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7 Minutes in Heaven (Harry Potter - Fem!Reader Insert)

Chapter Text (what you wear or not, your choice)

You put your hand into the bag that I was holding, since I am the host, and pulled out the Golden Snitch. Harry Potter instantly came to mind. You looked around the room but before you could even say anything, Draco and I pushed you into the small bedroom, I locked the door.
“Don’t have too much fun now you two!” I called before walking away.

You squinted into the dark, trying to see where Harry was but it was almost impossible. You heard quiet footsteps come closer to you.
“Harry?” you whispered.
“Y/N how did you know it was me?” he asked surprised.
“It was kind of obvious since you’re Gryffindor seeker,”
“Oh right,” there was a shuffling noise and then Harry muttered, “Lumos.”

Harry was much closer than you thought, just inches away from your own face was his, his green eyes shined from the light coming out of his wand. You drew a nervous breath and he frowned slightly.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Y-yes I’m alright. Why?”
“You seem nervous,” he took a step back, “Sorry I’m probably making you feel uncomfortable.”
“Actually I didn’t mind, I’m just not sure if you wanted to… you know.” You mumbled the last bit.
“A beautiful girl like you… with me?”
“A handsome stud like you with me you mean,” you joked. You both blushed, then you felt a warm feeling come to your lips and travel through your body, Harry’s lips were on yours.

It was sloppy but sweet, his hand gently cupped your face and the other pulled you closer on the small of your back, he was a really good kisser. Your hands made their way around his neck and you kissed him back, his wand had fallen to the floor, leaving just the right amount of light in the room. You were held against the wall, hands pressed to your sides by him, you smiled and so did he. He pulled away and smiled; you looked at him and grinned to yourself.

“I wasn’t done yet,” you grabbed his collar and pulled him into you again. You made out passionately with him and he seemed to be enjoying it just as much as you.
“Wow, I didn’t know you’d get like this Y/N,”
“Neither did I Mr Harry Potter,” you kissed him again and his hands slid up the back of your shirt and played around at the hook of your bra.

You began to unbutton his shirt and he gave you angel kisses on your neck, you moaned and removed Harry’s shirt and threw it across the room. He unhooked your bra, but your shirt remained on and then you were gently pushed onto the old bed, he came on top of you and planted kisses all over your face. He was about to pull your shirt off when you heard a lock clicking on the door, I opened it up slowly but not all the way.

“Times up lovers!” I yelled.
“You have 60 seconds to get decent Potter and Y/L/N,” called Draco.
“Looks like the fun ends just as it begins,” Harry whispered to you, he kissed you one last time. “Want to grab a drink down at The Three Broomsticks?”
“I’d love to, but you might want to put your shirt on first,” you giggled, he blushed and then climbed off of you. He put his shirt on while you hooked your bra back together; thankfully your shirt had not been taken off yet, it would have taken too long to get it on.
“It’s a date then,” Harry grabbed your hand and you both walked out together, leaving both Draco and I very surprised in the passageway.

From that night on you two were an item and suddenly everyone knew who you were. Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley were quite jealous of you because you had won Harry’s heart.
~The rest is up to you ;) ~