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Sweet but Psycho

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The sound of footsteps was what made me wake up. I rubbed my eyes before turning around to look at the clock next to my bed, only to be met with a lamp.. and a different wall. I quickly sat up in the bed before looking around. The room I was in seemed, expensive. ‘Good morning’ a familiar voice said, making me turn to look at the source. Jin came walking out, of what I just assumed to be the bathroom, as he looked at me.

He was wearing new clothes and his hair was still wet as he dried it with a towel. ‘Sleep well?’ he asked before giving me a small smile. ‘Uhh, yeah. What are you doing here?’ I asked him as he let out a small laugh. ‘You don’t remember yesterday?’ he spoke as he put the towel down on the table and walked over to the bed, sitting at the end. ‘I mean here, in this room’ I stated as he raised his eyebrow.


‘Ok you really don’t remember, well.. Yesterday you asked me to stay with you, and let’s just say.. You’re great at  cuddling’ he said as he looked away for a moment. My mouth almost literally fell open as I looked at him. I did not remember that at all. ‘Did we really have-’ I started but was cut off by Jin’s laughter. ‘You should see your face’ he laughed making me sigh and put my face in my hands. ‘No we didn’t, you did ask me to sleep in your room though, but I slept on the couch’ Jin said before I felt the bed move, meaning he was getting up again.

‘A guy did call you yesterday though, because you were knocked out I answered the call but I don’t think he was very happy with that’ he explained as he grabbed the towel and walked back into the bathroom. ‘I’ll be downstairs, I put my number in your phone if you need anything’ he gave me a small wave before exiting the room, letting the door fall shut behind him.

Oh my god, who called me yesterday? I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone. “3 missed call(s) Minseok” “45 new message(s)” “1 missed call(s) Lu Han”, I scrolled through the notifications before coming to a stop and scrolling back up. A call from Lu Han. I quickly opened my messenger and went into my chat with him.



Lu: Did you miss me?

Lu: Wait don’t answer that I already know the answer.. of course you did ;)

Lu: You’re probably already asleep, but text me when you wake up.

Lu: I want to see you, I missed my best friend.


A small smile spread across my face as I started typing a message back, we had to meet up as soon as possible. I quickly scrolled through the chat with the girls, who had send some pictures of last night.

There were a few selfies of me and the girls, a few of me dancing alone.. and a few of me dancing with Hoseok. I stayed quiet for a moment as I let the imagines of yesterday flow back


*yesterday night*

‘Shots!’ Kate’s loud voice filled my ears as she pulled me towards the bar. I had just finished the meeting with the boys and had walked down to go the girls, who were patiently waiting at the bar. Jin had offered to drive me to the hotel, which I happily accepted. But I had to stay here till closing hours, considering he still had work to finish. ‘Where were you?’ Anne asked, who obviously had already received a few drinks as she was swaying a little. ‘Sorry the queue was crazy’ I apologised, referring to the bathroom break I was supposed to have.

‘It’s ok, but now that you’re here.. You’re paying’ Anne smiled making Kate cheer as I reached for my purse. ‘3 tequila shots please’ Kate said as she handed my money to the bartender, who gave her a wink before walking away to get our drinks. ‘He’s cute’ Anne giggled making me shake my head.

It didn’t take long before the guy returned with our shots and handed us all the drink, the lime and some salt. I swiped my tongue over the back of my hand before letting Kate put the salt over it. After the girls had done the same we all looked towards each other and smiled, ‘cheers!’ we all said in unison before traditionally downing the tequila shot. I felt the alcohol burn down my throat as Anne stuck out her tongue. ‘Disgusting’ she said before looking at us, ‘let’s do another one’.


It didn’t take long before I felt the alcohol cloud my brain and the girls had pulled me towards the dance floor. The three of us were swinging along to the songs and every now and then singing along. A pair of hands found itself on my waist as they pulled me towards them. My back met a chest as Anne let out a small squeal, making Kate softly hit her shoulder. I felt a face lean down before someone’s breath touched my neck. ‘You seem to be having fun’ a familiar voice said as he pressed himself against my back, swinging our hips along the beat.

‘Isn’t that supposed to be the whole idea of a party?’ I asked back and I could feel his lips turn into a smirk as he pressed his face into the crook of my neck. ‘It sure is’ he replied before taking a step back. Just when I was about to turn around he already did so for me. His eyes fell on mine as he pulled me into his chest. My hands where on his shoulders as I tried to steady myself from the quick turn. Hoseok grinned at me before wrapping his arms around my waist once more and putting his face next to mine.

‘I’m sorry, you just seemed to be having fun. I thought I’d join you’ he spoke as his breath fanned over my ear. I couldn’t see it but I could tell he was smirking by the way his voice sounded. Slowly I moved my hands over his chest before wrapping them around his shoulders.

‘I promise you I will find out who’s been trying to hurt you’ he suddenly said as he pulled his head back. ‘I know you will’ I smiled at him, making him give me a small smile back. I could tell he was worried as he looked back at me. ‘Hobi-’ I started making him let out a small laugh at the nickname, ‘-let’s not talk about work. You’re here to party remember?’ I smiled at him making him grin back at me before nodding. ‘Of course, let’s make it a night you won’t forget’.


*present time*

I let out a groan as I laid back in the bed, pushing the imagines of the four of us drinking way to much alcohol out of my mind. After the party, and I paid for the cab ride home for the girls, Jin had come over to me. He walked me to a car waiting outside and drove us to the hotel. He had put me to bed and I remember laying down and almost immediately blacking out.

My fingers moved over the touchscreen as I opened the chat with Minseok.


“Video call ended at 4:58 AM”

Minseok: wow ok who was that guy?

Minseok: please tell me it’s not what I think it is

Minseok: Anne just texted me, asking me if you were with me

Minseok: to not freak her out I told her you slept at my place

Minseok: but we need to talk, ASAP!

Minseok: call me


Even though I had been purposely avoiding him for a few days now I couldn’t help but feel bad. I knew what it looked like to him, and what it would’ve looked like to anyone else. And God knows I would’ve lost my shit too. I stayed still for a moment as I thought about how I was going to explain this to him. This was short lived however as the sound of another incoming message made me look at my phone again.


Lu: bitch I can see you’re online, you better text me back so we can meet up!


Minseok would be a trouble for later, Lu came first right now. I quickly typed a message back to him asking where he wanted to meet up. He texted me the address and a time to what seemed like a cafe. I texted him a “I’ll be there” before putting my phone down and getting up from the bed. I noticed a small pile of neatly folded clothes in the corner of the bathroom when I entered. A small laugh escaped me as I imagined Jin having to pick out female clothing before putting them here while I was sleeping. I turned the shower and when I was sure the temperature was right I stepped inside.


As I walked down the steps of the hotel I reached inside my pocket to grab my phone. Lu had send me his location, as he was already at the cafe half an hour before we were supposed to meet up. He always was early to our meet ups, but this struck a new record. I opened Google Maps and started walking in the direction the arrow led me. The cafe was only a small ten minute was away from my hotel, which was convenient for me but Lu also lived in this area of town so I guess it was good for him too.

It didn’t take long before the cafe came into view as I walked down the long road. The street it was on was quite busy as it was in the middle of town. Cars were parked out from as I saw some people get out and walk inside, they were laughing as they entered. Because I was so focused on them I hadn't noticed the same black car from yesterday, which was also on the parking lot..

As I opened the door a small bell started to ring, signalling a costumer was entering. It only took a few seconds before I noticed Lu Han sitting in a booth almost at the end. When he noticed me I started walking towards him, he smiled at me as he got up from the seat. When I was close enough he almost immediately wrapped him arms around me and pulled me in for a warm hug. My arms were around his waist as we stayed like that for a moment.

When we broke apart he grinned at me, ‘I guess you did miss me too huh?’. I laughed at him as I punched his shoulder, ‘of course I missed you, you loser’. He laughed as he rubbed his shoulder and motioned for me to sit down across him. I slid in the couch across as he did the same, already signalling the waitress.

‘What do you want to drink?’ He asked me as the waitress started walking over. ‘Lu, I haven’t even seen the menu how the hell am I supposed to know’ I said making him shrug. ‘It was a rhetorical question, I already know what you’ll order anyway’ he smiled at me before turning to the waitress, ‘she’ll take a hot chocolate please’ the waitress nodded at this and walked away.

‘Ok fine, you do know my order’ I noted making him grin at me. ‘We’ve known each other for years, I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t’ he said before taking a sip of his own drink. We stayed quiet for a moment as I watched the waitress prepare my drink. She was talking to another costumer while preparing my drink, doing this almost blindly. When she was done she asked the costumer for a moment before walking back to our table.

‘So how was China?’ I asked him as the waitress put down my drink, I couldn’t help but jump right into the question I knew he didn’t want to answer. I saw him noticeably shrink before looking out the window. As the waitress walked away he put down his drink and let out a sigh before looking at me. ‘China was fine, the reason I was there however was not’ he said before looking towards the door and running a hand through his hair, in an almost too good to be natural type of way.

‘Why where you there Lu? Does it have something to do with why I was attacked yesterday?’ I asked him and although I knew the possibility was small I had been meaning to ask him anyway. He suddenly looked back at me in shock. ‘You were what!’ He whisper yelled at me making me lean in a little. ‘Yesterday I was on my way to a club when some guys jumped me, they spoke Chinese.. And by what you said about your trip I thought maybe-’ I finished before looking down to avoid his gaze. I knew it was a stupid question just because Lu went to China didn’t mean it had to be related.

‘He promised me he wouldn’t hurt you’ he said more to himself then to me. ‘If fine I didn’t get hurt-’ I started before realisation hit. ‘Wait. What are you talking about, who is he?’ I asked making him put his head in his hands. Behind me I heard the sound of the door opening and the small bell filled the store. After a short moment the sound of many footsteps were heard and they all sounded like they were heading for the door.

As I turned to look behind me I saw a man walk towards us. When he stopped next to our table I noticed the other costumers had all gone up and left. He didn’t look at me as Lu suddenly got up, ‘you said they wouldn’t hurt her, you promised’ he spoke softly making the man place a hand on his shoulder. ‘I know, and I kept my promise. But I apologise for this, we’ll talk later’ the man said as Lu nodded and started walking towards the door.

‘Wow where do you think you’re going? Lu Han!’ I called out to him but he just ignored me as he kept walking. The man slid into his seat as he waved towards the waitress who stood silently at the bar, watching us. ‘I’ll take whatever she’s having’ he spoke sweetly before looking back at me. The entire cafe was not empty as it was just the two of us, and the remaining staff members.

‘I have to say Y/N, you had me worried. But the way you handled my men.. Can’t say that surprised me’ he smiled at me making me sit straight and look at him. ‘Excuse my language-’ I spoke smiling back at him, although it was a fake smile he didn't seem to notice. ‘-But who the hell are you?’ I finished as the waitress walked over and put his drink down, after taking Lu Han's drink she walked away.

‘Oh yeah sorry, I’m Suho. The leader of EXO’ he said as he reached out to extent his hand to me. I simply looked at it before he sighed and pulled it back, ‘Ok we’ll work on that later’ he said more to himself before leaning back in his seat and grabbing his drink. He took a swig before nodding towards the waitress, ‘this is really good, thank you’. I looked at him in disbelief before letting out a sigh, matching his. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’ I said to myself making him look up. ‘I’m quite serious actually-‘ he started as I glared up at him, he seemed to get the hint as he stopped talking and put his drink down.

‘Look, all I ask is that you come with me so I can show you what I have to offer’ he offered making me look at him and raise my eyebrow, did he know about my other job? ‘And if I decline?’ I asked while crossing my arms over my chest, he stayed silent for a moment as he looked at his drink. ‘I highly recommend you don’t’ he finally smiled at me before waving at the door. A new face came walking through the door as he stopped at our table. ‘Chanyeol, can you please bring our guest to the car?’ He asked making the other nod.

As Chanyeol looked at me I let out a small laugh, he had a blue bruise on the side of his face.. and it seemed to take the shape of a baseball bat. ‘You’re the guy I beat up yesterday’ I laughed making him glare at me, I heard Suho let out a small laugh before letting out a cough. ‘Don’t worry it won’t happen again’ he said before reaching for my arm, again. ‘Yeah, we’ll see about that’ I said as he grabbed me and forced me to get up. I noticed two others waiting outside as Chanyeol “guided” me towards the door.. One sat on a motorcycle and because he was already wearing his helmet I couldn’t see who it was.

The other however I did recognise, as it was Jongdae. I should have known. He leaned against his car as Chanyeol let go of my arm and opened the door for me. ‘Run, I dare you’ he whispered into my ear before I stepped outside, looking around me. They had a motorcycle, there was no way I could outrun that..

Jongdae didn’t make eye contact as he opened the door for me. I slid into the car as Chanyeol, Suho and Lu han got into the car with us. ‘Buckle your seat belt’ Suho said as he got in the seat in front of us. I looked at him before looking out the window. I saw Lu’s arm reach in front of me as he grabbed the buckle from next to me, he pulled it down and slid it into the end locking it in place. Jongdae got into the driver seat as he closed the door and instantly locked all of ours, just in case..


We had been driving for a good ten minutes already and the entire time nobody had said anything. As I looked outside I thought of my friendship with Lu, was all of it fake? It couldn’t be, I had known him for years, we even grew up together. Maybe the mafia was threatening him, maybe they had something on him.

‘How long have you been with them?’ I suddenly asked him, my curiosity getting the best of me. I noticed Chanyeol and Suho tilt their heads to listen along as Lu finally looked back at me. ‘A few years’ he answered making me nod. ‘So was any of it real?’ I asked as I saw Chanyeol look away. Suho seemed to keep listening as Lu answered, ‘of course, all of it-’ he started but was cut off as a Jongdae suddenly yelled. ‘FUCK, HOLD ON!’

We tried to react but there was no way we’d be in time. When I looked ahead of us I saw a black van coming towards us. Jongdae steered away, making the car hit the side of the passenger seat, which was empty. Our car tipped over and it didn’t take long before it started rolling. After this everything became a bit dizzy and there were moments where I blacked out.

Our car was tipped over and we were all hanging upside down. When I looked beside me I saw that Lu was unconscious, his hands touching the floor as he swayed a little. The sound of glass shattering was what made me turn my head. Jongdae had unbuckled his seat belt and was now crawling out the car, I saw him rush to Suho opening the door and helping him out. When he reached the floor he told Jongdae to help Chanyeol, who quickly moved away. Suho turned around to look at me. I couldn’t read his face well, considering I was still hanging upside down, but I could see he looked mad and worried.

He slowly moved towards me and cupped my face in his hands, ‘don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here’ he whispered to me while Jongdae pulled Chanyeol’s door open. I felt my eyes start to close as I saw him reach for the belt buckle. My body felt heavy as he caught me from my fall, he readjusted me in his arms before slowly moving to the door. I reached my arm out to Lu, but it was no use as Suho carried me outside and away from the car.

The sound of a bike stopping next to us made me tilt my head towards it. ‘Call the others, tell them to pick us up and get Yixing ready’ the voice above me said as he pulled me closer. Suho cradled me in his arms as we sat together. My head was against his chest, making me hear his heartbeat. It almost seemed louder than anything else as I suddenly felt him lean down. ‘I won’t let anyone hurt you, you’ll always be safe with me’ he whispered to me and as I closed my eyes the darkness immediately took over.


The sound of hushed voices filled the room, even though I was still pretty far out of it I could almost hear what they were saying. ‘How is she?’ someone asked as I heard some shuffling around. ‘I’m just waiting for her to wake up at this point, the bruises were inevitable but they will fade over time’ another voice said, which sounded more familiar than the other. ‘Do you know more of who did this?’ the same voice asked as I heard it move over to my right. ‘Probably one of the other gangs, we’re still trying to figure out who though’ the other voice replied. ‘Will you continue to stay with her till she wakes up?’ the person on my right asked, and then it stayed silent for a moment as he didn’t get a verbal response.

‘She just needs rest, she'll probably wake up with a pounding headache’ the same voice on my right said before he started to walk away. I heard more moving around from both sides as suddenly the other voice spoke up, ‘I will walk you downstairs’ he said and I heard them walk out and lock the door behind them.

I stayed still for a moment before slowly opening my eyes, letting them adjust to the bright light. The room I was in was mostly white.. almost like a doctor’s office. I was lying in a bed and when I moved to get up I felt a tug on my wrist. The silver handcuff was holding me in place. They handcuffed me.. to a bed.. As I looked around the room for anything that could help me get out I noticed the camera sitting in the corner of the room, pointing directly at me. I put myself back in my original position, hoping they weren’t watching that camera 24/7.

I closed my eyes for as far as I could, while still being able to see. My eyes moved around the room as I noticed a tray sitting next to my bed, it was filled with tissues, what looked like stitches and what I assumed was my blood. Attached to the wire however I noticed a needle, it was still covered in blood so this was most likely the needle they used for me. I could tell I was wounded, especially my head. As the person before had said I indeed did have a pounding headache.

Now that my way out of the handcuff was found, I had to figure out how to get out of this room. They had locked the door so there was no point in trying that one, I could wait for one of them to come back and hope for the best.. But with my headache that wasn’t going to work out. When I looked over the room again I saw what looked like a ventilation shaft. I could fit in there, if I was really desperate. But then again, where did it go and would it even end. Seeing as there were only two ways out of this room and one was a locked door I decided to just go for the ventilation system.

There was no knowing if the people behind the camera were watching, I just had to hope.. or move quickly. I decided to go for the last option as I quickly snatched the needle of the desk moved to sit up. I pushed the needle into the lock of the handcuff as I tried to get it to open.

After only a few seconds it sprung open and it threw the sheets of my body. As soon as I was out of the bed my hands quickly found the wall as I tried to steady myself, the room seemed to spin for a moment as I continued walking towards the ventilation shaft. When I was underneath it I grabbed the closest chair and climbed on. As I steadied myself I suddenly heard a loud sound coming from downstairs and it was followed by movement, they knew I was awake.

I quickly opened the shaft and climbed in. The shaft closed behind me as I started crawling away from the room and to my surprise this space was bigger than expected. There was a crossing not far ahead of me. When I reached it I looked in both directions, both leading to other areas of this place.

The sound of a door opening quickly made me turn right as I started crawling, trying to be as silent as possible. ‘You’ve got to be joking me!’ a loud voice said as it echoed through the system. ‘Did she really go in there?’ another voice said and they seemed to be getting further away from me as I continued. ‘Fuck that, I’m not going in there. Search the house’ they spoke to each other and after a while I didn’t hear them anymore.


After a few minutes of crawling through the vents I had stopped to take a break, I was hurled up in a corner as I looked into both directions. One was where I came from and the other one seemed to be leading to an opening leading down, probably into another room. To my surprise this part of the system was also pretty clean. I took another moment to really catch my breath before I started to crawl towards the opening. When looking down I saw what seemed like bathroom.

As silently as possible I opened the hatch leading down and climbed down. When my feet hit the ground I fell to the floor, my balance was way off. I moved to the corner of the room and from where I was sitting you wouldn’t be able to see me if you stood in the door opening. The hatch however was still open..

A black haze filled my eyes and I could feel myself start to slip away. I was so weak. From where I was sitting I could see a reflection of myself in the shower wall, I looked bad. My face was bruised up and my skin was a mess. There were more bruises all over my body and the clothing I was wearing was torn open, as the doctor needed space to stitch up some wounds.

I stayed here for another moment as the door suddenly started to open. I heard a few footsteps before looking up. A woman stood in the middle of the bathroom as she looked up at the hatch. She was wearing what I thought was a maids outfit and after closing the hatch she walked away, luckily turning in a way she wouldn’t see me. Was this place really that big that they needed a cleaner.

My hands were pressed against the wall as I slowly started to get up. My bare feet shuffled against the cold tiles as I listened to the sounds of the woman in the other room. Her footsteps walked away and when I peeked into the other room I saw it was empty. I stepped into the room as I looked around, this bedroom was huge. This was almost the same size as my kitchen and my living room.

My footsteps were loud against the wood as I walked to the door. I slowly opened it before looking into the hallway. ‘Is there even a way out of this place?’ I thought to myself before walking into the hallway. Both left and right seemed empty as I took a left turn and started moving along the wall, my hand holding my body steady against it.

After only a short moment I suddenly heard a loud voice behind me, ‘Hey!’. When I turned to look around I felt a sharp pain in my side and almost immediately I lost my balance and fell down. I heard two pairs of footsteps run towards me as one said, ‘we found her, she’s on the second floor’ it was a familiar voice but it seemed too far away to try and figure out who it was.

I clutched my side in pain as I shrunk away, there was no point in running anyway. I heard the two stop next to me before one of them leaned down next to me and press his hand softly against my shoulder. He slowly moved me to sit upright as he cupped my face and made me look at him. Jongin looked back at me and I couldn’t help but scowl. ‘Jesus, are all of you with EXO?’ I asked more to myself as I tried to move out of his grasp. His face almost seemed just as bruised as mine and the thought of him being another one of the guys I beat up made me laugh a little. I quickly stopped as I clenched my side tighter.

‘Stop it, you’re hurt’ another worried voice said and I didn’t need to look at him to know that it was Sehun, which also answered the question I asked Jongin earlier. ‘And what about this made you laugh?’ Jongin asked as I turned my head to look at him. ‘You're another one of the guys I beat up yesterday’ I said making him snicker before falling silent. ‘Wait.. yesterday?’ Sehun asked as he kneeled down next to me.

‘Yeah, before the party’ I said making Sehun look at Jongin, they both turned back to look at me without saying anything. ‘What’s wrong?’ almost as soon as the words left my mouth I heard more footsteps coming from the end of the hallway. ‘Y/N, the party wasn’t yesterday. That was five days ago’ Sehun admitted and he immediately received a slap on the back of his head. ‘Why would you tell her that?’ Baekhyun asked as he came into view behind them.

I felt the air get thick in my throat as I looked ahead of me, five days? I had been here for five whole days. My hands started shaking and I could feel myself start to panic. I noticed someone push Jongin and Sehun away as he sat down in front of me. When I looked up I was suddenly blinded by a bright light in my left eye, which moved over to my right eye not much later. I tried to move away from it but a hand was holding my chin in place before the light left.

‘Hey, look at me’ a voice said as I blinked my eyes, trying to regain my vision. When I did Yixing was already looking back at me. He snapped his fingers in front of me and I tried to focus my eyes on them, he moved them to either side of my face before snapping them again. I flinched away from both sides as he let out a sigh of relief before releasing my chin. ‘She’s fine, but she needs food and water. Stat’ he stated as he looked to someone on my other side. When I followed his gaze I felt my heart start to beat faster, but I didn’t know whether it was from fear or something else.