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Carpe Diem

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“Fuck! That’s so hot, dude!”

“Mmh,” Asher agreed with a moan, his eyes not on the laptop placed between them, but on the rippling abs and flexing bicep of Jordan’s arm beside him. “So hot…” He kept jerking himself off, careful not to look at Jordan too often in case he got caught, but thankfully the porn they were watching had two really hot guys with a girl in between riding one of their dicks and sucking off the other one. The camera kept pulling away from the guy’s bodies to focus on the woman’s bulging cheeks, and Asher used those moments to flick his eyes from the screen and back to his best friend’s perfectly muscular body.

“Ahh, damn, look at the way she’s blowing him!” Jordan cried out, his right hand working his cock with increased vigor, trails of precum slicking down from the flared head and greasing the thick shaft in natural lube. His free hand was thrust behind his head, gripping the bars along the center of his headboard, pulling his large pecs taut, the nipples hard and seemingly inviting Asher’s tongue to lick them. “Mmh. That’s gotta feel so good!”

“Yeah…” Asher murmured, his stomach clenching as the urge swept through him. Oh, fuck it, I can just blow it off as a one-time curiosity thing if he over-reacts. The teenager drew a deep breath and leant over between them suddenly, his mouth opening and lips wrapping around Jordan’s cock. Jordan stopped moving and Asher kept his eyes closed, taking his first, experimental slurp of his best friend’s hard dick. “Mmph.”

“Fuck, dude.” Jordan gasped, his hand falling away. He slumped back on the bed and thrust up into Asher’s warm, wet mouth, the obscene noise of his friend choking on his dick somehow made it hotter. Jordan grunted, one hand reaching out to grip the back of Asher’s head, fingers carding through his hair, and guided him up and down on his cock. “Ah, yeah! Oh, fuck, that’s awesome!”

The porn was forgotten as Asher sucked Jordan off until his jaw was sore and his mouth was tangy with the taste of Jordan’s precum. It didn’t matter though, because as soon as Asher started to pull his lips back up over the tip of Jordan’s cock, the football captain started groaning loudly and his dick shuddered against Asher’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Cum for me, Jordan!” Asher whispered in a husky voice, his hand gripping his own cock awkwardly and jerking off furiously as he held his tongue against Jordan’s flared tip. “Mmmh!”

“Ahh, yeah! Fuck!” Jordan cried out, arching his back again, eyes shut tight as he exploded everywhere, the intensity of his orgasm taking him by surprise. “Ahhh!”

“Fuck!” Asher muttered, gasping when Jordan’s cum splattered into his face and shot across the clenching abs, smooth, toned skin contrasting with the thick ropes of cream. He groaned as his tongue reached out to taste the shots of Jordan’s cum that were dribbling down his face, his own cock shuddering and exploding a second later. Asher dumped his load against the duvet, grinding into the fabric as his ass clenched and released furiously.


That’s how it had started; an impromptu blow job in the middle of a sleep-over the week before Spring Vacation. Asher blinked, realizing that he had been thinking about their first time as he was kneeling in front of Jordan, the guy’s cock buried in his mouth and touching against his throat. Fuck, when did I become suck a good cocksucker that I could just zone out in the middle of blowing him?

Jordan hadn’t appeared to notice however; he was still gripping Asher’s hair and groaning loudly, sliding his thick cock back and forward into the wet, willing mouth. He was backed up against the wall, they were just inside the entrance to Asher’s bedroom, both naked, tanning poolside turned into the now familiar mid-week hook-up session. “Mmh, that’s it!”

“Hmm.” Asher pulled off him with a messy pop and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, looking up Jordan’s muscular torso towards his handsome face. Jordan smiled at him and Asher stood up slowly, pressing his body against the other guy’s. “I…hmm, you were close.”

“Yeah.” Jordan admitted breathlessly, his hands drifting down Asher’s tanned back to rest on his firm ass. He spread the cheeks and slipped the fingers of his right hand into the smooth crack, but Jordan tilted his head away suddenly when Asher leaned in. “Hey, I’m not gay, Asher, I’m not kissing you.”

“Right, sorry.” That’s just me. Asher swallowed his bitterness and grasped Jordan’s cock a little harder than necessary, but not enough to hurt. He guided the other guy over to his bed, letting go when they got there. Asher picked up the foil wrapper sitting on his bedside locker and handed it to Jordan, taking the bottle of lube for himself. The cleaner only came in once a week and he always made sure everything was hidden beforehand. It wasn’t as though his father would be surprised he was having sex, he would have just expected it to be with Layla rather than with Jordan. And Asher didn’t even want to think about having that conversation with his father. “You got it?”

“Just a minute.” Jordan muttered, struggling with the pre-lubed condom. “It’s slippery.”

“Always is.” Asher gestured for him to hand it over and he smirked as Jordan groaned when Asher slipped the preventative along his cock. “Don’t cum yet.”

“I’ll try, it’s been too long, dude.”

“Tuesday, that was two days ago.” Asher smirked wider and finished preparing him. He climbed onto the bed and slipped two lubed fingers into his ass, feeling his hole clench around the intruding digits. “I’m ready.”

“Get on your stomach.”

“Mmh.” Asher grunted and laid down, pressing his lips together in anticipation as he waited to feel the weight of Jordan against him, his thick dick would slip inside and connect them together again, just like earlier that week. It was the sensation that Asher savoured and the one that made his cock tingle whenever he caught Jordan watching him during football practice. “Ah!”

“Ok?” Jordan whispered, his lubed cock pressing against Asher’s pert ass cheeks as he lowered himself into position. “Fuck, dude, you’re trembling.”

“I skipped lunch.” Asher lied, reaching out to wrap one arm around his pillow. He managed to hide the flush of his cheeks as his body betrayed him again, shaking harder when Jordan pushed his thickness inside slowly. “Ahhh!”

“That’s it! Damn, still so tight!” Jordan hissed, waiting until his full length was buried inside Asher’s sweet ass, the ring of muscle clutching him firmly. He adjusted their position, reaching down to pull Asher against him, one arm crossing the other guy’s well-built torso. “Oh, yeah!”

“Mmh.” Asher moaned, not caring about the noise; they were alone in the mansion, the gardeners working on the desert rockery by the east entrance. He clenched his ass as tight as he could as Jordan pulled out and released in time to feel the hardness of his body and the ripple of the captain’s abs when Jordan slammed back into him. Asher groaned, his free hand clutching Jordan’s forearm, fingers and thumb stroking the smooth skin. “Yes! Fuck, yes!”

“Aw, yeah!” Jordan grunted, slamming into Asher harder and harder, grinning when his best friend suddenly went slack and relaxed into his grip. He pulled back onto his heels and took Asher with him, the other guy understanding the change of positions and bouncing up and down on Jordan’s cock as though it was his own personal dildo. “Fuck, dude, that’s so hot!”


Asher rolled onto his back, keeping Jordan buried inside him as they continued to fuck, sweat making their smooth, muscular bodies glisten even as the aircon filtering down from overhead managed to cool the worst of their exertions. He arched his head back, hands running up and down over Jordan’s amazing biceps, palms reaching north to grip his shoulders and pull the football captain deeper into him. “Ahh, yeah!”

“Mmm, yeah, aw!”

“Harder, dude, harder!” Asher urged him on, legs spread wide as his cock drooled precum onto his abs. Jordan groaned and thrust into him with short, rapid movement, pulling Asher’s hips roughly against him, his cock plunging in and out without pause. “Aw, fuck, faster! Deeper!”

“Ahh!” Jordan howled, sweat coursing down his chest and stomach as he leaned forward, closer to Asher to deliver the final few thrusts before he was spent. “Ah, nearly there!” He gasped as his body tensed up and Jordan pulled out of him completely, yanking the condom off and replacing Asher’s tight ass with the lesser pleasure of his own hand. But that didn’t matter so much as he looked down at Asher’s red, lube-slick, gaping hole and Jordan grunted again, feeling his balls tense up and suddenly release. “Awww, yeah, Asher! Here it comes! Yeah!”

“Uh, fuck, yeah!” Asher grinned, grasping his own cock and jerking off in time to Jordan. His tongue pressed through his lips when Jordan’s muscles all tensed up and his handsome face passed from concentration to pure pleasure. Jordan moaned long and hard, cum firing from his cock to splatter against Asher’s muscular chest, a few drops hitting higher along his neck and chin. The rest of Jordan’s load shot across Asher’s abs and dripped onto Jordan’s hands and balls. “Fuck, dude, you came a lot!”

“Yeah…” Jordan muttered, not getting up to head into the bathroom to clean up as he always did, seeming to want to wait for Asher to get off too. He licked his lips in what Asher could have sworn was nervousness before Jordan’s expression became impenetrable again.

“Ah!” Asher moaned in surprise when Jordan reached down and started jerking him off. He released his cock and let his best friend do it for him, Jordan seemingly focused on Asher’s cum-splattered chest, since he never raised his eyes above the other guy’s collarbones. Asher enjoyed the view and the unexpected helping hand, his gaze lingering on the way that the sweat from their sex made Jordan’s smooth skin glisten, his muscles more defined than usual. “Uh! Ah! Oh! Yeah, Jordan!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahh, fuck, Jordan!” It was enough for Asher to cum, arching his back and thrusting his cock wildly into Jordan’s lubed and cum-slick hand. Asher’s cum shot up and splattered across his naval and Jordan’s forearms in an erratic display until he rolled his head back, body exhausted, and slipping into the pleasant post-cum haze. “Phew, that was epic.”

“Yeah.” Jordan surprised him a second time and crawled up the bed to collapse beside him, lying on his side, facing Asher. “You were…um.”

“Uh,” Asher blinked when Jordan leaned in towards him, his hand reaching over to tilt Asher’s face towards him. It was as though he was about to kiss him, but at the last moment, Jordan diverted and pressed his lips against Asher’s cheek. “Oh.”


“Err, sure?”

“See you at practice?” Jordan got up suddenly, grabbing a handful of Kleenex from the box on the other side of the bed to wipe the cum and sweat from his body.

“Yeah,” Asher frowned at him. “Jordan, are we…”

“I’ll see you at practice. Don’t be late, we’re running drills until eight.” Jordan replied shortly, slipping on his t-shirt and shorts, jockstrap stuffed into one pocket. “Later, Asher.”

“Um, yeah, later.” Asher frowned at the ceiling, letting his body cool and their mingled cum dry on his chest and abs. “That was weird, he usually just finishes and goes, Maybe-” His phone buzzed, cutting off his thoughts and Asher rolled over to see a message from Layla. He sighed as the other half of his life came crashing back around him, the manufactured part.


Nah, I have practice, I’ll text you after. He finished typing the reply and rolled off his bed. Asher sat on the edge, his mind’s eye replaying every detail from his afternoon with Jordan, analysing and picking apart each moment when the other guy looked at him, touched him, the almost-kiss at the end. Did any of it mean more than just passion in the heat of the moment? Did Jordan actually feel anything for him, or was he just a quick fuck who wouldn’t say anything for fear of outing both of them?

Asher sighed and stood up, walking towards the shower in the room next door, not even pausing when his phone chimed again. He knew his girlfriend would accept his excuse; she always did.


Jordan sat in his car in Asher’s driveway several minutes after he should have left, but the football captain felt a nervous tension setting into his muscles that just wouldn’t leave. He had almost kissed Asher, almost worked up the courage to do it. It had been something he’d wanted to do for a while now, but Asher seemed to expect that he was just using their secret relationship for sex and getting off, that there wasn’t anything more to it than that.

And at first it had started out that way; quick and rapid blow jobs in the parking lot or their bedrooms or once in the locker room. Asher always took point, somehow secure in his sexuality when they were together and yet completely straight-acting when they were in public around their friends, family, the team. No one would have ever expected that they were fucking each other at least three times a week. Or that Jordan was secretly in…

Maybe it had begun as sex, as relief, as a distraction for Jordan when his sister was spiralling out of control, when football got harder and harder, and they just kept losing. But over the summer things had begun to change; their hook-ups got longer, he lingered more, wanting to talk to Asher, wanting to tell him things, wanting there to be more than sweat and cum between them. Yet every time he had the opportunity to be honest with Asher, Jordan backed out, too afraid to make his thoughts real.

He liked to think that it was because of Layla, Asher’s supposed girlfriend who seemed to be the most effective cover ever. They looked rock solid, and yet Jordan never saw the flare between them like he had seen with other couples, or when he was alone with Asher and his stomach dropped a thousand feet a second. Asher had said that she was content to wait until marriage to have sex-Jordan wasn’t convinced of that- and Asher always used the excuse of wanting to conserve his strength, stamina, and aggression for the field. Jordan sometimes wondered if maybe they should actually be holding off once in a while and see if it made a difference, but then Asher would catch his eye and smirk, and the thoughts vanished in the haze of instant arousal.

Jordan sighed to himself and started his car. He closed his eyes, savouring the lingering sensation of pressure on his skin, recalling the hardness of Asher’s body as he fucked him; Jordan’s thick cock sliding into that sweet, tight hole that he knew so well. Jordan exhaled and tapped the accelerator, pulling out of Asher’s estate before his not-boyfriend could see he was still there, still aroused at the very thought of him.