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I saw my life in a stranger's face (And it was mine)

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 Yoonmin art

The world doesn't turn, the moon doesn't shine, everything comes to a static pace, but it isn't a pace anymore.


Jimin is running late, and Yoongi isn’t helping a bit, as he is clung to him like a Koala. “Yoongiii!” he groans in desperation. Yoongi just grunts but makes no move.
Jimin wriggles in his grasp, and tries to reach and pull his pants up, but he can’t because Yoongi is now mouthing at his nape. Jimin lets out a loud whine, “please baby I’m running late, Jin hyung will kill me, if I don’t make it on time.”

Yoongi smiles sheepishly, and hums but says nothing and goes back to his previous ministrations. His attention now goes to Jimin’s ear lobe, and he is happily sucking on it. Jimin knows his husband will not let him go if he doesn’t do the ultimate, but it feels so good when he does that with his earlobe. Then again, Jin’s furious face comes into his mind’s vision and he unwillingly reaches behind to tickle Yoongi’s sides.

The trick works immediately, and Yoongi is off of his back, but he takes it as an insult and growls low in his throat and about to jump at Jimin again, Jimin is faster enough to pull up his pant and gets out of the bedroom door. When he has taken the car key from the hall table, and is taking his pea-coat from the rack, Yoongi is stands at the bedroom door, all defeated and huffs disappointingly at his husband.

“It’s Saturday, and hyung’s got the appointment today!”
“I’m going to murder him in his sleep, Namjoon will not even know.” Yoongi fumes.

At this Jimin giggles softly, “I’ll see you tonight baby, and no murdering my favorite hyung okay?” he rolls his eyes at him.

“At least let me drive you!” Yoongi tries lastly.

Jimin shakes his head, “You‘ve just came back from work, I can’t let you drive now, go sleep, I’ll try to come home as soon as I’m finished.”

Yoongi says nothing but comes forward to close the gap with Jimin, and kisses him with all the passion he had after a long night of work, he poured them into that kiss. When they parts Jimin is out of breath, but he’s smiling all the same. He just silently mouths bye to his love sick hubi, and closes the door behind him.

Jimin is really late when he reaches Jin’s office, and the client he is supposed to meet is already there. When he enters the door he apologizes to both parties profusely, and looks at Jin, who is looking all professional, but Jimin gets a sharp look from him, and he bows again to apologize.

The man in front of Jin then comes forward to shake his hand with Jimin. At first he is taken aback that the man is not showing any sign of irritation for Jimin being late but he has a gentle and rather bright smile plastered on his face.

Jimin shakes his hand and the man speaks. “Hi Jimin my name is Jung Hoseok, and I’m very interested in your modern sculptures.”

“Hello, Hoseok ssi, I’m really glad to hear that and I really want to apologise for being late.” he just can’t take his eyes off the man, he looks so bright!

Hoseok laughs heartily, “Oh no, Jimin, I hope I can call you Jimin right?” he looks at Jimin eagerly.

“Oh ye.. yes sure!” Jimin becomes slightly flustered.

“Good.. you should also call me hyung, as we will be working together.”
“And you don’t have to apologise, I was a having a great talk with Jin hyung here. After all we’ve met after a long break.”

This time Jin clears his throat, and leans towards the desk. “Yes Hoseokah, and I’ve missed you, but you are sure about the deal are you?”

“Yes I’m very sure. I liked the art pieces, and if Jimin can work for my company project, I will be more than happy.”

Jimin looks eagerly at Jin now, who is shuffling through some papers, and then he gives a set of paper to Jimin.

“Jiminah, I need you to look at the papers, and then you can decide. No pressure at all.”

Jimin nods and takes the papers to go through it. The contract is crystal clear, and has no hidden spots in it. It says, Jimin has to be in charge of the modern sculptures for the High tide group and co. And he has to work for them, until he finishes his project which is of one year. It’s also mentioned that Jung Hoseok will be there with him, if he needs any help, as he is the assistant VP of designs for the company.

Jimin reads the papers, and then gives it back to Jin. “It’s ok with me hyung.”

Jin gives him a small smile, and turns towards Hoseok. “Okay, so we have a deal. I will be signing as his cosigner and then Jimin will sign, and we are done with the paperworks from your side. “

Hoseok nods and smiles, “yes absolutely. You will be so happy to work with our company Jimin.”

Jimin nods smiling, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Jimin and Jin signs on the papers and after that Hoseok takes his leave saying he has to go to his office to submit the papers to his superior, and they will be meeting next week fully at work.
Jimin waves him goodbye and as soon as Hoseok is out of the door, he plops himself on the chair.

Jin turns fully towards Jimin now. “How can you be so irresponsible, when you are about to make this grand deal of your entire career!”

Jimin looks at him apologetically, “I’m sorry hyung, but I was stuck at the traffic.”

“Bullshit! I know that brat. He must have done something. Or I don’t want to hear that.” Jin makes a disgusted face.

Jimin laughs behind his hand, “but hyung, it’s not like you and Joonie hyung are any better!”

“Ah speak of the devil! He made me clean the kitchen this morning. Can you believe that it’s literally possible to destroy the kitchen with a coffee pot!” Jin huffs tiredly.

Jimin starts to laugh loudly at that. “Don’t laugh! I had to skip breakfast today, and I hate it.” Jin grumbles.

“I’m sorry hyung, so do you want to get breakfast?” Jimin asks softly.

“Nah, I don’t have the appetite for breakfast anymore. Though after we finish the work here, I will take you to lunch as promised.” Jin smiles.

So for two hours, Jin and Jimin engages themselve with all the paperwork from Jimin’s side. Jin tells him about the company, and Jung Hoseok, that he is the best in his field, and so on.

At nearly 1:30 they get up to grab lunch. Jin has always been a foodie, thus he tries to make Jimin eat everything he has ordered. Jimin refuses but fails visibly at his attempts. After 3 pm, he finally becomes free, with a promise to Jin that he and Yoongi will come for lunch the next week at Jin and Namjoon’s house.

When Jimin arrives home, Yoongi is full knocked out. So Jimin doesn’t make any sound and enters their bedroom tip toed. As much as he loves to see his husband sleeping, he also loves to wake him up with a blow job. So Jimin slowly gets up on the bad, and without making any noise he slowly starts to massage Yoongi’s sleepy cock into his hand. Yoongi doesn’t stir, so Jimin just smirks, and pulls open the pajama strings, and pulls down the pant a little, just to get access to the main part.

Jimin doesn’t waste any more time and dips his head to take his semi hard member into his mouth. Yoongi now stirs a bit at the feeling at his lower part, but doesn’t wake up from his slumber yet. On the other hand he is sucking and slurping on his cock, and leaving traits of saliva from the licking long stripes on his cock. He massages his balls with his hand at the same time he takes him deeper into his throat, and Yoongi is fully hard now. He is moaning low in his throat, but still sleeping. Jimin knows his husband that it will be just a matter of time, and Yoongi will be chanting his name. So as predicted, Yoongi starts to moan Jimin’s name, as he is humming low in his throat with a mouthful Yoongi’s cock.

Jimin is taking his cock like a pro and Yoongi still hasn’t woken up, he gets a bit annoyed at that and leaves his cock of his mouth with a pop to look at his husband, the moment he does that sinful thing, Yoongi’s hand is entangled with Jimin’s hair strands and the grip is tight. Jimin smiles at this, and goes back to the previous sucking. He sucks harder now, and Yoongi has definitely awake now, because he’s eyeing his husband with hooded eyes, lapping at his slit with so much interest. Yoongi loosens his grip on Jimin’s hair a bit and channels his fingers through his hair instead, as Jimin’s eyes are slightly watery now, he doesn’t look up though, he becomes relentless at pleasuring his husband. He laps his tongue over his balls and sucks at them now and Yoongi hisses in the bubbling pull in his abdomen but he bites his lower lip to concentrate on Jimin’s lower lip and not coming any sooner.

Jimin is not tired but he can’t ignore the impossible tightness inside his own pant and is becoming unbearable by now. So he reaches down his one hand to seek some comfort for his own, but suddenly Yoongi sits up, and hold his hand into his. He has a light playing in his irises, and he winks at Jimin. This very thing is a very well-know thing for the couple and Yoongi loves it, and Jimin isn’t far behind. So Yoongi pats his thigh, and he without even questioning removes his own pant lays down facing the end of the bed.

Jimin sighs in relief when Yoongi’s tongue brushes the slit of his cock, and he without any restraint takes Yoongi’s cock into his mouth again. Yoongi holds Jimin’s own thigh away from his face as he mouths on his hard cock. He hollows his cheeks and takes him deeper into his mouth. Jimin kind of chokes into his cock by that, but goes back to sucking on the tip, and Yoongi gets all uncontrolled urge by that and he sucks on his cock like he’s slurping on a sweet lollipop. His husband's thigh that Yoongi has on his hold, is shaking by now, and he can feel that his end is near now. Yoongi also isn’t far behind as he is moaning loudly he has Jimin’s dick almost in his throat, and he is bobbing up and down, to chase the release of his husband.

Jimin pushes one of his finger inside his mouth beside Yoongi’s cock, and wets it with saliva, and before Yoongi can place his tongue flat on Jimin’s slit, Jimin places that finger of his to give just one circle around Yoongi’s rim. The action makes Yoongi almost swallow his cock, but he recovers with and slaps hard one of his ass cheek and Without any warning Jimin is coming over Yoongi’s lips and tongue that was licking stripes on his member.

Yoongi takes his mouth back on him instantly to take all of the milky substance on his tongue, and Jimin is almost seeing white because Yoongi has orgasmed too, and his cum has reached over his eyes. He kind of forgets to lap Yoongi’s cum because he can’t see his cock properly and Yoongi is all confused so after he finishes coming and feels no tongue on his cock, he gets up with all question on his face, but he is introduced with cum blinded Jimin. Who’s lips are protruded, and his eyes are half lidded and he has cum all over his face.

Yoongi almost squawks at the scene but before Jimin starts to whine, he uses his own tongue to lick all the cum, his own cum from Jimin’s face. He giggles loudly, and tries to get rid off his licking, but Yoongi holds him tight in his embrace to finish every small drop of white substance from his husband’s face. Jimin can’t stop smiling and is finally able to look at Yoongi. Who has a very satisfied smile on his face.

Jimin pecks Yoongi’s lips softly, and quirks his head to the left, “you should have warned me that I’ve married a dog.”

Yoongi licks at his nose, and looks at his scrunched face, “I’m your dog baby.” and makes a barking sound, that leaves Jimin all giggling in his husband's hold. 

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So it was also Namjoon’s call to go home early. So when hereaches home, he meets with his almost running husband inside the kitchen. Namjoon smiles at himself, and calls out his usual sentence, “Honey I’m home.”

Jin doesn’t look up but like always rushes out of the kitchen to give a peck on his husbands lips and goes back to the cooking. Namjoon goes straight into their bedroom to change, because he knows if he lingers a minute more in there Jin will start to shout. So removing his clothes and putting them in to the laundry basket, he finally gets into the bathroom. He comes back to the living room after taking a shower, brushing his teeth, wearing fresh clothes and with an uncombed mop of wet hair.

It’s almost 7:30P.M, and Jin has already finished cooking and washing his hands before taking out the pans to fill them with food. Namjoon doesn’t dare to sit down on the couch, because he knows he will be called in a minute to put the food on the table, and set the mats on. Apparently, Jin calls, “Joonah, please help me with the mats.” He was all ready with the mats in his hand and he starts to put them on the table, and the bell rings.

Namjoon starts to contemplate whether to open the door or set the mats. But decides on the former. When he opens the door meets with another couple and that is Yoongi and Jimin. He welcomes them with a big smile. Jin gets out of the kitchen immediately, “you guys are early.” he mocks a serious face.

“I made him late the last time. This time we didn’t take any risk.” Yoongi smirks.

Jin smiles now, “oh how thoughtful of you Yoongi!” Jimin smiles at Jin and goes to give him the bottle of wine. Jin mutters a thanks to him, and gestures him to sit down. But Jimin, offers to help him. So he goes inside the kitchen with him.
Yoongi is already sitting on the couch, and looks at Namjoon finishes with placing the mats.

“So still stuck with Jin hyung eh?” Yoongi teases.

Namjoon smiles and sits beside him, “yup, I love it.”

Yoongi fist bumps with him, and Jin comes back in to the living room with food and Jimin trailing behind.

“Ah hyung! Smells really good. Tonight I’ll get to treat my tastebuds” Yoongi looks at Jimin.

Who immediately counters, “yeah sure babe, it’s like I never cook you good food. How starved are you!”

Yoongi laughs but says nothing else because Jin has set the plates now, and he signals Yoongi to sit down.

They finish their dinner and talk about so many things, and after dinner Namjoon and Yoongi offers to clean the dishes. So Jimin and Jin sits on the couch. Jimin’s eyes land on a photo hanging on the wall. Jin notices his direction, and looks at it. It’s the photo of his brother and Jin. “How long has it been I wonder?” Jimin mouths slowly.

Jin looks down from the photo, “He’s ok I guess. I just talked to him yesterday.”
“Will it be any better, if I say sorry again?” Jimin almost whispers.

Jin looks at him now, “why would you say sorry Jiminah?”
“You wanted what you wanted, and you are happy. That’s all matters.”

“Still he’s mad at me.” Jimin fiddles with his fingers.

Jin laughs “Jungkookie isn’t mad Jiminah. He’s just in denial and I know my brother, he will be fine.”

Jimin is looking for something to say back, but Yoongi enters the room, “all finished, now we go home.” He winks at his husband.
Jimin immediately looks up and his face illuminates into bright smile.
He gets up then, and they bid good night to Namjoon and Jin.

All the way to home, Yoongi talks incessantly about so many things that Jimin gets lost in his words, and a bit confused too. Because, Yoongi usually doesn’t start up conversation with, ‘let’s talk yeah!’ and then talk the entire journey to home.

Once they are inside their apartment, Yoongi presses Jimin to the door, and starts to nip at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Jimin didn’t have this in mind, he was actually thinking of going to bed and cuddle his husband, but Yoongi definitely has something else in his mind. And he is in a hurry too, as he fiddles with Jimin’s pant button. He doesn’t say anything, he lets him do his thing, and when Yoongi takes his cock into his mouth he is in no position to say no to that.

Yoongi sucks on his cock with so much vigor, like his life depends on it, and Jimin’s hand simply grabs his hair in the blooming pressure inside his abdomen. Yoongi, keeps his tongue rolling over the tip and then goes back to licking the underside. He deep throats him again, and this time, Jimin is all but gone. He tugs at his husbands hair to warn him, but Yoongi is relentless, he keeps on bobbing his head, and after 2 seconds or so, Jimin comes down his throat and Yoongi like always swallows everything.

When he meets Jimin’s eyes, Jimin cradles his face into his hands. “Let me..” he tries, but Yoongi just shakes his head and smiles, “all taken care of love.”

Jimin is too surprised by it, because Yoongi never denies his aftercare, unless something happened.
However, Jimin just nodes and pecks on his lips to taste his own cum. After that they both took turns in shower, and goes to bed.

Although, Jimin feels that sleep is hovering over his eyes, he realizes Yoongi isn’t asleep yet. He relays some previous events in his sleep dazed brain, and he comes up with nothing, but then he is about to fall asleep and a sudden thought like lightning crosses his mind. Jimin opens his eyes immediately, and turns to look at his husband, who is fiddling with his mobile. Jimin supports himself on one elbow, and Yoongi looks at him and smiles, “Sleep baby, I’ll just finish this step.”
“Hyung, did you hear that we were talking about Jungkook?” he wastes no time.

Yoongi stops playing in his mobile and stills.

“Yoongi, you heard it right?” Jimin asks again.

He looks at his husband’s worried face, but he just nods.

Jimin gets up now and puts down the mobile from Yoongi’s hand and immediately perches on his lap to face him.

Yoongi like clockwork, encircles his arms around Jimin’s waist.
“I told you it was in the past, and it’s been more than 3 years. What else are you worried off?” Jimin tries.

Yoongi leans in and kisses Jimin on the lips, and then looks at him, “I’m not, but I feel guilty sometimes.” He whispers audibly.

Jimin makes himself closer to his chest, “I feel the same, but I love you, and there will be no other. Never.” he retorts.

Yoongi smiles at him, “I love you too Jiminah, I love you so much that I don’t know if I can spend one day without you. But still, I broke someone’s heart over it.” his smile turns sad.

Jimin tips his face towards him with two of his fingers, “There’s nothing we can do now. Do you want me to cry over the fact that you did the Titanic thing with me!” he has a playful smile on his lips now.

Yoongi leans in to nuzzle into his neck, and breathes a laugh, “Titanic you say. Ok good example though.” he sighs, and feels a sense of relief washing over him now.

Jimin tilts his head to his side and captures Yoongi’s lips with his and his husband relaxes more by that. Jimin breaks the kiss after some seconds, and looks at his husband’s eyes, “There’s nothing that can literally part us Yoongi. And I will not let any guilt step between us, but if that very thing makes you blow me like that, I’ll say why not!”
Jimin smirks at him.

At that Yoongi tackles Jimin under him and starts to tickle him, and he giggles loudly, his shirt rides up on his belly and he squirms in his hold. “I’ll do whatever I like to do to you baby, you are mine, and he hungrily bites onto Jimin’s exposed belly.

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4 years ago….

Jungkook is running towards the gate, because he’s late and he promised Jimin that he’ll be there at sharp 10 am, and he obviously got all busy to show his portfolio to the client his department teacher introduced him to. He takes long breath and Jimin is nowhere to be seen, Jungkook shakes his head in disappointment, and takes his mobile out to call his boyfriend.

After three rings Jimin picks up.
“Hey!” Jungkook chirps, out of breath.
“Hi.. Kook!” Jimin replies. His voice sounds light.
“Um.. we were supposed to meet at the gate, where are you?”
“Oh right! Kookie! I’m here at the cafeteria outside. Join us!”
Jungkook furrows his brows, join us?
“Who else is there Jiminie?” He still asks as he starts walking towards the cafeteria.
“Yoongi hyung. He’s helping me with my studies. You should ask him about photography too, you know, he’s good at it.” Jimin’s voice is filled with excitement.

Jungkook looks at his watch and looks at the sky after listening to the praises of Yoongi from Jimin’s mouth.

“Jimin, why don’t you finish your study date with hyung and meet me at the dorm?

Jungkook couldn’t wash away the bitter tone from his words, and immediately regrets it.
Because Jimin will not like it, and as expected,

Jimin says,
“It’s just a help Kook, you don’t have to be all rude. Fine, I’ll meet at the dorm.”

and he disconnects the phone.

Jungkook huffs looking at the black screen, and scratches the back of his head, as a urge of desperation is creeping into his mind. But he knows how to keep his cool, even though he is young and everything, he has this deep sense of patience. So he doesn’t go to the dorm, but goes to meet his only family in Seoul, his own brother Jin.

When he arrives at Jin’s dorm building, the sun is high up, and Jungkook barely ate anything from the morning. He had this plan with Jimin but he couldn’t have that. So he thinks of getting some food from his brother. He stands in front of his door and opens the latch, and faces with a ghastly scene, and ghastly because Jin is all in riding mode and that to who? Jungkook’s three years senior and the art group president of the student body, Kim Namjoon himself. He knew something was going on between his brother and Namjoon, but he is not the prying type, so he never bothered.

At Jungkook’s squeak Jin almost falls over, but Namjoon holds him tightly. As the door closes behind them with a thud. Jin groans at that, and tries to hide his face behind his hand, but lets out a pleasured sound as soon as Namjoon thrusts up into him.

Jungkook thinks he will be scarred for life, because it never happened in his entire life that he walked in on someone having sex, and that very thing had to be his own brother. He scrunches his flustered face in disgust and decides to call Jimin again, and ask him to bring some food. But even after two calls, Jimin doesn’t pick up. So he sighs and goes back towards his dorm, and decides to get some sleep.

Jungkook doesn’t know how long he has been sleeping, but he hears some one talking, not one but two voices. He tries to sit up but decides on opening his eyes first, and he meets with two heads, and very well-known heads. It’s Jimin and Taehyung, they are both sitting on Jimin’s bed facing each other and giggling over something. At the same moment Jimin looks at his boyfriend, and gives him a small smile. Jungkook sits up on his elbow, and ushers Jimin to come to him. Jimin without a word goes to him, and immediately Jungkook wraps his arms around his waist. Jimin as usual leans into his touch. Taehyung is watching them from the opposite bed, and a soft smile creeps over his lips.

Jungkook knows that Taehyung will not mind if he kisses his boyfriend now, so he lifts himself a bit and closes the gap with Jimin and kisses him square on the lips who makes a soft sound and gives in to the kiss.

Taehyung gets up immediately, “I.. I need to go guys. See you later.” He scrambles out of the door hurriedly. As soon as the door close, Jungkook switches his position by turning Jimin underneath him. He continues kissing him again. Jimin moans at the sudden switch, and Jungkook is happy to know that his boyfriend missed his touch. He leads his fingers under Jimin’s shirt and finds his pert nipples. Jungkook starts to play with those pretty thing that emits a loud whine from Jimin’s mouth. He loves the sounds his boyfriend makes, so he looks at Jimin, and softly croons into his ear, “off darling”.

Jimin does what he is told. He removes his t-shirt immediately and Jungkook wastes no time to lunge on him to nip at his milky skin. Jimin is always this pliant with Jungkook, he always does what he’s told. He moans Jungkook’s name as he nips his way down to Jimin’s pant. Before he can do anything he looks at Jimin’s face, and meets with a hooded eyes Jimin, who is waiting for Jungkook to do something as his pant has formed a shape of a tent in the front.

Jungkook smirks at his boyfriend and takes his time to remove his own shirt. After he’s off from the material, he turns his attention to Jimin’s pant. He lowers his face to mouth on his bulge, and he is almost gone by the gesture, but he knows if get impatient Jungkook will not pay attention to the right places, and make Jimin wait more. So he just bites down on his bottom lip, and stares at his boyfriend. Jungkook takes his time at mouthing on Jimin’s straining cock, then slowly opens the zipper, and makes it agonizing enough for Jimin to completely pull the pant down.

Jimin gasps as the air hits his already leaking cock and he makes a whimpering sound. Jungkook stares at him for a second or two, and before he can say anything, he dives in to kiss Jimin on the mouth, his cock all forgotten. Jungkook is not a very love sick puppy, but Jimin makes him do things he never thought he would do. He slots his tongue inside his mouth and emits a desperate moan, because he is also painfully hard, but kissing Jimin is the best thing ever. He roams his hand down to grab Jimin’s cock and starts to pump it slowly, never leaving his mouth from his boyfriend.

Jimin makes soft sound as his big palm wraps around his member. He knows he won’t last long if Jungkook keep doing this, so he tries to push him a little. “Your clothes” he chokes on his words, as Jungkook twists his hand a bit, and bites down under his earlobe.
Jungkook huffs a breathe but answers Jimin, “I’m going to fuck you with clothes on babe.”
Jimin hiccups at his words, and groans and lolls his hair back. “Then do it Kookah.”

Jungkook laughs and bites down on Jimin’s neck, as he laps on the same place with his tongue. Jimin isn’t having this teasing for himself, so he tries and pushes Jungkook on his back suddenly. Jungkook isn’t surprised when Jimin wraps his pretty lips around Jungkook’s big cock. He throws his head back and clutches the bed-sheet. Jimin licks at the underside of his cock, and sucks on the head. Then all of a sudden takes him fully into his mouth. He still hasn’t learned to have gag reflexes but having sex with Jungkook is his practice ground, so he tries to take him as far as he can.

Jungkook grunts slowly in his throat, and holds Jimin’s shoulder to stop him. “Let me get the… ah!” Jimin is still licking at his head. Jungkook closes his eyes wills himself to not to come. Jimin has got himself into a frenzy. Even though the precome taste is not that delicious but rather salty, and has a edge to it, but he always gets enamored by his boyfriend’s big cock.

Jungkook tries to wriggle his hips to tell him to get off, and Jimin finally relents and removes his mouth off him. Jungkook looks at his plump lips slick with saliva and some of the precome drops, and without wasting any time he goes to look for the lube in the bathroom. When he looks at the tube, it’s almost empty. He returns back to bed with that, and shows it to Jimin. Jimin is all sprawled out on the bed and when he eyes the lube, he just says “hurry up.”
Jungkook snorts, “this is not enough Jiminie.” “We need more.”

“I’ll take it, now hurry up please.” He keens. Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief. “No, I won’t hurt you.”

“The shop is far away!” Jimin almost bawls his eyes out.
“Yeah, but I know where else can I get it from.” he gives him a evil smirk, and hops down from the bed closing his pant zipper. “Be right back.” and before Jimin can say anything, he’s out of the door. Jimin slaps a hand over his forehead. This is the problem with his boyfriend, never backs down.

Once Jungkook is out of the room, he runs towards the other side of the campus. He knows what he’s doing. As he reaches at the door of Jin’s dorm, he bangs on the door heavily, to his dismay the door is closed from inside.

After two successful bangs, Jin opens the door with a round rimmed reading glass perched on his nose. “Jungkookah!” Jin is highly surprised to see his brother at this time of the night. But before he can say anything Jungkook opens his mouth, “do you have lube? I need some.”
Jin becomes all red and he almost chokes at his demand. The morning incident all comes flashing into his memory. But he is his older brother he has to keep his cool. “Yah! Why do you think I’ll be keeping that stuff?” he tries to act all offended, but Jungkook shakes his head, “Please hyung! I know you are fucking Namjoon hyung, so give me some lube ok?”

Jin wants to crawl up somewhere and die, but he still tries to keep his face straight. “wait.” and he disappears inside the room, and comes back with a large tube of lube. He gives it to Jungkook without meeting his eyes. Jungkook just eyes the large tube, but says nothing, he just gives an inoccent smile to Jin and turns his back, “thanks hyung, I’ll give it back before you and Namjoon hyung need it again.” he sprints away from Jin’s grasp and breaks into a run. He laughs loudly as he hears Jin shouting “you brat!”

When Jungkook reaches his own room, Jimin is still waiting but a bed sheet thrown over his hip. Jungkook jumps on the bed, and wiggles the lube in his hand. Jimin sighs and makes himself accessible to his boyfriend. Jungkook coats his two fingers with the lube and the smell hits them. It’s strawberry. Jimin scrunches his nose, “where did you get it from?”
Jungkook looks at his fingers and without a word presses one finger inside his waiting hole. “You won’t believe me, if I say it.” he manages as Jimin gasps as the sudden insertion.
Jungkook’s finger goes easily inside Jimin, he looks at him with wide eyes.

“I.. I tried with the left lube.” Jimin whines softly.
“Fuck Jiminie! You shouldn’t have touched yourself.” Jungkook drops his head on Jimin’s stomach, but only to nip at the soft skin. “Please Kook, I’m ready… uh ah..” Jimin mouths his desperation now.

Jungkook without any warning pushes his three fingers deep, and touches the bundle of nerves inside his boyfriend. Jimin jerks his hips up at the move, but Jungkook holds his hips down with one hand as he lines up with Jimin’s entrance. He slowly removes his fingers and wipes them over his jeans.

Jimin wiggles his hips to meet his cock now, but Jungkook shushes him with a kiss, and harshly sucks on his tongue to make him forget everything. Then he slowly pushes himself in.
He gasps out of breath at the tightness of Jimin’s entrance, but slowly eases out as he sees Jimin is all so eager to meet his thrust even before he is fully in.

Once he entirely settles inside of Jimin, he takes a deep breath, and his stomach growls. Jimin’s eyes were almost close, but they open immediately at the sound. Jungkook gives him an apologetic smile, and starts to thrust, before Jimin can ask anything.
Jimin is all scrambling his hands through Jungkook’s hair, and tries to find purchase within the deep thrusts of Jungkook’s big cock. He feel like he’s been tore open, and the feeling is going to leave him all scattered and highly fucked.

He screams Jungkook’s name when he hits his sweet spot, successively three times. Jimin was worked up from before, and now the constant hitting on his prostate is breaking his will power. He mumbles incoherent things but his cock is neglected too. So he tries to take hold of his own cock to come. But Jungkook swats his hand to take his cock in his hand. “You close darling?” Jungkook whispers.

“Mhmm…” Jimin tries to speak but Jungkook’s mouth cuts his word, and swallows the saliva that was pulling into his mouth. Jungkook is thrusting in new speed and his hand is working on Jimin’s throbbing cock. After a few tug on his hard on, Jimin spills into Jungkook’s fist. His cum squelches down his fingers, and he is still milking Jimin to the last drop. Jimin screeches at the feeling and the overstimulation that Junglkook still hasn’t climaxed. He is thrusting his hip now faster, and Jimin is all gone and wants his boyfriend to come inside him. So Jimin uses his heels to push Jungkook deeper and the push does it, Jungkook opens his eyes widely staring at the wall, and comes suddenly inside Jimin.

He didn’t think that will be it, but he just came. Jungkook looks down at Jimin now, who is all blissed out under him. He slowly removes himself from his boyfriend. As he gets himself out he can see his cum dripping down from Jimin. He stares at the scene for some seconds then comes up to cuddle Jimin in his arms. Jimin is always pliant in Jungkook’s hold, whether it’s after sex or no sex. He lets himself engulfed by Jungkook’s embrace, all the stickiness forgotten.

At nearly 3 pm, Jimin’s phone rings out loud. He was sleeping all peacefully but the ringtone of his phone cuts through the deep sleep. He slowly gets up to see the caller, and it’s Yoongi. He gets up immediately after seeing the name, and receives the call.

“hey Jiminah!” Yoongi’s voice comes through what it sounds like wind.

“Hyung is everything alright?” Jimin asks tensed.

“Yes but no I guess.” and he hiccups in the phone.

“Hyung where are you? Do you need any help?” Jimin is all conscious now.

“Actually yes. I need you to drive me to my apartment.”

Shit! Jimin thinks. Yoongi is again for the second time got drunk in the midnight. Without any more question Jimin starts to get his pants and tells Yoongi, that he will be right there. As he is zipping up his pants, he notices that he still hasn’t cleaned up, and looks at his boyfriend, who is still knocked out.

Jimin takes his car key from the drawer beside his bed and when he goes to open the door Jungkook wakes up.
“Jimin? Where are you going?” his voice sleep hazed but it’s clear for Jimin to hear.
Jimin stops at his track immediately and turns to him. “Uh I need to help Yoongi hyung get home. You please go to sleep, I’ll come back quickly.” He smiles at Jungkook.

Jungkook perceives his answer, and nods slowly as he starts to blink now.
Jimin says nothing else and leaves Jungkook on the bed.

Chapter Text

Yoongi is standing at the petrol pump, and is shaking as the cold wind is rattling his bones. After calling Jimin he just stands there waiting. After 10 minutes or so he sees the headlights of Jimin’s car, and signs in relief. Jimin hops down from the card and approaches towards him. Yoongi looks at Jimin at the same moment and his breath gets all caught up.

Jimin is so beautiful and Yoongi is all helpless in front of the boy. Jimin comes close to him, and he has concern marred over his face. Yoongi loves it when Jimin shows care for him.

“Hyung please get into the car. It’s freakishly cold here.”
“Why aren’t you wearing any warmer clothes?” Jimin closes the gap betwen them and drags Yoongi by the hand. Yoongi looks at their hands and looks at Jimin’s face, it’s sleep hazed, puffy, but so beautiful that Yoongi forgets that he should say something.

Once they are inside the car, Jimin goes to start the car immediately, but Yoongi places his hand over Jimin’s hand. Jimin looks up at him questioningly.

“Lets stay here for a while Jiminah. It’s pretty out here.” Yoongi whispers.
Jimin looks at him but says nothing and refrains himself from starting the car.

When Jimin drops Yoongi at his apartment which he shares with Namjoon, it’s almost 6 am, and Jimin is surprisingly not tired. Yoongi just looks at him and smiles, “thank you Jiminah.”

Jimin smiles back but an unknown discomfort spreads over his heart, but he gets into his car. The time they spend in the car, not moving, not saying anything. He caught Yoongi stealing glance at him many times, and that look has something odd that Jimin couldn’t pin point. But still Jimin respects Yoongi so much, and he knows Yoongi cares for him. So he just brushes the different thoughts from his head.

When he reaches the dorm, Jungkook is nowhere to be seen. Jimin furrows his brows, because it’s Sunday, and he doesn’t work out on Sundays then why is he out? Jimin shakes his head and goes to change his cloth. The cum has dried and it’s sticking to his stomach. So he’s gotta scrub that. As he cleans up Yoongi’s face comes in to his mind. He starts to think, what was the meaning of it. He loves being around him, he also have picked up Yoongi before like this, but he never seemed much drunk after Jimin arrived the place. And last night was different, Yoongi told him to stay for a while, and talked about nothing.

It was really strange. He has no idea what Yoongi has in his mind but that uneasy feeling returns.

Yoongi is not sure that he has slept or not, but he's sure that sleep won't show up. So he just sits on his couch with his laptop open on his lap. Namjoon gets up and goes towards the kitchen yawning and meets with the ghost like Yoongi sitting on the couch. He almost saves himself from letting out a shriek, and comes closer to the man.

"still couldn't sleep hyung?" he states the obvious thing that's happening for days. He knows some of the reason but never once encounters Yoongi about it. He knows all he will get an ignorant grunt. But now Yoongi looks at him and his eyes are all shiny.

Shit! Namjoon sits down beside him. "hyung.." he tries to say something but Yoongi beats him to it by saying, "I'm in love with Jimin, and it hurts so bad evrytime I see him. What should I do Joonah?" his voice breaks at the end.

Namjoon knows this very case and he has kept silent but now when Yoongi finally admits it, he runs his plams over his face. "I....don't know hyung, but Jiminie is with Jungkookie.. and it's a shitty thing thing to say but you should get over him." he tries.

Yoongi abruptly looks at Namjoon, his eyes are red, he has dark circles around his eyes, and with his white skin, he literally looks like a ghost.
"I can't get over Jimin. Didn't you hear what I just said? I love him and I have no intention of getting over him, not now, not ever."

"But hyung then what will you do? it's really getting hard to see you like this everyday. You must do something." Namjoon presses.

Yoongi gets up from the couch now, "I'll do whatever I can to show what I feel for him."

"Jin hyung won't be happy." Namjoon grumbles.

"Then tell him I said sorry." Yoongi goes to enter their shared bathroom.

The exam is coming over and Jimin is very tensed about the models he has to show and make at the exam, even the written eam is becoming a dreadful thing. Jungkook is busy with his own studies, becuase he's a photography major and he has to work on his portfolio. He only gets to meet his boyfriend at the night time,when he cuddles with him or they can have a quick blow job session, and nothing more becuase both of them are exhausted.

Although, Jungkook tries to see Jimin at the day time, whenever he gets time for lunch, he wants to be with his boyfiend, but all gets to know from Jimin that he's busy and don't have time for it. But then when he asks him at the night time if he had lunch or not,. most of teh days he hears that Yoongi has brought lunch for him and they ate together. Jungkook doesn't leave the opportunity to say "why won't you have lunch with me instead?"
Jimin just brushes past the question or just says, "you know his studio is closer to mine."

Yoongi doesn't waver from his determination. He makes sure that Jimin is well taken care off, and he is the one who should do it. He even cancels some of his own work, as he has already mastered his degrees, he works with Namjoon at the music studio for a company. He cancels some important meetings with clients or rescheules them just to spend time with Jimin. Jimin also doesn't mind seeing Yoongi almost everyday, and he even sometimes meets Yoongi at his studio to look at the lyrics he's writing. Yoongi gets very happy when Jimin brings him food at work. He just looks at him and feels that his day will go well, but then again when Jimin leaves him, he gets all sad becuase he knows he will be going to his boyfriend, and that's not Yoongi.

Just before 1 week of their exam, Jimin is running towards the art building because he has to go through a review of his models,and he is late because Jungkook took time in the bathroom and didn't come out sooner even after he banged on the door So now he's late and suddenly crashes on his butt. Before he can percieve anything two hands comes up to hold his collars tightly.

"Where do you think you are going you twink?"

Jimin meets with a angry face of an unknown guy. Jimin stutters, "I'm sorry, I... I didn't see you coming. I'm really sorry." he tries.

but the guy shakes him with such a strong hold, "you faggot! you should not be out in the public and..." he is about to say something else but is cut off by a punch.

Jimin is out of his grasp, and he startles a gasp, it's Yoongi.
He looks at the guy with an enrage face, "and a piece of shit like you should come out in public?!" he shouts.
The guy is taller an buffer than Yoongi, but he holds such personality that is bigger than the guy. The guy scrambles up on his feet, and fumes but he recognizes Yoongi as Yoongi is the assistant lecturer in the music department. The guy just backs down, as Yoongi shouts, "get the fuck outta here, and if I ever see you harassing any student anywhere, I'll see the end of your furure."

Jimin is slightly shaking as Yoongi looks at him. "I'm sorry Jiminah, he was just an asshole."
"are you okay?" he asks worried.
"I'm okay hyung.. but th.. thanks for that." Jimin croaks out.
"Jiminah, you are shaking, baby please sit down" and he immediately regrets use of the term. He immediately looks at Jimin scared if he has noticed it, and Jimin has heard it but he just looks down, and picks up his belongings from the ground, Yoongi reaches out to help him, and Jimin gets up. "I have to go hyung, I'm already late."
Yoongi shakes his head, "then come with me, I'll tell Mr. Fisher that it was my fault."
Jimin takes a step back smiling now, "thanks hyung but it's okay, I'll make up something. See you at lunch I guess?" he looks at Yoongi epectantly.
yoongi gives him a gummy smile, "wouldn't miss it."

That night when Jimin come back to his dorm Jungkook is getting his backpackl out of his trunk.
Jimin doesn't say anything at first but when he sees Jungkook taking out his camera bag, he opens his mouth. Because he barely get that empty bag out anymore, as he has his camera with him most of the time.
"Are you going somewhere?" Jimin asks as he shuffle through his bag.

Jungkook turns to look at his boyfriend. "yeah.. I told you last night right?"
he did? now Jimin thinks back, he did mumbled something to him but Jimin was so tired that he probably missed it.
so he asks again, "I forgot. What is it?"

Jungkook huffs a breath, but sits down on his bed, "I got an internship in Japan and they will let me finish my exam online and I can do the internship at the same time." after finishing his words he looks at Jimin, who is simply staring at him, expressionless.

"Then when you'll be back?" He asks slowly.
"3 months, don't worry I might get back before 3 months too." Jungkook tries to smile.
Jimin just nods his head and looks at the window.
"Jiminie, I'll be back before you know." Jungkook looks at his boyfriend.
Jimin gets down from his bed and perches himself on Jungkook's lap.
Jungkook knows Jimin because they have been dating for over two years now, they started dating even before university. So he wraps his arms around his waist and sighs internally in the thought that Jimin is not gone as he was reading for some days.

But Jimin has something else in his mind, he is scared for the things going on around him lately. He is scared that he might stop feeling what he feels for Jungkook and before that can happen, he leans in and whispers, "I love you Jungkookie." and closes his eyes in anticipation.
Jungkook's breath gets stuck inside his throat. he and Jimin are the couple who never needed this love word between them, and it was never that he didn't love Jimin,, but uttering the word was a little complex for him. As he's the person who grew up mostly in the hands of his older brother while his parents were busy with their work, and Jungkook barely had time to look for love from anyone else other than his brother. But that love is different, the three words is not necessary there. But here Jimin is saying it to him, and he just clamps his mouth shut.

Jimin knows Jungkook too, and he senses his bodily tension, so he opens his eyes and faces Jungkook now.
"I.. I really do not expect you to say anything now Kook." the corner of his eyes are stinging as he feels his heart is changing slowly but very steadily, and this is the very thing he dreaded for so many days. so he just stares at his boyfriend and hopes his best that he replies him with something that has the power to prove him wrong.

"Jiminie.. you are tired and I have to leave at 10 am. Let's go to sleep okay?" Jungkook asks.

Jimin doesn't say anything but nods in agreement, and as Jungkook clears the bed they get they cuddle just like every other night.
Jungkook has his face pressed into Jimin's nape as he breathes, "I'll come back soon Jiminie and I will not let you doubt me anymore. We will not part again, ever." and he places a kiss on his shoulder.
Jimin just wiggles closer and hums, but his hum has another meaning, that he isn't able to speak.

The next day Jungkook leaves for Japan, and Jimin dreads the obvious as Yoongi is there to bid him goodbye and Jimin somehow wants to escape the scenario, because Yoongi is making him all nervous and something else that he can't pinpoint, but he has the fear of something that he is dreading for days.

As Jungkook leaves Yoongi is there as before, but Jimin is trying to make that contact a bit less. He starts to make ecuses if he has to see Yoongi more than once a day, and Yoongi is confused for his behavior as well.
It's been three days since Jimin is acting in that way, but Yoongi doesn't try to confront him, he meets Jimin only if he wants to see him.

This very thing works differently on Jimin. He starts to think that if Yoongi wants to see him, he should make efforts for it, and not give his desires all priority. So on the 4 th day he goes looking for Yoongi at the music department because Yoongi hasn't seen Jimin today. So when he approaches the building it's filled with students and he understands a class just finished. He makes his way through some people, and makes a halt as he sees Yoongi, but before he can take any further step, Yoongi is hugging a guy. Jimin doesn't know what comes over him but he feels rage inside of him and immediately goes to turn his back and bumps with someone.

He is about to apologize to that person profusely, remembering the previous incident, but meets with a pair of gentle hands patting on his shoulders.
He collided with Namjoon.

Jimin gets all tensed because he rarely come down to this building. He never came to this part even with Yoongi, because he always went to his studio or he came to his. So if he came here all the way from art section there must be a reason and the only possible reason can be to see Yoongi. Namjoon smiles at him softly, "how are you Jimine?"

"I'm fine hyung. How are you?" Jimin asks back.
"Good I'm good. Jin hyung misses you. He is going to move to the apartment as it's really crowded at the exam time." Jimin knows that Jin is taking his master's course in law and to give some space in the small apartment of Namjoon and Yoongi, he decided to stay at the dorm. Otherwise the apartment rent is half paid by JIn too.

Jimin nods, "I'll see him later for sure." he assures him. But as he goes to step away from Namjoon, Yoongi's voice makes him stop.
"Did I see right or it's Jiminah's ghost lurking in this forbidden building?" Yoongi jokes and stands in front of him.
Despite of his frustration, Jimin gives him a tight smile, "I was here to tell you that I'm skipping lunch today. You weren't picking up the calls. Thus.." he shows his reason and thinks it's the best one.
But dismisses it as he looks at Yoongi staring at him with an amused look on his face.
"Okay, but I'm hungry. So how about some food? Joonah you wanna eat?" he looks at Namjoon.

Jimin doesn't like the idea Namjoon coming with them but he presses his lips not to say anything, and the three of them go to lunch.

Much to Jimin's dismay Jungkook's phone is not connecting, so he huffs and throws the mobile on his bed. He wants to talk to his boyfriend and he isn't available. Jimin goes to bed that night clutching Jungkook's pillow, and falls asleep.

The next morning when he wakes up it's to the harsh sunlight that is coming through the long window. Jimin squirms in his bed and slowly gets up to see Jungkook's pillow is laying on the ground. Jimin scrunches his brows as he doesn't remember doing that, and it's new scenario for him. Without hovering much on that he gets up and gets ready as he has lots of works to do at the studio.

Jimin gets all restless and because Yoongi is again not picking up his calls. He huffs and stretches his feet at the side of his stool and gets up, because he wants to see Yoongi as soon as possible. As he is out of his class he sees Yoongi walking towards his class with a guy he saw him hugging that day. Jimin feels the same rage and it's some how a bit much in amount. Yoongi leaves the boy saying goodbye and turns to the class and stops seeing Jimin there.

"Oh you're here! I was coming already." Yoongi gives Jimin a soft smile.
Jimin looks at Yoongi but doesn't return him any smile just gets into the studio again. Yoongi tilts his neck to a side at this but follows him anyway. They eat lunch in silence and whenever Yoongi is trying to strike up a conversation, he answers with 'hm'. Yoongi is now tensed about his behavior, he cleans the table as soon as they finish eating and Jimin turns towards him, "who is that guy hyung?"
Yoongi looks at him immediately, "which guy Jiminah?"
Jimin is not tensed anymore he just becomes agitated, "the one you were hugging that day?"
Yoongi laughs slowly, "I hug so many guys Jiminah, you have to be more specific."
Jimin now gets irritated, "I know Yoongi, you hug a lot of guys but and probably do not remember their name, but the one you just came with. I'm asking that and I don't know other guys." he blurts out all the things that was surfacing in his throat.

Yoongi is surprised as Jimin called him by his name. He stares at him almost incredulously, "Jimin i got good friends out there,and they like my company, it shouldn't be a problem to you."
"Ofcourse not hyung! then you should go spend your best times with your friends instead of me." and Jimin shoves his own plate off the table and gets up to leave, but Yoongi catches him by the arm.
"wait Jiminah.. " he tries to say but is cut off by a press of soft lips on his own.

Yoongi stumbles back a little at the suddenness of it, and his grip on Jimin gets tighter as he freezes. Jimin immediately understands the situation and removes his lips and looks down. Yoongi also lets go of his arm and widely stares at Jimin, as it's beyond his imagination that Jimin would kiss him in any situation. Yoongi's trance breaks when Jimin opens his mouth, "please leave. I don't want to see you."

"Jimi.." Yoongi tries to say but Jimin has turned his back to him, because he doesn't want to cry in front of him, "I said leave Yoongi. Which part of I don't want to see you is not understandable?" he tries to sound rough but his voice breaks at the end.

Yoongi clenches his fist and unclenches them, and looks at the boy in front of him, who has his back to him. Then after two seconds he leaves Jimin all to himself.

Chapter Text

Jimin avoids Yoongi in all form possible, and Yoongi too doesn't make any approach to see him, because he didn't want to see him anymore, and won't act against Jimin's will. jimin's exam is going on, and he avoids the calls of his boyfriend as well. Jungkook grows more tensed at this behaviour of his, and he ask Taehyung about it, who tells him that he's working hard and barely gets time for anything. Which is partly truly and partly Jimin is sulking. He barely eats and stays holed up in Taehyungs apartment, and just attends uni for the exam.

He understands that kissing Yoongi was an impulse but it doesn't feel like one anymore, because he misses Yoongi every passing day, and the missing thing is getting bigger as well. It's been two months since Jungkook's gone and one month Jimin is avoiding Yoongi and getting crazy each day for that. Taehyung asks him, but he stays all numb, and refuses to talk about anything that concerns his relationship.

On the brink of the start of the second week of the third month, unexpectedly Jungkook comes back. Jimin is in the class giving his paper before the last one. When the exam is finished he gets three messages from his boyfriend that he's back and wants to see him. Jimin closes his mobile switches it off and heads straight towards Taehyung's apartment. He is about to make a turn and he sees Yoongi getting out of the music department alone. Jimin feels his heartbeat going crazy but he strays his eyes away from the sight and almost runs towards outside the campus.

Jungkook gets all depressed by Jimin isn't talking to him. He tries to call him, he texts Taehyung to let him meet Jimin but all he tells him that Jimin is sick and he is taking care of him. Jungkook on the second day of the sick news shouts at Taehyung over the phone call, "if he is sick then I'm his boyfriend. I should be taking care of him."
Taehyung takes a breath, "I know but I'm his best friend so I have the priority too."
"I want to see Jiminie Tae, and I'm not gonna stop by your words." and he disconnects the call.
Jungkook waits till the next morning and he gets up at 5. He has decided that whatever happens he needs to see his boyfriend. So he reaches at Taehyung's apartment a little after 5 am, he knows this is not the time Jimin can avoid him.

So he doesn't bother to ring the bell but straight up bangs on the door. He was expecting that Taehyung will open the door and tell him to go away, but the door opens and Jimin is standing there. Jungkook first notices the dark circles around his eyes and the red puffiness of his eyes. Jimin says nothing and steps back to let Jungkook in. He immediately goes to wrap his arm around Jimin and brings him closer to his chest.

"Baby, please talk to me.." Jungkook whispers, but stops after he understands that Jimin is not moving to hug him back. Jungkook detaches himself slightly to look at Jimin, who looks highly sleep deprived and so thin than the day he left him. At the same time Jimin also removes himself from Jungkook and stands two feet away from him.

"Jimin?" Jungkook stares at him and tries to close their distance but he steps away from him further.
"tell me what is it? what can i do?" he begs and feels the desperation to cry is creeping inside of him.
Jimin is trying to hold back the tears and bites on his bottom lip.

"Kook, go home, I'm tired." he tries, but Jungkook suddenly shouts,
"No! I won't go anywhere until you tell me what happened, what happened that you don't even want to touch me?" his face is all filled with pain.

At his shouting Taehyung comes to the living room all alarmed and sets in to the scene in front of him. Jimin is all shaking and Jungkook standing some feet away from him with an enraged face. Seeing Taehyung Jungkook gets all cautious that he might tell Jimin to go inside so he makes a rash decision and closes his distance with Jimin and before he can react he drags Jimin by the wrist towards the front door.

Jimin jerks his hand, "Jungkook leave me!"
"No! we need to talk, I'm back lets go back." he half shouts.
but when jerks his hand furiously and cries out,
"For fucks sake Kook leave me alone! I don't love you anymore okay!" Jungkook removes his grip on his wrist and looks at him in horror mixed painful expression.

He looks desperately at taehyung behind who is gripping the chair and looking down, and then towards Jimin who has this red face and looking at Jungkook.
"Why Jimin? why?" Jungkook almost whispers.
Jimin doesn't move a bit, "I'm sorry Kook." he hiccups.

Jungkook still trying hard to not spill tears, "but I love you Jiminie." and he can feel hot stream of tears has started to fall from his eyes. "I'm sorry for not saying it any sooner, I'm sorry okay? please please don't do this to me?" Jungkook is full on crying now, and he find it's hard to stand anymore so supports himself by holding the door, but his hand slips and he falls on his knees.

Jimin is also crying but he doesn't approach him, "I'm sorry Jungkook, I can't anymore. I'm sorry." Jimin sniffles.
"I really love you Jimin, please come back." Jungkook sobs loudly but Jimin can't go back, he just can't anymore and that's what he tells himself this time.

"I'm extremely sorry" Jimin whispers for the last time and almost runs inside the room.

Yoongi is miserable and he doesn't want to talk to anyone about anything, he just wants to curl up inside his room. But he had to go outside one week ago and he saw Jimin almost ran away from the pavement. He feels like an utter disappointment to himself. He loves Jimin but not in the cost that he will cause him any pain. When Jimin kissed him that day. he was surprised but a little expectant too, but he told him to go away, and it's been over a month he hasn't been able to see Jimin face to face. No he's not miserable, he is heartbroken.
After that day Yoongi decides to go for some drinks with some of his colleagues and that doesn't include Namjoon because that boy refuses to go for drink and spend time with his boyfriend.

Yoongi here is trying to make things ok, and if Namjoon doesn't want to be a part of it, he leaves him alone.
Yoongi isn't the person who parties hard but he can get wasted for sure. He is heart broken, because the only person he fell in love with is not ever going to love him back, and even though he heard that Jimin and Jungkook has broken up, but Yoongi wouldn't want to take advantage of that, and Jimin also didn't try to talk to him either. So Yoongi gets it, Jimin impulsively kissed him, and it can't be it that the boy has feelings for him. As the thought comes into his mind he gulps down his 5th whiskey shot down his throat. It doesn't burn anymore, but it will soon numb his senses, and at this state, Yoongi can't care much.

Jimin hasn't been out of Taehyung's apartment in three days after that morning. He just stays in the spare room and feels like his heart is not going to take the amount of pain anymore. He is sure that Jungkook is in pain but he is sure of the fact that he is in love with Yoongi too. Although, he had been dating Jungkook more than a year, and he was faithful to him but Yoongi was always there. Never leaving his side, never letting him face the outer world without him helping Jimin. Jimin can see things clearly now and ignoring Yoongi isn't helping his state. But today he has to go out of the room and meet his department teacher regarding his exam result.

So without caring for breakfast and just informing Taehyung that he will be back at the lunch time he goes out of the apartment after almost two weeks. When he's out he doesn't feels like he has missed the sun or outside but once he's out he wants to run back to the apartment again. However, somehow he manages to meet his teacher and talk with him, and after that he rushes back outside but immediately faces with Namjoon. He has no idea,if there's any meeting he has to attend there, but he just gives him a small smile and goes to move away but Namjoon calls, "Jimin?"

Jimin stops to look up.
"Jimin do you have time?" Namjoon asks.
Jimin looks at him and thinks what should he say, but Namjoon talks again, "I called you but I can't reach you. Can you come to our apartment? Yoongi hyung is very sick from yesterday, and he won't take any medicine or eat anything.I think he might listen to you." he takes a breath after saying the long sentence.

Jimin looks away then looks back to him, "I don't know hyung, if..if he would like to see me." he gulps down dryly.
"Of course he would like to see you! you are his favorite dongsaeng" Namjoon tries.
Jimin smiles a bit at that, and shakes his head slowly as he looks up.
"Ok lets go then."

When they reach Namjoon's apartment it comes to his mind that maybe Yoongi has forgiven him, maybe he won't ask him anything because he's sick so it might be alright. With that thought he gets himself inside Namjoon's apartment. Jimin has been here before but it seems like ages that he's seeing the living room. He looks around and Namjoon says, "do you need water? I'm thirsty." and he disappears inside the hallway.

Jimin tries to say something and Yoongi appears from his room. Jimin is startled but he takes in the man in front of him. He is definitely not looking good with all those baggage under his eyes and he is thinner than before. His hairs are sticking out in every direction. Still Jimin can't take his eyes off him.

Yoongi doesn't know what to say when he sees Jimin standing in his living room. he never thought he would see the boy ever again but here he is. Before he can say anything, Jimin speaks.
"I thought you're sick."
Yoongi scrunches his brows, "I'm not. Who?" he stops and thinks of Namjoon doing the deed. "oh" he mutters as he breathes.

"How are you hyung?" Jimin suddenly asks and immediately regrets it.
Yoongi looks at him, and he can feel the corners of his eyes are prickling but he manages, "Good." he realizes that became a chocked out reply, but it's too late.
"Jiminah, do you want to sit?" he tries but stops looking at the boy, who has tears on his rosy cheeks. Yoongi stops for 2 seconds before he closes their distance to one arm. Jimin stares at him with teary eyes now,
"I'm sorry hyung. I didn't mean to ignore you. I.. that kiss was nothing.. it's just.. I.. really have feelings for you and I.. swear it's nothing, it will go away inb some days. I'm trying my best hyung..I" he stops abruptly when he sees Yoongi is on the ground on his knees,in front of him. Jimin stops and looks down to hold the man, but Yoongi shakes his head.
"Please don't try Jiminah. Please don't.." he starts to cry. Yoongi who has been in love with Jimin for over two years, and that Jimin has feelings for him, the very news overwhelms him and he starts to sob into his hand. Jimin goes to sit on his knees now, and holds Yoongi as he cries into his hold now. "I love you Jiminah.. I do.. so much." "It's really hard for me to say it out loud to you, bu.. but how could I?" he presses his face further own into Jimin's shoulder.

Jimin holds him until stops shaking, and looks at him while he cups his face into his palms, as he looks at the man.
"Yoongi" he breathes. Yoongi closes his eyes at that.
"I love you too" Jimin whispers as he leans in to press his lips against Yoongi's chapped lips.
Yoongi gasps at the touch, because he thinks he's dreaming, and Jimin was his dream. So he presses closer in his arms, to feel the warmth he has always dreamt off. Jimin holds him tighter as he tilts hs head to lick at Yoongi's bottom lip and whispers, "Yoongi."
"Say that again." Yoongi mumbles against his lips.
"Yoongi." Jimin says it again and Yoongi kisses him back.

Chapter Text

Present day

Jimin just started working with the High Tide group, and it's been only 2 weeks, and he feels at ease working with the company, and Hoseok is there whenever he needs anything. He just have to get up a little bit early in the morning and Yoongi groans and complains about why he has to get up this early and holds him tightly in his arms. Jimin laughs and entangles himself and tells him, it's work. However, Yoongi really doesn't mind becaue he knows how seriously his husband takes his job, and he truly respects Jimin among so many other reasons.

They have been married for one whole year and the next year is near, and Yoongi has big plans for their anniversary, but he doesn't disclose it to Jimin. He wants to spend their anniversary somewhere away from the crowd, somewhere he and Jimin can be all wrapped up in each others embrace and make love all day long. Yoongi has a soft smile on his lips whenever he thinks about the getaway. They only had a vaction on their honeymoon, after that, they both got busy in their work schedule, and he knows Jimin will appreciate this vacation. So he has the tickets for Ko Kut in Thailand. He just have to present the gift in a way so Jimin loves it.

Yoongi tells about his arrangements to Namjoon at work.
"Wow! hyung! you must have researched a lot!"
Yoongi smiles, he would do anything for his sweetheart. And he had no idea about it until his phone rings loudly.

Jimin got into a car accident.

Jimin has two more things to do, and he,s out of coffee. He can't just ask Hoseok to bring him coffee for the third time, because he's not his assistant. So he decides to go out and buy it himself. When he gets out his head is slightly throbbing, and he has the entire day to finish today's work, so he decided to drive around a bit. He gets into his car and starts the engine. As he drives he looks around, this neighbourhood is prettier than the one he lives in. It's on the another part of Seoul and buildings are prettier here.

JImin turns on the radio, and starts to hum to a song that he really likes. Suddenly the radio station goes off, he looks down to the screen to look for the defect, and within a sme seconds the street light goes green, and Jimin doesn't get the time to drive away before a heavy loaded truck hits his car.
Jimin doesn't know when and how that happened but the side of his head gets smashes on the window glass, shards of glasses pins inside his skin and Jimin can't remeber the last thing he had on his mind and losese conscious ness.

Yoongi rushes out of the studio in panic. He has no idea what to say or react but he gets into the car, but Namjoon subsides him telling he should drive. Yoongi complies.
When they reach the hospital, Yoongi runs towards the front desk.
"Min Jimin, he's been admitted for a road accient." his throat clogs up while he mentions his husband's name.
before the lady at the front desk can answer he spots a stretcher and a paramedic and two nurses are pushing has someone familiar in it. Yoongi without wasting a second runs towards the fast moving stretcher, and there was his life, Jimin.

Yoongi feels that his heart is shattering, as he stares at his face, but the stretcher is moving away, he runs after it, he doesn't realize when his vision goes all blurry with tears and lets out an agonized cry, "Jiminaaaah."

The first 3 hours goes through a blur of rushing to the hospital, seeing his Jimin's face and blood, too much blood. He doesn't know if he feels anything anymore. Yoongi doesn't even recognizes the people have gathered arioun him at the hospital, but they are Jimin's family, and Yoongi has lost all his senses, he just knows that his husband is fighting with life and death inside the OT. Yoongi doesn't cry, doesn't go to Namjoon or Jin who has been there as soon as they got the news. yoongi just stands outside the OT staring at the closed door.

Yoongi doesn't know how much time has passed but he looks up to Jin when he shakes him by his shoulder a bit.
"Yoongi you haven't eaten anything, please eat this bread aat least." he tries to get him to eat something.
Yoongi looks at him with a blank expression. "I'm not hungry hyung." he slowly musters.
"Shit Yoongi, at least drink some water ok?" Jin whispers only for Yoongi to hear.
"But I'm not thirsty." Yoongi sounds confused. Jin just shakes his head and shoves the water bottle in his hand.
"Drink. Now." he orders.

Yoongi looks at the bottle in his hand and then looks back at Jin and takes a sip of water from the bottle. Jin looks at him and he swears to himself that he was about to throw tantrum, if Yoongi didn't drink water.

After exactly 7 hours the surgeon comes out of the OT. Yoongi jerks his head to run towards the doctor.
"Park Jimin's situation has been stabilized, he had severe injury inside his head, thus it caused internal bleeding, but we have been able to stop it. But we can't tell anything about the circumstances of the injury, that means if the injury doesn't get healed properly it can be a death threat. So my advice will be to take care of him as much as possible and not letting him go through any stress. He might take some time to wake up, but he's out of any danger."

Yoongi can't hold himself anymore, "can I see him?" he immediately asks.
"You are?" the surgeon asks.
"I'm his husband.." he doesn't get to finish and Ji hyun speaks cutting his words, "We're his parents, when can we see him?" indicating left to her husband.

"We will be shifting him to the general wing.."
"No, please shift him to a private one. I'll talk to the front desk." Yoongi says.
"Ok, we'll do that then, and afer that you can see him, but that has to be one by one. Try not to overcrowd the room." The doctor warns.
Yoongi just nods and steps aside for the doctor to leave the place. The doctor is walking away, but Yoongi runs to him.
"Thank you for saving him.My life is Jimin, thank you for saving my life." Yoongi manages not to break then and there.

"Husband you said. Take care of him ok. Before he lost consciusness, he was looking for named, Yoon, I hope that's you. So take good care of Park.." Yoongi stops him,
"It's Min Jimin, and yes I am his Yoon."

The doctor smiles kindly, "Yes, it's nice to meet you Min Yoon. If there is any problem you can always ask me as his surgeon." the doctor pats on his shoulder and leaves.

When Yoongi comes back to the previous place, they have already moved Jimin to another room, and he goes there he sees his parents are already there so he just waits outside the room. Namjoon comes to sit beside him, "it will be fine hyung. Jiminie will be alright."
Yoongi slowly looks at him, and nods. "I just.." he take a deep breath, "can't live without him. I can't", and he lowers his head into his palms, and without knowing tears drops starts to fall. Yoongi has no idea about the force of it, as he shakes vehemently by it. Namjoon wraps his arms around him tightly until Yoongi stops shaking.

After almost 3 hours, Yoongi wakes up with a neck pain and Jin shaking him. "Yoongi, wake up" Yoongi brushes his hand over the face, and looks at Jin. He wonders how long they have been here in the hospital, and he is silent but he is thankful that the couple is here with him all this time. "is he awake?" Yoongi asks.
"No but you can go see him now, and after that you have to eat something ok?" Jin tries.
To his surprise, Yoongi nods in agreement and gets up.

When he enters the room, it's just had the sound of the machines and that too like whisper. Jimin has his eyes closed, so many tubes are attached to his small body. His face is not covered with scars that much becuase the blood was from his head. Yoongi can't feel his leg anymore, because he has never seen his husband like this, all fragile, not even able to look at Yoongi. He falls on the bedside chair and he is crying. Yoongi is not the person to cry before Jimin, because he tries to all strong for him, but now he can't be the strong one, Jimin is hurt.
Yoongi takes his hand into his that is almost life less laying at his side. Yoongi sighs as the touch is not cold, and he brings his hand to his lips."Come back to me okay? I'm fucking selfish but I need you. Please come back." he sobs into his plam.

It's been anoher day and Yoongi refuses to leave his side. He just stays at the hospital, and when Jin and Namjoon calls him, he just tells them to not to come, because he's got everything covered. He only went to eat whenever the nurse came to check on Jimin. He sleeps the on the chair like he did last night.

When wakes up on the third day he fell asleep on the chair and keeping his head on the side of the bed. He has no idea what time is it, but he wakes at the slight touch of something on his head. Yoongi jerks back to reality and looks at Jimin, who is staring at him with hooded eyes. Yoongi immediately touches Jimin's cheek and Jimin falls asleep again. Yoongi kisses his forehead softly, "I'm here baby. Always be."

After an hour or so Namjoon calls him.
"Hyung, don't you need to change?
Yoongi takes a look at his attire, it's al crumpled and he hasn't been taken shower since yesterday. He obviously smells. "Yeah I need to change. Can you bring me someting so I can change here at the hospital?" he asks.
"Uh hyung, why don't you come by our place and change?"
Yoongi shakes his head, "No Joonah. What if he wakes up and he will look for me. I gotta stay here."
"Besides the hospital has a great bathroom" he tries to light up the situation a bit.
"Ok hyung, then I'll bring some clothes for you." Namjoon says.
"Hmm ok." Yoongi disconnects the call.

After 20 minutes Namjoon arrives at the hospital with some clothes for Yoongi. He is relieved that now he can change into something fresh. So he takes a shower from the attached bathroom of Jimin's room but when he goes to wear the sweatshirt, it's too big, but luckily the jeans is not that big. He thinks Jin might have given him their old pant, but he's okay with that. So he freshens up and gets out of the bathroom and almost trips over his feet as he sees, Jimin is staring at him.

Chapter Text

Yoongi almost rushes to his bed, "Jiminah! I'm here, I'm here." he mumbles as he presses his face into his hair.
Jimin squints his eyes at the gesture, "Hyung?" his voice raspy.
Yoongi steps away to look at Jimin, he has happy tears in his eyes, "yes Jiminah?"
"Where are my parents? and.." he breathes a little, "where's Kook?" Jimin asks all confused expression on his face.
Yoongi slightly balks at the name, but tries to keep his mind in control he take Jimin's face into his hands, "Jiminah, your parents will be here, but right now I'm here baby."
Jimin gives him an incredulous look and laughs softly, "last time I checked, you called me kid. What's this advancement hyung?"

Yoongi removes his hands from his face, he doesn't know but an unknown fear creeps into his heart so he tries, "Jiminah how are you feeling?"

Jimin looks at the window and then looks at Yoongi, "I guess it's okay."
Yoongi swallowes drily, "do you not remember who I am?"
Jimin smiles at that, "of course I do." like it is the well-known truth, "you're Yoongi hyung."
Yoongi tries to smile but asks again "do you know who you are?"
Jimin now looks at him like he's saying all the weird things, "hyung! I'm Jimin! Park Jimin."

At this Yoongi intakes a sharp breath into his lungs. "please call my parents and if Kook is here." Jimin pleads.
Yoongi nods, "I will." and without spending any more second in there he gets out of the room. Once out, he cluthches his head into his hands. He doesn't know whether he should cry or shout, but his mind and heart both are rebeling to do something agressive, but he tries to calm down and goes towards the reception.
Yoongi manages to meet the surgeon who operated on Jimin. He tells him everything he just experienced from his husband's mouth, and tries his hard to fight the tears but fails. A tear drop escapes his left eyes apparently.

The doctor looks at him and pats his shoulder sympathetically. "Listen, Yoongissi, I told you earlier that there could me some effects for that internal bleeding, and that can be anything. Let me go check on your husband first, then I can tell you properly."

Yoongi arrives at Jimin's room with the doctor and meets with his in laws. They must have been there, when he went to call the doctor. Jimin is now slightly in a sitting position as his bed has been tilted a bit, and his face looks bright. He hasn't been through much injury on his arms or legs but the inside of his brain is at big fault.

Yoongi takes in the sight and looks at Jimin's eyes as they stare back at him. Yoongi tries to smile but he just can't. The doctor takes a step towards Jimin and checks on the vitals on Jimin, and then looks at him.
"hello Jimin sssi, I have operated on you, my name is Dr. Kang hyun soo. How are you feeling today?" he asks softly.
Jimin nods, "hello Dr. Kang, I'm fine I guess."
"Good. uh Jimin ssi, do you remember everyone except me in this room?" Dr. Kang asks.
Jimin shakes his head, "I don't understand this, I know these people."

"But do you know this man? who is he or who is he to you?" Dr. Kang tries again.

Jimin laughs now, "This morning hyung asked me something like that and now you!"
At the very moment Jimin's father interrupts, "uh doctor, I don't think it's the best thing to put pressure on him like this."
"No it's ok Dad, I want to know what's this about." Jimin replies.

Dr.Kang gives him a small smile, "very well Jimin ssi, do you remember being married?"
Jimin whips his head towards the doctor in a speed that should have given him headache but he wides his eyes and looks at Yoongi at the same time.
"What! no, I.. I don't" he almost stutters.
"You are married to me Jiminah." Yoongi breathes.
"We've been married for one year." He says again.

Jimin doesn't go into shock though Yoongi thinks he might, but all Jimin does is to look at his parents and then look at his ring finger, and to his surprise, there is a ring that gleaming on his ring finger. He just keep staring at the ring to comprehend the whole thing. Then after exactly 10 seconds he just emits, "oh!"

Yoongi is still expectant that he might remember something, but when Jimin looks up he is proven wrong. Jimin has this different look and that is not his husband's. Yoongi closes his eyes for briefest second and opens it again to see Jimin is staring at him questioningly.
"I don't understand." Jimin almost whispers.
"I was..well" Jimin licks his bottom lip, "Kook was my boyfriend and then I wake up and you're my" he gulps, "husband!"

Yoongi tries tp bury the pain that is forming inside his chest but opens his mouth to say, "you broke up with him 4 years ago."
Jimin looks down at his ring again, as it feels so strange to have the weight on his finger, and looks up again, "why?", "why did I break up with him?" his voice is almost at the verge of breaking.
Yoongi doesn't want to cry or scream, so he clenches his fists to his side, "Because you....we fell in love with each other."

Jimin isn't able to stare away, he just stares at his husband, that he doesn't remember being his husband. After several seconds Jimin's mother comes to sit beside him, and jimin looks up at her. "Jiminie, you need rest."
Jimin considers that what he needs, so he just nods.
Dr Kang immediately tells Jimin to lay down and take some rest, and he ushers Yoongi to come outside with him. When Jimin closes his eyes, his parents are also out of the room. They look at Yoongi but doesn't try to talk with him instead they turn to the doctor, "so when can he come home?" Jimin's father asks. Yoongi gives them a side glance but says nothing.

"He can go home tomorrow, if he's ready to go home, but as I said, he has to be in extreme care." Dr.Kang reminds.

"Oh he will be under the best care with us.." Ji hyun is unable to finish, Yoongi intervenes, "what do you mean by us?"
"I'm his husband, and he should be with me." he frowns deeply.
But Jimin's parents opposes to his words, "certainly not. He doesn't even remember you and you will put pressure on him. So clearly he's coming home with his parents."

"You mean the parent who he hasn't talked in 4 years?" Yoongi counters.
Ji Hyun is about to open her mouth to say something back, but Dr. Kang interrupts, "uh excuse me, but this dicision should of Jimin's. Let tomorrow come, and let hims decide where he wants to go. If you bicker like this in front of him, you will make him all uncomfortable. So kindly listen to me and let him decide." and then the doctor leaves.

Yoongi was dreading this very thing, that Jimin may not want to come home with him, and now the fear creeps into him more. But he doesn't say anything in front of his parents as he sees Jin and Namjoon coming towards them. Jimin's parents greets the couple with stiff nods and they goes towards the coffee counter.
Jin and Namjon looks at Yoongi, but he just nods, and lets them inside Jimin's room.

"He was up few minutes before." Yoongi informs.
At that Jin makes a disappointing sound, "what is it that Park monsters want?" Namjoon quips.
Yoongi lets out a small chuckle but makes a serious face, "they want Jimin to go with them tomorrow."
"So they are releasing Jiminie tomorrow! that's good!" Jin looks at Jimin's sleepy form.
"But why would he go with them? you're his husband, he will go home with you." Namjoon retorts.
Yoongi knows that he has yet to tell the actual scenario to the couple so he breaks it.

After listening to that Jin flops down on the couch with his head in his hands. "what the hell Yoongi ah!" his face contorts in pain. Namjoon just stands there and stare at Yoongi. Yoongi tries to smile but that turns sad, and he just hums. "It really sucks to be you hyung" Namjoon adds.
Jin glares at his husband and ushers Yoongi to sit beside him. When he sits down, Jin looks at him, "so what are you going to do?", "let him go with his parents?" Jin asks almost in whisper, becuase they were talking in hushed tone all this time.

"Of course not! he hasn't talked to them in 4 years and they hated him for you know. Besides memory or not, we are married, we're supposed to stay together." Yoongi breathes heavily.

Jin just hums and looks up at Namjoon who is looking at Yoongi. "I'm sorry hyung, but you have to hold on okay, everythings going to be alright" Namjoon puts a hand on Yoongi's shoulder.

Although, Jimin was told to get rest but he couldn't fall asleep, as his mind reeled back and forth at his own situition. He's married to Yoongi, he broke up with Jungkook, he doesn't even realize that he has passed from uni as well. All of these things are too much to take after his accident. So when he tries to subside all the thoughts, he hears people whispering inside the room, and when he cracks open his eyes slightly, he sees Jin and Namjoon standing there with Yoongi at the end of his bed.

He's about to lift his head and say hi to the duo, he stops at Yoongi's words. He is talking about his parents and how Jimin doesn't remember him anymore. At that Jimin tries to think back but finds nothing as such that will remind him about his and Yoongi's relationship. He tries to listen to the things the three of them are saying, but one thing catches his attention, when Yoongi says, he hasn't talked to his parents in 4 years, and they hate him for being what? Jimin can't believe that he has done such thing like not talking to his parents for years! He loved his parents, and they loved him too, so what happened? He tries his hard to remember, squeezing his eyes, clenching his fists but all goes in vain. Nothing actually comes into his mind.

Thus Jimin tries to go back to sleep, and sleep comes hovering and he thinks it must be because he's trying so hard to remember all the tings he has forgotten.

Chapter Text

The next day, Yoongi didn't sleep at his bedside but on the couch, and when he wakes up, Jimin is already wake. Yoongi gets up abruptly gathering his jacket in his arm, he looks at his husband who is also watching him. "I'll call the nurse."Yoongi says.

Jimin just nods then slightly leans forward, "did you sleep here every night?" he asks.
Yoongi looks at the couch and shakes his head, "I slept there." he indicates Jimin's bed side chair.
Jimin brings his bottom lip under his teeth, and looks away, "we really are married aren't we hyung." he makes the sentence less like a question.
At that a small smile shows up on his lips, but that disappears the moment Jimin turns to look back at him.
"yes we are Jiminah." Yoongi makes his voice audible for Jimin only.

Jimin closes his eyes for the briefest of seconds and opens it again to say, "but why don't I remember you?" his whisper sounds agonized and Yoongi is about to break down but then suddenly the door of the room opens to let Jimin's parents in.

"How is my Jiminie?" his mother coos.
Jimin gives her a tight smile but says nothing.
She gives him a bright smile, "it will be all okay Jiminie, you will be ok once we all go home."

"I thought it was Jimin's decision."Yoongi speaks up.
"There is nothing to decide, we are his parents and he should come with us." Jimin's father grumbles.

"He has a home with me, a job. He can't just leave all of that."Yoongi counters.
"A job? what do I do?" Jimin gets surprised.

"Sculpting, you have a studio and a job." Yoongi replies.

Jimin laughs and throws his head back on the pillow, "wow! I'm getting all the new information everyday! now I'm a sculptor."

"Not just a sculptor, you're rather good at it." Yoongi says it with pride.

"Sculpting is not a thing! he was supposed to get into business studies. It's alright Jiminie, we can start over again, hmm?" Ji Hyun smiles softly.

A brief silence washes in the room, and Jimin gazes down on his hand, where the ring is still glimmering, he slowly takes a breath and looks at his parents.

"Um I think I should go with Yoongi hyung." 

"Jiminie I think you should come with us baby." his mother tries.
"I know mom, but I'm married to him right? I should give it a try ok?"

Yoongi takes a small breath of relief but doesn't show it, "You get ready Jiminah. I'll wait outside." Yoongi says softly and with a last glance at his husband he gets out of the room.

They have watched each other millionth of time to get dressed, but this time Yoongi thinks it's better to give him space. Once he's out of the room he lets out half shout as he clenches his hairs in a fist.
It's really hard to see Jimin like this, Jimin is his rock, his life, the only thing that kept him from breaking in so many situatons in his life. And now this Jimin, his life is there but not exactly there with him anymore. Yoongi wants to cry, scream his lungs out but he can't. Because he has to be strong for his love, he has to bring his memory back.

Yoongi called a cab to drive them back home. So when they arrive at their apartment Yoongi goes to open the door for Jimin, who just looks at him and when Yoongi tries to approach him to help him out, Jimin says, "My head is broken not my legs hyung." Yoongi steps aside immediately.

Once inside Jimin stares at everything with a strange look in his eyes. He doesn't touch a thing anywhere, just looks around. YUoongi can't help but emit a sigh from his mouth.
Jimin turns at him, "it's.. it's good."
"who decorated this place?" Jimin asks.
"You" Yoongi replies.
Jimin's mouth forms an 'o' shape but he says nothing else.

Yoongi cooks food for the night as they had lunch earlier from the food Jimin's mom made. Jimin almost want to moan at the taste of the food Yoongi made, but he restrains himself. He just hums and finishes his dish.
Yoongi takes the dishes to wash them on the sink and Jimin hust sits there on the couch. Suddenly his eyes falls on a picture that is just at the side of the tv, and it catches his eyes. He gets up to to take a closer look at the picture, he sees it's the picture of their wedding. He looks around and there are more pictures around, somehow Jimin just missed them, and kept himself busy in his own thoughts. A sudden flash of thoughts comes into his mind that the Jimin Yoongi married he has put all the pictures everywhere.

He looks at the picture in his hand, it's well framed and the two people in the picture looks so happy,and they have their hands around eash other. Jimin looks up from the picture to the ones that.s hanging on the wall. They were with friends but they are all happy pictuire, and most importantly, Jimin looked so happy in them. Looking at the memories of some forgotten time, he casts down his gaze and tries again to remember at least something, but nothing flashes, not a single thing. Jimin's esperation level grows as his gaze falls on his ring finger.

He puts down the picture frame and brushes his index finger over the ring, but why it looks so bland, why his mind doesn't show anything but white? The doctor said he shouldn't put pressure on his mind but here he is feeling like a total stranger in a house that is supposed to be his. Jimin covers his face with his hands and flops down on the couch, he shakes his head but nothing, nothing helps. His last refuge becomes to cry out in utter defeat.

The moment he cries out Yoongi is there crouching down in one knee before him. "Jiminah? you ok?" his voice filled with concern.
Jimin doesn't look up from his hand but shakes his head to say no, he's not ok.
Yoongi looks down for a second then gets up to sit beside his husband, but he's somehow maintaing a distance from him.
"ok, I know you have questions, you can ask them. I won't get sad." Yoongi tries.

Jimin slowly looks up, but he doesn' look at Yoongi except he looks at the picture wall. "It's just, too much to take. I was in college I had a boyfriend and now I wake up, I'm married, I have an entirely different life!" "I.. I just can't wrap everything around my head, and those pictures are mine and I seem happy in them. It's all too much." Jimin scrunches his face as if he's in pain.

Yoongi exhales a short breath and looks at the pictures. "They are our memories together. You put up those pictures when you went on a decoration spree." Yoongi smiles sadly at the memories, which seems to become long forgotten ones.

At that Jimin looks at Yoongi, "I don't think I like the decoration." but regrets as he says it. Yoongi just smiles at that, "then you can change it. It's your home too."
Jimin huffs, "don't say that. I don't remember a thing that I can call this place my home."

Yoongi doesn't say anything but his eyes flashes the hurt expression visibly. Jimin looks down, "I'm sorry hyung, I didn't want to hurt you but it's the truth. Well maybe, I can watch some videos or pictures, it might be a help." Jimin tries.

Yoongi just nods, but before he brings the videos and pictures he asks Jimin, "um you can take the bedroom, I'll sleep onm the couch." although saying this breaks his heart, because he wants nothing else but to cuddle his husband in bed, cry in his embrace, but he can't do that, because this person before him doesn't recognise him as his better half.

Jimin looks up at Yoongi, "um should take the bed. I'll be ok."
Yoongi smiles, "no no it's alright, besides you can't sleep on the couch you always complain for the stiff neck you get."
Jimin doesn't argue back at that, and heads towards the bedroom. Once Jimin out of sight, he sighs looking at the pictures, and a bitter laugh escapes his lips.

The bedroom is another place Jimin doesn't find anywhere near familiar. It's a king size bed, but it's all empty, rather left cold. He brushes his fingers along the edge of the mattress and doesn't get flooded by memories as he has seen in movies. So hwe just sits on the edge of the bed, and it's soft, Jimin closes his eyes for briefest second and Yoongi knocks at the door softly.

"Come in." Jimin says.

Yoongi slowly enters the room with a laptop and some cds tucked under his arms. he looks so small in this dim light Jimin thinks, but gets out of his thoughts, when Yoongi says, "These are the videos and some pictures, you can look at them any time you want."

He places the things on the bed, and when he's about to leave, Jimin calls him, "Hyung. Thanks for the dinner."
Yoongi takes a small breath but smiles at him, "if you need anything I'll be in the living room. Good night Jiminah."

"Good night hyung." Jimin replies softly.

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Jimin can't sleep. The bed feels so strange and he doesn't like the big windows and the moonlight streaming into the room. At nearly 2pm he sits up and takes a swig from the glass of water Yoongi left at the night stand. Jimin looks around the room, it's not very small but neither very big, and it's well decorated, neat. Jimin doesn't remember being this organized at his parents house. As Yoongi said that he decorated this place, but Jimin can't believe that it's all himself.

However, he sighs and his gaze falls on the laptop. He brings the things closer Yoongi left for him to watch. As he opens the laptop he faces with a blank wallpaper. He wonders who doesn't put up a wallpaper on the desktop. He can't guess but Yoongi purposefully removed the wallpaper which had Jimin and Yoongi's kissing picture. He didn't want Jimin to be repulsed by the image. So he made sure Jimin doesn't feel any discomfort.

As soon as Jimin hits play to the cd, he is flooded with smiling faces. Including the people he knows. He understands that it's the wedding event and he looks for other familiar faces like of his parents but they're nowhere to be seen. He looks for Jungkook but he is not there too. Jimin just sees some friends and others he can't really pinpoint, but he's sure one of them is Yoongi's mother. Jimin squints his eyes and tries to remember the scenario, but all feels so weird, he can't remember his face, that looks so happy, and Yoongi's face is literally glowing.
Jimin feels a headache growing behind his eyes as he stares at the whole wedding performs out, and they kiss and Jimin was not done with his newly wedded husband so he grabbed Yoongi and kissed him again.
Jimin closes his eyes in frustration as the hooting of people goes off in the background.

He immediately closes the laptop to throw his head back on the pillows and he groans as he rubs his eyes with the heels of his palms. This is so depressing yet frustrating to watch something that he can't possibly remember. Jimin has no idea what would do with all his erased memories, he can't just accept this life that is laid before him now. He can't accept Yoongi as his husband when he has no memory of him. But a image of Yoongi's eyes flashes into his mind and in that image Yoongi looked undeniably sad, sad as he everytime tried to look ok but fails.

Jimin closes his eyes thinking where this will take him, will he ever retrieve his memory, but hurting Yoongi is not a good thing, but he has to think of himself too. So he can try at least, and this last thought takes him in the pit of sleep.

Yoongi wakes up in the morning to the small sounds from the kitchen. As he lifts his head slowly he sees Jimin coming out of the kitchen with a glass of water. Yoongi abruptly gets up from the couch. "Jiminah do you need something? are you hungry? I'm gonna make breakfast..." Jimin doesn't let him finish, "no hyung, I just needed water."
Yoongi stares at him and thinks Jimin still looks unbelievably beautiful, and all he wants to wrap him in his arms and kiss him breathless. But he grasps the current situation quickly, and strays his eyes away. Jimin gives him a small smile and is about to get inside the bedroom, Yoongi clears his throat to say, "I'm going to make breakfast, if..if you want to freshen up, you can or later, maybe." he stops himself before stuttering starts.

Jimin nods and gets inside the bedroom without a word. As he vanishes through the door Yoongi covers his mouth with one hand and supports his shaking body on the wooden panel with his other hand. He only goes to the sink after the shaking ceases entirely.

When Jimin finishes showering and after rummaging through the clothes he finds in the small wardrobe, he goes to sit on a stool lined up by the kitchen counter. The kitchen is an open one thus it doesn't take much space, and it's all clear set, and Jimin realises that he really appreciates it.

Yoongi brings breakfast on the counter, and there is pile of food on Jimin's plate. He widens his eyes at that, "I cant eat this much!" he moths.
Yoongi hums, "but you need food and you love these pancakes."
Jimin looks at the yellow pancakes, "I do?" he asks.
Yoongi puts down the fork from his mouth and looks at the pancakes then at his husband, "um yes."

Jimin shrugs his shoulder at that and takes a bite of the food that he is supposed to like. However, unfortunately when he tastes the pancakes they are not that delicious as Yoongi says. It's normal pancakes and nothing special about it. But he eats as much as possible for him and at last he just pushes the plate at a side and gets down from the stool avoiding Yoongi's gaze. Yoongi also doesn't say anything, and takes the plates to the sink.

Jimin doesn't know what he should do now, so he is about to go to the living room Yoongi calls him, "Jiminah, would you like to visit your studio?"
Jimin whips his head towards Yoongi at the name of the studio. "I don't think I.. I don't remember about sculpting." Jimin tries.

Yoongi nods but looks up at him, "I know, but you can try, see if you can remember anything at least." Yoongi pleads with his eyes.

Jimin reels back everything he thought last night, that he will at least give it a try. "ok, I'll go to the studio. But um.. hyung" he calls Yoongi.
"I need a phone, do you know where my phone is?"

Yoongi shakes his head at that, "your phone got damaged and I sent it to the repairing center, but I don't know how much of it can be recovered. I already bought you new phone. I forgot to give you that." and he goes to open the drawer under the tv, and gets out a box, then hands it to Jimin. "uh, the memory card is already there, so whatever was in there, you will get it." Yoongi licks his bottom lip.

Jimin takes the box in his hand gets the shiny thing out. "um thanks hyung."
Yoongi just smiles softly.

Jimin's studio is not very far from the apartments, but Yoongi still drives him to the place. When Jimin gets out he sees it's rather small place and the surrounding isn't very crowded either. Yoongi waits some second and opens the door of the studio.
Jimin stands outside but then decides to go inside. Once inside Jimin gets all surprised, there are many figurines of so many things and they are very pretty. He goes in front of a sculpture and it's of a woman. Jimin just brushes his fingers on it, but nothing comes into his mind exactly.

Yoongi just watches him from a far side and still hopes if he can remember anything, anything to remember his husband, but seeing Jimin just looking around with wide eyes makes him sigh in disappointment. "Jimin you work with a company, and they couldn't contact you so I think you should call Hoseok." he tries.

Jimin turns to look at Yoongi, "who's Hoseok?" he asks.
"Your supervisor." Yoongi replies, "you have his number in your mobile."
Jimin looks at the mobile in his hand, and opens the contact list, and he sees so many numbers there. As he scrolls through the numbers he doesn't see somany people's name he used to know and now he wonders what happened.

Jimin nods looking at the contacts, "ok I'll call him, but I don't know what to say to him." he looks up at Yoongi who is staring at him, and beaks eye contact the moment Jimin looks at him. "uh.. if.. if you want, I can call him." he manages after clearing his throat.

"Ok yeah, that will be fine." Jimin turns his gaze towards an unfinished sculpture. As he looks at the thing he realizes, it was supposed to be two figures and it's not finished. So he asks Yoongi instead, "do you know what this was supposed to mean?"
Yoongi comes closer to the table, and looks at the unfinished thing, and shakes his head, "I have no idea Jiminah, you have always been discreet about your creations."
"The surprise always came at last." Yoongi finishes.

"oh." Jimin whispers.
"Do you want to stay here? or you want to go back home?" Yoongi asks all unsure of what to say next.
Jimin looks around the studio again, "I would like to stay here for sometime."
"Oh ok, um then I guess, I'll leave you to it." Yoongi is about to go, Jimin calls, "hyung, where are you going?"

"I have to go to the studio." Yoongi replies.
Jimin furrows his brows, "you are a sculptor too?"
Yoongi laughs at that, "wish I was, but I'm not that talented like you Jiminah. I'm just a music producer and I work with Namjoon."
At that Jimin widens his eyes, "wow! hyung! you are doing what you wanted! and Joonie hyung too! it's really great!"

Yoongi just wants to kiss his soft lips, and tell him how much he loves him, how much he misses him, but he just shakes his head to look down, "thanks Jiminah. I will pick you up whenever you're ready. Just give me a call ok?"

Jimin just nods and turns away to look at some pile of clay. Once Yoongi is out he takes in the cold air into his lungs. Although, it burns through his nose and throat, he breathes in the air more just to stop himself from shedding anymore tears. As

Yoongi gets inside the car, he takes out his phone to call Namjoon.
After just one ring, Namjoon answers,
"hyung? what's the matter? do you need help?"
Yoongi smiles at his voice, as he has been constantly at his side, no matter what.
"No, no it's ok. I'm just coming to the studio."
"What!" Namjoon almost croaks, "hyung you really don't have to, I'm handling everything here. Really no need." he tries.
Yoongi shakes his head at that, "no, I need to work. I can't be around Jimin all the time, it's driving me crazy." Yoongi finally gets it out of his chest.
Namjoon understands his desperation, "oh ok hyung, sure. I.. I'll be bringing coffee then. Did you eat?"
Yoongi nods, "yeah. Lets meet at the studio." and he disconnects the call. As he puts the mobile down he rests his head on the steering, and within a second he bashes his head on the hard leather. The horn blares out at the same moment, and Yoongi feels so helpless and shouts "Fuck!" as loud as he can.

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After Yoongi leaves Jimin alone, he looks at the sufficient lights coming from the big windows, and suddenly Jimin feels so helpless. He looks around the finished sculptures and the unfinished ones, and feels a void that is eating his heart away, because he simply cannot connect with these things and they're somehow supposed to be his, his own. Jimin feels that his fate is being unfair to him. He can see how much it's hurting Yoongi, the man he knew very less off and now he's his husband, and Jimin is lost. Without looking Jimin just sits down on the floor staring at his hands, as they look empty, and he misses his parents and his boyfriend. He wants to cry, but no tear comes only a vacant sound escapes his lips.

At the lunch time, Yoongi drives back to Jimin's studio, and on the way he calls Hoseok.
After one ring, he receives the call.
"Hi.. Yoongi! where the hell have you been gone and what happened to Jimin?" Hoseok bombers Yoongi with questions.
Yoongi holds up a hand as if he can wants to show him that he wants him to stop.
"I, Hoseok, yah!" he almost shouts.
And he stops on the other side.
"Jimin went through an accident, and yeah that's the case." he breathes.
"What!" Hoseok croaks.
"I'm so sorry hyung, I was all caught up with, the baby and all." he tries to apologise.
Yoongi knew that Hoseok was all caught up because he and his wife were having their second baby. He can never blame him for not showing up in the hospital, and Yoongi himself was so in his own thoughts that he forgot to call him.
"Nothing to apologise Hoseok, I know, I'm sorry for not telling you any sooner. But now the thing is, well, there's been a problem." Yoongi swallows drily.

Hoseok squints his brows, "what problem hyung?"
Yoongi looks at the signal, and then takes a breath, "Jimin doesn't remember anything about sculpting anymore."
hoseok squeaks at that, "you're not joking right hyung?" he tries to not hear the thing.
But when Yoongi shakes his head, and utters, "no". He has to believe the fact.
"Hyung can I come over? tomorrow?" He asks.
"Yes, sure. Talk to him, although he doesn't remember you either." Yoongi informs.
"Sure hyung, I'll see you tomorrow." as soon as Hoseok disconnects the phone, Yoongi is just one alley behind to reach the place, and he sees his husband on the street, talking to street vendor.

Yoongi immediately stops the car and rolls down the car window to call Jimin out. "Jiminah!" he shouts from the other side of the road, and Jimin instantly looks up.
Jimin looks up and Yoongi feels he has been drained out of blood, because Jimin has tear streaks on his cheeks. Yoongi without wasting anymore second, gets out of the car, and crosses the road in a go, just to hold the boy in his arms.
He forgets all the boundaries he was maintaining with Jimin and wraps his arms around him, "Jiminah, Im sorry, very sorry. Were you lost baby? I'm so very sorry" he whispers into his hair.

Jimin gets all confused, but he lets Yoongi hug him, but he doesn't even make a move to hold him back. At his unmoving state, Yoongi understands that he's doing all the wrong things, and he isn't supposed to do that. He slowly detaches himself from Jimin, "uh.. sorry. Old habits." he murmurs.
Jimin bites down on his bottom lip, but looks at Yoongi, "I.. it's ok." he mouths.
Yoongi is worried though, "were you lost Jimin?" he asks.
Jimin nods, " I was bored in the studio, so I thought of taking a stroll, and I couldn't find the way back. That's why I was asking the vendor" he points the street vendor, "to tell me the way back. But he has no idea either." Jimin wipes his nose with his sweatshirt sleeve.

Finally, Yoongi smiles in the entire day, he smiles in relief, "it's ok, I'm here now, and for your information, your studio is just around that corner." he indicates the way to him.

Jimin looks at the alley, and emits a gasp, "what the hell! I came from that way, & I lost it!" "Am I this forgetful generally?" he stares at Yoongi questioningly.
Yoongi feel a cough coming inside his throat, but he just clears his throat, "no, you are not." Jimin hums and looks away.

"Let's go Jiminah, you must be hungry. I brought your favorite kimchi fried rice!" Jimin looks at him and furrows his brows, "um.. I'm not sure.." but he stops as Yoongi's expression turns sad. "ok yeah!" Jimin tries.

As they eat at the studio, Jimin realizes that he likes this food, but it's not exactly in the list of his favorite, but he doesn't complain, and eats silently. Yoongi steals glances at him, but gets no change of expression from Jimin. He promised himself that he wouldn't let himself break down before Jimin, and he's trying his hard to retain that promise. So he just looks away, and concentrates on cleaning the table. This very thing flashes an old memory of university, where Jimin kissed him. Yoongi doesn't want to remember old things, but that image just floated into his mind.

Yoongi looks at Jimin who is looking at his phone, so Yoongi thinks of trying. He clears his throat, "uh, Jimin do you remember at the university, I brought you lunch?"
Jimin looks up from the phone to squint at his word. Yoongi speaks again, "& we had a fight and you.." Jimin interrupts him, "why would I fight with you?"
Yoongi stops, and thinks how to put things, he just scratches the back of his head, "I...I think you were jealous?" Jimin slightly widens his eyes at that.
& Yoongi finally decides, it's better to leave the topic, "you know, forget it. It's nothing. Do you want to stay here or go home?" he asks totally dismissing the thing.

Jimin just hums absentmindedly "I want to sleep a bit more."
"Okay sure. Lets go." Yoongi nods.

The moment he returns home with Jimin, he feels that somehow he has been drained of every bit of energy in his body. As Jimin enters the bed room he flops dow on the couch, because he couldn't have much sleep last night, his body is aching, because he had never slept on the couch before. But he can't just go into his own bedroom and sleep, so he decides to sleep on the couch again, just before Jimin appears at bedroom door.

As Yoongi looks up, Jimin starts to fuss with his sweatshirt strings, "um hyung, why don't you sleep on the bed?" "I mean it's your bed too" he shrugs.

Yoongi doesn't know what to say, so he just stares at him dumbly. But then Jimin speaks again, "I won't mind, and you need rest I guess." Yoongi slowly nods his head, but doesn't make any move. Jimin just mouths, "ok" and gets inside.
After 5 minutes or so, Jimin feels the side of the bed has been dipped a bit, and he realizes Yoongi is there, and he closes his eyes.
Yoongi also contemplated enough about the sleeping in the bedroom thing, but then he goes to sleep on the other side of the bed. The moment he puts his head on the pillow, he realizes that the bed is cold, and he can barely remember it being cold when Jimin was there with him. All of his senses tells him, to cry out, but he just bites down on his bottom lip to stop the excruciating pain to surface. But he doesn't realize before two fat tear drops roll down from his eyes. He even restrains himself from sniffling, because Jimin might wake up, so he just scrunches his eyes shut to stop the tears.

Jimin wakes up in the middle of the night as his stomach growls in a low tone. He turns on his back to look at the man on the other side of the bed, and finds he hasn't turned but the slow rise and fall of his back is the proof that he's in deep sleep. Jimin squints his eyes, because he can't remember, Yoongi on his bed and he has no idea how long he sleeps. So Jimin gets up from the bed, and takes his mobile with him in the living room. He goes to the contact list and finds the number of his parents in there. Without thinking the time, he just calls them, and when his mom receives the phone, he forgets about his growling stomach, and breaks down.

The morning can't wait to come any sooner, and Yoongi wakes up to an empty bed. He immediately scrambles out of the bed, and find his husband, packing some of his clothes into a backpack. Yoongi recognizes that is his backpack, but says nothing. He just stares at the man, so when he doesn't say anything, Jimin thinks he should say something, "oh um, I think I should stay at my parents for a while. It's... it's getting too much, and I need to stay at my place for a while you know, it might help me remember I guess." He says the long sentence and look up at Yoongi.

Yoongi have no idea, why he can't say anything to Jimin, instead he sees,that he has packed some of his own clothes in the bag, and then he decides to say something. "Ok, yeah. They're your parents after all." & he's about to leave the room, and Jimin calls him back, "uh hyung" Yoongi turns around. "um, why haven't I talked to my parents in all those years?" Jimin breathes.
Yoongi knew he had to answer this question, but not this time, he isn't prepared at all, but he has to answer it, "because they, they um, didn't like the fact, that you liked guys."
Jimin widens his eyes at that, but looks down, "it's not like I can do anything about it." he murmurs under his breath.
"hmm" Yoongi looks away.
"But you still like guys right? I mean your loss of memory hasn't meddled with your sexuality right?" Yoongi knows it's an unusual thing to say but he thinks there's nothing wrong in checking.

Jimin starts to giggle loudly at his question and Yoongi loves to see him laugh so he just stares at him with an awed expression on his face. "hyung! you are so funny! of course I like guys, now don't let me get to the dick part ok!" he covers his mouth and laughs again. Yoongi just rolls his eyes at that comment, "whatever, it's god to know though." he tries to hide his embarrassment.

Jimin goes back to packing his clothes, " dad will pick me up at 9. I will see you after I stay at home too, okay?" he looks at Yoongi who has gone silent again. "I will see you hyung, I promise."
Yoongi smiles at him softly, "it's okay Jiminah, you can always stay at your parents. & thank you, I really hope that I can see you then too."
"of course hyung! um we can go out, I mean, if you want?" Jimin tastes the water
Yoongi just smiles again, "sure, we can. You just call me any day, anytime. I'll be there." he says it one breath, and he thinks he has hopes at least.

But Yoongi just can't let him go like this, "bu.. but, you'll come back right?" he asks unsure.
Jimin gets up from the sitting position, but he doesn't know the answer to Yoongi's question, because he's all lonely here, he can't feel the presence of someone he loves around him. So how can he just promise him the uncertain thing. He swallows thickly, "I.. I don't know hyung, I need to knowe what I want, and what I'm going to do next, I hope you understand"

Yoongi knew something like this was coming, so he tries to brace himself, "yea, yeah I do Jiminah. You must take your time. I'll always be here." he can feel his voice is about to break, so he stops.
Jimin gives him a small smile, and the door bell rings.
Yoongi goes to open the door, and Jimin's dad is standing there. Yoongi doesn't say anything just bows to show his respect and steps aside to let the man come in, but he doesn't enter he just looks past him at his son. "Jimin, I hope you're ready?"
"Yes dad, coming." Jimin takes the backpack and stands in front of the door.

Yoongi knows that stopping his husband would be breaching his personal freedom, but his heart is breaking into so many pieces, he can feel that he won't able to talk if Jimin talks to him, but he just clenches his fists to stay put.

"Uh hyung, I'll see you ok. Call me, I'll call you too?"
Yoongi just nods and tries to smile at him, but he can't muster a word.
Jimin leaves with his father, and Yoongi just stares at the door as a single tear fell on his shirt, he doesn't even try to wipe it, he just stands there.

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When Jimin arrives his parent's home, he remembers it's still the same, big house he used to live in. Once he crosses the first landing his mother comes running to him. "Jiminie! you're here sweetheart!" she squeaks as she hugs her son tightly.
Jimin smiles at her, "how are you mom?" he asks.
"I'm well, now you're here, it's all good. Now come, you must be hungry." Ji hyun drags his arm inside the house.
Jimin looks around the dining hall, and he feels that he has missed the place somehow. While he's looking around Ji hyun is all busy to talk about the foods she has made for her son.

"Jiminie are you listening?" his mother acquires?
"hmm? yes yes mom." he nods.
"Good please eat." she ushers him towards the table.
Jimin looks at the table ans so many food items are there, he feels his stomach growl in response. And after taking the first bite from one plate, he feels he's finally home.


Home felt so bitter, and uncomfortable at the same time to Yoongi. His heart has left him and now he's all alone sittiong on his couch. Hi? or should he say their? he doesn't know anymore. He's just sittiing there looking at the wall of pictures, they were his one of the favorite thing in the house, but now they're haunting him. All the pictures where he is with Jimin and the both look so happy, feels like those have been turned so gloomy, and shroud of black veil has come upon them.
Yoongi doesn't know how long he has been sitting there when a ring of his phone stirs him from the daze.

Yoongi takes the mobile from his pocket to check the caller, and it's Hoseok, he receives the call,and Hoseok's voice rigs out, "hyung? you guys home? can I come over?" he asks.
Yoongi looks around the empty flat once, "no, Jimin just went to his parent's house. If you want you can meet him there." the words cuts through his chest but he manages somehow.
hoseok on the other side is confused, because all this time Jimin had never mentioned his parents, he only talked about his husband and that's how he has been able to meet Yoongi. But now it seems so absurd that Jimin has gone to his parents house.
So he asks, "hyung? is everything's alright?"
Yoongi doesn't know what to say so he just says, "no."
"I'm coming over to you ok?" Hoseok hurridly says.
but Yoongi doesn't want any visitor, he just want to get out of the empty house, so he tells him, "um could you come down to my studio?"
"Yes sure hyung."
"Ok." Yoongi gets up from the couch as he takes the car keys.

Namjoon is already present at the studio, and he is just sipping into his coffee Yoongi emerges from the front door. "Good morning hyung!" he chirps.
"Yeah, Hoseok is coming."he announces.
"Oh ok." he sips into his coffee again, and he licks his botom lip, "so what's going on with Jiminie?" he asks.
Yoongi knew this question will come, "uh he's, he went to his parents."
"What? wh..why?" Namjoon is all but startled
Yoongi just shrugs, "it's his parents Joon."
"I know but, you're his husband and he haven't seen themin years!" Namjoon counters.
"No it's okay. He is his own person, and besides I'm just like a stranger to him. it's good that he's living with his parents." he looks at some papers.

Namjoon shakes his head, "still hyung, Jiminie..." he stops as he realizes something else. "How are you by the way? you haven't lived one day without him hyung."
Yoongi wants to slam the papers on the small table but he grits his teeth as he feels the pain is surfacing his throat now. So he just keeps his eyes on the sheets, and to his good luck, Hoseok enters from the door.

"Oh hi hyungs!"
"Hey! Hoseokah!" Namjoon greets him, and Yoongi finally looks up.

After all the good food, Jimin feels so full, that he just wants go to his room, and he has no idea how his room looks like now, but when he enters it looks the same like he has left it a day ago. Only thing missing here any sign of sculptures or any pictures he might have had in the room. Jimin doesn't say anything when his mom says, "we kept the room just as you left Jiminie." as he brushes her fingers through his hair.

" feels good in here mom." Jimin admits, but as he says it, Yoongi's words about his parents opposing to his choices crawls up to his mouth, but he decides to say nothing about it. When his mom leaves him in his room, he falls on his back and closes his eyes. But sleep doesn't come as he thought it would, because Yoongi's sad face is all he can see, and he feels bad, and then somehow he feels anger. Why the hell he has to be blamed for everything that is happening! While he hasn't done anything! Jimin lost his memory, and it's not his fault so he shouldn't be blamed for it! Jimin finally sits up on his bed in frustration, and his gaze falls on his ring finger. The ring is there, reminding him of the life he cannot even remember, and suddenly he feels his finger feels so heavy.

Yoongi is so tired, Hoseok left an hour ago, as he told him everything and even given him the address of Jimin's parent's home. To his fortune, the man didn't ask him many question, because he wasn't feeling well to utter things that he is suffering through, and Namjoon helped too. So now, he feels all tired but he,s not willing to go home tonight.

Somehow, Namjoon feels his condition and looks at him. "Hyung? wouldyou like to stay at ours tonight?"

Yoongi is trying to concentrate on the solo artist's recording they are acquiring now. He looks up as Namjoon speaks, "hm?" he asks.
"Please come to our house tonight. Jin called me and asked you to come. He's making pizza!" Namjoon lies, when he himself called his husband, to inform him the situation.

Yoongi contemplates the offer into his mind, that he will feel a lot worse if he goes back to his apartment, and if he goes to Jin and Namjoon's house, he would at least be with his own people. "Okay, I'll go at yours" he nods.
"Thanks hyung" Namjoon smiles.

They pack up and closes the studio and they drive to Namjoon's flat. Jin is already waiting for them at the door, and opens the door even before the bell rings.
"oh good you guys are here. What took you so long!" Jin looks at Yoongi then to his husband.
Namjoon mouth a sorry to him and pecks on his lips. Yoongi just gives them a small smile, "so I heard pizza."
Jin squints his eyes at the name of pizza, "who said..?" Namjoon doesn't let him finish, "yes of course! baby you forgot! ok I'll order now. Nothing to worry!" he says all of these in one breath, and calls the pizza place.

At first he doesn't understand what's going on, but then he realizes the scenario, that Jin really didn't make pizza, but Namjoon lied to bring him here. He just shakes his head once and sits on the couch, without saying anything. He has lived with Namjoon before and he knows how the man cares for him. So he doesn't counter him anymore on the topic. Jin goes to sit beside him too, and looks at him, "I have cleaned the guest room, you can sleep there, and you can stay here as long as you want ok?" Jin pats his left shoulder assuringly.
Yoongi gives him a smirk, "are you pitying me hyung?"
Jin immediately removes his hand from his shoulder, "Min Yoongi! I would never!" he mocks a gasp. Yoongi emits a small laugh now, "thanks though, that place haunts me anyway." he admits.
Jin just becomes glum at his admittance, but he tries to keep his facade straight, "Everything will be alright, you'll see. Jimin loves you more than anything, and you know that very well. So you've just gotta hold on, and he will be back to you. We are all here for you, do not ever forget that." he tries to console him a bit, but he knows Yoongi, that he will feel more remorse than he looks now. So he gets up abruptly, "let's drink tonight ok? I haven't had a good drink for ages!" Jin muses.

Namjoon immediately peeks from the bedroom door, "we're drinking?"
"Yes! yes we are. Pizza and who would like some whiskey on the rocks?" Jin half shouts.
Yoongi groans into his hand but he feels he needs to numb his senses, and not feel anything for a while, so he just looks at the couple and says, "fuck it! bring it on."

Jimin is strolling inside his room and he just wants to go out, but his parents are always there to engage him into something, so when he gets a call from a man called Hoseok, as Yoongi told him, that he works for his company. He immediately agrees to meet him outside.

Jimin is coming down the stairs hurriedly, his father comes in front of him, "where are you going Jimin?"
Jimin huffs, "I'm stuck in the house the entire day, please I want to go outside." he almost pleads.
"But you're not well son, you might catch the cold!" his father reasons.
"No dad! I won't & I'm no child to catch cold so easily. So tell mom, I'm going out okay?" and without sparing any glance at the man he crosses the thershold in a go.

once outside he can finally take some breath, it's highly refreshing. Hoseok calls again,
"Hi Hoseok ssi, I'm on the road. I'll be in their in 5 minutes.
"Okay, Jimin, I'm waiting." Hoseok answers softly.

when Jimin reaches the cafe, he doesn't recognizes Hoseok, but when the man waves at him from a table, he approaches towards him.
"um are you Hoseok ssi?" Jimin asks.
Hoseok gives him a warm smile, "yes Jiminie, it's nice to see you again."
Jimin sits down on a chair, and looks at him curiously, "Hoseok ssi, I don't know what to tell you but, I..I don't remember anything about sculpting anymore." he tries but stutters.

"I know Jiminie, Yoongi hyung told me, but you used to call me hyung, so call me hyung ok?" he gives Jimin a playful smile.
Jimin nods, and before he can open his mouth again, Hoseok pulls out some papers from his side bag, "thse are the papers of our company, that you signed when you started working with us."
Jimin just looks at the papers and the looks up at Hoseok questioningly.
Hoseok clears his throat, "uh you need to see this because I might not be the exact person, or I might fool you. Thus these are the proof."
Jimin just makes an 'o' with his mouth but doesn't attempt to look at the papers. "I ... I believe you hyung. I just can't believe myself, that I acquired a job on sculpting." he expresses his surprise.

Hoseok laughs at his words, "believe me or not Jiminie, but you are talented enough and trust me, I know talent when I see it. My company has hired for that reason."
"You know Jin hyung right?" Jimin asks.
"Oh yes! he's a long time friend of mine." Hoseok quips.

"hmm" Jimin hums, "hyung, I don't think I'll be able to work with you."
Hoseok looks at the window, "are you sure, you don't remember anything at all?"
Jimin smiles and looks down at the table, "no hyung, I swear. I waited a whole day to remember something, but nothing came."
"Ok Jimin, I'll talk to my boss about it then." and then he fiddles with his fingers, "um.. I don't know if you remember my wife, Seo Yun but we invited you at our home that time." "so.. if you" HJoseok doesn't get to finish his words, Jimin interrupts, "no no it's ok hyung! you're married? wow! I'd love to visit your home."
Hoseok gives him a wide smile, "thank you Jiminie, and I know it's a lot to ask but you and Ji ah get together very well. I don't know about Ha eun though!" he laughs.
Jimin widens his eyes, "you have a daughter?"
"Yess! I do. I have two daughters now. Ji ah is 4 and you must know my baby daughter is Ha eun."
"Wow! congratulation hyung! it's must so fun having two daughters." Jimin almost claps in joy.
Hoseok giggles at that, "it's lots of work Jiminie! my Ji ah is very calm, that's why Seo Yunah doesn't have to run around after her. But Ha eun will be something! she already throws her legs like pro footballer!" Jimin watches Hoseok talk about his daughters and his eyes are all filled with so much adoration.

"It's really adorable hyung. I'd love to meet Ji ah and Ha eun." Jimin muses.

Hoseok smiles and looks at his watch, "actually, I have this day off, are you busy?" he asks.
Jimin looks at the outside sky and he really doesn't feel like going home now. So he just shakes his head.
"Good!" hoseok claps his hand and gets up, "then we can go to my house can we?" he looks down at Jimin.
Jimin doesn't have to tell twice, he immediately gets up, "sure hyung!."

Chapter Text

Yoongi doesn't know if he's awake or still sleeping because then he hears a constant music type thing into his ear, and he thinks he has turned his head but in reality he hasn't and is dreaming about turning his head, but the music is still on. So for the last time and literally wills his mind to wake up just to turn his head. And the moment he is able to do that, he meets with a drooling face of Jin, and that was not music it is the sound of him snoring in a weird tone.

Yoongi tries to make a sound but all it comes out a gasp, and he drags himself aways from Jin's open mouth. As he does that, he gets bumped hard with someone's mouth, and it's Namjoon. Who is on his other side, Yoongi curses himself for the heav drinking of last night. Yoongi groans as he feels trapped between the duo, finally he tries to jerk his limbs and then he realizes his neck is aching horribly, "shit! you two! get off me!" he tries to shout, but Jin comes closer to him more, "mmmm Joonie, I need a kiss.." Yoongi feels horror sipping into his blood, because Jin's mouth is so close. Yoongi gathers all his might and wrenches himself off from his grip. And he succeeds to do so, at the same moment his legs springs free to so he gets a good angle and kicks on Namjoon's shin hard.

"Get up you pig!" he shouts now with full voice. Namjoon groans in pain, and babbles something incoherent but doesn't get up. But on the other hand Jin opens his eyes, "oh you're up?" he asks.
"Yes! and thankfully out of your grasp!." Yoongi takes a deep breath.
Jin gives him a thoughtful nod and slowly gets up. "Let me brush my teeth, I'll get you coffee, or something darker than your soul to drink. Wait" and he vanishes through the bedroom door.
Yoongi just sits there, thinking why the hell, did he even agree to drink with the two! He already faced similar situation when he used to live with the two. He almost lost his job at the university for being heavily drunk and late to his class. However, he just waits for his turn to the bathroom and takes his time in the shower.

When he comes to the table Namjoon is already up and he is back hugging his husband. Yoongi averts his eyes from them and just sits on the chair. The sound of the chair scrapping on the wood floor, makes the couple look up. "oh hyung! good morning." Namjoon quips. Yoongi just nods and pours coffee into the mug on the table. Namjoon comes before him to sit on a another chair, he also pours coffee into a mug, "so you're coming to the studio with me right?" he asks.

Yoongi is sipping into the coffee but looks up when Namjoon asks him. "Yeah sure, but first I have to go to the, uh, Jimin's studio."

"Oh right. Okay no problem." Namjoon is about to take a sip from his mug, Jin shouts, "yah! you didn't brush your teeth!"
Namjoon immediately puts down the mug on the table and runs towards the bathroom, and Yoongi can't help but laugh loudly at that.

When they are finished with their breakfast, Yoongi turns at Namjoon, "uh I actually need your help in there. Can you come?"

"Sure hyung. Whatever you need." Namjoon assures.

So they drive to Jimin's sculpting studio, and Yoongi gets down from the car just to open the trunk and gets out some large size plastic sheets.
Namjoon at first squints his eyes then widens them. "Uh hyung? what are you rexactly up to?" Yoongi is still getting the sheets out, but stops at his query, "if you're thinking that I have some dead bodies to wrap and hide with these, you're absolutely right. Now comeon, help me with these will ya?" Namjoon shrugs his shoulders, "but of course you would have told me before." and helps Yoongi to take the sheets out of the car trunk.

Once they are inside, Yoongi just looks at the place all over, so many memories, so many things and he's here to wrap all of it with these white plastic sheets. He looks at Namjoon and indicates him a sculpture, "we'll start from there."

Chapter Text

One year two months ago

Yoongi is fidgeting with the whole situation. He's getting married and to the person he loves the most but he's all jittery, can't hold himself straight  a bit. He has no idea where his other half is, he's just sitting in an empty room with absolutely no one around. Yoongi looks at his watch, and there is only some minutes left. Suddenly, Yoongi's mother enters the room, "Yoongi ah! let's go. It's time." The words just stops his time and he thinks he can't breath anymore. But he gets up from the chair any way and holds his mother's hand.

As they comes out in the wedding set, it's rather a small place, because the place they hired is literally Jimin's studio and all people have gathered in the spacious room that has been made by subsiding all the things. When he looks at the alter, Jimin isn't there yet, but he can see Namjoon, Jin, some of his work stuff and to his left his mother standing with him. It's really the smallest gathering ever, but the place has been decorated beautifully. Yoongi is almost lost at the scene, but then his mother  nudges him to move forward, and Yoongi does finally stands on  alter the .

He looks at his friends behind, who are giving him thumbs up and giving him dopey smiles, but suddenly Yoongi forgets everything else, because Jimin is there, just two hands away. The walking distance is very short to the alter, so it doesn't take more than few seconds, but what it seems ages to Yoongi, like Jimin can't be much slower. He looks perfect in his cobalt blue tuxedo, and the bow tie. Yoongi doesn't know how long he's staring at his fiancee, but he is sure he forgot to count the seconds.

So when Jimin actually comes to stand before him, he is still staring at him, and he doesn't know that his mouth is hanging open, and someone, someone for sure tells him foe behind to close his mouth for heaven's sake! When Yoongi closes his mouth finally Jimin smirks at him. Yoongi is about to choke but he somehow manages himself. The priest is talking but Yoongi again finds himself following every slight movement of his soon to be husband, and Jimin is not far either, he's looking at Yoongi like he has all the mystery resolved of the universe. When the priest asks for their vows they both are almost gone into each others eyes, so the priest has to touch their shoulders lightly to wake them up.

Yoongi and Jimin both jolts up from their daze and looks at the priest who has a small smile playing on his lips. "Your vows gentlemen?" he politely asks.
Yoongi looks at Jimin at this, and smiles in a small agreement. "Uh actually we would not like to share our vows, we just want to get married before our friends and family."
"Is that what you also want Park Jimin?" The priest asks.
"Yes, we have decided it before." Jimin nods.
Jin and some of their colleagues groan at that but Jimin giggles lightly and Yoongi can't wait to claim the man for his entire life.
"Okay so, do you Park Jimin and Min Yoongi take each other as your lawful husband?"
They both say, "yes".
"Do you both pledge to share your love and the joys of your marriage with all those around you, so that they may learn from your devotion and love?"
Yoongi and Jimin both says "yes."
"Please exchange your rings then."
As soon as they exchange their rings Jimin doesn't wait for the priest to say anything else, he just dives into Yoongi's arms and kisses him with all the time he actually waited outside in the cold. Yoongi is slightly taken aback, and he doesn't get to hear wehen the priest declares them husbands he become all busy to hold his husband by his waist to steady both of them and kiss him back. Yoongi laughs into his mouth as Jimin is pressing several kisses on his mouth. Someone whistles loudly at that, but Jimin is relentless, he can't get enough of his newly husband, but Yoongi has to make him stop, when he feels Jin pinching on his waist.

So he finally detaches himself from his husband and he almost has to hold him steady by his side, when everyone else congratulates them. Jimin only pouts at him and turns around to hug others, but Yoongi still hold his by his waist, all the time they are on the alter.

The don't have a very big party ahead, but it's rather pleasant. Yoongi and Jimin have their flight to Hawaii just the next day, and they have only the night to spend in Seoul. They also don't have much invitees, just some of their work colleagues, Yoongi's mother, Namjoon and Jin. No matter how big the ceremony is, the most important thing is, he is married to the love of his life. He looks at Jimin who is smiling and laughing just at his side, makes him all giddy and right now he wants to dance to express his happiness. & he gets to fulfill his wish, the first dance. Yoongi gets up immediately as one of his colleague Chris announces it. Jimin looks up at his husband, and Yoongi without wasting anytime, pulls Jimin up to his chest, "may I have this dance husband?" he winks at Jimin. Jimin laughs, "why not husband?" but before Yoongi can lead the way, Jimin is leading him on the small place. As everyone cheers, they start to move their bodies with the rhythm. Yoongi keeps his pacing slow and he has his arms encircled around Jimin's waist, and Jimin has his arms around Yoongi's neck.

Yoongi twirls Jimin once and he giggles, and Yoongi is gone again, he loves every little laugh, every single smile of Jimin to be his, for his happiness, he leans forward to peck on his husband's lips, "thank you, thank you for marrying me."he whispers over his lips. Jimin smiles, "I love you Yoongi."and he kisses him back, there are whistles breaks out around them, and Jimin breaks the kiss as he laughs throwing his head back. With them, Jin and Namjoon also starts to dance beside them, and Jimin and Yoongi gives them thumbs up, and cheers for them too. Yoongi's mom dances with Jimin, and pecks him on the cheek, "My son is very happy today, and the reson is you. I want nothing but him to be happy. I'm so grateful to you Jiminie." She muses, as she places her hand on his cheek. Jimin holds heer hand there, "I will always make him happy." he whispers to her.

The entire day time goes laughing, dancing and eating on the tables Jimin works and the alter was also made by clearing some space. It is in the late afternoon when the sun is about to set, everybody says goodbye to the new couple, Yoongi's mom kisses them on their cheeks, and makes them promise that they will visit. Jin gets busy rearranging the gifts they've got on the table, and on the other hand, Namjoon calls Yoongi to a side, "hyung, ah, I wanted to give you something before we go."
Yoongi frowns slightly, "but you guys already given a gift, even though we asked not to." he grimaces.
"Oh hyung, did you really thing people will not bring gift on a wedding!" Namjoon groans.
yoongi shrugs, but Namjoon slips something into his tuxedo pocket. "What is it?" Yoongi turns his pocket and comes out it's tube of lube, and it has a bow on its neck! Yoongi lets out a choked out laugh, "what the hell Namjoon!"
Namjoon winks at him, "you'll thank me later."
Yoongi laughs, "yeah, we already have this at home."
Namjoon is about to say something, Jin calls him, "Joonah, lets go home."

Jimin comes behind him to bid the couple goodbye, "we'll just pack the things and leave too. Drive safe Jin hyung."

"Yeah we will Jiminah." Jin replies, then the both of them leaves the couple in the studio.

Chapter Text

After they leave Jimin looks around and huffs, at that moment Yoongi comes from behind to wrap his arms around his waist. Jimin leans into his touch but then suddenly turns into his hold and pouts, "I'm mad at you."
Yoongi softly kisses his eye brows, "and why baby?"
Jimin shakes his head, "you didn't even let me kiss you properly then!" Jimin finally complains about the wedding time scenario.

Yoongi smiles at that and leans in as their chests are touching, "I will kiss you everyday of our lives. Every morning, every evening every night."and he places his lips on Jimin's to kiss him. Jimin doesn't find it as a surprise but he let's his husband kiss him the way he wants. Yoongi doesn't etach himself as he licks the seam of jimin's bottom lip, and as Jimin opens his mouth, he deepens the kiss by exploring his mouth with his tongue. Jimin feels light headed at the heavy kissing, and Yoongi licks into his mouth to draw out as much as sound from his husbands throat.
He kisses him until they're both breathless. When they part, Yoongi, starts kissing his neck, "I will always be the good husband to you and will give my all to make you happy. I will never let you shed tears, never let you face the world alone."he murmurs as he nips on his throat.

Jimin moans again when Yoongi bites and sucks a place under his earlobe, he grabs a handful of Yoongi's hair into his fist and detaches him from his neck just to look at him. Yoongi speaks again, "I will always be faithful to you, I will never let you complain over anything, ever." Jimin quirks his one eyebrow as he realizes Yoongi is telling his vow. Yoongi holds Jimin tighter by his waist and dives in to kiss him again. jimin can feel his body is getting hot and the surge is going down on his body.

Jimin emits a long groan when Yoongi bites down on his neck. Jimin can feel that his legs will not be able to hold the weight of his own body, but Yoongi is holdinmg him tight, never letting him even buckle his legs. "I can't believe that one day I can go without you. My life is you Jiminah. You are the meaning of my life and I will do anything to prove that to youe every single day of our lives." and he unbuttons Jimin's shirt slowly. Jimin is not able to say anything by now but his own hands goes to press on the growing bulge of Yoongi's trouser. Yoongi gasps as he kisses on his chest. Yoongi can't think of anything but there is Jimin, Jimin, Jimin in his head. He slowly removes all the button of his shirt, but the neck tie is there, and Yoongi pulls on the piece of cloth with his teeth. "I will give you everything. Every bit of me is yours & you are mine." the last words of Yoongi's vow comes like a wave of emotion to Jimin, he is so hard by now and his part of the vos is still left unsaid. So he lifts his one leg to get a goo friction with Yoongi's cock, and Yoongi instantly giving him what he wants. They are both panting but theres no stopping at what they doing. "ta.. table" Jimin stutters out, and Yoongi holds him up immediately and brings him on the table. There were all the gifts piled up, Yoongi slides them off to make space for his love.

Once he lays Jimin on the table he leans in to kiss him again on the lips and this time hard and messy, with all teeth and tongue. Jimin like clockwork wraps his legs around Yoongi's hips, and pulls himself down to rub himself on his clothed erection. Yoongi understands Jimin more than anyone in the world, so he opens Jimin's belt buckle and lowers his zipper to pull his pants down his knees and then entirely off. Jimin huffs a laugh as the air hits his thighs, and Yoongi just looks at his legs for an entire second and then dives in to bite on his left thigh. Jimin croaks a sound from his throat and clenches his fist on Yoongi's head, "I.. I ah! I love you and I have loved you for a long time. I know there will be no stopping of what we are to each other. Ah! uh!" he can't stop his pleasured sounds as he speaks his own vow.

Yoongi just hums and licks and slurps on the underside of Jimin's thighs one after another. Jimin bucks his spine at that, "I knew that I will marry you one day Yoongi, and today, we are together here, and I love you so much, so much more than myself." he says clear enough for Yoongi to hear.

Yoongi looks at him once, and their eyes meet and there is a light of understanding each other, a promise of life time commitment flashes in their eyes. Jimin ushers him to come up, and he kisses Yoongi with every passion he can gather not just from his heart but with whole entity, he just pours everything into the kiss. When Jimin breaks the kiss, he can see that Yoongi's eyes are shining, and Jimin can feel the wetness at the corner of his own eyes. Jimin holds his husband's face into his palms, "I will always love you no matter what. Even though life plays game,I will always be with you, love you, support you & I'm yours for forever."Jimin whispers audibly. Yoongi gives him a dazzling smile and kisses on his eyebrows, nose, chheks and at last on lips.

When Yoongi goes down on him again, Jimin is losing his shit on the table, because Yoongi is mouthing on his cock right now, and Jimin is helpless in his husbands grasp. He tries to wriggle but Yoongi holds him tight by his hips, and finally, oh! finally he pulls down his underwear. Jimin is in no position to get up and see Yoongi lapping on his dripping member, but he tries his hard to get his head up and the only thing he sees the mop of Yoongi's black hair going slightly up and down on him. "I love you" Jimin whispers, and suddenly he can feel he has been folded almost half and then a wet touch on his rim. Jimin squeaks at the sensation of Yoongi lapping at his entrance, so he just scratches on the white sheet that was previously thrown over the table, because he needs a purchase into something. He can feel the need to come is edging on his abdomen, so he pulls on Yoongi's hair, but Yoongi is all lost in humming and licking into his fluttering hole, he looks up only when Jimin cries out "I can't hold much longer baby. Please hurry up."
Yoongi has no famous smirks of his on his face right now. He just want to pour everything into the man who's laying in front of him. He will give Jimin his life.
So without wasting any time, he opens his zipper and gets out of his trouser, but before he can do that he feels the bottle of lube inside the pocket. This time he literally and mentally thanks Namjoon, and gets the tube out.

Before he can enter his fingers into Jimin, he leans in to kiss him on the mouth and slowly inserts his one finger inside of his husband. Jimin gasps but eases himself with the breach. Yoongi keeps his eyes on Jimin's face, who is also looking at Yoongi with so much love and adoration, Yoongi inserts another finger and pumps them in and out slowly. Jimin grips on his shoulders tightly at this. Yoongi leans in to press a kiss on his nose, "I can't believe, I'm married to you."Yoongi whispers. Jimin smiles softly and cranes his neck to meet his lips for a kiss, Yoongi slowly adds the third finger and Jimin gasps the word, 'faster' into Yoongi's open mouth. Yoongi does as he's told, he just quickens the in and out pace of his fingers and as he have used so much lube, they both can feels the lube is squelching inside.

Jimin wiggles his hip while Yoongi continues breaching his hole with his fingers, "I..I'm ready, pleaaaase!" Jimin begs. "You okay baby?" Yoongi asks slowly as he wipes Jimin's sweaty forehead with his other hand.
"Yeah.." Jimin nods. Yoongi still pushes his fingers in and out two times and then pulls his fingers out.
As he lines up to enter his husband, Jimin gives him a smirk, "I hope you believe now." Yoongi playfully bites down on his nipple, "You're incredible." he quips and in ago he slips himself into Jimin. Jimn doesn't even bat an eyelash but he pulls Yoongi closer with his legs so Yoongi can perfectly fit inside of him. Yoongi blinks as his face is getting all bleary with sweat and tear drops, and he can feel Jimin's hands are wiping his tears away. Thus, he starts to move, he keeps his pace slow. Yoongi feels like he has all the time in the world, and he can make love to his Jimin just like this everyday of their lives.

Jimin is all so wet inside and Yoongi can feel his whole universe is opening up to him through the love of his life, Min Jimin. The name makes him feel at peace as he continues thrusting inside of his husband. Jimin cries out his name in ecstacy, and Yoongi is weak, whenever hehe cal out his name, he leans in to kiss him on the lips, and Jimin feels feverish at the soft touch. He scratches on Yoongi's shoulders and they make all red lines there, but he's so filled with pleasure, he bucks his spine to meet his shallow yet hard thrusts on his prostate each time.

Yoongi realizes that he is hitting all the right place inside Jimin, so he picks up his pace a little bit, and hits from a new angle over and over on the bundle of his sensitive nerves. Jimin cries out incoherent things but one of the constant thing is that he loves Yoongi. Yoongi leans in to catch his nipple into his mouth, and befgore giving it a bite, he mouths, "I love you Jiminah." That does the last thing for Jimin and he isn't able to touch his own cock and he is coming between them.

Jimin has the idea that he has come but his eyes are all wide at the sudden affect of his orgasm. He can see Yoongi over him, supporting his arms beside him, but he has stopped thrusting. He is just looking at the blissed out face of his husband. All he does is to lean in kiss Jimin full on the lips, and Jimin pushes him with his legs, his own sensitivity forgotten. Yoongi picks up the pace again, and two more thrust and he's coming inside of his beloved. Jimin smiles bashfully at Yoongi and Yoongi is staring at his smile. "I love you Jimin." he whispers as he's still inside of him.
"As I love you husband." Jimin gives him a wide smile.

Eventually Yoongi has to pull out of Jimin but he just lays there all naked, so Yoongi lies down beside him, and faces his husband now. Who turns to look at him now. Yoongi takes Jimin's left hand into his, and looks at the ring he placed there, and as he kisses on the ring he looks at Jimin, who has a peaceful smile on his face and they both closes their eyes.

Chapter Text

Present day
Hoseok's house is not very big but it's moderate, and it has all the homely attire about it. Jimin doesn't remember but he has been in his house before, but now it's entirely a new place for him, so he just looks around. Suddenly a little girl about the age of 4 runs to the living room, "Jiminie oppa!" she has a shrill voice, but she so much has Hoseok's features. Hoseok smiles and picks her up into his arms, "Ji ah, where's your eomma?"
"She is bathing Ha eunie." Ji ah quips. "You didn't tell me Jiminie opps was coming!" she looks at Jimin again. Jimin doesn't remember interacting with kids, but she is cute he thinks, so he gives her a soft smile, "yes I thought I should drop by and meet you and your sister."

Ji ah immediately wriggles out of her father's arms and when Hoseok puts her down, she tugs on Jimin's sleeve, "come with me oppa, you should she how cute is Ha eunie!" she giggles. Jimin looks at Hoseok, and he just laughs tenderly, "let's go then."

tHey enter a room what Jimin thinks is the kid's room, and there a woman age not more than 28, has her back to the door and singing to a baby on the cot. She turns around as soon as she hears someone enters the room and the moment her eyes falls on Jimin she smiles widely, and her eyes sparkled. Jimin has not been around many people after his accident, but the new people he's meeting all have a bright smile for him, and he feels so grateful for this.
"Look who I brought Yunie." Hoseok approaches his wife to give a peck on her cheek. Soo Yun also smiles back at him, and Jimin suddenly feels so warm inside his chest, so he looks away for a second.

"Jiminie, I'm so happy you came." She smiles kindly at him.
"Would you like to see our little monster?" she wiggles her eyebrows at Jimin.
Hoseok makes a disappointing sound at the name calling but Jimin laughs and comes closer to the baby cot, and there in a little bundle, there lays a small baby. She looks so tiny, but so adorable at the same time. Soo Yun coops up the baby from the cot and turns to look at Jimin, "would you like to hold her?" she offers. Jimin is not sure if he has ever held a baby but he nods a little nervously, and holds his arms out, and little Ha eun rightly fits inside his folded arms. Jimin doesn't know what he feels but his vision gets a little blurry and before he can muster, there is a single drop of tear falls from his left eye. The baby squirms a bit in his hold, but Jimin holds her tiny little fingers into his, and surprisinglt Ha yun grabs one of his finger. Jimin face breaks into a small chuckle, and coos at the baby. "Told you she would like him!" Soo Yun quips. Jimin on the other hand can't stray his eyes from the little human, he looks at her parents, "can.. can I hold her a few more seconds?" he asks.

"Of course! she sleeps less, you can have a stroll with her to the living room. She likes that" Soo yun muses.

Ji ah appears at Jimin's side, "can I sit with Jiminie oppa?" Jimin looks down at her, "sure Ji ah." Jimin smiles at her.

When Jimin leaves Hoseok's house, and Hoseok offered him to drive him back, he feels lighter than before. Although he didn't want to leave but stay with the family a little longer, but it is getting late and he must go back before his parents worry about him. So he says goodbye to Soo Yun and Ji ah and he places a small kiss on the baby's forehead. he even offers them to babysit the kids, if the couple ever feels like it. Soo yun smiles and thanks him for his kind offer, and says she is rooting on it and winks at her husband. Hoseok gives her a playful smile and takes Jimin to the car.

The distance from Jimin's parents house and Hoseok's isn't too far, but it takes more than 30 minutes, just for the heavy traffic. While they are stuck in the traffic, Hoseok looks at Jimin, "Jiminie, please don't mind me asking but, is everything ok with Yoongi hyung?"

Jimin is looking outside the window but looks up as Hoseok asks him. He swallows a bit, "um..I'm not sure what to call it, but as you know, I don't remember him being my husband or me being in any relationship with him. So..uh.. it's kinda hard to adjust.." "you know what I mean right?" He looks down and then looks up again.
HJoseok hums, "I can see the problem, but I..I think" he changes the gear, "you should give him a chance, see, if you two can make it work!" Hoseok shrugs as he takes another lane.

Jimin doesn't know what to say to Hoseok, but he contemplates the thing in his head and looks at his ring finger. It still has the white shadow, over where the ring was. He rubs one finger on that empty place, no, it still doesn't ring any bell, but he also cannot find anything against Yoongi, he might not feel the love he's supposed to love for him, but he can always try. Hoseok might be right, he can always give this a chance. After all they are still married. The word 'married' kind of chokes inside his throat, but he shakes his head to shed the thought. "Okay hyung, I'll think about it." he assures Hoseok. Hoseok nods and pats his shoulder as he parks in front of Jimin's parent's house.

When Jimin gets down he sees his father standing on the porch. Jimin casts his gaze down to Hoseok, "hyung, my offer stays ok. You can call me anytime you want." he smiles.

Hoseok chuckles, "thank you Jiminie, I will not let this chance go away. & I hope, we'll see each other again?" he looks at Jimin with hope in his eyes.
"Sure hyung! We will definitely see each other again. I..I need a friend now, and I really like you." Jimin explains.
"Of course, Jiminie! I would love to be your friend." Hoseok chirps happily.
They say good bye after a minute and Jimin gets inside the house. His father has come down from the porch. When Jimin is about to depart, Ji sung calls him, "Jimin." Jimin stops on his track and looks at his father. "Do you remember anything about sculpting?" Ji sung asks.
Jimin shakes his head.
"Hm, then I think you should try your luck in business administration." his father suggests.
Jimin gives him a smile, "Dad, I have lost my memory, but I haven't lost myself. So I don't think I would like to take up business administration."
His father huffs, "I don't want to pressurize you son. I just want what's best for you."
Jimin puts one hand on his father shoulder, "I know, but let me figure out what I actually want now. I need time & I assure you that ain't infinite."
"But if you could just once, look at the courses, you might get interested, you never know!" Ji sung tries.
Jimin releases a breath, "okay Dad, I'll..I'll look it up." he shrugs.

Ji sung gives him a small smile, "thank you. Your eomma has cooked so many things for you, go see her."

"Ok Dad." He nods and his father leaves him in the hallway. Jimin looks at his father's retreating figure towards the library, and huffs as he strides towards the kitchen.

After dinner Jimin goes to his room and locks the door. His stomach is full but he isn't sleepy. So he takes up his mobile and scrolls through it carelessly, that's when Hoseok's previous words hit him. Jimin is no bad person nor he likes to break ny promises he made to someone. So he definitely promised Yoongi to meet up, and no matter he is feeling now, just like Hoseok said he can give it a try. That is the moment he thinks about Jungkook once, he wonders, what is he doing, if he has a boyfriend or he might be married. But he brushes the marriage thought, because he's not that kind of person who will just marry anyone! At least Jimin knows him. He thinks of seeing Jungkook once but he doesn't know how.

He doesn't have his phone number, address no nothing. Jimin looks at the ceiling, thinking how his life has changed and it feels like a dream. Like he just woke up from it, and his life is changed, it's like it's someone else's life he just invaded. A husband, a good job, perfect colleague, good friends and all the things a person can want, but any of that doesn't feels to be his. Jimin looks at the time and it's 11:30 Pm. So Yoongi must be awake. He scrolls his number but before hitting the call button, he thinks it over again. What is he doing, is he choosing the right way, he still has a lot to figure out. But he can't just leave everything unresolved, if he can figure out his feelings towards anyone, it might be easier to go on with life. So he finally hits the call button.

Chapter Text

Yoongi had to come to his apartment, and he just finished packing and stuffing some of Jimin's stuff away from his eyes, because everytime they are in front of him, he will not be able to stay at his own, Jimin's and his home. So he cleans his bedroom, and doesn't forget to put down the photos from the wall. It's better this way, because it will just increase his pain, if Jimin wants to get back, he will surely put the frames up again. But until that day comes, it's good thing. once he's finished with all that, Yoongi finally thinks he can close his eyes for a bit. Sleep may not come but he can take rest at least. The moment he thinks it, his phone rings out loud from somewhere. Yoongi looks for it but the sound comes muffled. He looks under the cushions, and it's there. Once he looks at the phone and it's Jimin. Yoongi is about to drop the phone, but then catches it as he receives the call.

"Hi Yoongi hyung." Jimin's voice comes from the other side.
Yoongi closes his eyes as he hears his voice. "hi Jiminie" he manages.
"Um hyung, I was thinking, well, it just a lunch. Uh, are you free? any day?" Jimin stutters.
Yoongi feels like that he has been handed the moon at once, "yes, yes, I'm free." but then a thing strikes him, that he really isn't at least not until saturday, but it's Jimin, and he can't say no to him.
"Okay hyung then on saturday at 12. Can you pick the place though?" Jimin asks.
Yoongi coughs at the almost coincidence, "Why saturday though?" he can't help but ask.
Jimin waits two seconds, "well, I have some works to do that's why. Will you be available saturady?"

"No no, it's totally fine Jiminah! I'm free, I was just asking. & yes, I'll pick a good place." Yoongi holds his breath.
"Ok good then, just text me the address, I'll be there." Jimin replies.
"Or I can pick you up? if you..if you want?" Yoongi hesitates.
"Okay sure." Jimin nods.
"Good night hyung." Jimin says again.
Yoongi doesn't want it to end but he shouldn't push it far, so relunctantly, he whipers him, "Good night Jiminah."

Yoongi doesn't realize how long he's been sitting on the couch with the phone in his hand, but when the phone goes off with a sound he looks up in the dark room. Although it's dark but when Jimin was there, there was life in the darkness, but now it's just so empty. But the only thing brings the smallest smile on Yoongi's lips, is that he will be meeting Jimin on saturday, and that is just two days away.

Jimin doesn't know how long he's going to deny that he needs to do something. As his father wants him to join business administration, Jimin isn't slightest bit interested in it. But still he said that he will look it up, thus, he sits down with his laptop. The morning isn't very sunny today, it's rather gloomy and Jimin thinks it isn't supposed to be like this, and he really doesn't like gloomy weather. Yet he sits down with his eyes glued to the laptop screen. He opens the course details, and it's all the same thing he can remember he din't want to learn. He still tries to check all the things, that is when he sees a small ad at the corner of the page, and catches his attention. It says art classes for novice. Jimin isn't a painter but somehow it catches his eyes and he immediately clicks on the ad.

The place informs him that he can definitely visit and watch the way they teach their students and if he feels interested he can surely join them. Jimin takes the proposal and notes down their address. He knows that his father would never support this but he want to check it out. When Jimin closes the laptop, his phone rings. He picks up his phone and it's Jin calling him. Jimin knows that Jin and Namjoon came to meet him at the hospital, but unfortunately he couldn't meet them. So he answers the phone, "Hi Jin hyung.How are you?"
Jin clicks his tongue from the opposite side, "this should my question Jiminie."
Jimin smiles, "I'm fine hyung."
"Good to know, I, we couldn't visit you. I thought of seeing you at home but you left." Jin huffs.
Jimin knows he shouldn't feel guilty for leaving Yoongi, but he can't let himself feel bad for it, "Yeah, but you can always meet me here!." he reasons.

Jin becomes silent for a moment, he answers, "we could, if only your parents wouldn't mind."
Jimin gets a bit surprised at that, "why would they..." oh! he thinks back what Yoongi said. "Hyung, you can always come here. I don't care who thinks what."
Jin laughs, "Jiminie, if I was the person who cares what others thinks of me or my life then I wouldn't have been talking to you. I was still going to tell you that we'll be meeting you."
Jimin makes a happy sound, "so when are you coming?!" he asks all excited.
"Uh tomorrow. Will that be okay?" Jin asks.

"Yeah, sure hyung!." Jimin chirps.

Jimin can't wait to meet his hyungs, thus he decides to visit the dance school today. He takes a car from his father's garage and gets out of the house. The drive to the academy isn't that far, so when he ges there, the classes were going on. Jimin enters slowly and a girl is sitting at the reception, "Hello my I help you?" she smiles.
Jimin hesitates at first but then smiles back, "um, I called about the classes. My name is Park Jimin."
"Oh yes Jimin ssi, I remember. Sure you can go to your left and the first door is where you need to go." she indicates.
Jimin nods and follows her instruction. Upon opening the door, a whole world of surprise unfolds to him. It's a big room and 6 to 7 people are sitting on stools, with canvases in front of the, and before them there is a girl sitting a little bit higher on an another stool. She is wearing black, knee length dress, her shoulders are exposed, her face is upward and legs are folded, she's facing sideways.

Jimin doesn't say anything, he just notices the artists sketching her outlines silently. Jimmin has seen art students but this is another thing, and another world. The entire room is so silent, that even a little sound of a pin will be heard. Jimin hasn't brought anything, but his fingers itched to sketch the girl on a sheet of paper. He has never been a painter but this is really strange. He doesn't even remember that he used to draw the feature of his figurines before he sculpted them. He just felt an urge.

Jimin is standing there, and out of nowhere a guy comes to stand beside him. As the person clears his throat, Jimin turns his head, "oh I..I'm sorry but I called here this morning.." The guy doesn't let him finish, "Yes, yes I remember, Park Jimin ssi right?" the guy who looks older than him, but in his 40's.
Jimin nods, "well, Park Jimin ssi, my name is, Peter Ramone, I'm the teacher here."
Jimin bows and shakes his hand, he's surpried that the man looks Korean but he has a different name. He doesn't want to but the question slips out of his tongue, "Pardon me, but you look Korean, but" Peter Ramon laughs softly, "I know right! I get this question for almost everyone I meet. The thing is my family is a mixed up one. I took my mother's surname, and she's spanish."

Jimin nods his head as he understands it. "So how can I enroll in here?" he asks.
Peter nods thoughtfully and gives him a small smile, "well, Park Jimin ssi.."
"Please call me Jimin Seonsaengnim."
Peter chuckles, "Okay Jimin, why don't you try something now? I'll arrange you a chair and some equipment. You give me a sketch of anything you want. If you need a book, I can give that too."
"What do you say?" the man quirks an eyebrow at Jimin.
Jimin looks back at the artists again, and nods with a small grin.

When Jimin gets out of the art academy, he feels very tired. Not that his body protested to move but his mind feels like it's going to fall asleep. he did manage to draw something there thoug. Not exactly the model on the stool, but a disfigured thing that came out of his mind. He also tried to give it a pretty shade and it took out almost all out of him. The disfigured skethch was hard for him too. Anyway, Peter Ramone didn't say anything but patted his shoulder. Jimin also enrolled himself in the morning art classes in there. And now when he is returning, he almost sees white in front of his eyes. This thing didn't happen even two days ago, but today the moment he tried to focus into the sketch, his mind whirled.

Jimin still manages to drive home without any incident. But upon returning home' he doesn't go to see his parents but straight retires into his room. The moment his head hits the pillow, Jimin loses consciousness.

Yoongi get up earlier, because he barely had some sleep last night. And the only thing that is circling inside his mind that he has a lunch date with Jimin tomorrow. When he arrives at the studio, Namjoon is already there. "Good morning hyung." he smiles at Yoongi. Yoongi nods and sits down on the chair.
"Ah hyung, we are going to meet Jiminie today?"
Yoongi looks up at his husband's name. "So I'll leave early today."
Yoongi stares at Namjoon, and thinks what a weird situation he's in, where to meet his own husband he has to wait for days, and he doesn't even remember him either, but he remembers all the other people, and talking o them. Yoongi for a moment can't decide, whether he feels pathetic or jealous.

Yoongi hums and looks away. "Don't pressure him to remember anything ok?" he almost whispers.

Namjoon whips his head towards him, ", of course not. But don't you want him to remmeber you?" he asks all curious.

Yoongi chuckles at his question, "I want that before everythng else my life. That's not a question, Namjoonah, but I don't want him to feel pressurized, and get sick."
"Because lost memory or not, I can't see him fighting for his life, not again." Yoongi looks away.

Namjoon hums and looks at the recording room, "I don't want to say sorry,because that would be pitying you. I just want what is best for you, and I'm sure that is not so far." and he gets up to check the microphone inside the small room. Yoongi looks up once but stays silent, as he's no super human, nor does he have any special power to forsee the future but all he can do is hope. Hope to get the love of his life back, back into his arms.

Chapter Text

When Jin and Namjoon arrives at Jimin's parent's house, Jimin is already waiting for them at the landing of the stairs. Jimin smiles widely at the couple, and Jin hugs him on the spot. "Let's go to my room room hyung." He smiles at Namjoon as well.
Once inside his room, Jimin closes the door. "Wow! I've never been here Jiminie."Namjoon wonders.
"It's huge and pretty." Jin quips.
Jimin laughs, "you met me at the last year of high school, you could have asked though."
"Yeah, it's so many years ago, those were good days."
"Yeah." Namjoon nods and smiles at Jin.
"So Jiminie what you have been doing?" Jin asks.
Jimin fiddles with his fingers and gives Jin a small smile, "I.. I enrolled in an art class."

Namjoon opens his mouth but shuts it, but he looks at his husband next. Jin also stares at Jimin for a moment, then smiles. "Oh good Jiminie! It's really good thing."
"You think so hyung?" Jimin asks.
"Yes, of course!" Namjoon muses.
Jimin starts to fuss with his shirt sleeve, an looks at Jin, "so how's Yoongi hyung doing?"
Namjoon looks at Jimin at that, "how do you think he's doing Jiminie?"

Jimin flushes at this, "I.. I.. how do you suggest me to live with a person, I don't even remember!" he becomes all flustered.

"We don't. It's not our job to tell you anything. The thing is, it's getting hard to see him suffer." Jin replies.

Jimin becomes silent for a moment but he doesn't know what exactly has come upon him, he blurts out, "then do you not feel bad for Jungkook? why nobody ever talks about him anymore?!"

Jin goes all stunned as his eyes widens at the mention of his brother. Namjoon looks at Jin with scared eyes, but says nothing. Jimin doesn't understand what just happened, so he directly stares at Jin for an answer.

"Why do you want to know about Jungkook Jimin?" Jin opens his mouth.
Jimin gives him an incredulous look, "what do you mean why? he is my boyfriend, he has been my boyfriend that's why." he states the thing like it's the most obvious thing to say.

"I didn't want to break it to you but you must know that you are married to Yoongi now, and my brother is a past to you." Jin quirks an eyebrow.

"But that doesn't mean he is erased from our lives! He means something to me, to both of you!" Jimin counters.

Jin is holding his temper for some seconds but now he bursts, "then you shouldn't have cheated on him and gone with Yoongi then! You broke him in the best way possible. & even being his brother, I had to support your love. I had to attend your wedding, while my brother went away from me, from us!" Jin is slightly shaking and Namjoon in a second goes to rub his back, to calm him down.

Jimin is taken aback at Jin's words but he swallows and looks at the window.
"I..I'm sorry hyung. I don't remember any of those things." Jimin bites down on his own lip, to stop the tears from coming.

"It's okay Jiminie, no one blames you." Namjoon tries.
But Jimin shakes his head and looks down, "no hyung, I remember things or not, it's still my fault."

"You're right Jiminie, it is your fault but I won't let go that Yoongi too. But still, my brother had his shortcomings on that matter." Jin finally calms down.
"But if you want to know about him, he's in Japan, and he is a professional photographer there." Jin says it with pride.

Jimin looks up, "wow! he always wanted to be one!"
"Yeah, he fulfilled his dream." Namjoon states.

"Anyway, next time you see my brother I don't want you to mislead him. I hope you can do that?" Jin gives Jimin a mock serious expression.
"Next time?" Jimin is confused.
"Yes, on our anniversary. He's coming." Jin adjusts his hair from his forehead.
Oh! he thinks, but he says nothing.

"And there will be a certain someone too, who will be attending the event. Guess who Jiminie?" Namjoon leans in with a playful smile on his face.

Jimin stares at him, but nothing comes into his mind, but at the back of his head he has been thinking about a person for some days, what if it's him? "Taehyung?" he slowly whispers.

"Bingo!" Jin laughs.

Jimin feels his lungs will give out, because he has missed his best friend from the day he has opened his eyes in the hospital. But so much was going on, and he almost forgot to ask, that why hasn't he met him yet. But now Taehyung is going to come at Jin and Namjoon's wedding anniversary, and he's going to meet him there!

"That's great hyung!" he quips, "wait! I'm invited there right?" Jimin frowns.
Jin and Namjoon both laughs loudly, "of course! Jiminie! why would we not invite you!" Jin chuckles.

Jimin goes serious again, "but if Jungkook and Taehyung are coming do they know about my accident?"

Namjoon clears his throat at that, "yes, Jungkook does. Jin told him."
"and Tae? Jimin asks.
"He hasn't contacted us at that time and his phone was off at that time so, we weren't able to inform him. You know, Australia is far enough to meet him either." Jin jokes. But Jimin just stares at him, Australia? Taehyung's in Australia and he has no information about it! What's he doing there, when did he go? all of these questions surrounds his head, and Jimin is about to ask the couple but he shuts his mouth. He measure the previous expression of Jin, and he has no idea if Jin again bursts out on him, about the thing he doesn't remember anymore. So he decides to ask Taehyung himself, when he meets him.

"You have to be there Jiminie on 1st January. That's the day we married." Jin smiles at his husband.
"And that's the day you got married too just the next year!" Namjoon regrets his words immediately.

Jimin stops breathing for a while, but Jin gives him a pat on the shoulder, "it's okay Jiminie, no one will force you to celebrate anything. Not even Yoongi. So relax okay?"
"Yea..yeah! you just have to attend our party, and you won't feel awkward because there will be good food!" Namjoon muses.
Jimin relaxes slightly at Namjoon's words, as he smiles, "I'll look forward to it hyung."

Jin and Namjoon stays for another two hours with Jimin and he orders snacks for them in between. His parents never comes to his room or asks for him the entire time the couple is there. So Jimin is little bit relieved as well. When they leave, Jimin not for once mentions his lunch date with Yoongi tomorrow, because he doesn't want to bring more unpleasant things anymore. So he just bids them good bye for the night. After they are gone Jimin gets inside his room again. He doesn't feel hungry, because the foods he ordered while the couple was here has been enough for him. So when his mother calls, he just tells her, he's feeling sleepy, and switches off his phone.

But sleep doesn't hover for a long time because all Jimin is thinking what has happened with Taehyung that he didn't come to see his friend, not even once! What could he possibly do?

Chapter Text


3 and half years ago
The party is so hyped than ever. It's Jimin and Yoongi's 1st anniversary as a couple, as they are dating for over 6 months, but they haven't got much time to celebrate together. So yesterday when Jin invited them to a party at his apartment, they couldn't say no. So here they are drinking and laughing with their college friends and Namjoon is trying to sing loudly on the other side. Jin is all giggly and leaning against Jimin with a bottle of beer in his hand, and Jimin is very happy to attend a party with Yoongi for the first time. Yoongi is there too, standing on the couch and trying to lecture Namjoon about making poor decision about something, and Jimin smiles bashfully at him. Yoongi catches his boyfriend's eyes and blows him a flying kiss. Jimin instantly acts like he has caught the kiss on his lips and Yoongi acts like he has got a heart attack.

Jin eyes their mushiness as he takes his tongue out, "gross! you two are!"
Jimin giggles loudly, "We'll see hyung!" Taehyung is also supposed to be there, and he was there by Jin's side but now he has excused himself to the bathroom.

Yoongi is drinking his 3rd beer and it's almost finished, so he hops down from the couch and walks towards the kitchen to get another bottle. This is the only place where's no one venturing, because Jin has warned everyone to stay away from that place, and if he sees anyone he will beat them up, with whatever falls in his sight. So everyone has taken it seriously, but Yoongi isn't scared that much. because comeon! Jin will not murder him at least! But he can never take much risk, so before he goes to open the fridge, he puts the kinives and cleavers inside the kitchen cabinet first.

Now he's safe from getting murdered by his hyung. Yoongi takes the beer out of the fridge, but when he goes to close the door he jerks back in surprise.
Jungkook is sitting on the kitchen window panel, and there is fog? no smoke from a cigarette that is between his fingers.

Yoongi puts the botle down on the counter to look at the boy properly and maybe talk to him, because he haven't seen him for months. His half drunken mind lets him forget that what has happened peviously. So he calls out, "Hey Jungkook! how are you?"

Jungkook doesn't look at him first, he just drags from the cigerette and looks outside the window. Then he looks at Yoongi, "How are you hyung?"
"& Jimin? how is he?" he has a calm but a hint of mockery in his tone.

Yoongi gets hit by reality now, he recognizes that Jungkook, Jimin's ex-boyfriend is sitting before him, and Yoongi is the one at fault here. He doesn't even get to swallow and Jungkook gets down from the window, "hope you're very well hyung! no remorse no nothing but a wonderful life with your Jiminah there huh!" his voice rings clearly in the small room.

Yoongi is afraid that someone else might come in here, so he tries to speak up, "Jungkook! I'm sorry, please.."
Jungkook doesn't even let him finish and grabs Yoongi's collar intio his fist, but then leaves it immediately as he sees someone just behind them. Jungkook averts his eyes to Yoongi again, "I hope you two are living the dream life hyung. I hope you two are very happy, & I have never any other way either." he tries to make it sound sarcastic but his voice breaks at the end. After that without wasting any more second he shoves Yoongi to get out of the kitchen.

The entire scene just ends in front of Yoongi's eyes but he slowly turns around and he meets Jimin's eyes at the door. Jimin is also standing like a statue in there, speechless like Yoongi. Taehyung is there at the scene too but he doesn't come before Jimin or Yoongi, he folllows Jungkook outside.

Once outside Jungkook feels that tears has started to flood his face, his cigerette forgotten and it's almost burning to its edge. Taehyung notices that and he immediately jerks Jungkook's hand out of the burning bud. His own finger gets hurt at that but all he can see is Jungkook. "Jungkook?" Taehyung calls.
Jungkook doesn't look up but shakes his head, "go away Tae. I don't need your pity" his voice is hoarse.

Taehyung is about to choke as he says, "I'm not pitying you. I just want you to forget what happened and move on."
Jungkook laughs looking at the starless night, "If that was possible, I would have done it long ago. Don't you think I tried?" he looks at Taehyung now. And now he sees how red rimmed Jungklook's eyers are.

Taehyung nods and approaches the boy, just to wipe his tears, but Jungkook jerks back from his touch. Taehyung immediately retreats his hand to his own side.
"Taehyung, please leave me alone.You are Jimin's friend, you should stay with his happiness."

Taehyung smirks but shouts at the same time, "and how about my happines huh! what about me!"
"I'm in love with you for fuck knows how long, and you have been after a person who stomped on your heart, mercilessly! do you think it's right!?" Taehyung's voice booms into the open air.

Jungkook's face morphs into a hazy understanding as he stands there, but then some party people bursts out of the front door, giggling and shouting. Jungkook looks at Taehyung for the one last time, "go home Tae. I don't want to be cause of your disappointment, but I'm not sorry. I'm done being sorry. So you either have to forgive me or not, I really don't care. So go home." and he whistles loudly looking at a passing cab, and gets inside it without sparing a glance at Taehyung.

Taehyung just stands there all numb and shaking in cold.

Jimin and Yoongi gets back to Yoongi's apartment in the morning. They drank and drank so much after Jungkook left, just to erase what happened in the kitchen. So when the morning comes, they decide to leave all the drunk people and head towards home. Yoongi is groaning as a headache is forming in his head, and Jimin is thre to hold him by his waist. Yoongi feels the urge of nausea forming inside his throat. "Hyung do you need to throw up?" Jimin asks, half asleep.

Yoongi groans again and almost stumbles on his own feet. Jimin again tries to hold him upright, but the nausea rolls inside his stomach and Yoongi almost breaks into a run towards the bathroom. Jimin sits flops down on the couch aimlessly, that's when his eyes falls at the open door, and the person standing there. It's Taehyung. Jimin must have forgoten to close the door, but that is different case, Taehyung is there, so he gets up and goes to catch Yoongi's collar into his fist to get him inside but his hands gets a jerk and he do not have his collar. Jimin slightly wakes up from his half slumber at this, and looks at his best friend. "Tae.. what." he tries but Taehyung shouts, "Why the fuck are you still happy? Why are you so happy that your best friend's life is all ruined!"

Jimin's drunken state evaporates instantly, but he becomes very confused at the same time. "Tae.. I don't understand"
"Why would you Jiminie? did you ever care? No. So it's no surprise that you don't understand and Jungkook will never have any feelings for me." Taehyung cries out.

Jimin's mouth takes a shape of 'o' but he has never seen his best friend acting like this, never to him. "Tae, I never knew, you like him. I'm sorry, so sorry. Please come inside." Jimin pleads as he tries to grab his arm, but Taehyung again jerks his hand free, as Jimin's touch burns him. "No. I'm done with you Jimin. I'm done with your drama, and everything else I had to go through."

Jimin just stands there all shell shocked at his best friend's words. Suddenly Yoongi calls from the bathroom, "Jiminaaah! I'm never going to drink. I'm dead, I'm done."he groans loudly.

Taehyung gives him a bitter smirk, "see! you got everything you ever wanted & I'm the one unfortunate." He whispers the 'unfortunate' word.

"No Tae, it doesn't have to be that way. I swear, I'll.. I'll talk to Jungkook. I'll do it. Please don't be mad. Come inside." Jimin pleads.
Tae laughs, "& what the fuck you're going to tell him huh?"
"That I'm the pathetic whore, and..and I want to be your rebound!?" Taehyung spits.
"Tae... please.." Taehyung doesn't let him finish, "enough Jimin! I'm tired of your face and your whines. This i the end of everything." he takes a breath, and then speaks again, "I thought I was going to be okay, but I'm not. That's why I didn't come here to wipe your tears Jiminie. I came to say goodbye."

Jimin shuffles on his feet and tries to grab Taehyung's arms, but he stumbles as Taehyung is out of his reah. He just gives him a look and turns his back towards the stairs. Jimin cries out, "Taehyung!" but all in vain, because he doesn't look back anymore.


Chapter Text

Present day
Yoongi can't sit, he's running around the apartment, because today is the day, he will be going to lunch date with Jimin. He stuffs his mouth with so many things from the fridge. Because, he doesn't want to feel hungry and lose the chance to talk to his husband. Thus, he must not feel hungry. Yoongi feels like it's his first date with Jimin, and he's acting just as nervous. Yoongi almost trips over the uptuned rug, and curses.

He is not like this, he has to get a grip on himself but it's Jimin and he would do anything to make him remember again, make him fall in love with him again. He also has to dress well, nothing inappropriate will work. He has to be all decent and highly presentable. But his Jimin will always love him in anything he wears, but things are different now. This Jimin doesn't know him as his husband, so he's gotta be careful.

On exact 12pm, Yoongi gets into his car to go pick up Jimin. He can't wait for the roa signals and slaps on he wheel a few more times. After more than half an hour drive he parks his car in front of Jimin's parent's house. But Jimin is not there yet, so he is about to dial Jimin's number, he hears a shout, "I'm here, I'm here" Jimin comes running on the grass lawn. Yoongi just stares at him, and remembers every single time Jimin has done this. Yoongi can tell that nothing has changed, and to his surprise he is wearing Yoongi's shirt. That he has packed mistakenly and Yoongi said nothing.

Now, Jimin is looking adorable in Yoongi's shirt as he hasn't tucked the shirt and didn't even closed the buttons of the sleeves. Jimin gives him a small smile, "hi hyung."

Yoongi gets out of his trance and gives him a full smile, "hi, get in."
Jimin nos and gets inside the car as Yoongi already opened the door for him.
Yoongi feels he has got back his life as Jimin is sitting beside him, he can't wait to look at him, but he's also driving, so he refrains from turning his head as much he can, but still failing. Jimin is looking outside the car window though, but after some minutes he turns his head towards Yoongi. He has no intention but Jimin thinks that Yoongi looks really good. Although he has black cirlcles around his eyes, but isn't unattractive. The next thing he notices is Yoongi's left hand and his ring finger. The wedding band is still there, where Jimin has pulled it off.

Yoongi notices that Jimin is looking at him, so he gives him a smile, "how is it going at your parent's house? he asks, keeping his eyes on the road.
Jimin strays his eyes once again and looks straight, "it's ok, I guess." "How are you hyung?"
Yoongi smiles again, because no matter how much it hurts, he won't tell Jimin how he is, literally. "I'm fine Jiminah. Just busy with work you know." he simply lies.
Jimin hums. Then there is a prolonged silence between them, but Jimin opens his mouth again, "did you book a restaurant?" he asks.

Yoongi nods, "yes, of course I did. It's a nice place, I hope you like it."
"Yeah sure." Jimin chirps.
After about 30 minutes they reach at the place they're supposed to have lunch. Yoongi gets out earlier to open the door for Jimin. Although Jimin is about to open the door himself but Yongi beats him to it, and at the same moment Jimin's finger touches with Yoongi. It's not a miracle but the touch feels like he has touched fire for a moment. Jimin immediately jerks his hand back, but doesn't say anything, and he follows Yoongi inside the place.

The restaurant isn't very big but rather small. It also has biggest windows Jimin has seen, and the light from the windows are flowing inside the restaurant. Jimin for some seconds just stares at the windows, then when Yoongi calls his name, he turns his head and walks to the designated table. Their table is not very fancy but has touch of tradition in it, and Jimin really likes the setting of the restaurant.

Yoongi sits just before him and is sipping water from a very pretty cup. When their eyes meet, Jimin casts his gaze down, and looks for the menu. But there is none, so he frowns a bit.

Yoongi notices that Jimin is looking for the menu, so he clears his throat, "there will be no menu here Jiminah. As they will serve us whatever they have prepared the best today." he pours water into Jimin's cup as well.
"So I don't get to choose. What if I don't like something or I'm allergic?" Jimin counters.
Yoongi gives him an amusing smile, "You have to order foods before you come here, and I did that too."

Jimin's face morphs into seriousness, "So you have orered for me too, I guess." he states.
Yoongi smiles wide this time, "I wouldn't dare Jiminah. But I have ordered everything they have, just for you to choose from them."
Jimin eyes go wide, as he opens his mouth big in surprise. "What the hell hyung!" he quips.
Yoongi just winks, "thought you'd be hungry" and shrugs his shoulders.
Jimin is more than surprised he just stares at Yoongi and really thinks if he could remember anything about him, then it would be good. But he still can't, and that's when the foods starts to come to their table. Jimin opens his mouth in surprise again, because he has never seen an entire collection of restaurant food in front of him.

Yoongi takes up the fork and looks at his shocked face, "shall we start?" he asks. Jimin swallows the one last time and takes up the chopsticks.

They eat from the various plates and bowls, but still so much just comes to their table, and Jimin finally gives up. "I can't please." as he rubs his belly in exhaustion. Yoongi laughs, "that's it! you must eat more."
"Here try this" Yoongi picks a dish and offers it to his husband. Jimin squeaks at that, "Nooo, please no hyung. Thank you, but no!" he almost wants to cry. Yoongi hums and puts down his chopsticks too, "you cook better than this Jiminah" he smiles looking at his plate.

Jimin jerks his head up to look at Yoongi, and gives a confused frown, "you cook very well too hyung." he answers.

Yoongi hums, "thanks." and after few seconds they both get up from the chairs. As the bill was already paid, they straight way gets out of the place. But before that Jimin thanks the head chef for the delicious foods. Yoongi oes the same, and feels his heart getting lighter because his Jimin would do the same thing.

Once they are outside Jimin starts to see a little blurry, but he doesn't say anything to Yoongi. He just walks straight to the car, and before he canm ask Yoongi to unlock the door, Yoongi comes to just support his back on the door. "I..I was hoping we could talk more." he murmurs.
Jimin crosses his legs and looks at Yoongi, "I don't know what to say hyung."
Yoongi again finds himself staring at Jimin's face, but this time he just lets out a long breath, "then we shouldn't."
Jimin starts to fiddle with his fingers, "maybe, you can take me out for a dinner" Jimin bites down on his bottom lip and Yoongi almost wants to cup Jimin's face an kiss him breathless. But restrains himself extremely hard and gives him a playful smirk, "so on the first date, asking for the second! bold are we Jiminah?" he brings his tongue to wipe the corner of his bottom lip.

Jimin opens his mouth to protest but mock grimaces. Yoongi laughs at that, "I'm too eager to spend so much more time with you Jiminah. Of course we can go to a dinner, & I'll choose even nicer place than this." he gives Jimin a soft smile.
Jimin finally smiles and once again Yoongi wants to kiss him. "I guess you take every one of your second dates to 'nicer' places, huh hyung?" Jimin quirks an eyebrow. Yoongi is unmoved by the snarky comment, he just smiles, "All I've been to my second dates and so many others with only you Jiminah. So, I really don't know." Yoongi looks away immediately as Jimin's face turns slightly red.

Jimin also looks down, "I think I should head back now." he whispers.
Yoongi stares back, and again this Jimin isn't his, because his husband would love to spend as much as time with him. But Yoongi is still hopeful, "so, um..the dinner date?"
Jimin giggles a bit, "okay hyung, but let me go home first, then I can come back for the dinner." "& hey I never said 'Date!' " Jimin widens his eyes in mock seriousness.
Yoongi huffs, "you'e gonna be the death of me Jiminah" he opens the car door for Jimin to get in, and he also gets into the driver seat.

Yoongi stares at Jimin's slowly retreating figure inside the house, and he doesn't drive away until he's no more seen. Finally, he starts the engine to drive away. He drives aimlessly, as he has no exact place in his mind, so he just drives until the sun is about to set. Yoongi parks his car at the bank of Han river, and hops down from the car. Although the sun is setting on the horizon, and it's beautiful blend of yellow and red, but his mind is grey he just stares at the magnificent sun, and thinks of what's to come after this. Certainly night, but for Yoongi's life it will be night even when the sun comes up, because his sun has forgotten his moon.


Chapter Text

Even after the sun sets, Yoongi stays there for some more moments, and then turns back to his car to got to the studio. He's not going to go to his apartment tonight.


Jimin goes back and forth about his meeting with Yoongi. He has treated him right, he's not rude, he has all the charms, but he's still a mystery. Although he himself has asked for a dinner, but that was from the kindness of his heart. After the lunch Yoongi's face had morphed into sadness, and Jimin didn't like the very thing on his pretty face. Wait! pretty face? he thinks back to what he just thought. However, undoubtedly, Yoongi has an attractive face, and when he smiles, it's so pretty, that Jimin wanted to experience that.


He throws his head back on the pillow, just to close his eyes, but a vision disturns his possibility of sleeping. Yoongi's smile. Is that is going to be the bane of his slumber now? Jimin scrunches his eyes hard to erase the image, but that smile lingers. After 2 seconds he gets up and in a sudden agression, he throws his pillow on the wall, as hard as he can. Jimin groans into his hands loudly, but still no cure for his sleep. So he gets up from the bed, and opens his satchel to take out a sketching pad and some pencils. Jimin reminds himself that he has class tomorrow, so he must practice.


Jimin doesn't know how long he has been drawing, but when he finally looks up from the sketchpad, his window has illuminated with the first morning light. He yawns as he stretches his arms, and closes the pad, subsiding the pencil and eraser, then rests his head on the extra pillow. Jimin doesn't want to think much about his life, where is it going to go, if he will ever get back his memories or not, but these thoughts are rational. Then all of a sudden a thought flashes into his mind, that he has somehow got a second chance in life. Another time to revive his life, and he should take advantage of the same. He can live this one on his own terms as always. This very thought brings a nice notion of sleep into Jimin's eyelids, and he falls asleep.

Yoongi is counting each day of his life without Jimin now. As he has no one to come home to, no one to talk about his sadness, or happiness. He feels himself circling in a limbo, and that is becoming never ending. He goes to the studio, talks to Namjoon about music, monitors the performers who come there, and at the end of the day he oesn't straightly go to his apartment, but he drives around a bit, eats outside somedays, or not. Then just before dawn, he goes back to the apartment to sleep on the couch. He also gets up early, because sleep hardly ever comes, because all these times of sleeping with his husband has taken toll on him now. Yoongi definitely can't sleep, and even if somehow he manages to close his eyelids, most of the time he wakes up by nightmares.

Yoongi's nightmares are all about Jimin an some times he just sees himself standing in the mids of a fog, and he can't find his way home.
In the dreams, most of the time his mind reminds him of the past days, or he just watches Jimin going away from him. Yoongi can't bear these dreams. They're highly depressing, and makes him pant like nothing else. He is scared of these dreams, so he doesn't want to sleep. He just tries to stare at the ceiling or open his laptop to arrange some lyrics he is trying to write. But the problem is, he is unable to jot down a single word. Anything that comes isn't a fit and has barely any meaning. For fucks's sake, Yoongi thinks, 'I should get a grip!' but he thrashes immediately on the couch, because his mind is going haywire.

Three days passes and he hasn't recieved any call or text from Jimin. The day Jimin and him went out, Yoongi at least slept for 3 hours. But now his nights are entirely sleepless. He just tosses and turns on the couch and his phone rings loudly. As he looks at the screen and it flashes an unknown number. Yoongi recieves the call,


"Yes, Yoongi ssi, I'm your neighbour."

He furrows his brows, "I don't have any neighbour."

"No no, your mother's house. In here Daegu." The man croaks.

Yoongi sits up at this. "Yes, what is it?"

"Well, Yoongi ssi, there has been some people trying to break into the house, and I called the police. They asked me to inform you as I was unable to give them the your phone number. I had to get it from your uncle." the man stops.

He is now standing on his feet, "ok, I'll be there by tomorrow."

"Thank you for informing me." and as soon as he disconnects the call to run inside the bedroom to get his coat and a woolen scarf out of the wardrobe. He doesn't waste any more time to book a ticket to Daegu. He needs to solve this pressing matter first, because in the absence of his mother, he's the rightful owner.

So he should step for it.


7 months earlier

Yoongi hasn't seen his mother for a while. Because he's a married man now, he's a very busy person too. Also he lives in Seoul with his husband. but he tries to call his mother time to time. However, that is not happening for over one month now, because, he's been getting new contracts and Jimin too is busy with his work and all. Eun Ji is also not the type of woman who wants to call up her son when he's touching the heights of his success. So one day when Yoongi gets a call of his mother being hospitalized, he can't think of anything else and books a ticket to Daegu immediately. When he comes back home, he informs Jimin about it.


Jimin stays silent for a moment then says, "So I'm not your husband anymore right?"

Yoongi whips his head towards Jimin while packing his suitcase. "Who..why would you say that?" he has shocked expression on his face.


"Then why the hell did you buy one ticket?" Jimin widens his eyes at his husband.

Yoongi scratches the back of his head, "oh uh.. you are busy I thought.." Jimin doesn't let him finish, "don't you baby me! Min Yoongi, you have to know that I respect your mother very much and when she's sick I need to be there too." Jimin lowers his voice.


Yoongi looks down at his suitcase then looks at his husband, who certainly don't look happy. So he does what he should have done in the morning, taking his phone out and searches the flights to book a ticket for Jimin in the same flight. Unfortunately he is not been able to book one. So they have to reach Daegu in different flight, Yoongi wonders how many people are actually traveling in his flight at the same time.


However, after booking the ticket, he shows it to Jimin, and he scrunches his nose in disgust, "So I really have to go in a different plane?!" Jimin's face morphs into disgust.

Yoongi gives him an apologetic expression, "I'm sorry Jiminah, this is the only another flight at the same time."

Jimin pouts and makes a face, "it's more than two hours of journey, I don't know how I'm going to gawk all those flight attendants without burning you?" he makes his voice semi-chilish for an extra effect.

Yoongi widens his eyes in surprise but then upon realizing something, gives him a smrik, and throws another suitcase on the bed. Jimin fusses around him to get a snarky comment but he says nothing at all. Now Jimin is getting flustered by his husband's behavior, "well? I need an answer you know. Husband." he quips.

Yoongi suddenly turns around to hold Jimin by his waist. After that he noses a special spot under his earlobe. Jimin almost squeaks at the sudden sensation, ans as he goes pliant in his hold, Yoongi looks Jimin in the eyes, "I didn't marry you knowing you will be 'gawking' at other guys." he makes a gesture with his one hand.

"But I married you knowing, people will stare at you knowing, you are married to me, and burn all the way." he nips at Jimin's bottom lip. Jimin gives him a shy smile as he hides his face into Yoongi's collar, "shit husband! the things you say..." then Jimin looks up to see Yoongi's face, "makes me want to fuck you." and Jimin holds his breath.


Yoongi takes a small breath through his nose and licks his bottom lip, "then do FUCK me husband." he whispers.


Jimin gives him a slow wink to Yoongi. As he leads his by hand and sits on the edge of the bed. Yoongi silently leans in to capture Jimin's mouth with his own who leans in to savor the taste of his husband's mouth. Yoongi tastes like morning with a mix of coffee. Jimin loves this taste, so he moans when Yoongi licks into his mouth. He slowly pushes Jimin on the bed, so that he lays down and he is on top of him. Jimin places his hands on his husband's back and rubs them from top to his bottom. Jimin slowly puts his hands on Yoongi's ass cheeks, just to squeeze them over his pajama bottoms and he makes a slow sound at that, but dives in to kiss Jimin's lips again.


Jimin can feel Yoongi's growing hardness just over his own hard on. As his husband starts to rut slowly on Jimin, he channels his hands under his pajama and squeezes on his ass cheeks. At this point, Yoongi has already folded his legs at the sides of Jimin's waist, and he can't get enough of the boy beneath him. Before Yoongi can bite down onto Jimin's earlobe, Jimin smirks and rolls them, so that he can be on top of his husband. He smiles at the sudden change and grasps Jimin's thighs. "I thought you were going to fuck me Jimin?" Yoongi whispers.

Jimin throws his head back and laughs but the all of a sudden looks down on him with a serious expression, "shut it. I will." Yoongi widens his eyes and winks, "okay, I'm waiting baby."


Jimin takes off his shirt first then wiggles his one finger at his husband. Yoongi doesn't smile he just titls his head a bit to get rid of his t-shirt. Jimin on the other hand just stares at his husband’s bare skin. He has seen him naked so many times, but everytime it never ceases to amaze him. He just can't get enough of his beautiful white skin. Yoongi waits for him to do something but Jimin is looking at his chest, his torso, and finally Jimin slowly drags his fingers over his smooth skin. He feels a shiver runs down on him, but keeps quiet. Jimin just loves marveling his body like this, and the way the skin ripples, he loves to put his mouth on him, just the. It's no exception this time either. The moment Yoongi shivers, Jimin's mouth is there over his chest, he just likes to give small bites and then lap his tongue over there. He does the same thing.


Yoongi knows he can't stop him, and he never tries. He just wants his husband to take whatever he demands, because he is Jimin's. And takes the oportunity of licking and biting on his skin, and that forms small red marks on his chest. He slowly gets off his husband’s lap, just to put his mouth over the soft skin beside his naval. Yoongi stretches his hand to grab Jimin's hair, and he groans as he pulls on his hair. Jimin loves to bite on his skin so much that he comppletely forgets his own hard on. He slowly draws the strings of Yoongi's pant, just to slowly pull them down, he does this things with his hand but never removes his mouth from his stomach. Jimin also slowly strips down from his own pant too, but the entire time he just keeps his eyes on the man beneath him, as he too looks back at him with hooded eyes. "How are you so beautiful?" Jimin whispers mesmerized.

Yoongi gives his gummy smile at that, as his cheeks forms a bit different shade of deep red. Jimin gives him a bashful smile, "I can't believe you're my husband".

When Yoongi tilts his body a bit just to grab Jimin's wrists, he instantly falls over his chest, with his full weight. Yoongi doesn't even squirm, as he cups his head to kiss him hard on the mouth. The kiss is messy, but he tries hard to not be out of breath soon. Jimin doesn't let the the time go in waste as he takes hold of Yoongi's cock in his right, and starts to jerk him off in a slow pace. As he circles his thumb over the slit, Yoongi's body jerks upwards and he accidently bites on Jimin's bottom lip in the sensation. Jimin on the other hand glares at him but immediately bites down on his pert nipple and he, helplessly cries out, "fuck!" But his husband just hums around his nipple and sucks hard on it.

At this point, Jimin puts his mouth on the other nipple of Yoongi's, he brings his thumb again to wipe over his slit. Yoongi can feel the corner of his eyes are prickling in a tremendous sensation, "baby, please." he pleads looking at his husband. Jimin just wants to pleasure his husband every way possible, and he just wants

to taste him, make the man beneath him, become a moaning mess. But when Yoongi is begging, he can't wait to get him whatever he wants. Jimin looks up for a briefest of seconds then releases Yoongi from his position, "on your hands and knees love, please." his voice is hoarse, but the way he is looking at him, even in the dark, Jimin feels like he's going to be speechless. He didn't marry Yoongi thinking all of his outer beauty, but he was and still is in so much love with th man. But when his husband looks like that, Jimin always thinks he has won in life. As he's got the most beautiful person in the world as his husband.

Jimin just nods at Yoongi and he just rolls himself on his front, and slowly gets up to support himself on his elbows and knees. Jimin takes out the lube from his side of the bedside table, but before he can pour the lube his eyes goes at Yoongi's ass cheeks. They are whiter than his other body parts. Jimin slowly licks his lips, lube forgotten and as he puts his tongue to swipe over his one cheek, as Yoongi mewls, Jimin straight away bites down on the spot, just like he's having an apple. He kneads his other cheek with his palms, as his index fingers slowly brushes against against his rim. Yoongi is not shivering now, but slightly trembling at the hightened sensation.


"Jimiiiin" Yoongi groans out. Jimin smiles as he puts a kiss on the place he was licking so fevereshly. "I love when you are so desperate." he coos.

"Just get in okay." Yoongi turns his head back and he has tear streaks on his face. Jimin wipes the tear streaks with his left thumb and leans in to press a soft kiss on his lips. He takes up the lube and opening the cap he slathers his two fingers with the substance. Yoongi eyes him in that position & Jimin supports himself on his knees to level himself to just hover over him. Slowly he inserts his one finger into him. Yoongi throws his head back only at that. And his husband gets the signal as he picks of his middle finger to push it in and out of him. "Another!" Yoongi tries to growl but his voice breaks, and he just sobs out a little.

Jimin pays heed to that and without a warning pushes two fingers in. Yoongi hiccups as there is a burning feeling flares up. Jimin hovers over his back to press his chest to his back, and mouths sorry as he kisses on his shoulder blade. Yoongi doesn't say anything just hisses out his reponse as Jimin thrusts three of his fingers in and out of Yoongi. suddenly he jerks out and Jimin feels that he has already touched the spot. He reaches behind to hold Jimin's hand that is breaching his hole and just pushes Jimin's fingers deeper, and he cries out this time, "I'm ready..please now." he babbles.

Jimin slowly removes his fingers, but bends down to look at his ass hole. As he doubts if he is rightly loosened up, and he hums at what he sees. All of a sudden Jimin crouches down to put his mouth to kiss on his rim. It gets lube on his lips, but he doesn't mind. He just loves every bit of Yoongi. His husband laughs when he kisses over his waiting entrance. "Are you done Jiminah?" he huffs as he laughs airily. Jimin

looks up to give him a full grin, "never" he quips, but then sits up to lines himself up with his entrance. Jimin pours some good dollops of lube on his own cock and rubs it all over his length. Then circles the tip of his cock to spread the lube on his rim some more, and before Yoongi can complain again, he straight up pushes himself in.

Yoongi chokes at the insertion, but tries to swallow as Jimin tries to ease himself inside of him. His cock isn't that long compared to his, but he has this best girth, and this is the thing makes Yoongi choke out everytime he gets inside of him. Jimin slowly starts to thrust and Yoongi can't take slow anymore, "you aren't a snail are you?" he jokes. Jimin quirks his one eyebrow, even though he is losing himself in the tightness of the man he is able to give that facial expression. Yoongi pushes his hips back to meet his shallow thrusts, but Jimin clicks his tongue ones, just to pick up his pace. "Calling me a snail, will get you to places baby!" he responses back.

He wants to smile but it gets cut off as Jimin thrusts in as fast as he can. Yoongi cries out as he is hitting on the all the right places inside him. Jimin almost plasters himself on his back, to bite and kiss on his sweaty skin. Jimin holds Yoongi on his position, but the other man is shaking so much, that there is a chance that he might fall on his face. Jimin understands his situtation, and all of a sudden, pulls Yoongi up on his own lap. So that way Jimin is sitting on his heals and his husband on his lap, while Jimin is still holding him from back.

Yoongi in this position can't see his husband's face but he reaches his one arm behind to grab Jimin's head and he bounces on his cock. Jimin knows he will get tired of his pace so he continues to thrust up also circles his palm around Yoongi's cock. Yoongi feels his braeth to hitch up on his throat, and a sheer pressure of pleasure building in his groin and it's impossible to ignore it. He likes to hold himself for a while but it's getting unbearable by each second. Jimin is also not so far from his climax. He just tries to thrust up more, and feels Yoongi rutting down as he is getting tired slowly. After two more handful of thrust Jimin burie his head into his husband’s shoulder just to bite down hard on that spot and he spills inside of his husband. Yoongi at the same time feels a surge of pressure over his prostate and he is coming too over Jimin's grip. His orgasm hit so hard that some of the cum hits his own chin. Jimin milks him slowly out of every last drop.

Aftermath can't come any sooner when Yoongi falls on Jimin, and he falls on his back with a thud. His arms are still holding Yoongi's waist. Although Jimin hasn't pulled out but his cock has gone soft, and it slowly gets out of him by itself. Yoongi tries to get up fails, Jimin giggles at that, and pushes his husband off of him. Yoongi stays as it is, like he has forgotten how to move. Jimin though crawls in and places his head over his chest. As he places a kiss there, Yoongi encirles his one arm around his husband. "I love you" Yoongi murmurs as he presses a kiss on Jimin's hair. He smiles on his chest, as he brushes feather touches over the red spots on his chest.

Yoongi lets out a low hiss from his mouth, but says nothing. Jimin slowly moves his face to put his chin on his collarbone. He watches Yoongi's sleepy expression and can't help but touch his eye lids with his index finger. "I love you so much Yoongi." he whispers just for him to hear. And when Yoongi's lips stretches into a smile Jimin smiles too.


Chapter Text

The next morning they both get on to diferent planes to reach Daegu. They straight up goes to the hospital to visit Eun ji. Jimin always liked Yoongi's mother, as she always supported her son, and loved Jimin. Jimin breaks into tears when he sees her all bound to the hospital bed with all kinds of tubes attached to her. Next to him Yoongi is a stone as he watches his mother fighting with her life. They both had no idea, how long she was suffering from a stomach infection. Eventually that turned into severe stomach and liver damage. Yoongi just hold his husbands hand the whole time, until the next day at the hospital. When they finally gets the news of her passing away. Yoongi doesn't cry, he just keeps staring at the glass wall, while Jimin leans his head on his shoulder.


Yoongi doesn't know why he can't cry. His mother just died and he's being all stone. He arranges everything for the proper busial of her. When all of it's done they both comes back to Yoongi's mother's house. His child hood home. Jimin saunters inside the living room for a bit, then looks at his husband, "what are you going to do with this place?" he asks.

Yoongi is looking outside the window, he turns around at his husband's qusetion, "nothing. Let's just cover the furniture and go home." he replies. Jimin just nods, because he knows, it's his childhood home, and it has to many memories to wipe off. So all they do is to cover the furniture, and lock the door for forever. At least for now, and they get back to seoul on the next day.


Present day

When Yoongi lands in Daegu, he doesn't have much in his head, he just takes a cab to the house. Upon reaching the places, he doesn't find another life around it. Not even a bird on the trees. It's just so silent. Suddenly he sees a neighbourhood door is opening. Yoongi immediately opens the lock of the front door and gets inside. He really doesn't want to chit chat with a person right now. But when he finds himself in the living room upon entering, he is hit by sunlight. The window curtain are billowing and one of them is

opens, Yoongi goes towards the window to close it, and discovers on of its glass is broken. He still closes the door, and goes to sit on the covered couch.


Yoongi looks around the living room, and suddenly a memory of his mother cooking for him flashes in his mind. The memory feels so alives, that he feels the smell of her food is literally there. He almost closed his eyes, but he opens his eyes again, and finds himself alone again. Finally he gets up to climb the stairs, where his bedroom is. He turns the knob of the door but it creaks loudly, so Yoongi just gives the door a shove and it opens without any protest. He hasn't been in this room for a long while, so when he enters the room it drowns him in millions of memories. He just sits down on the dusty floor as his head starts to feel heavy with the force of all those happiest to saddest memories.

He looks at the walls, they are now all clean from the posters. But the pencil written lyrics are still there, Yoongi gets up to touch one of the writing, and as he touches it, a fresh jolt of emotion floods him, and it hits him so unexpectedly, before he can check himself he is crying. Yoongi doesn't want to cry but this time it's getting out of his hands. He lets out a chocked out sob, and his tear drops doesn't cease. He covers his face with his hands to stop, but a pathetic crying sound escapes his throat. That is the end of every restraint for him, as falls down on the ground, and cries.

He never cried when his mother died, but now the only light in his life is gone too. Yoongi feels so helpless in the midst of an empty house. He covers his face with his palm, but he can feel the tear drops are escaping from the corners of his fingers, and his heart his tearing up from all sides. He removes his hands from his face, as he cries out, "eomma!" 

His sobs doesn't even echo inside the room, it just gets lost somewhere. Yoongi somehow thinks of praying but then a bitter laugh escapes from his mouth through his tears. He has never prayed in his entire life, but he still got Jimin into his life, never prayed but lost his mother and Jimin. Now praying will not get him anything at all. He removes the beanie he's wearing from his head and finally wipes his tears and gets up.

Yoongi decides to stay at the house until he can sell the place. He calls Namjoon about it and contacts his uncle the next morning. His uncle tells him that he will certainly sell the house and he can go back to Seoul. He also tells him that he hasn't tried to do anything because Yoongi didn't want to. But finally he gives him permission to do the final work. As he stays at the house for another day, He hasn't eaten, nor slept from yesterday. He just stays downstairs on the living room couch. Until there's a knock on the door.

Yoongi had the lights off, and was blankly staring at the black screen of his phone, and the doorbell rings. He thinks it must be his neighbor, and he skips the action of getting up. But when the doorbell rings incessantly, he mutter, "what the fuck!" and gets up to open the door. The door is open but there is no one, but when a small voice comes to his ear he looks down. There is a boy not more than 8, standing on the doorstep. Yoongi widens his eyes at the unexpected visitor.


The boy is holding a covered cassarole, and really looks unimpressed. "Are you Yoongi ajussi?" the boy enquires.


Yoongi is really surprised, but he nods all the same. The boy huffs, and stretches his arms towards him, "this is for you. Eomma thought you might be hungry." he mechanically utters the words. Yoongi gets more surprised, and looks around. "are you sure it's for me?" he gets confused.


The boy makes a face, "I live just next door. Should I call my eomma?" he acquires.

Yoongi thinks again, and takes the cassarole from the boy's hand. "Um.. thanks."

The boy hops down from the stairs, to turn back to give him a thumbs up with a serious face, and literally vanishes through the door of his neighbour.


He closes the door behind him, and sniffles the food first, and it smells delicious. He contemplates eating it first, but his stomach protests against it with a growl. So he just listens to his stomach finally and sets himself on the coffee table. But there’s no spoon, so he puts the food down to bring one from the kitchen. Yoongi is looking for one and even finds a spoon, and suddenly his phone rings. He is about to drop the thing, but manages to catch it at the same time recieve his phone too.


When he picks up his phone, he is highly surprised, because it's Jimin. Yoongi forgets the spoon and recieves the call.

"Hi Jimin." he breathes out.

"Hi hyung! where are you?" Jimin seems breathless from the other side.

Yoongi scratches his head for a bit, "uh I'm in Daegu."

"Is everything alright there? your mom?" Jimin asks all concerned.

Yoongi wants to laugh that Jimin doesn't remember this thing either, but he just hums, "yeah, yeah everything's fine. I just came in for a check." He assures his husband.

"Oh ok, good." Jimin answers.

Yoongi smiles at his voice as he waits for him to say something else.

Finally Jimin speaks, "actually I called you about the dinner thing you know."

Yoongi gets slightly chocked up at the mention of the dinner, but he just stays silent to let Jimin speak.

"So I was thinking, this saturday? I'm free, are you?" he sounds scekptical though.

Yoongi thinks it's cute, "yeah sure Jiminah. Saturday. Should I pick you up?"

Jimin doesn't let him finish, "no no, actually I'm meeting Hoseok hyung that day. So wherever the place, he can drive me there."

He immediately gets bummed by the gone opportunity, but nods nonetheless. "Okay, no issues. I'll.. I'll just inform you the address then."

"Oh no hyung. I think I will choose the place this time. Will it be okay?" Jimin asks.

Yoongi rubs his hand over his face, and slaps slightly over his left cheek, then answers, "sure!"

Jimin makes a happy sound, "okay then. I'll let you know."

Yoongi hums.

Jimin says good night first like previous time, and after Yoongi bids him the same, he disconnects the phone.

Yoongi looks at the cassarole and then looks at the spoon, then shrugs and digs the spoon into the bowl. When he tastes is, it's really delicious, and he hums as he eats the entire food. After finishing his dinner, he straight goes to sleep, in the hope, if sleep shows mercy on him.

Chapter Text

The next morning when he wakes up late almost at 9 and his flight is in 9:30 am. He first looks at his wtatch and then scrambles out of the couch as fast as he can. Yoongi doesn't even brush his teeth, because first of all he foegot to bring his toothbrush, second he's got less time to do that. He takes his jacket and his bag as fast as he can and gets out of the house. Once out, he takes an one look at his childhood house as he says goodbye in his mind to it, and turns around to call a taxi.

Jimin is fretting about his decision about the dinner with Yoongi, and suddenly theres a knock on his bedroom door. It's his parents, so he nods at them to come in.

As they enter the room, his mother sits down beside him. "How is Jiminie doing?" she asks. Jimin looks at her, "uh, I'm fine mom."


Ji sung comes to sit on the chair, "Jimin, we came here to talk about your future."

Jimin doesn't know what his parents are expecting from him, but he stares at his dad.

Ji sung clears his throat, but Ji Hyun speaks, "Jiminie, we were thinking that you can try dating." she smiles tenderly at him.

Jimin smiles back, "actually I am dating, Yoongi hyung."

Ji sung leans in, "no son, we are saying you can try seeing a girl instead."

Jimin feels he has been hit hard by somehing, he just stares at his parents incredulously. His mother speaks again, "yes, you have lost your memeory, there is no good if you keep dragging that along, right?"

Jimin shakes his head, "that doesn't mean I have to date a girl!" His father goes to open his mouth but Jimin doesn't let him speak, "my sexuality hasn't changed dad! what are you saying!" he squeaks.

"Ok, we understand that, but we do not, well still not approve you dating Yoongi."

He opens his mouth to say something but his father beats him to it, "he has been a very bad infuence on you son. You must understand it."

Ji hyun keeps her silence at this moment and looks at Jimin.


Jimin stares at his own hands and bites his bottom lip, "I..I don't think this is right dad. I must have loved him, well the other me. & whatever I did, I didn't do it unconsciously. So I think, you two should leave me alone with my choices." he states his words clearly.

Ji sung and Ji hyun both stare at their son for a bit, then his father gets up, "I thought when you got a second chance in life, you will use it wisely. But I was wrong." Ji sung gets out of his room. Jimin's mother though stays beside him, "Jiminie, think about it again okay? I'm sure you will be able to decide something." she pats his hair and is about to leave, Jimin calls her,


When she looks back, Jimin's lower lip trembles slightly,

"I can't be what I'm not. Please do not hate me for that." he whispers.

Ji hyun bends down to hug her son, and presses a kiss on his forehead, "I love you Jiminie. No matter what." Jimin exhales a small breath at that, and when she leaves the room, he flops back on the pillow, and tries not to remember the things that has passed.


Two days passes and Jimin is taking his painting classes, and he can tell he's getting better at it. His teacher says it so, as he looks at his sketch he smile at him, "Jimin, I hope you go somewhere with your work. I really want to."

He bows respectfully at that, "thank you Seonsaengnim."

He doesn't count but saturday rolls on the the calendar and Jimin again finds himself nervous for the dinner. Although he has booked table at a restaurant as he told Yoongi, but before that he has to meet who called him at his house.

When Jimin arrives there, Hoseok is waiting for him at the door. He gives Jimin a bright smile, "welcome Jiminie!"

Jimin smiles back, so where's Ji ah?

"Oh she's getting ready for a school function." Hoseok replies.

"She's going to perform?"Jimin expreses his surprise.

Hoseok smiles proudly, "yes."

Soo yun enters with Ji ah the next moment, "oh Jiminie, you are here!" she gives him a wide smile. Jimin smiles back and looks at Hoseok's elder daughter. She's wearing a pink gown, and she has wings attached to her back.

Jimin gets down on his knees and looks at her from that angles. Ji ah laughs as he is looking at him, "Jiminie oppa is weird" she giggles again.

Jimin gives her wide smile, "Ji ah, you look very, very pretty." he muses.

Ji ah turns around to show him her wings, "look at my wings oppa, I can fly" she quips happily. Jimin laughs, "of course sweety! because you're an angel." he touches her cheek softly and she giggles again.

"Come on baby girl we need to go." Hoseok says from behind, and Jimin frowns, "where is Ha eunie? isn't she coming?" he asks.

"Of course she is, so are you." Soo yun replies as she gets inside the kids room. Jimin gives Hoseok a confusing look, he just smirks at him, "did you think we're going to leave you here alone?"

Jimin opens his mouth then closes, "I called you today, because this is a big day for my girl, and you need to be there too!" Hoseok smiles now. He gets overwhelmed by his kindness, but only mouths 'thank you' to him.

Hoseok pats him on the shoulder and loks at his wife who has arrived with their little daughter in her arms. "Le's go shall we?" she winks at them.


Yoongi is not hyped today. He just gets a sandwich from the nearest coffee shop and heads towards the studio. He knows Jimin will inform him, so he tries to take less stress, but Jimin stays in his mind anyway. As Yoongi arrives at the studio, Namjoon isn't there yet, so he pulls out a stack of papers from his bacg, and spreads them on the table beside sound table. Namjoon announces his arrival just after that. "Good morning hyung!" he chirps as Yoongi looks up.


Before he can say anything,Namjoon's eyes fall on the stack of papers, Yoongi just put there. "What is it hyung?" he asks.

Yoongi nods as he adjusts the sound level for the band is supposed to come later, "My old lyrics. Thought checking them out."

Namjoon's eyes go wide, "wow! hyung! can I see it?" he asks for his permission.

Yoongi just hums and gets inside the recording room. While Namjoon turns the pages carefully. Yoongi comes back after finishing the set up, and Namjoon is sitting there with a dumb face, the papers are in his hand. When he looks at him, Namjoon almost shouts, "hyung! these are amazing! where have you been hiing these!" he sounds all astound.

Yoongi grunts at his expression, "it's mostly trash Joonah. It was my old lyrics from Daegu." Namjoon widens his eyes at that, "shit man! I wish I knew you then!"
"We could have been a great team then!" he clicks his tongue.

He looks up from the sound system, clearly annoyed, "yah! it's like we're not a team right now!" he complains.

Namjoon splutters, "no no of course hyung! we're the best team. I'm just saying about that time." he manages.

Yoongi shakes his head in mock disbelief, but smiles as he looks down. Namjoon smiles back, but then looks at the papers again and asks, "so you sold the house huh?"

Yoongi starts to scroll something in his mobile and looks up, but just hums.

"Hyung! you're gonna get good money out of it! you'll be rich!" Namjoon chuckles.

He looks when the band arrives but he doesn't miss to swat at Namjoon's head, "you brat!" and stops seeing the boys waching them with amusing faces and he retreats immediately, and gives the boys a small smile. As they gets inside the recording room, Namjoon gives him a shit eating grin with a thumbs up, and Yoongi decides to ignore him completely.


The entire day passes without any excitement, but at 6 pm he gets the most awaited call from Jimin.

"Hyung, I'm texting you the address. I'll be there at 7 ok?" he sounds breathless.

Yoongi smiles hearing his voice and he feels so much tension dissipates from his body, and he can feel more awake. "Okay Jiminah, I'll be there."

Jimin doesn't talk after that, and disconnects the phone.

Chapter Text

Yoongi releases a small breath from his mouth rubs his face onece with his palm, and gets inside his car.

While driving he checks on the address and feels so familiar, but he keeps on driving. As he reaches the place his memory opens to him. It's the very place he brought Jimin for their second date. It's the very restaurant at the bank of the Han river, and Yoongi is speechless after long time. he can't believe Jimin has chosen this place, that means does he remember anything? does he remembers his husband? all of these questions fills his mind and he waits for his husband with so much hope.

Jimin arrives there, and he can see he's saying goodbye to Hoseok and is that his wife, Yoongi scrunches his brows but straightens up, when Jimin comes walking toward him he can't take his eyes of him as Jimin is wearing a sweater and that is so blue that Yoongi's jaw gets struck.

He doesn't even realize when Jimin comes to stand in front of him, but when Jimin calls waves his hand before his eyes, Yoongi is out of his trance. Jimin gives him a bashful smile, "hi hyung." he melts at his words but smiles back like a normal person should do. When Yoongi and Jimin both enter the place and it is always a place Yoongi would remember becuase he asked Jimin to live together here. Jimin said yes, so he finally looks at Jimin, "uh, Jiminah, do you remember this place?"

Jimin is looking at the river, he turns around and gives him a confused look, and shakes his head, "I..I don't. I just looked up this place on the internet and booked it." he answers.

Yoongi hums and comes beside Jimin, "actually, we came to this place before." he chuckles then, "it was our second date and, and I asked you to move in with me."

Jimin looks at Yoongi with full eyes now, but looks down smiling, "I said yes I guess?" he whispers audibly.

Yoongi stares at him at the same moment, "yes, you did." then smiles and looks at the river again. The twinkling lights around the railing is giving out the best feeling of the night and Jimin hasn't taken his eyes off Yoongi. He doesn't know when but his fingers approaches Yoongi's knuckles, and he touches them softly. He suddenly looks at his husband who is looking at his hand, "you work hard hyung, I always liked that." Jimin whispers.

Yoongi opens his fist and slowly takes Jimin's hand on his palm, not interlinking their fingers not yet and bends his head to look into Jimin's eyes. Jimin finally looks up and somehow a jolt of something unknown strikes him, but can't help to blush. Yoongi thinks he might die, because this is the first time in all these days that Jimin felt his. So he slowly raises his finger to give a feather touch on his husband’s cheek, and Jimin instantly shivers at the touch. He can't pin point but a faint flash of the same touch revives at eh back of his mind. A very familiar one, not yet deja vu, but similar to it, and he isn't able to recover the whoe thing yet.

Yoongi is lost into Jimin's eyes as he doesn't go to remove his hand from his cheek, but their moment gets disturbed by a restaurant attendant, "sirs, we have settled your table. I you please' or you can take time." Jimin immediately retreats at this, and looks at the other man, "yes..uhh yes. Let's go then." as he looks at Yoongi again. He looks like he has woken up from a dream, but looks at the man anyway, "hmm? yes, sure." he says calmly an they are led to their designated table. Jimin shakes his head and smiles, "I can't believe that I booked a place, I have visited previously."

Yoongi gives him a bright smile, but says nothing as he sips from his wine glass. When the food comes, they both dive into the delicious food. Jimin moans as he chews on the delicious chicken and Yoongi wants to listen to the sound over again. When he takes a bite of the chicken he loves it too, because the sauce is really delicate one. They take time to savor the food and when the bill comes Jimin argues to pay it, but Yoongi argues back to not to. Finally, although reluctantly they pay half n half.


The couple gets out of the place eventually and it's 9pm already. But Yoongi doesn't want to go to the apartment yet, so he looks at Jimin, "how about we take a walk at the bank hm?"

Jimin nods smilingly.

The river isn't black tonight, but so many lights making it kind of white, and Yoongi feels light headed after a long time, because Jimin is walking beside him. He doesn't want to talk just bask at the silence of this moment. Although it's chilly, but the snow isn't here yet and he wants to stare at his husband more than anything. Surprisingly the wind is mild and Yoongi feels thankful for that, as he looks at Jimin, he is looking at the twinkling lights ahead. "So what you've been doing lately Jiminah."Yoongi tries to intiate a conversation.


Jimin doesn't look at him, but answers softly, "I'm taking painting classes. I like it very much." he replies as he is walking inside a dream.

Yoongi gets surprised at that, "wow! that's great!" and smiles widely.

Jimin is relieved that hehasn't asked to see his painting, so he just releases his breath. "So how did your visit to Daegu go? how's your mom?" Jimin asks.

Yoongi looks down at that and then looks up at the sky, "you really don't remember do you?" he asks.

Jimin gets confused, "remember what?"

Yoongi huffs and looks at the river, "my eomma's dead for months Jiminah."

He gets a pure shock at that. Jimin has met his mother a long ago, but he can remember that her as a very kind lady, who adored her son, she used to coo at Jimin and called her cute so many times. Jimin immediately comes closer to Yoongi, and without a hint of surprise takes his hand into his.

"I'm sorry hyung, I didn't know."Jimin whispers. Yoongi looks at their joined hands and looks up to look at his husband, he has millions of emotions playing into his mind but he doesn't mouth any one of them. "It's okay." But he really wants to say is, it's okay, she's gone, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to see her son like this. Dying everyday like this. It's okay.

Jimin doesn't ask anymore question but keeps his fingers connected with Jimin until they get inside the car to go back. When they reach at Jimin's parent's house, Jimin doesn't hop down from the car immediately, but looks at his husband. "I hope you understand my situation hyung. I really hope you do. I..I really like you but I need some self searching to do first & for that I really can't come to any conclusion. Not yet." he whispers the words to Yoongi softly.

Yoongi squeezes his fingers as he smiles up at him, "I didn't wait for you all those time thinking that I'll be with you. & now it's harder for me, but it's you Jiminah, I'll wait as long as you want." 'But don't let me wait for a life time, because I might not make it to there. Never without you.' the words dies down inside his throat when he sees Jimin's father standing at the driveaway.

Jimin follows his eye sight and sees his dad there. "Good night hyung." he whispers anmd gets down from the car. as Jimin gets inside the house, Yoongi stares at him, but when he's not seen anymore he goes to start the car.


"Yoongi wait." Ji sung calls. Yoongi has no idea why the man just called him, but he pockets the car key and gets down. This time both Ji sung and Ji hyun is coming towards him, he feels a litlle uncomfortable but keeps quiet. The couple are wearing night dresses with a thick coats over them as they come to stand in front of them.


"I think the date went well?" Ji sung asks.

Yoongi wrinkles his eyebrows a bit but straightens them to nod at his question.

"Well, you have to stop seeing him Yoongi." Ji sung's words rings in the cold air.

Yoongi at first looks at them incredulously, but when he goes to open his mouth to say something, Ji hyun beaths him to it, "your influence is what we don't want for our son." her voice is slightly trembling.


Yoongi looks at her and then looks at Jimin's father, "Jimin is my husband. We are married to each other.

& it's no game, I hope you know that." he states flatly, without any hint of rage.


"You call that a marriage! two people and a god knows what kind of a minister married you two!" Ji sung gives a bitter chuckle.


Yoongi was expecting something like this is coming on his way so he looks straight in his eyes and says, "I know what is a marriage, and I have all the proof of it. So if you're not interested in all that, it's really not my fault."


"But you tricked him into this! what about that?" Ji hyun almost cries out.

Yoongi wants to laugh, but he still respects Jimin's parents, so he just shakes his head,

"Jimin isn't a kid nor was I. We both had our conscious consent, so instead of telling me to not see your son, ask him if he wants the same. Otherwise, I'm not going to leave him."

Jimin's parent's faces turns red, they are clearly shocked. Yoongi bows at them and says, "it's cold outside, take care of yourself, good night." and he gets inside his car without sparing a single look at them, and drives away.


Jimin doesn't have the idea what his parents and Yoongi talked about but he looks at them from the stairs and when his parents comes inside the house, he comes down, "what was that about" Jimin asks.

Ji sung doesn't say anything and gets inside his study. Ji hyun just stands there, "we need to talk to him Jiminie."

"About what?" Jimin is surprised.

"About we don't want him to see you." Ji hyun feels guilty after saying it.

Jimin is highly taken aback, he open his mouth then closes it, his mother speaks again, "Jiminie do you really want to drag your life for a person who you don't even remember? he's your past and life has given you a new chance. Why would you want to waste it?"

Jimin can feel that the corner of his eyes are prickling, but he tries to keep his face even, "I.." he swallows the cry that is forming inside his throat and speaks again,

"I don't think this is the time, I should talk about it. I'm tired mom.Good night."

Jimin doesn't let his mom to say anything else as he climbs the stairs skipping two steps at once and gets inside his room. Once Jimin closes the door he can feel that he is already crying. He doesn't go to his bed but sits down on the floor clutching his head. Everything, everyting is falling apart, and he is being torn between the people supposed to be his own. Jimin thinks of Yoongi, who is loving and so caring but he is unable to give him what he wants. Watching Yoongi's eyes and seeing the hope inside them kills Jimin.

Chapter Text

Although he asked him to wait, but how long can Yoongi hold on for the man who doesn't even remember him! Jimin has no answer, he just realizes how much he is causing pain to Yoongi. Then his parents, who are consistent in making his life a new one, and he has no idea how that is going to turn out? Jimin is hurting so many people all together, and he doesn't have the slightest idea how to fix it? he wishes at the moment, what if all of these goes away, leaving him alone, what if he forgets everyone, everyone else who are looking at him to show some miracle. Jimin tugs at his hair and tears never ceases to fall.


After one week with Christmas just passed the snow begins to fall. Although the end of the year coming soon Yoongi wants the time to stop. He doesn't want their anniversary to come around. He met Jimin two weeks ago at the dinner and since then they haven't talked yet. Yoongi promised Jimin that he'll wait but he's getting tired. He even in this cold can't feel the need to sleep on the bed becuase it always reminds him of Jimin, his touches and everything about him. The vacation he has booked in Thailand, will expire he thinks, but it really doesn't matter, it really doesn't anymore. Jimin is not here, and Yoongi is about to lose hope that he will ever be.


Jimin is all about his painting classes now. He has to meet Hoseok tomorrow, because finally he has asked him to baby sit his girls, and Jimin can't be happier. So he attends his class on saturday as he asks his tutor to give him sunday off. Peter just smiles and agrees to do that, because he has been seeing that Jimin is progressing every day. On the next day Jimin gets out of the house early to meet Hoseok, who is already waiting for him at the front of his house with Ha eun in his arms. Jimin coos at the baby, and she gives him a smile which melts his heart.


Once they come inside Soo yun is tucking her hair into a bun. Jimin greets her cheerfully and she comes forward to give him a hug, "thank you for doing this for us. We barely get time, so thank you." she squeezes his hands. Jimin smiles at her, "I told you, anytime."

Hoseok comes behind him to place a hand on his one shoulder, "we are going to leave in about 20 minutes, let me show you everything." Jimin nods as Hoseok shows him the baby's room, the things he needs, if she needs to be fed and Ji ah is sleeping so she's gonna wake up in any minute now.


Jimin nods along to everything Hoseok says, and finally stretches his arms towards Hoseok. He at first squints then laughs as he hands over his daughter into Jimin's arms. Ha eun yawns and Jimin is again lost in her eyes. All of a sudden a memory of just like a touch of feather brushes his mind. A conversation, although the faces are blurred but that sounds like, 'I want a daughter.' A beathy laugh that rings softly in Jimin's ear, 'whatever you want baby.' a silent promise. Jimin can feels the memory brushes the mirror of his mind but there isn't any proof of it being real. so he just slowly shakes his head and balances Ha eun in his arms to cradle her slowly, and she closes her eyes gradually.


When Hoseok leaves with his wife, Jimin goes to look for Ji ah, who is still asleep. jimin sits down beside her not making any sound he brushes her hair over her forehead. She stirs a bit at that anD Jimin smiles to adjust her cover, and is about to get out of the room she calls, "Jiminie oppa." Jimin stops to turn around, Ji ah sits up now, and rubs her eyes. "Ji ah, are you hungry?" he asks.

Ji ah nods and Jimin smiles at her, you get ready, and come to the table okay?" She nods and Jimin takes out the food from the fridge.


Ji ah comes to the table after five minutes and sits on the chair. Jimin has already finished heating the food and he places them on the table. Ji ah waits patiently as he puts food on her cartoon character plate. Jimin sits down before her as she starts eating. After she finishes eating Jimin is about to take the plate to wash but Ji ah shakes her head, "eomma tells me to wash my own plate." he widens his eyes at her words but says nothing and watches her tiny fiogure goint to the sink to wash the plate. fter washing it she places the plate on the drying counter and promptly comes back to the chair. Jimin smiles and sits again to his previous place.


"Jimini oppa, where is your best friend?" she suddenly asks. Jimin frowns at the mention of his best friend, has she seen Tae? he doesn't know, so he leans in to ask her, "who is it you are asking Ji ah?"


Ji ah giggles as she hides her face behind her tiny hands, "the one you kissed on the lips." Jimin's eyes go wide at that, so she has met Yoongi, but he has to ask her, "when did you meet him Ji ah?"

Ji ah throws her one arm in the air like she wants to catch something, then brings her index finger on her lips, "looong ago." she replies.

Jimin is highly surprised that she remembers whatever the day was. "So you remember him?" he gives her a soft smile.

"Of course I do. He was red, very red, his cheeks, when you gave him a kiss." she giggles loudly.


Jimin feels that his own cheeks are heating at her laugh. So he just looks down at the table. "Where is he?" Ji ah asks again.

Jimin looks up, he doesn't know what should be his answer, but he still says, "uh, he's at work Ji ah."

She hums, "my papa is at work too, but he's with eomma." she frowns slightly.

He wants to roll her eyes as he has to answer things like this to a 4 year old.

"He's busy." he stops there.

Ji ah isn't satisfied with his answer, "do you not love him anymore?"

Jimin thinks he has been hit by a rock, this time he's really becomes speechless at Ji ah's bold question.

"sweety, it's really adult's matter. Do you want to play?" Jimin tries to divert her mind, and his 'play' word works instantly.

She hops down from the chair and squeaks, "will you play with me Jiminie hyung?" she asks all excited.

He finally huffs a breath of relief and gets up, "yes sure!. What is the game?" he asks.

"You have to be sleeping beauty or Rapunzel!" she laughs as she rags him by the hand towards the living room.


Yoongi is sitting on the couch at Jin and Namjoon's house. It's been a while that he hasn't visited them. Although he sees Namjoon almost everyday but today Jin called him personally. So here he is sitting on the large couch with a can of beer in his hand. Namjoon is in the bathroom he guesses and Jin ias still inside the bedroom. Yoongi throws his head back in boredom, "seriously hyung! what are you doing there." he calls out.

Jin shouts immediately, "wait, I'm coming."

Yoongi snorts into his beer, "if you two are busy doing personal stuff, I really should leave now."

"Shut up I'm here okay?" Jin gets out of the room and flops beside Yoongi. "So you are coming right?" he quirks an eyebrow.
Yoongi coughs a bit, and looks at Jin, "where? is it hell? then yes." he takes a sip from his can.

Jin swats at his left arm, "our anniversary."

"Oh." Yoongi looks down at the almost empty beer can, "I'm not sure."

"Of course you are sure! Jimin is going to be there, chance to win him back." Jin puts emphasis on his words.

Yoongi chuckles at that, "Jimin isn't a bumper prize that I have to win. He's literally my husband."
"Yes, the husband you have to win over." Jin quips.


Yoongi clucks his tongue, "I don't know hyung, what I should do." "Just come okay? and rest will be taken care of." as Jin streches his arms.
Suddenly a thing clicks into his mind, "wait, is Jungkook coming?" Jin's eyes twinkles at his brother's name, and he nods smilingly.

Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief, "if you planned to play villain, you could have given me a hint!" he croaks.

He laughs at that, Yoongi stares at his 'evil' smle. "I ain't playing anything. I'm just trying to bring you two closer." Jin states.

"& with Jungkook around!" who are you? Gandhi?

Jin widens his eyes at the name, "you know who he is?!"

Yoongi puts the can down with a clinking sound on the glass table, "that's not the point." "Yah! that's my table!" Jin squeaks.

Yoongi makes a face, "Jin smirks at him, "I mean to say, Jungkook will be there & Jimin might remember things."

Yoongi makes an 'o' shape with his lips, but still says, "will that work?"

"I hope so Yoongi."

"I really hope so."

Jimin goes back home when Hoseok comes back with his wife. Soo Yun thanks him profusely, and so does Hoseok. They both look very happy, and Jimin is happy to see them. "was my Ji ah a good girl?" Soo yun asks.

Before Jimin can say anything Ji ah speaks up, "yes eomma I was. Jiminie oppa played Rapunzel for me & I was the prince!" she squeaks.

Hoseok widens his eyes, "wah Jiminie!" Jimin laughs, "I enjoyed playing the princess hyung."

Hoseok laughs back. "Now now baby girl, you need to go to bed." he looks at his daughter. Soo yun bids Jimin good night an gets inside to check on Ha eun who has been sleeping for some hours after he fed her. Jimin looks at Hoseok now, "hyung I should go now. Tomorrow's 31st, I'll call you at midnight ok?" he smiles.

"Sure Jiminie! I can't believe tomorrow's gonna be the start of another year!"

Jimin hums but just says, "ok then Good night hyung." and he bends down to talk to Ji ah. "Good night Ji ah." She just stands on her toes and gives Jimin a small kiss on his cheek, "good night Jiminie oppa." she chirps.

He just gets overwhelmed as she gets inside almost dancing. When he gets back home, it's little after 9pm, and there's text message in his phone.

The first one is of Jin, informing him of the party, and the second one is from Yoongi.

Jimin opens Yoongi's text,

8:54- Jiminah are you comming at Jin's anniversary?

8:54- I think you are.

8:54- How are you?

8:55- I miss you.

8:55- Sorry, I'm not drunk

8:56- I'll see you on 1st. Good night Jimin.

He just stares at the one sided conversation, but doesn't know what to reply. He feels like a person he might have known very well, is slipping away slowly, and somehow Jimin is getting impatient.

9:30- I am going to the party.

9:30- Good night hyung.

Jimin types.

Chapter Text

On 31st Yoongi doesn't go to his apartment but stays outside on the stairs. He wraps himself in thick woolen scarf but never dares to go inside. the moment the clock strikes 12, and everyone is celebrating the new year, Yoongi looks at the sky and laughs, laughs until the sound of his laugh gets disappeared into the chilly night. He wraps himself tighter with his peacoat, and although it's of Jimin's he presses his nose to the lapel of the coat, and there is the faint smell of his husband still lingers. Yoongi tries to get the smell into his lungs as much as he can.

The cold is too much so even if there are tears in his eyes they are drying out, and Yoongi can't feel his fingers anymore. He's not the person who smokes, but the foggy streets are so grey that looks like smoke around him. Yoongi never thought his life would turn out like this, that his Jimin would not be his anymore. He hasn't felt pain in this force even when Jimin wasn't his. Yoongi smiles thinking of the old days, as he shakes his head, there's not a single person on the street. But the celebration of New year is still going on, and he supports his heavy head on the cold iron railing and shivers when the cold railing touches his cheek, but he doesn't detach himself from that, because he's going to be here for this night.


On the morning of 1st January, Jimin gets up late. Although he didn't go to bed after 12, he still slept like a log. He wished Hoseok, Jin and Namjoon a very happy new year, but he couldn't muster up the courage to say anything to Yoongi. Because he knows it's their anniversary, and Jimin doesn't want to do anything that makes him regret. Still when he frshens up in the morning, he regrets not wishing Yoongi the new year. He should have done that at least. So he gets his mobile out immediately, and types,

11:00- Happy new year hyung!

11:02- sorry hyung last night I fell asleep. He lies

He thinks again and types, 11:03- I'll see you tonight right?


He puts the phone on the bed, and looks himself in the mirror. Jimin looks ok but his cheeks are more hollowe, he wonders even this was like this before. His eyes do not have a healthy glow though, but they
are ok. Jimin touches his own cheeks and slips his fingers on the skin. Why is it this dry? is it supposed to be like this? he thinks of taking care of hismself from now on.

When Jimin comes down for breakfast his phone beeps, and he thinks it's Yoongi but no, it's Namjoon texted him.

11:30- Hi Jimin!

Jimin smiles at the text and types a reply, 11:31- Hi hyung.

The screen shows typing then Jimin goes to sit down on the dining table, as their maid smiles up at him and goes to bring him breakfast.

11:32- Be at the old hall sharp 6 ok?

Namjoon just typed.

Jimin raises his eyebrows, he hardly knows the place.

11:32- Text me the address hyung.

11:32- sure I will just now, but make sure you aren't late. Namjoon types again.

11:33- (smilys) see you later then. Namjoon ends the text.

11:33- ok hyung. (smily)


Yoongi gets inside his apartment after 10 am. Although he can't feel his toes or some of his fingers but the morning sun was at least kind to him and a scalding hot coffee, somehow brings him back to life. At first he goes to get a warm shower and then straight to choose the clothes he's going to wear today. He has to make sure that he doesn't look like a vampire at least. He hasn't checked his phone yet because it's so dead. So after choosing that, he charges the phone first.

Yoongi has been skipping breakfast for days, but today he decides to get some, but he doesn't cook anymore so he bought some thing from the coffee shop. As he munches on the bagle, he switches the phone on to check for notifications and soon as the phone opens there are stream of various notifications bombers him. Most of them from of the from work people and then Jin and Namjoon, and as he scrolls through the happy new year messages, he finds one from Jimin. Yoongi reads the message and smiles but really doesn't attempt to write anything back. He decides to tell wish Jimin new year when he meets him tonight. So he puts down the phone and goes to the couch to check on some work
stuff, although there are less things to check, but he has to do something to keep his mind occupied through the entire day and not think it's his and Jimin's first wedding anniversary too.





The old hall isn't looking old this evening, as it is adorned with various lights and invitees hasn't yet started to arrive. But Jin is waiting for one person eagerly, just when his husband comes from his behind to place a hand on his shoulders. Jin doesn't look behind as he brings his one hand to hold Namjoon's fingers. "I can't wait anymore to see Jungkook." Jin whispers as Namjoon places his lips on the side of his temple.


Namjoon hums, "I know baby, but happy second anniversary love." he coos into his husbands right ear.


Jin smiles and squeezes his fingers, "you too Joonie. I love you." he murmurs.

"As I love you" and Namjoon pulls him tighter from his back on his chest to back hug him properly. Jin wriggles a bit and turns around in his hold to face him. As he looks at Namjoon, he already has a soft smile on his lips and he leans in to place a soft kiss on his husband's lips. He melts into the kiss and he is about to open his mouth, a vomiting sound makes him open his eyes.


"You two are really gross, and really happy anniversary." Jin squints his eyes to see Jungkook standing at the door. Jungkook spreads his arms wide to invite his brother into a hug and Jin doesn't waste any time to cross their distance in one go and envelope his brother in a bear hug.


Jungkook giggles as he squeezes his arms around his older brother. Jin on the other hand gets teary, as he breaks the hug he pats Jungkook's shoulder, "I thought you were coming in the morning." he finally says. Namjoon comes to hug Jungkook and ruffles his hair. "sorry hyung, I had this major shoot at that time. Had to finish that."

"But I'm here right!" Jungkook smiles.

"Yes, & I'm so happy." Jin says softly.

"Lets go to the hall! it's time others are arriving." Namjoon chirps.

When Jimin arrives the venue, he has to admit that both of his hyungs paid some big bucks to decorate the entire place. The old hall isn't huge but it's enough for 100 people at least. He looks around and there are not much people but it's really hard for him to recognize them. Although he squints his eyes to take note of the people around him and suddenly he feels a presence and a very known one behind him. Jimin thinks it's Yoongi and turns around abruptly but faces with a long forgotten one, Jungkook.


Yoongi arrives at the place a little after 6:30 pm, and the cold air has already started to blow. Although he isn't cold but he's weak, because of not having healthy food and not sleeping for days. He just shivers by the chilly wind. so he hurries inside. As he gets inside, it's warm and already there are people gathring in the place. But Yoongi's eyes look for only one, Jimin. So he pushes past some people to find the man, near the bar he just stops and looks around but no luck. So he turns around to look for the couple of the night, but to his disamy he gets bumped with someone.

Yoongi is about to say sorry, but he looks up, and he gets highly surprised at the same moment. It's Taehyung, and he is looking very good. Yoongi doesn't find any word to say but he just lunges forward to hug the boy immediately.

Taehyung on the other hand, chuckles a bit and pats on his shoulder. Yoongi breaks the hug after some seconds but keeps his hands on his shoulder, and gives him a wide smile. Taehyung smiles back, "how are you hyung?" he asks.

Yoongi just nods smilingly, because he isn't really fine, thus he asks Taehyung back, "how are you Tae?!" "where have you been man!" he almost squeaks.

Taehyung laughs slowly, "I'm fine hyung, and I've been in Australia, then london, then USA and now Seoul."

Yoongi widens his eyes at the place names. "Wow Taehyungie! what you've been doing in all of these places?"


The boy smiles, "I'm a travel blogger hyung. My job is to travel."

Yoongi rolls his eyes at that, "wah! Our Taehyungie has really grown up then!"

Taehyung giggles, "where is Jimin though?"

Now this is the time Yoongi swallows drily and looks around then looks back at Taehyung to give him a nervous smile, "he's around".


Jimin is not shocked or surprised to see Jungkook but he just stares at the boy with slight wonder.

Jungkook on the other hand gives him a small smile. He balks at that and tries to smile back but fails.

Jungkook shakes his head and chuckles a bit, "wow Jiminie, you really lost your mind didn't you?"

Jimin shuts his slightly parted mouth and frowns, "I..I haven't lost my mind!"

"Then why do you look so clueless?" Jungkook tilts his head to his side.

Jimin becomes all nervous but tries to compose himself as he says, "I'm just, just missed your face Kook." he stutters out.

Jungkook's smile disappers behind his beautiful eyes but he doesn't break his eye contact, "I've missed you too Jimin." he states without fumbling.

"Then why didn't you come to see me?" Jimin complains without sounding rude.

Jungkook looks around him and there are people there, but he has to answer Jimin without breaking his tone, "how could I? when you are in married with someone else, and I'm your ex boyfriend Jiminie." he almost whispers.

Jimin puses his lips and looks down at his own hands to fiddle with his fingers. Jungkook smiles, "you still do that?"

He abruptly looks up at the boy to search his eyes and all he finds despair. Without wasting anymore time he grabs Jungkook's hand drags him towards the small railing covered place outside.

Although it's cold Jimin really doesn't mind. As they goes to stand on the small place, he releases his wrist. "I'm sorry Kook, I don't remember a thing. Please forgive me!" he pleads with his eyes.

Jungkook shakes his head slowly, "I know Jiminie, but you are not going to come back to me ever, so I have forgiven everything." he takes a small breath.

Jungkook's words hits him like a rock, and he unconsciously comes closer to the boy to place his fingers on his cheek. "I have so much to say, so much to apologise to you. Even if you have forgiven me I haven't forgiven myself Kook." his words comes out choked.

Chapter Text

Jungkook at first widens his eyes when Jimin comes closer but he closes his eyes when his fingers softly touches his cheek. He's about to say something but gets cut off by a sudden push and there are hands that fisting over his collar. Jungkook gets out of his daze and meets with a very red face of Yoongi. Jungkook tries to free himself from his grasp but Yoongi is relentless, "how dare you touch my husband!" he shouts at the same time.


Jungkook tries to smile but that gets stuck at his lips because a fist comes in touch with his mouth and he staggers behind. Yoongi just punched him square on his jaw. "Why the fuck you want to touch Jimin! he's my husband you fucker!" he shouts in rage. Jungkook tries to stand properly but Yoongi is coming at him again so Jungkook tries to hide his face by covering himself with his arm, but the blow doesn't come. As he looks up to see that Jimin is standing before him as a sheild.

"He didn't touch me Yoongi, I did. So stop showing your possession over me right now!" Jimin grits his teeth.


He stops dead on his track the moment Jimin says his name. He stares at his husband for some seconds then rakes his fingers through his hair, to ask Jimin to come outside to talk but Jimin beats him to it, "come outside, we need to talk." And without wasting a moment Jimin gets out of the place.

Yoongi wants to look at Jungkook but he needs to have he conversation with his husband so he almost runs outside. Once outside he sees Jimin is standing under a tree with his back to him. He doesn't even rub his arms to defend against the cold and goes to stand before Jimin.


Jimin looks up at him and his face isn't marring with rage but it's calm. Yoongi's heart starts to beat loudly not in anticipation but in an unknown fear.

The first thing Jimin does is to say nothing and goes to insert his hand inside the front pocket of his trouser. Yoongi dosen't follow first but when Jimin gets out his wedding ring and offers it to him, he stares at the ring and then looks up at his husband with wide eyes.

"what Jiminah!" he doesn't get to finish, Jimin speaks, "take this and I don't think we should see each other anymore." Jimin says it without wavering a bit.

Yoongi snorts and looks around to look at him back, "we are married baby. Me taking the ring wouldn't solve anything!" he tries to sound obvious. But Jimin shakes his head, "then we'll do everything that solves everything hyung."

His mouth hangs open at his words, "Jimin I'm sorry. I thought Jungkook.."

Jimin throws his one hand in the air, "Jungkook was my boyfriend and I don't have the god damn idea why I broke his heart! so I have all the rights to apologise to him, and you have no right to punch him." he almost half shouts.

At this Yoongi feels like his legs are going to give up but he tries to sterady himself, "I will apologise to him, but it's not right either you to leave me Jiminah." he croaks.

Jimin gives him a bitter chuckle, "why don't you undersatnd hyung! I'm done dragging my life towards something unknown." the words hurt Jimin's heart, he can feel something in his heart saying, 'it isn't unkown, you might know him.' but he shuts the voice down.

Jimin takes a breath, "I need a break hyung. & if you love me, you will leave me with myself."

Yoongi throws his head back in desperation, "I love you because, we love each other, I love you because you're my life. I love you because without you I'm nothing. So please don't say this!"

Jimin can feels the corner of his eyes are itching and tears will start to fall any second now, but he bites down on his bottom lip hard, just to say, "no. I'm done here. it's my life & I want to live this on my terms, not being your husband not being anyones's anything. So when I can't feel the same towards you, you can't force me towards it."

He shakes his head, "is this because I punched your ex boyfriend!" he tries to argue, tries to hold on to his husband some more minutes.

But Jimin huffs, "we both know that's not the case. If you are able to understand then you must have understood by now. I'm not leaving you Yoongi, I'm finally setting myself free." with that he takes Yoongi palm into his and places the ring there, and before the man can look up, he turns his back to leave the premise immediately.

He doesn't know when the ring slips from his fingers and falls on the grass just before his boots, but he keeps staring at Jimin's retyreating figure until tears starts to fall blurring his entire vision.



Jungkook has wiped the small trace of blood from his mouth and has come to the bar to take a swig of neat whiskey and he orders one to the bartender. he doesn't evn look for Jimin anymore. So as the bartender brings him the glass, he raises the same at the man and comes to stand on the back side of the hall.

there are not much people at this part of thye hall, because most of them have gathered at the opposite side to grab food. Jungkook can see his brother from here, being the host, smiling and greeting the invitees. Jungkook turns his face away, but turning makes him only encounter with another person.


Jungkook has no idea but when the person turns back, he meets with Taehyung. He looks better than before Jungkook thinks. "Hi Jungkook" Taehyung smiles.

Jungkook has already finished his drink, so he puts the glass on the side of the railing surface. "Hi Tae." he gives him a small smile.

Taehyung stands there keeping a certain distance between them. He slightly frowns but squares his shoulder anyway. "So how you've been?" Jungkook asks first.

Taehyung snorts a bit but doesn't look at Jungkook, "I'm doing fine, more than fine actually."

Jungkook smiles, "good, good to know."

"So you're still hung on Jimin huh!" Taehyung can't help but blurt out.

Jungkook doesn't falter he only leans in on the pillar, "Old habits die hard Tae."

Taehyung chuckles at that, "yeah, gets you a good punch though."

He can't help but smile, as he touches the corner of his own mouth. "Didn't see that coming."

"By the way, you still hung up on me?" Jungkook smirks.
Taehyung stops smiling immediately, but his upper lip quirks a bit, "old habits die hard Kook."


He doesn't know what the night has in it, but Taehyung's words goes straight into his heart and all of a sudden Jungkook is crossing their distance in one go, just to place hip lips on Taehyung's. He doesn't realize what he just did, but when he realizes Taehyung is still like a statue, his senses comes back, and he takes a step back. When he looks into the man's eyes, Taehyung is all wide eyes, and his lips are part open. Jungkook purses his lips and swallows at the same time. "Tae.." he stats but Taehyung shakes his head, and finally gives a small laugh, "what the hell Kook? I talked about my wretched feeling and you kiss me!"

Jungkook bites his bottom lip at this, "I'm sorry. I..I didn't think.." Taehyung doesn't let him finish, "you thought I would just kiss you back or be your rehab!" he accuses.

Jungkook shakes his head in denial, "no Tae, I didn't mean to do any of that. Please trust me."

"I don't know what came on me. I'm sorry really I am." he pleads.

Taehyung bumps his fist on the railing, "when you are out of your feelings about my dear, "best friend" then I'll believe you." and he storms out of the place. Jungkook covers his face with his both hands and groans loudly, "shit!" He can blame it on the drink, but he didn't even have much drink either, then he has just lost his mind entirely. "Fuck it!" he finally utters and retrieves the glass to go back to the bar.



Chapter Text

Yoongi is sitting inside his living room, with all the lights off. He takes out his phone from his coat pocket but it falls on the ground with a clutering sound. Yoongi slowly bends down to pick that up but his body doesn't liste to his command, and he falls back on the couch. He has come back to his apartment, just after 5 minutes Jimin went inside. He didn't even say good bye to Jin or Namjoon, he just drove straight because he didn't think of anywhere else to go. His mind is already reeling and he's got this enormous headache. When reaches home he just places Jimin's ring on the counter table and sits down. Now, it's been three hours, he's still sitting there, he hasn't cried or screamed, Yoongi just sits there.


The clock strikes 2 and Yoongi hasn't closed his eyes yet, he isn't tired but drained. So he tries to get his mobile back from the floor, and this time ables to get it. Once the device is in his palm, he twitches his lip, thinking he can always call his husband and apologise. He knows Jimin, he will forgive him, because memory or not, deep down he still believes Jimin loves him. So he calls him at 2am of the cold night, and after two rings, Jimin actually picks up.


"Hyung why are you calling me?" Jimin doesn't even say hello.

Yoongi swallows drily, "Jiminah, I love you, I have always loved you. This can't be the end baby, please." he mouths.

Jimin doesn't say anything for a while, and Yoongi thinkls he might have disconnected the call, but when Jimin huffs a breath, Yoongi tries to sit up straight.

"Hyung, I think I made it clear that I don't want this anymore. I'm so sorry." he almost whispers the last words. Yoongi can feel his ears are getting cold and tears are streaming down from his eyes, but he says for the last time, "when we married, you promised me, that you will never leave my side, & I still believe that."

Jimin shakes his head, "no hyung, that isn't me anymore. I'm not that person anymore. So please, please understand."

Yoongi nods as he feels the tear drops are now wetting the front of his shirt, but he just wants to hear Jimin's voice even though they hurt beyond imagination, he want to listen to his voice until he can't anymore.

Jimin speaks again, "I'm sorry Yoongi, but this is the last call, please don't call me anymore. Good night." and disconnects the call.


The mobile slips from Yoongi's ear and falls on the couch, and all he can feel is the void is surrounding him slowly and closes his eyes.


1 and half year ago

Jimin just got into the apartment and Yoongi is nowhere around. He squints his eyes, because this never happens. Jimin puts his satchel down on the couch, and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and there on the fridge his attention goes on a red paper arrow, pointing outside the kitchen. Jimin frowns, and forgets water and thinks back, that this wasn't here in the morning, so where does it comes from?

He follows the arrow any way and gets in to the living room, and notices another arrow on the wall just behind the couch and it points at the bedroom door.

Jimin smiles softly and opens the door thinking Yoongi would give him flowers, but once inside there's no one, and only the bed lamps are lit. He gets confused, but one thing catches his attention that is something is on the bed, when he comes closer, it's some rose petals and they are spelled 'Turn around'. he laughs and immediately turns to see Yoongi standing before him. Jimin pouts a bit, "what is it? what are you doing?" he asks his boyfriend. Yoongi gives him a bashful smile, and comes closer just to hold the boy into his arms and peck on his nose. Jimin is about to say something Yoongi speaks first, "I can't imagine my life without you. You are my sun, my light, my everything. You brighten up my day, makes me a better man every single day. How am I supposed to ever repay you? because I can't." he stops and Jimin's mouth is slightly open, because he still doesn't understand what is actually happening.


So Yoongi swallows once and by Jimin's surprise gets down on one knee, "All I can do is to promise you a life time love Jiminah. I will love you, I love you, I loved you everyday, every moment, will you give me chance of forever with you?" he holds his breath. Jimin is still speechless and just staring with round eyes at his boyfriend.

Yoongi can't wait anymore but get the ring out of his back pocket, and holds it up before Jimin, "will you give me the honor of being my husband?" he finally mouths.


Jimin doesn't know what to say so he cries, as tears starts to fall in enedless strem from his eyes, and he just stands there and starts to cry. Seeing him cry, Yoongi gets up instantly, he immediately goes to hold Jimin and wipe his tears, "baby, I'm sorry, did I hurt you? I'm sorry ok, please don't cry." He kisses Jimin again and again, but Jimin swats him on his chest softly, and looks at Yoongi, "Yes." he breathes. Yoongi at first isn't sure what he hears, so he asks, "what baby?"

Jimin purses his lips and then says it again, "I said, Yes."


This time it becomes clear to Yoongi that Jimin is saying yes to him. And as soon as it dawns on him, he immediately cups Jimin's face into his hands, "really?" his fiancee nods and gives him a watery smile. Yoongi can't wait anymore but to dive in to kiss him and Jimin goes all braethless becuase he was crying one minute ago, but opens his mouth nonetheless. Yoongi holds him by the waist and his other hand cupping his jaw, and he kisses Jimin with every love in his body. Jimin feels light headed but he cluthches on to his fiance’s hair and shirt with his life and Yoongi forgets to breath, and that is when Jimin breaks the kiss. Both of them are panting fiercely to take breath, and Jimin smiles widely, still holding on the his shirt. He isn't crying anymore, so he gives a small kiss on Yoongi's lips, "& you're my moon Yoongi, you're my earth, I can't believe my life without you too. I love you so much & yes, yes! I will marry you." He can feel tears are threatening to spill again, but he doesn't stop them as Yoongi slips in small band into his ring finger.

As the ring starts to shine on his finger he puts a kiss on his finger, and then kisses Jimin again. Jimin giggles as he kisses down his jaw and then throat, "I wasn't surprised, because I knew it." Yoongi looks up at the statement as he frowns deeply.


Jimin gives him a sly look, "Namjoon hyung hinted.."

"What the fuck! I'll kill him." Yoongi snarls.

Jimin laughs and holds on to his fiancee tightly, "relax! I said hinted. Only hinted."

"Then why did you cry?" he pouts, "I was really scared."

Jimin grins at that, "my boyfriend says all thse beautiful things to me, & should I not be overwhelmed by that?!"

Yoongi goes pliant at his words, and kisses on his nose, "I love you Jiminah. Thank you so much for saying yes."

Jimin lowers his head on Yoongi's collar and presses a kiss there, "I will always. Everytime you ask me, my answer will be yes."

Yoongi wraps his arms around his fiancee tightly, as he feels his happiness should never end, because he always have the same with him, his Jimin.

Chapter Text

Present day

It's been almost four days and Namjoon hasn't heard from his business partner. He has tried calling Yoongi, but his phone is switched off. He doesn't think of calling Jimin, because he knows about the incident at their anniversary, so they must not be talking at this moment. But Namjoon can't take it anymore, he literally can't leave the studio, or just close the door, because there are so many clients visiting each day. So he finally gives up and calls the person he thinks as a bad idea, and it's Jungkook.


Jungkook picks up the call afet three rings, "hi hyung, what's up?"

Namjoon knows he's still on the bed of their spare bedroom, so he says, "can you please get up and do me a huge favor?"
Jungkook frowns because Namjoon hardly ever asks him for anything let alone favor.

"Sure what is it hyung?"

Namjoon holds his breath and asks, "please go check on Yoongi, I haven't seen him for almost 4 days. I'm really worried."

Jungkook goes silent for a while, then finally speaks, "you know, he wouldn't like it."

Namjoon feels a desperation kicking in, "Oh come on! it was a hit of the moment thing, please forgive him. You must understand, the man is devastated."

Jungkook releases a breath, "ok I'll go, but I'll just check on him but that's it ok?"

Namjoon nods, "yeah that will be more than fine. Just please go."

"Oh & call me after that."

"I will hyung." Jungkook replies.


Jungkook takes a cab to arrive at Yoongi's apartment. He knows the floor so the elevator brings him in front of Yoongi's door. Jungkook thinks again, should he just knock on his door like that? but as the elevator door is about to close, he gets out. The door is shut, so he at first rings the bell, but there is no sound from the inside. Jungkook frowns, has he switched the bell off? to test it he presses the bell couple more times, but no, no sound coming.


Jungkook brings his two fingers to his temple and think, why the hell he even agreed to this! It's not his matter and Yoongi punched him that evening, he definitely hasn't forget that! So he decides to leave him alone, but when he takes a step back, something in the back of his mind tells him, to knock on the door. Jungkook shakes his head and thinks it's highly stupid and he knocks on the door. still nothing. This time he knocks hard, three times, but it's the same. A cold sweat has start to form in the back of his neck, he doesn't want his fear to surface but it is surfacing somehow.


Thus, he tries banging on the door constantly, thinking in any minute he will see Yoongi's grumpy, sleep hazed face, but there's nothing. Yoongi can't sleep like this, so he looks for the spare key, and he looks under the mat, and there is one. It's rusty and hasn't been used for a while, but it's worth a try, because no way Jungkook can break the door all by himself. As he inserts the key the door unlocks fortunately, and he brusts through the door.

Just to find Yoongi on the ground and there is blood, flowing from his wrists.


Jungkook without wasting time on freaking out, pulls the man into his arm and calls the emergency service with the other. He keeps his eyes on Yoongi but he isn't opening his eyes but Jungkook immediately tries to cover the gash on his wrists with his hands, and keeps his eyes on the man.

When the ambulance comes and takes Yoongi with them, he immediately calls Namjoon and looks around in the dark room, and the place he found Yoongi, there are two papers just out of the reach from the blood. Jungkook picks them up, and the very thing dawns on him first is, these are divorce papers from Jimin.


1 and half a day before

Yoongi can't sleep, but his eyes are itching for some sleep, but whenever he closes his eyes, it's Jimin, and him, talking, laughing, loving each other, and it fucking hurts. So it's better that he doesn't close his eyes anymore. He drags his feet to the kitchen for some water but the purifier doesn't work. He thinks back, that it needed to be fixed but he ignored it. Thus he just puts down the empty glass on the counter.

As he shuffles near the couch there is a loud bang on his door. He scrunches his face in disgust, because he don't want to see anyone now, so he just shouts, "nobody lives here." His answer becomes all stupid because the person on the outside, shouts, "it's a mail for Mr. Nobody then."


Yoongi frowns, who would senmd him mail!, "leave it then." he shouts again.

The person shouts in reply, "I need your signature."

Yoongi clicks his tongue, "shit!" and eventually opens the door, and without looking at the man takes the leter and signs as fast as he can and slams the door shut.


He thinks of tossing the letter but something catches his eyes, because it doesn't look like something he can just ignore, because he can see some stamp and that's of a law concern. He knows it because he has previously dealt with legal things about his mother's house. So he slowly rips to top of the envelope, and takes out the letter.

It comes to him like a huge wave and Yoongi can't hold his weight on his legs, so he just sits down on the couch, but misses it, so he falls on the floor, as he sees the title of the paper. Yoongi brings the papers in front of him again, and he can see Jimin's signature in there clear as ever. he wants to call Jimin, but his hands tremble so much that they don't even reach to the mobile. Yoongi just sits there and the divorce papers on his lap.


The entire day and night passes, and Yoongi can't move. There's no tear in his eyes, he just become numb. There's so much pain inside his chest but he can't get it out, because he feels like a stone, and he just stays there without realizing his phone has switched off long ago.


The morning isn't any better, he still sits there, and his head feels heavy, so heavy so that he puts his head on the couch. The moment he does that, a fat tear rolls down from his left eye. Yoongi doesn't attempt to wipe the tear away, as he can't feel anything at this state. He isn't in the state to blame anyone for anything, because all he thinks he somehow deserved it.


It's almost mid day, Yoongi finally gets up. He walks towards the bathroom, although his vision is blurry, he manages to enter the bathroom without getting hurt. hE slowly turns towards the mirrror cabinet and he doesn't get scared by his own face, he just can't see himself clearly, because of the cloud of tears. He doesn't make any sound or any whimper ever escapes his mouth and he takes out the razor blade from the cabinet and slowly gets out of the bathroom.

He doesn't even wait to go to the couch, and holds the blade between his fingers and rises his hands to put it down on his left wrist. The skin opens up immediately and deep red blood immediately starts to flow, and Yoongi wants to laugh, but the only thing he does is to cry out, not in physical pain but the pain that is tearing him apart in every second. Then switches the blade to make a similar cut on his right wrist but somehow fails to make it deep because there's loud banging on his door, but he still cuts his right wrist and he wants to shout at the person to go away but no sound escapes except a pathetic sob and Yoongi falls on his face. He can't see the blood anymore but a white curtain, in front of his eyes and Jimin is there, just standing there, smiling, his sweet smile, and telling him, 'I love you so much'.


Chapter Text

Present time

Namjoon and Jin are sitting outside the emergency department with their heads in their hands. Jungkook is there too, but he's just chewing on his nails, and Jin is in no situation to tell him not to do that. After some moment the doctor comes out of the room, Jin stands up faster than ever.

"I have stabilized the cut, but if it were a little bit deep, we would have lost him."

The doctor says with a very grim face.


" he okay?" Jin stutters out.

"Yes, yes he's fine, and you can see him after he wakes up. He lost a lots of blood, his body was so weak.

"Why is that? has he got no one to take care of him?" The doctor gets confused.

Namjoon starts to cry now, he covers his face and cries harder. Jin purses his lips to stop himself from crying out, and puts an arm around his husband's shoulder.

"I..he's going through a very hard time. I promise, we will take care of him from now on."

The doctor hums at that, "alright, please do that, because if someone atempts at suicide when they're this weak, they have the smallest chance to get back. And he lost a lot of blood, so he needs total care."

Jin just nods numbly and the doctor pats him on the shoulder and walks away. Jin can feel tears are rolling down from his eyes too as he hold on to his husband, but he wipes them, and looks at Jungkook, who is staring at his hyungs. "you can go home if you want. There's food in the fridge, just warm them up, and not a word to anyone ok? not a word."

Jungkook nods silently, and goes to leave the hospital but turns back to say, "call me when he wakes, I want to see him."

Jin nods and then his brother leaves.


After almost 3 hours Yoongi wakes up, and before he can properly open his eyes, he feels the bed dips at his side. Yoongi tries to smile and thinks it's his husband, but when a very unknown yet familiar hand touches his forehead, his hopes are instantly diminished, it's Jin.


Jin just brushes his palm over Yoongi's forehead, "I'm not dead yet." he mutters.

Jin chuckles, "I know right, and you're awake."
Yoongi tries to wet his lips with his tongue, but finds that dry, so he just swallows.

Jin understands him, and immediately brings him the water glass and tilts it to his lips. Yoongi tries to hold his head up but it feels like a rock, thus Jin supports his hand under his head to make him drink the water. Yoongi finishes the glass, and looks at him for more. Jin obliges and pours him another glass and again helps him to drink it. Finally, Yoongi feels satitated with water, and closes his eyes for a moment, "the purifier broke, I hadn't have water for a while." he murmurs.

Jin bites his bottom lip as he looks down at Yoongi, "why can't you tell us, why can't you just stay with us, at least for a while?" he can't help but his voice breaks.

Yoongi opens his eyes to meet with a teary eyed Jin, but he doesn't make a joke or say something funny, he just stares at the man in front of him. Jin shakes his head at this, "I didn't think you'd be this weak Yoongi ah."

Yoongi feels like he should cry but he doesn't, "My strength has left me, thus, I'm the weak self remains." he whispers audibly. He stares at Yoongi's eyes and a single teardrop escapes Jin's eye and he looks down. Namjoon enters at the same moment and almost squeaks seeing Yoongi awake, "hyung, how are you feeling?!" he almost sits on Jin's lap to take a good look at Yoongi, but Jin moves away just in time to hide his teary face.

Yoongi nods and gives him a small smile. Namjoon smiles back, "hyung I've got some great news for us, but I will only tell this to you, if you come back to ours."

Yoongi widens his eyes at that, "you didn't tell Jimin right!??"

Namjoon's smile fades and he shakes head in denial, "no hyung, not yet."

"Then don't. Ever. Please, it's my request." Yoongi's voice breaks.

"But why not! he needs to know, you're his husband!" He tries.

Yoongi emits a small chuckle at the word .'husband', "not anymore Namhjoon ah. I signed the papers."

Namjoon widens his eyes and turns to look at Jin who isn't there, he just got out to call Jungkook as he asked. He turns back to Yoongi, and he nods, "you just have to send the papers back to them, because as you said, I'm going to yours." Yoongi quips.
Namjoon makes a sad face, "I will, but.."

"There's no but Namjoonah. It's finally over." Yoongi huffs a breath. "I let my baby free from me." he looks at his ring finger and it's empty just like Jimin's was and whispers, "goodbye."



Jungkook comes to see Yoongi in the next day, when he's getting ready to leave the hospital and Namjoon is helping him with his shirt. Jungkook just stands at the door, and Yoongi looks up, "hi hyung." Jungkook says.

Yoongi nods but his gaze falls on Jungkook's jaw, the place he landed the punch. The place is yellowish now, and is almost faint. Yoongi has finished wearing his shirt so now he ushers the boy to come closer. He hesitates first but then comes to stand before him, Yoongi slowly reaches for his jaw and touches the place, and Jungkook doesn't move away. He just brushes his fingers on the spot and mouths, "I'm sorry."

Jungkook gives him a small smile and Yoongi lowers his hand. "Apology taken."

Yoongi hums an Jin enters the room, "let's go pups, if all done?"

Namjoon hums, and they check out from the hospital to drive back to Namjoon and Jin's apartment. Arriving at the place, Jin has arranged Yoongi to their spare room, although Jungkook is staying there, he has arranged a bed for Yoongi in the room. As Yoongi settles down on the bed, Jin brings him a tray full foods. Yoongi looks up in disgust, but Jin just points at the tray and says, "eat."

"But this is too much!" Yoongi whines.

"I don't give a tiny rats ass Yoons, just eat." He retorts.

"If you can't finish that, I can help you." Jungkook quips from the door.

"Yah! didn't I feed you in the morning, and you even ate whatever was in the fridge. What am I going to do with you!" His older brother grumbles.

Yoongi just pouts at Jin and starts to nibble on the food. But as he starts to taste it, it tastes all bland. He almost wants to throw it up, but swallows seeing Jin is looking at him. "It's not that bad you know, it's because you haven't had anything in your system for days and now you have a fever."
The man gulps as he looks away.

"I'm sorry hyung, I promise I'll eat as much as I can okay?" Yoongi whispers.

Jin nods, and Namjoon comes into the room, "hyung I'm going to your apartment to bring your things, and, and I'll send the papers on the way."

Yoongi swallows a mouthfull of food and nods, andJin gets up then and pats at his husband's shoulder, "don't forget to bring his laptop, without it he might die this time for real."

Jungkook chuckles at that and Namjoon gives Jin and Yoongi thumbs up, and leaves.

Chapter Text

Taehyung thought of staying at his parent's house at first, but later he changed his mind, to stay at a hote, because he will have to leave some days after anyway. His visit at Jin and Namjoon's anniversary didn't go that well. how can it though? Jungkook kissed him out of the blue, and he isn't sad but he's somewhat mad. He even saw Jimin in there but he didn't take a step to say hi to him. But now sitting inside the lonely hotel room, he things back, and weighs the option of seeing Jimin at least once. Jungkook or not, the first step should be taken by him.

So he gets down from the bed and calls Jimin, but the number is not active anymore, Taehyung upturns his bottom lip and thinks of dialling Yoongi's number instead. It rings three times and then someone that's not Yoongi picks up, and he knows the voice,

"Namjoon hyung?" Taehyung enquires.

Namjoon clears his voice, "yeah? who is it?"

"Oh hyung I'm Taehyung." He replies hurriedly.

"Oh Taehyung! oh I don't have your number saved, but you called Yoongi though."

"Yeah, actually I called Jimin first, but I guess he changed his number, so I called Yoongi hyung." Taehyung pouts.

Namjoon coughs a little bit from the other side, "Yeah, he..he is at his parent's house."

Taehyung widens his eyes, "oh!" "uh is everything ok with his parents now?"

"Yes I guess. You can see him there." Namjoon replies.

"Okay but, why Yoongi hyung's phone's with you?" he chuckles

Namjoon contemplates telling him about the scenario, but thinks against it again, "oh uh hyung's phone fell in the water, so I took it for repairing." instead he gives a nervous laugh, "turns out nothing happened." He avoids the part where Yoongi is sleeping thus he had to recieve the call.

Taehyung hums, "ok, I'll meet Jimin there then."

"Yeah you should do that."

"yeah, bye hyung."

Taehyung disconnects the call.


He at first throws the phone on his bed, and sits down on the couch. He has been to Jimin's parent's house a long time ago, but he doesn't get the meaning of Jimin staying at his parent's house and in the party even he saw Yoongi breaking into a fight with Jungkook and Jimin defending him. What the hell is going on? Taehyung gets up finally to ask Jimin face to face. He could have asked Namjoon for his new phone number but he didn't because it's best to ask him by meeting him.

When Taehyung gets down from the cab, the neighbourhood still the same but he has always been mesmerized by Jimin's parent's house, because it has always been the biggest one and always carried the sense of wealth of its residents. THe same sense hasn't lost a bit, and Taehyung just stands before the house for some seconds then takes small steps towards the front door.


As the bell rings, a maid opens the door, "I'm Taehyung, I'm Jimin's friend."

The maid just bows and lets him inside, as he enters she shows him the living room, "He isn't home yet, but he will so please wait in there."

He gulps but goes to the huge living room, and he can't remember how lavish this place was, he just sits on a single couch.

Taehyung fiddles with his mobile suddenly he hears someone's talking, he whips his head up to see Ji Hyun standing at the door. He immediately gets up and bows to Jimin's mother. Ji hyun smiles and ushers him to sit down, he sits down but feels nervous around Jimin's mom. Because he only met her a long time ago, she wasn't unwelcoming, but he almost forget every other details, so he just fiddles with the hem of his shirt.
Ji hyun smiles at him "you are Taehyung right?" she asks softly

Taehyung nods.

"Jiminie is in his art class, he will be here in some moments. Do you like coffee or tea?" Ji hyun enquires.

He takes another glance of the room, and then meets her eyes only to say, "water please."


Taehyung feels stupid when Ji hyun laughs and orders her maid to bring him water. It's ridiculous he thinks. He is a traveler, he should be all smart and uptight, why would he feel nervous like this! another maid brings him a glass of water and Taehyung finishes the water in one go, and after that he feels a little comfort.


"Jiminie has no friends coming here for a long while. It's nice to see you Taehyung." Ji hyun sighs.

Taehyung nods, "when will Jimin come?" he asks slowly.

Ji hyun smiles, "relax! I won't bite. He will.." she doesn't get to finish her words she sees something and stops, "& here he is!" she stands up, "Jiminieee, see who has come to see you!" she calls him from the living room.

Taehyung can't see, but Jimin enters the room from his behind and gets stuck seeing Taehyung on the couch.

Taehyung looks up at the same time and almost freezes to see his once best friend.

Jimin tries to open his mouth to say something, Taehyung beats him to it, "hi Jimin." he utters.

Jimin smiles widely and crosses their bodily distance in a go to envelope the man into his arms.

Taehyung at first feels weird but slowly melts into the hug as Jimin croons into his ear, "I missed you so much Tae."

He pats on Jimin's back two times as he hugs back.

Jimin breaks the embrace and takes Taehyung's hand in his, "come to my room, we got loads to catch up!" Jimin squeaks.

Before he can say anything, Jimin is already pulling him towards the stairs, Jimin looks at his mom just to shout, "mom please tell Martha to bring us some food." and Taehyung only hear his mom, quips, "okay."

Jimin brings Taehyung into his room flops down on the bed. He just looks around in Jimin's room, and notices it has changed so much than before, he sits at the edge of the bed. "So how are you Jimin?" Taehyung finally asks.

Jimin looks back at him, but don't have any light inside his eyes, he just gives him a small smile, "I'm ok." his voice even sounds small. "How are you Tae?", "what are you doing?" Jimin asks.

Taehyung, stares at him but then says, "I'm fine Jiminie, & I'm a travel writer now."

Jimin widens his eyes, "that's awesome Tae!"

Taehyung can't suppress his curiosity anymore and blurts out, "what's going on Jimin? why are you not with Yoongi hyung?"


Jimin stops smiling completely at that, and takes a small breath, "I forgot you don't know anything. We, we are not together."

Taehyung whip his head very fast, as if he has got a shock. Jimin looks at him but just shakes his head slowly, "I got into an accident, and.." Jimin takes a breath, "I forgot everything, well especially him." Taehyung just stares with wide eyes at Jimin, he doesn't know what to say. Jimin looks at his friend with desperateness in his eyes, "I didn't know what else to do Tae! I still feel like I'm going crazy and, and Yoongi hyung is the part where I'm stuck."
Jimin closes his eyes for a bit, and a faint breeze of pain surfaces over his heart and he can feel the force coming to his throat, Jimin tries to gulp the thing down but it ends up choking him when he says, "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I just wanted to feel free Tae, but why does this feels otherwise?" Jimin can feel tears has already streaking his face but he goes to wipe them but Taehyung's hand comes in contact with his cheeks, and they wipe his tears off.

Taehyung pulls Jimin into a hug and pushes his face into his friend's shoulder. He can't hold his sobs anymore, "I'm sorry Jiminie, I didn't know any of it. I'm so sorry."

Jimin starts to cry, "I missed you so much Tae. I don't remember what I did to you, but whatever it is, I'm extremely sorry." Taehyung wraps his arms around him tightly at this, "Nothing, you did nothing. You always loved me, and I love you too" he keeps sobbing.


Jimin and Taehyung spend the entire day together, talking and talking. When Taehyung says him goodbye, Jimin hugs him again, "I want to move out from this place as soon as possible, and I want to see you Tae, a lot."

He smiles as he pats Jimin's shoulder, "I will Jiminie." and hugs him again. As he leaves Jimin stares at him as long as he can see his best friend.




Yoongi for 4 days sleeping and doesn't go out of Jin and Namjoon's apartment. Although, he has requested them to let him return to his apartment, but Jin rolls his eyes and Yoongi goes back to his previous position. Namjoon hasn't yet told him about the amazing news, when Yoongi asked yesterday, he only says, "let me settle everything first, then it's sure shot good news!"

"Then why did you lure me in?" Yoongi complains hard.

"I had too! you're so stubborn hyung!" Namjoon retorts.

Yoongi yawns loudly, "whatever dude, let me know if it's worth it." and he crawls into his bed and covers himself under the quilt.


Today it's almost the end of the week, he wants to visit the studio, so he pushes off the bed slowly. When he reaches in the living room, Jin is not there, but Jungkook is peeling off a banana. He takes a bite from the fruit Yoongi reaches for a banana for himself. "Good afternoon hyung."

Yoongi pockets the banana, "what time is it?"

Jungkook grins with mouthfull of banana, "11 am"

Yoongi hums and goes inside the room to find his phone, but it isn't on the best side table, nor on the bed. "Then where is it?" he whispers, as he gets out of the room, Jungkook is eating from the fridge. Yoongi upturns his nose, "uh Jungkook?" The boy doesn't turn, just hums.

"Have you seen my mobile?" Yoongi asks.

Jungkook turns at this, and Yoongi sees he is balancing two big casseroles in his arms, and he has his mouth stuffed with lord knows how much food. Jungkook tries to chew half and swallows more then finally opens his mouth,

"If's wif Namjoo..hyu." he manages somehow.

Yoongi scrunches his face, and holds up his hand, "ok ok fine. I'll go at the studio. Tell Jin hyung then."

Jungkook immediately comes to stand before Yoongi at that, "bu...Jin hyu, tol me no to le u ou!" he half panics.

Yoongi pats a hand on his shoulder, "relax, I'm not going to kill myself, I'm just going to the studio. I'll be back with Namjoon." Jungkook tries to pout but some food splutter from his mouth and Yoongi shrieks, "yah! get away from me, and eat there." Jungkook smiles with his half mouth full. He doesn't wait much time to dress up and get out of the house. Once outside, he feels the cold is definitely present in the wind and it somehow rattles his bones, but he has wrapped himself with warm clothes, so he calls a cab.


Namjoon is having a video chat, when Yoongi arrives. He lets himself go to the other side of the room, to not get captured by the web camera. Namjoon still looks up and opens his mouth to say something but stops as the video call is still going on. Yoongo doesn't pay attention to that and straight goes inside the recording room, and goes to stand in front of the mike. He hadn't been practicing for a long time, not since Jimin. The thought of his ex-husband makes him close his eyes for a while, and the word 'ex-husband' hurts like something has stabbed him into the heart. So he tries his hard and grits his teeth to not bring anything regarding Jimin inside his head and he concentrates on the mike. He still can remember some of his own written verses, so he raps those words once just the check if his voice is alright. It's ok, but it comes out a little hoarse, so he tries pulls out the banana out of his pocket and takes a bite from it, to see if food can turn his voice to something better, and surprisingly it does.

After some minute, Yoongi goes back to the control room just to bring his diary into there. "oh hyung!" Namjoon calls, and he doesn't look up as he searches through the pages, he just hums.

"hyung! we are going overseas!" Namjoon shouts.

Yoongi looks up surprised, "what?"

"I told you I'll give you the good news! our record level has been selected in UK! UK hyung!"

Yoongi widens his eyes, and Namjoon keeps talking, "& we are going there to perform and they have offered us a huge project and we're getting our own studioo! our own! we can work globally now hyung!"

Yoongi gets up abruptly and hugs Namjoon tightly, and screams, "that's huge Namjoonah!"

"Yesss! hyung we are going huge!" Namjoon shouts too.

Yoongi breaks the hug, and takes a breath as he closes his eyes, "lets go, lets just fucking go."

"Yes hyung we are going." Namjoon nods fiercely.

Chapter Text

Jimin has found a house nearby his art school, and it's perfect small studio apartment for him. Jimin has made so much progress that he has got his first exhibition from the school, and he's excited for it. Also, he has decided to leave his parent's place and have a fresh start finally. He already has enough in his bank account and when he actually checks the details, he gets a huge surprise. So he talks to his parents about the moving, at first his father opposes to the idea, but Jimin tells him that it's his final decision and he will keep seeing his parents, and they can see him too. Ji hyun, at last, agrees to his decision and kisses her son's forehead,

"I support you Jiminie, whatever you do, I know you'll do the right thing."


Thus, Jimin is settled in a different address and he texts the address to Taehyung and starts to decorate his new home the way he wants. It's been one week but Jimin isn't satisfied with the decoration of his small studio apartment, the art exhibition is coming and he hasn't heard from Jin or Namjoon. He has certainly told them about his move and his address with it, but he hasn't been able to contact them, and he doesn't have the slightest idea. And to the pressing point, Jimin can't think of decorating his new home properly.


There is always something remains off for the walls, and the bedroom, even the living room. One day he even calls Taehyung to visit his place. When his friend arrives, Jimin tries to become the good host for him, as he brings snacks, drink, just to spend some good time with Taehyung.


Taehyung after sitting on the small couch stares around the room, "wow Jiminie! you have done a good job!" Jimin smiles, "thanks Tae."

"But why the walls are empty? you have good paintings of yours right?" he enquires.

Jimin is pouring the coke into a glass, but he stops it and looks up at the walls, he huffs a breath, "I don't know, but something seems really off here. Do you think it can be possibly haunted!" Jimin widens his eyes.

"Not more than you are haunting yourself!" Taehyung laughs.

Jimin pouts, "why would you say that Tae?"

Taehyung smiles but the expression has a tinge of misery to it,

"there are certain things in our life that we crave more than anything, and you have lost that certain thing Jiminie. So apparently, this house will feel empty to you."

Jimin bites down on his bottom lip but says nothing.

Tahyung stays with him for some long hours and finally leaves with a promise that he will be at the exhibition for sure.

When he leaves, Jimin goes back to the bedroom, and it looks disheveled than before. Suddenly his eyes fall on one of his painting, that his parents said he painted it a long time ago, and his father framed it. Jimin brought it with him and put in the morning at the corner of his bedroom. he goes there and picks it up on his lap, and traces the lines of a sketched old man with his index finger, a sudden urge to do something more with the creation creeps inside of him.

It doesn't surprise Jimin, but for some days, he is having this same feeling, and it's growing each day, and today, he feels the urge surfacing to his fingers. All of a sudden he starts to think of modeling the figure into a sculpture and it jerks his mind with such a force that his head whirls and the painting falls from his hold.

Jimin has no idea why and what just happened but he still wants to do it.


That night Jimin is unable to have a good sleep, because he just tosses and turns in his new bed, and sleep still doesn't come. His mind is still thinking of the ways he can make the piece, and he almost have a primary idea too! but it isn't enough to close his and drift off, his mind taking him to some shadows everytime he closes his eyes or thinks now he's asleep. He reels his own words of having ghosts in the apartment, but to his surprise, these unnatural entities aren't making him scared, just restless. what kind of spirits are they? Jimin shakes his head out of the haunted thoughts and pulls the blanket over his head and finally closes his eyes, and there are the shadows again, walking, talking to each other even touching and laughing, but all in mute. Jimin tries to push the images away just squeezing his eyes, but it still doesn't help much.

When the next morning Jimin has no idea how he slept or how many hours it was but he gets up at 8 am. Still feeling tired and not sleep hazed, he stretches his arms over his head and a sudden feeling of touched by someone enevelops him. Like, somehow he is used to being touched whenever he has one this on the bed and now there's no one. Jimin immediately lowers his arms and wraps them around his torso.

He gets down from the bed to the small open kitchen space to get some water. After getting one glass, he encounters with lots of painting staring at him. Jimin scratches his right foot with his left and stares at the paintings for two seconds then bolts inside his room to change. Once he wears his shirt, he gets out of his room without even realizing that he's wearing his pajama.

Jimin just grabs his wallet and gets out of the apartment. Once outside, Jimin gets lost thinking what he actually wants to do now? So he starts to walk towards the market in a slow pace. He keeps his eyes on the shops, but nothing catches his eyes until he stops before an art shop. He bites his lip and contemplates going inside, but then his mind reels again, and he can feel the desire creeping inside of him again. When he enters the shop, he gets mesmerized by the art supplies, but he gets stuck at a particular place, just where the different types of clays are displayed, and the equipment for sculpting. Jimin, feels his heart is hammering inside his chest as he approaches towards the things.

He picks up so many things all together, it suddenly feels like he knows it, and based on his mind he fills the basket and brings them to the payment counter.

The lady at the counter smiles at him, and starts to check the barcodes one by one, "looks like you got a special project coming." she quips.

Jimin bites on his thumbnail, and looks up to give her a nervous smile at her query.

When he finally gets out of the place after paying, he can feels the cold wind is melting his sweat away and suddenly he feels warm, like someone touching him.

Jimin tries to shake off the feeling and starts to walk towards his apartment clutching the stuff he just bought. Coming home Jimin spreads a platic sheet on the living room floor and places the equipment. He scratches his head once and then unwraps the things, to see exactly what he can do with them. The moment he starts to mold the clay with his hands, some flashes of him doing the same thing surfaces before his eyes, but it's not here but in his previous studio. Jimin smiles at the vision, and gets to work. When he starts to build the figures, he feels those touches again, and it feels so real, he jerks back from his position, but relaxes after some seconds as he realizes, it's only him in the apartment.

Jimin creates so many small things throughout the day and even forgets to have his lunch. He just looks at the figures he makes and goes for another, it's like he's on a whim. His fingers aches at the end of the day, but he feels good.

Jimin finally sits down on the couch and laughs heartily, because it's a win. He finally remembers sculpting but has he been able to remember anything else? The very thought makes him jolt right up from the couch as he feels the whisper of a very known voice and it's of Yoongi.

Jimin can't sleep at all, he can't shed the feeling, the soft touches, whispers, all swallowing him all of a sudden. And the most important thing is, all of those feelings are centered around only one man, Yoongi.

He closes his eyes, and there is the smile that haunts him every day, but only it's clearer than ever. Only this time, he doesn't squeeze his eyes to drive the vision away.

The morning isn't much better for Jimin, he just gets up with a raging headache and almost stumbles out of hhis bed to the living room, and gets a shock. He has made so many figures and they are all over the place. He rubs his eyes wit


The moment he touches one sculpture, the feather touches are back, with the whispers. Jimin sits down clutching his head because it's nerve wrecking, he can't feel these things all of a sudden, and it took away his sleep.

Yoongi and Namjoon's flight is today, and they are very busy right now. At least Namjoon is, he is all in 'can't look up from the phone and laptop' mode and Yoongi has already packed his bag and having his last lunch at their apartment. He has been to his own yesterday and tried to clean the place a bit, but Jin became a barrier and hired a cleaner for the task. Yoongi can feel a weight has lifted from his shoulder because it's finally happening, he and Namjoon are going towards a fine future, a future where Jimin isn't with him, where he might have to see life in another perspective, but never in the way where he can find love.

Jin puts his hand on Yoongi's shoulder, "you will be fine Yoongi. I will be there in some weeks, and it will be all a okay."
Yoongi gives him a gummy smile, "are you afraid that I'll kill myself in there? or be dead in your husband's hand!"

"Nah, you are sensible enough not to do that, and my husband is kinda well trained in the matters of danger, so don't worry."

Yoongi hums and finishes his food, and hops down from the chair to join Namjoon, who is waving his hand towards Yoongi to take a call. At the mean time, Jin and Jungkook goes to wash the dishes.

Namjoon lets Yoongi sit on his chair and gets up, "hyung, you must talk to Howard, he needs to know your requirements for the show and the studio." He just nods and opens his own laptop, and as he opens it he faces with Jimin's face on the screen. Yoongi puts his fingers on the keyboard but forgets that he has to talk to the management now, because Jimin is smiling in the picture, and he himself has no idea how to ignore the picture anymore. All these days after the incident, Yoongi has been in less touch with his laptop, as Namjoon used it for work, and that rolled to this day when he's finally looking into the device.

Yoongi takes a small breath but it becomes painful for some seconds, but he manages to calm himself down by closing his eyes for some brief seconds, and abruptly goes to the designated page, he needs to go now. Although, he can feel that his fingers are slightly trembling but he ignores it, and connects with Howard the management guy.


At the time of leaving, Jin hugs them both and Jungkook just hugs Namjoon and shakes Yoongi's hand,

"will see you again hyung' he says. Yoongi smiles and nods.

"I want you to call me as soon as you land and after you settle at the place. Tell me if everythings alright, okay?" Jin looks at both men.

"We will baby, don't you worry, although I'll miss you." Namjoon croaks out.

"I'll too Joonie." and the couple starts to kiss in front of the airport.

Yoongi looks away and Jungkook makes a disgusted sound.

When they part, Jin brushes Namjoon's hair from his forehead, "I'll be there in three weeks, and if I'm able to wrap everything up fast, I will be with you before the time ."

"Until then I really hope you two will survive without starving to death!"

Jungkook laughs loudly,

"yeah yeah, we'll be fine. Now let us go okay. It's not that we are finally moving to the U.K." Yoongi deadpans.

"Right, I should let you go. Remember calling me, you too Yoongi." Jin pokes Yoongi on his arm.

Finally, Namjoon and Yoongi leave the brothers to leave Seoul for at least 1 year, and they have no idea if it can take more than 12 months. So they just take their steps to their unseen but indeed bright future in London.


Chapter Text

The feeling of someone touching Jimin, soft whispers along his skin has been effecting him for over three days. Jimin has started with making some sculptures, and every moment he touches the clay he can tell the invisible feeling surrounds him. Soft touches, they are like feather touches and Jimin is craving the exact feeling every moment now. And this is driving him crazy, he has no idea, if the feeling will ever turn into concrete vision, but they remains the same, and Jimin craves the touches and wants to feel those faint whispers to be clear.

So on the 6th day, Jimin contacts Hoseok. He agrees to meet him at his apartment, and when he arrives he squeks in surprise.
"Jiminieee! what have you done!" the man almost jumps in happiness.
Jimin gives him a toothy grin, "do.. do you like them?"
"I love them!" Hoseok almost runs towards the figures Jimin made.
"Do you remember everything Jiminie?!" he asks.

Jimin looks at Hoseok and ushers him to sit down on the couch, after he sits down, he looks at Jimin.
"This is the other major reason I called you hyung."
Hoseok nods.
"I..I'm remembering things but they are like faint traces. I don't know what to do!" Jimin feels helpless at the moment.
The older man squints his eyes, "what do you mean faint?"
"I feel his touches." Jimin blurts out.
Hoseok widens his eyes, "wah! that's weird! how, how can you possibly!"
Jimin shakes his head, "I know, but it must be in my head, because they aren't real."
"I hear the whispers, like some old conversation, and, and he's talking to me." Jimin looks down at his fingers.

Hoseok hums, then looks up at Jimin, "have you tried calling him, Yoongi hyung?"
He upturns his bottom lip as he shakes his head, "I, I told him not to call me again."
"Ok, but I think you should check with your doctor first. Listen what he has to say about it." Hosok advises.
Jimin takes the advice as a good idea, "ok, um can..can you come with me then?"
Hoseok gives him a bright smile, "Of course I'll come with you Jiminie."

Dr. Kang checks Jimin and finally gives a nod with a serious face. "You don't have any internal injury, nor you are unhealthy, but you are remembering things."

Jimin looks at Hoseok and nods.
"I suggest you take some time and spend some more time with your husband from now on. I guess that will help you a lot."

"I..we aren't together doctor." Jimin regrets speaking the truth.
Dr. Kang opens his mouth in surprise but asks nothing about it. "I'm not giving you any medicines, just if you face trouble in sleeping, call me, I'll suggest a pill or two. You can go home now."
Hoseok and Jimin thanks the Dr.Kang and comes outside the hospital.

Once outside, Jimin shakes his head, "I shouldn't have told him."
"It's okay Jimin, he's a doctor, he has lots of patients. He won't mind." Hoseok pats on his back, and opens his car door for him.
Jimin looks at him, "I don't think I made the right choice hyung."
Hoseok stares back at him with confusion.
"I should have held on to Yoongi." Jimin admits.

He is driven back to his apartment by Hoseok, who doesn't come inside this time, and takes Jimin's hand into his, "it's not in your hand Jimin, so plesae don't blame yourself like this."
He bites down to his botom lip but stays silent.
Hoseok speaks again, "if you..if you don't mind, can I say something?"
Jimin nods in approval.
"It's still not too late. You can go back to him. He loves you so much Jiminie." Hoseok squeezes Jimin's hand.

Jimin gulps down the pooling saliva inside his mouth, and closes his eyes for two seconds, " I.. I need to think hyung. I think I'll go see my mom. She's been asking to see me too." he tries to subside the matter.
Hoseok smiles at him, "ok Jiminie, but try thinking what I told you okay. Make sure you are not too late."
he nods and gets out of the car.

As soon as the other man says goodbye to him, he gets inside his apartment and upon entering his room, he slams the door hard. A fierce desperation creeps into his blood stream and he picks up a painting just to throw that it on the opposit wall, and with that he lets out an agonizing scream.
Jimin again feels the soft touches, lingering on his skin and he wants to scratch that feeling off, but it will not go away, he tried before.

He still can't sleep. The shadows are too frequent now, and they are clearing day by day, as they are taking the very known feature, of Yoongi, and Jimin can feel that he wants to reach out to touch the man somehow, but he can't. Because he feels a pain inside his chest for ignoring his guts. It's taking a toll on him, as he feels vrestless, to find release into something, but nothing helps. All he can think of Yoongi now, the whispers, the shadows, the feeling is becoming too much that he destroyes two good batches of clay.

Jimin finally gets up from his stool, and grabbing his jacket he gets out of his apartment. He has nowhere in mind, but all he wants to see if his feelings are effective if he goes to the place he went with Yoongi.
He finally sets his mind, and hails a cab to the restaurant they went for dinner. Although, Yoongi hasn't told him about other places they have gone, but this restaurant.

When Jimin arrives the place, it's already noon, and the restaurant is closed now, it will open in the evening. But he can easily go at the side where the railing to the Han river. He slowly approaches towards the railings, and sudenly like clockwork, the feelings are back, and the impact is double now. He takes a step back immediately at that. The feeling is not touches now, but he can hear and somehow experience the vision in his mind, that he and Yoongi laughimg and touching each others arms while talking. And Jimin, he looks so happy, happier than he never felt after his accident.

He kind of sees white in front of his eyes and then he can feel the whispers again. The soft lingering touches are back on his skin, Jimin touches his arms to recognize the feeling, and they feel very known, he just closes his eyes and tries to evoke the weird chemical reaction inside of his brain, to make him feel the touches again, and it comes to him.

Jimin returns at his apartment after taking a stroll on the beach, and it was relaxing, although Yoongi was there with him, in his mind. He just walked basking in the soft touches and whispers he feels. He gets back when the sun entirely sets on the horizon and he all of a sudden a feeling of vast loneliness surrounds him. When staring at the evening sky became unbearable and he wanted cry from the feeling of emptyness, he comes back.

Song: Blue... Troye Sivan.

Jimin comes to the apartment with an emptiness inside his heart. An unexpected rain starts at the same moment, the rain petals falls with drooping sound on the glass windows of his apartment. He slowly approaches the closed window and all he can see the greyish black through the murky glasses. As he gradually puts his fingers on the cold surface and feels the cold moisture sips in to his skin, and at the moment he can see the vision of Yoongi holding him from behind only to make him feel warm, and Jimin closes his eyes in that warmth. But he can't feel it literally, because Yoongi isn't here and he in reality alone standing in the cold atmosphere. He shivers once and goes back to his bed as he covers himself up totally under the blanket, but somehow it fails to make him warm. Jimin keeps shivering and a single tear falls from his eye.

The next day he gets up with a heavy head, he feels weak, but ignores the unease, and somehow forgets to eat his breakfast, and gets out again. He feels his energhy fading as he calls a cab, but he gets in anyway and gives the address of his studio. The place he used to spend his best times, and now he wants to know more, remember more. As he stands before the place, he doesn't look anywhere else, because for the first time, it feels too familiar. This very thing was not here earlier last month, and now the same place feels like he knows it from his heart. Jimin takes a step towards the door, but finds it closed, so he looks around and finds a hidden flower pot, and by lifting the thing he finds the key. It doesn surprises him, because he can feel the place to be his own, he knows it. So he automatically he knows wherev the extra key can be.

As Jimin enters the small place, he gets struck by white everywhere, and that because everything is covered with white plastic sheets. This is the time he gets a little surprised, because the last time he was in here, he puts his palm over his forehead, as he can feels the presence of people around him. As he can see small white veils on the high windows, and Jin, Namjoon and, there, theres Yoongi smiling at him wearing a black tux. It suddenly takes Jimin to realize that he is seeing his own wedding. Jimin's legs suddenly gives up and he falls on his knees on the ground. The vision doesn't falter but they start to seem very real now, and as he closes his eyes, he sees himself laughing and kissing the man he married here, in this studio.

No it's not in the videos he has seen when Yoongi let him watch them, but this is something else, Jimin didn't even watch the entire video and now the very thing is displaying itself into his mind. No it doesn't feel like a deja vu, but so real, that he wants to grab hold of Yoongi's hand at this moment.

He tries to get up from the floor but his head whirls and he falls back on his bum and a small sound escapes his mouth that echos inside the room. He can feel that his leg are giving up, and a blinding headache is forming behind his eyes, but with that the shadows, and whispers are getting louder. Jimin immediately calls his mother to help him.

Chapter Text

Ji hyun arrives some minutes later to find his son sprawled on his old studio floor, and blinking up to the ceiling.

"Jiminie!" she squeaks, and Jimin absentmindedly says, "Yoongi."

"No this is mom baby! lets go home." his mother hurries to his side to cradle his head into har hand, and he finally focuses on his mother. "Oh I thought he's here." he utters slowly.

"No Jiminie, I'm here, lets go, and she helps him get up, and as she gets her son inside the car, she goes back to close the studio door.

All the way to his parents house Jimin stays silent, as the fever takes over him, his vision goes blurry, and he finally falls asleep at the backseat.

He doesn't remember sleeping but he remembers watching Yoongi's face foggy, like he's behind a veil, and Jimin wants to reach out to touch his face, lifting that cover. But he can't possibly do that, because everytime he stretches his hand to him, he just steps back and smiles, his smile is sweet, and Jimin feels that he's in so much in love with the man. He wakes up with a jolt, and he's sweating all over, his fever has went down and it's past midnight. Jimin tries to sit up, but fails and falls back on the pillow, his head throbs in the best way, but Jimin still opens his eyes in the darkness of the room. At first he doesn't realize where he is, then slowly it dawns on him, that, he called his mother, so he must be at his parents house.

Jimin squirms on the bed, as he feels all sticky for the sweat but his entire body aches in pain. Thus, he just lays there staring at the black ceiling, it collapses on him the very moment, the silent 'I love yous', the ones that has been spoken by him and Yoongi in their utmost privacy, and the words brushes his skin like hot flush, but he gets goosebumps all over. Those three words goes straight into his heart, and he knows he's the one of the two voices, he closes his eyes and tear drops involuntarily falls from them and lands on the pillow. He brings his palms over his face to wipe his face but tears don't cease this time. Jimin tries to turn over but instead a pathetic crying sound escapes his throat, he starts to sob.

When he next wakes up is to past afternoon, and the sun is about to set but Jimin wants to rise from his bed. He's about to do that, Ji sung enters the room with his wife. He immediately goes by his son's side, "Jimin, how are you feeling son?" his words marring with deep concern. Jimin slowly nods and streches his arm towards his father. Ji sung holds his hand and gradually helps him sit up, he looks at his mom with weary eyes,

"what day is it?"
"it's wednesday Jiminie, how you feeling?" Ji hyun asks as he sits beside her husband.

"I'm ok, it's just I need to go back." and he starts to slide down from the bed, but Ji hyun stops him, "you are weak sweetheart, you don't have to go anywhere now." she smiles.

Jimin struggles with his legs, "but I want to go mom, I need to go" his voice breaks.

Ji hyun looks at her husband, "why don't you go to the study, I'll bring you tea, hm?"

Ji sung looks at his son once but gets up, "ok." and brushes Jimin's hair, then gets out of the room.

He is now at the verge of breaking down, as the whispers are back again, and he the last thing he doesn't want is to cry in front of his mother. So he just purses his lips all together, and strays his gaze away from her, until Ji hyun tips his chin towards her. Jimin tries to look down but she puts a hand on his shoulder,

"what's going on baby? you can tell me." she coos softly.

Jimin finally looks up at her, "I want to see Yoongi. My heart knows him, mom. I know that now." he stops to stop a hiccup, "I.. he loves me, and I..think I do too." He fists his palms to stop the force of outbreak raging inside his throat, but tears don't listen, not anymore, they are falling in incessant stream now.

Ji hyun wipes his tears carefully, "I know Jiminie, I know."

"Although I wasn't there, but I know, he loves you so very much, and you too." she finally admits.

"Then how did I not remember him?" Jimin sobs out.

"how much do you remmeber sweety?"

He swallows, "not everything, but enough to know what we mean to each other."

Ji hyun wipes his cheeks again,

"baby, you deserve every happiness, and if your happiness is away from you, you must reach for it, always."
Jimin nods slowly,

"I.. I don't know how to talk to him, he's hurt, so hurt and I caused the pain." he starts to cry.
Ji hyun shakes her head and smiles,

"no Jiminie, if he loves you he will always forgive you and you can always try."

He considers her words, and looks for his mobile and finds it on the bed side table, he picks it up to call Yoongi at the same moment. Ji hyun ges to get up but Jimin stops her by holding her hand. Yoongi's phone doesn't even connect once, and he huffs,

"it's not connecting. I don't know did he block me!" the dread seeps into his mind.

"Why don't you call your Jin hyung then?" Ji hyun suggests. He immediately without a single word calls Jin, and after two rings, the other side gets recieved.

"Hi JIn hyung?" Jimin speaks first.

The other end doesn't speak for two seconds, then what comes is Jungkook's voice.
"Hi Jimin, Ji hyung's in the kitchen."

Jimin doesn't stutter hearing Jungkook's voice, "please get him."

Jungkook doesn't say much and hands the mobile to his brother.

"Helloo." Jin's sound comes clearly.
"Hyung, why isn't Yoongi hyung's phone not connecting?" Jimin shoots fast.

Jin raises his eyebrows higher than anything else, "wh..why is that a concern now Jiminie!"
Jimin feels his throat is clogging up but he manages, "I..I want to talk to him, apologise."

On the other side Jin almost drops his phone but settles somehow, "Jimin! are you fucking sure, you want this now?"
"Yes hyung, I'm able to remember things.." Jin doesn't let him finish, "Wait what! you do?! oh my god!" he gasps loudly.

"Yes, I do, but I need to see him, and I can't reach him." Jimin gulps drily.

"Hmm, I don't think reaching him is easy now, Jiminie."
"What? why? where is he?"

"He and Joon left for London more than one week ago. So, now you understand why his call is getting disconnected." Jin states calmly.

Jimin goes all silent instantly, because he has nothing to say, Yoongi has left, left the country all together. The phone slips from his ear and falls on the bed, Jimin looks at his mother, he doesn't even know if Jin has disconnected the call or not,

"mom, he..he's in London. How.." an idea strikes him immediately.

"I must go to London. I must mom" and Jimin almost jumps down from the bed, but his body due to weakness almost makes him fall, but Ji hyun holds him in time, "yes you should but you need to be okay first.."

"No mom, that would be too late, I need to go now." Jimin looks around and then remembers his mobile on the bed.

He immediately goes to call Jin, but sees the call is still going on, Jimin shouts through the phone, "hyung! you still there?"
Jin didn't disconnect the call, as he wanted to hear Jimin's response, so he placed the phone on kitchen sink, but now picks it up again, "yes, I'm here."

"I need the address." Jimin can't sit down now.
"& why? do you intend to divorce him again?" Jin quips.

"Oh come on hyung, you know that's not possible, just give me the address please, please, please." Jimin begs.
"Okay..I'm texting you that. But Jimin.."

"Thank you so much hyung." Jimin disconnects the phone.

He now looks at Ji hyun,

"mom I'm going okay. I'll be back soon." and he gets busy in booking a ticket to London for the same day.
Ji hyun smiles at her son, and leaves him to his business.

Jimin gets ready and says good bye to his parents. When he reaches the airport, his entire body is thrumming, he's weak, but the adrenaline rush makes him walk and take his designated seat inside the plane when the boarding is announced. Although it's more than 12 hour journey, sleep will not come to Jimin.


Taehyung is all set to go back to Australia within one week, but he hasn't informed his crew about it. He is still on the final planning stage. Last night he tried calling Jimin, but the call didn't connect, so he has decided to see his friend today, but this is early morning, and he likes to go for a run. It has been his routine in abroad, so he doesn't miss the same.

He's finishing his last lap, his pocket vibrates. Taehyung stops under a tree to take out the phone, and a call is coming from an unknown number. He recieves it,


"Good morning Taehyung." The voice of a very known person reaches his ear. Jungkook.

Taehyung stops for a bit, then speaks, "hi Jungkook."
"I got your number from Jin hyung, in case you are wondering. What are you doing today? if you're not busy can we go out?" Jungkook says the long sentence in a go, that Tahyung raises his eye brows in surprise.

"What? I mean why?" Taehyung asks with amusement.
"Uh, I want to have a fresh start, and I really like you Tae." Jungkook stops after blurting the words out.

Taehyung looks around to see if there is anyone,

"is this a booty call Kim Jungkook?"
On the other side he almost chokes on his saliva,

"no! no no no no! I'm serious! please one date!"

"Whoa, whoa! hold up man! who said anything about date! I though you said, 'go out'" Tahyung hand gestures Jungkook's words.

"Ok go out, fine go out but will you? please Tae." Jungkook almost begs.

"but I still don't know why? why all of a sudden?" Taehyung quirks an eyebrow.

"I..I don't want to leave a person like you based on my own fate. I want to be happy, and you are the one I want to be happy with."
Jungkook rubs his forehead with two fingers and smiles nervously,

"I mean, I really want to see you, and if I sound desperate, I am Tae."

Taehyung listens to him silently, but finally a smile breaks through his lips,

"But I don't kiss and tell Kook. You gota court me properly." he teases.

Jungkook on the other side finally smiles, "Oh I will! you can count on me. I'll give my all for you to let me kiss your toes, my highness."
Taehyung laughs now,

"we'll see."

"So yes?" Jungkook enquires as he bites on his thumb nail in anticipation.

"What yes?"

"Please will you go out with me?" Jungkook begs again.

Taehyung smirks and nods to himself, "oh that, yes."

Jungkook squeals from the other side, Taehyung wrenches the mobile off from his ear, but smiles nonetheless.

Chapter Text

The day is almost rolling towards afternoon, Jimin lands in London. His entire body is thrumming in anticipation, but he tries to keep his feature calm as he checks out of Heathrow. As he gets out without wasting a second he calls a cab and shows the driver the address he's meant to go.
Jimin has no idea, how long it will take the cab to take him to Yoongi, but he holds his breath for it.

Yoongi is breaking into sweat at the backstage, Namjoon is nowhere near, but he doesn't need the man now, all he needs to perform well. It will be huge show, and other performers will be here too, but they are straight from Korea, he has doubts how their performance can outstand. Although, they have signed contract with the Moonchild corporation, and they are from Japan who has gained much name. Still Yoongi can't relax, because their performance will be just after two other performance. Namjoon bounds into the room,

"hyung! your make up done?"

Yoongi snorts, "are yours?"

Namjoon clicks his tongue, "nah I'll just go now."

Yoongi hums and takes his phone out because a call coming through, it's Jin.

"Hi hyung." he recieves the call.

"How are you doing? did you you take your meds? wait did you eat?" Jin bombers him with questions.

"All done. Anything else?" Yoongi picks up a tissue to wipe his hand.

"Oh good, I just talked to Joon, he said you ate, I just needed to confirm." Jin smiles.

Yoongi huffs, "I'm at the verge of pissing myself. I'm so nervous hyung." he expresses his stressful situation.

"Bah! don't be, ok? you are there for the kill, you'll be the best. Always remember that" Jin assures him.

Yoongi nods to himself, "yes, right, I'll try. Ah hyung, I'll call you after our performance okay."

"Yeah sure, rock their head Yoongi." Jin shouts from the other side.

Yoongi smiles and disconnects the call.

He puts the phone on the make up table and takes three deep breaths, in and out, it relaxes him a bit and he gets out of the room to check on Namjoon.

Jimin arrives at the place and it's an office by the look it has all the feature of it. He takes a look around and understands that Jin has straightly gave him Yoongi's employer's address. His shoulder slumps a little but he still gets inside the building, and it's somewhat huge! Jimin at first feels lost but then he approaches a girl who looks like receptionist,

"um..hi, I'm looking for Min Yoongi?" He finally utters.

The girl was chewing gum, but she faces Jimin with a disinterested look,

"white hair, red lips? Min Yoongi?" she enquires.

Jimin balks a bit at the description, because the man in his mind has black hair and yes somewhat pale lips, but he nods anyway.

"They are in Lauren hall, they have their performance." she chews along.

Jimin feels very proud at the moment, but purses his lips, "can you give me the address?"

The girl huffs, and writes down the address and gives the sticky note to Jimin.

"Anything else?" she makes slightly annoyed face.

"No thank you very much" He smiles at her and almost runs outside to catch a taxi.


When he arrives the place, the hall is thrumming with loud music from everywhere. Jimin can feel his blood is running very fast and he takes his step to enter Lauren hall.

Once inside, he gets awestruck, it's big hall and there are no sitting arrangements in front him, so he understands people just have to stand here and watch the artists perform. Jimin is about to step forward a man blocks his way, as he looks up the man asks,

"uh do you have a pass?"

Jimin staggers a step back, he had no idea that he needed a pass to get in, but he has to in any way, so he says,

"um I didn't know, I'm sorry but my husband is there, he's going to perform here." he determines that if he has to beg, he'll do that too, but he has to convince the man.

"Hm but you need a pass to enter." the man nods.

"Please sir, his name is Min Yoongi, and I need to see him. I might not get backstage but at least from here. Please sir." Jimin goes on begging mode.

The man stares at him for two seconds, but except telling him off he hands him a pass.

"This is a pass, go there and enjoy the show."
Jimin stares at the man in surprise,

"why would you?..." he tries to ask but the person speaks,

"My son is about your age and he..he liked someone, but I couldn't support him and he left. I wish he was here today."

Jimin slightly widens his eyes, but gives him a small smile,

"I made a huge mistake but I really wish he forgives me, because we love each other and" he swallows a bit, "if you love your son, he will come back for sure. You just have to love him more to call him back."

The man nods and pats Jimin on the shoulder,

"advice taken kid, now go, the show's about to start."

Jimin smiles and hurries in front of the crowd.

Yoongi and Namjoon all ready to appear on the stage, and Yoongi is shaking and rolling his shoulders constantly to ease his tension. Namjoon pats on his back,

"it will be ok hyung, I'm tensed too, but how many times have we performed at home? we'll be fine."

Yoongi gulps drily, "I know, but that was a long time ago too Joon. We are getting old too" he smirks.

Namjoon laughs, "really hyung! but tonight the old people are going to show the crowd how to do it."

"Hell yeah!" Namjoon raises his voice and the curtain lifts.

Namjoon jumps on the stage and after first two lines, Yoongi shows himself under the spotlight, and Jimin takes a sharp intake of breath.

Yoongi raps,

"my world beneath you, my pride in your hand and I lived, I lived to live my voice!"

"you ruin me, my life baby, so I slit my wrist. Tell me is my blood worth your love huh!"

He shouts and the crowd goes crazy.

Yoongi almost goes direction less because the crowd is shouting and cheering and that is too loud so when Namjoon's verse comes he approaches a little bit at the edge of the stage and just then he gets the worthwhile shock, Jimin is standing almost at the front of the crazy herd, and he has a smile plastered on his face. Yoongi doesn't know when they make eye contact and Jimin opens his mouth to just to say hi silently, and Yoongi steps back immediately.

Namjoon's part is over and he expects his partner to take over but Yoongi looks like a ghost even in the harsh white light. Namjoon immediately takes his side to give him a small shove, and Yoongi starts to sing.

They finish the song with a loud cheer from the crowd, and everyone erupts into ear blasting claps. Jimin is clapping until his palms are sore, he also keeps his eyes on the duo when they take their bow and disappears behind the stage, Jimin shoves his way through to crowd to go backstage.

As he gets there he looks around and suddenly gets bumped with someone and before he can look up he hears a sharp intake of breath, and it's Yoongi all wide eyed, staring at him.

Jimin takes a small step back, he wants to say something but nothing comes out, instead he can feel his skin prickles to touch the man, feel his fingers on his skin. His ears starts to ache to hear the voice he's been hearing in whispers all theese days, now it feels too much for Jimin to bear, when Yoongi is in front of him.

Yoongi on the other hand can't speak either as he just stares at the unbelivable thing until Namjoon arrives from behind and squeaks,

"Jiminieee! wah! Jin told me you are coming." and he subsides Yoongi to engulf the boy into a hug.

Jimin releases his held up breath and hugs his hyung back,

" yeah, I had to. Um great show hyung!" he tries to keep his tone light as he tries not to break his facade in front of Yoongi.

Yoongi still stands there as he has no idea what to do, he just stands and stares at his ex husband who finally looks at him again, and that look isn't of some stranger, but so much looks like his Jimin, the one he loved and still loves. But he looks away after some moment, because his eyes can tell him lies and he doesn't want to be the victim again.

Jimin feels that he understands what Yoongi is thinking now, and he knows that the man is in pain, just by seeing him, put him in incessant pain, so Jimin takes one step ahead, and tries to swallow but he can't thus he just opens his mouth to ask,

"how are you hyung?" Yoongi's name just doesn't come to his lips, not just now.

Yoongi tries to smile but that gets stuck, he just nods in response, and looks at Namjoon, who is staring at the two and he's almost giving them heart eyes, but when Yoongi looks at him, he breaks his heart stare,

"uh, um, Jimin" he looks at him, "Have you booked a hotel? otherwise you can stay with us you know." he doesn't give Jimin to answer anything and just states what his husband instructed in he phone earlier.

Jimin doesn't take his eyes off Yoongi and nods,

"yes, I'd love to'.

Chapter Text

They all comes back to the apartment their management has arranged for them. It's not very small but adjustable enough, has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms, and Yoongi is relieved for two bathrooms the most.

Yoongi hasn't talked to Jimin all the way to the apartment and keeps his mouth shut until Namjoon offers him his own room.

"Uh Jimin can take that room, I can sleep on the couch."

Jimin flinches at the indirect addressing, and looks at Yoongi,

"no I..I can take the couch. I'll be fine."

Yoongi without making an eye contact shakes his head opposing the idea,

"it will get cold here, the room is wram, you must take the room."

Jimin feels a sad smile creeps on his lips slowly,

"then you will be cold hyung."

Yoongi suddenly looks up at that, but turns his gaze down,

"I'm used to it. So please take the bedroom."

Jimin nods silently as he looks away. Namjoon just eyes the couple standing at the corner of the couch, but just huffs a small breath, and looks at Jimin,

"uh, have you brought clothes? you might want to change?" he asks.

As soon as Namjoon speaks of extra clothes, it strikes on him that he hasn't brought anything of such. So he simply shakes his head in denial,

"I..I forgot to pack.."

Namjoon gasps out,

"how!.." but stops when Yoongi says,

"I'll give you mine, they will fit you." he answers from the kitchen, where he went some seconds earlier.

Jimin puts his bottom lip under his teeth, because he can feel how much, still Yoongi cares for him, and it makes him want to throw his pride away entirely and fall to his knees to apologise. But he stands his ground and nods,

"can I change now? it's.. it's been a long journey.."

"Yeah sure." and Yoongi goes inside his room to bring him some clothes. At the same moment, Jimin looks at Namjoon, who just turns his gaze to Jimin, and nods understandingly. Jimin realizes that Namjoon knows why he is here, and this makes him feel a little warm that Jin and Namjoon both loves him, cares for him.

After a minute or two Yoongi gets out of the room and he has already changed,he looks at Jimin who is now sitting on the couch talking to Namjoon. He just stares at the man and wonders, why all of a sudden he's here, what does he wants? and if Namjoon knew he's coming, why the hell didn't he tell him? all of these queries wraps around his head but he keeps his mouth shut as he clears his throat to gain Jimin's attention, and when he looks up, Yoongi gestures towards his bedroom and says,

"I have put the clothes on the bed, you can go change."

Jimin gets up at that and as he tries to look at him up close, Yoongi diverts his gaze to Namjoon. Jimin can feel the heavy frustration seeping into his system, but he just goes inside the room. Once inside, he sees the room is clear, and not one thing is strewn over, and a shirt and pant neatly put on the bed.

He just looks around and Huffs as he feel the desperation kicking in. To tell Yoongi, to bare everything to him, but Yoongi seems distant, is he still giving him space and the thought brings unexpected tears in his eyes.

Jimin knows he can't make a noise if he cries here so he just puts his palms around his mouth as a pathetic cry wobbles out of him.
He can't see Yoongi in front of him and not cry, the one thing is certain after seeing the man is, he can feel the need the want inside of him for Yoongi. It's like he's calling him without any words and this call, Jimin can't ignore. Because,

'because I...I love him' He stutters out.
He almost jumps on his feet when a knock lands on the door,

"Jiminie, we are ordering food, what would you like to eat??"

Jimin immediately wipes his face and makes fists, to stop crying, and answers, "I'm coming out."
When he gets in the living room Yoongi is nowhere to be seen so he wordlessly looks at Namjoon, and he smiles ,

"he'll be back."

"Did..did you tell him?"

"Not all, just you wanted to see him. Rest I hope you can muster better?" Namjoon quirks an eyebrow playfully.

Jimin takes a harsh breath,

" I feel like time is a ticking bomb hyung. I don't know how to stop it, so that I can calm down a bit."

Namjoon shakes his head,

" it's really strange Jiminie, time you know. People forgets love and they get it back. And you two were running on reverse. I really hope.."

he breathes once,

" hope that you two find the right path again. "


Yoongi comes back just when the food delivery man leaves. Jimin can't eat, can't take his eyes off Yoongi, but he just sits away from him and takes a plate to take food out of the cartons.

This brings a small vision into Jimin's mind that is more of a feeling that, he and Yoongi always used to sit side by side while eating, because Jimin can feel that he loves to feed the man. It brings a lump inside his throat as he watches Yoongi slowly munching on his food without making any eye contact with Jimin.

He just stares at his own plate and somehow puts some bits into his mouth and wipes his mouth as he gets up grabbing the plate. He notices from the corner of his eyes that Yoongi is looking, so he just announces, "I feel tired, I'm going to take some rest hyung." He doesn't particularly says it to anyone and leaves the living room after discarding the waste into the trash can.

Once he's inside the room, Jimin collapses on the bed, his head is throbbing and he has no idea what to do, or what to say to Yoongi, so that he can make him understand that his husband is here not some stranger.

4 hours ago

Jimin pushes through the crowd to stand in the front, and finally he manages himself thronged between so many people. The stage is rather small, but the second artist adjusts himself well in there and gives his beast shot. Just after the boy left there is a small break in all the shouting.

Jimin looks around and he can't see anyone that looks like Yoongi, but after some seconds he hears an uproar! even before he can turn his head to the stage, he sees Namjoon wearing a tattered jeans and long jacket and his words cuts through the atmosphere.

Jimin jumps at his apperance and calls out for him, "hyuuuuung!" Namjoon is looking further but when he hears a familiar voice he looks down and gives Jimin a wide smile and winks at him. Jimin gives him a nervous smile but his smile falters when Yoongi jumps into the stage, and his voice booms around the hall. Jimin is about to fall on his back but the crowd is keeping him up staright. He doesn't remember if he has ever seen Yoongi on stage, but now he experiences the scene. He's wearing a bomber jacket and a ripped jeans and he has white hair! Jimin's mind short circuits at his feature. He doesn't feel anything but a roar inside his blood stream, as Yoongi utters his line,

"I killed you baby, I killed me baby!"

Jimin don't realize but his mouth hangs open and falls on the floor. He's seeing the man in new light, a new dawn, a new realisation.

Yoongi is diminishing the crowd with his rap skill, and there is Namjoon at his side, then suddenly Jimin feels his gaze on him, and he looks straight into Yoongi's eyes. He can feel the stare, delving deep into his core and he shivers and manages a small smile, but Yoongi staggers back as he got a shock. Jimin blinks but the man on stage is taken aback, and he can feel that because his own skin starts to sweat.

But after 5 seconds or so Yoongi is back again, but this time he isn't looking at Jimin, and he feels that he has been slapped, so he just stands there staring at the same man, he knows he's in love with.


Jimin can't close his eyes, because the feeling of Yoongi being next door takes all his sleep away. But he can't just hold up in this room and not even hint anything to the man, so he gets up, and the sun has already set. Jimin gets out of the room to find Yoongi sitting on the couch with his partner and there is another person, whom Jimin doesn't recognise.

As soon as he is seen by Yoongi, he adjusts his sitting posture and looks at his manager, "um, Howard, this is Park Jimin."
"Jimin this is our manager."

Jimin bites his bottom lip, as Yoongi mentions him as a Park and never mentions his relationship with him, but he just nods but doesn't say anything back.
Howard also goes back to talk to Namjoon, then Yoongi looks at him, and at the same time their eyes meets, although there is no word that goes unsaid, but Jimin finds questions, so many but behind them a scared soul that wants to unravel itself to him.

Yoongi looks away.

Howard leaves after some moment and Namjoon groans, "what's for dinner? should we order again? I really don't want that."

Yoongi snorts, "I need to keep you healthy don't I?"

Jimin sits down in the opposite couch, Yoongi takes a quick glance but again looks away and gets up,

"call your husband he's dying to hear your voice." as he gives the last look at his partner.

After Yoongi leaves for the kitchen Jimin turns at Namjoon, "so? how long are you going to stay here?"

"I don't know Jiminie, at first I thought they are going to keep us in a hotel, but turns out it's a freaking apartment." Namjoon grins.
Jimin hums, as clearly gets that they are here for a long time. The other man gets up from the couch,

"I should call Jin, you know."

"Yeah you should." Jimin smiles, and he gets up too as he ventures towards the kitchen.


Yoongi is all into stirring something in the pan and at the side cutting some cilantro. Jimin goes to stand beside him and looks inside the pan, the smell comes really good so he just licks his lips and turns at Yoongi.

"what are you cokking?"

Yoongi shrugs without looking at him, "Just a recipe, I thought of making."

Jimin eyes him intently and it he feels so close to his heart, like he's the one he has been looking for and Jimin releases a small breath,

"can I help?"

Yoongi nods, "chop the cilantros please."

Jimin finally smiles and goes to chop the veggie. Yoongi gives him a side look and thinks of smiling back but the moment has passed, so he goes back to stirring.

Yoongi doesn't stop cutting a slice into the vegetable but says, "thanks".

9 months ago

Yoongi is taking notes from one of his cookbook and turning the pork belly on the fying pan, it doesn't say deep fry but shallow then put it in the oven at pre heat 300 farenhite, Jimin comes bounding in the kitchen, and wraps an arm around Yoongi's waist just place a kiss over his nape.

"So? what are we eating today?" he murmurs into his husbands shoulder.

Yoongi hums in the warmth, and dips a spoon in the sauce as he lets his husband taste it. Jimin licks the spoon and moans,

"mmmm, what is this? I love it."

"It's a new recipie, I was thinking of trying out."

Jimin smiles and gives a small bite on his right shoulder, "can I help?"

Yoongi turns his head to meet his husband's mouth and softly kisses him, "chop the carrots please"

Jimin bops on his nose, "okay" as he takes out the knive with the chopping board and starts to chop the already peeled carrots.

Yoongi can't help these moments when Jimin helps him with cooking, so he just leaves on hand on the laddle for stirring, and his other hand to pull his husband with the sweatshirt string, just to kiss him casualy, and Jimin gives up, he always gives up when Yoongi is like this. He just smiles into the kiss and closes his eyes.

Present day

Having dinner with Yoongi feels so old, as he is used to it. Although, Namjoon is sitting their too, still Jimin can't look away from Yoongi, he is so beautiful, and his new white hair creates a statement on his almost equally white skin. he can feel that he's actually gawking at him, but he's helpless, and his trance breaks when Namjoon clears his throat loudly, Jimin wrenches his eyes back on the table, on his plate.

"Hyung lets show Jimin our studio tomorrow." Namjoon says all of a sudden.

Yoongi looks up at him, but just hums.

Jimin looks at Yoongi again, but he is all submerged in eating, still he thinks he should say something, "so you got a studio?"

Yoongi glances at him once then nods, "yeah, it's really amazing."

Jimin smiles as he replies, "great!" he mutters and takes a forkful of food into his mouth.

"By the way, this is delicious! I love it." Jimin can't help but praise his cooking.

After that no one talks much and finishes their dinner. Jimin gets up to take the plates from them, Yoongi stops him,

"I'll do it."
Jimin pouts "you cooked, let me wash the dishes please."

The other man stares at his pout face, if it were old days, he would have kissed him instantly, and it's not that he doesn't want the same now, but he just leaves the plates in Jimin's hand and nods.

Jimin purses his lips as his ex husband leaves him with the plates, he was at least expecting him to say anything but Yoongi is silent, and Jimin can percieve the pain he's still causing him. But he just goes to the sink and washes everything carefully, that is when Yoongi comes by his side to towel dry the dishes and puts them on the small rack. This very thing gives him the domestic feeling, and Jimin can feel that this is the thing they have done so many times in the past. Thus, he just smiles to himself and finishes the work in hand.

After they finish with kitchen work Jimin bids good night to Namjoon and turns to Yoongi, who is trying his hard to not to stare at his ex husband, but fails. Jimin goes to open his mouth at the same moment,

"I..I want to tal.." but he can't finish because Yoongi lowers his gaze just to say,

"Good night Jimin" and turns his back to lie down on the couch.

It hurts, it hurts so much when Yoongi just calls him, 'Jimin'. He has realized it for some time, that his just 'Jimin' is the production of distance, a vast distance between then and this same thing is drawn by no other but Jimin himself. So if he who is at fault, he himself have to fix it, but he has no idea how.

"Good night Yoongi" Jimin finally whispers just for the other man to hear, because no matter how much Yoongi tries to make him a stranger, he really isn't one.
Yoongi like clockwork swings his head as it come out from his mouth, but Jimin has already turned his back and is shutting the door of the bedroom.

Chapter Text

Yoongi closes his eyes for a bit as he tries to calm his heart beat, it has been running in fast pace from the moment he has seen Jimin. He puts his palm over his heart like he's mentally telling his heart to stop exaggerating, but the beating do not slow down. So he just falls on his back, because like every other night this one will be barren one as well.

Jimin closes the door just to rest his head on the door, he clenches and unclenches his fingers as they are aching to hold on to something or someone, but that someone of his is scared of him, scared of his presence. What possibly he can do? what will he say to him? all these things jams his mind and Jimin wants to cry out in frustration, but he just grits his teeth to not to cry out loud.

He can't even lay down on the bed knowing Yoongi is laying in the living room couch, alone, thinking that Jimin has wronged him, maybe thinking of never forgiving him. Jimin clenches his eyes shut at the thoughts, but then again, 'will he not forgive me? ever? even when I love him?' he whispers the words to himself, and finds that there is no solution to his ardent query.

Jimin just slowly slides down to sit on the carpeted floor and covers his face with his palms. He really doesn't have any solution, no nothing, he himself is scared to face the man who he have hurted incessantly. The clock strikes 1a.m and a thought strikes him, although he has crossed thousands miles to get Yoongi back, he might have to go back without him. The thought hits him like an electric shock, and he literally shivers in fear, a sudden pain starts to spread over his heart, and he gets up. His head whirls at the sudden position, but he catches himself by supporting his weight on the small chest wardrobe.

Something falls on the surface of the chest wardrobe, and it falls on the back of the furniture.

Jimin turns his head to check what is it, he hasn't turned the lights on, now he does. He bends down to reach his hand behind the wardrobe and finds his fingers touch something cool and hard, just like metal.
Jimin takes the thing out to find it's a photo frame.

So he just turns the frame to see the picture and it hits him like a storm, it's photo of Yoongi and Jimin. A very old photo because Jimin doesn't look like how he looks now, here he's younger and has a perfect glow on his cheeks. Yoongi is holding him from back, his face peaceful, he's just resting his head at the crook of Jimin's neck but his eyes are looking at him. He has a small but prominent smile on his lips. And he can't think of any day spent with Yoongi, he has smiled at him like this. Because this Jimin hurt him, hurt him like nothing else.

The picture Jimin is all smiling wide but this Jimin starts to cry. An ugly cry breaks out of him. He can't stop the sobbing until he presses his hand over his mouth. He can't put the picture back on the wardrobe and falls back at the edge of the bed.

He can feel that his heart wants to tear out of him, but he isn't able to do it, he was so trapped inside his own mind he hurt a part of himself, his Yoongi.

The night turns towards Dawn and it's past 3:30 am on his mobile and Jimin is still sitting at the same place like a stone. The tears have dried out but the pain hasn't. He doesn't remember everything, but he knows that there is no going back, he is in love with the man who is probably sleeping on the living room couch and Jimin has broke his heart in all the best ways possible. But the silver lining is that he still wants that man to love him back again, kiss him again, just like he used to.
Because Jimin knows Yoongi for forever, he remembers that or not, and it should not be that hard.

Jimin stops the train of thought in his mind, it shouldn't be that hard, not hard to speak his mind, because Jimin knows Yoongi, he loves that man and Jimin don't want to think that Yoongi ever stopped.
'so why it should be difficult!' he mutters to himself getting all surprised.
'It really shouldn't be, I can talk to him without any hesitation, he will understand me no matter what.'
'Why was I dragging things to any further?' he smiles at himself and gets up.


Yoongi can't sleep, also tossing and turning on a couch is difficult, so he just gets up. He totally forgets that he's wearing a thin half sleeve t-shirt and goes to stand in the backside balcony. He needs to clear his head and the cold seethes into his bare skin, but he cares none of it. Jimin is here and they still haven't talked about it, he has no idea what might Jimin wants from him, and no matter how much he thinks of tearing all the strings, in reality he can't. He will give him the world, he remembers him or not, Yoongi will always love him.

His thoughts gets interrupted when he hears the sound of faint footsteps approaching towards him, he's about to turn but suddenly, two arms hugs his waist from behind at the same moment,

"don't turn now, let me speak first." Jimin stutters out.

Yoongi's heart stops for a second but when he feels the touch of Jimin's mouth on his shoulder, Yoongi visibly relaxes but his heart starts to pound with a new zeal, a new fire inside the beats, he waits.

"I'm sorry Yoongi." Jimin begins,

and Yoongi feels his heart might burst out, but he wants to touch the man who's holding him tightly in his arms, so he slowly puts his hand on Jimin's and he can feel him shiver, Yoongi tightens his hold on his fingers and almost then the other man channels his fingers through his.

Yoongi wants to say something but the words chokes inside his throat, so he just gulps down and Jimin speaks again,

"will you forgive me?" he whispers. Yoongi can't hold this anymore so he turns in his hold to face him.

Jimin looks up at him with red eyes, and when their eyes meets, Jimin can feel tear drops has started to fall, and there's no way he can stop them.

Yoongi cups Jimin's face into his palms as he searches for words in his eyes, "do you?.. do you remember?" he manages.

Jimin can feel that his tears are wetting Yoongi's palm so he tries to look down but he doesn't let go of his face. He nods,

"I do, not all but I do and I love you Yoongi. I do", a wrecking sob leaves his lips and he puts his head on Yoongi's collar as he starts to cry. Jimin feels that the other man is wrapping his arms around him, but he knows that he needs a proper apology so he looks back at Yoongi and takes his hand into his, this is when he notices the small bandage on his wrists.

He has no idea what has happened but he brings his wrists in front of his eyes, and then looks back at Yoongi with questions in his eyes. He just smiles at him softly, and brings himself closer to Jimin and leans down to kiss him. He cups his face into his, and kisses him softly, but it slowly dawns to Jimin what has happened without him knowing all this time, and a painful sob escapes his mouth. The kiss can't go on because he's now sobbing into his mouth, Yoongi breaks away just to look at his boy.

Jimin takes his wrists in his hands and puts small kisses on the bandaged scars as he cries. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." he mutters as Yoongi leans into kiss on his eye lids,

"you don't have to be sorry for anything, apologise for nothing baby."

Jimin shakes his head in denial, "I hurt you Yoongi, I hurt you" fresh tears rolls down from his eyes.

Yoongi can't help but brings his lips on Jimin's again, he shudders slowly at the feeliing of kissing him again, and softly mutters on his lips,

"You're here, with me, I'm saved, I'm healed."

When he looks back at Jimin again, Yoongi is crying too, but he makes no sound he just brushes his thumbs over his cheeks, admiring the love of his life in a new light, new morning and getting back his life again. He wasn't this happy when he cut his wrists and thought his tears will stop now and got saved. He can feel his happiness is flowing from his core to his eyes, and he can't have Jimin leave him again.

Jimin is looking at him as he feels his own happiness surfacing now, as the man he loves still loves him the same, nothing changed. So he just curls his arms around Yoongi's neck and kisses him with all he has. He tilts his head to kiss him deeply and Yoongi immediately lets him the access.

Jimin is going breathless but when he feels his man's arm winding around his waist and the other grabbing his hair, he moans into his mouth. He doesn't want to remember anything else now, but his love in his arms.

When they break the kiss, both of them are out of breaths, but they still have their arms around each other. Yoongi pecks on his kiss swollen lips once and puts him down slowly. Jimin feels absolutely giddy in love so he just rests his head at the center of Yoongi's chest and whispers,

"lets get married, again."

The other man chuckles at that, and he looks up to find the joke,

"what?" he enquires.

Yoongi can't help but kiss him again on the lips, "is this what you want Jiminah? again?"

Jimin takes a breath of satisfaction that Yoongi is calling him in the same way he wanted, and he nods in his reply.

"Okaaaay, but this time I need to be persuaded baby." he winks at him.

Jimin's mouth falls open, "what kind of.." Yoongi brings Jimin's wrist to his mouth as he kisses inside the wrist and his palm,

"get me to say 'yes' love" and he cracks an amusing grin.

Jimin pouts at that, and Yoongi doesn't restrain himself anymore, and kisses him again and feels he bite on his bottom lip softly, he is about to kiss him depper, Jimin breaks the kiss, "wouldn't you say 'yes' to me?" he widens his eyes.

Yoongi smiles, "I love you so much, yes, I have loved you all along, yes. I will always love you, yes, but, I'll marry you again, will take some time baby."

He states that with mock seriousness on his face.

Jimin kisses Yoongi's throat this time and starts to give eskimo kisses all over his neck and then on his face, he starts to laugh by his actions, but holds on to Jimin nonetheless, "

Say yes Yoongiiii" Jimin croons as he bites on his ear lobe,

Yoongi laughs "nope".

"Say yes baby, I love you"and he licks on his neck.

Yoongi groans but still says, "nah".

Jimin tickles on his sides, "just nod maybe?"

The other man doubles in laughter, "try harder baby" and catches Jimin's wrist to pull him on his chest to kiss him breathless, because that's all he wants.

Chapter Text


Ji ah is running around on the freshly mowed grass in front of the railings, and Soo yun is tired of running after her so she just shouts for one last time,

"Ji ah if you don't get here I'm going to leave you here forever."

The older daughter of Hoseok finally runs towards her mother,

"sorry eomma, the butterflies are so pretty!" she quips. Soo yun scoops her up in her arms,

"baby you're the prettiest buterfly here, lets's get inside ok?"

"Ok" she smiles.


Jin is running around and giving orders to people inside the banquet hall. Namjoon on the other hand is handling the chairs with Jungkook, who is very busy tailing around Taehyung most of the time, and Jin's husband is getting frustrated everytime Jin's brother takes suit after his boyfriend.

"Jungkoooook!" Namjoon shouts, and the boy finally appreas from his behind, "yeah what do you need?" he 's licking his lips and his cheeks are all red.

"Yah! what did I tell you? help me with the chairs then with the tables, where are you?"

"Jungkook gives him a shy smile, "sorry hyung, I'll help you now."

"You better! I want Yoongi and Jimin to appreciate the decoration not fall on their face when the come here to get married."

Jungkook nods but gives a longing look towards the far corner of the hall where Taehyung is trying to avoid his gaze but failing and he smiles as he gets his head back with the chairs.

Yoongi isn't allowed to see his Jimin not at least before the wedding which is said by Jin but he really doesn't care about what his hyung says, so he's now sneaking out towards the huge tents that has been made to keep the grooms seperate. Yoongi knows Jimin is inside thus, he takes careful strides and quickly gets inside the white tent without even announcing his arrival.

Once he enters the tent he just becomes stuck at the entrance, because the man he's supposed to marry today is trying out his dress shirt and has no pants on. Yoongi wants to die then and there just gwaking at his fiance's dainty thighs. Jimin doesn't look up but squeaks hearing someone breathing behind him, but seeing his fiance relaxes as well,

"what are you doing here?! Jin hyung will kill you!" he widens his eyes.

Yoongi closes their distance in two long strides and wraps his arms around his waist just to put his mouth under his collar,

"mmmhmm, I'll be dead if I don't see you."

Jimin gives out a breathy laugh, "you just saw me this morning."

"But I can't get enough of you baby" and he lowers his one hand on his thigh to brush his fingers on the beautiful thighs of his fiance.

Jimin shivers a bit, "Yoongii.." he groans softly.

"Yeah baby?"

"Go" he pushes him from himself a bit but the other man just like a string attached collides with his body, and this time gets hold of Jimin's waist just to go down on his knees and take a fresh bite on his left thigh.

He lets out a small whine but doesn't pushes Yoongi this time, and he starts to lap on his right thigh with small bites at the underside.

He trembles when the man on his knee splays his fingers closer to his hardening cock, but doesn't go there entirely just leans in to pull Jimin's dress shirt a bit up and put his mouth at the juncture of his thigh and his cock. As Yoongi licks on the place he moans at the taste of his love,

"I missed you so much Jiminah.." he whispers as he brushes his nose at the side of his hard on.

Jimin knows he can't resist his fiance when he does things like this to him, so he just channels his fingers on his head to pull on them,

"if you don't stop there will be no wedding in two hours. Do you want that?" he tries to quirk an eyebrow but his eyes are already downcast.

Yoongi puts a kiss on the same place and slowly removes himself to get up,

"I can't wait for all the things to be over."

Jimin gives him a smirk, "weddings take time love. We mustn't haste".

He clucks his tongue at that, "damn why did I even say yes!"

"Huh! you must say yes to me Min Yoongi." Jimin pushes him further now.

"Yeah yeah right I must Park Jimin" and he mouths a kiss towards him and his fiance giggles,Yoongi lets himself out of the tent.

Jimin sits down being little dizzy and smiles to himself, he can't wait to marry the love of his life anymore. First he thought it would be okay if they didn't get married again, but then the desire of having the man for him and only for him became so strong he had to nag him for marriage, and as he knows Yoongi can never say him no. So, finally he said yes!

One month ago

Jimin can't take his eyes of Yoongi after they just got back again. He hasn't returned to Seoul yet because of his boyfriend's strict schedule here in London, and also he can't stay away from the man anymore. His mental status has recovered totally, as he no longer hears or feels anything and he understands the reason because he's with the person he loves.

He can't take his eyes of Yoongi and Yoongi to wants to stay with his boy all the time, but staying at the apartment won't do because he has to work. So he finally wrenches himself off from Jimin and has started to go to the studio for two days.

Jimin on the other hand can't shake the thought of getting married again, so he nags Yoongi to say yes and tries in every possible to impossible ways to make him say yes. But his man keeps dodging every advancements, and Jimin is getting frustrated in the best ways. So he connects with Jin in a video call.

As he opens the video chat Jin's face comes on the screen, "hi hyung!"

"hi Jiminieee! wow! you are glowing! are we getting the good news soon?" he smiles innocently.


"Okay, okay I understand, but hey how are you?" Jin laughs.

"I'm good, how are you?" Jimin smiles

"I'm good too, but come on, we both know you want to ask me something, and that's why we're here." Jin raises an eyebrow.

"Nooo hyung! I missed you that's why..." Jimin isn't finished Jin interrupts,

"Hey Jiminie, what's up? is everything alright?" his tone all serious.

"I want Yoongi..." Jimin takes a breath,

"well, I want us to marry again but he won't say yes to me! what should I do?" he whines.

Jin sluggishly hums and crosses his arms behind his head, "and have you planned on anything yet?"

"No, I don't have the slightest idea, that's why I want you to tell me."

"Propose him."

"What?" Jimin squeaks

"You heard me, propose him with ring, flowers and lots of teary love confession. He's a goner for you, he'll never be able to say 'no' he gestures with his fingers, "anymore".

Jimin nods being all dead serious, "yeah, yeah I can do that".

"I hope it works at least mine did, Namjoon cried a river." Jin tilts his head back and closes his eyes for brief seconds as he remembers the memory.

"I need to plan so many things, I'll talk to you later okay!" Jimin skides up from the chair without giving Jin another chance to say anything, but the older man just smiles, and shouts, "Good luck Jiminie!"

Jimin almost runs out of the apartment but once outside he forgets that he isn't wearing his coat and it's really cold outside, but he decides not to go back and do the the thing he came outside for.


Yoongi comes home alone because Namjoon has to stay for a while in the studio for a new track of his and he released his hyung out of his utter kindness and he knows Jimin is waiting for him too.

"you go hyung, I'll be back as soon as I'm finished here."

"Are you sure? because I can stay." Yoongi takes the papers as he shoves them insde his satchel.

"Certainly. You go."

"Ok. Come home quickly." Yoongi hitches up his bag over his shoulder and leaves the studio. Once outside he calls for a taxi.


When he reaches the apartment there is no sign of his boyfriend in the living room, he smiles to himself and puts the stachel down and heads towards the bedroom, and there is Jimin sitting on the bed his back to the door.
Yoongi slowly comes from his behind and wraps his arms around the boy's chest, and places a kiss over his head, "what my baby is doing hm?" he whispers into his ear.

Jimin doesn't say anything just turns to face Yoongi still in his hold and when he looks up, Yoongi gets a shock becuase his boyfriend's eyes are all teary. Although, the room is dark, but there are enough light from outside at least see his face.

He tips his face with one finger and looks at him questioningly, but Jimin looks down just to huff out a breath.

"What happened baby? please tell me! are you in pain?" Yoongi becomes all worried in seconds.

Jimin shakes his head and looks up again,

"I love you so much and I can't imagine a day without you, and.." he swallows once and speaks again, "and I want to spend every day of my life with you, do you want the same thing?"

Yoongi without saying or thinking anything, enevelops him into a bone crashing hug, and buries his face into Jimin's neck,

"are you okay baby? seriously you know what I want, then why would you ask?" he lifts his face from his neck to look at the boy,

"you know theres nothing I wouldn't give to be with you forever. Then why?"

Jimin gets down from the bed and without a single world and kneels down in front of him.

Yoongi's eyes turns all wide like saucer as he goes all rigid.

Jimin looks up with eager eyes,

"I don't remmeber anything, how you asked me for the first time, but all I want to make you happy and if you are so hell bound to never say yes to me, then this is the only way left."

Yoongi sits down in front of him and holds Jimin's face into his palms,

"I'm so happy baby, so so happy that I can just burst anytime." he brushes his lips to his,

"then will you marry me Yoongi?" Jimin brings out the ring he bought this morning, he didn't have much money in his account, so he bought the most simple ring of all, but now he's scare if Yoongi would say yes to him or not.

He just takes a look at the ring and then looks at Jimin, before he can say anything Yoongi leans in to kiss him deeply, and Jimin feels a little foggy but tries to keep himself steady in his position.

Slowly Yoongi takes the ring from his fingers and wears it on his ring finger but never leaves Jimin's mouth, who whimpers and kisses him back and he's about to fall but Yoongi holds him upright and they both stands up. Yoongi leaves his mouth to lick a strip on Jimin's jaw,

"Yes, & I can't believe you proposed me, while I was all ready to do it myself" and he leans a little on the left to open the bedside drawyer and brings out a small box.

Jimin just stares at the box as he opens it and takes out a ring, but it looks much expensive than his, and he brings his left hand to put the ring on his ring finger. Jimin still can't make himself to say a word, and Yoongi chuckles,

"I was waiting for the perfect opportunity love, but you surprised me."

He doesn't get to say anything else before Jimin lunges for his lips, Yoongi staggers back a little but holds himself by wounding his arms tightly around him, who backs themselve to the wall beside the bed. Jimin delves his tongue deep inside his mouth as he moans loudly when the other man plams his round ass cheeks with both hands.

He doesn't know what has come in him, but the only thing he knows that he loves this man more than anything in the world, more than his life. He nips on Yoongi's bottom lip and he groans and turns their position so now Jimin's back is on the wall and he takes charge now.

Yoongi bites done under his earlobe, the place he knows gives pleasure to the boy, and that proves true when he gives out a pich whine and Yoongi grips his waist tightls as he nips and sucks at the special place. Jimin writhes under his mouth and he can feel Yoongi is hard as he has put his leg between his own rubbing his thigh on his already hard cock. Jimin mewls at the friction and tugs on Yoongi's hair tightly, but the the man doesn't let go off his skin, and moves further down to kiss and lick at his collarbone.

Jimin is plastered with the wall but now his hip bucks to meet Yoongi's thigh and feel the edging pull in his abdomen. The older on the other hand feels what he's feeling and removes his mouth to capture his lips again and groans loudly as he immediately hitches him up into his arms. Jimin almost chokes as he is hitched on his arms and he braces his arms over the wall, but his fiancee is holding him tightly and there's no chance he would fall.

Yoongi breathes heavily and leans into whisper in Jimin's ear,

"I want to be inside you, I want to spread you until you break apart, until I lose myself in you. Can I do that baby?"

Jimin shivers a little and nods slowly, then before he can do or say anything his legs are on the ground again and Yoongi shakes out of his own pant and kneels down in front of him to pull his down in a go. Jimin's breath hitches when he is fully naked from his waist and the other man without wasting anytime takes him into his mouth. He deep throats him and moans around his cock like a hungry man and Jimin is almost gone, as he hears a sound of the drawyer opening and closing, before he can muster up anything he feels two fingers prodding into his hole. 

Jimin slightly shuders as he feels the touch of his finger around his entrance, he wants to clench his eyes shut because he wants to see the face of his love while he fingers him and open and suckinjg him so good. Jimin throws his head back a little at the sensation and his fiance's tongues the underside of his cock, and with that keeps his finger pushing in and out graually.

Jimin is about to slide down wall but Yoongi hitches him up and inserts another finger as he is totally pined on he wall. he removes his mouths now to make JImin wrap his legs around his waist. but his limbs are already straining so Jimin just angles his body and hitches one leg on his shoulder and he gets the support for his body and Yoongi gets a perfect space to finger Jimin. He brings his mouth to kiss on the side of his knee but doesn't stop the pace of his fingers while the boy is breathing harder than before and moves his body down to meet each thrust of Yoongi's long fingers,

"shhh baby, I'll make you feel good"

and with that he inserts his third finger and Jimin cries out as he immediately brushes over his sensitive bundle of nerves. He feels that he's coming apart by just only his fingers, but his lover knows what buttons to push and when so this time he removes his fingers but that too constantly massaging the inside walls of his hole. Jimin can feel tears prickling at the corner of his eyes, but he just bites down to his own lip.

He lets out a whine and grips him tightly again as he mouths on his collarbone,


his fiance cries out in desperation, he removes his face from his collar to look at the boy in his hold and without saying anything he lowers Jimin to enter him. He slowly takes him and grips Yoongi's hair harder in the process, Jimin now has his own lip under his teeth as he adjust to the fullness, he can' realize when hisses out when his fiance is entirely buried inside of him,

"are you okay?" Yoongi whispers, "am I hurting you?"

Jimin shakes his head blindly but tries to rock his body in his hold and the other man lets him. If it was in his hand he would have just helped his boy to bounce on his cock but here they are plastered with the wall and his fiance is half supporting himself on it, so Jimin has to move and he does.

He encircles his one arm around Yoongi's shoulder another bracing on the wall behind him and he starts to bounce. His pace breaks his finace's demeanor and he croaks out a gasp as he tries to thrust up slowly inside his love. The angle is so good but odd at the same time that Yoongi wants to kiss him, but all comes the teeth, so he just dip his head to suck on the skin of his throat, that gives Jimin a better way to wrap his legs around him and go up and down almost rhthymically.

It's hard to calm down when Jimin is bouncing on his cock and it's impossible not to kiss him, so when the boy in his arms leans in to kiss him, he obliges with all his heart. His own mind fills with so many memories, happy and sad and before Yoongi can fathom he's crying into the kiss.

Jimin is still in his hold rocking down but when he feels him crying he breaks the kiss but never detaches his mouth from him,

"I know, I know I love you so much" he whimpers on Yoongi's lips, who dives in to kiss him back,

"I love you more" as he drawns out another moan from his fiance's mouth, and just two thrust from him, Jimin is coming between them.

Yoongi picks up his own pace and after a handful of thrust he's also coming deep inside his boy, he buries his head into Jimin's neck as he groans and the younger holds his head as he catches his own breath.

Yoongi doesn't put him down instantly as his cock slips out of him but he carries Jimin to the bed to lay him down just to lean in and kiss him again. He kisses on his lips and pries open his mouth too get lost in the feeling. He has missed his boy for a long time and tonight after they made up, they finally could have a closer like this, and he doesn't want to let go.

Jimin also doesn't unwrap his legs from him and kisses him back feverishly, this time he's crying but never lets go of Yoongi, who rubs his hands over his naked thigh, and then puts his two finger on his dripping hole. Jimin shivers at the sensation but wounds his legs stronger than before, and his fiance's mouth goes to lap on his throat to lick the purple patches he made earlier. As none of them removed their clothes properly, Yoongi removes his sweater and shirt all together first and gets fully naked, he channels his hand under Jimin's shirt to give a twist on his nipples and he trembles by the impact, also he can feel that he's getting hard again so he tries to close his legs but the man on him doesn't let him do that,

"don't hide, please. God! you're so beautiful".

His words brings goosebumps on his skin and he lifts his own head to free himself from the shirt he's wearing, then he curves his own finger towards Yoongi to usher him to come closer, which the other doesn't wastes time to do.

The moment their bare chest touches, Jimin release a prolonged breath and brings his face just put his mouth on his, and rub his hand over his broad back as he grips his ass cheeks and slowly puts his middle finger in between his cheeks. Yoongi tenses up a bit but Jimin brings leaves his lips and whispers,

"Let go baby, relax" and he slowly relaxes in his hold,

"fuck me please" he drawns out the 'please' and he humps down on Jimin's cock to get a good friction, and good friction he gets, because his inside is filling up with fire now, and all he wants his boy to unfurl him and brings him to the end of every ending. So he just adjust himself as Jimin reaches for the lube and slowly lubes up his fingers and presses one finger to Yoongi's entrance, who just takes the breach without any restraint from his body and he arches his body as the boy beneath him enters two fingers into him.

Yoongi arches his back at the sensation and Jimin slowly enters his fingers inside him, and he knows that he wants to take time with him, and so he does. He doesn't move his fingers inside him but stays there as he is staring at Yoongi's face with awe,

"kiss me" Jimin whispers, he obliges as he leans into kiss him the way he laways kisses him, with all the love in his heart and at that moment he moves his fingers inside his fiance, who groans at the feeling, "ahhh Jiminahhh" he drawns his voice out and Jimin slowly puts third finger at the side and Yoongi closes his eyes shut as he whimpers a bit and with that tries to thrust back to meet his fingers.

He doesn't remove his fingers until his fiance is making small noises and speaks up, so when he stutters,

"I'm..I'm fine" and then Jimin removes his fingers and then Yoongi slowly lines himself with his cock and slowly lifts himself to sink down on the boy. He lets out a long moan as he takes his cock inch by inch and grips his hip in the course. Jimin is knocked out of breath at this but slowly inhales and exhales and tries not to thrust up.

Yoongi takes small breathes as tries to move, but Jimin thrusts up, and he finds his own rhythm. Yoongi starts to bounce on him just holding himself upright on his fiance's thighs.

"I love you..." Jimin mutters when he feels the climax is near, on the other side Yoongi isn't able to bounce anymore because his legs are tired now. Jimin takes over and switches their position in one swift motion.

Now, Yoongi is under him, and he starts to chase his orgasm.

Yoongi's drawn out moans are loudest now, "oh god baby, I love youuuuu".

hearing his words, Jimin topples into his orgasm and his blissed out face influences his fiance too. This time, they both ride out their end almost together.
Yoongi immediately pulls Jimin down to him and kisses him fiercely and he whispers, "It's the begining of our new sun love & I love you beyond your imagination".
Jimin also smiles into the kiss,

"I love you more".

"Not possible" Yoongi retorts.

"Wanna bet?"

"Always baby" Yoongi pines Jimin under him.


Recent day

"Jiminie are you ready?" Hoseok peeks through. Jimin is all set and he's just looking at the bouque he's been given, it's white lilies. He turns back hearing his hyung's voice and smiles,


Yoongi is standing at the white alter with Jin and Namjoon standing behind him, on the other side, Jungkook and Taehyung standing and constantly giving each other winks. Yoongi furrows his brows at that, but decides not to think about it, just when he turns his gaze forward, music starts, and to his surprise, it's one of his own songs, but a soft one.

Yoongi tries to laugh at the choice, but then, he gets struck by Jimin's arrival. All the memory of their first time comes back in front of his eyes, but that vision seems blurred now, becuase, this one in front of him is seems more real and alive ever.

Jimin comes to stand in front of him, and Yoongi doesn't stop himself, with one full stride he crosses their distance and kisses Jimin on the lips.

"I love you" he utters slowly as he detaches himself and holds his man's hands into his.

Jimin doesn't get surprised by his action, he just smiles brightly and mouths, "I love you".


Their forever starts the moment the minister binds them into wedlock.

Fin ~