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I Would (Not) Die Here

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Miki stands atop the piano, hands white-knuckled around her skirt. Fear pulses in her ears, rhythmic, as the creatures (zombies. don't say the name, it gives them power) clamor around her.

A tear slips out of her eye and breaks on the ground, just as a creature grasps her ankle and yanks her off the piano.

She lets out a scream as they grasp for whatever part of her uniform they can grab.

"Somebody help me! Please!"

"Cover your ears, Miki!"

An ear-splitting screech blares through the mall, and the creatures grasp their heads in pain. Miki covers her ears, squeezing her eyes shut as the tears roll down her face.


Someone grabs her hand and yanks her to her feet. 


Her eyes widen as she sees her savior through blurry eyes and the strands of corn-silk hair that fall into her face.


"Run!" Kei shouts, grasping her wrist and hauling her forwards. "We gotta go!"

As they run, Miki notices a girl with pink hair, another brunette, and a violet-haired girl standing in front of a car.

"Get in!" Kei shouts, shoving Miki and the pink-haired girl into the back-seat, before jumping in on top of them.

Within seconds, they're speeding down the highway as Miki stares blankly at the ceiling, mind whirring at hundreds of miles per hour.


"It's okay, Miki," Kei whispers, interlacing her fingers with Miki's. "We're free now. We're safe."

As Miki sobs into Kei's uniform and Kei gently pats her hair, she finally has time to process these events.