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"Dean.. what are we even doing out here man?" Sam asked as they strolled through the woods, looking behind every tree in case of the beast hiding. Dean was carrying his shotgun whilst Sam had a sawed of shotgun. Sam was not comfortable walking through these woods when they weren't certain what was out there.

"C'mon Sammy, its fine. People said they've sighted a large white animal like figure out here. Sounds pretty supernatural to me, you said it yourself we might be dealing with a wendigo." Dean replied as he stepped over the large logs that blocked their smooth path, Sam was right behind but felt uneasy. Like something was watching him. Dean didn't seem all too worried though, but of course Dean does care.

"Yeah, still. I just feel uneasy." Sam explained as he looked left to right, trying to spot something out of the ordinary, but there was nothing.

"Well, I can't help that Sammy. We cant just leave just because you got ants in your pants. This thing could hurt someone, and its our job not to let that happen." Dean smirked at his little brothers worries, since this was a dangerous job, of course Dean was actually worried but he couldn't show that. He was Dean.

"I know that." Sam muttered as they continued to walk, watching everywhere. They couldn't take any risk of being snuck up on in case the Wendigo got the jump on either of them, it seemed to be more active at right so they decided to go at night fall.

"Well then, stop bitching and lets smoke this son of a bitch." Dean replied, giving his brother a smirk before proceeding in the search.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary for the next hour at they scouted the far half of the forest. No wendigo was found and no wendigo cave. Sam and Dean were starting to get restless and their feet were starting to hurt as they continued their hunt, still sharp and ready to pounce. Sam had stopped moaning but shortly after Dean had started to get bitchy, getting angry that it might actually just be a fluke and people were just messing with them. Sam had also had that thought but one of the women that was in the forest one night seemed to be so scared that she refused to go back in there. They were going to continue to search until sun rise.

When they were about 2 hours into their search Sam heard a crack of a twig behind him and quickly whipped around with his gun at the ready, his disappointment when he only found a rabbit. Closer inspection of the rabbit showed it to be injured. Sam bent down and shone his flashlight onto the rabbits body and saw it bleeding heavily from its chest, it was on the verge of dying and they couldn't do much.

"Hey Dean, check this out." Sam called Dean over who came quickly to the call, he looked down at the rabbit and frowned, checking the area before kneeling down.

"Think it was the wendigo?" Dean asked as he looked at the large bit mark that the rabbit had, it seemed to nearly cover up its whole chest. the rabbit had quickly passed and Sam sighed.

"I don't know. There aren't any predators in these forests, but don't wendigo's only eat humans?" Sam questioned as he looked at the dead rabbit in curiosity, wondering why the wendigo would kill a rabbit when they only eat humans.

"I mean, I'm guessing they can eat anything now." Dean answered with a shrug and as soon as they rose to their feet they heard another snap of a twig. they both instantly aimed their guns in the direction and saw two yellow eyes looking at them. On instinct Dean shot at the eyes, there wasn't any clue if he hit the monster or not but they knew he didn't when something ripped the gun right out of Dean hand and took off with it.

"Hey! That was my favourite gun." Dean spoke angrily as he shone the flashlight in the direction of where the monster went. Unfortunately neither of them got a look at the monster but Sam was ready to shoot at any motion.

He wasn't ready when something came running at him and pinning him to the ground, arms pinned either side of him. He dropped his gun and flashlight but it shone in his direction, lighting up the beast that definitely was not a wendigo.

"Dean!" Sam shouted out as he looked at the werewolf on top of him. And lucky for them it was a purebred so it was big, hairy and had a mouthful of teeth. Its fur was white, its eyes were yellow and its wolf like figure was a sight to see.

"Sammy!" Dean shouted as he came in the direction of his brother, hearing his distress call.

The wolf looked down at Sam with curious eyes before lowering its snout towards Sam's face. He tried to shift away but the beast was holding him still. Just as he thought the werewolf was about to bite his whole head off, it started licking him. Licking his face and gave a wide smiled smile. Sam didn't know what to think as the werewolf began nuzzling itself on Sam's neck before plopping down on his chest.

Sam was in a new state of confusion since he couldn't believe he had a purebred werewolf lying on his chest, not attacking him. It reminded him a lot of the vampires that refused to kill people. Then Dean arrived and pointed Sam's gun at the werewolf.

"Dean! Wait! I'm fine." Sam shouted at Dean as he cocked the gun at the werewolf who nuzzled against Sam more. Dean frowned at he looked at the situation his brother was in, he also couldn't believe that a werewolf was laying on Sam like it was his lapdog.

"Looks like you got yourself a lapdog Sammy." Dean smirked but he didn't lower the gun, scared that the werewolf was going to pounce on Sam at any moment.

"I don't think its going to hurt us." Sam announced as he slowly lifted his now free hand to touch the wolf, it allowed him to slowly comb his hands through its fur. Sam scoffed at the way the wolf was just letting him touch it.

"Sam you do realise that this is a ruthless killing machine. We cant let it go." Dean spoke and instantly the wolf's demeanour changed, it whined and got itself off of Sam before slowly backing away.

"Wha- Dean no! Your not killing it." Sam shouted at his brother who still held the gun to the wolf's head, stern look on his face.

"Its a monster Sammy, lets say we let it go huh? What if it kills people?" Dean argued as he looked over at his brother, confused at why he was showing sympathy for the creature.

"No, Dean, I mean. Look at it. Its scared and it hasn't hurt anyone. Maybe it doesn't want to, and it doesn't feel right just killing it." Sam protested as he pointed at the scared wolf who was now looking up at them with begging eyes. Clearly it wasn't going to attack.

But as they argued, it ran away in the opposite direction. Both brothers looked over to find the beats gone.

"Crap. Great, now its gone. Thanks Sammy you really helped." Dean blamed as he lowered his gun and sighed. Sam raised his eyebrows and scoffed.

"Wow Dean, really? You were going to shoot it, even though it hasn't done anything wrong?"

"Yes, because that is our job! To hunt these things and kill them."

"Well what about those Vampires last year? You didn't kill them, why's that?"

"Because they weren't hurting anyone!"

"Neither is this werewolf."

"This werewolf could-"

A bark interrupted their argument and they both turned to look at the werewolf, in front of it was Dean gun that it had taken earlier. Both of them almost dropped their jaws as they looked at the werewolf. Sam then turned to Dean with a smartass look on his face which made Dean give in.

"Fine... but we're not leaving it out here. In case someone comes here." Dean told Sam as he lowered his gun, walking over to pick up the other one that the werewolf had given back.

"Well, what do you suggest?"



"Cant believe this shit!" Dean shouted as he entered their motel room, Sam right behind him with their new pet.

"It was your idea to bring it back to the motel." Sam said as he scurried the wold into the motel, it jumped in and landed on Dean's bed. Dean was not pleased.

"Oh no no no. Of the bed, c'mon off." Dean pointed to the floor and the wold lowered it head in shame, jumping off the bed and onto the floor with a huff.

"Your going to sleep?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow, as he watched Dean flop onto the bed.

"Well your the one who wanted big bad wolf to live so you can stay up and watch it. I'm not losing sleep over this shit." Dean replied with attitude as he got below the covers. Sam sighed as he sat down in the chair, ready for a long night of watching the wolf.


He woke up with a start and instantly realised that he fell asleep while the werewolf was in the motel. He looked around and saw no wolf around except for a body laid out on the couch, he slowly got up and walked around to get a good look at the figure that was in their motel room.

A small cover was draped over the seemingly small person, he slowly brought his hand to the cover and pulled it away. The sight alone shocked him.

A little girl, no older than 13 with white hair and pale skin was laying on their sofa, it didn't take a genius to put two and two together. This girl was their wolf. The girl was about to shift awake so Sam put the cover back on her to which she snuggled into.

Sam carefully walked around the couch and towards the sleeping Dean, nudging him awake.

"Hmm What?" Dean mumbled as he slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes.

"Dean, the werewolf is in its human form." Sam frantically whispered as he stood at the side of Dean bed, ushering him to wake up quicker.

"So, what hot chick?" Dean's eyes opened fully as he looked at the bare feet that dangled from the couch at the end of the bed. Sam shook his head.

"Its a little girl."

"What!" Dean shout whispered as he got out of bed and rounded the couch towards the little girl. She was still asleep but close to waking up so they tried to be extra quiet.

"Holy shit. I almost killed a kid."

"I think what you actually said was ruthless killing machine."

"Shut up. What do we do now?"

"Wait until she wakes up."