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I saw my life in a stranger's face (And it was mine)

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 Yoonmin art

The world doesn't turn, the moon doesn't shine, everything comes to a static pace, but it isn't a pace anymore.


Jimin is running late, and Yoongi isn’t helping a bit, as he is clung to him like a Koala. “Yoongiii!” he groans in desperation. Yoongi just grunts but makes no move.
Jimin wriggles in his grasp, and tries to reach and pull his pants up, but he can’t because Yoongi is now mouthing at his nape. Jimin lets out a loud whine, “please baby I’m running late, Jin hyung will kill me, if I don’t make it on time.”

Yoongi smiles sheepishly, and hums but says nothing and goes back to his previous ministrations. His attention now goes to Jimin’s ear lobe, and he is happily sucking on it. Jimin knows his husband will not let him go if he doesn’t do the ultimate, but it feels so good when he does that with his earlobe. Then again, Jin’s furious face comes into his mind’s vision and he unwillingly reaches behind to tickle Yoongi’s sides.

The trick works immediately, and Yoongi is off of his back, but he takes it as an insult and growls low in his throat and about to jump at Jimin again, Jimin is faster enough to pull up his pant and gets out of the bedroom door. When he has taken the car key from the hall table, and is taking his pea-coat from the rack, Yoongi is stands at the bedroom door, all defeated and huffs disappointingly at his husband.

“It’s Saturday, and hyung’s got the appointment today!”
“I’m going to murder him in his sleep, Namjoon will not even know.” Yoongi fumes.

At this Jimin giggles softly, “I’ll see you tonight baby, and no murdering my favorite hyung okay?” he rolls his eyes at him.

“At least let me drive you!” Yoongi tries lastly.

Jimin shakes his head, “You‘ve just came back from work, I can’t let you drive now, go sleep, I’ll try to come home as soon as I’m finished.”

Yoongi says nothing but comes forward to close the gap with Jimin, and kisses him with all the passion he had after a long night of work, he poured them into that kiss. When they parts Jimin is out of breath, but he’s smiling all the same. He just silently mouths bye to his love sick hubi, and closes the door behind him.

Jimin is really late when he reaches Jin’s office, and the client he is supposed to meet is already there. When he enters the door he apologizes to both parties profusely, and looks at Jin, who is looking all professional, but Jimin gets a sharp look from him, and he bows again to apologize.

The man in front of Jin then comes forward to shake his hand with Jimin. At first he is taken aback that the man is not showing any sign of irritation for Jimin being late but he has a gentle and rather bright smile plastered on his face.

Jimin shakes his hand and the man speaks. “Hi Jimin my name is Jung Hoseok, and I’m very interested in your modern sculptures.”

“Hello, Hoseok ssi, I’m really glad to hear that and I really want to apologise for being late.” he just can’t take his eyes off the man, he looks so bright!

Hoseok laughs heartily, “Oh no, Jimin, I hope I can call you Jimin right?” he looks at Jimin eagerly.

“Oh ye.. yes sure!” Jimin becomes slightly flustered.

“Good.. you should also call me hyung, as we will be working together.”
“And you don’t have to apologise, I was a having a great talk with Jin hyung here. After all we’ve met after a long break.”

This time Jin clears his throat, and leans towards the desk. “Yes Hoseokah, and I’ve missed you, but you are sure about the deal are you?”

“Yes I’m very sure. I liked the art pieces, and if Jimin can work for my company project, I will be more than happy.”

Jimin looks eagerly at Jin now, who is shuffling through some papers, and then he gives a set of paper to Jimin.

“Jiminah, I need you to look at the papers, and then you can decide. No pressure at all.”

Jimin nods and takes the papers to go through it. The contract is crystal clear, and has no hidden spots in it. It says, Jimin has to be in charge of the modern sculptures for the High tide group and co. And he has to work for them, until he finishes his project which is of one year. It’s also mentioned that Jung Hoseok will be there with him, if he needs any help, as he is the assistant VP of designs for the company.

Jimin reads the papers, and then gives it back to Jin. “It’s ok with me hyung.”

Jin gives him a small smile, and turns towards Hoseok. “Okay, so we have a deal. I will be signing as his cosigner and then Jimin will sign, and we are done with the paperworks from your side. “

Hoseok nods and smiles, “yes absolutely. You will be so happy to work with our company Jimin.”

Jimin nods smiling, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Jimin and Jin signs on the papers and after that Hoseok takes his leave saying he has to go to his office to submit the papers to his superior, and they will be meeting next week fully at work.
Jimin waves him goodbye and as soon as Hoseok is out of the door, he plops himself on the chair.

Jin turns fully towards Jimin now. “How can you be so irresponsible, when you are about to make this grand deal of your entire career!”

Jimin looks at him apologetically, “I’m sorry hyung, but I was stuck at the traffic.”

“Bullshit! I know that brat. He must have done something. Or I don’t want to hear that.” Jin makes a disgusted face.

Jimin laughs behind his hand, “but hyung, it’s not like you and Joonie hyung are any better!”

“Ah speak of the devil! He made me clean the kitchen this morning. Can you believe that it’s literally possible to destroy the kitchen with a coffee pot!” Jin huffs tiredly.

Jimin starts to laugh loudly at that. “Don’t laugh! I had to skip breakfast today, and I hate it.” Jin grumbles.

“I’m sorry hyung, so do you want to get breakfast?” Jimin asks softly.

“Nah, I don’t have the appetite for breakfast anymore. Though after we finish the work here, I will take you to lunch as promised.” Jin smiles.

So for two hours, Jin and Jimin engages themselve with all the paperwork from Jimin’s side. Jin tells him about the company, and Jung Hoseok, that he is the best in his field, and so on.

At nearly 1:30 they get up to grab lunch. Jin has always been a foodie, thus he tries to make Jimin eat everything he has ordered. Jimin refuses but fails visibly at his attempts. After 3 pm, he finally becomes free, with a promise to Jin that he and Yoongi will come for lunch the next week at Jin and Namjoon’s house.

When Jimin arrives home, Yoongi is full knocked out. So Jimin doesn’t make any sound and enters their bedroom tip toed. As much as he loves to see his husband sleeping, he also loves to wake him up with a blow job. So Jimin slowly gets up on the bad, and without making any noise he slowly starts to massage Yoongi’s sleepy cock into his hand. Yoongi doesn’t stir, so Jimin just smirks, and pulls open the pajama strings, and pulls down the pant a little, just to get access to the main part.

Jimin doesn’t waste any more time and dips his head to take his semi hard member into his mouth. Yoongi now stirs a bit at the feeling at his lower part, but doesn’t wake up from his slumber yet. On the other hand he is sucking and slurping on his cock, and leaving traits of saliva from the licking long stripes on his cock. He massages his balls with his hand at the same time he takes him deeper into his throat, and Yoongi is fully hard now. He is moaning low in his throat, but still sleeping. Jimin knows his husband that it will be just a matter of time, and Yoongi will be chanting his name. So as predicted, Yoongi starts to moan Jimin’s name, as he is humming low in his throat with a mouthful Yoongi’s cock.

Jimin is taking his cock like a pro and Yoongi still hasn’t woken up, he gets a bit annoyed at that and leaves his cock of his mouth with a pop to look at his husband, the moment he does that sinful thing, Yoongi’s hand is entangled with Jimin’s hair strands and the grip is tight. Jimin smiles at this, and goes back to the previous sucking. He sucks harder now, and Yoongi has definitely awake now, because he’s eyeing his husband with hooded eyes, lapping at his slit with so much interest. Yoongi loosens his grip on Jimin’s hair a bit and channels his fingers through his hair instead, as Jimin’s eyes are slightly watery now, he doesn’t look up though, he becomes relentless at pleasuring his husband. He laps his tongue over his balls and sucks at them now and Yoongi hisses in the bubbling pull in his abdomen but he bites his lower lip to concentrate on Jimin’s lower lip and not coming any sooner.

Jimin is not tired but he can’t ignore the impossible tightness inside his own pant and is becoming unbearable by now. So he reaches down his one hand to seek some comfort for his own, but suddenly Yoongi sits up, and hold his hand into his. He has a light playing in his irises, and he winks at Jimin. This very thing is a very well-know thing for the couple and Yoongi loves it, and Jimin isn’t far behind. So Yoongi pats his thigh, and he without even questioning removes his own pant lays down facing the end of the bed.

Jimin sighs in relief when Yoongi’s tongue brushes the slit of his cock, and he without any restraint takes Yoongi’s cock into his mouth again. Yoongi holds Jimin’s own thigh away from his face as he mouths on his hard cock. He hollows his cheeks and takes him deeper into his mouth. Jimin kind of chokes into his cock by that, but goes back to sucking on the tip, and Yoongi gets all uncontrolled urge by that and he sucks on his cock like he’s slurping on a sweet lollipop. His husband's thigh that Yoongi has on his hold, is shaking by now, and he can feel that his end is near now. Yoongi also isn’t far behind as he is moaning loudly he has Jimin’s dick almost in his throat, and he is bobbing up and down, to chase the release of his husband.

Jimin pushes one of his finger inside his mouth beside Yoongi’s cock, and wets it with saliva, and before Yoongi can place his tongue flat on Jimin’s slit, Jimin places that finger of his to give just one circle around Yoongi’s rim. The action makes Yoongi almost swallow his cock, but he recovers with and slaps hard one of his ass cheek and Without any warning Jimin is coming over Yoongi’s lips and tongue that was licking stripes on his member.

Yoongi takes his mouth back on him instantly to take all of the milky substance on his tongue, and Jimin is almost seeing white because Yoongi has orgasmed too, and his cum has reached over his eyes. He kind of forgets to lap Yoongi’s cum because he can’t see his cock properly and Yoongi is all confused so after he finishes coming and feels no tongue on his cock, he gets up with all question on his face, but he is introduced with cum blinded Jimin. Who’s lips are protruded, and his eyes are half lidded and he has cum all over his face.

Yoongi almost squawks at the scene but before Jimin starts to whine, he uses his own tongue to lick all the cum, his own cum from Jimin’s face. He giggles loudly, and tries to get rid off his licking, but Yoongi holds him tight in his embrace to finish every small drop of white substance from his husband’s face. Jimin can’t stop smiling and is finally able to look at Yoongi. Who has a very satisfied smile on his face.

Jimin pecks Yoongi’s lips softly, and quirks his head to the left, “you should have warned me that I’ve married a dog.”

Yoongi licks at his nose, and looks at his scrunched face, “I’m your dog baby.” and makes a barking sound, that leaves Jimin all giggling in his husband's hold.