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When Shouto wake up that day, the idea of going to UA was kind of…excited? Maybe that wasn’t the word, but most like something to look forward to, even is possible nothing had changed at all.

It was funny, it had only been a couple of days since he was there, yet it almost feels like an eternity. Perhaps it had something to do with the meeting of his mother yesterday, it was only some hours and still, is like his life had to change it in ways that appear to be impossible before. The last 72 hours had changed the way he views things more than the last 5 years.

He looked around his room, like expecting things to look different. It was the same tatami mats, his futon being wrinkle for him moving at night --he always takes some time to sleep looking for the perfect position, so this happens he wants it or not--, his low desk where he can knee to do his homework or read, with the school books that were the same of the beginning of this scholar year.

The light is trespassing his window, illuminating his space without need of artificial light. His eyes follow until he sees how outside looks like, and he can notice how flowers are starting to fade and yet, the leaves are getting a vibrant green and bigger every day. Putting a hand on the sunlight, he feels warm.

Summer is coming,” He thinks, remembering the little buds of the beginning of the year; even if nothing in his house had changed, nature would do it without you notice it “I guess the temperatures would start getting even more warmer

Maybe not only the outside was getting warmer.

Before he could think more about it, he listens to a soft knock, so silent that he could have mistaken for his imagination “Shouto, breakfast would be ready soon” Fuyumi says, as a warning.

Even if they had maids to do that, she would always say it to him, knowing the reason why he would like to now: Enji was always the first one to eat, so it was up to him to risk being late for classes or get to be around him so early in the morning.

None of them were pleasant, yet, for once wasn’t thinking if he had the strength to not scream into his face for being annoying; thinking that perhaps, he could test if this new type of vision could hold onto other things, like him.

Is not a bad moment to test. 

He goes to his closet and starts looking for his uniform, shoving into his clothes and himself the deodorant in spray he uses to cover up his lack of natural odor, only that this name, is still some in him.

He didn’t take for the past days, in order to go clean with his mom about who he is, and also to not let her be scared about the situation he is going on right now. He didn’t want to talk about what is happening in the house, and the last thing she needed is to be worried that he was taking a lot of drugs and stuff in order to not let others know he was an omega, only because the Knothead of his dad wanted this way.

It was a matter of luck he was in a mission, so he didn’t notice, yet probably wasn’t the case that day.

Not to mention that…how the others in his classroom would react about it? Before, what they could think about him, or anything it that matter wasn’t important. It didn’t matter how curious he felt about his classroom, it wasn’t a concern until well, recent events.

For no reason, he pictured Midoriya in his head, making a conversation with him in the train until they needed to go to his station; he appeared to be kind of awkward, yet he insisted and hold most of the conversation. It was mostly about heroes, the only topic they have in common--as far as they are aware of-- and for some reason, he knew more about it than anybody else he had met. It was kind of intriguing, seeing him get facts and ramble at times; and also learn something about pros couldn’t hurt him.

Midoriya was an alpha, more by title than well, anything else. You could notice that his scent was muskier than a beta, and not sweet to be an omega, so it was the only thing else. Apart from that? No. He had never seen this guy go feral, didn’t matter how over the edge he was and how things would be easier if he let his instincts control him; he didn’t use his pheromones in order to try to submit others, and even he was shorter than him. His features were soft, and a smile that could be kind of nervous yet warm enough to make you feel safe around him, or at least safe enough to know he wasn’t a threat.

How Midoriya would feel about being an omega? He should care for it? They only have some few conversations, nothing that could mean a friendship, even if it was the closest thing to one in his life. Just because they walked together that day doesn’t mean he care for him, or maybe he does? Midoriya broke his bones for him; well, he kinda does that usually, so it may not be that important-

He shocks his head, trying to stop that train of thinking “Quit fooling around” he tells himself “It doesn’t matter anyway, is not like I’m going out” Thinking about stuff that would not happen was just a waste of time, especially when he probably would see his angry dad that day and needed his mind to concentrate on other things.

So, he takes his uniform, put it in and prepares himself for the day he will have.

Just as he predicted, when he arrives at the dining room, both his sister and his father were there. Natuso probably was gone a long time ago, he always took something fast to make and go to get the train; Shouto more than once was curious if his classes were that early, or perhaps he just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. He never got a lot of chance to interact with him, but after getting into college? It was less than usual.

For breakfast, they have miso soup, rice, rolled scramble egg and a broiled salmon with soy sauce. Their family had already put their perspectives portions and the ones for him, the seat was in front of his dad but aside with Fuyumi, so it was tolerable. With some luck, he could just sit and eat, looking all the time at his food, and he would leave without a word.

He got to finish his soup when he finally spoke.

“Have you trained more with your fire?” His tone of voice was less abrasive than usual; apparently, use his fire had to calm him a little from how the things were before. Even if he didn’t care that much for him, having less scream in his life was definitely an improvement.

“No” Was the only response he gave, taking a piece of the rolled egg and hoping that could let him understand that he was too busy eating.

Not that Endeavor understood about subtleties.

“Are you still thinking about it is right or wrong?” Then you go, the mockery and angry in his words. “It makes you powerful, what else that would mean?”

“Use it or not is my decision”

“W-Wow! This egg is amazing, right? T-Thank you, Sawoko-san” Fuyumi say, in a vain try to lead the conversation somewhere; when none of they say another word, he got up “I-I will go for more”

The entire time she was speaking and getting up, Enji never put his eyes on her, not even once. All he was looking was at him, with that disapproval glare that had been characteristic on him since he can remember. 

Truly, some things never change,” Shouto thought with bitterness, yet inhaling and exhaling “The only thing that can change is me, how I handle this is also my decision, too

Before Endeavor could say another word, Fuyumi go out of the kitchen “Dad, your agency has called you; they want you to go on a mission”

Finally, he stops seeing him, and nodded to those words. He had eaten most of his breakfast, yet wasn’t odd he didn’t finish for whatever call he has; he only has this much anyways because nobody wanted to disappoint Endeavor for not getting enough food ‘like I wasn’t paying for it!’. Without goodbyes or anything, he was on his way.

A couple of seconds after hearing the principal door close, Shouto go on his sister “Did he truly have a call?”

With a little, yet mischief smile, she responds “Is not like they didn’t need him all the time anyways”

He loses his posture a little, feeling less rigid and stress. Even if the things were complicated in his house, he knew he will always have an ally on her. 

“Oh, Hey Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya wave at him with a smile, he was reunited close to Uraraka and Iida’s spot, that was usual since they were friends. Deku welcoming him was new, not that he complained.

He may have given up to the familiarity since when they go back home together the other day, he didn’t do a lot in their conversation but was better than the silence when he did it alone; Midoriya went as far as asking for his number ‘just in case you get sick or something’. Uraraka smiled back to him as a greeting, and Iida even surprised didn’t say anything. He just nodded as response going back to them.

“Sorry Uraraka-san, I interrupt you, what you were saying before?” Midoriya got back to see the other alpha, who was playing with her fingers quite nervously; she was like that before or perhaps his presence makes her uncomfortable?

“W-Well, I wanted to ask you guys i-if any of you had been in a t-temporary mating before” She was getting red with every word, going as far as try to hide her face in her hands.

Oh, at least wasn’t him this time.

“A-A-A r-relations-ship?!” The freckle guy was almost screaming, and the brunette needed to shut him up before taking more attention of any more people; they were both really red at this point.

“P-Please don’t say it out loud” She was whispering with her hands shutting his mouth, if it was for the others ones seeing them or her own shame, Shouto couldn’t tell.

“Mmm? What the subject out of the blue? You are interested in somebody?” Iida asked, what was good because he at least appears a lot less concerned with this, bringing some sense of normality. He was also not affected by the issue, mostly because he only has some words as a reference. At least the class rep could be more useful than him on this, or he hoped.

She nodded “W-Well you weren’t there, but after the Sports Festival, T-Tsuyu-chan and I were heading home alone because we live closer, a-a-and she ask me t-to be her partner, j-just for fake mating and t-that stuff!” She explained, still very blushed but at least been able to tell.

Asui and her? That was a surprise; he didn’t pay attention to any of them before, since they weren’t that much of a fighter that could make him actually care, so he didn’t know they were friends in first place, or more since they could get this far. He was inexperienced in this matter, yet this type of relationship appears to be quite…intimate, and the fact that she was like this was proof.

“An omega asking an alpha? That is quite a surprise, not offense though” That comment was from Iida; so, this wasn’t the norm? This may be useful; none of them knew he was homeschooled, and he prefers it to keep it like that, he didn’t want to think how odd would be for them that this type of stuff was a puzzle for him, even if social norms should be something everybody should know just by living.

All thanks to Endeavor.

“I-It’s fine, I don’t mind, it was just a surprise, I guess? We are friends and all, but this well, I didn’t think it would happen” She was back playing with the tip of her fingers, but at least her face was going back to the original color “That is why I was asking, I want to know if any of you have experience with this and well, what I should do.”

“S-Sorry, I haven’t been in one, so I don’t know, I-I don’t even have experience with dates or anything” That last part was almost a whisper from Midoriya, so you needed to be close enough to hear it. That was actually a surprise for Todoroki; he was friendly and warm with everybody, not to mention that you could feel confident enough with him around. How is that he didn’t get anybody like that?

“I’m afraid I’m in a similar situation Uraraka-san; I’m a beta so I don’t have a necessity to look for one, and my last school actually prohibit that kind of relationship between students” That actually make sense, not to mention that for how formal Iida appear to be, he can hardly see him being in a relationship that can interfere with his studies.

Then three pairs of eyes focus on him, and it took him some seconds until notice they were waiting for his response. Oh, right.

“I…I haven’t present yet, so I didn’t form that type of bond with anybody” Surprisingly enough for him, he feels bad for lying to them; is not like they were close or anything, yet he didn’t like saying those words. That was odd, he hasn’t gotten any problem before. 

Even if it was an anomaly, everybody just nods and go back to the conversation; what he silently thanks since he didn’t want to continue with the lies. He didn’t reveal to anybody that he was an omega and prefer it to keep it like that.

Some things are better to keep a secret, for a while at least.

The work for today was at least more interesting than what he thought, not that he was as excited as any of his classmates.

Chose the hero name. 

It was important after all, like Midnight say; the name you got would be one you will be recognized later in your career, what you want to be and what want people to remember about you. Since he got the most offers, would be surprised if other heroes and the media were looking forward to him; so, he wasn’t going to escape from the attention any time soon.

For somebody who was being trained to become a hero all his life, it was curious that a detail like that didn’t go through his mind before. 

For what he can hear, a lot of the students have hero names in minds since they were children; something they liked since elementary school or before. It didn’t matter if he tries, he was sure he couldn’t recall such memories; the little childhood he has was a long time ago, and if he thought of something or not, it probably couldn’t get what he wanted to be. 

By the way, what he wanted to be in the future?

His only goal in life until recently, got stronger with his ice and be greater than his father was. Not for fame, glory or money; just as revenge to show him, he could do it without anything from him. Now that appears to be more of a child tantrum than a specific goal; and without that, he was left with nothing.

What was he picturing in the future? He could imagine the next years, going in this school, perfectionating the use of his quirk, maybe Midoriya, Uraraka, and the others would be there. That only lasted until the third year, then, what he would do?

Make his own agency? Join another one? Be a sidekick before being on his own? Or be awhile in another country like All Might. 

A lot of possibilities, none of them more appealing than the other and wasn’t important to get an answer soon; yet, a direction would be nice.

For a moment his eyes go to Midoriya, who was playing with the marker in his hands and thinking about his own name. It was good to know he wasn’t the only one having issues to decide; it was ironic since how decided the freckled guy sounded in the fight, like this was the way he always desired to be; and still, didn’t have something like the name.

Which direction he should go?

It’s your power, isn’t it?!” That scream plays in his mind again, and that is the only thing he wants to do. Whatever it was, would be his decision, his future. 

His; maybe he had an idea after all.

Writing quickly on the board he has, doesn’t take a lot of time to go to the desk and say his idea.

“Shouto” No title, no pretty ways to write it or even a special way to say it; just his name. Without too much surprise, people reacted a little odd about it.

“Just your name?” That was Midnight response, at least without rejecting it like the other ones. Not she, but anybody in the class got the idea for what he was looking for. Somehow, that make him feel calm; that was still too personal for somebody to catch.


He perhaps didn’t know what he would do with his life, or even what desires he has for the future; but for now, looking to be his true self was a satisfying goal for now.