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Cupid's Christmas Cafe

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Here you were again. Sitting on the couch, on a Friday night, all alone. Sam and Dean had left a few hours ago to go play a few rounds of pool at one of the local bars; they had invited you to tag along if you wanted, but you didn’t wanna hang around another rat hole for fun. You just wanted some company. Feeling like a total loser, you snuggled back down onto the couch with your blanket and phone. The TV in front of you was playing some kind of Christmas chick flick you normally watched around this time.

It was called “Spirit of Christmas” about a journalist who stays in a supposedly haunted house for about a week, falls in love with the ghost and helps him solve his own murder. A different concept, sure, but being a hunter, you could appreciate a ghostly twist on a chick flick. This is how you spent every Friday night; on the dot, at 6:00 pm; after they left, you’d change into your pajamas, comb your (H/L) (H/C) hair, and binge watch Netflix with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on the table. It wasn’t too bad sometimes. If it had been a really trying day or week, this was all you wanted; but if not, than on a night like this, it was pretty easy to get restless, often resulting in you either walking around and talking to yourself or going to bed early.

Like, 7:00 early. Sad, right?

A lot of girls out there right now were shopping, at the movies, or getting to go on a date with their boyfriends. You didn’t want to go the movies because nothing good was on, the mall was a definite no because you didn’t have any money to buy anything, and a boyfriend? Well…you didn’t have one.

Never had one, in fact.

Before today, it didn’t really matter to you whether or not you had one. Guess hunting had been taking over your life more than you thought.But that also got you thinking…how nice it would be to have somebody to fall in love with. Being young and all, only such things as celebrity crushes existed for you. Was it only because of hunting? Or were you the actual problem? That too, got you paranoid because since Dean was constantly chasing pretty girls, and he never once flirted with you made you wonder if that’s because you weren’t pretty. Ouch. Regardless, you didn’t like him in that way, either, who said you had to anyway? Nobody, that’s who. But the question was, just what kind of guy would even like you? You weren’t a bad person to be around or anything, but in the past few years you’d been a hunter, the guys you met all knew how kill vampires and whatnot.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet a guy who was innocent and oblivious to all the supernatural danger out there? Of course there would be problems. Even if you did find a way to live a normal life and try to ignore your past as a hunter, there was always the risk of something coming back to find you, and take away anything you cared about. It was a familiar story the Winchesters had told you about; when their mom tried the same thing and ended up being the entire reason why poor Sam and Dean were living like this to begin with.

That’s not the way you wanted it. Not at all. But still, you were tired of sitting here all alone, especially with Christmas in a few weeks. This was not the season to spend alone, was it? Absolutely not. You just wanted a nice guy to hold you, to tell you how special he thinks you are and how his heart is completed by yours.

And then, an intruding sound of a loud whoosh from behind the couch. A sound like that you never quite got used to, but still knew exactly WHAT is was at least. The question is, which one was it, and what did they want? Your attention reacted instantly by looking behind you as a familiar, and slightly annoying face was standing there; someone who never really stopped by at all.

“Bonjour, Darling.”

Ugh, not him.

“What do you want, Balthazar?”

He materialized a bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses.

“Attitude much? I just thought I’d stop by and keep you company.”

Although you didn’t hate him, Balthazar got on your nerves a lot. You two were like the way rivals behave on the new Pokemon games; you know, trying their best to put you down, but help when they can? Yeah, like that. So frankly, Lucifer sounded like better company than him right now, but bottom line, you didn’t want to be annoyed by him at the moment.

“Why do you all of a sudden care about whether I’m lonely or not?” You asked, taking off your reading glasses in the process.

He strolled from around the couch’s arm and took a seat next to you, pouring whatever kind of fancy-schmancy drink he’d brought with him.

“Because,” he said, sipping the champagne, “All of that whining about how lonely you are is giving me a headache.”

He was already starting to annoy you again.

“You’re not my guardian angel or anything, so what are you doing, listening to my thoughts?”

“Please, Darling; a deaf person could hear you. All of your self pity is quite audible enough.”

Your (E/C) eyes rolled as you scoffed.

“Then just tune me out of your angel radio.”

“I was about to, but had a pretty good idea.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“Well, since you’re so tired of being lonely, and want to not spend another Friday night on the couch watching Christmas movies all alone, why don’t you try a singles’ night?”

“Oh, no way. If I have to spend another hour inside of a stupid bar, then I’ll explode.”

“No no, Dear, you don’t understand. Since you’re a hunter, and want a boyfriend, you should be dating someone who is familiar with monster and lore.”

He took another sip, and that statement of his made you nervous.

“Y-you mean date another hunter, right?”

“Or an angel.”


“No, not me. I’m just giving some examples.”

Sweet relief.

“Oh, okay. So, what’re you getting at then?”

“Have you ever wondered how gods and other celestial beings found their significant other?”

Good question, actually. Why had you never thought of that?

“No, not really, why?”

“Well, there’s this place; a cozy singles’ cafe that is notorious for helping the lonely ones find their sweetheart. Only some humans have ever been there; only if they have the same knowledge of lore and whatnot.”

Your interest was piqued.

“It’s called Cupid’s Cafe.”

“Hey, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna get shot with an arrow the minute I walk in and fall in love with the first guy I see, right?”

“Oh, please, no.” he chuckled. “Cupid is the ultimate matchmaker. If your soulmate and you end up falling in love and sitting at the same table, he’ll come up and use his bow to confirm it.”

“You mean that little tattoo I’ve seen on their hands?”

“Yes, exactly. But keep in mind that you’ll only fall in love if it’s meant to be. He may just tap you two on the shoulder and that’ll be it as a friendly greeting. So, what do you say? Wanna visit?”

This new place interested you, and certainly beat being alone right now.

“Okay, sure. But I don’t have any money.”

“Don’t worry, the gentleman always pays. And if you don’t happen to find your soulmate, they won’t charge you for anything you order.”

Now you’re talking. Getting up from the couch and said yes.

“Alright then, but first things first, Darling. You need something nice to wear. You look like you’re just getting over a break up.”