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>>> "Come over here and make me." 

“What did you say?”

If possible Can held his chin even higher, as if it was possible for him to look down on Tin. But since he was standing on Tin’s bed… yeah, he was looking down on him. 

“I said: ‘Come over here and make me.’“

Tin had heard him the first time, but sometimes he wasn’t sure if Can himself knew what came out of his mouth most of the times. 

And suddenly he was tired. Tired because it was so late, and he had to study for midterms, and tired because of the constant battle with is big brother who just couldn’t let him be, and tired because Can couldn’t ask for what he wanted without picking a fight. 

He leaned back in his chair with a wary sigh and closed his eyes. He knew how this was going to end. Can leaving after a shouting match and…

“Your head hurts?” Cool fingers were brushing his hair back and Tin could have moaned out of pleasure at the contact. He opened his eyes and Can had a little smile around his lips as if he knew exactly what he had been doing mere minutes ago. 

Tin just looked up at him, because he too sometimes just wanted to be read like an open book and he didn’t grunt as Can flopped down on his lap. And maybe Can had asked him for a kiss with a fight, but Tin didn’t care about the semantics because all he cared about was the feeling of Can’s lips on his and his gentle fingers stroking through his hair. 

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>>> "Wanna bet?"

Can eyed the ten pork skewers in is hand, frowned and threw Tin a challenging look.

“Wanna bet?”, he asked and began to stuff his mouth with the spicy meat. If Tin thought that he wouldn’t eat those skewers in two minutes flat just to get ten more, then he didn’t know him at all. 

He expected a disgusted or annoyed frown but instead Tin covered his eyes with his right hand and his shoulders began to shake. Can stopped chewing and leaned forward. Tin wasn’t crying, was he? Was Tin even able to cry? 

Instead of tears rolling down Tin’s cheeks he saw a wide grin. 

“You are really unbelievable,” he said and Can was forced to be silent otherwise he would spit an unholy amount of meat in Tin’s face. 

Tin’s eyes were sparkling, and he had a dimple in his left cheek when he smiled, and the reason why Can had trouble breathing wasn’t because of the pork skewers anymore. 

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>>> “Tell me a secret.” 


The night was warm and humid. Not even a breeze came through the open window, the curtains a useless weight against the glass. Tin felt the sweat on his skin drying and the places were he and Can touched were burning. 

But he wouldn't move for anything in the world. 

Can felt heavy against him, a sleeping weight, the only time he seemed to stop moving. For someone so energetic he was surprisingly still in his sleep. 

He moved his fingers against Can’s skin. Slow, lazy circles like time stood still for them. 
It was the first time that he was held like this. Safe in the circle of someone else’s arms, as if he was something precious. He didn’t want to think too much about it, why he tried his most to not fall asleep, why he had the urge to not miss a minute of it.

Can moved against him, snuggling closer, murmuring something against Tin’s hair. 

Tin just smiled.

“Tell me a secret,” Can said, his voice awake but rough. Tin stopped his moving fingers and stared at the ceiling of his room. 

“This, this is the safest I ever felt,” he whispered. 

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>>> “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” 

There was a loud splash and the sound of suppressed laughter. Can’s feet already touched the water, the waves lapping gently at his toes.

“I can’t see anything! Ai Tin!” There was no full moon on the sky and their mobile phones were laying on the pile of clothes a few meters away so Can had no idea how far Tin already swam into the lake. 

He took a deep breath and went for it.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” The water was warm and smooth against his skin but nevertheless, he felt a little shivery inside. He could stand easily but he didn’t stop until he reached Tin and was able to drape his arms around his neck. Tin just laughed against his face. 

“Shouldn’t you be able to stand?”

Can pouted but realized that Tin couldn’t see it in the dead of the night, so he put his legs around Tin’s waist and entwined him with his whole body. 

“Not everybody is such a giant!”

Can was able to feel Tin’s eye-roll but instead of pushing him away Tin turned until Can was hanging on his back.

“Hold on,” Tin said, pushed himself away from the ground and began to swim. 

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>>> "Kiss me."

Once, Ae had said that he didn’t like him but that he was a mage when it came to Can, so he wasn’t going to beat the shit out of him. He had said that after threatening Tin to eviscerate him should he hurt Can in any way. Tin could respect that kind of honesty.

Can had been fretting about the last football game for exactly ten minutes, the unfairness of exams for twenty minutes, and now he was complaining about his sister who apparently was too invested in their relationship. 

Tin had listened for a while, had checked his emails while Can had mistreated the pillows on Tin’s bed and was now sitting patiently on his couch. He had calculated it right. After a heartfelt yell in the middle of the room Can took a deep breath, spinned around and stomped over to where Tin was sitting. 

First, he just sat next to Tin with crossed arms. Then he huffed and lied down, his head on Tin’s lap. The side eye he was giving Tin was a request in Can-language so Tin began to pet his hair. He felt how some of the tension left Can’s body so he added gentle scratching. 

But this time, instead of closing his eyes and falling in a state of light sleeping Can rolled onto his back and looked up at him. 

“Kiss me.”, he demanded and the last word was spoken against Tin’s lips because he moved that fast to comply. It was a slow kiss, Tin was taking his time kissing Can’s lower and upper lip, the corners of his mouth until Can smiled and put his hand in Tin’s hair to hold him closer and deepen the kiss. 

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>>> "I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” 

The words were almost carried away by the wind. They stood next to the football field, hidden away by the bleachers, but the wind howled around them, a powerful reminder of the approaching monsoon season. 

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Tin was not used to Can telling him something in a quiet subdued voice. He felt a heavy knot in his belly, the same one he felt when he told Can that he wanted to trust him. 

His knee-jerk reaction to Can was no longer provocation or a sneering insult but the wish to comfort and soothe. But he knew that he wasn’t good at this kind of display of affection, not yet. He knew how to kiss, yes, but hugging? Whispering sweet nothings? A gentle smile? Can was the one not shy to hug everyone around him, wrapping arms and legs around unsuspecting people. 

Maybe Tin should try the Can-method. 

Can murmured something indistinct against his shoulder but didn’t struggle against Tin’s hug. 

“I’m sorry,” Tin said.

“You don’t sound sorry at all!”

“I am. I don’t want you to be terrified.” 

Can muffled something and snuggled closer. Tin would bet his whole wealth away that it had been an ‘Ai Asshole’, but for them, it was more a term of endearment than an insult. 

He wished he could say stuff like: “I will take all your sorrows away. I will conquer all your fears. You are safe with me.” 

Someday, Tin vowed to himself and held Can closer. 

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>>> “Have you lost your damn mind!?”


Can was the impulsive one in their relationship. He took this part very serious because Tin needed some damn excitement and surprise in his life. Can was - most of the time - proud of every eye-roll and every exasperated huff, whenever he pulled Tin along with him.

And even though Tin thought he was a mysterious man with an impassive face…he was not, okay? 

But here there were. Can stared at the document in his hand and was certain to faint any minute now. 

“This… this…what is this?”

“You can read right?”

“You bought a fucking house???”

“Oh, so you can read?”

Can threw his arms up.

“Have you lost your damn mind?” 

Tin just raised one eyebrow and it had been years since Can wanted to pluck that damn brow from Tin’s face. 

“Why did you bought a house?”



“I bought us a house.”

Can just stared at Tin with an open mouth, because you didn’t throw this kind of stuff at someone at 7 am in the morning. Can was not even showered, damn it! 

“So you bought us a house. But with your money?” 

“We can have a joint account if you want?”

Now Can was even more lost. He stared at the bill of sale then at his boyfriend, and at what point in time did he switch universe? 
Tin was leaning against the kitchen counter and had a mug with coffee next to him. Can was jealous. He was sure coffee would help him. Tin’s arms were crossed which was a sign that he was not as relaxed as he liked to appear.

“Wait… is this some weird way of asking me to marry you?” Can saw the little twitch in Tin’s face and his heart began to beat a million times faster.

“Would you say yes?”, Tin asked and was suddenly very interested in his mug. 

Can decided that jumping his soon-to-be-fiancè was the best answer at 7 am in the morning. 

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>>> “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Smut Warning? I am not sure how NSFW-ness this is, so please read at your own risk


Ae and Petes engagement party had been long. Full of laughter, good food and the warm feeling of being surrounded by family and friends. They danced and sang and at some point Tin lost the first two buttons of his shirt. For the rest of the night Can was not able to look away from the patch of skin on display.

He knew that he wasn’t a subtle guy, so he just grinned when Tin took his hand and pulled him in a deserted hallway of the giant resort where they celebrated. 

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed,” Tin murmured and Can laughed and threw him closer. 

They kissed and kissed, until Can’s lips felt wet and swollen and everything he knew was Tin’s smell and taste and how Tin’s tongue found every sensitive spot. Can moved and he found the patch of skin which should have been protected by the missing buttons and he kissed the warm skin. He was a brat so the kiss turned into a bite and he groaned because Tin fingers had found his butt in retribution.

Can looped his arms around Tin’s neck and with a move as natural as breathing Tin lifted him up and Can wrapped his legs around Tin’s waist. He trusted Tin to hold them both so he framed Tin’s face between his hands and kissed him. Nipped at his bottom lip, pressed kisses along his jawline until he reached the spot below Tin’s ear that made him moan and boneless. They fell against the wall, both breathing heavily.

Can needed. He needed.

“I need to do you tonight,” he groaned between biting kisses and chasing Tin’s tongue and rolling his hips against Tin’s belly because he was so hard. Tin shuddered and his voiceless “Fuck” against Can’s throat was answer enough. 

“Find us a damn bed!”, Can demanded and chased Tin’s laughter with a kiss. 

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>>>  “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Can had no idea what Tin meant. He looked down at himself, but nope, he didn’t wear mismatched socks or shoes and his fly was closed. He threw a confused look at Tin.

Tin pulled at the collar of Can’s shirt. 
“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” With every word he took a step closer until Can’s back hit the wall. 

“It’s meant to be funny and supportive!” After being jealous of Ae for being selected to play at the final football match and not him Can had been all about the idea to wear a shirt with Ae’s number and name on it. Everyone was going to wear one. 

Tin had him caged with his arms and Can was pressed between his hard body and the wall. 

“Take. It. Off,” Tin growled, took the hem of the shirt and pulled it over Can’s head before Can could do anything. Can wasn’t even able to voice his opinion about the rough treatment, he was already being kissed. 

“Rude,” he murmured against Tin’s lips but he liked how Tin’s big hands were caressing his skin. He liked that very much.

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>>> "Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 


Tin was the jealous one in their relationship. Because, finally, he had someone of his own. Someone who wasn’t bought by his father or tricked by his brother. 

There had been a lot of shouting matches in the early stages of their relationship. About ‘Me or your friends’ - until Tin was able to see past the raging beast inside him and he saw Can’s loyalty as an essential part of him. He had to admit that Pete had played a big part in this process. He should thank Pete for that and maybe give him a gift… Ae’s face alone made that a great idea.

“You want popcorn?”, Tin asked but was met with silence. Can was slouching in his seat, staring at the screen like it held all the answers to the universe. Tin looked, but it was just advertisement, not even about food. 


His boyfriend ignored him again, a thunderous expression on his face. Tin was able to see the tension in his bones. Tin tried to remember if something bad happened between them entering the cinema and going to their seats, but they had been together the whole time. 

He was on the brink to force Can to look at him and tell him what happened when it hit him.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 

Can snorted but crossed his arms and still refused to look at Tin. 

“You always say I should stop being rude to people. So I was nice to the cashier. You should be happy I was nice!”

Can visibly gnashed his teeth and finally turned around. He opened his mouth to give Tin a piece of his mind but Tin already captured his chin with his hand and kissed him. That was always the best method to shut Can up and lift his mood. 

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>>> “I wish I could hate you.” 

Tin was a very focused guy. He could forget all about his surroundings while reading a report or trying to master a calculation for econometrics. He didn’t like to be interrupted and had mastered the art of feeding himself without getting out of his zone. 
It had been a pleasure to discover that Can’s chatter was like white noise. It didn’t bother him, Can could play with his football next to him and it wouldn’t disturb Tin’s train of thought.

Sometimes, however, some of Can’s chatter would pierce through the shield around Tin’s mind.

“I wish I could hate you.”

Tin frowned. His fingers stopped their typing and with an uneasy feeling, he turned to Can. But Can wasn’t looking at him. He laid with his upper body on the table staring at a chocolate bar in his hand. After a heavy sight, he took a bite out of the bar. 

“What?”, Tin asked.

Can blinked and looked back at him. 

“I can’t stop eating… my stomach hurts, but they are so good!”

Tin wanted to snap at him, but he noticed the empty wrappers all over the table and noticed too that it was way later than he had thought. Can had been keeping him company since mid-morning and seemed to have satisfied his hunger with the content of the vending machine. 

It was part of the weird-Can-logic to decide when not to be whiny about wanting to eat some real food instead of upsetting his stomach with tons of sweets.

Tin closed his laptop and pulled Can with an arm around his hip closer. He smelled like chocolate, the same colour as his eyes and the little pout on his lips would taste like it too. 

“I am sorry I didn’t feed you properly.”
“You should be. It’s your job as my boyfriend.”
“I should take my job more seriously.”
“You really should!”

Tin laughed, took Can’s chin between his fingers and kissed him soundly. 

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>>>  “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”


Can had been ill, and he never ever was ill. He was healthy as a… as someone who would never get ill okay? So the sore throat had taken him by surprise and when he noticed he had fever it had been too late, because he hadn’t wanted to miss any football practice. He was an important part of the team!

Fainting on the field was now an integrated part of his biography so he wasn’t going to fret about that. 

Hell, it was boring being ill! BORING!

Nobody wanted to visit him, because they were afraid of him being infectious. He was not. The doctor had said he was not, so maybe it was because of his nurse. 

Nurse Tin. Can had to smile again at this thought. 

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Can opened his eyes and looked at Tin who was leaning against the headboard of Can’s bed. 

“I didn't’ smile. I am not happy. You should scratch my head some more.” 

Tin rolled his eyes because as Can’s nurse he had the latest information about Can’s health, so he knew that the fever was gone and in two or three days his cough would be gone as well. But the moment he stroked with his fingers through his hair Can smiled again and that was worth it. 

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>>> “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”


His phone had been in his backpack all day. He didn’t use it much anyway, he liked to talk to people face to face and the wait for a reply made him antsy.
So he didn’t read the text until the cheering practice was finished when everyone already had said their goodbyes and he made the journey from the football field through the campus.

“This is the most stupid text I have gotten like ever,” he murmured and bit his lips while trying to send a reply. He groaned loud and frustrated when everything sounded plain stupid.
“This is stupid,” he yelled at the night sky and put his phone back in his bag.

The car that waited in the parking lot was well-known to him and he stomped to the driver's side and knocked against the windshield.

“You are a stalker. A stalkerish stalker and I should report you to the police,” he yelled in Tin’s face.
“They will arrest you first because you mistreat our beautiful language,” Tin answered in a calm voice, which infuriated Can more.

“Just so you know, I don’t look at you. I never look at you, I will never look at you!”
“Sure. You want a ride?” Can had the urge to kick Tin’s stupid car, but he would have to repay Tin for more than fifty years for any damage on that expensive-as-shit-vehicle, so he just clenched his fist until it hurt. Tin kept looking at him and Can knew that sooner or later he had to make a decision.

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It took me longer to come to you 

Can always knew when Tin had met his brother during the day. Tul was the kind of asshole who didn’t announce himself. He just dropped by, spread his poison on everyone and sauntered off.

On those days it took Tin longer to come home.

Can didn’t really know why, because Tin always said that their flat was his safe haven.

Tin would text him that he would be home late and because he wouldn’t say why Can knew exactly why.

He wouldn’t wait for him, because Tin never wanted to talk about it right away. Sometimes he would say nothing at all.

Can woke up in the middle of the night. He saw the lights under the door so Tin was somewhere in the flat. He was relieved to know that Tin was - at least - home. The clock on his nightstand told him it was 2:48 and he had to suppress the urge to yell that Tin should come to bed already.

Instead, he followed Tin’s way through their flat in his mind. First, he was in the office. It was meant for both of them but Can liked to do his work on their dining table. Spreading everything out with easy access to refreshments and food. Then he was in the living room, followed by the bathroom. Can heard the sound of water splashing. Tin had a thing with throwing cold water in his face. Can found Tin ridiculous a lot of times.

He didn’t close his eyes when Tin entered the bedroom. He just followed his movements, how he stretched himself while he undressed, he smiled when Tin huffed because Can’s clothes were laying on the floor and he picked them up. Like always.

Finally, he crawled on the bed but didn’t stop until he was hovering above Can. They locked eyes even though it was dark in their bedroom, but Can could see the white parts of Tin’s. Without a word, Tin stretched out on top of Can and buried his face in his neck. He breathed in and sighed as if smelling Can was the answer to all his prayers.

Can mhmed and put his arms around Tin, scratching his neck softly, burying his fingers in Tin’s hair and pulling on some strands. Tin bit him lightly in retribution and Can smiled.

His fist always itched when he thought about Tul. He wanted to punch him so badly! But Tin had said no and even though Can was known to ignore Tin’s no’s a lot of times; in this matter he respected his plea. But it was fun planning revenge on that asshole. Pete was a happy co-conspirator when they met at the gym.

Tin grew heavier on him until Can felt his even breathing on his skin. Tin had fallen asleep. Can hugged him closer and whispered promises in his ear.

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Shopping with your mum

Tin had told him ridiculous stuff in the past. The reasons for his actions for example. Can knew that he himself had weird thought processes sometimes, but Tin took all of that to a whole new level.

The weirdest information Tin ever had given Can was “I am with your Mum. Shopping.”

Can checked twice if the text he had received was from the right number, but yes, Tin had told him, that he was shopping… with Can’s mum.

“What the hell?”

He stomped downstairs but no one was home and wouldn’t he notice if Tin had picked up his mother? He looked at Gucci, but the dog just wagged his tail one time and yawned.

“I still haven’t forgiven you,” Can told the dog. Just last week Gucci the betrayer had put his head on Tin’s lap and had had the audacity to sigh in bliss.

He wrote his sister.

>Where is mum?”

>Shopping with P’Tin. I AM SO JEALOUS!

This was officially the weirdest day of Can’s life. At the same moment, his phone beeped. Tin had sent him a picture. 

It was a selfie. 

It was a selfie of Tin and Can’s Mum. Smiling at the camera…

Can smiled involuntarily. He put his hand over his mouth after realizing he was smiling because of this stupid idiot and looked around. Only Gucci was looking at him. Can frowned. He didn’t trust their dog anymore, so he slowly walked backwards until he was at the staircase.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he said to Gucci and ran upstairs into his bedroom to yell in his pillows.

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Baby photos

“Can…” No reaction.

“Can…” The person, hiding under a blanket, moved further away.


“I told you not to call me that!” Can’s face was red from anger and hiding under the blanket. His hair was fluffed up and Tin’s smirk changed to a soft smile because dishevelled Can was his favourite Can.

Can threw a pillow at him and Tin tried to hide how pleased he was.

“I am so sorry,” he said and moved closer to Can. His bed wasn’t really that big, nevertheless Can had managed to put as much space as possible between them.

“You can’t be that embarrassed.”

Can huffed and boxed him, but didn’t struggle against the arms embracing him. Tin nuzzled one side of his face.

“I am really sorry,” he murmured but Can huffed again.

“Cantaloupe,” he mouthed at the sensitive skin behind Can’s ear and hid another pleased smile when he noticed Can suppressing an aroused sigh.

“Why are you two always doing that?”, Can complained but leaned heavier on Tin. 
“I think they are cute.”
“Baby photos aren’t cute. You shouldn’t enable my mum like that.”

Tin nodded because he already had made photos of his favourite childhood pictures of Can. And he knew that Can would never really put a stop to their interactions because he knew how much Tin graved a mother figure in his life.

“Cantaloupe,” he whispered again and pouted as Can shook his head vehemently.

“No! My sister can probably hear us. She will try to take photos of us. Again.”
“I could show her the ones from last weekend - ouch!”

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Something Silly

Can was no one to suffer silently. And Tin was thankful for it. With Can you didn’t have to deal with passive-aggressive treatment or devious methods. He complained loudly and with frequency and if he wasn’t doing that you just have to give him Gucci. Can was known to dump all his problems on the poor dog. 

He even lounged on the sofa in a dramatic fashion, arms and legs dangling while he sighed every few minutes. 

That was why Tin wasn’t really sure what he walked in on as he stepped out into the garden. Can was kneeling in front of a huge bowl and threw chillies and salt in it.

Tin chewed on some pineapple cookies ma bought specifically for him and watched his boyfriend. He exchanged a look with Gucci who laid on the grass a few meters away from the spectacle. The dog yawned as if this was a familiar sight.

The moment Can lit up some dried grass Tin had the feeling he had to interfere.

“What are you doing?”, he asked, squatted down and put his chin on Can’s shoulder to look at the burning grass in the bowl. It stank.

“I curse the team we have to play against tomorrow,” Can answered as if that was a sane response.

“I curse them with dizziness, loss of leg power and no sense of orientation.”

“That is…”, not very mean, Tin wanted to say but shut his mouth. He loved that Can was just not able to be cruel.

“Do you do that often?”, he asked and felt the sudden freezing of Can’s body. Can swallowed and gave him a look out of the corner of his eyes.

“You never have gotten caries in the last month, right?”

Tin frowned.


“Oh good, then you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Why? Wait… what?”

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Something Angsty

He couldn’t forget about him.

He couldn’t forget how his lips felt. How he had smelled slightly spicy and of oil as if he had stood next to a food cart before they had pumped into each other. The feeling of his hair against his forehead, it had tickled a bit.

How he was out of breath all the time. His chest moving rapidly after shouting at Tin or running across the football field.

How he was quick to pout.

And his strength. Tin couldn’t forget his strength. The easy way he threw a punch and the clear outline of his shoulders in his football jersey. While pushing him on the ground after the kiss, Tin had felt how compact Can was. There were muscles on that short frame.

He couldn’t forget about him.

Tin grabbed the piece of paper lying on the bed next to him and frowned. The edges were already soft and a lot of crinkles made it look like something Tin had fished out of the waste. He had. Several times. Because he needed to forget him, but he couldn’t. After crunching up the note a couple of times he had changed his mind a couple of times. This time he had taken the note with him to bed and he felt silly and comforted at the same time.

It was like being in Can’s vicinity where he always felt angry and aroused simultaneously.

“This is stupid,” he said to himself. “This needs to stop.” But he had already tried, hadn’t he? And he just seemed to fall further into a pit he couldn’t climb out of his own.     

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Something Sexy

Stay still, he said sometimes while he burned a way with his lips from Tin‘s ear over his neck to his chest.

Don’t move, he would say and everything would clench inside of Tin.

Can never had to hold him down, his voice alone made Tin want to obey.

Can was not in the mood for gentle caresses, he touched Tin with intention, his hands spreading out on his skin, gripping his waist, his thighs, his buttocks. Tin moaned because he needed it harder, he needed Can‘s fingerprints burned into his skin.

But Can just etched him on, took hold of his cock and moved his hand in a way that made Tin want to twitch. But he wasn’t allowed to, so he clenched the sheets in his hands and gasped.

“Cantaloupe, you should kiss me,” he said because he felt as if he would float away any minute now. Can’s lips were soft but Tin chased them with his teeth and tongue until he knew that this was how he would come. He would…

“No.”, Can murmured against his lips and Tin’s whole being went still. Can smiled against his skin and Tin huffed frustrated but he didn’t move because he needed Can around him, he needed this. Can’s approval, the soft look in his eyes, a proud smile… He needed him. 

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Tin knew his shortcomings. He was aware that he had next to no idea how to be in a normal relationship. Yes, he admitted he got the message after seeing Pete and Ae together and the way they seamlessly fit together. But he would rather admit that Ae was handsome than telling them that he was jealous of their relationship, or more specifically jealous of what Ae could give Pete.

Because he wasn’t sure if he could give Can the same happiness.

“Are you alright?”, Pete asked, taking the stool next to Tin at the bar.

“You are sure you want to sit here? Your husband’s already sending me death stares,” Tin said and took another sip from his drink. Pete sighed next to him and for polite Pete that was like eye rolling and calling Tin an asshole in one.

“Believe me, he is aware that you have no interest in me.”

“That’s why I want to know why you are ignoring the one you are interested in? It’s his birthday party.”

Tin looked up into the mirror which was installed behind the bar at the wall facing them. He was able to see Can sitting with his friends and doing some kind of idiotic drinking game. Pete caught his eyes in the mirror and was that a raised eyebrow? Maybe he had learned something from Tin after all.

“I am here am I not?” And he was not going over to where Can was sitting. He just would ruin the mood. Can had invited him, yes, but Tin had had the feeling he forced himself, so he was going to sit on the bar, wait till everyone was wasted and would drive Can home. The Shirley Temple in his glass was an additional mockery to his situation.

“I thought this was a birthday party, not a pity party,” Pete said with an actual eye roll and left Tin to join Ae at their table in the corner of the bar. Tin was glad because Ae seemed to be able to breathe again.

There was another joyful shout at Can’s table and Tin gestured to the barman to bring them another round of shots. At least he could give Can a birthday party without him worrying about the bill.

The last swallow of the Shirley Temple left a bitter taste in his mouth. 


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Something Sweet

Can had known for a long time that Tin graved skin contact. He didn’t ask for it though. First, he had tried to be subtle about it, but Tin had only two modes: Saying nothing at all or ploughing everyone down with his bluntness. After he realized that Can was more than happy to engage in touching each other all over and all the time he sought touch out more actively.

When they lay together in bed, he would take Can’s leg to intertwine with his. He was the master of hugging Can from behind, nuzzling his neck and he didn’t care if Can was brushing his teeth, making coffee or was about to leave their apartment.

And this.

Can looked up from the football game he was watching. Tin was looking through some documents on his IPad, towelling his hair absent-minded and flopped down on the sofa next to Can.

He leaned back, reached out with his hand and touched the skin on Can’s neck right where his hairline ended. It was a soft caress, no obvious intent behind it. But it was a touch Can was sure he could no longer live without.

Because Tin did it every time. He didn’t seem to think about it, but every time they would meet again, after a long workday or when they were out and one of them came back from ordering a drink at the bar or going to the toilet, he would reach out and touch Can on the same spot lightly stroking with his thumb as if he had to reassure that his touch was still welcome or as if his nerve-endings had to reconnect with Can’s.

Most of the time he would take his hand back after a few seconds and the world would rotate again. But Can felt that touch. Every time. He felt it with his whole body, this connection Tin established with this simple gesture.

“You are not able to think quietly,” Tin murmured without looking up from his work and Cangrinned. He muted the television, took the Pad from Tin’s hands and didn’t care where that thing landed.

Chapter Text

Something Angsty

Tin looked at the documents in his hand and just sighed. He was too tired to feel anything else. Resignation maybe, or the dark satisfaction that he had been right about feeling suspicious about Tul’s silence the last months.

The only thing he felt good about was that Tul’s overconfidence was at an all-time high. He really thought that Tin had no one to look into him and his machinations. But he could, and he had suspected that Tul was going to move against Can but it was a punch to his gut, that he wanted to move against Can’s family too.

Tin was able to protect Can. He made sure of that the moment he realized that he could no one ever love as much as he loved Can.

But he wasn’t as powerful as he wanted to protect Can’s whole family. Not yet. So he had only one option… the one he dreaded the most.

He smiled. All Tul ever wanted was for Tin to feel miserable and unhappy. And with Can hating him for what he was going to do that was a given. So he would keep them safe from Tul’s wrath but would give Tul what he wanted. There was no winning scenario for Tin.

Chapter Text

can asking tin out


Can had to poop. Even though P’Type had told him that those weird feelings in his stomach were most likely butterflies, he still had to pee. But first. First he had to do this.

His hands were sweaty. Why were they sweaty?

“Why can’t I just sent a text?”, he asked and tried to rub his hands dry on his shorts. P’Type had said he wasn’t allowed to send a text. P’Type had a lot to say about the topic of dating. After a while Can had zoned out, but he had gotten the gist of it. He had to ask in person and had to accept every answer that was given to him.

Up until now Can had never thought that Tin could say no. He was pretty blunt about his feelings for Can. Just yesterday he had sent a ridiculous amount of selfies to ensure that Can would be dreaming of him.

He hadn’t dreamed of anything, just for the record.

The message to meet him after his afternoon class had ended had been easy, Can thought. Tin wouldn’t say no, right?

Can started to walk back and forth with the entrance of the IC building in his field of vision. A few students were passing the door and his heart actually skipped a beat the moment he saw Tin’s ’s tall form among them. Tin raised his eyebrow and a little smile appeared. It was this weird mixture of softness and arrogance that raised Can’s hackles and made him want to make Tin smile more. The stupid butterflies in his stomach went into overdrive.

“What do you want to talk about?”, Tin asked, walked straight into Can’s space and wiped some imaginary dust off Can’s shirt.

It was really hot? Why was it so hot?

Can took a step back so he was able to breath and looked around. Some students stood in groups together and chatted and he really didn’t want an audience for his question.

He grabbed Tin’s hand and dragged him between the cars to have some privacy. He had planned to let go of Tin’s hand he really had, but he couldn’t, so he stared at his fingers around Tin’s wrist and took a deep breath.

But what if Tin really said no? What if he said no and Can had to avoid him all the time and then he had to avoid Pete too, because Tin and Pete were friends and if he avoided Pete he would also avoid Ae, because they were joined by the hips and then he could no longer play football with Ae and he had to quit the football team and would lose all his other friends and his grades would get worse and they would kick him out and his mum would kill him and…

Tin placed his free hand on Can’s head and tilted his head until he looked up at Tin.

“Are you thinking stupid thoughts again?”

Can frowned.


“What is it you want to talk about? Are you hungry? You need a ride?”

“No… I mean, yes I could eat, but this is not about food.” Tin raised his eyebrow again in this presumptuous way that made Can furious most of the time. But this time, with Tin’s hand on his hair, his wrist in Can’s hand he could only think about how Tin’s lip felt against his cheek, how the warmth spread through his whole body, how his visual field narrowed down to Tin’s ear, which was weird but also kinda exciting and…

“I want to try this,” he said in one breath and actually felt how still Tin got.

“You want to try what?” 
“Dating,” Can mumbled but took a deep breath and repeated himself louder: “Dating. I… I am not sure if I can, if we can be boyfriends right now but I want to date… to see… if we could be… you know… boyfriends.”

Tin took his hand back from Can’s head and fear made Can hold onto his other hand tighter. But Tin didn’t pull away, he just blinked at Can and blinked and blinked.

This didn’t look like a no… he was not saying no.

“Are you speechless?”

Tin kinda stumbled against the car behind him and Can had to follow or let is hand go. Suddenly he was being hugged and he had no idea how that happened.

“I made you speechless,” he crowed into Tin’s shoulder and could swear Tin said ‘You idiot’. But he said it very fondly so Can let that slide.

“So… we are dating now right?”

“Yes,” Tin said and Can felt his lips against his cheek.

Chapter Text

can asking tin to be his boyfriend


Can stared at Tin’s head and wondered how he ever had found that stupid stupid-head attractive. He was ugly… maybe not in the common sense ugly, because he had this stupid face, which was stupidly handsome but he was ugly. Because...

“Why are you staring at me?” Tin asked but didn’t look up from his laptop.

Can thought about throwing his phone at Tin’s face, but he really liked that phone.

But he also kinda hated that phone because it had shown him the TinPete hashtag and how it was trending, because Tin and his stupid face had learned on a bench outside of the IC building instead of inside like any normal person.

Can frowned at the picture his sister had attached to one of her tweets. Pete was looking over Tin’s shoulder to see the display of Tin’s laptop. It was an innocent picture. They didn’t even really touch. They were just close.

Can hated it.

‘They would make such cute boyfriends’ one of Lay’s friends had commented under her tweet and he wanted to shout at her that HE was the cute boyfriend… which he was not come to think of it.

They dated. And kissed. And Tin’s hand had been on places of Can’s body only his own hand ever had been. Which Can liked a lot. Tin had nice hands, they were big and warm and…

Stop thinking about his hands! , he scolded himself. He was mad! He was mad because some dumb girls thought Tin was the perfect match for Pete! Pete!

He should send screenshots to Ae.

“You are still staring.” 
“Am I not allowed to look at…” at my boyfriend he wanted to say… but they were not. Not officially.

How would one make the change from dating each other to being official boyfriends? Should he just ask? Or did they just transition naturally to a point where they start to call each other boyfriends? He could google it right?

“What happened?”

Can startled because Tin flopped next to him on the sofa without announcing himself and he hid his phone instinctively.

Tin looked at him and Can knew that he was going to snap that phone from his hands, so he twisted sideways to prevent Tin from doing so.

“Can,” Tin said while looming over him, “what is on your damn phone?”


“You stare at it, then you stare at me and those are not nice stares.”

“How would you know? Maybe I am being seductive?”

“I know your seductive face, it is very similar to your feed-me face.” 
He had to twist away again because Tin was so damn tall and why had he never realized that his arms were also freakishly long? Can turned around to lay on his belly hiding his phone between his body and the couch.

He felt Tin’s sigh against his neck and tried to suppress a shiver.

“Can,” he said in an exasperated tone but Can shook his head. 
“Not showing you.”

“Can,” he said again, but softer this time, just a whisper against his skin. Can turned around and stared at Tin who frowned in light of Can’s serious face.

“What happened?”, he asked, ready to conquer all of Can’s enemies. It was funny that he was always ready to fight those non-existing threats but wouldn’t let Can punch his brother.

“Be my boyfriend,” he said because he wanted to. He wanted to be Tin’s boyfriend. He wanted to change his facebook site, and he wanted to comment on those stupid tweets that Tin already had an adorable boyfriend, thank you very much (and no offence Pete).

And he wanted to see that look on Tin’s face every time he said boyfriend.

Can took hold of Tin’s face to caress the skin around his mouth and eyes and marvel in the soft and astonished look in his eyes.

“Be my boyfriend,” he repeated himself and smiled at Tin’s huff because he used his hold on Tin’s face to make him nod.

“This is a binding nod,” he said.

“My boyfriend is very cute, but also an idiot,” Tin said and Can had to grin.


Chapter Text



He felt like little bubbles were popping in his bloodstream, making him feel drunk and as if he was able to walk on air. Tin’s mouth found its way from his cheek to his ear and back. Can gasped and he knew he was an inexperienced kisser but he didn’t care, he took hold of Tin’s face, and decided then and there that he wouldn’t bother about his future career anymore. His job from now on was to kiss Tin as often as possible.

Tin’s fingers were clenching the fabric of Can’s shirt on his back, and they were pressed together so tightly Can felt him from head to toe. It was a heady feeling and he leant more and more against Tin because he wasn’t sure if his legs could carry him any longer.

Tin’s lips were soft and warm and were moving against his as if he wanted to seduce him all over again as if he hadn’t made it clear that he wanted to be his, as if not all of the IC students had been witnesses to their love confessions.


Can felt Tin’s tongue on his lower lip and a full body shiver went through him. He buried his hands in Tin’s hair because he needed to release some of his energy otherwise he would moan and he wasn’t sure if some of the onlookers hadn’t called campus security already.


Can blinked and looked at Type who was standing next to them, an aura of disapproval around him.

Can looked back at Tin. His lips were swollen and red, he was breathing heavily and his hair was dishevelled from Can’s fingers.

I did that, Can thought. He was oddly proud of that.

“Please,” Type said and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “please go somewhere private.”

“P’Type,” Can said without letting an inch of air between Tin and him, “this is my boyfriend Tin.”

“Oh the fuck, JUST GO!!”

Chapter Text

Can initiating a date for once???


The truth was… Can never had been on a date. Or specifically: no one had ever asked him for a date. So he was not really sure how to do that. He wanted to go on a date with Tin. It wouldn’t be their first date of course. It would be the first Can asked for though.

He looked at the movie poster, bobbing back and forth on his shoes. He loved whales. They were so cool and to watch the documentary on a big screen with lots of popcorn would be even cooler. Like… super-cool.

He bit his lower lip. He had no idea if Tin liked this kind of movies? His own family didn’t understand Can’s obsession with animal documentaries, so why would Tin? He could pretend he wanted to go because they could make out in the dark movie theatre but then he had to pretend to not be interested in what was going on on the screen and - whales, man.

He could go alone, but he kinda wanted to share this with Tin. That’s what dating was all about right? Sharing interests, seeing if some of them were overlapping or compatible.

He took his phone out and looked at their recent conversation. It was already implied that they would do something on the weekend together and it had been Tin asking what he wanted to do.

“You want to go to the movies with me?” , he asked and felt real excitement over the possibility that Tin might say yes.

“Horror movie?” , Tin asked back and Can snorted.

“ Nope .”

He made a picture of the poster and sent it.

“I like whales,” Tin answered and Can had the feeling his heart would burst out of his chest.

Chapter Text

So Can sleeps in Tins shirts right? - NSFW 


The first time it happened Tin didn’t realize that Can was wearing his shirt. He had been half asleep and heard Can complain about the AC, the bed had wobbled and Can had came back with a shirt on. Tin had fallen asleep. The next morning he watched how Can crawled out of the bed a bit sleep-drunk and his eyes fell on Can’s butt, which was hidden beneath a shirt longer than normal. He was suddenly wide awake.

“You have an obsession,” Can murmured. Tin played with the hem of his shirt, it was a plain white one, and it reached to Can’s thighs. It seemed as if he was naked underneath it. Can never wore a shirt fresh out of Tin’s closet. He always took one from the neat pile of shirts Tin intended to wear again.

“Then wear nothing to bed,” Tin said and caressed the soft skin of Can’s thigh. He smiled the moment Can began to squirm. 
“You would like that, mhm?”

Tin just laughed, sat up and placed himself between Can’s legs. He let his hands wander up to Can’s underwear, sliding them beneath the fabric. Can was already hard and he watched Tin with widened pupils, his eyes like dark chocolate. Tin withdrew his hands and took Can’s underwear with him. Can’s hard dick was clearly outlined underneath Tin’s white shirt. Can made a move to undress fully, but Tin stopped him with a hand against his stomach. He felt Can’s hard-on next to his fingers and the warmth spread through his whole body. His dick strained against the fabric of his pyjama bottoms and he wanted nothing more than to lose himself in Can’s body.

“With the shirt on?”, Can asked but Tin just smiled. He leaned over Can and kissed him, slowly, surely, more a reassurance than a seduction. Can’s fingers pressed into his shoulders and Tin bit him lightly in his lower lip and elicited an amused laugh out of Can.

Sometimes Tin wanted just to kiss Can. Until they were out of breath, until Can complained about his sore lips, but couldn’t stop himself from touching or licking them. As long as possible he wanted to breathe the same air as Can and marvel in the fact that Can was here with him, and that he was feeling the same. That his heart beat as fast as Tin’s and that he also couldn’t get enough.

Tin took his time kissing Can, pressed a kiss against his cheek, which always produced a hitch in Can’s breathing, the one thing that would always make him weak. He kissed the beautiful arch of his neck, the collarbones, almost covered by the shirt.

He put his mouth on the shirt above Can’s nipple and blew hot, moist air against it. Can gasped and his fingers found their way to Tin’s hair. He always held on to Tin’s hair, sometimes guiding him to the places on his body he wanted Tin the most. This time though, Tin already had a goal.

The tip of Can’s cock had soaked the shirt with precome and Tin put his tongue on the spot.

“Oh shit,” Can moaned. His legs encircled Tin’s body, trapping him as if Tin wanted to leave. He would never want to leave.

Tin mouthed at the outline of Can’s cock using his tongue to rub the fabric against the throbbing erection.


He knew that kind of tone. Can never had trouble to come fast and recover a lot faster. He grabbed Can’s buttocks to help him move against his mouth the way he wanted and shuddered in sync with Can the moment he came.

“Tin,” Can murmured, “the shirt…” Tin looked at the wet spots on his shirt and smiled.  

Chapter Text

Jealous Tin?


“There was no need to hug him,” Tin grinted out, “there was literally no need!”

“It was his birthday!”

Tin grabbed the steering wheel harder and the tension was visible in every line of his body. “You said you met Good’s brother one time in your life, a wai would have been sufficient.”

Can had known something was wrong the moment Tin had put on his neutral face. When he was around Can, Can’s family or their friends he looked like a smile was hiding in the corners of his mouth. Not now.

The anger vibrated under his skin but Can knew that he wouldn’t get loud or punch something to let his frustration out. Not like Can.

But Can wouldn’t let Tin’s anger fuel his own. He wouldn’t apologize for hugging someone he thought was worth hugging. Was he sad that he caused Tin pain? Yes, but their relationship didn’t make Tin the only person allowed to receive Can’s affection.

“Could you please stop the car?”, Can asked.

“I am not going to cause an accident because I am angry,” Tin said through clenched teeth but halted the car nevertheless.

And that was why Can loved him. Because he listened to everything Can said.

It was dark outside, and the lights of passing cars painted weird shadows on Tin’s face. Can waited. Dealing with Tin’s anger and possessiveness was always a waiting game, while Can’s anger had to be dealt with immediately. He was quick to burst, but also quick to soothe.

Tin stared straight ahead and maybe it had been one minute or ten but some of the tension left his body, and he closed his eyes, and leaned back against the headrest.

“I am more angry at myself,” he murmured and finally looked at Can. There was anger still lurking in his eyes, but also sadness and a sort of resignation.

“This jealousy is stupid. His wife was standing next to him.”

Can unfastened his and Tin’s seatbelt and crawled on Tin’s lap. It was an easy move because he did it all the time. Making out in Tin’s fancy ass car was one of his favourite things to do.

“I love you,” he said and caressed the smooth skin around Tin’s eyes. He hated to see wrinkles out of worry or anger there. He wanted laugh lines, happy wrinkles.

Tin put his hands on his waist and his eyes softened like every time Can said those three words.

“I know,” he answered and the arrogant smirk was back on his face. Can loved that smirk, too.

Can kissed him with a familiarity that was both reassuring and exhilarating. He couldn’t get enough of Tin’s taste. Their tongues played lazily while their breathing quickened.

“We will get arrested for offending public decency,” Can murmured.

“I will make a donation to the police headquarter,” Tin replied and put his hands under Can’s button down. Can shivered but… 
“Wait, bribing the police would work?” 
He felt Tin’s shrug. 
“Rich people are wild!”

Chapter Text

Can kissing Tin in front of his friends/Ley?


Can startled when Ley suddenly grabbed his arm and squealed in his shoulder. 
“Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening!” She squealed again and Can contemplated how hard his ma was going to kill him if he trapped her in the basement.

“Look at them just look at them!”

Can had no idea who she was talking about, so he just looked at the people who sat in their garden.

Good, Techno, Type, Pond, and some other team members were sitting on the grass, playing Pok Deng. Can was not surprised that Good hat the most candies on his pile. He rocked at that game.

Tin was sitting next to an empty seat, where Can wanted to return to - Gucci to his feet. Can knew that Gucci looked up at Tin with adoring eyes and he was fine with it. Totally. fine.  

“What are you talking about?”

“P’Pete and P’Tin,” Ley whispered and squeezed his arm. Maybe she needed glasses, Can thought, because Ai Pete sat with Ping, Bow and Ae three meters away from Tin. Ae and Pete were pressed together from knee to shoulder and Can knew that Ae had a hand on Pete’s leg because he always had his hands on Pete.

“I need my phone, oh my god.” With a last squeal, Ley left Can alone and run up to her room.

“Crazy,” Can murmured and rubbed his arm. She was strong.

Why was she so obsessed with Ai Pete and Ai Tin? Everyone except her knew that he was the one Tin was dating. All the people in their garden had seen them kiss at one point or another because Tin didn’t care about an audience and Can was really bad at picking deserted places.

“Didn’t you want to get the chips?”, Tin asked the moment Can flopped down next to him. “Why are you pouting?”

Can didn’t even deny that he was pouting. His pout was meant to be seen. And something else should also be meant to be seen, he thought when he saw Ley leaning casually against the open door, her phone directed at them as if it wasn’t obvious that she was filming them or took a photo.

Can turned to Tin and looked at him. Tin returned his look with a confused frown.

“I am going to kiss you now,” he declared. 
“Sure?”, Tin answered with a tilt to his head and the kind of face he always made when Can didn’t make sense to him. Can took it as permission and grabbed Tin by his collar.

“No fighting”, Ley yelled.

Fighting my ass, Can thought and pressed his lips against Tin’s. It was supposed to be a short kiss, but as with everything else between them it went from zero to hundred in five seconds and Tin put his hand on the back of Can’s head to deepen their kiss and Can tried his best to crawl on Tin’s lap.

“Why are you always doing this in front of us?”, someone yelled at them.        

Chapter Text

TinCan AePete interacting, in whatever way?

“I really thought they were a pair?” Tin murmured. Can looked up and followed Tin’s eyes to P’Type and P’No. His seniors stood at the pool table and pickered about a move P’No had made. “They are not?”, Pete asked and smiled when Ae pulled him back in his embrace.

Can exchanged a puzzled look with Ae.

“No, they are just best friends I guess,” Ae said.

Tin mhmed and crossed his arms and stared at Type and Techno as if he had a puzzle to solve.

“They argue a lot,” Can said. That was a sign for non-dating, right?

The bar was packed with the football team of the university after their first win of the season. Can felt loose and happy, because he had been allowed to play and Tin had been there to cheer him on. And Ae and Tin made an effort to be civil with each other which meant a lot of silence from both of them but nobody was throwing punches so… success!

“He is clearly checking him out,” Tin said and drank from his glass. He had promised Can to drive him home, so it was only cola.

“Who?”, Can asked, because he already had three shots and he had thought about dragging Tin to the toilets to celebrate his win with a heavy make-out session in one of the stalls.

“The taller one is P’Type, right?”

Can nodded.

“Then he is the one checking your P’No out.”

Pete moved forward so fast he almost slid off the couch. Ae looked like he wanted to say: “See, what happens when I let go of you for a second.”

Pete knew that he was supposed to have a gay-dar but he wasn’t sure how to activate it. The whole football team were tactile people; Pete had never seen boys so eager to hug each other all the time, so he wasn’t entirely sure what the signs were.

But the moment P’Techno leaned forward to play, P’Type’s eyes didn’t follow the billiard cue but P’Technos body-line, especially his butt. Pete blushed on behalf of P’Techno and looked at Ae, who stared at something on his waist. Pete looked down and sighed. His shirt exposed part of his skin and Pete knew the second Ae opened his mouth that he would make the suggestion to head home to Pete’s apartment.

“I don’t care!”, Can yelled suddenly and bot Ae and Pete flinched, “I need to go to the toilet.” Pete had no idea why he grabbed Tin and dragged him with him, but he had no time to think about it because Ae’s fingers found their way to the patch of skin on his waist and Ae was more interesting than anything else.

Chapter Text

something inspired by Tin’s “I will never let you go” perhaps?


Can’s reaction to every fight was to yell and run. He ran out of every location they were currently in, and he didn’t care who was around them, what time it was or what he wore. He just had to get out, away from Tin. And that was the reason why Tin always hesitated for a moment before he grabbed his keys and went after Can. What if Can didn’t want him to follow? But his determination to bring Can back and talk about their issues like adults, overshadowed every doubt he had about Can’s feelings.

He caught him a few minutes away from Tin’s apartment, kicking at imaginary dirt and, Tin had no doubt, complaining about Tin to the wind.

He halted and lowered the window of his car.

“Cantaloupe,” he said and Can groaned. He refused to look at Tin but he had stopped, so half of the battle was over.

“Come on, if you don’t want to sleep at my place I will drive you home.”

Can groaned again. “Why do you have to be so nice?”

“I’m not nice, I’m afraid of your ma.”

Can laughed and finally looked at him. Tin raised one eyebrow and Can rolled his eyes.

They were silent the whole way back to Tin’s apartment.

Sometimes their pace matched, Tin thought. But sometimes one of them pushed too far or demanded too much and all that was left was the question of how they would continue.

They got ready for bed one after the other and exchanged just a ‘ thank you’ when Tin handed Can one of his shirts to sleep in and Can reminded Tin to plug in his phone because he left the charger in the living room.

Tin was never sure how to handle a silent Can.

And he wasn’t sure who moved first but they found each other in Tin’s big bed and a knot unravelled in Tin’s belly the moment Can rested his head on his chest. Can ran hot and Tin let his warmth seep into every cell of his body.

“I am sorry,” Can mumbled.

“Don’t be.” 
Can sighed. “I understand why you don’t want me to meet your parents, but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel weird about you existing in every one of my universes but I exist only in a few of yours.” 
“Look at you knowing big boy words.” 

Tin turned them so that he was hovering above Can. He brushed some strands out of Can’s face and kissed him, softly.

“They don’t deserve to know you.”

“But I deserve to know what kind of enemy I have to face.”


Can looped his arms around his neck and nodded with an earnest face.

“They will want to marry you off to a rich girl, and you have to be polite to her every time you see her because that’s how you are. She is going to think you actually like her and will follow you everywhere. I will get very jealous and we will fight and voila, your parents have what they want without actually doing something.”

Tin had to smile. 
“Your head is an amazing and scary place.” He kissed him again, little, soft kisses because Can was cute. The cutest person Tin had ever met.

“I will never let that happen,” he murmured against Can’s lips, “I will always follow you, even if you’re angry because some imaginary girl is chasing after me. I will never let you go.”

Chapter Text

What about just Can giving very much needed affection to Tin. God knows how much he needs it after episode 14. I need to see my baby be loved!


“One more,” Can murmured and Tin smiled against his lips. Can played with some strands of his hair, and every gentle pull tingled and got a happy resonance from his body. Tin had no idea what time it was and what their plan had been for the day. He felt peaceful in a way he never had felt before. Can showered him with soft kisses, on his cheeks, his chin, his jawline, to his ears, to the hickey he had left last night. He always found his way back to Tin’s mouth parting his lips to kiss him deep until his lips felt swollen.

“I love you,” Can murmured in his skin, as if he wanted to store his feelings there. Tin got goosebumps and his whole body sighed and ached. Can’s legs were tangled with his and their shirts lay somewhere out of reach and Tin drew secret messages on Can’s back with his fingers. Can pressed himself into the caress like a lazy cat and Tin was sure that his smile would never leave his face.

Chapter Text

what about can giving an end to the tin/pete non-sense??? it'd be amazing as follow-up of the one can asks tin to be his bf :D


“What about a sex-tape?”

“I am sorry?”

Can looked up from his phone to Tin’s confused face.

“I am thinking aloud,” he explained.

“You mentioned the word sex-tape, what are you thinking about?”

“The hashtag TinPete is trending again because you walked Ai Pete to his car yesterday.”

“I didn’t walk him to his car, we both walked to our cars.”

“Why is there no TinCan hashtag?”

“The more important question is who are those people stalking me?”, Tin said. He was puzzled over the fact that he didn’t realize some girls made photos of him.

“They are short and ready for anything,” Can murmured.

“We’re not doing a sex-tape… wait… we could do a sex-tape but we will not show it to anyone.”

“Then what is the point?” 
“I will be able to watch it?” 
“You can watch my face anytime,” Can said and tried to remember what face he made during sex.

“If you think that is your sex-face… you are sadly mistaken.” Can put his elbow to good use and enjoyed Tin’s painful grunt.

“Don’t move,” he demanded. He laid against Tin in his giant bed and had been waiting for him to end whatever he had been doing on his Pad when he saw the hashtag on Twitter. He didn’t tell Tin that he made a fake account just to follow his sister and her crazy friends.

He hadn’t told Ley about them being boyfriends because he wanted Tin for himself for a little while. His ma already invited Tin for dinner three times a week and Ley would always hog Tin like he was her personal entertainer. He didn’t like it, but he also didn’t like her spreading the rumour that Tin and Pete were a pair. He loved his sister but maybe he should tell Ae about... wait... no, he would just drag Pete away and nobody would see them for a week.

“I have a solution,” Tin said out of the blue and raised his Pad to make a selfie of them. 
“How would… oh.”

It was a nice photo Can admitted. Tin was shirtless and the way his hand laid on Can’s waist was visible. Can wore Tin’s shirt so the hickey on his collarbone was there for the world to see. They looked good together, cosy and warm.

“Post this on your fake account.” 
“I will… hey! How do you know!”

Tin just kissed his pouting lips and tapped on the Pad to indicate Can should hurry up.

The caption under the picture was a heart emoji and Can was definitely satisfied the moment he typed TinCan behind the hashtag.

Chapter Text

Tincan sexting - smut warning


Tin brushed his teeth and discovered the hickey low on his belly because his sweatpants were too loose and he kept them because they were soft and comfortable… he pulled them further down and looked at the mark Can had left behind the night before. More of them were spread across his collarbone and chest and he remembered how they had happened, but this one…

“Little sneak,” he murmured with a smile and found his phone on the pile of clothes he had laid out. He took the photo from above, teasing with a bit of his happy trail and sent the picture to Can with a ~ Thank you.  


He continued to make himself ready for the day when his phone vibrated. 
~ Ai Tin!, Can’s text said. The display showed the little points which indicated that Can was still writing, so Tin waited. A picture loaded. 
“Cute,” Tin murmured and safed Can’s pouting face.

Another photo appeared and Tin had to close his eyes for a second. Can had unbuttoned his shirt up to one of his nipples where a hickey was visible.

~ It was payback

~ Tease. Tin wrote back and looked down to his crotch where his dick was thickening… he had a thing for Can’s nipples and was not ashamed to admit it.

~ Am not!

~ Still feeling you , Tin typed and knew that Can would blush beet red after reading his message. He would groan and stomp with his feet and would yell Ai Asshole.

Tin gave his dick a little squeeze and silent apology, because he had to head out and he tried to think of something unsexy and not how Can had grabbed his waist yesterday to shove himself deeper inside Tin’s body. He groaned and hit his phone against his forehead a few times to get the images out of his head. The phone vibrated again and he expected a complaint from Can, but instead another picture had been sent.

~ This one? the message under the picture asked.

It was a photo of Can’s dick peeking out between his belly and his underwear. Tin’s mouth went dry. He let himself fall against the wall and hid his grinning face behind his hands.

~ Please tell me you are in a toilet stall. And please say that you don’t have football practice this evening!

Can sent a monkey emoji which was is go-to method when he was too embarrassed to write actual words.

His cute Cantaloupe, Tin thought and cursed the fact that he had do be at campus the whole day. No lunch and no groping and making-out with Can behind the bleachers.

~ I have a free period between 3 pm and 5 pm

Tin smiled. Who needed econometrics anyway?

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I have another one!! It’s related to your NG and Can one! What if Tin buys Can animal documentaries for his birthday?? How would Can react ???


Can waved his phone in front of Tin’s face. 
“I said you shouldn’t buy me something for my birthday! You already bought me the phone.” 
“You are paying back for the phone, though.” 
“With kisses Tin! Kisses!” 
“I like those kisses.” 
Can groaned and fell back on his bed. It was like Tin had a filter and every time Can said something that was close to a ‘ don’t do that ’ the filter translated it to ‘ don’t listen, keep buying Can things’ .

Tin sat on Can’s desk chair and looked confused. The bag with Can’s birthday present dangled between his legs.

Can had made him sit on the chair because his room already felt so small, and he had the feeling he would hyperventilate would Tin sat on the bed with him. His very tiny bed. They wouldn’t fit comfortable on that bed…

Can coughed and tried to remember what he wanted to say. Oh yes… the present.

He would lie if he would say that he wasn’t curious. But he refused to accept any more ‘gifts’ from Tin who probably thought if he would stop buying gifts, Can’s feelings for him would also stop.

Which wasn’t true. Can was overflowing with feelings and they made him nervous and excited and also mellow… which was the reason why he sighed and made grabby hands towards the bag.

Tin’s face lit up, and Can’s heart started to feel weird and Tin should stop doing things with his face. Can wasn’t able to think right.

He took the present from the bag. It was kinda heavy. He never had learned the art of unwrapping a gift neatly so he just tore the paper off and stared. And stared.

 National Geographic Classics Collection: Wildlife DVD-Set was written in bold letters over the cover of the dvd-set. Can wasn’t a IC student but he knew the english titles of the things he stared at if he was allowed on Ley’s computer.

 “You said you like the older episodes more, so... “ 
“You listened,” Can murmured in awe and caressed the cover of the DVD-box. It was beautiful.

 “So… you like it?”

 “Oh boy, you have no idea,” Can whispered and closed his eyes for a second. “You have no idea how much I’m going to kiss you. I don’t care how inexperienced I am, this kiss will happen, and I will kiss the daylights out of you!”

First, Tin looked like Can had spoken in a foreign language but then he smiled wide and spread his arms.

“I’m ready.”

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For the prompt! Can praising Tin and Tin getting flustered. Thanks a lot for doing this♥


Can looked at the bowl in front of him and back at Tin, who was washing his hands in the sink. After he cooked for Can. After his mum had left him to starve.

“Just eat,” Tin said as if he had eyes in the back of his head and could see that Can made a doubtful face.

Can picked up the spoon and moved some of the ingredients in the Pad Thai back and forth. It was nice of Tin to cook after Can had whined at him that his mum didn’t love him and left without cooking him something.

He whined a lot to Tin. Most of the time it was enough that Tin listened and didn’t roll his eyes at him. This time, however, Tin had texted him fifteen minutes after their last phone-call that he was in front of his house, with a bag full of food. No take-out. Ingredients.

“Are rich people even able to cook?”, he asked and Tin finally turned to raise an eyebrow at him. “Say’s the Thai Program who had no idea how to turn on the oven.” 
Can grinned and ate a spoonful.

He moaned.

“Oh damn it. Oh shit… oh, this is good.” He took another bite and wiggled with his whole body out of excitement.

“You can cook! That’s so awesome. You should have told me sooner,” he said with a full mouth because he had to eat the first bowl as quickly as possible. There was more on the stove and that was going to get in his belly and he wouldn’t share a single serving with anyone.

He looked up after a while because there was no comment from Tin about his inability to eat neatly, but Tin just sat opposite him and looked to the side. Almost, as if he wanted to hide his face.

“Ohhhh… you’re blushing!”, Can shouted out with glee. He pointed his spoon at Tin and laughed. The blush spread over Tin’s neck to his cheeks and Can had never seen his boyfriend so flustered. Most of the time nothing faced him, not the things they did in the bedroom, nor the many time's someone had found them making-out (or more) in public. He always stared everyone down who dared to imply they had to be ashamed of themselves.

Can stood up and stepped into Tin’s space.

“Oh Tin… it’s so yummy,” he murmured in his ear and laughed when Tin tried to twist away with his body. It was cute.

 “The big bad IC student is shy,” Can said and nuzzled behind Tin’s ear. He kissed the sensitive skin and marvelled in the fact how warm Tin’s face felt. He coaxed his head around to kiss him on the lips and mhmed satisfied when Tin put his arms around his waist.

“Let me guess,” Tin said after Can pulled away, “you would like to kiss some more but you would have to think about the food on the stove all the time?” 
Can smiled. The blush was still visible high on Tin’s cheek, so he kissed it. Left first, then right.

“You know me so well.” 
“I didn’t make a triple amount of the recipe just out of fun.”

Can loved food, but his priorities had shifted so he kissed Tin some more.

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Tin and Can + competence kink (finding hot that the other is super good at something) would be awesome




In an abstract way Can knew that Tin was able to speak English. He was an IC student so yes, of course, Tin was able to communicate in another language. Can knows that. However, it was a whole new thing to witness Tin actually speaking English.

Tin had told him about the speeches from various CEO’s at the business congress Tin helped to organize at the university. Can was not pleased about it, because Tin had even less time than usual and that meant less TinCan pleasure time, and that was not okay, because Tin had shown Can what two healthy young men could to with each other when they were alone and then he had to wait for more of it.

He had insisted to come to the Congress out of spite.

He should have known better.

He knew how Tin looked in his IC student outfit. He had the pleasure to peel it off him a lot of times… but.

“This is not okay,” he murmured. Whatever Tin wore was not his normal student outfit. His pants were tighter than usual, especially in places Can hadn’t known pants could be tighter. His shirt displayed his broad shoulders like he was some kind of… of shoulder model, damn it!

Can took another mouthful of the too sweet drink someone had put in his hand and glared at the two foreign men standing next to Tin. They stood too close.

Some parts of their conversation flowed to Can. He had no idea what they talked about but a strange feeling rose up in him. He was proud. Jealous but proud. Tin no longer looked like a student. He looked like he belonged among those powerful men. He held himself with confidence and he reeked of competence. He knew what he talked about.

It was hot. Gosh, but it made Can want to drag Tin somewhere and have his way with him. Screw that, he wanted to climb Tin like a tree in front of all those snobby, rich people. He wanted to show them that this elitist man they fawned over loved a dirty Thai Program.

Can stopped a waiter and took some of the little snacks they carried around. How anyone could be satisfied with those little bites Can had no idea, but apparently, the people weren’t here to eat. It was kinda boring for him, but he had expected it to be worse. The IC students had booths where they displayed some of their business projects in English and Thai so Can was able to understand most of it. Pete said hello from time to time and Tin never forgot about him. He made sure Can had something to drink and to eat and always touched him for a second or two. He fixed his collar, brushed off some imaginary dust, and the warmth of his hand seeped through Can’s clothes. It made him shivery inside.

It was on their way home that he finally snapped. Tin talked on the phone to the rest of his organization team and switched from Thai to English so effortlessly that Can had no choice but to stare at him. He was getting harder by the second and he had no patience left to wait. Tin looked down at Can’s hand which gripped his thigh.

“Please stop the car,” Can mouthed and Tin ended his phone-call.

“What’s going on?”, Tin asked and halted the car in a security booth next to the street.

“Please put your seat back,” Can said and was proud at how even his voice sounded. He felt jittery and aroused and if Tin didn’t do what he asked him to do he would riot! But Tin must have seen because his pupils blew wide open and he unbuckled his seatbelt and put the seat back in one quick move. Can was on his lap in seconds and held Tin’s face in his hands to control the kiss, because he needed to kiss him like he had envisioned it for the last couple of hours. Tin moaned and Can felt his pulse under his fingertips and he needed to kiss him, kiss him with his lips, and teeth and tongue and the help of his hand to hold his mouth open.

“Can,” Tin groaned when they stared at each other out of breath.

“Off,” Can murmured and pulled Tin’s button-down out of his trousers. “Off, off, off.” He opened Tin’s belt to be able to open his fly and growled when Tin’s hands tangled with his because he wanted to do the same to his clothes.

The sight of Tin’s erection, already hard and so wet, made Can feel like he was the king of the world. Can leaned forward for another kiss but they only managed to breath hard against each other.

“Can this is…” 
“...going to be fast,” Can ended the sentence and Tin laughed and that was the best, his happiness, the way he threw his head back and Can could see the line of his neck and hear his laugh a bit rough from all the talking he had done the day. Tin sat up and that made it easier for him to mouth at Can’s neck and grab his butt and damn it Can loved that. The way Tin grabbed him and helped him move and maybe he was a bit too enthusiastic because Tin hissed and Can looked down at his hand around their dicks and he had to laugh again and then he moaned because shit this was too good. 
“Come on,” Tin whispered in his ear, “Cantaloupe, come on.” 
Tin branded him with his mouth and Can moved his hand and soon everything became a blur of warm breath, and their moans filling the car and Can had the feeling he could taste them in the hot air. Then he got the angle just right and Tin bit his earlobe and his whole body tensed and he groaned his orgasm against Tin’s shoulder the world a cascade of colours and feelings and wholeness.

Can shivered and it took a while for him to feel Tin’s hands on his back. He caressed him in soothing circles, from his tailbone to his neck and he loved him, he loved him so much.

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Can I please get one where TinCan are dating and Can apologizes to Tin for not excepting him the first time around and trying to make it up to him by showering him with love from now on 😊


It had taken time. Time and angry words, shouting matches, silent treatments and a vicious circle of hurtful words being thrown in each other faces over and over again. Can didn’t like to think about those times.

“You’re not going to work today?”, Tin asked and Can smiled because he had known that Tin was awake. He continued his soft strokes over his hair. 
“I have access to your calendar. I know you want to do home office today.” 
“Maybe I didn’t say anything because you would distract me from getting work done.” 
“Oh, you better believe I will be a distraction.” He moved closer and kissed Tin. Soft and short, but he didn’t move back, he waited for Tin to open his eyes.

Can was an impulsive person but he didn’t like taking risks. He always ordered the same food, because he knew that it would taste good, he went to the same bars, because he knew the prices and the drinks and how to get home from there. To open himself up for Tin and a relationship with him was one of the biggest risks he ever took.

Tin moved in for another kiss and Can grabbed him tight.

The moment he accepted his feelings he had thought to feel another wave of panic, to be unable to breathe, but the panic never came. Just a weird kind of peace a giddy feeling of relief. He felt so much more powerful.

Can appreciated that Tin didn’t wear a shirt to bed so he had unlimited access to his warm naked skin. He dug his fingers into Tin’s back.

“Wait,” he murmured after a while. Tin growled something that sounded like ‘Come back here’. “I wanted to make you breakfast.”

“Can breakfast special?” 
Can boxed Tin against his shoulder. “I burned the eggs one time. I told you to throw them away. You insisted on eating them.”

“Because you look so cute in an apron.”

He deserved another kiss Can decided. 

Tin had asked him, more than once, if he was so attentive because he had a guilty conscience, and if he ever would regret their relationship.

Can always said no with confidence because it was so easy to love Tin. So easy.

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"shut up and kiss me already/show me what that mouth do" is that something Tin or Can would say ? 👀 asfhsh also I love your ficlets so would you write one where this sentence is mentioned?


There had been a lack of kissing the last couple of days. Can was no one to count but he kind of did. Since he discovered the joy of kissing he had made sure to met his daily make-out quota with Tin, mostly because he felt like floating on cloud nine afterwards. His whole body hummed and he felt energized and alert in a whole different way than before. But for four days in a row, their schedule hadn’t matched as it had before and Can felt that.

Did he miss other aspects of Tin? Sure. But their kisses made him feel connected to Tin in a way he couldn’t explain. The moment their lips met his mind was like ‘Oh yes, good, this is it.’.


He sighed and pushed his stuff inside his bag. Whatever the lecture had been about he had no idea. He had played with his phone the whole time, but no message from Tin about meeting for lunch or suggesting they drive home together later. He had the urge to repeat his jealousy call but this time ranting about Tin not fulfilling his part of their relationship. He was responsible for Can’s wellbeing, wasn’t he?

He wasn’t allowed to kiss other people, and he wasn’t allowed to neglect him like this…

“Are… you… going… to… sit… here… forever?”

Can looked up to Good with a pout.

“Ai Good!!” Can let himself fall against Good. “Life is so unfair!”

“Oh…” Good patted him on the head like he was a sad puppy and Can sighed again. Tin did the same when he whined. It was mostly followed by a full-body hug. Can missed them, too.

“It’s not the same,” he mumbled and stood up.

Good just looked at him in confusion but Can already dragged him out of the lecture hall. He needed something to eat if he wanted to hunt Tin down and demand something silly like his daily dose of mouth-to-mouth action. Even in his head, it sounded ridiculous and he was used to his own thought processes.

Nevertheless, he found himself in front of the IC building when his last lecture had ended. He swayed back and forth on his heels and suppressed the urge to storm the building by force. Tin was in there somewhere and he better had an explanation why there was no text from him for the last couple of hours.

Tin emerged from the building with his phone in his hand. Busted , Can thought. His feet carried him towards Tin fueled by his indignation.

“Hey,” he said when he arrived in Tin’s space and was derailed for a moment because Tin looked up and smiled at him. He even took a step forward so that Can had to raise his head to look up at him. Assholes who ignored their boyfriends didn’t smile when confronted, right?

Can eyes fell to Tin’s lips but he shook his head because he was angry!

“Hey… you have some free time?”

“Free time my ass,” Can said and waved his finger in front of Tin’s face. “You know exactly when I have time for a lunch break and when my lectures are over! I already told you that you’re not allowed to be with someone else, while you’re with me. Who is it? Did you have lunch with Ai Pete? No, Ae already told me he would meet him today, so! Confess!”

Tin had been silent the whole time and while Can huffed because he had spoke himself in a bit of an adrenaline rush Tin just raised an eyebrow.

Oh, something in Can said. The eyebrow. It was a sign that Tin was either going to be extra sarcastic or that he was going to say something dirty to Can.

Instead, Tin raised his phone and showed Can the display. It was their chat.

“I know what I wrote you yesterday,” he said and crossed his arms. Tin added a smirk to his raised eyebrow and moved the chat process down with his finger.

“You sent me your schedule, you whined about the heavy workload you’ll have to do and why they would insist on football and cheering practice when everyone is so busy.”

Can blinked and opened his mouth. He closed it a moment later.

He squinted at the file he had sent Tin and yes… it was written there in cold print.

“My schedule changed this week,” he murmured and let his arms fall to his side. “It’s not my fault! You always text me at least five times in the morning! How was I supposed to know that all of a sudden you are concerned of disturbing me?!”

“So you like my good morning texts?” 
“This is not what this is about!” 
“But you admit that you were jealous of some imaginary person I had lunch with.”

Can stomped his feet.

“Shut up and kiss me already!”, Can yelled. He was as surprised as Tin by his outburst and for a few tense seconds they just stared at each other. Tin was the one who moved first. He put his phone in his pocket and leaned forward. He pressed a kiss to Can’s cheek and Can rolled his eyes.

“You know what I mean,” he murmured against Tin’s ear and put his arms around Tin’s neck to stop him from moving too far away. He felt the smirk against his cheek and sighed in annoyance as Tin just moved slowly from his cheek to his mouth while he showered his skin in soft butterfly kisses.

Tin laid his hand against his neck, and goosebumps broke out over Can’s body. Finally, Tin kissed him. He felt his breath and as always was surprised of how soft Tin’s lips felt and how a kiss could reaffirm everything.

‘Oh yes, good, this is it.’

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Kinda feel like I’m dying for a follow up of all the times Tin and Can have done that before in front of people... like Tin not caring and kissing Can in public and Can constantly picking places where they get caught gives me life


“Oh for the love of… GUYS!”

And they didn’t even have the decency to detangle themselves. The locker room was a holy place for bros to hang out after practice. Playfully slapping each other with towels and lying about the female attention they had on the weekend.

Champ covered his eyes because hands were still in trousers and speaking of trousers, Can’s were lying at Champs feet.

“You forgot to lock the door?”, Tin asked and Champ could picture Can’s look of utter confusion.

“Oh… yes! I should have done that.”

“Yes, you should have,” Champ complained, “and could you please start dressing? I’m standing right here!”

“Sorry P’Champ,” Can said as if getting caught, again , making out (or more) with his boyfriend in the locker room, again , wasn’t worthy of some shame. Champ blindly threw the trouser in the direction of the pair and let himself fall against one of the lockers when Can just jeeringly said “Thank you.” The nerve of this guy!



Can had a one track mind when he saw Tin. Especially when he saw him by accident, but Type doubted by now that by accident ever happened between those two. Can forgot about the team schedule all the time and had Good to remind him of practice but Type was sure that he knew Tin’s schedule by heart.

“Oh,” he said after he spotted Ai Tin across campus and Type just sighed. “I have to… I… I’ll be back,” Can said and made a beeline for Tin. Ai Tin clearly had something of a Can-radar because he turned around the moment Can was coming for him and waited till he approached. Can waved and Type saw Ai Tin saying something. Can started to gesticulate, wildly, and something like smirk was seen on Ai Tin’s face. The arm movements got wilder and ah yes… Type looked around and saw a bunch of girls taking out their cell phones. The kiss.

It was never just a kiss . It was a statement of ownership. Or the proof that Ai Tin just didn’t give a damn about anyone but Can. And Can didn’t mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stand on his toes, his arms around Tin’s neck and kissing Tin back as if they would never see each other again.

What’s so wrong with a peck on the lips as a hello? , Type asked himself and gave the pair two more minutes before he would interfere.



He never knew what he should do in that kind of situations. Just go? Say something? Clear his throat? Knock against the window?
They had promised him a ride home and he knew for a fact that Can’s class had been over for ten minutes tops because their lecture halls were next to each other...

How was that even comfortable?

Can sat on Tin’s lap the steering wheel in his back and Good saw that his head made contact with the roof of the car all the time. It wasn’t like they wouldn't see each other again, they promised to drive Good home and then they would go to Can’s home together. They would have a whole room to make out in. With a bed.

The moment Ai Tin’s hands pulled Can’s shirt out of his trousers was the moment Good knew he had to go. P’Type was the one who always said they were in a honeymoon phase and that it would tone down after a while.

“Yeah… jokes… on… you,” Good murmured and turned around to hunt his senior down. Someone was going to drive him home. He didn’t care who.



He didn’t know where to look. His face was hot from his blush and he had tried to say something, but his “Hey Can.” didn’t seem to have registered.
He didn’t dare to call Tin’s name because even though he was his junior he was afraid of him. Which was hilarious because Can had him wrapped around his finger.
How long was a good-bye kiss supposed to last? Techno was not very experienced in that category but the short kiss had gotten heavier by the seconds and now he wasn’t sure if he didn’t witness a kind of foreplay.
He was supposed to pick Can up to go to the jeering practice together because Tin was busy with something and wasn’t able to. Next time P’Type could pick him up, he thought and was on the verge of running away because that was a moan he had just heard. He liked Can he really did, but there were things he didn’t need to know about his junior, so he pulled out his phone and texted Type.



“The door is locked?”, Tin asked and stumbled because Can’s hand had found its way under his shirt. Can’s lips on his neck stopped their movements and he looked up.

“I guess,” he said and Tin had to kiss him again because his lips were red and shiny and the hickey on his neck prickled.

“Guess again,” Tin said and turned them around. He pressed Can against the door, nibbling at this upper lip while he turned the key.
“Now it’s locked,” he murmured.
“Who cares?”, Can whispered back and jumped up to wrap his legs around Tin’s waist. They just breathed for a moment because their hard-ons rubbed against each other in all the right places and then Tin caught Can’s moan with his lips and tongue and he wouldn’t give a damn if the whole football team were next to them right now.

“Buying your own apartment,” Can said and held Tin’s face between his hands, “best idea you ever had.”

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Hi! Idk if you’re taking prompts or not, but if you are, would you mind writing praise kink!Tin please? :) 


His whole body didn’t fit in the bathtub so he either had to put his feet up or had to pull them towards his body and his knees would stick out of the water. Either way, some parts of his body would turn cold over time.

He didn’t care.

Can hummed something while he played with the foam of the bath bomb he had stolen from his sister. It smelled like flowers and the foam was a rainbow of purple and blue and green and Can used it to paint abstract art on Tin’s body and the water. It was weirdly soothing.

He leaned with his back against Can’s chest, his head rested on Can’s shoulder. The water was warm and he watched with half-lidded eyes how Can made swirls in the coloured water while he tried to convince him he painted an elephant.

“That’s something with a hump… not an elephant,” Tin murmured.
“This is clearly the trunk.”

Tin just mhmed . He felt content and warm and wanted nothing more than being caged between Can’s arms and legs for a few hours more. He was aroused, the known buzz of want he always had when Can was around. It wasn’t urgent, just a reminder what he wanted to do the moment they would climb out of the tube and dry each other.

“That’s clearly an elephant,” Can said with a pout.


“Your eyes are closed how can you be a fair judge?”
Tin heard him murmuring something about “ rich people who have no idea about art ”, which made him chuckle. “You’re laughing about me?”.

Can poked him in the side but he wasn’t ticklish so Can just sighed and tightened his hold on him. Which was funny because Can thought it was punishment when it was everything else but that.

“You know,” Can said after a while and put foam all over Tin’s chest, “it was great how you helped Ley today.” His fingers spread out and his hand wandered from Tin’s chest to his belly. Everything in Tin sat up in attention. He opened his eyes and Can’s breath on his cheek seemed warmer than before.

People thought that Can wasn’t observant, that he was kind of dumb, naive and slow to understand. The truth was, that he was too observant, too emphatic and had no idea what to do with all the information flooding his thoughts. But if he caught on

“You’re so smart,” Can whispered and his fingers found Tin’s pubic hair.

“Shit,” Tin murmured because Can apparently wasn’t in the mood to play around.

If he caught on then he ran with the idea and…

“You explained it so well, so smart and so nice of you.”
Can put one arm around Tin’s upper body to secure him to his chest and if Can didn’t touch his dick soon he was going to…

“You were so patient and I love how you explained everything. You know so much.”
Cantaloupe ,” Tin groaned and goosebumps broke out all over his body. He never would have guessed how much he would love Can’s approval. The first time, he had praised him for answering a financial question his mother had had, and Tin had thought he would burst out of his skin. It had been exhilarating, a tightening of a strange something inside his chest. Strangely, it made breathing easier, and it hadn’t taken long for Can to figure out that Tin wasn’t grumpy about his praise, but aroused and embarrassed in equal measure. And Can liked knowing things about Tin no one else did. He said that it was the same as the ‘ Cantaloupe-Thing ’ Tin couldn’t let go of, so they were even. Tin hadn’t known this was a competition but he approved of it.

He also approved of the hand around his dick and Can’s mouth on his neck whispering praise Tin didn’t hear clearly anymore because blood rushed through his ears and he felt Can’s erection on his back. To feel Can’s want, to know that he felt the same way… that he was as affected as much as Tin made everything ten times better.

Can’s hand-movement and the feeling of the water was a strange combination which made his toes curl.

“Such a good boyfriend, you’re so good for me,” Cin whispered in his ear and it wasn’t the hot water making Tin’s cheeks blush. Can didn’t speed up his pace, he maintained a steady up and down and Tin had no idea if he was allowed to demand more or if he was going to go crazy because his arousal didn’t race towards a release, it built up and up with no end in sight. He grabbed Can’s forearm around his chest with one hand and held tight. His other hand laid useless on the rim of the bathtub. He floated and only Can held him steady.

Can’s hand was rough and perfect and Tin groaned out loud when he rubbed against his balls and suddenly he sped up and Tin arched into it.

“Oh fuck… oh… oh…,” he gasped and it felt so good, Can’s hand and his steady murmur in his ear, praising him for ‘ being so good, so good for him, such a good boyfriend ’ and his whole body tensed before he came in a delicious rush and fuck he felt Can’s behind him, moaning loud in his ear and was he coming, too? Was he coming from this? From his handjob and praising Tin and rubbing his erection on Tin’s back and Tin’s dick twitched and he needed to… he didn’t care how much water splashed over the side of the bathtub and onto the floor he turned around and sought out Can’s lips, kissing him through his own orgasm.
“We are a shrivelled mess,” Can murmured and Tin felt every word on his lips. He tried to move his head but Can held him there, a bit weak and shaky but apparently Tin was not going to go anywhere. He laughed and kissed Can and he didn’t know how he ever could stop.

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For a TinCan prompt: a lil piece with belt loop tugging or hands in each other's back pocket - oof I love both of these so much and can totally see TinCan doing it! 


Can was used to Tin’s undivided attention whenever they were together. He was even used to have Tin’s attention when they weren’t together. No one replied as fast as Tin to his messages and no one picked up his phone as fast as Tin when Can called. Maybe he was spoiled, but maybe he soaked up and sought the attention because Tin didn’t shush him, didn’t belittle him and didn’t roll his eyes whenever he got a little too excited about stuff. Okay, truth to be told he did roll his eyes, but it was different. Can had not much experience with relationships but he could tell that every time Tin tried to be annoyed it was laced with a extra layer of affection.

It was Can’s affection, it was his, it. belonged. to. him.

Jealousy, Can had learned, was a twisted knife in his belly, it burned and stung and his sister actually cut him once with a knife so he knew what he was talking about.

And it was weird that he wasn’t jealous of all the IC girls who ran after Tin, who made fan clubs and had weird facebook pages dedicated to him. He didn’t care about them at all. Because Tin ignored them. Can would be surprised if he even knew they existed.

But there were things Tin didn’t ignore. People he cared about. And Can had learned that Tin was intense when he cared about someone.

And that those someones sometimes weren’t Can.

Sometimes it was a dog and a little boy.

“It’s my dog, why aren’t I the hero?”, he muttered to himself and kicked against the grass. Not that he wanted to gain points with the little brat. Nong Phu had shown him his tongue when Tin had been occupied with petting Gucci. Which actually was okay because Can had made a face at him first. Why did that boy have to cling to Tin so tightly? It was his football it was his dog it was his park… it was the park nearest to his neighbourhood which made it his.

It was late in the afternoon and no longer as hot. Nevertheless, Can stood in the shadow of a tree, because no longer as hot didn’t mean that you didn’t sweat a bucket with every step you took. It didn’t seem to bother the little kid who chased after Gucci, who chased after the ball, Tin in the middle of it making sure nobody was stumbling over their own or canine feet. Can was sure that he had never seen Tin in a football jersey. It was of some European National Team, looked expensive as hell and Can was also sure that Tin had no idea what a real football fan would pay to wear something like this.  

“I think Gucci is thirsty,” Tin shouted and Can saw that Gucci trotted in his direction. The patches of grass beneath his paws were dried out stubbles or sad areas of dirt. It wasn’t really a park, Can had to admit. More a tiny plot of land no one had built on yet. 
“I’m good enough to be your water boy mhm?”, he asked when Gucci reached him but unscrewed the bottle of water for him anyway. 
“Since when do you like to run around so much? Are you trying to impress the brat or Ai Tin?” Gucci made a sound that could have been a huff or a very tired bark and slobbered the water out of Can’s hands. 
“You’re allowed to bite the boy,” Can whispered. “But not hard, okay? A tiny little nip.” As an answer, Gucci shook himself and laid down next to Can’s feet. He panted, clearly no longer in the mood to play but he didn’t let Tin and Nong Phu out of his sight. Or it was just the ball they were kicking back and forth. His ball, Can thought with another wave of annoyance. Without Tin’s nephew, he could lay in an air-conditioned room complaining every time Tin moved beneath him and trade cool sips of lemonade with kisses.

But it didn’t take long that the heat wore Tin’s nephew out and he demanded ice cream. He looked like Can imagined Tin had looked as a boy. Arrogant and the aura of someone who knew that his wishes had to be fulfilled or else… the sweaty hair, red cheeks and scraps on his knees destroyed his better-than-you attitude a little bit. 
“There is a place down the streets which sells ice-cream. If it can meet your high expectations your highnesses,” Can mocked, picked up the ball and put Gucci on the leash. Nong Phu just heard that the place wasn’t far away and bounced ahead. Can met Tin’s raised eyebrow with the brightest smile he could produce without actually hurting his face and started to follow Nong Phu.

He didn’t come far.

Tin tugged at the belt loop of his trousers and he stumbled back against his chest. 
“Woha,” Can breathed out and struggled to find his balance. Tin was a sturdy presence behind him, the heat of his body seeping through their clothes, making Can’s skin burn. He smelled Tin’s sweat and the spicy cologne he wore all the time. His heart began to beat like crazy. 
“Why so prickly?”, Tin asked in a rough voice, let go of Can’s loop and slid his arm around his waist to hold him secure against his body. His breath tickled against Can’s ear and everything in him tightened in response.

“I’m not prickly,” Can answered with a pout and his treacherous body leaned back, making itself heavier against Tin. He moved his head so Tin’s lips grazed his skin and a shiver run through him. He felt Tin’s finger on his belly, flexing as if he struggled against his desire to grab Can harder and if Can ever wanted Tin to lose a fight it was now.

“After the ice cream, I will drive Nong Phun home, okay?”
“Do whatever you want.” 
“Oh… I know exactly what I want,” Tin murmured and Can could no longer hide his pleased smile. He laid his hand above Tin’s and squeezed. Tin kissed him behind the ear before he let go of him and Can exhaled shakily. He needed a cold ice cream immediately. 

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Can I have a TinCan when they are already in a relationship and is Tin's birthday. Can is used to his family a friends celebrating and showing affection so he is trying to do the same for Tin but when he gets a little emotional he finds out that his family has always ignored his birthday & never celebrated it so he tells his mom and they give Tin a real birthday celebration with cake, food, songs, kisses and all the love he never had before.


Can got the message on the 9th of November in the morning. He wasn’t really awake, so he just grabbed the phone from the bedside table and lied back, the phone forgotten in his hand. It didn’t stop vibrating.
“Why doesn’t he have anything better to do than text me in the middle of the night?”, he asked his pillow with closed eyes. After a few minutes, he squinted at the screen and frowned because it wasn’t Tin who had messaged him. It was Ai Pete.


‘I’m not sure if he already told you.’
‘I mean Ai Tin.’

‘Maybe he did, but if he didn’t I want you to know that Tin’s birthday is on November the 11th.’


Can read the message again. He sat up in a rush and tried to unlock his phone as fast as possible. He had no idea how but instead it slipped out of his hands and fell to the floor.

“Shit, dammit,” he cursed. He climbed out of the bed and joined his phone on the carpet. The line chat opened up, but Ai Pete’s message stayed the same. It was Tin’s birthday in two days.

Why didn’t he know that?

He opened his line chat with Tin, but there was nothing new, the pictures Tin always sent before he went to bed and Can’s memes Can sent back because cheesy goodnight messages made him blush.

He bit his lower lip and typed.

‘Is the 11th November your birthday?’

‘Good morning to you too Cantaloupe,’ was the fast reply. Can rolled his eyes.

‘Is it??’
‘Yes. Why?’

“Why? Why he asks?” The nerve of this guy.
‘It’s your birthday!’
‘No need for exclamation marks. It’s just another day.’

“Another day?”, Can yelled at the screen. How can he… how?? This was… blasphemy !

“Ley!”, he shouted. He thumped against the wall, but no answer. She wasn’t in her room when he went looking so he scampered down the stairs. Gucci lifted his head for a second, saw it was just Can and went back to sleep with a huff.

“Your sister is out with her friends!”, his mum yelled back from the garden. Great! The one time he wanted his sister’s help for his relationship and she wasn’t available.

“Why are you yelling? It’s Sunday and you’re awake before noon. Are you ill?” His mum slipped out of her garden shoes and smacked him with some sunflowers.

“It’s Tin’s birthday in two days.”
“Oh? How exciting, are you two doing something nice together?”

Can took a deep breath. His mum had to be strong now.

“He said it’s just another day.”

The sunflowers fell to the floor and his mum stumbled backwards, falling down dramatically on the chair. She clutched her imaginary pearls.

“Oh, this poor boy! The young master without love every year alone on his birthday...” Can rolled his eyes and picked up the flowers.
“Mum, this is not one of your dramas.” But you’re probably right, he thought. If half of what Tin told about Tul was right he had probably made Tin’s past birthdays as hellish as possible. His phone vibrated and he saw that Tin had sent another message.

‘You can give me kisses for my birthday if you care so much.’

Of course, I care, he wanted to shout but he didn’t want to alarm his mother to the message. He had thought that Tin would tell him his birthdate eventually and he would have more than two days to prepare something for him. This sucked! Would Tin want a birthday party? Did he even know what a birthday party was?

“We should at least invite him to dinner, don’t you think?”

Can nodded vehemently. Screw what Tin wanted. He wanted a birthday party for his boyfriend, so he was going to get a birthday party.




“Why are you so nervous?”

Can looked up and realized that he still gnawed on his fingernail.
“I’m not nervous.” To be safe he slid his hands under his thighs. It was his luck that Tin had to concentrate on driving because he wasn’t sure if he could survive an investigation. Tin had the habit to just look at Can until he started to switch and fidget and everything would break out of him.  

“You didn’t invite the football team, right?”

Can rolled his eyes because Tin made it sound like prison gang instead of football team .
“It’s just us, my mum, dad, Ley and you. No one else invited.” Maybe he should have invited someone? But Tin was in a very weird state with Can’s friends at the moment.

He always said he tolerated Good which was a lie. He liked Good and they had a weird silent communication thing going on between them. Can wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He glared at P’Techno a lot wherefore P’Type glared at Tin in return. P’Champ wanted to invite Tin to drink with them all the time but Can hadn’t confronted Tin with drunk-Can yet and wanted to save that for a special occasion . Everyone else of the team was nervous around Tin.

Maybe he should have invited Ai Pete? But Ai Pete wouldn’t come without Ae and then Ae and Tin would sit across each other playing who would blink first.

No. Thank you.

If he was absolutely earnest with himself the idea to have Ai Pete at the party didn’t sit right with him. He liked Ai Pete. A lot, but… The pictures of Ley on that damn Twitter account were still in his mind and he didn’t like how everyone had commented under the picture how perfect Tin and Pete looked next to each other.

“You’re sure you’re alright?” Tin’s frown was directed at the street and made Can feel a little guilty.
“Peachy,” he said and cringed inwardly.

Tin stopped the car in front of Can’s house and Can knew he had to act quick before Tin would start to ask questions.

He hastily unfastened his seatbelt and grabbed Tin by the neck. As always Tin simply waited for him and for a moment Can just pressed their lips together until Tin let go of the steering wheel and laid his hands on Can’s waist and stroked him as if he wanted to pet the nervousness out of him.

Tin tilted his head and made soft sounds as Can nipped at his lips. There was always a point when Can’s self-confident vanished and Tin seemed to feel it every time. He flicked the tip of his tongue against Can’s lower lip and Can gasped, his insecurities forgotten. Finally, Tin curved one of his hands along Can’s jawline and licked into Can’s mouth teasingly. Can felt shivery and aroused and if his heart would burst out of his chest. He had to break the kiss to take huge gulps of air and before he forgot why they were sitting in Tin’s car in front of Can’s house.

“Your first birthday kiss,” he murmured and his voice shook a little. Sometimes he was afraid of all the feelings Tin evoked in him. Tin stroked over his hair and played with his earlobe. Can liked that a lot and he saw in Tin’s eyes the same fears so it was okay.
“There will be more?” Tin’s voice sounded hoarse and Can was sure if he asked him to start the car, turn around and drive them back to Tin’s apartment he would do so. But they had a party to attend.

“Maybe,” he answered cheerfully and climbed out of the car. He opened Tin’s door because he took too long and grabbed his arm to drag him along.

He knew that Tin braced himself for Can’s family to yell Happy Birthday at him the moment they entered the house and they did. With thrown confetti and party hats and a big, bright cake with candles. And Tin wasn’t prepared at all. He squeezed Can’s hand hard but Can let him go so that his mum could force him to bend down to her height and hug him. Ley ordered him to blow out the candles and Can made him pose with Gucci, who wore a bowtie for the special occasion. They sang to Tin and it was loud and out of tune and Can’s mum filmed everything.

“Presents,” Can yelled and made Tin sit on the couch.
“No presents… I don’t need…”
“PRESENTS!”, Can shouted over Tin’s protest and at the end of the day, he wouldn’t remember what they gave Tin. He remembered that he gave Tin a birthday party with only four guests but all the warmth of a real family. He remembered Tin’s smile and his shining eyes and how he pressed his face in Can’s neck as if he wanted nothing else but to stay there for the rest of his life.

“Thank you,” he whispered against his skin and Can felt words stuck in his throat. Words he would say to Tin eventually, but not today.
“Happy birthday,” he said instead.

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Prompt: only one bed


“This is all your fault.”

Tin hadn’t been able to fall asleep. He had turned to the side and had feigned to be, breathing deep and slow but he had been wide awake. He had pretended to make his bed partner furious and it had worked if he counted Can’s impatient rolling back and forth and he had ignored it for the sake of his own satisfaction but he couldn’t ignore Can’s accusations.

“How is any of this my fault?”, he asked and wanted nothing more than to push Can to the floor.

Can moved and took some of the blanket with him. Tin rolled his eyes and yanked his part back. Can huffed.

“Everyone knows this is your fault! You could buy the whole hotel!”

Tin closed his eyes for a second to calm himself but had to turn around. If he was going to whisper furiously in some cheap hotel bed then he was going to do it face-to-face.

Can lay on his back staring at the ceiling and had his arms crossed over his chest.

“Who was the one saying ‘this is all about bonding, Ai Asshole, don’t be a lame-ass’? Don’t blame it on me when your precious captain is shit at counting and didn’t book as many beds as necessary.” The curtains didn’t block all the light from the streets so Tin saw how Can’s jaw worked with suppressed anger.

“Don’t take that tone about P’No.”
“I’m whispering how can I have a tone?”

Finally, Can turned around so they faced each other.  

It was too warm in the room and Tin had only insisted on getting half of the blanket because he had to share it with Can. He yearned to sleep naked. Not a bad idea if he thought about it, Can would get an aneurysm would he undress.

“Why did you even join the trip?”
“None of your business.” 
“Why did you become the financial advisor of the football club?”
“None of your business.” Tin turned around so that Can had to talk to his back again. He could feel Can’s eyes burning a hole in his head and it was strangely satisfying to have him so fired up.

“Is it because of Ai Pete? Do you want to be near him?”

Tin rolled his eyes. “Don’t be an idiot.” 
“I’m not an idiot!”
“You are if you ask idiotic questions.”
“He’s sharing a room with Ai Ae so don’t even think about getting near him.”

This was too much, Tin thought and spun around again, an insult on his tongue. He didn’t expect Can to have moved closer during their argument and every word stuck in his throat as he came almost nose to nose with Can.

He could feel him breathing, he could feel the warmth of his body and strangely enough his determination to not be the first to move away. As if they were two alpha males fighting for territory. Tin had expected to be more annoyed at having to share the bed when his own was easily three times bigger but it was oddly comforting to have another body so close. Or maybe it was because it was Can. They already had overstepped each other’s boundaries countless times.

He could say something, he thought. He could call him Cantaloupe, could call him an idiot again or any other insult that would break the spell of them just looking at each other. He didn’t and maybe deep down he knew why.

That feeling ordered him to stay still as Can pressed his lips against his, slowly, his eyes not closed and with a faint shudder in his body.

Can’s mouth felt dry and warm. He moved away as slowly as before and they continued to stare at each other. It had been more of a peck than a kiss.

This would not do, Tin thought. His lips prickled and when he inhaled it was as if he breathed for the very first time. He lifted his hand and Can’s eyes flickered to it and Tin used the same pace, slowly reaching out until his fingers made contact with the soft skin of Can’s jawline. He felt some stubbles and wanted to explore further so he let his fingers dance, caressed Can’s cheek, the tip of his ears until his fingers smoothed out the little wrinkles between Can’s eyebrows.

It was the shuttering exhale that spread out the burning sensation in Tin’s belly and he moved up to lean on his elbow and cupped Can’s face with one hand. He moved his mouth over Can’s, again and again, slowly, with hardly any pressure waiting until Can licked his lips moisturizing them and made it easier to melt them together. He felt Can’s finger on his skin, almost shy, petting a little patch of his cheek as if he was testing the waters. He moved back and Can’s curious finger wandered to his mouth, slid over his lower lip and made Tin’s mind short-circuiting.

He moved his own thumb to open Can’s lips. Can gasped. 

“Breathe through your nose,” Tin murmured and whatever Can had wanted to say was lost in their kiss. 
He licked into Can’s mouth slowly, coaxing him to meet him halfway. Can gasped and his fingers dug hard into Tin’s shoulder. 
Everything in Tin focused on the sound of their harsh breathing, the movement of their lips and the heat radiating from Can’s body. He stopped the kiss to impatiently push the blanket away from them. Can looked at him with huge eyes, his fingers still grabbing at Tin’s shoulders and maybe this would have been the best moment to stop but Can said “Again” with a rough voice and Tin kissed him deeply, eager for more. 

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Can you please write an angsty fic where they almost break up because of some misunderstanding?


Can had never thought that he would be the one lying on the giant bed in the big apartment, listening to the silence. It had been light outside when he had flopped onto the mattress and he was still staring at the ceiling hours later when it was already dark.

He had thought that he would be the one storming out of their shared flat, with banging doors, shouting some last hurtful words before he would found himself on the street with fuming thoughts and the wish to never come back.

Instead, he was the one who looked helpless at Tin’s back, who had closed the door without a sound, no words on his ashen face just the finality in the sound of his leaving footsteps. Maybe that was the reason why Can wasn’t in front of Good’s house, or P’Type’s or P’No’s or maybe Ai Pete’s flat where he would find Ae. 
He wanted Gucci, he thought. He wanted to bury his face in Gucci’s fur until the click of the closing door wasn’t echoing in his head anymore.

But that couldn’t be it, right? Tin had to come back at some point? He didn’t like sleeping in hotels and since they had the apartment he never again had slept at his families home. Would he go to Ai Pete? No… he would never want to let Ae see him vulnerable.

Can sat up and the thought of not knowing where Tin was sleeping this night was suddenly more upsetting than their fight.

Their break-up his brain provided and he buried his head in his hands.

Tin had to come back to pick up his belongings, right? And Can would have a chance to apologize, to convince him that everything had been just a stupid misunderstanding and that Can hadn’t meant it. Tin knew that he never thought before he spoke. That’s why Tin had this one smirk. The smirk he reserved for every stupid thing Can said, accompanied by a shake of his head and the attempt to hide his amusement.

“I didn’t mean it,” Can murmured in his hands and his heart ached. What if Tin didn’t come back? If, in a few days some guys from a moving company stood outside the door taking everything with them, and Tin would vanish from his life? Tin would make it happen. He would change his number and nobody would know where he lived and he would move his office to a foreign country and even Pete wouldn’t know how to reach him.

He hit his forehead with his fists. “Why are you so stupid? Why can’t you just shut your damn mouth?” Why did he have to poke and poke until everything exploded? It had been clear for days that Tin was stressed and Can just hadn’t been able to deal with his own burdens alone for fuck's sake like a grown adult. He had needed to vent to Tin and had turned their usual playful banter into something ugly.

Had Tin even taken his keys and phone with him? Can stood up and found his own phone on his bedside table. No battery. He plugged it in, sitting in front of the power outlet until he saw the display glowing up. No messages. No missed phone calls.

“Okay... “, he murmured and nibbled on the nail of his thumb unsure what to do. He didn’t want to leave the bedroom to discover that Tin had left his phone and Can wouldn’t be able to reach him or didn’t find his phone with the knowledge that Tin wouldn’t pick up if he called him. He didn’t want to turn on the lights and see what would change…

He sat back on the bed.

Tin had promised to never let him go, right? Tin never broke his promises… so even if he hated Can now or maybe forever he had to live with the fact that he had to stay at Can’s side. And he knew that this was the most childish thing he could think of.

He had to apologize, and he needed for Tin to come back so he could apologize again and again until Tin forgave him.

The sound of the door made him sit up in attention. The security system made its weird peeping sound when the door closed and the lights were turned on. It shone through the slit of the door and Can heard how Tin moved inside the flat. He didn’t yell for Can or looked into the bedroom to see if he was there.

Can strained his hearing, but Tin’s movements seemed to have stopped in their living room. He had no idea why he was hesitating and suddenly, like a switch had been pressed something inside him screamed Move! Move! and he jumped up and ran out of the bedroom.

There he was.

The clock told him it was 1:26 am and Tin sat on their couch, his head leaned back against the rest, his eyes closed. He didn’t acknowledge Can’s presence. He still wore the button-down and trousers, his feet bare and Can didn’t know why but it made him strangely glad to see that he hadn’t been somewhere and changed. But he looked tired and Can for all his determination to say sorry had no idea where to begin. He wanted to touch him so badly, hug him and just breathe in his scent.

Maybe, because he didn’t do one of those things Tin opened his eyes and looked at him. It must have been a strange sight, seeing Can standing still so unlike himself. He was rooted to the spot and felt like a spell had been cast over him.

Tin’s hair looked dishevelled. Strands of hair fell into his forehead and his eyes looked darker than ever. Had he been driving around, stopped somewhere and run his fingers through his hair again and again while he debated with himself if he should drive home? Was this still his home?

Can felt tears prickling in the corner of his eyes. He didn’t want to lose this! Tin had said he helped him breathe! He still wanted to be that person who made Tin’s life better. He loved him, for fucks sake!

He wasn’t sure if Tin expected him to climb on his lap and hug him with the strength of his desperation.

“I’m so sorry” he croaked in a wobbling voice, whispering the words in Tin’s hair again and again.

“I’m not going to let go,” he swore and hugged Tin tighter. “I’m not going to let go, you can shout at me and curse at me, but you have to do it with me hanging on.” He felt Tin’s sigh against his neck and it made him even more determined.

“I’m sorry, and I love you, and I was dumb and stupid, and I will do better! I promise I will do better.”

“You’re so dumb,” Tin murmured and Can nodded. 
“And stubborn,” he added and Can just hugged him tighter. Tin pinched him in the side and normally he would have squeaked and moved ten feet away but he endured the weird sensation and didn’t let go. Tin could pinch him all he wanted. He wasn’t going to let go.

“Other people would try to solve an argument with words and not with imitating an octopus.”

“We’re not most people,” Can murmured. Tin seemed to agree because finally, finally, he put his arms around Can and hugged him back. Can felt tears falling down his face out of relief. He buried his face in Tin’s hair. 
“I love you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispered again and again, and he wasn’t going to let go. 

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I just read your tincan thai festival headcanon and if its not too much trouble - could you write a fic based on it? I understand if you're too busy to write it, so no pressure to do it


It was hot. Hot and loud and crowded and Tin had no idea how but he always had something to eat in his hand. People bumped into him, he felt elbows in his side and one time, someone actually kicked him against his right shin. He had tried to shield Can from the worst of it but his boyfriend didn’t seem to be faced by the hundreds of people around them. He seemed to swim with the flow, talked over the noise and was the one always putting food in Tin’s hand.

Ley walked in front of them and mastered the art of being on snapchat, IG live and facebook simultaneously while she led them through every gap people left open for them to move forward. Tin knew about Loi Krathong, of course, he was Thai and had a blurred memory of Tul and him dressing up for a Loi Krathong party, but he never visited the festivals in the streets of Bangkok, never had a little boat in his hand’s to let it flow on the River, or prayed at the temples.

His family was only religious when it suited them when they could make new or better connections through the parties the wealthy upper class of Bangkok held. Outside of that, they couldn’t care less and the lost little boy in Tin wanted to send them a photo of him in the midst of this chaos. Next to Can of course who spoke to him again after a time of stubborn silence. Tin had yet to figure out what he had done wrong.

The invitation had been specific: no ‘long shorts or long sweatshirt`s, do you want to die?’ and no ‘gifts for my sister, mother or father or Gucci, take that phone away I know what you want to do!’.

The once-over Can had given him when he had arrived at his home was worth the weird feeling of havings his legs exposed. He wore long cotton pants even in the worst heat. 
Can had shown him the little boats his mum had made by herself and Tin had ahhd and ohhd because they were really beautiful. Then, something had gone wrong, but he had no idea what.

Their arms bumped against each other and for a few seconds, Tin entangled their pinkies. Can threw him a look and the next thing he knew he had another skewer in front of his face.

“I’m full but…-”
“Just take it!”, Can insisted and if eating skewers until he threw up was the way into Can’s good grace again Tin was going to walk that walk. It was weird that Can just wasn’t upfront about his anger like he normally was. Tin had sometimes no idea what Can thought but he could always count on Can’s inability to stew in silence.

They found a place on one of the landing stages along the Chao Phraya and Tin fell a few steps back so he wouldn’t intrude in their family tradition. Around them, families put their Krathongs on the water and two landing stages away a school had some kind of competition with bigger Krathongs. They were beautiful and despite the chaos and heat and noise Tin enjoyed himself. He wanted to put his hands in his pockets but suddenly he was pulled forward and looked in the smiling face of Can’s mum.

“What are you doing? Come on, time to float and pray.” Tin stumbled a bit and found himself kneeling on the wood next to Can and Ley, and Can’s father patted him softly on the back.

“You’re stupid,” he heard Can mumble and the next thing he knew was that his hand - along with the rest of Can’s family - touched the first of the Krathong’s and they put it on the river together. It was made out of bread dough, so the fishes had something to nibble on, and it was decorated with banana leaves, flowers, a candle and incense sticks. Next to him Can and his family started to pray and Tin felt a huge lump in his throat. He was overwhelmed and had to stare at the little boat, which was bobbing up and down on the water because his eyes started to burn.

And then he got it. He saw the parents, who smiled warmly at each other, next to them their children, he saw the young couple, blushing and too shy to look each other in the eyes, and he saw the two women, leaning against each other, whispering while they put their Krathong on the river.

“Oh…” he mumbled. That’s why Can had shown him ‘their’ boat and had looked disappointed after Tin had said that he didn’t need a Krathong.

The light festival wasn’t only for letting go of all one’s hatred, anger, and defilements but also for couples to show their togetherness. He turned around and almost pushed Can into the river.

“You are supposed to let go of your anger, not your boyfriend,” Can complained and made a move as if he wanted to push Tin too. Tin caught his hand. 
“If you want, we can put a boat on the water together,” he said in a soft voice and stroked Can’s hand with his thumb. Can looked at their joined hands and then up through his eyelashes, a blush on his cheeks.

“I thought it would be nice…”
“It would be nice.”
“Only if you want, I…”
“I want…”

“You both are so dumb,” Ley said with closed eyes her hands put together in prayer. Can reached around Tin to pinch her but she only swatted his hand away. Tin knew it wasn’t possible but his heart doubled in size. He felt giddy inside and took the boat Can’s mum held out to him.

Can shuffled closer and they touched from shoulder to their hips and the smell of the incense sticks tickled his nose and he knew he would never forget this moment for the rest of his life.

“Careful,” Can mumbled and Tin wasn’t sure if he was able to let go of all his past anger, but doing this with Can as a couple helped to sooth some of the pain in his chest. This time, after they let go of the Krathong, he prayed too. 

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Tin and Can's family celebrate Yi Peng.


“Careful…” Tin tried to hold the lantern but Mel threw him the most reproachful look a six-year-old could produce.

“I can hold it,” he said and his tongue stuck between his teeth in concentration. It was the same face he made when he insisted on pouring water into his glass by himself or when Can’s mum asked him to cut vegetables for her. It was his stubborn face.

Tin looked at Can who laughed openly at them.

“Wasn’t the idea that we would launch the lantern together? As a family?”

Mel stared in concentration at his hands. “I can hold it until then.”

Above them, lanterns already illuminated the night sky and next to them their friends made themselves ready to let the lanterns fly.

Pete stood a bit aside with his and Ae’s baby daughter in his arms. She was drowsy but determined to stay awake. Her older sister stood next to Ae and showed everyone her tooth-gaps.

Normally they only celebrated Loi Kathrong and earlier this evening they had met up with Can’s family to let the little boats float. But if you had a kid in first grade you had to accept that they would come home eventually with their minds made up about “ All of my classmates celebrate Loi Kathrong and Yi Peng, why can’t we celebrate both?”.

Mel had them wrapped around his little finger.

“P’Type and P’No are almost ready,” Can informed them and ruffled through Mel’s hair. Their son didn’t even acknowledge him and he winked at Tin.

“He is going to move out and live on his own next, just watch out,” Tin mumbled. Since Mel’s first day at school Tin had the feeling his son was growing at a rapid speed. The tie and formal wear he had as a school uniform didn’t help. They made Mel look like a mini-adult. Tin hated it.

“Little Kanda is adorable, mhm?”, Can asked and ignored Tin’s complain. “Look at her little dress.”
Tin wasn’t able to answer because Mel chooses the moment to tell them to hold the lantern with him.
“If you’re so afraid of an empty nest we could grow our family,” Can said out of the blue and Tin almost let go of his side of the lantern.
“Sorry.” He locked eyes with Can who just grinned at him. His heart sped up. They had talked in the past about a sister or brother for Mel but with Mel’s abandonment issues and nightmares, they had wanted to concentrate on him until he got better. And he had gotten better. It had been months since his last bad dream and he was ready to sleep over his grandparents' house.  
“Stretch out your arms,” Can said to Mel and in sync with their friends they let go of the lantern. The light reflected in Mel’s eyes and he looked after their lantern in wonder.

“Look at how fast it rises!”
“You want on my shoulders?”
Mel nodded eagerly and Can lifted him up with ease.
“It’s so high already!”

“Are you serious?” Tin asked Can in a quiet voice. Can made a move with his chin towards Pete and little Kanda. The baby squealed in joy while her sister Preeda made silly faces for her. Mel would be so good as an older brother, Tin thought. So good.

He put his hand on Mel’s back to support him and took Can’s with his other. This was everything he needed, he thought, but their hearts had space for more.

Chapter Text

Prompt: 🎉 - Anniversary 


The thing was... sometimes Can stopped him to ask stuff, sometimes because out of insecurity and sometimes because his brain couldn’t stay silent and he needed to talk about it now, no matter where Tin’s hands or mouth were at that moment.

That was why Tin wasn’t offended at first when it seemed like Can wasn’t as much into their make-out session as Tin was. After a while though, he felt a little bit insulted.

Tin rolled them around so Can lay under him and asked: “Spill it out.”

It was obvious that Can tried to hide a wide grin. His eyes sparkled, so Tin felt safe to assume that he didn’t do anything wrong the last couple of minutes.

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

Tin raised an eyebrow and looked at Can because that’s was the best way to get him to confess. As predicted he started to squirm under Tin’s gaze and couldn’t hide his smile any longer. He patted Tin’s shoulders.

“You know what day today is, right?”

Tin frowned.

“It’s not our anniversary if you want to make me believe I forgot when that was. Neither is it the anniversary of our first kiss, the first time I kissed you or when we…”

“I get it!” Can blushed and Tin had to kiss him. It got a bit out of hand and Can mumbled ‘stop’ breathlessly after a while. Then, the world took a sudden turn and he found himself on his back with Can straddling his legs. Can tapped him on the jaw.

“It’s the anniversary of my punch.”
Tin rolled his eyes. “Which one? The first or the second one?”
Can wasn’t even a little bit ashamed. “The first one,” he answered proudly.

“You never really apologized for it.”
“Oh… I should, shouldn’t I?”

“It’s a bit late for it.”
“You deserved it though.”
“You have no idea how an apology works, right?”

Tin put his hands on Can’s hips to feel his warm skin and couldn’t hide his smile. It was nice to banter with Can like this. Because Can was never mean.

“You were the first one to aggravate me so much that I actually hit you. I’m normally a really easy-going guy just so you know.”

Tin mouthed ‘easy-going’ back at Can with a mocking glint in his eyes. Can snorted and flicked his finger against Tin’s jaw.

“See… aggravating!”

“Most people say I’m very charming. You should be charmed by me.”

“They lie. They say you’re the ice prince.”

Tin sat up and wrapped his arms around Can, digging his fingers in the soft flesh of his back. Can leaned into the caress like a cat. The sun shone into the room illuminating them with its warm glow. It was mid-morning and all they had done until now was to lie in bed, cuddling and dozing. Tin had relearned the patterns of Can’s birthmarks on his back and Can had discovered that Tin would twitch unconsciously when he touched him below his right ribcage. But not when he touched the left one.

Tin felt like they were stuck in a time bubble. He wasn’t hungry, he wasn’t thirsty he just craved Can’s touch.

They kissed again, Can’s fingers on his jaw as if he touched a bruise no longer there. Tin had been impressed at that time. Angry and vindictive, but impressed. He hadn’t cooled the wound as long as he should have and the little cut on his lip took also longer to heal because he had touched it constantly with his tongue. He should have known then that it had been a foreshadow of Can’s impact on his life. Not easy to get rid of. A constant ache.

He felt Can’s stubble against his own which in a way made all of this more real, less like a dream.

“That’s apology enough?”, Can asked, a quiet murmur against Tin’s lips.

“Not even close,” he said back and nipped on Can’s upper lip.

“Ahh… I’m gonna try again.” He kissed him. “Now?”

Tin shook his head, his smile wider than he ever thought possible.

Can chuckled. “This is going to take all day, huh?”

Tin kissed a way from his lips, over his jaw to his ear, and nuzzled his face in the warm crook of Can’s neck.

“You can bet on it.”


Chapter Text

Warlock! Can & Warlock!Tin

Prompt: getting frisky


Can had been wound up since the moment the council had taken their seats to start the meeting, he barely had been able to suppress his energy fields. Tin had sat among the most powerful warlocks of Southeast Asia and everyone had known why he was sitting there. What he had done to his father and older brother and they had tried to ignore the power he now held and had tried to not let their fear be seen.

And Tin… Tin had sat there with his impassive face and calculating eyes but Can had noticed the little smirk around his mouth, the arrogant glimmer in his eyes and fuck if it hadn’t fired him up.

Ae had sent him a reproachful look. It was likely that he thought Can had been bored, but his fidgeting had been because he had been hard and turned on and yeah maybe he should have waited outside but he had wanted to be there for Tin.

It was at the end of the meeting when all the lies had been told, all the backstabbing comments had been dished out that everyone was free to go. Can knew that people would hold up Tin, either to smooch up to him until they were so high up Tin’s ass only their little toes would be visible, or to deliver thinly veiled threats. Either way Can didn’t care.

He left the council meeting without waiting for Ae and used the power of his arousal to energize his glamour. No mortal human would remember seeing him leaving the Siam Center and no other warlock would be able to follow him.

The security wards around Tin’s apartment would recognize his energy signature but Can liked to use his powers, because he was good at it, and wouldn’t want them to lay dormant. And every time he used them he had to think about those old men and women in the council who thought that it mattered in which family you were born to determine your usefulness or power. You needed connections to hone your magic abilities they thought, but, of course, everyone else knew better.

He cracked the last ward and Tin’s magic washed over him when he slipped through the door. The mark on his skin, under his right ribcage, tingled pleasantly and his pants got tighter by the second.

He didn’t turn on the light, didn’t undress, just sat down on the comfortable couch in the living room.

He could have touched himself, could have stroked his cock until Tin came home to speed things up, but he liked the pressure from his pants on his cock and he liked to think about what he wanted to do with Tin while his arousal mixed with his energy fields and prickled along his skin.

He had no idea how long it took Tin to leave the council meeting and he didn’t care. The moment Tin stepped through the door and closed it behind him he was on him.

His mouth hot and needy on Tin’s, groaning as if he had starved for the last hours. Tin had caught him like he always did and at first, their kissing was more harsh bites than anything else.

“So hot,” Can murmured, and refused Tin’s attempts to gentle their kiss. He rubbed his tongue against Tin’s and fuck his little raspy moans, from deep out of his throat turned Can on like nothing else. “You were so hot up there. I bet they pissed themselves.”

Tin laughed breathlessly, his lips parted, parted for Can to do as he pleased.

Can had his legs around Tin’s waist and his arms wrapped around his neck. He pressed his erection against Tin’s stomach to get the sweet friction he desperately needed. This was going to be fast, he had no doubt about it. He felt like he was coming apart on his edges and was really surprised when Tin laid him down on the couch. He didn’t remember them moving.

“Come back here,” he said because Tin had the audacity to lean back and remove his clothes. Cin refused to move his legs and used his upper body strength to straighten up and bite the warlock mark on Tin’s chest. Tin moaned and Can felt how he lost a bit of the hold on his magic. He loved Tin’s mark, he loved it, because there, for everyone to see but hidden from their prejudice eyes, was the proof that Tin belonged to Can. Can’s mark, interwoven in the other signs, but the only one that mattered.

Can fell back to open his pants and get rid of his t-shirt. He ached. It hurt, and he needed Tin, needed him now and…

“Come on… don’t.” But Tin had started to kiss him behind his ear, tender, and his big hands framed his hips and Can knew that Tin would do as he pleased. He was mean and liked to torture him and…

Can arched his back to get more of Tin’s sweet mouth on his skin. But he was not to be hurried.

“Why are you such an asshole?”


“Oh, you can suck my… oh fuck.” Tin’s hand was wrapped around Can’s cock now and if that wasn’t the best feeling of the world.

“So wet already,” Tin murmured and bit him lightly on the neck.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Can moaned. This was good, this was going in the right direction. He buried his hands in Tin’s hair to hold him at his own mark. Tin licked along the swirls and sucked at the tender skin. It went right to his cock and Can would writhe around but Tin’s heavier body hold him in place. Fuck he loved everything about it. The mixture of Tin’s tenderness and cruelty, his knowledge of how to stroke him without giving him release. The sweet, sweet suction on his mark. Can knew he would lose the hold on his power any second now.

They kissed again, open-mouthed kisses while Tin got rid of Can’s pants and opened him up. Slowly, so damn slow, and their energy fields began to intertwine and Can couldn’t control his mouth anymore.

“Fuck… oh damn, your fingers, damn it. Move them, fuck! This is so good, you’re so good.” 

He opened his legs wider and there was always this moment where he was sure that Tin wouldn’t open up to him, wouldn’t let himself be this vulnerable, but Tin just whispered ‘Cantaloupe’ against his lips and their energy fields broke free, a crackling swirl of colours and power. Can shook with want and finally, finally Tin was in him, and he was a fucking tease, that’s what he was, but nothing felt as good as rocking back on Tin’s cock, hearing the shutter in his breath.

“You’re so good to me,” he panted because for all his whining and complaining Tin was the best that had ever happened to him and he needed Tin to know that.

“I love you… I love you.”

They shattered. Only the powerful wards prevented that their combined energies were for the world to see. The floated a few centimetres above the couch and Can knew that he had cum in his hair. Tremors shook his body and waves and waves of frizzling light danced over their skin. Their entangled energies had a sound, a low humming sound and Can felt it in his bones.

“Don’t you dare,” he whispered in Tin’s ear when he tried to move and Tin snickered.

He pushed forward, still hard, and Can moaned.

“Thank’s for being here today,” Tin murmured and damnit now he was sweet about it and Can hugged him tighter. He intended to never let go.

Chapter Text

Prompt: Fake Dating


“He is the one?” Can asked and pointed at the guy leaning against a high table with a glass in his hand.

Ai Pete nodded and Can made a turn and tried to escape through the masses of people flowing into the building. A guy broader than him destroyed his plan by just standing there and Can was literally pressed back into Ai Pete’s arms.

“No,” he said and struggled to straighten up. “No, no, no.”

Ai Pete looked at Can in confusion. “Why? What is the problem?”

“He is good looking,” Can hissed. “No, he looks better than just good he… he…” Can was at a loss for words. He had some pretty handsome friends, including Ai Pete, but this was another calibre. It was actually a bit bizarre how good looking this Tin guy was, with his face, and body, and he had that thing going on where he didn’t wear a tie, and the first buttons of his shirt were opened, and you wanted to nuzzle the patch of skin there and…

“No,” Can said again, “I can’t do that, I’m really sorry but-.”

“Hey…. hey, I really don’t understand,” Ai Pete said and put one hand on his shoulder. “Tin is maybe not the easiest person to be around but it’s just for today. He wanted a male date to make a point, he doesn’t need you to cuddle up to him or kiss him.”

“Ai Pete, you know my track-record with handsome guys! I either insult them and they punch me or I fall in love and make a fool out of myself.”

“That literally happened to you twice not a hundred times,” Ai Pete answered with a frown and yeah maybe he was right but Can felt sweat on his hands and his heart raced and he hadn’t even met this guy up close. “If you really feel so uncomfortable we quit it, I don’t want to force you.”

And damn it. Ai Pete and his big eyes and gentle smile and Can knew that even though he wasn’t here with Ae and couldn’t make a statement of his own it meant a lot to him that Can would be part of their charade. Moreover, he thought about the tuition fees he had to pay and Ai Leys wish for a scooter.

“Who are we gonna slap in the face with our gay energy again?”, he asked and squared his shoulders.

“Ai Tin’s brother, P’Tul.”

“Okay… a family feud, the classic. Let’s do this.”

The closer they got to the table Tin waited for them the more Can felt like his suit deformed and made him look like a twelve-year-old trying on the clothes of his father. The sleeves were too long, weren’t they? His tie was crooked and they were crinkles in his shirt. The confidence he had felt hours ago when he had looked at himself in the mirror was down the drain. No one was going to believe him that he was the date of this Tin guy.

“Ai Tin?”

Tin turned around to look at them and his piercing dark eyes wandered from Ai Pete to Can.

“You’re late,” he said and it automatically ruffled Can’s feathers. He opened his mouth but Ai Pete was faster: “Sorry, the traffic, and it was surprisingly difficult to find you. Why are so many people here?”

Tin put his drink on the table and waved his hand: “For publicity reasons, my brother invited the common workers from his latest firm acquisition. I assume you’re Can?”

Can did a wai and felt the chills when Tin’s eyes wandered over his body, from his shoes up to his face. Was this a meat market? Whatever Tin thought about him and his appearance it didn’t show on his face. Why were people out there suppressing their emotions so much? They all died of a stomach ulcer Can was sure of it. It couldn’t be healthy to repress everything.

“I think you will do,” Tin said eventually and Can stared at him.

He would do ? HE WOULD DO? He was a fucking snack that’s what he was! The suit was painted on his body, showed off his broad shoulders and his butt was a freaking masterpiece in those pants. He would do?

He deliberately took a step back and looked down to Tin’s shoes and made a point with his wandering eyes. Those legs were long and Can felt a bit of a stir in his stomach. When his once-over ended at Tin’s face he was confronted with a raised eyebrow and something resembling a smirk.

Can narrowed his eyes and said: “You’ll do too, I guess. Tin, right?”

Tin looked to the side for a second and definitely hid a smile that way, he licked his lips (the stir in Can’s stomach intensified), turned his head and did a wai. At least he had manners, Can thought.

“Yes. Thank you for doing this.”

Can just nodded. He knew this was going to be a long, long night.


“I always thought fake-dating only happened in movies,” he murmured and tried to wash the bitter taste in his mouth away with a drink that was too sweet for his tasting.

“There is a lot of fake-dating happening at this event,” Tin murmured back and greeted another acquaintance. It was an endless stream of shaking hands, doing the wai and smiling while lying through your teeth.

“I’m normally not very observant, but even I hear the double meanings in your greetings. Is this normal between you rich people?”

Tin put his hand on his back to move him along and please, could he stop doing that? From the moment they had left Ai Pete to ‘make the rounds’ Tin’s hands had been all over him. Not in a groping kind of way, very subtle, very respectful. It just made Can wish for unrespectful touching. He had known this would end in a disaster. Of course he would find Tin attractive, of course, he would infuriate him, and of course , he wanted to climb him like a tree.

Why was he always attracted to assholes?

“Normal to say Hello and mean I will stab you in the back the next chance I get ? Yeah, sure.”

“That is so sad.”

“Don’t worry, I always win.”

Can gaped at Tin and felt the blush reddening his cheeks. “I’m not worried about you!”

Tin exchanged his empty glass with a full one and ignored him.

“Why do you want to rub your bisexuality in your brother's face again?” Can drank from his glass and grimaced. Still too sweet.

“He fired an employee because she had a committment ceremony with her partner. He used some shady excuse of course but everyone knows why he did it.”

“Where’s your brother again? Did I already meet him?” Can was ready to throw some punches and went on tiptoes to see over the masses. Where was this asshole who was going to feel his rage?

Tin took one of his fists in hand and stroked it lightly with his thumb. Can felt a tight feeling in his throat.

“You already met him. Don’t worry, I recruited the employee. Which was a successful move in two ways.”
Can tried to ignore the fluttery feeling in his belly. Tin stroked his skin absently as if he wasn’t even aware he was doing it.

“Two ways?”, Can asked and had to clear his throat.

“It pissed my brother off and his ex-employee had valuable information for me.”

“Why do I have the feeling this family-feud is more thriller than Sunday afternoon family program ?”

And why was Tin not just a plain asshole? Why did he had to have layers?

“The next item on the agenda is a concert. From this point on you can go home if you want?” Can looked down at their hands. It occurred to him that the date they just had wasn’t really a textbook fake-date. They stood in a quiet corner again and Can was relatively sure Tin hadn’t greeted or spoken to as many people as he should have. He also had asked a lot of personal question which Can had answered because he had been nervous and had tried to remember the names of all the people who had buttered up to Tin or had tried to hide their murderous intent behind a fake smile.

Was this real flirting or fake flirting?

However, he was really exhausted. He now lived in a world where Tin Medthanan existed and he needed to process that information.

“I would like to go home if that’s alright.” Loud music started to play and Can didn’t hear Tin’s answer. He felt the tingling touch of Tin’s hand on his back and followed his lead out of the crowd.

Outside, he inhaled deep and the heat of Bangkok felt refreshing after the stale air of the celebration hall. He could hear the noise from inside and apart from some smokers, no one was standing in the hallway.

“You’re getting back in?”, Can asked and put his hands in his pockets. He should already stand outside at the street hailing a taxi but he couldn’t.

Tin looked back to where they had come from and shook his head. “I accomplished everything I wanted, now I wait for his move.”

“Doesn’t it get tiring to live that way?”

Tin just smiled and it was a nice smile. It was also nice what he had done for the fired employee. They stood close to each other and Can was eye to eye with the lines of Tin’s collarbone and throat. It was weird… Tin wasn’t that much taller than him but it seemed like it. If he would kiss Tin he wouldn’t have to stand on his tiptoes, but he had the urge to do so.

Tin’s eyes were dark and fathomless. Can had never before noticed the eyes of a guy.

It definitely had been flirting back in there...

Oh, screw it he thought and took the last step to invade Tin’s personal space. Tin just looked as if he had no idea what Can was about to do. Was there a dare in his eyes?

Can kissed him. And Tin just melted against him. Melted as if he had waited for Can to kiss him. Can moaned because fuck that was a heady feeling and he deepened the kiss, hungrily, and wanted to erase any doubt that this was fake. Tin’s arms came around his waist and Can took his head between his hands because he wasn’t done kissing him, not even close.

Chapter Text

Prompt: Hi if you want to I was wondering if you could write something where tin discovers one of cans talents and falls more in love with him ( if that’s possible) like if he’s a good singer or cooking or painting (I don’t know lol)


“You’re not learning your vocabularies,” Tin commented and looked over his laptop to Can.

“I’m not,” was the cheery reply and Tin sighed.

They sat on the couch in Tin’s living room, their legs intertwined and Tin went through the script of his latest economy class. Can should learn English vocabs but whatever he did, it wasn’t studying.

“If you have a problem you can ask me, you know that?”

Can nodded but didn’t seem to really be part of the conversation.

“Are you doodling?” No response.

Tin closed his laptop and watched Can. He had a notebook in one hand and a pencil in the other and drew something on it. He was concentrated… a little frown between his eyebrows, his eyes darting over the paper and there was confidence in how he held his pen.

“Can…? Can!,” Tin leaned forward, “ Cantaloupe .”

“Don’t call me that,” Can mumbled but didn’t look up. Tin shook his head in amusement. He grabbed Can’s ankles and pulled him towards him.


Can was now laying flat on his back his butt on Tin’s lap and his legs on either side of Tin’s hip. His shirt was rolled up.

“What is wrong with you?”

Tin put his hands on the warm skin of Can’s stomach. “What are you doing?”

Can looked from his notebook to Tin and back. Can’s reluctance made Tin almost say to forget it but Can held the journal out to him. Tin took it and…

It was Gucci. It was a pencil drawing of Gucci and…

“That is good. You’re really good.”

It was like Gucci was going to jump out of the picture any minute. It was not just a dog, it was Gucci. He looked back at Can who fiddled with the pencil.

“You’re really good,” Tin repeated himself.

Can shrugged. “It’s practice. I draw him for years now so…”

Tin felt a hot something in his chest. It was weird. Sometimes he thought he knew Can, and more often than not, he didn’t know him at all.

Can said when he was hungry now he complained when he was displeased with a situation now. He was an in-the-moment guy. He didn’t talk much about his future plans or dreams. Tin had no idea if he had other hobbies besides eating and football.

“Are you only drawing Gucci or…”

Can shrugged again and Tin saw that this conversation made him uncomfortable. Maybe he had been teased for it in the past.

“Sometimes my mum or other people or the neighbour's cat.”

Tin put the notebook carefully on his couch table and leaned forward to kiss Can softly. His heart expanded for this talented, wonderful man. He wanted to know more about him, so much more.

“Why are you getting soft on me,” Can mumbled but the little tilt of his head belied him. It was his kiss-me-more-move . So Tin did. Soft butterfly kisses on his lips, his cheeks, his jaw, up to his ears. Can sighed and let himself be pampered.

I love you, Tin thought and the words wanted to break out. With every new detail, he loved Can more.

The laptop slid from the couch to the floor but Tin didn’t care. All that mattered was this moment, this man and showing him, with every gentle kiss, how much he meant to him.  

Chapter Text


Drunk confession


Can had planned to knock against the door but because of some misunderstanding between his brain and his hand he fell against the door instead and produced a loud crash with his shoulder.

“Ouch,” he whined but didn’t straighten up. The cool material felt surprisingly comfortable against his heated face. Maybe he should sleep here? He felt tired after his adrenalin rush. He had no idea where the rush had been coming from but maybe that was the reason he was here…

Why was he here again?

His world turned upside down and he fell down hard.

“Ouch!” He coughed and tried to realize what had happened. A face looked down on him. Oh, right. Someone had opened the door.


Someone who knew him. Can tried to turn around but his knee bumped against the doorframe.

“Ouch!” He turned fully on his belly but had no idea how he should continue from this position. Did he want to stand up? Should he roll around on his back again?

“Can… Are you drunk?”

Oh yes. “Yes!”, Can told the floor, because yes, he was drunk.

“Is your destination Ai Pete’s apartment?”

“Nope. It’s Tin’s.”

There was silence and Can succeded after he kicked around to turn on his back again. A person was squatted down next to him, sadly his head was upside down. He should tell him that, Can thought, that his head was upside down.

“I’m Tin,” the person says and Can frowned. That couldn’t be. Tin’s head had never been upside down. He seemed to have spoken out loud because the person sighed deeply and rubbed their face. He knew that sigh, people made it a lot around him when he said something.

“Why are you here Can?”

“The floor is cold.”

“You’re here because the floor is cold?”

“My butt is cold.”

Can would never remember how he stood on his two feet again. The world spun around him until he held onto the doorframe.

“That’s better,” he mumbled.

“You’re a mess Cantaloupe.”

“How do you know my name?”, Can asked but was shoved inside the apartment. Did he tell Tin his full name? He stumbled forward.

Was he standing in a living room or the entrance hall from their university?

“I’m going to call you a taxi.”

“No!”, Can yelled and spun around in circles. He was finally able to make out where Tin was standing and shucks… he was very blurry.

“Can, seriously, you’re a mess. What do you want?”

“Listen,” Can said and lifted a finger but then he had to stop and breathe in and out otherwise something else than words would come out of his mouth.

“I have to tell you something.”


Can new how a hangover felt like. As always he woke up with the feeling of something dead on his tongue. Thanks to some awesome genes, he never got a headache but his stomach grumbled unpleasantly and he was thirsty. What had they celebrated last night? He tried to remember but he was only able to retrieve the taste of vodka. He crinkled his nose and stretched. And stretched. His hands didn’t touch his bedhead…

He rose on his ellbows and looked around. This was definitly not his bedroom because his bedroom would fit four times in this… hotel room? Was he at Ai Pete’s place? But Ae and Ai Pete hadn’t been at the party yesterday… or?

“That is some fancy bed,” he murmured and felt like he needed a break to catch his breath until he reached the edge of it. Four people were able to fit in there without touching each other. He shivered a bit the moment his bare feet touched the floor and holy shit he only wore his boxer shorts. He wrapped the blanket around himself for some modesty and didn’t break out in sweat. Wasn’t he in Thailand? Was he being kidnapped? Was he…?

“Ai Tin?” Can stood in the largest freaking living room he ever was in, wrapped up in a blanket and stared at Tin who sat at a table, a laptop in front of him and a cup of coffee next to it. Tin didn’t even look at him.

“You’re awake. Great. Your clothes should be ready any minute now.”

Can shuffled closer. Tin typed very fast and if Can wouldn’t be sure that he was wrong he would think that Tin tried to ignore him. Can wanted to say something but had to take another look because Tin wore sweatpants. Grey sweatpants. What kind of parallel universe was this?

“Tin?”, he whispered. “Why am I in your apartment?”

“Because you knocked on my door in the middle of the night.” If typing had an undertone Tin’s was definitely a bit aggressive. A bad suspicion dawned on him. Surely he hadn’t… his friends would have never let him… he thought back and in every memory, all of them had been wasted beyond control. They would have cheered him on.

He had the desire to hide his face with the blanket but he had to ask some question.

“Why did I wake up in your bed?”

Tin stopped his typing and took a deep breath, with a snap he closed his laptop and Can startled a bit. What horrible thing had he done? Tin had turned to him and looked him in the eyes. The uncomfortable intensive look Can wasn’t able to hold for long.

“You woke up in my bed because you refused to sleep on the couch.”


“I’m not done. Before you ask, you’re only in your boxer shorts because you refused to sleep on the couch and threw up all over yourself. For the record, you’re not very helpful when your drunk.”


“Still not done, Cantaloupe ,” Tin said through clenched teeth and Can wanted to run far away. “You also made me sign a contract because you refused to go to bed without my signature.”

Can frowned. “What contract?” Tin held a paper out to him and Can pinned the blanket under his armpits to have his hands free.

He stared at the words on the paper but couldn’t comprehend what they said. Tin had crossed his arms and didn’t look amused.

“You also confessed to me… a drunk confession, how many did you in your life? It sounded like you had it memorized.”

“I had,” Can murmured. Boyfriend contract stood on the top of the paper. He looked up.

“You signed it,” Can said in wonder. There was Tin’s signature under a text that said he was now and forever Can’s boyfriend and he had to feed and cuddle Can a lot and was not allowed to go back to England ever.

Tin rolled his eyes. “I had to.”

Can waved the paper up and down. “You signed it!”

“It was under pressure it’s not…”

“No take-backs,” Can yelled and smiled. Screw you P’Type, he thought, his plan had been genius.

Tin frowned at him and his face said that he wasn’t sure if Can wasn’t still drunk. Can stepped forward and put the contract on the table with a flourish.

“This is binding,” he said with a grin. “And Ai Good said I wouldn’t do it. Ha! I mean I didn’t want to do it while drunk but I guess I was just more determined and brave while drunk so you know…”

Tin looked from Can to the paper and back again.

“This was a plan?”, he asked. “You had a plan to make me sign a contract to be your boyfriend?”

“It was supposed to be romantic,” Can insisted. “I mean… maybe without the drunk confession.” He had wanted to add something but the world took a turn again and he suddenly was pressed against the table and Tin kissed him.

Can let go of the blanket to wrap his hand around Tin’s neck. “I didn’t brush my teeth,” he mumbled.

“You’re an idiot,” Tin mumbled back but just kissed him again. Then he took his arms and dragged him with him to the bathroom.

Total victory, Can thought.

Chapter Text

This is kind of a friends-to-lovers fic and obviously is not rooted in canon.


Tin didn’t even fully wake up anymore. He heard the noise from the corridor and turned on the side with his back to the door when it opened.


He put the blanket tighter around himself and tried to ignore the voice.

“Tin? Tin, are you awake?”

“Just go to sleep Can,” Tin murmured because he was tired and if he encouraged Can they would have to talk about octopuses or the art of making bread. Can’s midnight talks were exhausting and strange.

He felt Can shuffling closer.


Why wasn’t he slipping under his blanket? Tin had never owned two blankets before but Can was a blanket hog. He would roll around until he was wrapped into the blanket like a burrito. Tin had bought a second blanket because it took to much strength to unwrap Can and he just wanted to sleep.

“Tin… Tin they said we’re married.”

First, he thought he had dreamed, then he had to frown. He turned around and laid on his back. He felt Can’s warmth radiating from his body. The guy ran hot.

“Married? Who said we’re married.”

“P’Type said we’re behaving like a married couple.”

Tin scoffed. “That’s stupid. And he’s projecting.”

Can was silent for a while but Tin could hear the gears of his thoughts turning. Great, now he was awake. He opened his eyes and looked over to Can who laid atop the blanket, in a weird fetal position as if he had to hide from the world.

“What happened?” It was unlike Can to not talk about everything that happened the moment he met someone. Tin knew more about his morning routine, his sister and extended family members than he ever wanted to know.

“Your door pin is my birthday,” Can said suddenly and Tin raised his eyebrows. The effect was lost on Can because it was dark in the room and Tin was only able to make out his contour.

“Yes, so you won’t forget it and don’t have to make up a stupid lie to the security as to why you used the wrong code ten times.”

“I like P’Arm though.”

Trust Can to make friends with the building management. Tin closed his eyes. He was almost asleep when the bed wobbled again. Can had came closer. Tin smelled a whiff of alcohol and sighed. A drunk Can was even more chatty than a normal Can.

“Do you think we behave like boyfriends?”

“How do boyfriends behave?”, Tin asked.

“P’Champ said, we spent too much time together, we sleep in one bed, I know more about you than anyone else and you only smile when I’m around.”

“P’Champ is just jealous, you rolled from the couch once so the bed is more secure and I can’t stop my brain from absorbing the stuff you tell me and P’Champ isn’t funny so why would I smile around him?” There was a weird feeling in his stomach area… and his heart started to beat faster. Great, he wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon.

“We should kiss,” Can said out of nowhere and Tin had to sit up for that conversation.

“I’m sorry?”

“Ai Good said, we should kiss to find out if we like to kiss each other. He said he his tired of us ‘dancing around’ each other.”

“Good should stop trying to manipulate you into doing stuff he wants you to do.”


“We’re not going to kiss Can,” Tin said and had the urge to move to the sofa himself. “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk!”

“You reek of vodka.”

“Oh…” Tin heard how Can sniffed on his own shirt. “I think P’Champ poured some of it on me. I promise I’m totally sober.”

Tin stared at Can, or to be real, where he thought Can’s face was. Suddenly there was a hand on his jaw. It felt warm and new and even though Can was a hugger Tin didn’t remember them being overly tactile with each other in the years they knew each other. He could have moved away, he could have taken Can’s hand and say ‘No.’, he could have jumped out of the bed. He could have done a lot of things, but he decided to sit still.

Can kissed him.

It wasn’t an exciting kiss. It was a press of lips and it shouldn’t have affected Tin at all. Instead, it rearranged a lot of things in Tin’s head. It made him question everything he thought he and Can were.

Can moved back but Tin grabbed him by the neck and it was dark so he was lucky he didn’t hit Can on the ear. He kissed him and didn’t meet his lips quite right so the kiss landed on the corner of Can’s mouth. Can laughed breathlessly.

“Don’t move,” Tin whispered against his skin because he needed to concentrate on the feel of Can and that deep down he had wanted to kiss him the whole time.

“I knew you would be bossy,” Can whispered back and Tin felt his smile against his lips.

Chapter Text


Person A can’t sleep so they wake up Person B. Person B is exhausted but they stay awake with Person A until Person A falls asleep.


Can wasn't a heavy sleeper. It was because he was so alert, he always said, that’s why every sound would wake him up. It was just the partial truth. His mind just wouldn’t stay still at most nights. They would jump around in his head, would go from topic to topic, from something he watched on television, to a conversation he had had four years ago, to what they had eaten for dinner today. He would toss and turn and close his eyes but there would be colours behind his eyelids or Tin would sigh in his sleep and he would be wide awake again.

He turned around and stared at Tin’s sleeping form. Sometimes Tin couldn't sleep, too. He would lay in bed, on his back and stare at the ceiling. He didn’t want to talk about it and Can hated the absent look in his eyes when it happened but one problem at a time, he thought. Tin opened up in two steps forward, one step back. But it was worth it…

Can slid closer to Tin and could hear him breathe. He had come to bed late, had put an absent kiss on Can’s head and had fallen asleep almost right away. Can hated project week. To be more specific, he hated the IC project week. Just because Tin was fluent in English they all wanted him to overview the whole thing. He slid even closer and put his hand on Tin’s shoulder. He didn’t want to wake him… but he wanted to wake him.

Tin turned around in that moment and Can heard his breathing change.


“Are you awake?”

Tin’s voice was raspy and heavy with sleep but he was able to convey his usual level of sarcasm: “What do you think?”

Can pouted.

“I can’t sleep.”


It sounded like Tin was going back to sleep, which Can should support. He had to be exhausted and had to rise at an unholy hour in the morning. But Tin moved and grabbed Can so he could put his head on Tin’s shoulder and sling his leg over Tin’s. He liked that position.

“Why can’t you sleep?”, Tin asked and played with strands of his hair. Can sighed because he liked that too.

“Just…”, he shrugged. “Thoughts, you know.”

“About what?”

Can frowned. “Everything?”

He felt Tin’s silent chuckle along his own body. Tin pressed a kiss to his head.

“How’s project week going?”, Can asked and hoped that Tin’s words would drown out the ones in his head.

“Morons, all of them.” Tin answered. He sounded more resigned than outraged so maybe a few of them weren’t morons after all.

“I think about pitching Ae on them?”


“Starting a rumour that one of them is sending Pete love letters?”

Can laughed. “You have the bail money to get him out of jail so… why not?”

He got another kiss for that and hid his smile in Tin’s shoulder. He settled more comfortable against Tin’s body and Tin started to caress his back. Soothing motions, up and down.

“It’s like we never had a project week in the past. Or as if economy classes don’t exist and they heard the word ‘budget’ for the first time. I feel like they will lose their families money before the ink on their diploma is dry after they graduate.”

Tin felt Can’s body getting heavier against him. His own eyelids felt heavy but he fought against the sleep until he was sure Can slumbered deeply. Can breathed against his neck and the warmth of his body was a bit uncomfortable but he felt needed and Can robbing closer to get comfort made something deep inside him wanting to boast. His caress became slower and he felt his exhaustion taking its toll. He fell asleep again.  

Chapter Text

Prompt: Fake-Dating

“Attention! This is not a drill! This is the worst! Abort mission!”

Can burst into the apartment as if he was hunted by someone for sport. Tin didn’t look up because Can burst into his apartment several times a week since their agreement and mostly it was related to food, his sister or football.

“Hey! Are you listening to me? This is the worst, this is…. wait… are you wearing sweatpants?”

Tin didn’t look down at himself because he knew that he wore his most comfortable sweatpants. He threw Can a look and rolled his eyes.

“… are you even allowed to wear sweatpants?”

“You’re an idiot again.”

“I thought rich people have a different dress code?” Can stared at Tin’s grey pants as if they were a hallucination. “Wait… are those expensive sweatpants? They are, right?”

“Your emergency can’t be that urgent when you have time to be distracted by my pants.”

“You never wear sweatpants… Oh! Yes!” Can threw his backpack and his sport jacket on the floor and jumped next to Tin on the couch.

“We have a big problem.” And like the little child he was, he held his hands apart to indicate how big the problem was. He looked dishevelled Tin noticed. His cheeks were red, there was sweat on his neck and his ridiculous fringes were in disarray. A standard look for Can most of the time but the panic in his eyes was new. Whatever it was Can wouldn’t be reassured with a couple of words and the promise of free food, so Tin put his laptop on the table and said goodbye to his plan to watch a movie. Which, maybe, he should mention, he was sure Can had a weird idea about the rich and them watching movies, too.

Can made a dramatic pause and put one hand on Tin’s shoulder. Tin suppressed the urge to twitch. Can’s hand felt strangely warm.

“My mum knows about us.”

“What do you mean?”

“That she knows about us.”

“What us?”

“Us… us.”

“There is no us.”

Can threw his hands up. “The us as in you and me are in a relationship.”

“We’re not in a relationship.”

“Do you want me to kill you?” Instead, Can took one of the throw pillows and smacked Tin with it. Tin didn’t know he owned throw pillows, but Can had made him order stuff online, which meant he also had carpets now which had been described as ‘fluffy’. Apparently, that was the aesthetic Can tried to implement.

“I meant that we pretend to be boyfriends to annoy your asshole brother!”

“She knows we’re pretending?”

“No. She thinks we’re real.”

Tin frowned. “Why would you tell her we’re in a real relationship?”

“She tricked me!” Can pouted and let himself fall back. The couch jostled noticeably. He brushed a strand of hair out of his face and looked like a disgruntled puppy.

“Was there food involved?” He was hit with the pillow again.

“Why would you say that all the time? I don’t think about food every second of every day.” Tin laughed and used the pillow to lean more comfortably into the couch. “How did she tricked you?”

“She asked for my phone and I forgot that I had our picture from the last charity event as the background.”

Tin remembered that evening. Every detail of it.

“Why would you use a picture of us as a background?”

Can threw him a look he had learned from Tin. “Today you’re the one asking the stupid questions. It’s called being authentic.”

Tin nodded. Can placed great importance on them being authentic. Tin may have been the one who had approached Can and asked him to be his fake-boyfriend for two months but since then Tin wasn’t the one who held the reins. If anything he was the one who should finally ask if playing boyfriends for half a year was really the right thing to do. But then he would miss the things Can deemed important for their authenticity.

Like making out in a secluded corner of a mansion where a charity event was held with the excuse that Tin’s brother could see them. There were a lot of what-ifs , maybe's and could’s in Can’s plans.

“You could have told her, that we’re just faking it.”

Can rolled his eyes and Tin frowned. “She would have killed me. Or worse, she would have dragged me to your brother so I could apologize for lying to him.”

Tin made a sound and he had no idea what he wanted to say with it. Maybe just that he heard everything Can had said and found it confusing. Can looked at him.



But what he wanted to say was: “Maybe you didn’t tell your mum the truth because it’s no longer the truth. If it would be the truth we would talk about this being fake more than kissing as often as possible.”

Should you know about your fake-boyfriend that he would lift his chin slightly when he wanted to be kissed? That, when you caress the soft skin behind his ear he would shiver and dig his fingers into your shoulders ready to almost climb you? That he had the habit to just breathe against your mouth for a few moments after you stop kissing him as if he wanted to catch the warmth of your lips?

Tin blinked and noticed that he stared at Can’s mouth. He quickly looked up and everything in him went still when he saw Can’s dilated pupils. Had they been thinking about the same thing? Tin licked his dry lips and swallowed.

“I could,” he started and had to clear his throat. “I could meet your mum and then you could tell her we broke--” He couldn’t finish his sentence. Can had climbed on his lap in one smooth motion and kissed him. It wasn’t a tentative first kiss to test the waters. He held Tin’s face between his hands and kissed him deeply. For a moment Tin’s only response was to hold onto the couch out of surprise.

“You and this damn sweatpants,” Can mumbled and Tin’s brain started to function again. He sat up and laid his arms around Can to hold him closer. He opened his mouth for Can’s explorations and groaned. Kissing Can was always exhilarating. He felt more alive, as if Can’s lips were the trigger to awaken his nerves.

“What about your mum?”, he asked between kisses and put his hands under Can’s t-shirt. He was hot to touch and Tin wanted to feel every inch of him.

“Don’t talk about my mum now.”

“So no fake relationship?” He felt pressure behind Can’s hands on his shoulders and let himself slowly pushed down on the couch.

“Real,” Can said and nipped at Tin’s jawline, “real relationship.”

Tin wanted to say ‘yes’ or ‘alright’ or ‘I agree’ but he had priorities so he got Can’s lip back to where they belonged. Against his own.

Chapter Text



“Are you sure you didn’t plan this?”

“I don’t have your evil genius you know that.”

“Stop calling me evil.”

“Your hands are not in my pants… that’s the definition of evil.”

Tin raised his head and tried to bring a bit of space between their faces. Can pouted which was even more impressive than usual because his lips were swollen. Because they had made-out. Tin wanted to slide back but he already felt the threatening void after the edge of the bed. There wasn’t much space to move anywhere.

“This is ridiculous. You can’t tell me this wasn’t intentional. This bed isn’t made for two people.”

“It’s perfectly fine. You’re just pissed we aren’t at this super fancy resort where the toilets speak with you.”

“They have room service there.”

“I bet they have it here too.”

“You’re not going to remind the creepy receptionist of our existence.”

Can snorted. He threw his leg over Tin’s. They only wore their boxer shorts and the blanket laid unused on the floor. But it was one of the hottest nights and the AC didn’t really work and Tin wasn’t so sure if he wanted that much body contact. They heard the people outside of the little hotel making their ways to the Silvester parties.

He had to admit that he liked to be here with Can, their first Silvester together without anyone else present. It had been Can’s idea, so he shouldn’t complain so much. But… the bed was tiny and the AC didn’t work properly.

Can pressed his mouth against his neck and he really wanted to concentrate on that but… “Can you just admit that this is a bed for one person?”

Can bit him. Tin would have taken revenge but he was afraid to break his neck falling down the bed.

“Stop complaining! You’re ruining my plan.”

“Your plan?”

“To start the new year with an orgasm…” Tin stared at Can who stared solemnly back. Tin almost missed the days when Can had had no idea what to do in bed or what he liked. Now, however… he was insatiable and with a clear goal in mind.

“As if we could time your orgasm for midnight.”

“That’s not the attitude I need right now. Just get the first few out of the way and it will happen.”

“You’re so romantic,” Tin said deadpanned and got another bite for his sass. Can started to caress the sensitive skin next to the waistband of his shorts. Which was cute because Can thought he needed to bring Tin into the mood of things when it was most of the time sufficient to have Can in hearing distance. He pressed closer to show Can that he was already hard and felt Can’s smile against his neck.

“That’s the spirit,” Can said and Tin rolled his eyes.

“Shut up,” he replied and Can’s grin turned into a moan as he put his hands down Can’s pants. Always an effective way to make him speechless.

Chapter Text

Prompt: Accidentally crashing into each other


It took a while for the stars in front of Can’s eyes to disappear. The fall had knocked out the breath from his lungs and he wasn’t sure he even remembered how to breathe.

“Ouch,” he whined. Someone groaned under him and he blinked and was confronted with Tin’s pained expression. Mere millimetres from his own face. Can didn’t know what to say.

“Thanks for catching my fall.”

“My pleasure. It’s not every day that we crush into each other in our own kitchen.”

“No need to be salty. I’m sorry. I just wanted to get the toast.”

Tin frowned at him and Can placed his hands on either side of Tin’s face. “Your body okay?”

“I think my butt is broken.” The moment the words left his mouth Tin groaned again, but not in pain. “No butt jokes, please.”

Can grinned. “You make it so easy.”

“Are you going to stand up at any point or…?”

“I like it like this. We hadn’t had the chance to breakfast together the last couple of weeks.” That was the reason why they had crashed into each other in their own kitchen. Tin had looked at his tablet because of some important emails but wanted to grab some coffee while Can had thought about the schedule change in the gym while he had wanted to get the bread out of the toaster. The kitchen wasn’t small so it had come as a surprise that suddenly Tin’s body was in his way.

“So you pin me to the floor?”

Can wiggled his eyebrows and another groan escaped Tin’s mouth. Again… not out of pain.

“I promise you to eat breakfast with you but please… please let me up. My butt hurts.”

“And that’s why I know it isn’t my fault because I wouldn’t treat your butt like that.” He was pushed to the side and got a knock on the head. It did nothing to wipe the laughter from his face.

Tin sat up and started to massage his back. Can joined his efforts and rubbed soothing circles in his skin.

Tin sighed. “Thanks.”

“You need a heat plaster?”

“Just help me to the couch.”


Can jumped up and helped Tin hobbling to their couch. Tin laid down with a wince and Can bit his lips so he wouldn’t suggest that he could kiss Tin’s butt better. He rearranged the pillows so Tin would lay comfortable.


Tin nodded. “My tablet?”

Can turned around and spotted the device under their table. He looked back to Tin and yeah, sometimes he was slow but sometimes he knew when an opportunity was in front of his eyes in a millisecond.

He joined Tan on the couch and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “How about you take today off and I take today off and I’m going to make sure that butt of yours will not have any lasting damage?”

Tin squinted at him. Can shook his fingers slightly. “I’ll even give you the special Can massage.” Now Tin frowned. “I better be the only one you give the special Can massage to.”

Can celebrated internally because Tin hadn’t outright dismissed his proposal. “And I will make porridge.”

“You think you have to work so hard to persuade me to skip today? Give me my phone and I’ll call the office.”

“Yes!” Can threw one fist in the air and kissed Tin.

Chapter Text

A bonding moment between Can and Ley. Tin is mentioned but does not appear in this ficlet.



Can had thought he had been silent. He hadn’t pushed stuff from tables or counters, he hadn’t slammed the doors and he had avoided the fourth step of the stairs. Nobody should have heard him coming back into the house.

He was very proud of himself that he didn’t scream as he entered his room and Ley sat on his bed blinding him with the light of her phone.

“Fuck!”, he whispered with intent and closed his eyes. He put a hand above his heart to make sure it wasn’t outside of his body and took a deep breath.

“What the hell? What are you doing here? Take that light down!”, he whispered and tried to step towards his bed with his eyes closed because Ley pointed the light as if she wanted to permanently blind him.

“Where were you?”, she whispered back, grabbed him by his t-shirt and dragged him down on the bed with her.

“Are you the police? What are you doing in my bedroom? It’s four am, you should be asleep.”

“You should be asleep! Where were you?”

Can tried to get the phone, but Ley twisted away and years of mastering the art of fighting silently made it able for them to only produce a grunt now and then.

“Stop it,” Can hissed and pinned Ley on her back.

“I’m going to bite you, you know I will!”

They stared at each other, the light from the phone illuminating their faces with weird shadows and Can was tired, so he sighed and let her go.

“I’m an adult, I can go out if I will, and I did so in the past. What is your problem?”

As if she had waited for these words she sat up, straightened herself and pointed a finger at him.

“You’re not drunk!”, she said and Can frowned. He hadn’t been that bad in the past!

“Someone is bringing you home, but not to our front door, so you don’t want people to find out who is bringing you home.”

Maybe his sister was the police, Can thought.

“You stay out way longer than before. 2 am was the maximum for you for years!”

Can threw his hands up and leaned against the wall connecting their two bedrooms. “People can change, you know.”

“Ha!”, she whispered as if he had said something suspicious. “So there is something.” She pointed the light in his face again and he groaned.

“Just because people change doesn’t mean there has to be a cause. Sometimes people just change their habits… just because.” Why was she so insistent? Normally she wasn’t interested in his private life. Besides Pete and his gayness, she found his friends boring.

Maybe he should start talking about football? She favoured volleyball so he could bore her enough for her to leave?

“Are you in love?”

The moment he twitched he knew he had lost. He saw how her face changed from suspicious to excited and she took one of his pillows to muffle her scream.

“What is there to scream about?” he asked annoyed and took the pillow back to hug it. She punched him against the arm and he really wanted to yell so that his mum would wake up. She would scold him too, but at least Ley would also be in trouble.

“Who is it, you have to tell me!”

“I don’t have to tell you.”

“Oh come on. You never had a girlfriend before. I need to know it!”

Girlfriend… yeah.

He ran his fingers through his hair and wasn’t sure what to do. He knew she wouldn’t react negatively to him having a boyfriend and… before he didn’t want to tell anyone because he wasn’t sure what it was. Then, because he wanted him for himself for a bit longer…

Tin. He sighed and then was annoyed with himself because it was a dreamy sigh and Tin was never allowed to find out about it.

“It’s not a girl,” he said and his heart hammered in his chest. “It’s a boyfriend.”

Ley’s mouth formed a shocked ‘O’ and then she grabbed his arm to shake him vigorously. He rolled his eyes at her.

“Who is it? Do I know him? Who is it!”

She didn’t stop shaking him so he stayed silent until she had calmed down a bit.

“Do I know him?”, she asked again. “Is it one of your football friends? Is it your captain?”

“P’Techno?”, he asked bewildered and wasn’t sure what he should think about that possibility. He liked his captain and clung at him a lot but… oh. Maybe that was the reason why Tin gave P’No always the stink-eye?

“It’s not P’No,” he said. He hugged the pillow tighter and bit his lips nervously. Was Ley even going to believe him? Tin wouldn’t care if he told Ley, he liked her and he had kissed Can a thousand times in front of students already. Can sighed again. They had made out in the car before Can had reluctantly climbed out of it so it wouldn’t be too late and he would get a few hours of sleep but he really hadn’t wanted to. He could still smell Tin’s aftershave if he concentrated hard enough and the feeling of his hands against his cheeks and…

“Earth to Can? You’re still here?” Ley laughed silently at him and he pouted. He wanted to tell Ley but had no idea how.

‘Just say the word,’ he heard Tin’s voice in his head. Yeah, but words were hard.

He stared at Ley and she squinted her eyes at him.

“It’s Ai Tin,” he said as fast as possible.

There was a moment of utter silence.

“No!”, Ley said silently and stared at Can with wide eyes. “Really?”

“Why is everyone surprised?”, Can asked annoyed. “He’s really into me you know!”

“Oh, I don’t need to know that.”

“What? You asked.”

“I thought P’Pete and P’Tin are going to get together?”

“What? Why? No! Ai Pete and Ai Ae are together.”

“Who’s Ae?”

Can threw his hands up.

“Wait… why is he not driving you to the front of our house?”, she asked and put her hands on her hips. “Is he ashamed of you?” She frowned and seemed ready to punch Tin on Can’s behalf which was sweet but Can had to laugh at the thought.

“No… I just wanted to keep him a secret a bit longer.”

Ley nodded knowingly. “Yeah. If mum finds out he will have to come for families dinner every day of the week.”

Which was maybe not that bad. Tin deserved some insights in a family which wasn’t out to destroy each other. Maybe he could share Tin with his family once in a while. It would be fun to have him around.

“Okay… do you have pictures?”

Can stared at Ley and asked himself if he had heard right?

“Do I have what?”

“Pictures of you togehter?”

“Are you insane! That’s nothing you need to see. Why are you even asking me?”

“Oh please, you have at least some couples pictures, right? You should have.”

She made advances as if she wanted to steal his phone out of his pocket and he slapped her wrist.


“Show them to me!”

“Get out!”

A loud snore was heard from their parent's bedroom and both froze. They listened with bated breath but didn’t hear more.

“Go to bed,” Can whispered and tried to shove her. “If you stay here mum or dad will wake up.”

Ley reluctantly stood up but punched him against the arm. “You have to show me pictures tomorrow.”


“We’ll see,” she mouthed at him, turned around and sneaked out of his room.

Can fell back on the bed, took the pillow and muffled a huge sigh with it. This has gone better as he had thought. He took out his phone to write Tin.

Chapter Text

“You can’t banish me, this is my bed too!”


“This is it!”

Can looked up and stared at Tin who stood next to his side of the bed, looking like he was going to explode any minute.

“I’m banishing you from the bed.”

Can opened his mouth in shock and outrage.

“You can’t banish me, this is my bed too!” How dare he!

“This is only your bed because you’re all too incompetent to think let alone book hotel rooms!”

Can jumped up to stand on the mattress. Once in his life he actually towered over Tin. “First, I was not in charge of booking the hotel rooms, so don’t take your anger out on me. Second, why did you even come to this trip if you’re going to complain the whole time anyway? Third, this bed is over two metres wide, we’re not even going to touch each other!”

They stared at each other and Can was ready to throw some hands. Was he happy about sharing not only a hotel room but also a bed with Tin? No! Was he complaining all the time? No! He was once the mature one. Then he saw how Tin’s eyes flickered down for a second. He looked down his own body and frowned because he wore his shorts and… and nothing else.

The blush that formed on his face felt hot and foreign and he saw the shame and embarrassment in Tin’s face.

“Just… just deal with it!”, he said, turned around and climbed under his sheet, his back to Tin. His heart beat loud in his ear and he was sure the blush was going to meld his skin off. He felt the dip of the mattress as Tin joined him in the bed and after Tin turned off the lights he felt a weird atmosphere settling over both of them.

He wanted to scream in his pillow, wanted to run away, wanted to turn towards Tin, wanted to take a cold shower…  

Tomorrow, he thought, tomorrow he was going to awake in a world in which he knew that Tin found him attractive. He really needed to scream in his pillow.

Chapter Text

“The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”


It wasn’t often that Tin picked up his nephew. The Metdhanas had more driver than people in the family to drive around but Tul didn’t seem to be able to deny his son anything so once a month Tin picked N’Phu up from school.

Can didn’t accompany him often. He had his own schedule and even though the little brat grew on him over time it wasn’t high on his list to pick him up from school.

They waited outside the gate while a sour-looking security guard scanned their faces. Can remembered when he had just run out of school with his bunch of friends.

“Is he really that endangered to be kidnapped?”, he asked and frowned. Tin, who stood beside Can with designer sunglasses and clothes that cost more than the school property scoffed.

“Tul has many enemies.”

Yeah, Can thought, like you. Can leaned back against the road sign advising drivers to be slow and crossed his arms before his chest. He should have waited inside the car, he thought sullenly. Some chauffeurs waited with them but mostly nannies waited with them and whatever dramas told one about the look of nannies the truth was different.

First, why did they have to be so young? Were they sisters or caretakers? Second, did the wifes really had to pick out the prettiest? Weren’t they afraid at all about the temptation they posed? Third, how obvious did they want to ogle Tin? They should just get over it and swarm him like a hive of bees.

Some of them had even come steadily closer. Okay… only three came steadily closer, all the other women stared at the entrance to the school.

“P’Tin!” Can heard the exciting voice of Nong Phu. He had eyed the women so intensely he hadn’t heard the rush of children running towards them. Tin had stepped forward to receive a hug from his nephew and Can heard the ladies collectively sigh.

He turned around to receive his usually stinky eye from N’Phu and oh no stuck out tongue today. What an honour!

“Do you see this?” The three women had come closer to hearing distance and cooed of Tin who picked up N’Phu. Can was the one who had to hold his backpack.

“Thank you!”, N’Phu said with a cheeky grin and Can just rolled his eyes at him.

“The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids,” one of the chauffeurs behind them said and Can could hear the envy in his voice.

“Oh this is bullshit,” he muttered, shouldered the little backpack and stepped into Tin’s space. He pushed up the ridiculous sunglasses and kissed him soundly.

“We better go before you cause a ruckus!”, he proclaimed, ignored N’Phu’s retching noises and dragged Tin with him to the car.

Chapter Text


“You don’t look so good.”

Can wanted to reply that Tin didn’t have to lay on the compliments so thick but he had to cough. His throat felt like shards were digging their way into his lungs and breathing felt like too much of a hassle. He buried his head in the pillow and groaned in frustration. He hated being sick.


He shook his head slowly because he wasn’t going to lift his head not even for a ‘Hey’ in that kind of voice. Sweet and warm and full of concern.

A shiver ran down his spine when Tin laid his cool hand against his neck. Can groaned in pleasure, but it sounded more like the dying sounds of roadkill. Tin slowly turned him around and his hand wandered from his neck over his checks to his forehead. Can wanted to twist Tin’s hand from his wrist to have it on his forehead forever… It made sense in his mind.

“You’re having a fever,” Tin stated and Can cracked an eye open. Tin hovered over him and looked like it personally offended him that Can got sick in his care.

“I’m gonna call your work.” It was his bossy voice and normally Can reacted allergic to his bossy voice but he just closed his eyes and nodded. He wanted to sleep and to think about a way to remove his hurting lungs without dying.

Tin moved around the bedroom in search of his cellphone and Can heard him talking. He frowned. Something wasn’t quite right, but he couldn’t lay a finger on it and a feverish sleep overcame him.


Can blinked at the bowl in his lap.

“You drove to my mum so she could make me soup but you were able to convince her to not tag along to take care of me?” He wasn’t convinced.

Tin fluffed up the blanket and frowned at him.

“She never said to me that she wanted to come with me. She seemed relieved that I was taking care of you.”

“Of course,” Can muttered into his soup. He remembered when Tin had had the car accident and had been in the hospital for a freaking band-aid and his mum had acted as if he had been on the verge of dying. She had nagged about a tetanus shot so long the nurses had been willing to restrain her with a narcotic.

He blew on the hot liquid in his spoon but before he ate it a thought struck him.

Had he heard that right, the phone call from yesterday?

“Ai Tin?”

Tin came back into the bedroom with his arm full of new coverings. He was convinced he could kill the germs through stubbornly changing their bedding every 24 hours.

“Did you say to my colleagues you were my roommate?”

The muffled sound of Tin’s voice came through his struggles to put new bedding on the blankets.


The hurt he felt wasn’t the one from his throat. This kind of hurt pricked under his skin in his arms, a weird sensation as if it would start to itch soon and it was accompanied by a heavy ache in his chest. He stared into the soup and then set it carefully on his bedside table.

“Ai Tin?”

Tin had conquered the blankets and looked at him.

“You don’t like the soup?”

“Why did you say to my colleagues you’re my roommate?”

Can had moved in after he had graduated from university. It had been a good choice because he spent all of his time in Tin’s apartment anyway and the apartment already belonged to Tin. It was ‘their’ apartment with the touch of Can’s presence all over the place.

Tin climbed onto the bed to sit next to him.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m more than your roommate. You remember that, right?”

Tin rolled his eyes at him. “Yeah, I wouldn’t drive through half of Bangkok to get soup just for anyone, you know?”

Can punched him against the arm, but he was fever-weak so he doubted that Tin even felt it.

“They already know you’re my boyfriend, you know?”

Something softens in Tin’s eyes and Can really wanted to have his strength back to punch him properly.

“Of course! I talk about you. Especially when you do crazy stuff! They know we live together. Now I have to explain to them where the roommate is suddenly coming from.”

“I don’t do crazy stuff.”

Can groaned and turned to get his soup back but stopped half-way.

“Wait. Does that mean everyone in your fancy master class thinks we’re roommates?”


Can frowned at Tin.

“I don’t talk to most of them.”

“You really have issues.”

Tin smiled at him in his special way and Can had to smile back.

“Yes. And one of them is spreading germs all over the bed.”

Instead of a punch Can decided to kick him instead.