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All the weapons of Opsin

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"ah, here we are then, 51st century. Lovely planet is old Opsin" beamed the Doctor, smiling from ear to ear.

"why here? It just looks bare, nothing techy in sight" Yaz said, with slight disappointment

"oi, just because it's the 51st century, it doesn't mean everythings all like humans imagined, besides we're not on earth, we're on Opsin, many centuries behind Earth in the sense of technological breakthroughs... They are however way advanced in weapons, which is slightly alarming" she said with a hint of suspicion, "anyway, onwards, there's a great ice cream place I've always wanted to visit? Ready gang? No, fam?"

"ay, where's there's food I'm always up for it", said Ryan, as if he hadn't eaten in days, Graham just rolled his eyes in response.

As they sat at their table waiting for their rather extravagant ice cream sundae orders, they got to talking about the inhabitants of this new planet

"so you're telling me that creatures here can't build basic cars and buildings but can manage weapons that Earth can only dream of?" asked Graham, with a hint of sarcasm

"well, yes I suppose, they've never had the need to advance in those areas, but this planet has seen its fair share, even more, of war, so naturally they decided to better their defences. Can't blame 'em really" and with that their orders rounded the corner. "oooh, yes!" said the Doctor excitedly.

As they all tucked into their meals, the suspicious looking waitress peers around the corner, the Doctor notices this just as the group begins to feel tired...

Yaz, Ryan and Graham all awoke to find themselves locked in steel cases in a dark, dusty room.

"you alright guys? What happened?" asked Yaz

"yeah, we're fine" replied Graham

They examined their surroundings, simultaneously all seeing a seemingly unconscious Doctor in the middle of the room, chained by her ankles.

"Doctor?" asked Yaz, concern evident in her shaky voice. No reply, not even a stir.

"Doc? What's goin' on?" Graham added, still nothing

"she's out cold, what have they done to her?" Ryan asked, his brain still fuzzy from whatever knocked them out

Suddenly, strange voices approached, thanks to the TARDIS they could make most of it out.

"make sure the others are awake, be gentle with them, they're nothing. Kick the other if you have to" A deep alien voice demanded, the other obliged

The sound of keys in a lock startled the group as they could only touch through the bars restraining them. A tall, strong alien came in, his faced marred from scarring. He glanced over at Yaz, Ryan and Graham, at least they were awake. He then diverted his eyes to the crumpled, unconscious form on the Doctor. He didn't even try waking her verbally, he just sent a powerful kick right into her stomach

"Aaarghhh" the Doctor moaned as she curled in on herself

"Doctor! Oi stop!"

The alien just grunted and continued the assault, seeming to enjoy eliciting painful gasps and screams. Once he was satisfied she was awake, he left.

"Doctor? Doctor?! Can you here me?" shouted Yaz, tears filling her eyes

She heard a groan in response, then the Doctor tried to push herself up, sat on her bum , slumped against the wall. Clutching at her side.

"well that was rude" she said in a pained voice, obviously trying to ease the worries of her fam

"why did they do that Doc?" asked Graham

"not sure, but I think we're about to find out" said the Doctor as the door began to be unlocked. She pulled herself to her feet, breathing through the pain. She wanted to look unharmed to the aliens, show no weakness. Her friends could only watch on in horror and silence.

"Well, it seems my friend wasn't very good at his job, your standing. Oh well, your lack of lucidity makes the next bit a lot more exciting" snarled the alien.

"why, what are you planning?" asked the Doctor, with her usual tone and swagger "I'll tell you now, if you harm any of my friends you'll have me to answer to, you must know who I am, so you know what I have done, what I am capable of"

"oh, we know exactly who you are Doctor, that's why you're here, don't worry, we don't want your friends, just you. But we thought it'd be fun to let them watch. You see, our weapons run off organic energy, we've been using lower life forms and draining them of the energy, their life, to power our resources. When we saw you, recognised your species, how could we resist such a lucrative energy source?"

"ohh, right, I see now. You want my regeneration energy. Well I'm sorry but I kinda need that, so if you wouldn't mind we'll get out of your hair"

"when did we ask for it? No, we're going to take it. We're going to hurt you, using whatever we can, to extract your energy. As soon as you are at the brink of regeneration we will harvest it. Bring the weapons in!"

"no, you can't! Doctor, what can we do?" screamed Yaz, already crying, she's only just beginning to enjoy her life, she has meaning, and these aliens are trying to take it away

"Don't worry Yaz, I'll be fine, just don't look" the Doctor smiled, trying to hide her feelings

How could she not look thought Yaz, her best friend, she owes her that at least, she will be looking so that when the Doctor looks over at her, she can offer her love and comfort her when their eyes meet.

The second alien dragged through a cart full of both primitive looking weapons, such as whips, swords and axes as well as less primitive ones, Yaz looked at the Doctor and saw how scared she was, she could see her hands trembling, Yaz knew she was trying to hide it. The alien pulled out the whip first

He lashed and lashed at the Doctors back, she refused to make a noise as she fell to her knees. It felt like hours until he finally stopped. The others could hear her uneven breathing and looked at each other, begging for someone to fix this, come up with an idea

The two aliens hoisted the Doctor to her feet once again, pushing her against the wall directly opposite her friends, so they could see everything. He pulled out a small knife this time, examining it under his judgemental gaze, deciding it was perfect.

"Aaarggghhh!" yelled the Doctor, she couldn't hold back her cries of pain as her thrust the knife into her side, twisting it as he withdrew. Her knees buckled as she collapsed to the floor, losing consciousness.

"hmm, curious, we'll return later, it's no fun when they're not awake" and with that he left

"Doctor! Doctor please! Answer me!" yelled Ryan, no reply.

"we need to get out! We need to help her!" said Graham

"everyone think, what would she do? If only she brought the sonic! Ok, just let me think... " said Yaz. She inspected the cages they were in, noticing hers and Graham's had loose hinges

" Graham, we need to kick at the hinges, it's all we can do. Hopefully they'll break"

With that, Graham and Yaz kicked in unison to reduce the chance of being heard, both breaking the door open. They made a quick glance around the room and then sprinted towards the Doctor.

"Doctor! Come on, please" said Yaz, as she rolled the Doctor onto her back. Her face was pale and clammy, and with a few rousing shakes she came round.

She opened her eyes slowly and tried to sit up, immediately hissing in pain and clutching her wound. Then Yaz noticed the golden orange glow of regeneration and turned to Ryan who was still locked in, with a pleading and worried look.

"no Doctor please, you can't!"

"a' won't, don' worry" the Doctor slurred, whilst clench her fists to stop the glow

The aliens must have heard all the commotion and were approaching the door

"quick, get back in your cages, pull the door up so it looks locked, don't worry" said the Doctor

"ah, you're awake Doctor. Time for the last round. Bring in the electropulse gun and the extractor!"

The Doctor shot a worried but comforting look at her fam, as if telling them to get ready for her plan, God they really hoped she had a plan

The alien picked up a very sci-fi looking gun and aimed it at the Doctors chest. He pulled the trigger, which sent electric through the Doctors body as she cried in pain. After a minute of being shocked, the doctor slumped to the floor. The aliens prepared the energy extractor as the began to glow once again. However, they did not expect this. The Doctor aimed her regeneration energy at the aliens, knocking them flat on the floor, the overload of energy stopping their hearts. The Doctor took a moment to stop the room spinning then slowly stood up as Yaz and Graham left their cages, Yaz went over to the Doctor and Graham set to freeing Ryan.

"Doctor!" Said Yaz as she ran to the Doctor, the Doctor yelled in pain and clutched her chest. Yaz made it to her side just as her knees gave way.

"Doctor! Please! What's happening!"

Graham and Ryan joined Yaz, by the Doctors side

"ah well, good question, the stab wound isn't the problem, that's mostly healed during my unconscious nap" her breath hitched as another wave of agonising pain struck her chest,curling up on herself until the pain subsides.

"however, that electric gun thingy interrupted my hearts rhythm, ones stopped"

"what can we do?"

"nothing yet, we need to get to the TARDIS before their mates get here" she said, pointing to the two dead aliens

"can you even walk?" asked Graham

"sure I can, just give us a hand"

With that her fam helped her to her unsteady feet, catching her as she fell back to her knees. They decided to carry on towards the TARDIS, supporting most of the Doctors weight. They could all hear her laboured, uneven breathing and gasps

The TARDIS was in sight, but a shocking wave of pain hit the Doctor, causing her to yell and clutch her chest again, this time the others were unable to stop her falling. She lay on her back, eyes clamped shut in pain

"arggghh, I can't, you'll have to do it manually, now"

"do what?!" asked Yaz, confused

"my heart, it's not working, I need you to restart it. Punch me"


"punch me, hard, front and back, left side"

They decided Graham should do this, with him being stronger and less emotional than Yaz and Ryan didn't want to hurt the Doctor. He punched the front first, with considerable force. That made the Doctor yell in pain, he looked scared

"Doc?! Sorry! Was that wrong?" asked Graham, obviously worried

"no, it's fine, the back please"

He did the back as he did the front. Suddenly the Doctor gasped as she felt the heart kick back into rhythm

"ahh, much better, thanks Graham. You've got a good right hook goin' on there, remind me never to go boxing with you!"

"are you ok Doctor?" asked Yaz, crying with both happy and angry tears

"yep, fit as a fiddle, no need to worr-"

As she said that, her knees buckled and she fell


"it's fine, just a bit wobbly, give me a minute, you head back to the TARDIS, tell her to get ready to leave, I'll be there in a minute"

"We can't leave you like this!"

"honestly I'm fine, the sooner we get out of here the better though, so go tell her to get ready"

Graham and Ryan headed back to the ship, Yaz refused to leave her and helped her up and walked her back to the ship.

A week later

Graham and Ryan had gone home for the weekend, Yaz for some reason couldn't bare to leave the Doctor, even though she has recovered from the traumatic experience.

"Yaz? What's the matter? You're crying"

"What? Nothing"

"come on, I know my Yaz. What wrong?"

"it's just, last week, I thought I was going to lose you, I thought you were going to die and I couldn't bear it"

"oh Yaz" the Doctor said as she pulled Yaz into a hug, she could feel her nuzzling her head into her chest

"i-" said Yaz, regretting even starting the sentence

"what? Don't worry, you can tell me. Cross my hearts"

"I think I love you, Doctor. The thought of never seeing you again scared me"

"Yaz, I love you too"

And with that, the Doctor looked Yaz in her tearful eyes, and softly kissed her, both loving the warm embrace of each other's love