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Sweet but Psycho

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It had been a good two days since my talk with Junmyeon, and everything was going like he had said. There was another gang meeting, and again it was being held at EXO’s house.

The previous two days had been quiet, I’ve been having my nightly drinks with Kyungsoo, trying my best to ignore Chanyeol’s consistent stares and surprisingly spending more time with Baekhyun, Sehun and Jongdae. The last couple of days had also included me doing practically nothing, besides catching up on all my episodes of Supernatural.

The last couple of days had also included me wondering as to why Taeyong wouldn’t tell me who he was, would he think I’d hate him? – I didn’t. Maybe he thought I would be mad? – I mean let’s face it, I was mad but I was more sad that I was only finding out who he was now. We had been friends for years, I’d forgive him eventually anyway.. Just like I had done with Junmyeon, who I had also been spending more time with.

I hadn’t told him I knew who Taeyong was, and I doubted he knew. He probably didn’t even remember him, because if he knew who he was he probably wouldn’t let me go meet him.

Minseok and I had also talked, if wasn’t anything serious. He just told me that he was tired of “fighting” all the time. He wanted for us to get along, and it didn’t necessarily have to be as a couple. He told me to think about it and take my time, and later on would we start figuring things out.

Kyungsoo was getting more and more loose with each and every drink we shared at night, and I was surprised to say – he was actually pretty nice, once you got to know him at least. He didn’t have much of a sad backstory, like I had thought he would, he was just at the wrong place at the right time. He had met Junmyeon when he was at a shooting range, Junmyeon asked if he was looking for a job and surprisingly they went for there. At least that was what Kyungsoo had told me.

Currently most people were waiting for the groups to arrive, as the meeting would start in about an hour. Most groups would always arrive early, ready to just get everything started so they could leave again. Although today would be a bit different, as BTS had said they were being held up by something.

I sat in my room, waiting for the sound of a doorbell. My plan for today was to show Taeyong my photo album, hoping it would bring out a reaction. At first I thought about walking straight up to him and confronting him about it, but if I were to do that Junmyeon would never let me go with them anymore. So I decided to go for a subtle approach anyway, and try to play dumb.

As I went to sit down on my bed and grab my phone I heard the doorbell ring. Now was the time. I snatched the album from my bed and ran out of my room, ‘I got it!’ I exclaimed, practically shoving Tao aside as he walked over to the door. I heard him mumble something under his breath before his footsteps walked the other way. I opened the door, and my smile fell. It wasn’t NCT, it was GOT7.

‘I’ve never seen a smile fade so quickly, were you hoping to see someone else princess?’ Jinyoung asked as I stepped aside and let them in. ‘Perhaps Jackson?’ Yugmyeon smirked as he walked past me. ‘He threw me aside remember,’ I snapped, reminding him of what had happened. ‘And actually I was hoping to see Jimin, I missed his cute pink hair’ I shrugged, turning around and walking off.

Kris, who had heard and seen the interaction, walked over to them. The men greeted each other before Kris led them to the office. The other boys spared me almost none of their attention as they followed along, leaving me alone in the living room – besides the few others of EXO that had gathered in the kitchen.

I sat down on the couch and opened the album. The first few pictures were baby pictures of Junmyeon, from when before we had met obviously. The pictures were extremely fun to look at, his little chubby face and sweet smile were something that never failed to make me laugh.

After passing multiple pages I finally reached our “early years”, from when we were in kinder garden. My eyes fell on a picture of me and Junmyeon, it was a picture of us at a zoo. The both of us stood in front of the glass as we watched a bunch of lions walk around, when finally one came closer to have a look. In the picture you could clearly see the shock on our faces when the lion stopped in front of the glass and jumped up, scaring everyone near it.

In the second picture you could see me crying and Junmyeon on the floor, laughing. I could almost perfectly remember how scared I was at that moment, thinking the lion could get me. A small smile formed on my lips as I looked at the third picture, a familiar figure in the back of the picture, running over to us. Even though the figure was blurry, due to the camera being focused on me and Junmyeon, I could clearly make out Taeyong’s younger face.

This was when we had only just become friends, a trip to the zoo being a school trip to get to know each other. In the fourth picture you could see Junmyeon getting off the floor, and Taeyong pulling me in his arms after helping me up.

‘What are you smiling at?’ a voice suddenly spoke from behind me, making me jump and turn around – my smile now long gone. ‘God, stop that’ I snapped, moving to slap the person that had scared me. Ten stood behind me, now pretending to clutch his arm in pain. ‘Ouch, rude, and no it’s not him.. Just me, your favourite member of course’ he sassed as he moved to sit down next to me.

The sounds of footsteps behind me made me look over my shoulder. ‘Hey sweetheart’ Lucas smirked, walking over to sit down on a single seat. I internally gagged at his use of words as I watched Mark sit down on the seat’s armrest. Two I recognized as Taeil and Kun also joined us, Kun taking the seat next to Lucas as Taeil simply stood behind him.

‘But what were you looking at?’ Ten asked again, turning my attention back to him. ‘Just some old pictures’ I shrugged as I turned back to my album. Ten looked along with me, his eyes quickly scanning over the pictures.

‘Oh is this you?’ he cooed pointing at the second picture. As I nodded I felt someone lean over from behind me, their breath hitting the back of my neck. Jaehyun smiled at me as I turned around, ‘how the hell did you guys even get in?’.

‘The door was open’ Mark shrugged, letting me turn back to my album. ‘You were so cute here-’ Ten smiled, his eyes not leaving the picture. ‘-Not that you aren’t cute now’ he smirked as he looked up from the album. I simply rolled my eyes before turning to the next page.

I was looking over the pictures of me and my friends in the zoo when I heard Ten say something to Kun, but because he was talking in Chinese I couldn’t quite understand. But I didn’t have to speak the language to understand that they were clearing talking about Taeyong in the pictures, probably wondering if I maybe already knew. 

‘Who are they?’ Jaehyun suddenly piped in from behind me, his hand moving past me to point at a picture. It was a picture of Junmyeon, Taeyong and I in front of the panda’s. ‘This is me, this is Suho and this is Tae’ I explained, making sure to refer to Junmyeon by his nickname.

‘Wait you’re telling me that this,’ Jaehyun started, pointing at Junmyeon, ‘is currently EXO’s leader?’. As I nodded Jaehyun let out a laugh, ‘who would’ve thought he was so cute back then’.

‘But who’s this?’ the man next to me asked, pointing at the younger version of Taeyong. ‘That?’ I asked, pretending to think about it. ‘Oh, that’s my friend Tae’ I suddenly spoke and from the corner of my eye I could see Mark and Taeil give each other a look.

‘He was my friend from kinder garden to high school’ I explained, Lucas now also looking over at us. ‘What happened?’ he asked and I could tell they were all curious to know what my answer would be. Had Taeyong not told them that we used to be friends? ‘I don’t know to be honest, we just.. grew apart I suppose’ as I remembered the past I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. We used to be so close.

Jaehyun placed his hand on my shoulder, hoping to provide a bit of comfort, when I heard another pair of footsteps walk up to us. As I turned the page, the person sat down on the couch next to me. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Taeyong sat down next to me on the couch, two drinks in his hands.

‘Thirsty?’ I laughed as I watched him get comfortable. ‘Not really, you?’ Taeyong smiled at me as he offered me the second drink, which I gladly accepted. ‘Thanks’ I returned his smile before taking a sip of the drink, it was just simple juice.

‘I could use a drink as well’ Lucas suddenly spoke up as he grabbed a flask from his jacket and took a sip. ‘Really Yukhei, now?’ Kun scolded him before slapping him shoulder, making Lucas almost drop the flask before quickly putting it back in his jacket. ‘What, you know these meetings make me thirsty’ he exclaimed, causing a soft laugh to escape my lips and it didn’t take long before I noticed Taeyong snickering next to me.

‘Ah, you’re cute when you laugh’ Ten suddenly spoke up, making Taeyong stop laughing as we both turned to look at him. As I thanked him Jaehyun let out a sigh behind me, ‘why can’t you say that when I compliment you?’. ‘Because when you do it it’s obnoxious’ I shrugged, noticing that Taeyong was still looking at Ten. Only when I leaned forward to place my drink on the table was when he stopped his glaring.

When I flipped to the next page I noticed Taeyong look along with me. When he noticed just what pictures I was looking at his breath caught in his throat. I didn’t want to show my smile, but on the inside I was grinning. As I looked over I pretended to look worried, ‘what’s wrong?’ I asked, now also getting the attention from his other group members. ‘Oh, u-uh, nothing’ he stuttered before quickly regaining his senses. I simply nodded and turned back to my book, folding over to the next page.

On the next page there were some pictures of the three of us hanging out at my home, we were building a pillow fort. Or well, they were building a pillow fort and I was doing absolutely nothing in the back of the picture. They worked so well back then, it used to be the three of us, and not me and my two male friends.

It became different around the time of college, and I now knew Junmyeon changed so much because he wanted to make a move on me. Perhaps back then Taeyong felt the same. I could tell he was looking along with me as I moved through the pages. Because I had seen these pages before I knew what we were getting to in the book, that one game of truth or dare, which is where I was dared to kiss Taeyong.

When the first pictures of that night started showing up I leaned forward to grab my drink. Kun, Taeil and Mark were softly chatting with each other, but looked over when I put the glass to my lips. They didn’t say anything but simply watched me drink before continuing their conversation. After putting the glass back I flipped to the next page.

And there it was, the picture of me kissing Taeyong. Well, I was only kissing his cheek but apparently that was a big deal, as you could see other kids laughing and clapping in the pictures. I heard Jaehyun let out a soft laugh behind me, his hand still on my shoulder.

From the corner of my eyes I could tell that Taeyong was smiling, as he probably remembered the moment. It wasn’t much, but I couldn’t help but let out a small snicker. ‘Is that your album?’ Lucas suddenly asked. ‘It is now, but it was made by someone else’ I responded, unsure if it was a good idea to say that it was made by Junmyeon’s mom.

I saw Taeyong move, as if he were to say something, but was cut off when the doorbell rang again. Jumping up, I handed the album to Taeyong and walked over to the door. As I opened the door I was greeted by Jackson’s smile. ‘Princess’ he exclaimed as I stepped aside to let him in. I could feel multiple eyes on me as Jackson pulled me in for a hug.

‘Ohh, someone’s jealous’ he whispered softly into my ear before breaking the hug. Just as I was about to turn around to see who was looking at us I felt a hand on my upper back. ‘Jackson Wang, I can’t believe people still invite you’ I heard Jaehyun say, his hand moving and now loosely resting against the small of my back.

‘I suppose people still want information’ Jackson shrugged, unbothered by the comment. ‘And we all pay him for it anyway’ another voice spoke, turning my attention back to the door. Yoongi walked over to stand next to Jackson, Jimin and Taehyung following behind.

‘But all for different reasons’ Jimin cut in, and I could feel Jaehyun ball his hand into a fist on my back. ‘Our reasons not being weaponry or cocaine’ Mark spoke, now joining the little huddle. ‘Ok, and that’s about enough for today-’ I started, turning around to face Jaehyun and Mark. ‘-Why don’t all of you go meet the others inside’, I spoke – referring to the office.

Before Mark was able to speak up and say anything Ten walked up to us and wrapped his arms around their shoulders, instantly pulling them close. ‘That sounds like a great idea Y/N, let’s go little babies’ he smiled before pulling both boys along with him.

As I turned back around Jackson was grinning at me, ‘aww princess, you didn’t have to stand up for me like that’. He pressed a hand to his heart, causing me to shake my head and laugh. ‘Again,’ I retorted, ‘and I didn’t do it for you, I just need some peace and quiet’.

‘Tell me about it’ Yoongi let out a sigh and turned to look at the two men next to him, who just smiled and shrugged. ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ Taehyung shrugged as Jimin let out a laugh. ‘I like your new hair by the way’ I admitted, turning to the younger member. ‘Oh thank you!’ Jimin smiled sweetly tilting his head in content.

We stood and chatted with each other for a little before Namjoon walked through the door, closing it behind him. So only four members of Bangtan were attending today. The moment Namjoon noticed us he walked over, his eyes on me. ‘Why don’t you guys head on inside, so I can have a moment with Y/N’ he spoke as soon as he reached us, and I noticed Jackson look up in surprise.

Yoongi, Taehyung and Jimin all turned to look at Jackson, who remained in his spot. ‘Oh, you’re ordering me to leave too’ Jackson spoke, as soon as he realized they were waiting on him. ‘You’re not even my boss, why am I listening to you’ he said more to himself as he turned around and walked away with the others three, leaving me alone with Namjoon.

‘I wanted to thank you-’ he started, my attention turning back to him. ‘Thanks to your info we were able to clear out our warehouse before anyone showed up’.

‘So hereby we are.. even’ as the words reached my ears a small smile formed. ‘No problem, and thank you too’. Our conversation ended here, as he nodded and excused himself.

I walked back to the table to grab my drink when I saw Kyungsoo walk towards the stairs before stopping midway. He turned to me, and simply waited, figuring I would follow him upstairs. ‘So no more debts?’ he asked as I walked over and nodded at him, ‘no more debts’.

As I was the doors to the office close, Kyungsoo and I walked up the stairs. Even though there was a comfortable silence I couldn’t help but want to ask something. ‘How do you feel about the plan?’ I asked, breaking the silence. Kyungsoo looked over in surprise before shrugging, ‘I’m not sure, I think they can’t be trusted and I doubt we will be able to ever do business with them’.

‘But I do hope that you’ll be safe, and are careful around them’, I could hear the worry in his voice – he didn’t trust them. ‘Don’t worry, I will’ I assured him and I saw his shoulders loose a bit of stiffness. ‘I know, but maybe we should train a bit before you leave’ he offered and I almost jumped in excitement before nodding.

I had been meaning to ask for training sessions with the boys, and this was the perfect opportunity to start. Due to my fighting lessons as a child I already knew most stuff, but I was very excited to see just how good some of these guys were, especially Kyungsoo or Kris.

‘Don’t laugh to soon, because I won’t go easy on you’ Kyungsoo smirked, causing me to purposely bump into him as we walked up the stairs. ‘Don’t you worry honey, I’m sure I can take it’ I sassed back, a laugh leaving his lips.

As we got closer and closer to Sehun’s room, the sounds of people walking around became clear, and the moment we got close the door opened and Jongin stepped outside. ‘Oh thank God you’re here, Sehun is having a panic attack and Yixing is downstairs’ he practically called out to us the moment he saw us.

Kyungsoo and I picked up our walking speed, he stopped in front of Jongin as I entered the room. Baekhyun sat in front of Sehun as he tried to calm him down, but failed miserably. ‘Do you want me to get Yixing?’ Kyungsoo asked. Sehun almost cried in despair and sunk further into his seat. It pained me to see him like this, so I did was I had to do and walked over.

‘Wait, give me a minute’ I called over, causing Baekhyun to look over his shoulder. As he saw me walk over he took a step aside, letting me move in front of Sehun. I kneeled down in front of him before placing one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chin, making him look at me. ‘Hey, it’s alright, I’m here. Sehun I need you to concentrate on your breathing, I’ll walk you through it’ I assured him before taking in a deep and loud breath.

‘Follow my breathing ok-’ I spoke, pushing the breath out. ‘Take a deep breath in’, I noticed Sehun try and follow. ‘And breathe out’, he pushed the breath out before letting out a small cough. ‘And again’ I continued, before following a steady rhythm with him.

‘You’re doing great Sehun, keep going’ I spoke in between breaths when I noticed his breathing almost following the pace.

‘I know that what you are feeling is scary, but you can do this. Let’s keep going, just a few more’ as I encouraged Sehun to keep going I heard Jongin and Kyungsoo walk in the room before closing the door. ‘Just a few more baby’ I spoke, forgotten about the others in the room.

Sehun closed his eyes as we took in another deep breath, before releasing it and grabbing my hand from his chin. ‘T- thank y-you’ he still stuttered, his breath not completely back to normal yet. ‘It’s alright, is there anything you need?’ I asked as he nodded and took another deep breath. ‘Water please’ he muttered followed by the release of the breath.

Before I could ask one of the boys to go get something I saw a glass appear from next to me. I grabbed the glass from whoever was holding it and handed it to Sehun. The glass was quickly taken from me as Sehun took a big gulp from it.

‘What happened?’ I heard Kyungsoo ask as I saw Baekhyun get up from next to me. ‘I accidentally broke one of his screens’ the man spoke and as I looked over my shoulder I indeed saw a big crack in one of the many screens.

‘For fucks sake, how did this happen?’ Kyungsoo continued and I could practically see Baekhyun shuffle from side to side while avoiding eye contact. ‘Jongin and I were just toying around, and I tripped..’ he explained, a deep sigh leaving both Kyungsoo’s and my lips.

As I felt Sehun squeeze my fingers I looked back at him, his eyes already open. I lifted my other hand from his shoulder before running my fingers through his hair, causing him to lean into the touch. ‘Thank you’ he spoke again.

‘It’s alright baby, are you feeling any better?’ I asked, making sure to lower my voice a bit. Sehun nodded before speaking up, ‘yes, I just freaked out when I saw the broken screen’.

‘That’s totally fine, but there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll get you a new screen ok?’ I asked, making Sehun think about it before simply nodding. I whipped away a few almost dry tears before pulling Sehun’s chair to the side, so the other boys could sit down and focus on the meeting.

Due to my movement Sehun must have thought I was getting up, so he quickly wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. ‘Please don’t go’ he whispered into my neck, his hand moving to the back of my neck.

‘I’m not going anywhere baby’ I confirmed from him and wrapped my arms around him. I propped myself up to sit more comfortably on my knees, all the while making sure not to pull away from Sehun. His warm, and sometimes so rapid breath, felt warm against my neck but as I continued moving my fingers through his hair I felt him calm down further.

The other boys had already gotten back to the meeting, but I could tell they still turned to watch us every now and then – just in case. The longer I stayed in this position, the more my knees started to hurt and now they were starting to ache. ‘Baby go lay down on your couch or bed for a moment ok? Mommy’s knees are starting to hurt’ I whispered into his neck, the words leaving my mouth before I could really realize what I just said.

Sehun nodded in my neck before slowly letting go of me, my hand falling out of his hair. I saw a small tint of red on his cheeks as he stood up and walked over to the couch. As he sat down I took his place in the chair, rolling over to him. ‘If you need anything just give a shout’ I smiled and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his forward.

As I turned around to roll back I saw Jongin looking at us, a small smirk on his face. I was sure he hadn’t heard me call myself mommy, but he had obviously seen me kiss Sehun. ‘What?’ I said, faking a threatening tone. ‘Nothing’ he shrugged, a small smile leaving his lips.

Dear God, what was happening to me?


The room we were sitting in was quiet. Sehun still laid on the couch while the rest of us sat on the chairs to look at the screens. The meeting was taking longer than expected, but luckily it was finally coming to an end.

The few members of BTS had already started gathering the few papers they had before getting up and wishing the others a good day. ‘There is still something I’d like to discuss with you’ Junmyeon said while turning to Taeyong, who was also starting to pack his things. ‘What for?’ he asked, the surprise evident in his voice.

‘Is it something interesting?’ Youngjae of GOT7 asked, leaning forward in his chair. ‘Well it’s none of your business, that’s for one’ Minseok returned annoyed, crossing his arms over his chest. ‘Because it’s about your girl?’ Bambam continued, making Minseok snap his head towards him.

‘Getting tired of her already?’Jinyoung smirked, now also cutting in. I could see and almost hear Junmyeon sigh before rubbing his forehead, his eyes once again meeting Taeyong, who simply nodded. ‘Don’t you have better things to do?’ Taeyong asked the other group and Jaebum nodded.

‘We do actually, so shut it-’ as their leader spoke to them they immediately grew quiet, ‘-and let’s give these men their privacy’. As the entire group grabbed their things and got up to leave only Jackson and the few members of NCT remained.

‘You too Mr. Wang’ Jaebum called out as he reached the door, looking back over his shoulder at the younger man. ‘Oh.. sure’ Jackson simply mumbled before getting up and walking after them. The room grew quiet, all eyes now on Junmyeon as he got up from his chair and moved to sit on the desk. ‘In a few days me and a few of the boys will be leaving to handle business elsewhere.. but unfortunately we can’t take Y/N with us-’, he started explaining but was quickly cut off.

‘Why not?’ Taeil asked, earning a look from Taeyong for interrupting the other. ‘Because it’s too dangerous, we don’t know what we’ll walk in to over there’ Kris spoke and Taeil simply nodded in understanding.

‘But due to certain things in the past we can’t afford to leave her here. So I’d like to ask you for a favour of sorts, if you’d take Y/N in for a few days’ Junmyeon finished and Mark’s eyes visibly grew wide. ‘Why us?’ Taeyong asked, leaning back in his chair. I could tell he was suspicious of the situation, and of course he had every right to be.

‘You weren’t our first choice, but Namjoon is too busy and we aren’t even going to bother with Jaebum. Jackson, well.. he’d probably like it too much. And besides, she seems to trust you’ Jun explained and even from this distance I saw Jaehyun smile. ‘What makes you think that?’ Ten cut in, luckily believing everything that was being said.

‘She showed you that album earlier right?’ Minseok asked, making him nod. ‘Inside are pictures of her childhood, which is something that’s she’s very secretive about, and let’s just say we haven’t even seen the pictures yet’.

‘Well excuse me, now he’s making me look like the bad guy! I haven’t shown anyone the pictures because nobody asked!’ I exclaimed turning to the three boys beside me. ‘He’s just saying that to grab their attention’ Jongin shrugged. ‘And I have shown it to Junmyeon’ I mumbled, getting up from my chair.

‘Where are you going?’ Kyungsoo asked, grabbing my hand. ‘Downstairs’, I replied and turned to Sehun, ‘is there anything you need?’. Sehun shook his head before I turned back to Kyungsoo. ‘Don’t worry I’m not leaving yet’ I smiled, as he nodded and let go of my hand.

Before leaving the room I looked back at the screen, to see the boys still discussing details. I walked out of the room, letting the door fall shut. But the shutting noise delayed a bit, before footsteps followed mine. Baekhyun hopped over next to me before throwing his arm over my shoulder. As I looked at him his lips formed into a big smile.

‘So.. Sehun is your baby now huh?’ he asked, a small groan leaving my lips as I pushed his stomach. ‘Aren’t you all my baby’s?’ As I returned his smile his eyes grew wide. ‘Don’t you wanna be my baby Baekhyunnie?’ I cooed, a short cough leaving his lips. ‘O-oh, no’ he stuttered in surprise before awkwardly lowering his gaze to the floor.

I decided to drop the topic, unsure if he was uncomfortable or not, as we now walked down the stairs in silence. His arm was still around my shoulder, making it a bit difficult to walk down the stairs. But when we reached the bottom he let go of me.

‘Hey, do you trust me?’ he asked as he reached the corner to walk into the living room. You could still hear Jackson’s voice as he spoke to whoever. ‘Sure’, as the words left my mouth Baekhyun moved to stand in front of me, causing me to stop before lowering through his knees a bit. ‘Hop on’ he simply said, and I decided to not question him and hop on his back. He walked the both of us to the corner before speaking up, ‘laugh’.

I tried to make the laugh sound as accurate as possible as we rounded the corner and passed the meeting room. Because the windows in the door were covered with a certain shielding you weren’t able to look inside, but they were able to see our silhouettes. So they would clearly be able to see me sitting on someone’s back and laughing.

We had only just passed the doors when I heard them open behind us. Baekhyun walked us to the table in the living room before setting me down. My album laid on the table, still open on one of the pages but not one I had showed the boys earlier. I walked over to grab it from the table when I heard my name being called. My eyes quickly scanned over the page as I lifted the album up.

It was a picture of me and Taeyong. We posed for the picture being taken, my arms were wrapped around his waist as he pulled me into his side. The both of us smiled for the picture, and we actually looked happy. Was this the last picture Taeyong had looked at?

‘Y/N’, someone called again and this time I actually looked up, closing the album. ‘Did you hear the good news?’ Lucas grinned as he walked over. I simply shook my head, holding the album close to my chest – because apparently I was very fond of it.

‘We’re going to have a sleepover at our place!’ he exclaimed and I almost jumped back in surprise, due to his excitement. ‘What? When?’ I pretended to be surprised, now noticing the other members also walk up to us, along with Junmyeon and Minseok. ‘When the boys and I leave for our trip, we arranged for you to stay with them’ Junmyeon explained, moving over to stand next to me as he placed his hand on my upper back.

‘Oh, ok’ I muttered, giving Taeyong a faint smile. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they are on their best behaviour’ Taeyong spoke, nodding his head at Lucas and Jaehyun.

‘Aren’t I always?’ Jaehyun asked, causing Ten to shake his head. ‘No’.

‘And we’ll make sure you have a great time’ Mark smiled, just as excited as Lucas. I hadn’t expected all of them to be this excited for this. Some of them yes, but not all of them.

‘When will you be leaving?’ Kun asked, turning to Junmyeon. ‘The day after tomorrow’ was his answer, surprising even me. I didn’t know they would be leaving so soon, I only had a day left to pack some stuff before I was being sent off.

I nodded at their words before looking over at Jackson, who did definitely not seem happy about hearing the news. He wasn’t able to say anything about it though, because he was quickly ushered out by Kris.

‘We should get going’ Taeil started as he looked down at his watch, ‘we still have other things to do’. As Taeyong nodded at this the other boys said their goodbye’s. ‘See you soon!’ Ten smiled and waved at me. I returned his gesture as I watched all the boys walk to the door, leaving me with Junmyeon and Minseok.

As I turned to look at them a small yawn left my lips, before remembering my earlier conversation with Kyungsoo. ‘Oh hey, I was talking with Soo earlier and we thought it was a good idea for me to take a few fighting lessons with him’, I started and quickly saw Junmyeon’s face contort into a grimace. ‘Just so I’ll be able to defend myself if needed’ I quickly added, making him turn to look at Minseok, who just shrugged and nodded. ‘Sounds like a good idea to me, to be honest’.

‘Ok, but I’ll talk to Kyungsoo about it first’ Junmyeon said, making me nod. I was already happy to be getting lessons to begin with, so this was a good start.

‘You should start packing a suitcase too, it’ll look weird if they pick you up without one’ Minseok started and I practically immediately started walking to the stairs to go to my room. ‘I’ll start right now!’ I called back to them, not bothering to wait for an answer as I walked into the hallway.

After walking into my room I grabbed the first bag I could find before placing it on the bed, putting the album down next to it. As I started looking through my closet for some clothing I let my mind wander for a bit.

So tomorrow I had fighting classes with Kyungsoo, and the day after I would be leaving to spend a few days with NCT. Everything went exactly according to plan..