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The two of you had been sneaking around for a while. With your dad being the sheriff, you weren't sure how he was going to take the news that you were dating someone who was twice as old as you were, so until you got up the courage to tell him, Chris and you had decided not to tell anyone.

You didn't usually go over to his apartment unless Allison was supposed to be home. Meaning, you never went over there in the middle of the day, just to be safe. But when you got the news, you knew you needed to see Chris right away. He needed to know.

Because your cover was about to be blown. You hadn't been feeling the greatest, so you went to the doctor today, and found out you were pregnant. You were fucking pregnant, and you weren't sure how Chris was going to react to the news. While you were older than Allison, it wasn't by much -- only a couple of years.

When Chris answered the door, you felt yourself clam up. You had to tell him; you needed to tell him. Chris was the father and he deserved to know. He noticed that something was wrong, and after stepping aside so you could walk into the apartment, he cupped your cheek.

"Hey, Y/N, are you okay?" he asks you softly. You nod.

"Chris, we need to talk," you say, and he nods. He leads you into his office, where you know you can have privacy in case Allison comes home. She's not supposed to come home for a while; after all, it's only noon, but you don't want to be surprised.

He sits down in the chair behind his desk and looks at you expectantly. You lean up against his desk and feel yourself start to have a minor panic attack.

"Hey, hey, Y/N," Chris says, knowing that you're prone to panic attacks sometimes, "are you alright? What's wrong?"

You take a couple deep breaths, like Stiles had taught you to do to keep your panic attacks under control -- he had a lot of practice after your mom died -- and then, when you felt your pulse start to even out, you look at Chris.

"There's something I need to tell you," you say to him. He nods.

This is what you love about this man. He's patient and willing to wait for you to get out whatever you need to say. There had been ex-boyfriends who would push you and pressure you when you needed to say something. Not Chris, however. He was willing to wait for you to say whatever you needed to say.

"I've been feeling sick lately," you say to him. "I mean, the flu is going around, and so I thought I might have it, but Stiles was getting worried about me, so I told him I'd go to the doctor." You're starting to ramble, which is something that you do when you're nervous. "Anyways, I went to the doctor and I found something out."

"Are you alright?" Chris asks you. "Are you sick?"

You take a deep breath; this is it. It's either now or never, you tell yourself. You need to just blurt it out.

"Chris, I'm pregnant," you say, and brace yourself for the break-up. You know he's not going to want to tie himself down to someone as young as you, so you're ready for the break-up speech. You also know that while Chris is a badass hunter, he's also a little afraid of your father.

There're a few moments of silence. You're not sure what's going through Chris' head at the moment, but he's taking a little time to answer you, so you start to worry internally.

Finally, he looks at you and says, "You're sure?"

You nod. "Yeah," you say. "I wasn't one hundred percent sure, like I couldn't believe it, so I had the doctor run a blood test just to be sure. I'm definitely pregnant, Chris -- about six weeks. Now, I know that you probably don't want to tie yourself down with me and a kid, so if you want to break up with me, it's okay, I'll be fine --"

You're cut off from your rambling as Chris stands up, cups your cheek, and covers your lips with his own. It takes you by surprise, so it takes a couple of seconds for you to actually get with the program and kiss him back. Once you do, though, you wrap your arms around his neck and tilt your head so he has better access and can deepen the kiss.

You kiss Chris for a few good, long minutes. You love the way he tastes; a bit like peppermint from the gum he always chews, and he smells even better. When you break the kiss, you look at him expectantly.

"Is that kiss a good thing?" you asked him. He has a goofy grin on his face.

"I'm just really happy," he says. "Of course I'm not breaking up with you, Y/N. We're having a child together."

There's a warmth in your chest, where hope is starting to blossom. You hadn't wanted to let yourself hope before, because you didn't want to be disappointed. It's something that you did, and even though Stiles had told you time and time again that you shouldn't be down all the time, it was something that you did anyway. You lick your lips before saying, "We're going to have to tell people. We're going to have to tell my dad and Stiles."

Chris nods, but doesn't say anything.

"I figured you'd want to break it off," you continue, "because when we started this, we told each other that it was going to be secret. And I know you don't exactly want to get shot, and my dad can be pretty overprotective, especially with me, so --"

You're rambling again, and you know it, so you aren't all that surprised when Chris leans down to capture your lips once more. Chris is an amazing kisser, and that's another thing about him that you absolutely adore. He always takes his time with you, treats you with this care like he doesn't want to hurt you, and you figure he wouldn't do that if he didn't care about you. So it takes you both a little by surprise when you break the kiss and push him down so he's sitting in his chair.

You straddle his hips as you lean up to kiss him once more. His hands come up to rest on your hips, and, without even realizing that you're doing it, you start to grind down on his length.

He lets out a moan and breaks the kiss to kiss his way down your cheek, to your neck, leaving a kiss underneath your ear. He kisses and nips at your neck, and he sucks a bruise into the crook of your neck.

"What are you doing?" you ask him. He's never left a hickey anywhere on your body before, being too afraid of being caught.

"We're not hiding anymore," Chris says to you. "I thought that was what you were getting at while you were rambling."

You nod, "Yeah, it kind of was."

"You're mine," Chris says, "and I'm yours. Unless you don't like it."

Being marked by him like this is actually turning you on; maybe you've been spending too much time with the werewolves. So, you shake your head and lean down to kiss him once more.

Before you even realize what's happening, your clothes are discarded, and you're straddling his hips once more. You're growing wetter by the moment, and you deem yourself ready, so you reach down, stroking his cock a couple of times before easing down on his length slowly. You go slow, almost painstakingly so, and really love the sensation of him filling you like this. You capture his lips once again as your hips are against his, and then you start to move.

You start slowly; whenever you make love with Chris, it's always slow and sweet, and that gets you off more than anything else. You love the fact that he cares enough about you to go slowly, to treat you like you were something precious. But just because you go slow doesn't mean there isn't any passion to it.

You tuck your head in the crook of his neck as you ride him. He just feels so good, and you love the way he feels inside of you. This time, however, Chris does something that's different from the other times -- he starts to talk.

Chris isn't a big talker during sex. Every once in a while, he'll say something, but it's not something he does all the time. He knows that dirty talk tends to get you off faster than anything else, but he doesn't do it regularly.

"You feel so good, Y/N," Chris says to you, moaning in your ear. "I love the way you feel around my cock."

You moan at his words and start riding him harder and faster. His grip on your hips is a little firmer, but you love it.

Chris takes you by surprise by lifting you up, standing, and putting you on his desk. You love the fact that he's able to lift you like you weigh nothing, and once you're atop his desk, he slides back inside you and starts fucking you in earnest.

You tilt your head back and let out a low moan. It just feels too good, and he leans down and leaves love bites on your neck, going further south and tonguing at your nipples. He caresses your breasts with his large hands, and you love it. You've always loved Chris' hands; they're large, and a little rough from the callouses that are there.

Chris knows just what spots to hit, and pretty soon you are on the edge. You know you're going to cum soon, as you're teetering on the edge of your orgasm.

"So close," you groan out. "Shit, Chris, gonna cum."

"C'mon, Y/N," Chris says, whispering huskily into your ear. "Let go. I need to feel you cum around me."

When he leans down to capture your lips with his once more, that's when you lose it. You moan into the kiss as you tighten around him, and it makes him explode inside of you.

"I love you, Y/N," Chris says to you, breaking the kiss.

"I love you, too," you say back.

As the two of you are spent from your orgasms, just standing there while he's still inside of you, sweat pouring off your bodies, you think that there's nowhere you'd rather be.