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No Reason to Hide

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“This is a PG-15 story. Sure you're all ready for it?” Jamie asked the four teenagers of varying ages who were watching him with anticipation and amusement.

“You know Ian's only twelve,” 17-year old William said.

“And Brianna's fourteen,” added Faith.

“I'll be fifteen next month shrimp,” Brianna replied with dignity. “Besides, the way you act, sticking out your tongue in pictures, you might as well be ten.”

“I may be twelve, Will, but I'm almost as tall as Faith, for all she's sixteen,” Ian said. “And Mam said I could join you in everything. Just clap your hands over my ears so I won't hear the er, smutty bits.”

His older cousins all laughed and jeered at him good-naturedly.

Will said, “In that case, why not stay out in the hallway the rest of the afternoon? I've heard parts of how they met, over the years. The whole thing's a smutfest.”

That last sally was met by boos from his sisters and cousin even as Jamie glared at him.

“Will, that was disrespectful to yer Mam and me, and ye ken it!” Jamie could feel his face getting warm, and he tried his best to slow his breathing. “Ye may be too old fer a whipping, but there are other ways to deal wi' ye,” he said evilly.

“I'm sorry, Da.” Will blanched. “You're right. I was out of line.” He glared at Ian and his sisters as they giggled at his volte-face.

Entertain them, she says. Tell them how we met. That should teach them some life lessons. You're so going to pay for this tonight, Sassenach. Bloody hell, the things I do only for you—

He was going to talk with Claire later. What on earth was she teaching the lad? But back to the matter at hand. “I accept your apology, Will, but I'll tell yer Mam about it later. I'm not going to ask where ye learned that word, William.”

“You don't have to, Da. Uncle Alex told me about it,” Will said.

Jamie went quiet, surprised at this latest revelation. So it's come to this, Sassenach when even family turn your children on you.

“I'll be having a chat wi' yer Uncle Alex when I see him next week,” he said testily. “Now all o' ye, haud yer wheesht!”

“Uh, oh. Uncle Jamie's speaking like a Highlander again. We'd all best run and take cover,” Ian sassed back.

Aye, and here's another one without much sense between the ears. Sassenach, I'll be insisting double tonight for all this trouble.

“And that includes ye, Ian Grey.” Brianna sitting beside Ian punched his shoulder. “Brianna, I saw that. There’s no call for ye to resort to hurting Ian, no matter the provocation.”

Brianna turned to Ian and said contritely, “I apologize for hitting you Ian, no matter how much you deserve it.” She turned back to Jamie looking unrepentant.

And that was when Jamie knew they were all teasing him. He thought of getting up and leaving them to wreak havoc on the board games, the rug but, a promise was a promise. “So, must I stop or are the lot of ye going to settle down?”

Four voices assured him they would. Jamie's breathing evened out, and he unclenched his fists. His audience rearranged and draped themselves over the leather couches and deep armchairs in the cozy living room. Mugs of steaming chocolate prepared earlier were on the coffee table within easy reach of the children.

The setting was perfect as the heat from the fireplace staved off the chill of another dark, rainy day in Edinburgh. It was the ideal time to pass on a bit of their story to the family, he judged. He'd have to edit out the more adult parts of course, but he could make it up as he went along.

And so, he began.