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Tiny Suga, big problems

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There was nothing to do.

Despite it being Friday evening, Jungkook's favorite time of the week, there was nothing to do in their apartment that entertained him for more than five minutes.

Scrolling through ARMY tweets was quite interesting with all the memes, theories and edits that the fanbase came up with, yet since they hadn't released a new MV for some time due to taking a well-deserved break, it was quieter than usual, apart from the occasional 'I hope you all enjoy your break!' tweet.

He wasn't particularly fond of exercising either, still recovering from the awful muscle soreness that he got the other day and he also wasn't in the mood to write a song or work on anything else.

His body was itching to do something, but he didn't know what it wanted which made him jumpy in return.

Groaning, he rolled around in his bed to grasp the remote control he had on his nightstand, only to not do anything with it and set it down again as he realized he wasn't in the mood to watch TV.

Then what was he in the mood for?


A fleeting gaze towards his console informed him that a video game wasn't the right choice, but generally speaking, a game didn't sound all that bad.

Jungkook lazily reached for his phone, unlocking it and typing Fun games when bored into the Google search bar.

A lot of suggestions came up, however, none of the games seemed notable, so he continued browsing until he stumbled over a forum that caught his attention right away, if only because it was so ridiculously serious.

If you're bored, why not try to pass the time with a little magic spell?

He almost snorted with laughter at the sheer graveness conveyed by this sentence, yet he felt like humoring the creator of this article and therefore continued reading.

You may think magic doesn't exist, but it does.

Well, can't argue with that logic, he supposed.

If you don't believe me, continue reading, I'm gonna show you how to execute a few easy spells and let them convince you.

He didn't believe this article for a second, but since he didn't have anything better to do with his Friday evening, he might as well go ahead and try to learn some spells that he could use to scare the other members with.

Although he actually doubted one of them would fall for such a stupid thing as they were already way past the age where stories about magic sounded believable.

But it was worth a try anyway.

Before we begin, please choose a person that you want the spell to affect.

Jungkook lingered on that question longer than necessary, fully aware that it actually didn't matter since the spell wouldn't work anyway, but still wanting to make sure that he chose an appropriate target for his little experiment.

He wouldn't go for any of the other maknaes, Taehyung would probably not care about the spell in any case and he had already teased Jimin enough this week, so that left the rap line and Jin.

Without even knowing why, his thoughts automatically trailed to Suga, deeming the second oldest the most interesting to experiment on.

Nodding to himself, he sat up in his bed, suddenly feeling much more awake and excited for what he was about to do.

Make sure you have either of the following of your person: a hair, a drop of blood or a voodoo doll specifically designed for them.

He didn't have any of that though... at least not at hand.

However, Suga did room with Jimin right now, so he might be able to let himself in if he pretended to have come to apologize for his teasing.

Then again, did he really want to put so much effort into this?

Before his consciousness could make a decision, he placed the phone back on his nightstand and strolled towards the door.

It was only 8.30pm, so it wasn't surprising that he still heard some talking behind the other member's doors, although most of them tried to keep their voices low to not disturb the others.

Jungkook let himself into Jimin and Yoongi's room, not even bothering to knock since all members just randomly burst into each other's rooms at all times.

''Hey, Kookie'', Taehyung greeted, pausing the video he had been watching with Jimin to properly acknowledge his best friend. ''Want to join in?''

He patted the space next to him on the bed, presumably Yoongi's half for it had the neck pillow he loved so much lying on it.

Suga himself was at the table, his back to the maknaes while he was working on a new song, scribbling lyrics down and erasing them again in a haste when they didn't fit his concept.

They were on vacation and yet he was still working?

Something must be bothering him...

''Yoongi-hyung?'', he tried, his experiment momentarily forgotten as he stepped closer, but Taehyung immediately shook his head, telling him it was not a good idea to disturb their hyung right now.

Reluctantly, Jungkook moved over to the other maknaes, settling down on the bed next to them and pretending to watch the video while his gaze continously flickered over to the desk.

''Don't worry about him'', Jimin assured the youngest after seeing that he was a little distracted. ''Jin dragged him out today to do the shopping and now he has to recharge.''

This actually made Jungkook feel better and he was able to concentrate on his task that had made him go here in the first place.

His hand slowly crept towards Suga's beloved pillow, feeling for a hair and almost laughing in relief when he stumbled upon one, quickly grabbing it and withdrawing his hand.

He got it!

His heart made a happy leap and he couldn't help but grin which Taehyung took as a confirmation that the video he had picked out was just as funny as he thought.

It took a while until the opportunity rose to return to his own room, but once he was there, he couldn't hold back a joyous squeal as he raced towards his bed and resumed reading where he had left off, Yoongi's hair still in hand.

Make sure you are undisturbed while executing the spell. Sudden noises disturb your concentration and cause unforeseen side effects.

That shouldn't be a problem. Everyone was busy in their rooms and therefore nobody should barge into here.

Keyword being should.

For a minute, Jungkook considered locking the door, but he dismissed the thought immediately after.

No reason to be overcautious.

To achieve a satisfying result, I recommend choosing a spell whose effect you will see instantly, but feel free to choose any of the following.

A list of maybe 30 spells appeared on the screen, yet none of them had a coherent name, they were instead made up of symbols and numbers that he didn't understand what they meant.

The creator probably did this to make the spells look more mysterious than they really were, so Jungkook shrugged it off and randomly chose one of the options.

You will now be performing the %@(/#*) spell. To execute this spell, simply relax and recite the words that will appear on screen.

Click start when you are ready.

He hesitated, suddenly feeling anxious.

This was dumb, he had no reason to do this.

The spell could be harmful and that was about the last thing he would want to do to one of his members.

He should just find something else to do...

Swallowing uneasily, he stared at the screen again, noticing the 'start' button that was blinking impatiently, telling him to hurry up.

Something about this whole situation was giving him goosebumps, but he couldn't determine the exact cause.

Maybe it was the fact that he was about to perform an actual spell without being aware of the consequences it might have, but maybe it was also the fact that he was suddenly so serious about this when he had laughed the whole thing off as a joke earlier.

It didn't feel right and yet at the same time... it was only a joke after all, right?

This website had merely scared him into believing that magic existed, but it did not. It simply did not and nothing would happen.


He laughed nervously as if trying to convince himself of his words, then shook his head violently to get his doubts out of his head.

Nothing would happen and he would proof this to himself by performing this stupid spell that he had prepared for so stupidly.

Jungkook took a deep breath, chasing away any lingering doubts and clicked 'start' which resulted in several words appearing on the screen in an instant, along with a timer at the top.

He started reciting the difficult words with ease, although a bit hastily and a bit loudly because he didn't hear the advancing footsteps or the door to his room open.

''Kookie, can I have your- what are you doing?''

This, he did hear, and he let out a surprised scream, dropping the phone (and the hair) to stare at Taehyung as if he had just walked in on him committing a murder.

His brain froze for a few seconds, unable to determine what to do next, but as soon as he had gotten over the initial shock of V just suddenly appearing in his room, he went into another shock.

He had been disturbed. He had messed up the spell.

He had... oh god...

'Sudden noises cause unforeseen side effects.'

A jolt went through his body and he dashed out of the door and towards Yoongi's room, already screaming his brother's name.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, what had he done?

How bad was it?

What was it?

He pushed the door open with a force that caused it to bang loudly against the wall and bounce back, but it didn't matter.

Jimin looked confused and terrified by his sudden, violent entry, but it didn't matter.

He scanned the room wildly for any traces of Suga, yet he was no longer at the table which confirmed his fears and caused a lump to form in his throat.

This was his fault.

''No, no, no, no, no!''

Panic rose in his chest, only fueled when Jimin took him by the shoulders and turned him around, worry evident in his eyes.

''Jungkook, what's the matter?''

Jungkook could barely form a proper sentence, so he settled for saying ''Yoongi-hyung...'' instead, hoping the other would understand.

''What about him?''

He did not.

''He's... he's...''

He was about to say 'missing' when the door to the bathroom suddenly opened, revealing Yoongi who had apparently just showered and was now irritated by his dongsaeng who stared at him wide-eyed and incredibly shocked.

Jungkook blinked rapidly a few times, not believing his eyes, while relief washed over him along with embarressment.

It was bullshit. This entire spell thing was bullshit.

Yoongi was still here. He was alright.

Behind him, Taehyung seemed to have entered the room, but he barely noticed it, instead crossing the room with quick steps to embrace Yoongi who hesitated briefly before putting his arms around him as well.

''What's it with you?'', he mumbled, wanting to sound annoyed but actually sounding warm.

''I'm so glad you're okay, hyung.''

''What do you mean? Of course I'm okay.''

He tried to push the maknae away from him, only to find that he was holding Yoongi with a strength that made it impossible to detach him.

For a while, they stood like this, while Jungkook slowly calmed down from his shock and got his heartbeat and breathing to a normal level.

He outright refused to let go of his hyung, clinging onto him as if his life depended on it, even after all members had gathered in the room, having been informed by V on what had happened.

Even after he had found back to his usual self, he still held onto Suga for reasons that weren't apparent to anyone, least of all himself.

It was like he wanted to chase away a bad omen with his embrace, but it was already too late for that.

It was already too late, so he had no choice but to step away from Yoongi eventually, although not without saying ''I'm glad you're okay'' in a raspy voice again.