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Sweet but Psycho

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The far too bright light hits my eyes causing me to pull the blanket further up to cover my eyes. A low groan left my lips as I turn around to face away from the light. The blanket gets tugged away due to my turning and the cold air sends a shiver down my spine. I find myself trying to pull the blankets towards me but something is making it impossible.

I hear movements in front of me as I press my face further into the pillow. A warmth slips itself around my waist and pulls me towards it, pressing me closer against the source. Automatically I snuggle into the warmth and I feel the blanket return, causing my content sigh to follow. After pressing my hands against the warmth, to heat them up, I hear a soft grumble and I slowly open my eyes.

The first thing I see are my hands, pressed against someone’s bare chest. I keep the curse words to myself as my eyes slowly move upwards, almost afraid of whose face I’d see. To my relief it’s Minseok. His eyes remain closed as I snuggle closer into his chest, as he was quite warm. ‘What are you doing in my bed?’ I ask him, knowing he was awake.

‘Your bed? Look around’ he simply grumbles back, and when I take a quick peak over his shoulder I don’t see my room.. but his. ‘Oops’ I mumble before returning to my original position.

‘How did I get here?’, my second question makes him let out a soft laugh. ‘First you barged into my room, after having a few glasses of wine downstairs. Then you started whining about your bed being cold and not knowing where Luhan’s room was.’ He started as I suddenly remembered them moving Lu back to his original room, as he didn’t need to be in the hospital bed anymore.. I just didn’t know where his room was.

‘You almost fell asleep on the floor before I put you in my bed’ Minseok shrugged as he wrapped his arms tighter around me. I hummed into his chest as I felt him press his lips against my forehead.

‘Are you and Luhan like a thing?’ he suddenly asked, causing me to let out a small laugh before shaking my head. ‘Then why do you always sleep in his room?’ he urged on. ‘Because my bed is cold and I felt lonely, I wouldn’t be here with you if I was dating someone now would I’ I sassed before looking up at him, his eyes already staring back at mine.

‘Sleep in my bed then’ Minseok muttered before closing his eyes again. ‘Maybe’ I whispered back with a smirk, earning myself a soft laugh.


‘What do you mean I’m going on a date?’ I asked in surprise. Me and a few of the guys sat at the big dining table, as I waited for my lunch.

'Jun wants to take you out for dinner tonight, so you’re going out for dinner tonight’ Jongin shrugged as he took another bite of his already served food. 'Do I even have a saying in this?’ I asked causing Kyungsoo to snort and give me a look. 'You already know you don’t, so why bother’ he simply stated causing Baekhyun to look at him.

‘So you do speak’ I snarled at Kyungsoo as Baekhyun was quick to join in, ‘and to a woman no less, now that’s a surprise’ he snickered before he received a smack to the back of his head. Jongdae came walking down the stairs before taking a beeline to the kitchen. ‘Dae, where are we going tonight?’ I asked into the kitchen, and it didn’t take long before he came walking out with a stuffed mouth.

‘A restaurant’ he shrugged after swallowing the big lump of food as he stopped next to me. ‘Obviously, but which one’, my question was left unanswered as he shrugged again and continued walking to the door, probably going to fetch his car. Minseok and Tao also came walking down the stairs, Tao carrying a map and some files as he followed Jongdae outside.

Minseok gave everyone at the table a look before pressing a small kiss to my forehead, after doing so he also followed the others outside and closed the door behind him. ‘Excuse me’ Baek asked the moment the door was closed. ‘Hm?’ I hummed looking up at him.

‘What the fuck was that about?’ he continued on as one of the chefs came walking out of the kitchen. He placed the food down in front of me and quickly went back into the kitchen. ‘I just received the most hostile look from him ever and now you are ignoring me when I ask you about it. What is going on?!’ Baekhyun exclaimed before cupping his face in his hands and leaning on the table.

Kyungsoo and Jongin didn’t seem all to bothered by him as they continued eating, as Kyungsoo had now also received his food. They were probably used to his loudness by now. Hell, even I was getting used to it.

The dinner, which I literally had no choice but to go to, was only later tonight. So I had more than enough time to either do nothing, or.. probably also do nothing, as I wasn’t allowed to do much anyway. It’s not like I was actually allowed to do something in the first place. I quickly ate my food before getting up from my seat, I was about to grab my plate when I saw Jongin grabbing it and putting it underneath his almost empty one. Arguing was going to get me nowhere in this situation, as I already knew that, so I just decided to let it go and walked away.

They still didn’t want me going in the kitchen.. as there were knifes there, and they obviously still didn’t trust me with those. So all the food I’ve been given the past couple of days was cut by either the guys or the chefs, which was pretty embarrassing to be quite honest.

As I started walking towards the stairs I heard footsteps in front of me, my eyes moved up the steps only to see Yixing at the top looking down on me. He took the last few steps down to top directly in front of me. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked as he looked down at me. ‘To my room’ I shrugged before placing my foot on the first step, I used this to lean up a little as Yixing continued looking down at me.

His eyes scanned my face as he seemed to be looking for anything suspicious, his eyes slowly moved back up to meet mine before he sidestepped and walked past me. His footsteps walked over to the table as I moved up the stairs, when I reached the top I looked around the hallway. If I were to go to the left I’d end up in my own room, but Jongin’s and Kyungsoo’s rooms where also there and of course Yixing’s office. On the right side however, were Jongdae, Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s rooms for a far as I knew.. so where were the others? Maybe on the second floor?

I took the right turn and started walking towards the elevator. Junmyeon’s room was also on the second floor, but there were a few others doors there that I hadn’t “explored” yet. Instead of taking the elevator, and letting Junmyeon I was going upstairs, I took the other set of stairs as I made my way up. As I started walking past the many doors I noticed that some of them had symbols on them, and as I went to take a closer look I noticed they were Chinese.

The one I was standing in front of had symbols which I recognized.. This said “LuHan”. I brought my hand up to knock on the door, hoping he was here. But unfortunately he was not, so I continued walking. The next door had.. stickers? This honestly looked like a teens room, it even said “keep out” on one of the stickers. A small laugh escaped my lips as I knocked on the door, I had to know who’s room this was.

From the inside I heard a soft ‘come in’, which made me grab the handle and push the door open. I almost couldn’t help my mouth from falling open as I stepped inside and let the door shut behind me. The room I was in was filled with computers, so this had to be Sehun’s room. I noticed Sehun sitting in front of at least 8 screens as he typed away on his computer.

I slowly stepped further inside the room as I looked around me, my breath catching in my throat as I saw.. myself.. There was an entire wall filled with pictures of myself, all of way before I even met Minseok and the others. There were pictures of me working at the bar, pictures of me going out for drinks with the girls, pictures of me going out for dinner and even pictures in my house. My eyes scanned over the pictures before coming to a stop at a picture of me and Lu, that was taken years ago.

Junmyeon admitted to watching over me for a while but this was.. way too much. A picture of another guy caught my eyes, it was Jin. This picture was taken after I left the club and they took me to their hotel, this was the day before it all went downhill for me. I heard some shuffling and suddenly Sehun’s voice filled my ears, ‘I got that report you asked for’.

As I turned around I saw that he was still facing the computer, but his arm was stretching backwards as he held a bunch of papers. After walking over to him I grabbed the papers from him, to which he went back to work on the computers. I noticed he was also watching over a few camera’s, even the cameras inside the house were on the screens.

I tore my eyes away from the screen to look over the files in my hand, the first few were all of my.. my workers.. Anne, Kate and all the others were in here. Junmyeon had Sehun look up all of them. While flipping through the pages I felt my stomach turn in disgust, why the hell was he doing this? Why did he need information on them when all he wanted was me.

Eventually I came across a different face, Namjoon. The next few pages were all about the members of Bangtan, or the ones they suspected or knew about. They knew Namjoon was the leader, but Jin, Jimin and Hoseok were missing from the pages. Did they not know about them, or did they just think they weren’t important enough? No, they had to not know, or else Junmyeon would have added them.

After Bangtan I was met with more unfamiliar faces and names, when suddenly a bright smile met my eyes. This one I knew, this was Jackson, the guy I met at the party yesterday. They didn’t seem to know much about him, besides that he would be an informant.

‘Oh by the way, those pictures of Y/N.. There are still a few on the table over there but I was hoping I could throw them away.. As you know, you don’t really need them anymore right?’ Sehun suddenly asked as I turned to look around, to find the table he was talking about.

The table was right underneath the wall of well.. pictures of me. As I walked over to it I noticed even more pictures, these were just the unused ones. I flipped some aside when I suddenly felt my breathing stop for a moment, right on the surface of the table were pictures of me in my bedroom. Pictures of me sleeping that seemed to be taken from right outside my window, pictures of me just walking around and hell, even a few of me changing.

Was this why Sehun was so shy around me? Because he knew all this information and had all of this here just laying around? I let out a scoff before turning around to face him. ‘Does he really need any of this?’ I snarled, causing Sehun to suddenly stop with what he was doing as he slowly turned around on the chair and got up.

His eyes went wide as he looked back at me, his eyes moving over the files and the pictures of me in my underwear I was now holding up. I also noticed his eyes quickly moving to the door, only to go back to me immediately. ‘Don’t even try’ I warned before pointing to the chair, motioning for him to sit back down.

After another hopeful look towards the door Sehun reluctantly sat down as he looked back towards me. ‘Who took these pictures?’ I asked and he took a moment to think about a good answer. ‘Tao took a few.. But also Jongin, Baekhyun and Chanyeol’ he admitted before looking down at the floor.

With a small laugh I practically threw the papers on the table behind me and walked over to him. ‘I didn’t want them here, I swear!’ Sehun yelled out in panic as he flinched and shrunk away in his chair, afraid I was going to hurt him. I kneeled down in front of him before softly cupping his face in my hands.

‘Is that why you don’t talk or even look at me?’ the words left my lips in a soft whisper as he almost immediately nodded to answer my question. ‘It makes me uncomfortable’ he muttered and I could see his eyes start to well up in tears. ‘Hey, look at me’ I shushed him as I moved him face up, his eyes hesitantly met mine as he waited for me to continue.

‘Let’s get this straight, I’m not mad at you. This is not your doing, so it’s not right for me to get mad at you’ I explained as he nodded, his hands moving up to wrap around my wrists. They were shaking as he closed his eyes for a moment. Without much talk, I let go of his face and wrapped my arms around him as I pulled him towards me. Sehun easily put his face in the crook of my neck as he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

One of my hands went through his hair as I tried cooing him. His arms wrapped itself around me as he pulled me closer in the hug. ‘I’m sorry’ he whispered into my neck, just loud enough for me to hear. ‘Don’t be’ I smiled before letting go of him and pressing a small kiss to his forehead. ‘How did you get here Sehun?’ the question seemed to surprise him as we let go of each other and pulled back, Sehun moving to sit in his chair properly.

‘Junmyeon found me when I was in school. I had always had an interest in hacking but I wasn’t doing too good with my grades. So this one time I hacked into the school computers and made a few.. changed to my grades, but obviously they found out’ he started talking before pulling another chair up and motioning for me to sit down. For one of the first times since I had been in this house, I actually did as I was asked and sat down next to him.

‘I had to file a report at the police station and Junmyeon just happened to be there too. He asked me what I was in for and when I explained my hacking.. skills.. he uh, offered me a job’ Sehun finished as he took a short look at one of the screens before turning back to me.

‘So you basically just said yes to working for a stranger?’ I asked, trying not to let my mouth fall open. ‘Well, he offered to bail me out first. All I had to do was a small thing for him, so I accepted. After the job however, he offered me money to continue working and help him out every now and then. He told me to take my time and think about it and even said that he’d let me focus on school first, as he found it was important’ he snickered, which caused me to join in. ‘That does sound like Junmyeon’ I softly laughed as he nodded.

‘When I finished school I came back and the jobs eventually became more.. Gruesome.. But of course I had already figured out who these guys were and what they did, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. Maybe I was scared at the time, but now they’re like.. My family.’ He smiled at the thought before meeting my eyes, giving me the same smile.

I smiled back at him before looking at the screen and letting out a soft sigh. ‘What about you?’ he suddenly asked, making me turn my head and hum ‘what about me?’.

‘Before you got here.. Junmyeon asked me to find you, said you were an old friend of his and he wanted to know if you were ok and where you were. Is that true? Where you really friends?’ Sehun asked and I could tell he was still unsure if it was a good idea to ask that.

‘Yes we were, hell we were best friends even. I couldn’t imagine my life without him a few years back, before this happened of course’ I admitted as another laugh left me, now I wasn’t even sure what we were. ‘So what happened.. If you don’t mind me asking of course’ Sehun quickly added that last part as he leaned in a little, interested to hear what the story was. ‘He left’ I whispered, my eyes hitting the floor for a moment.

‘We grew up together, were super close our entire life when eventually he.. had to leave. He didn’t tell me before hand, I just came home one time when I noticed the lights in his house were out and it just seemed empty. My parents were the ones to tell me that him and his family had left to go somewhere else. They didn’t know where and Junmyeon had come by earlier to tell them, and give them some stupid note’ I hissed as I remembered the note my parents had given me.

‘It was basically just him trying to explain why they had to leave, that eventually they left all places to live and they moved around a lot. He explained that he was sorry but that he could never come back, how it broke his heart and he hoped that one day I would understand’. Sehun grimaced at my memory before rubbing the back of his neck, ‘Ouch’. I nodded to this as I looked back up to meet his eyes.

‘Did you ever find out why they left?’ Sehun asked and I took a moment to think about it. ‘At first I didn’t, I had no idea why and that’s what drove me so mad. But now I think it might have been this job of his, or his dad’s job’ I explained as Sehun nodded along to what I said.

‘Before they left my dad had gotten sick, and Junmyeon was a good help for me to get through that. The moment they left however, my dad got worse and had to go to the hospital, I had just turned 19 when this happened. The pain was unbearable for me, I lost my best friend and was close to losing my dad and had no one to help me. My mother’s mental health also went downhill, so she filled it up with alcohol’ Sehun stayed silent and let me talk as I continued speaking.

‘I left the house not much after this, rented a small apartment and my mom was send to rehab. It took a while but eventually she got better and by this time I had met Luhan. He kinda just filled the gap Junmyeon had left behind’ Sehun nodded at this before speaking up, ‘what about the bar? How did you get that?’

‘Don’t you already know that?’ I raised my eyebrows at him before he let out an awkward laugh, ‘I do actually.. I just prefer hearing it from you’ he said while doing his best to avoid eye contact.

‘My dad owned it, when he passed away we closed it down and it just laid waste there. In his testimony he had written down that the place would be moved on to me, so I could do whatever I wanted with it. It was already paid out for, so it wouldn’t become a bother to me. It was Lu’s idea to renovate and open it back up actually, mostly because at that time I needed the money’ I muttered before letting out a short laugh. Luhan had insisted I either moved in with him so my rent was less or fixed that place and opened it for business so I’d earn more money, and my pride wouldn’t let me move in with him so I turned to the business instead.

‘You and Luhan seem like close friends’ Sehun suddenly spoke up, causing me to nod. ‘Yeah, he kinda just replaced Junmyeon’ I proclaimed before getting up from my chair. ‘Anyway, I’ll go talk to him now. How about you start with removing all of that’ I shuddered as I pointed towards the big wall of pictures. Sehun let out a small nod before speaking a soft “thank you”, as he got up and started walking towards the wall I went back to the hallway. He quickly handed me the small report of information he had to make before I opened the door and stepped out his room.


As I closed the door behind me I looked into the hallway leading to the office. There was a small camera above the door, that would easily spot me from over here. For a moment I thought about what the best way was to approach this, he’d probably get mad if I started yelling so maybe a calm approach was the best one. But the calm thoughts immediately left my mind as I stopped in front of his door.

I, quite literally, swung his door open before stomping inside. I heard two rushed footsteps come towards me before Luhan came into view, looking surprised to see me. For a moment I felt myself start to calm down from just seeing him, but I couldn’t.. Not now. I noticed that Kris was also in the room, and he looked just as surprised as Luhan.

As I walked past him I felt him reach out to me, but before he could touch my I moved myself out of his grip and walked straight to Junmyeon who was calmly sitting on his desk. ‘What the fuck is this?’ I asked as I pushed the files into his hands. He raised his eyebrows at me before looking down at the files, I heard him let out a small sigh and a few curses before looking up at me. ‘It’s really not what you think’ he tried as he got up from the desk.

I gave him a hard shove, which was nowhere near enough to really do any damage, but he let me push him back a little as I took a step back. ‘So it’s not you ordering Sehun to find out everything about me and my friends, so it’s  not so you can use this information against me when I don’t do whatever you want and oh please tell me.. It’s not just you getting information you can use to blackmail me in case I don’t listen. Please then give me a better explanation for whatever this is’ I yelled at him as I noticed the two behind me get closer to the two of us.

‘I was starting to trust you.. But now, I know I can’t because all you do is lie and hide things from me. How can I trust you if you do this?’ I asked as he remained silent, I could tell my words hurt him but I was too far gone to care. His actions hurt me and he never looked back to check up on me afterwards.

‘This was just.. A precaution, just in case you-’ he started but was cut off by Luhan. ‘In case she wouldn’t do as you asked, god what a selfish bastard you are’ Lu cursed as I saw Junmyeon throw him a look, he straightened his back before taking two steps towards the other man. Out of pure instinct I took a step to the side, standing in front of Junmyeon to block his path. He stopped directly in front of me, almost crashing into me as he kept looking at Luhan.

My fingers wrapped itself around the tie he was wearing as I pulled it down, making Junmyeon lower his head to look at me. His eyes met mine as I spoke to the two guys behind me, ‘please leave’. ‘But Y/N-’, ‘Now Luhan!’ I cut him off as I noticed Junmyeon nod at Kris, who wasn’t going to listen to me anyway. Both took their time as they started walking towards the door, and from all the way over here I could tell Luhan was beyond pissed.

As they closed the door behind them Junmyeon looked back down at me, and I could tell he was trying to find the right words. ‘Sit down, we need to talk’ another sigh left his lips before he nodded and walked over to the desk, letting the tie slip from my fingers. He took a seat in his own chair as I followed him, sitting in one of the two on the other side.

 There was a moment of silence between the two of us, as he didn’t seem to know what to say and I didn’t even know where to start. ‘I’m having Sehun remove the pictures in his room’ the words suddenly left my lips, causing Junmyeon to look up at me. 'They should’ve been removed long ago, I’m sorry for that.. It’s must have been a.. surprise’ he admitted as I nodded along. 'Quite’ was the only response I could come up with as I crossed my legs over each other.

'You want me to trust you, you want me to be happy here but you won’t get anywhere with how you’re doing this right now. Things need to change Junmyeon, I’m getting tired of you lying to me’ I spoke when suddenly he let out a small laugh. 'Isn’t that what you’ve been doing for the past few days too though?’ He asked, making a small smile curl on my lips. He was right about that.

'Yeah you’re right, I have. I’ve been lying to you too, and I’ve been testing your trust and patience.. And I’m sorry for that, but what’s done is done and I can’t go back to change it. But maybe we could try to.. Move forward instead?’ I proposed causing him to raise his eyebrows at me. 'What exactly are you implying?’ He asked, the curiosity obvious in his voice.

'Let’s try to forgive but not forget. Let’s be honest with one another and let’s just stop hiding things. You want me to be happy here but that won’t work if you keep me in the dark with whatever is going on in and outside this house’ I offered as he took a moment to think about it, while turning to look out the window.

'You can’t expect me to tell you what it is we do here, it’s too dangerous’ he eventually spoke. 'Ok, but what about letting me walk around more. You have an entire garden you don’t use, I just need some fresh air I’m tired of being in my room all day long. Hell I’d even fix that garden if it meant I could be outside more often’ I sighed as he leaned back in his chair as he listened to what I said.

He nodded before speaking up, 'ok, let’s do that. I’ll let you go outside more, but we will discuss this every time you want to. I can’t let you go outside on your own, and if you really want to work in the garden that can be arranged. I’ll call someone in to clean it out tomorrow and you can do whatever you want with it’ he finished before looking back at me with hopeful eyes.

'Ok deal, and do I really need a bodyguard everywhere I go?’ I asked before he rubbed his forehead and nodded, 'for now yes. Maybe later we can arrange something, just see it as someone keeping you company’ he spoke before smiling at me.

There was no argument possible in this one, so I just nodded to what he said before getting up from my chair. 'If I have more things to talk to you about I’ll come upstairs’ I stated as he also got up from his chair. 'Don’t forget that we’re going out tonight at 7’ he reminded me as I started walking towards the door, but not after turning around and giving him a small wink. As I walked to the door of his office I walked past the clock, I only had a few more hours until we would leave.

I opened the door before slowly pushing it open and stepping outside. ‘That took longer than expected’ I heard Luhan say from behind the door, and as I let it fall shut I noticed him leaning against the wall while using his phone. He stuffed his phone back in his pocket before softly grabbing my hand and guiding me along with him.

Before he opened the door leading into his room I noticed Kris who was also in the hallway, he entered his room just before I could call out to him. But now at least I knew where to find him. Luhan moved the both of us into his room before shutting the door behind him. When I turned around to face him his hands were almost immediately on my face, my hands quickly wrapped themselves around his wrist as I looked at him in surprise. His eyes seemed to me moving along my face quickly, before moving it upwards to check my neck.

When he grabbed my arms to check my wrists I figured he was looking for bruises or any sign of hurt. ‘I’m fine Luhan’ I whispered as I grabbed his hands, he looked down at them for a moment before engulfing me in a tight hug. ‘I thought maybe after you talked to him like that, that he’d hurt you.. I just had to make sure you were ok’ he admitted as he slowly let go of me, creating some space between the two of us. ‘Do you really think he’d hurt me?’ I asked while Luhan moved to walk over to his bed.

‘He’s a mafia leader Y/N, I highly doubt his ex-best friend would be an obstacle’ he huffed as he sat down at the edge of the bed and moved to lay down, so his legs were hanging of the side of the bed. ‘He doesn’t see me as an ex best friend though now does he’ I smirked causing the other to let out a small groan, ‘please don’t remind me’.

I couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped me as I moved over to the bed, before laying down next to him. ‘I.. uh have to leave soon for a while’ he spoke the moment I laid down. ‘What why?’ I asked as I turned to face him. ‘There is some business in China that will need attending to, but it’ll only be me and Tao, the other will stay here I’m sure’ he explained as I let out a deep sigh.

‘Who’s idea was it to send you?’ I was sure I already knew the answer but I had to ask anyway.. Just in case. ‘Well usually Tao, Kris and I do all the business in China and we knew this was coming up, so it’s actually not his fault this time’ Luhan spoke and I could hear the annoyance in his voice.

‘Do you hate him?’ I suddenly asked, catching the both of us by surprise. ‘Who, Junmyeon?’ he asked as he looked over at me, as I nodded he looked back at the ceiling. ‘I mean no, I could never hate him. I owe more to him then I’d care to admit, I just don’t agree with his latest actions. But I guess that’s why I’m not his advisor’ he softly laughed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

‘His advisor? Who’s that?’ I asked, my eyes also moving back to the ceiling. ‘Well.. Officially speaking it’d be Yixing, he’s kinda like the doctor and the only one that still has a good working brain in his place. But Minseok is his “second in command”, so they also do a lot of work together and Kris is in charge of a lot of things as well. So I suppose it’s those three’ Luhan explained before the both of us stayed silent for a moment.

‘So let’s say.. I really wanted something, I’d have to became close friends with those three?’ I asked and from the corner of my eye I noticed Luhan turn his head to look at me. ‘Oh god, what are you planning on asking now. I’m pretty sure they aren’t giving you anything at this point’ he stated as I let of a soft hum.

‘I suppose so, but we’ll see. I’m very pervasive’ I grinned as Lu made a loud gagging sound, ‘you’re disgusting and I really do not need to know what you’ve planned, or else I’d have to report it to my boss’ he sassed as me before sitting up on the bed. ‘Now you might want to get ready, I heard something about a date tonight’ he spoke as he pointed towards the clock against the wall. Already half an hour had passed, you’ve got to be kidding me.

‘Fine’ I groaned as I also got up from the bed, ‘wish me luck’ I fake smiled at him before walking to the door and before I could close it behind me a loud ‘good luck!’ filled his room.


‘Why am I doing this again?’ I asked as I stood on front of the big mirror in my room. The dress I was wearing was.. Casual, but yet very sensual in a way. The black dress stopped just below my knees and it hugged my body perfectly. The v-cut left just enough to the imagination and to my surprise, the dress picked out by Baekhyun, wasn’t nearly what I expected from it or him.

As if on que the man himself came bursting through the door and as I watched him from the mirror I noticed the biggest grin on his face. The moment me saw me however, his shit eating grin faded. ‘Why can’t I go out with you’ he whined as he walked over to me. ‘You look very beautiful by the way’ he smiled sweetly, his eyes more focused on the dress than on me. ‘Thanks’ I spoke as I turned around to face him.

He let out a low whistle as he held his hand out to me. The moment I reached for his hand however he seemed to get a different idea as he wrapped the arm around my shoulder in pulled me into his side. The hand also quickly lowered itself to rest on the small of my back before he walked the both of us out of my room and into the hallway. Chanyeol had taken a seat at the chair in front of my room but the moment he heard my heels step into the hallway he looked up.

His eyes slowly raked over my body, starting at my legs as they made their way up as they finally reached my eyes. As he noticed me looking at him he gave me a small smirk and a wink, which immediately send me back to the previous night. Where he had been so smug about getting my underwear from Kris that he had been sending me these small smiles and winks ever since.

I had yet to ask Kris about it but I knew I wasn’t getting a good answer anyway, so I figured I’d just get back at him some other way. Maybe I’d use his own tricks against him someday. The thoughts were pushed out of my head as Baekhyun started walking again, automatically taking me with him as his hand was still on my back. Chanyeol’s footsteps could be heard behind the two of us as he followed us down the hallways and eventually down the stairs.

There were only a few guys present, and most of them sat on the couch as they watched a movie. Chanyeol continued walking towards the door, leaving me behind with Baekhyun. Junmyeon, Minseok and Yixing sat at the kitchen table as they were bent over some paperwork. Yixing was the only one without a drink as the other two were sipping on a beer, so Junmyeon better not be driving tonight.

Junmyeon was the first to notice us as he looked up from the table while throwing his head back to finish his beer. As his eyes met mine he lowered the drink and put it on the table. ‘You drinking up some courage?’ I smirked as I walked over to the three of them, Minseok and Yixing also snapped their heads in my direction as I stopped next to Yixing. I placed my hand on his shoulder while looking at Junmyeon. ‘Nope’ he muttered and from the sound of his voice I could tell this was only his first drink, he wasn’t nowhere near drunk yet.

‘Lair, you also used to do this when we were young’ the grin on my face was impossible to hide as Junmyeon ran his hand over his face, not meeting my eyes. ‘Shut up’ he let out an awkward laugh as he got up from his chair and straightened his back out. I heard a few bones crack as his eyes met mine eyes, ‘Ready to go?’ he asked and suddenly the cool and collected Junmyeon was back.

He held his hand out for me as I turned back to Yixing and Minseok, ‘Good luck with work you two’ I smiled at them before giving Minseok a small wink and giving Yixing a small kiss on the cheek. Yixing seemed to choke on air as I put my hand in Junmyeon’s and allowed him to walk me to the door. From behind me I heard Yixing let out a few small coughs as Minseok just laughed at him.

Junmyeon walked the both of us through the wrenched garden before leading me into the garage next to it. Jongdae was already leaning against the side of the car as he spoke to Chanyeol, who apparently was also coming with us. ‘Must you always have one of them with you?’ I asked Junmyeon, who just nodded. Chanyeol seemed to also hear my comment as he turned to look at me and gave me the middle finger. I stuck my tongue out at him as Junmyeon opened the door and let me slide into the car.

‘He’s here for the both of us actually, and you might want to start getting used to him because he’s not going anywhere’ Junmyeon let out a small laugh as I noticed the other two get in the seat in front. Jongdae gave us both a look from the rear view mirror before starting the car.


‘Wait, I know this restaurant. It’s that super fancy five star one right?’ I asked as we rolled up to what I assumed was the place where we’d be eating. Jongdae stopped the car as I turned over to look at Junmyeon, who nodded at me before smiling. Jongdae shut off the engine before getting out of the car, he walked over to our side of the car before opening the door.

Junmyeon was the first to get up and he was quickly greeted by someone walking down the stairs. Jongdae stayed by the door as he waited for me to come closer before extending his hand out. 'Thank you’ I smiled sweetly at him, he helped me step out of the car before letting my hand go.

We waited for Chanyeol to join us when I noticed someone taking Junmyeon up the stairs with him. They talked for a while before someone else stepped outside. I felt Jongdae press his hand against my back. 'That’s the manager of the restaurant’ he explained while Chanyeol also got out of the car and walked over next to us, he nodded at Jongdae who stayed by the car as the larger man lead me to the entrance of the restaurant.

As we were halfway there I felt him lean down to whisper in my ear, 'after your date come meet me in my room, I believe you’re going to want a certain something back’ the smirk was undeniable in his voice as he spoke and right as I was about to respond we stopped in front of his boss, the manager somehow out of sight.

Chanyeol waited outside as Junmyeon and I went inside. The first person to reach us seemed to be the host as she asked for out coats. 'Thank you Mr. Kim, just a moment please’ she smiled before walking off to the wardrobe, which to my surprise seemed.. empty.

'How the hell did you even get a table here, don’t you always need to book like 3 months in advance?’ I asked to which Jun nodded as the woman came walking black, ‘right this way please’. As the woman opened the large doors leading into the restaurant I noticed something unusual.. It was empty. ‘It helps if you’re the owner of the place’ Junmyeon whispered into my ear before smiling at me.

‘So you just emptied the entire restaurant?’ I asked in shock as he nodded. We were lead to a table in a more “secluded” part of the restaurant before the both of us sat down, Junmyeon making sure to hold my chair for me as he allowed me to slide in. So he did have some manners.

‘So, what did you have in store for me tonight?’ the smile on my face seemed to match his as we made eye contact. ‘You’ll just have to wait and see’ he winked back before we were gifted a big bottle of champagne and the menu.


The night had started off smoothly, the both of us had already ordered a starters and the main course and we were waiting on the latter as we talked. ‘Do you regret it?’ I asked before taking a small sip of the expensive drink in my hands. ‘Regret what?’ the man opposite me asked before raising his brows as if a literal question sign came up above him.

‘You tell me, I wasn’t sure where I wanted that question to go anyway’ I shrugged before taking another sip, Junmyeon shook his head before also taking a drink.

‘I regret.. Leaving. In the end there was nothing I could do to stop it, as we had to due to my dad’s job, but I wish there had been more time for me to explain and of course when I came back you were already gone’ he sighed, and before he could continue talking I jumped in. ‘Wait what, you came back? When?’.

‘It was around a month after we left, I was already in the business by then but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that life so I decided to go out and take a break. I went back to our old home, hoping to find you there as I thought you’d be able to help me.. But you weren’t, you had done the same as I had’ Junmyeon let out a small laugh when he realised the irony.

‘When Sehun came to work for me, a few years later, you were already friends with Luhan.. I just didn’t know it and neither did he know that we used to be friends. It took Sehun a while to find you but eventually he accidentally saw you meet up with Luhan and we kinda went from there’ he explained before taking another big swig of his drink.

I could tell he was, as he was on his third glass, getting tipsy from all the alcohol. It was quite easy to see to as he started talking more. ‘How old was I when you found me?’ as I asked this he took a moment to think about it, as he looked at his almost empty glass. ‘I’m pretty sure you were as old as Sehun is now.. so twentyf- or maybe you were twenty three, I think you were twenty three actually’ he spoke his voice getting slower as he thought about it.

‘And I’m almost twenty six now.. So basically you’ve been stalking me for more than two years. That’s great Myeon’ I laughed sarcastically, just before he looked up at me with raised eyebrows and bigger eyes. ‘What?’ I asked before looking behind me, there was no one there.. Was there something on my face?

When I turned back to look at Junmyeon I could see a soft pink hue on his cheeks, was that because of the alcohol.. Or was he actually blushing? ‘Sorry, I just got flashbacks to when you last called me Myeon’ he muttered before downing the rest of his glass.

The last time when I called him Myeon? I had called him that multiple times back when we were friends, but I don’t see how that could make him blush.. Oh.. Those times. Junmyeon seemed to try and avoid my eyes as I let out a small snicker. There were a few times when he and I got intimate, there were a few times when we becoming more than just friends but that also flew out the window when he left. I can’t believe he remembers that though, and just from that nickname. I had to use that to my advantage and call him that more often.

The waiters seemed to arrive at the perfect moment as they put down the main course and filled our glasses before we continued eating in silence for a moment.


The rest of the dinner was great and the food was amazing, you could definitely taste that this was a five star restaurant and when we were done eating the main they surprised me with a desert the Junmyeon had picked out for the both of us.

It wasn’t until Chanyeol waltzed inside to check if we were still here when we realised the time and we had been here for quite some time. He asked if we needed more time and when Junmyeon nodded he went back outside. ‘We should get back, it’s getting late’ he spoke the moment Chan left the building. As I nodded at him he smiled at me before standing up, ‘wait here, I’ll get our coats’ the minute we was gone however the phone on my purse made a small noise to let me know a new message had come in.

I grabbed the phone from my purse, expecting to see a text from Minseok or Luhan, but instead it came from an unknown number. “Enjoying dinner?” the message said, making me raise my brows. I thought about typing something back, but the footsteps walking towards me made me think otherwise as I put my phone back in the purse.

As Junmyeon stopped in front of me I got up from my chair and let him help me put on my coat. When I turned back around I smiled at him, before he led the two of us back to the car still waiting outside. The moment we came close to it Jongdae opened the door, ready to open ours for us. Junmyeon motioned for him to stay in the car as he opened the door for me. Jongdae looked surprised but nodded as he closed the door again and watched as he both slid into the car.

The ride back was silent, but there was one thing that kept my head buzzing the entire time. It was mostly the alcohol at this point but Junmyeon’s hand on my thigh wasn’t helping either. Just as I was about to doze off as I looked out the window he would move his fingers, caress my skin or even pinch me a little. I knew he was just doing this to keep me from falling asleep but it wasn’t helping and I could feel my skin start to grow hot underneath his touch.

The time we arrived at home my skin was burning and I needed something or anything at this point. The four of us walked back into the living room and the moment we did I felt a hand slide across my back. Chanyeol walked past me as he went for the stairs, probably going straight to his room. This also reminded me of what he had said earlier.  “After your date come meet me in my room, I believe you’re going to want a certain something back”, where the words he had spoken before my date with Junmyeon.

The alcohol in my blood was telling me to go upstairs, that what was the worst that could happen and even though I wasn’t that far off I decided to listen. Before I went up I walked over to Sehun and Jongin sitting on the couch. ‘Where’s Minseok?’ I asked as to which Jongin just shrugged. ‘He’s at the bar with a few others’ Sehun explained causing me to nod and wish the both of them a good night.

As I took the first two steps up the stairs I felt someone grab my hand, and when I turned around I saw it was Junmyeon. ‘You’re leaving without saying goodbye?’ he spoke as to which I just smiled. ‘Sucks, doesn’t it?’ the words left my mouth before I could leave them and I was going to blame it on the alcohol. ‘You know I didn’t mean it like that’ he spoke before lowering his eyes down.

My hands cupped his face as I brought it back up, I pressed a small kiss to his cheek before smiling at him again. ‘It’s ok Junmyeon, goodnight’, he wished me the same before returning back into the living room with the others.


I walked down the hallway leading to my own room and to Chanyeol’s room. This time however I wasn’t sure which door it was. But my question was soon answered when I opened the first door I could reach. Chanyeol sat at the edge of his bed as he looked at the television screen, that seemed to be playing a sports game.

‘So you did decided to show up?’ it was more of a rhetorical question so I decided to ignore it as I closed the door behind me and walked over to him, to probably both of our surprise still walking straight. See, I wasn’t that drunk.. Just a bit tipsy.

‘What do you want?’ I sassed at him before stopping in front of him blocking his view with the screen. I might be towering over him but I could feel the dominance radiating of him as he spoke, ‘kneel’. To my own annoyance I did as I was told as I kneeled on the floor right in front of him. ‘Hmm.. So you do as you’re told’ he hummed before looking back at the screen above me for a moment.

‘How was your date with Junmyeon?’ he almost growled at me, to which I just shrugged ‘it was fine’. ‘You like being treated like a princess don’t you? To have someone give you all that you desire’ Chanyeol more stated than asked as he now looked back down at me. I shook my head to which he just laughed, ‘lair’.

He reached into his pocket before unfolding his hand out in front of me, my underwear of the other night rested in his palm as he looked into my eyes waiting for me to make a move. ‘If you want this back you’re going to have to do something for me. You see ever since you came here, almost everyone has been all over you and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. But now you’re here in this fucking amazing dress, and I can’t stop thinking about you’ he explained before reaching forward with his empty hand and cupping my cheek, ‘you’re driving me crazy’ he whispered as I closed my eyes for a moment letting myself push more into his hand.

Suddenly I felt his hand move to the back of my neck before pulling me in and pressing his lips against mine. Kissing Chanyeol wasn’t even close to what I had expected it to be, I thought it would be a heated and rough kiss but to my surprise he was more passionate about it.

His lips felt smooth against mine as his now empty hand reached down to grab my waist. He pulled me closer towards him, the warmth of my skin making him greedy before he licked my bottom lip. I let him deepen the kiss and the moment his tongue touched mine he pulled me up from the ground and placed me in his lap. My legs were on either side of him as he pulled my body against his own.

His hands wandered down to cup my ass as I held his face in my palms. I barely realised my dress was sliding upwards when I suddenly felt his warm hands move to my tights. I could practically feel my legs start to shake under his soft touches, I waited for him to make a move or to at least do something. But to my surprise his hands stayed firm on my legs as he held me close.

For a moment I thought about getting up, maybe he wasn’t expecting the same as I was. Without much realisation I moved my hips against his, his obvious boner now pressing against my core as a low groan escaped his lips. He pulled away from my mouth as he started placing small kissing against my jaw and slowly moving down my neck. ‘Don’t leave marks’ I whined my hands now steady against his chest as I leaned my neck to the side.

‘Why, don’t want your boyfriend to see?’ he whispered against my skin before softly pressing his teeth against it, without leaving a mark. ‘He’s not my boyfriend’ I hissed before fisting the back of his neck and pressing my lips against his neck, I made sure to press my tongue against the prominent veins as I moved my way down to his collarbone.

His hands moved to my waist as he felt me get up, but once he realised I was getting back on my knees in front of him he quickly let go. My hands were resting on his knees as I looked up at him, making sure to keep eye contact as I started moving them up before palming him through his jeans. Chanyeol let out a low groan as he threw his head back, relishing in my soft touches.

After a little more of this I had gotten enough and unbuttoned his jeans, he lifted his hips and let me push them down before sitting up straight again. I pulled his member out of his boxers before giving it a slow pump, I used my finger to smear the precum down his shaft before leaning down, pressing my tongue against the tip. ‘Fuck, Y/N’ he moaned my name as he tried his best to keep quiet. The sounds coming from the television were loud enough to block most noises but the both of us still had to keep it down.

The dominant and controlling Chanyeol was almost completely gone as I opened my mouth and took in his tip, making sure to go slow as I started taking more of him in. His hands tangled into my hair as he made a makeshift ponytail before leaning back to look at me taking in his member. ‘Fuck your mouth is so good, so much better than I imagined’ he threw his head back once more as I almost smiled with him in my mouth.

I pushed him down my throat as far as I could before a small gagging sound filled the room, his moan following shortly after. My eyes started to water as I could him down my throat again almost cutting off my air supply before bringing myself back up.

Chanyeol’s fingers tightened around my hair as he pushed me down again, his hips accidentally pushed up as I gagged around him again. A small moan left my throat, the sound was mostly muffled by his member down my throat but somehow he didn’t miss it. ‘Fuck, you love this don’t you?’ the chuckle above me almost made me roll my eyes, but the moment he pushed me down again I decided to let him take control.

I tried my best do relax my throat as I let him use my mouth as his own, ‘you’re so good at this, taking me like a pro’ his groan let a surge of confidence surge through my body as I moved my hand to his balls, cupping them and softly squeezing them in my palm.

‘Oh Christ, just like that baby’ the name stirred me on more as I pulled him out of my mouth, a small whine escaping his lips. As I pumped his shaft at a quick pace the sloppy sound filled the room. ‘Where do you want to come?’ the question sounded so innocent but by the look on his face I could tell he was ready to cum right there and then.

‘Mouth’ he moaned as I squeezed his balls again. One of his hands in my hair cupped the back of my neck as he pulled me in for a quick kiss before bringing me back down. When I took him in my mouth again I could swore I felt him start to twitch already. ‘Fuck, I’m gonna- fuck, I’m coming’ as the words rang through my head I pressed my tongue against the bottom of his shaft before slowly running it back up.

Chanyeol closed his eyes as he brought me down once more. The warm spurts of cum touched the back of my throat as I gagged around him. He let me pull back as little as I tried my best to swallow all of him. The feeling of me tightening my throat around his member made him groan as he brought his head back down.

I let him finish inside my mouth before swallowing the last remains and getting up from the floor, his hands fell from my hair to next to him as he laid back on the bed. As I got up I pushed my dress back into place and grabbed the underwear from the ground, as this was the reason for me to come here in the first place.

To Chanyeol’s surprise he heard my heels click along his wooden floor as I walked to the door. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked as he tilted his head to the side to look at me.

I looked over my shoulder before smiling at him and holding up my underwear, ‘I got what I came for, so I’m done here’. He tried to call out for me, but the moment I opened his door he was quiet. I stepped outside his room before taking my heels off. After grabbing them off the floor I looked back at him still laying on the bed, ‘goodnight Chanyeol’ I winked at him before closing the door behind me and going back to my room.