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Sweet but Psycho

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A few days had passed, and my life had started to fall into a rhythm. The days had started to become the same: wake up, eat breakfast with the boys, work in the garden, eat lunch, fill up spare time with something else, eat dinner, go upstairs, shower and go to bed.

Usually the “fill up spare time” was the only thing different, sometimes I’d read a book. Other times I’d watch a movie or play a video game with one of the available boys, which usually were either Baekhyun, Jongdae or Sehun but the others never actually give me some proper privacy. Right now I was watching a movie with Sehun and Jongin as we all lounged on one of the couches.

Junmyeon tried to be with me as much as possible but his work was keeping him busy, which was notably frustrating him. I could tell he was getting less sleep and becoming exhausted. Yixing saw it too and he was getting more worried every day. Of course Jun told us he was fine but Yixing knew otherwise and had been telling him to take it slow.

Of course Minseok left after breakfast to go to “work” and didn’t come home until after I showered, so he also wasn’t much of entertainment to me. Kris.. well, Kris was still the same. He was busy and he had just come back from a short trip to China. Lu and Tao were still there and I was starting to miss Luhan’s sassy comments.

I was avoiding Chanyeol like he was the plaque and things with Kyungsoo went back to how things used to be, which meant we weren’t really talking.

A few days ago Sehun had given me my phone back so I could use it again but I still hadn’t received any new messages from my mystery guy, or at least I thought he was a guy. Earlier today Junmyeon had told me that there would be people over, important people apparently and he had kindly asked me to stay clear from them. But I think the both of us knew I had other plans, just to get on his nerves a little.

Minseok had given me a list of the people that would be showing up, so I could recognize their faces and talk to them if needed. You know, just in case..


Only a few minutes had passed when the first one arrived, and from what Baekhyun had told me earlier he was the leader from a mafia group down south, but I couldn’t quite remember his or the group’s name. His dark grey hair was the first thing I noticed when he walked through the big doors and the second thing was his stern expression. Jongdae walked in front of him to lead him to wherever he needed to be, which I assumed was the meeting room. I had been in there a few times, but all were not very pleasant as I was there when Junmyeon told me about that stupid ‘contract’.

As Jongdae walked past us I noticed the guy behind him looking around and the moment he passed the couch his eyes fell on me. He seemed surprised for a moment before returning his face back to the front as he followed Jongdae. I moved to stand up from my seat as I grabbed my cup from the table to get something to drink.

When I heard a new voice coming from the door my eyes quickly turned in its direction. There were two man standing at the door and one of them spoke to the other in a language I couldn’t quite understand, but I knew it was directed at me as both of their eyes were on me.

‘Oh come on Yuta, that’s no way to talk about a lady’ the other replied as they started walking towards us. ‘Please excuse him, he can be quite.. forward’ as the words left his mouth they stopped in front of me. The man extended his hand to me before smiling, ‘my name is Johnny, again please excuse my colleague Yuta for his behaviour, we are your guests after all’.

I placed my hand in his palm, expecting him to shake it. But instead he brought my hand up to his lips and pressed his lips to the top of my hand. Jongin made a groaning noise behind me, and I heard him get up from the couch as he moved to stand behind me. ‘She’s not interested Johnny, just take Yuta and follow Taeyong’ Jongin spoke from behind me as Johnny looked up from his kiss and smirked at the man behind me. ‘You and I both know I like a challenge’ his words only seemed to add more fuel to the fire as I felt Jongin slide past me.

Before he could speak up however I removed my hand from Johnny’s grasp and wrapped it around Jongin’s arm. His eyes met mine before he let out a deep sigh and shook his head, but stayed next to me. Yuta gave the other man a small tap to the back of his head before the two of them walked after their boss.

‘It’s always the same with those guys from NCT, best stay away from them Y/N, you are better off with us then that you are with them’ Sehun softly spoke from the couch which caused me to turn around.

‘And why is that?’ I asked while raising my eyebrow at him. ‘Because those guys mostly work in human trafficking and prostitution, any woman that gets involved with any of them ends up in one of the two options’ he answered before his eyes turned to follow both boys down the hall.

‘Oh please it’s not always those two options, there’s also a third option’ another voice from behind us spoke. Two more guys stood there as one gave us a soft smile. ‘Death’ the other guy replied, this made the first one sigh and look at him. ‘That’s not what I meant Lucas-’ he spoke before turning back to us.

‘You know what never mind. Anyway, we haven’t met before, I’m-’ he started but I cut him off by extending my hand to him. ‘Mark, it’s nice to meet you’ I smiled at him as he seemed surprised by me knowing his name.

He let out a short laugh before taking my hand and shaking it, ‘and it is nice to finally meet you too miss Y/L/N, I’ve heard quite a lot about you’ he admitted before letting go of my hand. ‘And I must admit, it’s nice to meet someone that does their research’ Mark laughed before stepping aside to let the other, Lucas, introduce himself.

‘My name is Lucas, and Mark is right, the stories speak the truth’ he smiled before shaking my hand and looking directly into my eyes. ‘And what do these stories say?’ I heard Sehun ask as he got up from the couch and walked over to the four of us.

‘Just that she is gorgeous’ Lucas smirked before I noticed someone sneaking up behind him, and this face I did recognize. ‘And that Junmyeon is a very lucky guy’ Jackson whispered into Lucas’s ear, who visibly jumped before turning around to look at the source. ‘Wow, they even invited the snake, guess it is our time to go’ Lucas spoke to Mark before the other nodded and they both left without another word, but both made sure to give me a small bow while walking away.

‘A snake huh?’ I questioned Jackson, who only smiled wider and shrugged. ‘I gather information.. For anyone that pays the right amount, which means sometimes I give information on crews that just paid me for information. So they tend to be.. cautious with what they say around me’ Jackson finished before straightening his back.

‘But anyway, enough about me. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen you, how have you been princess?’ his smooth voice made me laugh a bit before smiling back at him. ‘I’ve been well, how about you?’ I asked him as to which he nodded, telling me he was doing good too. I purposely ignored his nickname for me, but I could tell it annoyed Jongin. But with what Jackson told me earlier, I’m sure a lot of people were cautious around him as he must know quite a lot about them.

‘What are you doing here by the way, I thought this was like a “gang meeting”’ I spoke, making sure to put the exclamation marks on. Jackson let out a small laugh before nodding, ‘I suppose it is a gang meeting, but what would a gang be without information?’.

‘Hmm true, would you like something to drink?’ he nodded at my question before I lead him into the kitchen, leaving Jongin and Sehun behind us. I tried offering him a beer, but instead he smiled at me again before asking for a water instead. ‘Still got a meeting to attend to’ he spoke as I grabbed two glasses of water before pulling out two chairs.

I sat down at the head of the table as Jackson took the closest seat, making sure he could still look into the room. ‘How are they treating you? Really?’ Jackson made sure to whisper that last part as he looked at me, and I could tell that his worry was genuine. Did he know how I got here?

‘They’re treating me just fine Jackson-’ I started but was cut off by him putting down his glass and speaking once more. ‘I know how you got here Y/N, I know they won’t let you leave but you are not quite their prisoner. So don’t lie to me and tell me, are you ok?’. My mouth ran dry as I let my eyes move towards the living room before turning back to look at the man in front of me.

Jackson grabbed my hand from the table and placed it in between his hands as he waited for an answer. ‘Honestly, you have nothing to worry about at the moment and besides-’ I admitted as I slowly pulled my hand from his grasp and gently placed it on top of his hands. ‘I know how to handle myself’ I tapped his hands a few times before letting them go and dropping them to rest on my legs.

‘I’m sure you know, but if you ever need help. You know where to find me’ he leaned in a little as he softly spoke the words and moved to sit straight.

‘I see the Bangtan Boys are also invited to the party’ Jackson spoke suddenly, with by far one of the fakest smiles I have ever seen. ‘You can hardly describe this as a party’ I heard a familiar voice speak, a small smile placed itself on my face as I turned around to greet them. Hoseok was the one to speak and therefore he was already looking in our direction. When his eyes met mine his face immediately lit up and he almost skipped over to the two of us.

‘Y/N! It’s good to see you again!’ he exclaimed before allowing me to get off the chair before he pulled me into a tight hug. The mention of my name seemed to gather the others attention, as they all turned to look at us. ‘Y/N?’ Namjoon softly spoke before also walking towards us.

‘So you are alive?’ Yoongi snorted causing me to nod and before I could make a comment Jackson spoke up. ‘You know these guys?’ his questions was turned to me as I turned to look at the other boys. ‘Of course, I used to work at one of their clubs’, of course this was a plain lie but I had never told the others boys about my other profession and I wasn’t planning on ever telling them.

Jin was the first one to notice as he spoke with a bright smile, ‘best bartender we’ve ever had, what a loss it was when you left’. Namjoon gave him a short look before nodding along and also offering me and Jackson a smile. ‘But of course very understandable, you wanted to open your own place’ as the words left his mouth I, unknown to the man next to me, raised a brow at him.

‘Well this has been great really, but I better get going inside’ Jackson got up from his chair before placing a hand on my shoulder, ‘if you need me, you know where to find me’. Before leaving he gave me a small smirk and a wink and the other boys a cold look.

When he was just out of reach I softly spoke up, ‘how did you know I had my own bar?’ I asked Namjoon as he just let out a small snicker. ‘What, you really think that after I found out who you were I wasn’t going to let them look into you?’ he nodded his head to the others as Jimin smiled at me before giving me a small wave.

‘I didn’t look into you’ I replied as he smiled again, ‘I have nothing to hide’.

‘Well frankly I do, and they don’t know about.. All of that, and I’d like to keep it that way’ Namjoon nodded in affirmation before taking a moment to look around. ‘But now that we see you again, I’d like to call in that favour you still owe me’ his smile told me he was up to no good as his eyes met mine again.

As I was about to make a comment I suddenly remembered what he was referring to. A while ago I had asked Namjoon for information about who was following me, which ended up being Junmyeon of course. He had never actually been able to give me the information but he was right, he did hold up he end of the deal in a way. Which was more than enough for a mafia boss.

‘And what might that be?’ as I asked Namjoon the question he gave the room another look before taking a seat in Jackson’s earlier spot. ‘A source told us EXO is planning on hitting one of our warehouses soon, but we don’t know which one. I’m asking you to find out which one it is and tell me. I’m not expecting you to keep spying on them, I’d just like to know about that one operation’ he explained to me and it wasn’t until he had finished talking that I noticed the other boys had already gone to go inside the “meeting room”.

‘Is that all?’.

‘That is all’ he confirmed before got up from his chair, gave me a small smile and followed the rest of his crew inside.


After Namjoon had left, it didn’t take long before the last group arrived. They barely spared me a look as they simply walked past me and entered the room and just as they did, the door closed behind them.

As I was about to sink back into my seat on the couch I left a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Jongin offering me a smirk, ‘wanna go and listen to what they are saying in there?’ I matched his smirk and nodded. He held his hand out for me and after placing my hand in his he pulled me off the couch and along with him.

But he didn’t go into the office, or even anywhere remotely close to it. Instead we went past it and quickly up the stairs to.. Sehun’s room? Jongin opened the door and pulled me inside before putting me in a chair behind Sehun and closing the door. He locked it, just in case, before sitting down next to Sehun. ‘What is she doing here? You know Junmyeon won’t be happy about this’ a familiar voice spoke. I turned to look around the room to see we were not alone, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Jongdae were also here.

‘So let’s not tell him’ Jongin shrugged before turning to give the others a look. Baekhyun and Jongdae just nodded as Chanyeol crossed his arms over his chest before looking towards me. My eyes never met his as I looked towards the other two. ‘He wanted her to join the meetings someday anyway, this would be a good way to start’ Baekhyun spoke as Jongdae just looked at the screen.

I decided to follow his gaze and looked at the screen, on the big screen the entire meeting room was being portrayed. The camera was apparently situated right above the door as it gave a clear view of whatever was going on. Surrounding the bigger screen were multiple smaller ones and they gave us a clear view of the whole house, or well most of it.

As I looked at the screen my eyes followed all the groups sitting at the table, closest to the door was GOT7 as they had been the last ones to arrive you could tell they had the bad seats. It took me by surprise to see their faces, considering I had done a few jobs for them but all were discussed over the phone. Next to them were the remaining members of EXO, Kyungsoo, Minseok, Kris and Yixing, as Luhan and Tao were still on the trip and would be gone for a few more days.

At the head of the table was obviously Junmyeon and right on his side were Bangtan, next to them the few members of NCT and finally.. Jackson.. He seemed to most casual out of all of them too, giving zero shits about his seat or anything else for that matter.

My eyes remained on the screen as I spoke ‘When did Minseok get back? I didn’t see him enter the office, or the house..’, ‘Oh he’s been here a while actually, 2 hours I’d say, he entered through the back door’ Jongdae spoke as I let out a short sigh. Why didn’t he come see me before the meeting, it’s not like I was busy.


As the men in the office conversed and made plans about whatever I looked through the files Sehun had on everyone in the groups present, which was the same file Minseok had given me earlier. I didn’t really look much into BTS, as I had worked with them many times before, so NCT and GOT7 held my attention at this point. I wasn’t sure who the voice was I’d been speaking with on the phone but I assumed it was the leader of GOT7. Why they called themselves those names still made no sense to me either, but I didn’t expect it ever would.

NCT was a big group, and all worked in many departments, but it was true that a lot of their work consisted of human trafficking or prostitution. Apparently they got people and trained them into fitting into a certain department and if you didn’t make the cut, you’d end up somewhere in a ditch.

It was quite weird to see them like this to be honest, considering they seemed so nice, they didn’t look like killers at all. With the other groups they all had this “look” that could just scream danger, but with them it was different. They seemed to only want to draw you in and that was probably the exact look they were going for.

There still wasn’t much to read about GOT7, even to the others groups these guys were new and quite a mystery. They weren’t sure what they wanted, only that they weren’t much for getting their hands dirty. So the file even mentioned it was possible they worked with hired assassins and of course one of those.. Would be me.

There was a lot of information on Jackson, but none of it seemed to be important or relevant. It was just simple history. He wasn’t linked to a group and he didn’t seem to have any associates, he really just was a hired snitch.. Or informant, as he liked to be called.


‘What about that girl in your house? Y/N? Is she your new pet?’ the words pulled my attention back to the screen as I listened along. Lucas, being the one who had spoken, sat back as he crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes remained on Junmyeon who shook his head. ‘She is none of your concern’ he stated before turning his back to them, a sigh he was getting annoyed.

‘Didn’t you boys say you needed new.. Recruits? Maybe this Y/N could help you out’ the one to speak was I believe.. Jinyoung, from GOT7. He sat back in his chair as the Mark across him shrugged. ‘Of course we always need new recruits, however Y/N doesn’t really seem to fit the kind we’re looking for. We’re quite picky you see.. Your latest girl however, fits that picture just fine. Maybe you could set us up sometime?’ he smirked to his rival, before Jinyoung could react however Johnny butted in.

‘I am curious about this Y/N though, does she happen to be in a relationship? I’m still looking for one that fits my needs and I think she fits that picture just fine’ he leaned forward to put his elbows on the table and right before Junmyeon could turn around in rage Minseok stood up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

‘I’m going to have to disappoint you, she’s already fitting my needs just fine’ as the words left his mouth I noticed everyone in this room side-eying me. A cold shiver moved its way down my spine as I repeated his words in my head. Was I just some toy to you? I noticed I wasn’t the only one affected by his words, Kris and Yixing both snapped their heads in the direction of Minseok before looking towards the camera. ‘Wait your needs? I thought she was Junmyeon’s girlfriend’ Lucas laughed and I could Kris let out a sigh.

‘I’d like to keep her for the time being, but once I’m done with her I’ll be sure to send her your way’ Minseok smirked, completely ignoring Lucas’s comment, and as he spoke I could hear Chanyeol scoff behind me. Jin seemed to awkwardly look away and Jackson even looked straight up at the camera. Did they know I was listening? I could almost feel Jackson’s eyes on me as he looked at the camera for a few more seconds before looking back towards Junmyeon, who seemed to straighten his back before turning back to the group.

‘Oh I bet she is. Doesn’t she have the most perfect lips, I know a few ways to put them to good use’ Johnny only continued riling both boys up before their leader, Taeyong raised his hand. ‘That’s enough John, if you’re that desperate this isn’t the right address’. Johnny only nodded before sitting back in his seat, making sure to keep his eyes on Minseok.

‘Maybe you should learn to control your boys a bit better-’ Junmyeon’s hard gaze was on Taeyong before he turned to the rest of the table. ‘-I’ve had enough of all of you for today, you know where the exit is’.


To my surprise Johnny’s words didn’t affect me that much, sure I was annoyed but I was used to comments like this at the bar. I was more focused on Minseok, I was going to slap that smile off his pretty face the first moment I see him. With that exact intention I got up from my chair and placed the file back on the table near Sehun.

‘Y/N, wait’ I heard a voice behind me speak, but I wasn’t listening anymore. I had to go talk to Minseok, I had to either make him explain or beat his ass. There was a small voice in the back of my head telling me he was lying, that he was only saying those things to make the others move on and to not make me a target. Of course if they knew we were “a thing” they’d try to hurt me, but I couldn’t help but wonder.. Which was why I was currently stomping down the hall, with Chanyeol running after me.

I felt his hand grab my shoulder as he made me stop walking and pushed me against the wall, his strong grip keeping me in place. ‘Hey listen, I’m trying to talk to you-’ he started explaining as I slapped his chest and tried to create more space between us. ‘I know and I don’t want to hear it, I just need to go and beat the shit out of him’ I muttered while evading eye contact.

Chanyeol released my left shoulder, making sure to keep his other arm steady to prevent me from running away, as he lifted his hand up to cup my chin in his hand. He moved his hand to make me look at him before letting out a deep sigh. ‘Just hear me out, I know I may not seem like the biggest fan of you and Minseok together.. But you and I both know that whatever he said in there was bullshit’ Chanyeol’s voice softened as he felt me relax against the wall a little.

‘Look-’ he let out another sigh followed by a short groan as he looked into the hallway leading back to Sehun’s room, Baekhyun and Jongin were both walking towards us as Chanyeol turned his gaze back to me. ‘I know we’ve had our differences and I know you may not.. Like me like that. But just trust me on this, Minseok cares about you. Hell he was probably only saying those things because he is fucking jealous and possessive. If you wanna take a little revenge you know where to find me of course-’ as he spoke the last words gave him another short shove as he just winked at me before straightening up. ‘But seriously, you have nothing to worry about’ he spoke more serious and louder this time as I noticed that Jongin and Baekhyun had caught up with the both of us.

‘If you want to kick his ass however, hit me up’ Jongin smiled at me causing me to let out a short laugh. ‘See there’s that smile’ Baekhyun let out a genuine laugh as he patted the top of my head, allowing Chanyeol to take a step back and give me more space.

‘I am going to beat his ass blue, but first I’m going to punch Johnny’ I stated as Jongin nodded and started walking ahead of me. The four of us walked to the elevator in silence before stepping inside and allowing the door to close. Baekhyun pressed the button to go down as I turned to Jongin again, ‘Will Junmyeon get in trouble if I punch Johnny?’. He smiled at my concern before shaking his head, ‘he’ll probably give you a medal. I could tell he was dying to do the same’.

‘Oh and did you see Kris his face, those eyes just screamed murder’ Baekhyun clapped his hands together at the idea of a fight before looking over his shoulder to me. ‘We’ll back you up if it comes to a fight, but beware of Yuta. He will try and assist Johnny, and these guys aren’t afraid to hit a woman’ he advised me as I nodded at his words.

‘Neither were we when we were told to snatch her of the streets a few weeks ago’ Chanyeol muttered the words as Baekhyun shrugged and turned to look back at the door. I could tell it still bothered Chan, so for a short moment I grabbed his hand that was closest to the wall and gave it a short but firm squeeze. None of the others would be able to see it but I noticed Chan looking down at his hand before returning the short squeeze.

I let go of his hand as the doors opened, and as I looked past them I saw that BTS were just leaving the building. Jackson’s voice could still be heard from inside the office, so I slid through Chanyeol and Baekhyun as I started walking towards the noise.

Before I could however reach the door someone else opened it. Taeyong came walking through the door before noticing me standing next to it. He raised his eyebrow at me as he held the door open for the rest of the boys to walk out. Mark was the first to walk through and I heard him mutter something under his breath as he walked past me.

Lucas, Johnny and Yuta came walking through and the moment Johnny saw us he let out a short laugh. ‘Hey there you are’, he smiled at me before clasping his hands together. Taeyong and I kept eye contact as Johnny starting talking to me, I didn’t even listen to what he was saying as I kept my eyes on his boss. He tilted his head a little before I could see a small smile start to form on his lips, he knew why I was there. With that in mind I balled my hand into a fist and brought it up to hit Johnny in the face.

Lucas let out a laugh as Johnny stumbled back before bringing his hand up to his face. For the first time I let my eyes meet his as he moved towards me. He reached his hand up to return the favour, his hand wasn’t balled into a fist like mine, he was going to use the back of his hand to hit me. Which only made it easier for me to predict where to hit him next, fights like this weren’t that difficult.

My right hand reached up to grab his wrist as I used my left fist to punch into his stomach. This was also the moment Jongin decided to step in as he moved Johnny away from me. Yuta seemed to take this as his moment as he took two big steps towards me.

He never got the chance to reach me however as someone stepped in front of him. Taeyong raised his hand to wave Yuta off as he looked down at me. ‘Oh come on, it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it’ he exclaimed before allowing Mark and Lucas to walk him to the exit.

‘You heard what he said about you, yet he is your only target’ Taeyong spoke to me as he referred to me hitting Johnny. ‘Oh don’t worry, Minseok will be next’ I assured him as a small smile came across his features. ‘Oh I’m sure, that was a good punch. I doubt you are the innocent girl they are portraying you to be. If you ever get sick of being around these guys, call me, I’d be happy to give you a good spot among us’ he spoke softer this time, making sure only I had heard him as he handed me a card.

It was a business card, written on it was his name and number, no address or anything else. Without saying anything I put the card in my back pocket as I nodded at him. He gave me another smile before turning around and following the rest of his men out the door.

‘You have to teach me that move’ Jackson’s familiar voice spoke as he came walking through the doors. I let out a short laugh before he wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into his side. It wasn’t long however before he leaned down to my ear and whispered in it, ‘I like to think that you and I are friends, and I am known to take care of my friends. I’m sure that you were listening to what they were saying in there and I can’t stand the thought of you being treated like that. So if you ever want to.. Escape, you have my number’.

He leaned back up as he noticed Chanyeol looking at him, so he gave me another smile before letting me go. ‘I don’t have it actually’ I muttered to him as to which he just shook his head. ‘Check your phone, I’m sure you’ll find it’ he offered me a wink before waving at Chanyeol as he started walking towards the door.

‘Well that went well didn’t it?’ a voice asked as GOT7 now came walking through the door. ‘It went better than expected’ another voice spoke and this one I actually recognized, I had heard it before.. But where?

Realization struck me as I remained in place, this voice.. This was the voice from the phone, whenever I talked to GOT7 on the phone this was the voice that talked back. So than this had to be the leader of the group. His eyes met mine before he stopped in front of me. ‘Oh there you are, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Jaebum, but please call me JB it’s much easier’ he spoke as he held his hand out for me.

I offered him my hand before introducing myself, ‘Y/N’ he repeated my name as he kept his gaze on me. ‘Have we met before?’ he suddenly asked as he raised his eyebrow at me, causing the others to also turn to look at me. ‘I hope not’ I admitted causing the ones who I recognized as Mark and Jinyoung to snicker.

‘Yeah that’d probably be for the better’ JB spoke, moving on from the subject. ‘Anyhow, I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again. I’m looking forward to that moment’ he offered me a short nod before also he and the others walked to the door.


‘Don’t forget your mission’ I heard Baekhyun whisper in my ear as I looked over my shoulder to roll my eyes at him. ‘You are only here to see me hit someone aren’t you?’ I asked him, to which he just shrugged and nodded. ‘What can I say, I love violence’.

‘You’re despicable’ Chanyeol sighed before holding the door open for me.

As I walked in to the office Yixing was the first to notice me and he was quick to stand up and tap Junmyeon’s shoulder before nodding his head in my direction. As Junmyeon turned to look at me Minseok and Kris followed suit. Kyungsoo didn’t seem all to bothered as he just sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.

I continued the not too long walk to the rest of the boys as Kris sighed and moved to stand in front of Junmyeon, thinking I’d go for him first. ‘You heard?’ I could tell Minseok was worried as the words left his mouth and I nodded at them. ‘Then you know I only said it to protect you’ he explained as I let out a short laugh.

‘Oh really, protect me from what, from those guys? How would they even be able to take me, I’m surrounded by three bodyguards EVERYWHERE I GO!’ the last words caused Minseok to go silent for a moment. ‘I told you they are for your own good’ Junmyeon spoke as he moved away from Kris to walk towards me.

‘No, they are for YOUR own good. Because you are too much of an egotistical asshole to see that you’re killing me by keeping me here!’ This caused his mood to turn around as he stopped in front of me and grabbed my chin. ‘I’ve had enough of you for today, go to your room-’ his voice held no emotion as he now turned to Chanyeol, ‘-and make sure she stays there’.

I put both hands against his chest as I pushed him away from me. ‘No, you are NOT LOCKING ME BACK IN THERE. I’m fucking leaving’ I cursed at him to which he just let out a short laugh. ‘Try me’ as soon as the words left his mouth I turned around and pushed Chanyeol away before running to the door.

I heard him curse under his breath before steadying himself and also running to the door. Maybe Jackson hadn’t left yet, maybe he was still here. ‘Y/N, you know the gate is locked so why try?’ Chanyeol called out to me and I could tell he wasn’t running as fast as he normally would. He was taller than me anyway so he could easily catch me, but it was like he knew he’d win anyway. As I slipped through the big door leading into the garden however, I felt a surge of happiness flash over me.

Jackson indeed still was here and he was currently talking to the members of GOT7 as they stood in front of the gate. They however, still were on our side as I ran past the open door and straight towards them. Chanyeol was also quick to notice them as I heard him curse again and pick up his pace. ‘Jackson!’ as he heard his name being called he turned to look at me and opened his arms for me to run into them.

‘Don’t you dare you little-’ whoever it was, he was quick to cut himself off as we both saw JB grab his gun from the holster on his leg and aim it at whoever else was behind me. ‘That’s close enough’ JB spoke as the other members started either pulling their guns from their holsters or aiming it towards them.

I let myself run into Jackson’s arms as he quickly closed them around my frame pulling me further into his embrace. ‘What happened?’ he asked before moving his hand over my hair. ‘He won’t let me leave, he’s going to lock me up into my room again’ I spoke the words into his chest just loud enough for Mark and JB, who were standing next to him, to hear.

‘C’mon JB give me back the girl’ a familiar voice spoke causing me to look up from Jackson’s chest. ‘Use my fucking name douchebag!’ I called out to Junmyeon who just let out a sigh. Minseok, Kris, Baekhyun, Jongin and Kyungsoo had also gotten outside at this point. Beside Minseok and Junmyeon everyone had their guns aiming at the man opposite them. ‘You seem very keen on getting her back, so I assume she isn’t just your.. plaything?’ JB asked and I felt him place a hand on my back.

‘Are you really willing to start a war over that?’ Junmyeon asked and I looked over to JB who just looked at me and shrugged. ‘I’m not sure, are you willing to start a war for her?’ JB returned the question as we both turned our faces to Junmyeon. He seemed to think about the question before he answered it, ‘Yes, yes I would’. His answer caught both of us by surprise but I only felt Jackson tighten his grip on me more.

‘I suppose you are more important to him than you anticipated kitten’ Mark spoke with a smug look on his face before turning to his leader. ‘They won’t just let us walk out of here with her, what do you want to do?’ Mark spoke in a hushed tone, making sure only his team and I could hear him.

‘How about we don’t create a bloodbath today-’ Jackson suddenly spoke, causing me to look up at him. Did he just say we? ‘Princess, I know this isn’t ideal but I need you to hear me out’ his voice was hushed as he let out a short sigh. ‘Stay with them for a while, they obviously won’t hurt you. Yes it will be shit but I promise you I will find a way to get you out of here, I just need some time. Gain their trust for as much as you can, and I will contact you when I’m ready’ he shorty moved his gaze up to JB before looking back down at me.

‘Now I’m going to push you back to them, but before that I need you to hit me’ his lips tugged into a little smirk as he straightened his back. ‘Listen, there’s not much I can do with you for the time being. Because frankly he’s right, you’re just a little-’ he wasn’t able to finish his sentence however as I brought my hand up and slapped him across the face.

On que Jackson pushed me back towards Chanyeol, who was quick to lower his gun and wrap his fingers around my arm firmly pulling me closer towards him. Because he was still putting his gun back in its holster his hold on me wasn’t too tight, and I used this to pull my arm out of his grasp and walk past him. ‘Happy now?’ I made my voice sound a bit sadder as I walked past Junmyeon, who stayed silent as he watched me walk back inside the building.

Yixing, who had remained inside the building this entire time, let his eyes follow me before walking with me to the stairs. ‘Here, come with me to my office’ he spoke in a soft voice as I nodded and followed him up the stairs.


As he opened the door to his office he motioned for me to sit down, ‘let me take a look at your arm, I know Chanyeol’s grip can be quite.. Harsh’ he hesitated while watching me sit down in the chair. I rolled my sleeve up to show him the already forming bruise on my arm, you could see Chanyeol’s hand clearly on my skin as Yixing let out a deep sigh. ‘I’m sorry this happened to you’ his voice came out as nothing but a whisper as he walked to a small cooler and grabbed a pack of ice out of it.

‘Don’t be, it’s my own fault’ I huffed, referring to what happened earlier. ‘I meant for you being here in the first place’  he admitted before pressing the ice pack to my skin. I flinched at the cold before looking up at Yixing, who kept his eyes on my arm.

It was only when I put my hand on his that he looked at me, his expression still somewhat sad. ‘That’s not your fault either’ my smile was genuine as he nodded at me before returning a soft smile. ‘Thank you’. I let Yixing put a balm on my arm before the door slammed open and a fuming Junmyeon came walking in.


Please hurry Jackson, I don’t know how much longer I can take this.