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snapshots from different realities

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Moonlight pours in through the window, framed by the long curtains left open. Sitting up, bed sheets covering only his lap, Hashirama watches as Madara sleeps. His lover is beautiful, Hashirama knows, he's learned that, discovered it over and over again, during their life together. He's calm when he sleeps, Hashirama observes, looks content. 

The bed sheets only reach up to Madara's waist and Hashirama asks himself if Madara isn't cold. They have heating but it's still winter; Hashirama feels the cool air prickle his skin and suppresses a shiver. He should lay down soon, end his late-night treat of watching his husband sleep. 

Oh, but wait, Madara is stirring and Hashirama is mesmerized. Groggily, Madara opens his eyes, only halfway, and looks around. He mostly ignores Hashirama, instead focusing on the sheets around himself. He shifts around, pulling the covers higher, wrapping them around himself. Once done, covers reaching up to his nose, he sighs contentedly and curls on his side facing Hashirama. 

Madara's face is now almost completely hidden thanks to the covers and his own hairーonly a small patch of forehead is left visible. If Hashirama can't watch the tiny changes in Madara's resting expression, he might as well go to sleep, he muses. Hashirama joins Madara in laying down but not before he leans down and places a kiss on his head. "I love you," he whispers. 

Madara, brain lagging behind with sleep, replies a few seconds later by making an almost moaning sound in the back of his throat and moving his head closer to Hashirama. That should be enough, Madara would think if he wasn't falling into dreamland. He lets out a couple more of the same sounds again regardless: I love you, too. 

A moment later and Hashirama is wrestling with his side of the covers as well. Once he realizes Madara has taken up more than half of them, Hashirama considers resigning himself to the small patch he's been left with. But the room is cold and Hashirama makes an effort to summon some strength into his body. He nudges Madara's arm holding the sheets and pulls. After a few tries Madara's hold eases and Hashirama quickly inserts himself underneath the covers. He turns towards Madara and wraps his arms around him in a loose embrace. 

A couple minutes later Hashirama falls asleep warm and happy.