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TinCan Ficlets

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>>> "Come over here and make me." 

“What did you say?”

If possible Can held his chin even higher, as if it was possible for him to look down on Tin. But since he was standing on Tin’s bed… yeah, he was looking down on him. 

“I said: ‘Come over here and make me.’“

Tin had heard him the first time, but sometimes he wasn’t sure if Can himself knew what came out of his mouth most of the times. 

And suddenly he was tired. Tired because it was so late, and he had to study for midterms, and tired because of the constant battle with is big brother who just couldn’t let him be, and tired because Can couldn’t ask for what he wanted without picking a fight. 

He leaned back in his chair with a wary sigh and closed his eyes. He knew how this was going to end. Can leaving after a shouting match and…

“Your head hurts?” Cool fingers were brushing his hair back and Tin could have moaned out of pleasure at the contact. He opened his eyes and Can had a little smile around his lips as if he knew exactly what he had been doing mere minutes ago. 

Tin just looked up at him, because he too sometimes just wanted to be read like an open book and he didn’t grunt as Can flopped down on his lap. And maybe Can had asked him for a kiss with a fight, but Tin didn’t care about the semantics because all he cared about was the feeling of Can’s lips on his and his gentle fingers stroking through his hair.