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Omega Days

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Shouto learns quirks before secondary genders; at the age of seven he could understand how temperature could affect how big his flame or his ice could be, and also how dependent was his resistance in order to keep the pace. But he couldn’t understand what some of the maids were talking about ‘Todoroki-sama using too much his alpha voice’ or ‘The oppressive hormones would probably be suffocating the child’. These phrases were a lot in his mind, in order to think about something else than his personal classes or the training.

He didn’t trust his tutor, being always obedient to his father and telling him everything; and he probably would put extra work on him because ‘if you have time to think about useless stuff, then you can work more!’ and he wasn’t risking to that. The servants were a little better, yet, most of them keep a distance of him and were taking care of his siblings; it wasn’t safe to say something to them.

He…he wasn’t so close to his family, not since he got his quirk; because there were in another ‘world’ or something like that, and of course, nothing in this house was secret if he was in the place.

But that day he was in a mission, nobody told him when he was supposed to be back, yet, the idea that he would not be on time for eating was good enough for him. He makes sure to make his classes and exercise as usual, like he didn’t have a plan on anything; once he was finally free and requested to take a bath, he stopped in the door of his big sister and knock the door.

“What is the matter?” She opens the door soon, looking a little bit up, expecting somebody from the service since her parent wasn’t around; she realizes of the mistake and looks more down, incapable of hiding her surprise “Shouto?”

He hasn’t checked the time yet, however, she was still in her school uniform, but with the jacket open and with her tie somewhere in the room. She had a little messy braid under her shoulders, making more complicated than usual notice the red in there, he could notice some more acne than before in her face, but decides to not comment about it.

“I-I need help” When was the last time he said something similar? It was difficult to tell; if they talk, is normally some regular stuff, like new hobbies, new ways to use their quirks, how was your day; short sentences without too much meaning behind it. Yet he was sure she was trying to have some type of relationship with him, especially since…Touya; not that he could remember too much about him at this point. Natsuo would probably be outside with his friends or playing, always going outside as much as he could.

Fuyumi put back her glasses, catching more of her attention “What is it?”

“What is an alpha?”

The eyes of her sister grew bigger, and without a second thought look at the hall, making sure nobody else was there “You don’t know?” That last bit was murmured

“Nobody had explained to me, but I hear that word about our father a lot” He wasn’t sure why was necessary to mutter, yet being sure if his sister did it, it really could let them in trouble “I-I don’t have anybody else to ask”

The older one was in conflict; she didn’t understand why nobody told him about the dynamics, even if he didn’t interact with anybody besides the people in the house, he would need it at some point. Whatever was the reason, she certainly wasn’t thrilled by the idea of breaking any hidden plot to make Shouto unaware. On the other hand, it has been years since they had been this long together, and he was seeking her help; her family was fallen apart so much, but she wanted to keep the pieces even if the image would never be complete. Risking losing the little trust of her little brother wasn’t a choice.

She could keep it simple and tell him to not say a word until it was the time.

“Come here, I will try to not make the explanation too long; I don’t think they would notice you being unsupervised.”

He didn’t notice until then, but the youngest in the Todoroki family exhale of relief to that words. It was good to know that even in that circumstances, he still has an ally there. 

Shouto was ten when they already told him what the dynamics were about, at least by his teacher and not just his very flustered sister; even if she actually tries to explain in a family way instead of just medical terms. To this day he wasn’t sure why to wait until that day, he was aware that he would not know which his secondary gender would be until puberty, but that doesn’t mean he was happy that something this important was being hidden.

When he asked his father, he only told him that wasn’t important at the time and he would not waste time with things that didn’t matter. Knothead.

Internet was useful for this; he wasn’t really interested in the tool and he had limited time with it, but at least he could have a conversation about the news and what was happening in the outside world without getting completely lost. After a little research, it made sense how his father was an alpha by his personality; even if it was a cliché, the douchy asshole who thinks is above everyone really fit him.

It also made sense with Fuyumi; her calm and reserved personality fit the role of the beta she was. He knew Natsuo was also a beta, but he hasn’t got enough time with him to know if he was above stereotypes or not; Touya was also an alpha. The only omega in their family was his mom.

Mom used to do this all the time for us,” Fuyumi told him once, putting a lot of comfy sheets and pillows in a corner “Omegas know by instinct how to make a nest, and is natural of them to rest there, same with their puppies!

He couldn’t remember; even being only ten, their memories with the only parent he did like were fading away. He hasn’t told this to anyone, neither how sad this made him. The bigger one may have noticed, by the fact she made a nest for him.

It may not be like hers, but I hope you like it,” She told him with a hand on her nape; the nest was most of the stuff you would expect in a bed, including the plushies. He didn’t understand the attraction of doing in that instead of the bed at that moment, but after resting there, he notices why.

The blanket smelled like her, making him feel she was there even if at that moment she was in her school, taking classes and far away from him. The weight of all the stuff was like a hug, feeling warm and fuzzy; and because he was in the corner, he could rest safely against the wall, being capable of notice who could cross the door in any time and get up if it needed it.

He would go to her room to rest when he had time between the lessons, or he will go to the room just for the scent if he was stressed. Fuyumi was the only family he could trust at this moment, and even if she wasn’t an omega or his mother to naturally comfort him; just the thought of her helped a little.

In many occasions had thought of how would be if it was his mom the one making the nest, more naturally the way it should be, not only for the biological instincts but also thinking in her pups in order to make it. He had even thought if he could make one in his room, in the hope that it could him to rest better in the nights.

If he was an omega he could know how to do it without thinking too much about it, it must be in him if it was the case, right? His dad would probably prefer an alpha; not only of the idea of ranking, but other despicable uses like his scent and pressure natural of the cast to make others bend to his will. He would not mind being a beta; being capable of having a calm scent would definitely help with victims and in emergencies, plus not to have ruts or heats to disturb his schedule would be good.

Being an omega…he wasn’t sure what to think; it would be good piss the old man in a way it would be impossible to change. How the heats could make alterations to his work and studies was difficult to tell at this point; he wasn’t thrilled of the idea of being an Oma, not that he hoped to get a mate anyways.

On the other hand, it may sound odd; but the idea of being an omega somehow make him feel closer to his mother, even if it was just by the idea that she passes through the same changes he would make in that case.

Is not like it matter right now, only time could say.  

He was thirteen when he found the answer.

In retrospective, the signals were there. He was feeling more tired every time, he wanted to be closer to everybody-being with Fuyumi was normal, but the need to rest his head in his teacher’s lap wasn’t-, and before thinking too much about it, he makes his own nest. He thought it was just to piss his father; not noticing how sleepy he was in the moment he did, and how natural was for him.

He did some space in the closet, preferring something small and dark. He took the fluffiest blanket he owns, pillows, borrow some clothes and plushies from Fuyumi, steals some laundry from Natsuo-yeah, to that point it was-and took the sheet his sister told him, it was from mom when she was living with them. It looked more like a literal nest, but it was cozy and with the smell of his family everything was easier to bear; before he notices, he was sleeping there every night, waking up early enough to nobody noticed he wasn’t in his bed.

That Saturday was different.

His skin was feverish and hot, almost to the point of break to sweat, but it didn’t matter how febrile he was feeling, the idea of getting out of the nest and the warmth was worse somehow, like being unprotected of the outside world. He has been hours trying to find a comfortable position, a better arrange of the nest, but it didn’t matter, it was never good enough.

He heard steps into his room, and he was feeling on guard; it didn’t matter who was in the other side of the door, he was feeling vulnerable and something inside him was telling ‘nobody is allowed here, get out

“Young master, where are you? You need to get ready for your classes!” It was the voice of one of the servants, he thought it may be Kasumi, but his mind wasn’t really in the place to remember voices. Without thinking, he was growling inside of the closet, and a little bit of ice was out his space, like a warning. “What?”

Sadly, it was that what finally point where he was. The door open, revealing a young servant in a traditional yukata, with her brown hair in a perfect bun to let her work without the problem of the hair in the eyes; the ones who were gray and were looking with surprise at him. Even in his sick state, he could notice the scent of a worried omega; he growls anyway, she wasn’t welcome there and against his best judgment, he would definitely put her out with his quirk if it needed it.

“Oh my dear”

“Where is Shoto!? He is late!” He could hear his father in the hall, what let him to create some icicles; he didn’t have the mood for this bullshit right now. Kasumi, who actually understood the situation; close the door of the closet and go to his master.

The smell of his father was in the room, he notices even inside the closet; since when his nose is that good?

“Todoroki-sama, you can’t train the young master now, he-”

“He is sick? Call the doctor and let him some medicine! He needs to be back on training as soon as possible.”

“I’m afraid the doctor can’t make too much now, we need to wait.”


It was impossible for the dual user to tell, but he was sure he could hear the maid swallow, obviously afraid of being the one telling the news.

“Young master is in a fake heat, he is an omega.”

The mind of Shoto stops at that moment, almost not noticing the scream of wrath that was coming from his parent.