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You did what?

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“ Bye Danny! I’ll see you soon! “ I yelled getting into the passenger seat of the big beautiful black Chevy Impala. I followed my gaze to the back of Dean’s head, who seemed to be staring down my boyfriend as he walked to his own car. Instead of saying anything I turned on the radio.

He immediately turned to face me then turned the radio off, “ I thought I told you to not touch the radio. We use cassette tapes. “

“ You did, but sometimes it’s the easiest way to get your attention. “ He smiled a little and started to drive out of the coffee shop parking lot. “ Now tell me, what’s wrong with this one? “

“ He’s not handsome enough, he didn’t hug you when you were saying bye, and he looked like he was just shrugging you off. “

I scoffed, “ Why do you have to find something wrong with every single one of my boyfriends? You know I break up with them when you don’t approve? I bet I’ll never go on another date with Danny. “

“ Good, he doesn’t deserve you.”

“ Oh, so who does then, Hm? Cause it’s like I just can’t seem to make you happy with my choices. “

“ I know of one guy, but you wouldn’t like him. In fact, he’s been trying to get your attention for weeks, you just haven’t noticed. “

I sat in silence, thinking about who he could be talking about. “ Sam only sees me as a little sister, Garth looks at me as a business partner and Crowley is, well, Crowley. I guess that leaves you, but you go for the gorgeous girls, like Danneel Harris. So, who is it? “ He was obviously getting frustrated.

“ Y/N, I honestly can’t believe you don’t consider yourself gorgeous. “ That’s all I needed. That was the only confirmation I needed to believe that it was Dean. I reached over and took one of his hands off the wheel then took it in my own. It took everything in him to not smile like a dork. His cheeks were red as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“ I don’t know how I didn’t figure it out sooner. “ I chuckled and continued, “ Am I still not allowed to touch the radio? “ He was so flustered he couldn’t get out words, but he tried.

“ You… You can do what you want… “ I turned on the radio and hummed softly to the tune. He smiled as we drove for another ten minutes down the road. We made it to the bunker, Sam was currently out at Garth’s and he would be ‘till eight in the evening tomorrow. He turned Baby off and we sat there with my head on his shoulder and our hands intertwined on my thigh. He squeezed my hand and I got the message. I slowly let go of his hand then opened my door and got out. I walked to the bunker door and waited for him. I faced the door and didn’t look behind me. I was too nervous to look Dean in the face, in his beautiful green eyes. The door opened and that’s when I realized I was far too deep in my thoughts. He opened the door from behind me then took me by the arm inside. I slowly went into the kitchen and hoped to Chuck Dean’s famous coffee was made. I looked in the coffee pot, the fridge, and the cupboard but I didn’t find it.

“ Dean!!! “ He mozied on in and started making the coffee without me having to ask.

“ How did you- “

“ Hon, I have been living with you for how many years and you think I don’t know what you want? “ He chuckled and I smiled then sat at the table, getting on my phone. Well making it look that way so he wouldn’t catch me staring at his ass.

“ You know you don’t have to hide the fact that you look at me all the time. I have caught you so many times you can’t even try to deny it. “ He turned around and once he was finished with preparing the coffee then sat across from me and took my phone.

“ Um, excuse you? First of all don’t assume anything, second of all, why did you take my phone? “

“ Because your phone is a distraction to my amazing coffee skills. “ I rolled my eyes then took a sip.

“ I wish Heaven was this good. “ He chuckled and stood, putting my phone into his back pocket. He went into the living room but I stayed and finished my coffee. When I finished, I set the cup in the sink then walked also walked into the living room, finding Dean on my phone. I chuckled, “ Dean, what the hell are you doing? “

“ Reading your texts. “

“ Why? “ I smiled and sat next to him.

“ Because I wanna know what you and Danny talk about. I found something interesting.