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havenfall is for lovers group chat

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Hotsexy named chat  "a supernatural mess"

andcheese: ok accurate

Hotsexy : Hey babes

Hotsexy : (message was for everyone except Alex)

andcheese : what did i do?

Hotsexy : Have the name “and cheese”

andcheese : it goes w mac…

Hotsexy : Well I don’t like it

andcheese : youre a hater jd

mac : Are you upset that no one will make cute names with you?

Hotsexy : No I’m upset that you think this is acceptable

andcheese : like “hotsexy” is any better. it really conceals your obsession w yourself well...

chickennuggets : macandcheese is really cute ! i think so <3

chickennuggets2 : Yeah me too

Hotsexy : I just know I’m beautiful, that’s all

Hotsexy : Um who are y’all

djinnnotgenie : Hi everyone sorry im late

Diego. : Hello.

Hotsexy : Who is chickennuggets and their follower ?!?!

Hotsexy : Wow Diego really leaving everyone guessing with that name

Diego. : I prefer my recipients to know who they’re speaking to.

Hotsexy : Bruh did this man really say “recipients”

djinnnotgenie : Are you really surprised at this point

andcheese : leave diego alone hot ass

Hotsexy : Lmao ok wolf pussy

andcheese : fuck u

chickennuggets : (/.\)

chickennuggets2 : Off

chickennuggets2 : Oof *

Hotsexy : I

Hotsexy : Ok

mac : I think we should actually talk about the reason we’re here and not my fiancee’s vagina

Hotsexy : Okay that’s all fine and dandy but who are cn and cn2

chickennuggets : it’s anabelleeeeeeee <3

chickennuggets2 : Daamien

chickennuggets2 : Damien *

Hotsexy : Oh more of macandcheese’s friends

andcheese : yaaaaaaaay you finally recognized it

djinnnotgenie : This isnt going anywhere

Mac : Clearly

djinnnotgenie : You guys wanna come to the bowling alley and speak face to face I can make some food

Hotsexy : Which I’ll eat before you guys even get here >:)

andcheese : BET

Diego. : I am already here.

notacodeblackagent : Hey guys sorry abt the delay im clogged w work but uh i dont think me and gwen will be able to make it, im sorry.

gisforgwenthegay : im basically her pet, i go where she goes

notacodeblackagent : shut up

djinnnotgenie : No worries lovelies we’ll see you another time

mac : ^^ I hope you two are alright

andcheese : GRACE

notacodeblackagent : can’t stay here for long, this burner only lasts for so long.

gisforgwenthegay : wow i feel the excitement from you alex

andcheese : sorry...i just havent heard from my sister in a while

Hotsexy : Every minute you waste is another minute food is being shoveled into my body

Diego. : I can confirm.

andcheese : UGH im comin dammit !! grace i love you pls text me when you get the time

andcheese : you too gwen. if u want

notacodeblackagent : i love you too sis ! ill talk to you guys later.

Hotsexy : No texting and driving wolfie

mac : She isn’t

chickennuggets : aw thats so sweet we’re on our way right now

andcheese : you guys running?

chickennuggets2 : Yeth

andcheese : OK WE’RE HERE