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Castiel Novak, The lead singer with the rock band The Rebellion Garrison, has been formally charged and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and possible illegal substances. It is to be believed that Mr Novak was racing his older brothers and band mates, Gabriel and Michael Novak when they passed a state trooper. Castiel – 26 – was seen driving his Mercedes at 2:33 am on Thursday morning at an approximate speed of 109 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. The other two Novak brothers have only been charged with speeding as a first offense. However, this is Castiel’s third Arrest in the last two years after the family band reached a new level of popularity during a tour of Europe and Australia with their third studio album, Let Me Go. However, it has not been all rosy for the Novak’s as their brother – Luci – left the band approximately 6 months ago for undisclosed reasons. As an exclusive, we are lead to believe that Luci left the band after several altercations with the eldest of the Novak siblings. Michael; who had been managing The Rebellion Garrison until Michael also left. In his absence, Balthazar Roche has taken over the management of The Rebellion Garrison. The band had also gained a surprisingly loyal fan base after the release of their second album, Call My Name which followed their debut album, Say Hello! Singer Magazine is currently waiting for a comment about this incident from Balthazar Roche. 

Dean leaned back into his leather chair, examining his work closely. Although, he had only been working as a music journalist for the last 8 months; he took a tremendous amount of pride in any article he was instructed to write. It had been difficult learning basically a new trade after several years of being a local newspaper reporter.
Now, his work could be read in one of the biggest Gossip magazines of them all. Singer’s. It had been quite a surprise when Dean had first received the e-mail from Bobby Singer, the owner of Singer’s magazine (Obviously.) Ever more of a surprise when Bobby offered him a job writing for the music section; so much so that Dean nearly broke his knee jumping from his chair in excitement.

He glanced up at the clock on the wall and groaned in frustration when it read ‘3:20am.’ Dean normally liked to work later than most of the other journalists but today was Friday and he was too tired to care anymore about the antics of one Castiel Novak. The information was sent straight to his department as soon as the police had officially charged Mr Novak and Dean needed to quickly write a short article about Castiel’s ever increasing arrest record. “He’ll still be insane in the morning” Dean mumbled to himself on the way out of the rather large building. Luckily for him, Dean only lived three blocks away from the offices and the walk from work took no longer than 15 minutes. A fact that he was always going to be thankful for, especially on mornings after a "catch up" with Sam which always ended in both of the Winchester boys drinking too much and reeking of stale beer for the next three days. 

His apartment was rather a mess. Stacks of books and scattered papers littered his floor or, frankly, any space that was available. But Dean still seemed to manage to live an organised life with such an uncontrolled chaos waiting for him at home. Dean had been meaning to clean his papers but, unfortunately, his work hours got in the way of any spare time. Anyway, his younger brother Sammy used to make do most of the cleaning when he lived with Dean. But, since Sam moved in with his girlfriend - Jess - the housework at Dean's apartment has been pretty much ignored or forgotten.

As soon as his shoes were off and his front door was locked, Dean collapsed onto his sofa and fell straight asleep. Despite the fact Dean worked late most nights, it was rare that he did not have the energy to even make it to his own bed and undress himself. Tonight was different. His energy levels had been completely drained and Dean desperately needed sleep even if it meant sleeping on the world’s most uncomfortable sofa. Although, his slumber didn’t last long. His phone began to ring as loud as it possibly could of, awakening a rather grumpy Dean.


He croaked down the phone. Dean was half-expecting it to be Sam or maybe Benny, asking if he come over for a beer and a chat as Andrea threw him out again. 

“Dean. Hello. It’s Bobby”

Instantly, he sat bolt upright and scrubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Crap. A thousand thoughts about what his boss could have wanted from him began to run through his mind. 

“Oh… Hello. Sorry Mr Singer”

“Dean. Please. Call me Bobby, Mr Singer makes me sound older. Anyway, I got a job for you Boy…”

“Sure anything Bobby”

“Well. I want you to write a special addition of Singer’s for me”

The line went completely silent as Dean tried to register what Bobby was asking of him.

“Are… Are you sure Bobby?”

“Of course I am Dean. I know you haven’t been around as long as some of the others but you have the skills they don’t that are needed for this task”

Dean was shocked. Was this actually happening? Bobby wanted him to write a whole edition of Singer’s. He had been completely unaware that Bobby was still talking down the phone.

“Yes! I mean… Of course I would love to”

“That is great to hear Dean. We can talk over the finer details in my office tomorrow morning as soon as you get in. Right. Get some sleep now. Goodbye Dean.”

“Goodbye and Thank you Bobby.”

After they had both hung up, Dean had an enormous grin on his face. His exhaustion was replaced with a rush of adrenaline. Dean was going to lead the production of an entire issue. Holy shit. Dean had been working at Singer's Magazine for nearly two years now as the music correspondence but this was going to be the first time that he was handed the reins on a bigger responsibility, not to say that he didn't love working the smaller stories that he was handed on a nearly daily basis. He has pawed over the countless number of conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain or the evidence of the never-ending bitchiness of Taylor Swift for hours upon hours. However, finally, Dean was going to have a project that he could completely focus on. He quickly tapped out a text to Sam, explaining that he would be missing their weekly cup of coffee together before dragging himself off to bed and finally fell into a comfortable slumber.