remember from previous comments, about how she needed to save all she can.

It was unnecessary, let his mind go to those kinds of places, but a place in his heart couldn’t stop worrying about it. Curiously enough since he hasn’t seen them that much, and yet-

“Todoroki-san” The chauffeur said, waking him from his thoughts “We are here”

He just takes his stuff, and goes out of the car, hoping he will survive the next days. 

It was a coincidence he also got to be in Hosu.

Instead of how he imagined before, being with Iida in whatever agency he has and talking while patrolling, he was there thanks for his father. The last place the Hero Killer had been was in there, of course he would want to catch somebody as problematic as him. It feels kind of stupid to go the agency if they would move later, then he learned why.

His dad was showing off.

Perhaps wasn’t that the right term; in the short time they were there he could see the different heroes under his command, assistants, a little bit of the dynamic and paperwork needed. He saw Endeavor under the light of a leader instead of a tyrant like in his house, with people who actually had respect for him and were eager to listen.

So was him.

He couldn’t remember the last time he actually pays attention to his words by his own will, and while it was annoying at times--as annoying as seen a lot a person you don’t like--behind those feelings, he gets it. Enji was calm and firm, giving clear instructions that could save them time to the people who were clearly meant for the job; while didn’t saw anybody at his level, he has enough respect for them to at least acknowledge their presence and listen if he thought they could say something useful. 

The first day of patrolling wasn’t that interested, going down the streets, don’t let the civilians slow you down --harsher that he thought was needed, but worked--, let the other heroes ask questions and look for clues for Stain. There were a couple of instances like a robbery of a store and also somebody running out with a pursue; stuff so little that Shouto wasn’t in need to move while his dad resolve everything in a blink of an eye. He had been the target of those punches for so long, he forgot how effective they could be with people who clearly weren’t accustom to that type of job.

Luckily enough it was so tired he could sleep easy that night and be ready for the next day again.

He couldn’t know how that would be his first challenge against a real criminal.