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drunk on you

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Joshua Dun was not someone to mess around with.

Not only was he a very nicely built Alpha, he was also one of the richest men of his age. He'd started his own company at a fairly young age and had been nothing but successful ever since. He was strong and dominant, even for an Alpha. And not to mention that he was very attractive as well. Joshua Dun had almost everything any Alpha would ever want. One wrong move and you'd wish you had never been born.

Just from looking at him, one would think that he had everything, but unfortunately, that wasn't the truth.

Despite both his amazing looks and all the money he had, Josh had yet to find the right person to mate with. He'd been looking, of course, but no one had really spiked the interest of his inner Alpha. Even at 27 years of age, the longest relationship he had ever had was just around seven months long. Not to mention that the person turned out to be a gold digger, just like most of his other flings.

And his ruts were, well, ruts. They were bearable without a mate, of course, since he had more than enough money to pay some Omega to spend his ruts with. But fuck he'd be lying if he said he didn't want that intimacy his friends told him about that comes with mating instead of just fucking.


Startled, Josh tore his gaze away from the paperwork in front of him to look at the source of the voice. Upon realizing who it was, he scowled and leaned back in his seat.

"What do you want?" he asked, putting the paper down on his desk and reached for his cup of coffee, which he immediately found out was empty. He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Jeez, relax a little bit, would you?" Brendon said, plopping down on the seat across Josh. "I'm just here to tell you that Weekes asked for a meeting next week. Again. I tried to tell him no, but obviously, he insisted."

"Fucking hell," Josh groaned, "you know what? I'll do it. What time?"

"Oh wow, really?" Brendon looked a little bit surprised, "uh, Wednesday at two."

"It's not like I'm gonna agree to anything he offers. I'm just doing this to get him to stop. That bitch can't shut his fucking mouth, I swear to God," Josh sighed, rubbing his temple.

"Tell me about it. I'm the one who has to take your phone calls and deal with his bullshit, mind you."

"Watch it, Urie. I could fire you at any second," Josh glared at him. Despite how intimidating the red haired man looked, Brendon only laughed and dismissed his words with a wave of his hand.

"Nah, you love me too much," the other Alpha grinned as he stood up and leaned over the desk to ruffle his friend's hair playfully, which Josh growled warningly at. "Anyways, I'm gonna get back to work, and you, sir, better calm your Alpha tits and take a break before you punch your computer again."

Josh groaned, returning his attention to his paperwork once again as Brendon left the room. His eyes skimmed over words after words but none of them seemed to enter his mind, only bringing stress and annoyance back into his system. It didn't take more than ten minutes into work for him to realize that his friend was right, not that he'd admit it. With a sigh, the Alpha leaned his head on his hands tiredly, silently wishing that he had someone to take the tension off his body.

Upon hearing his stomach rumble from the lack of food, Josh finally decided to take a well deserved break. But instead of ordering someone to get him his lunch so he could eat in his office, he figured that his head would most likely explode if he spent another minute there, so he got into the elevator and let himself out of the tall building.

Josh then soon found himself walking into his usual go-to cafe, hearing the familiar bell jingle above him. He smiled to himself a little at the comfort this little cafe seemed to possess.

"–start tomorrow, yeah? You can wear whatever you want along with the shirt I gave you and your name tag," Josh heard Jenna, the owner of this place, said.

"Yeah, okay, thank you again! I'll do my best, I promise. You won't regret it," the Alpha heard another voice said, an unknown one. It sounded so sweet and silky smooth and somewhat comforting and Josh couldn't help but found himself perking up in interest. He looked curiously at the counter where two people stood.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You can go now. Shoo!" Jenna told the other person jokingly, earning a giggle that caused a tug in Josh's chest.

"Okay, boss. See you tomorrow," the angelic voice said, giving Jenna a little wave before they turned around and started walking towards the door. Josh caught a sight of them and he instantly knew that they were an omega.

To say that he was beautiful was an understatement. His eyes were a gorgeous shade of the warmest brown Josh had ever seen and they were framed by long lashes. His cheeks were prettily tinted by light pink, a perfect complement for his plump, obscenely pink lips that had Josh's mind flying to unholy places within seconds. His body was small, the exact opposite of Josh's tall and muscular frame, and everything in Josh just screamed claim! protect! bond! mate! mine!

And when he passed the Alpha, Josh was hit with a wave of overwhelmingly good smell that knocked the breath out of him. Something inside him snapped and before he could even process it, he was growling and in the middle of moving his body to follow the sweet, heavenly scent that belonged to the angel that had just walked pass him.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Dun! What would you like for today?"

For the second time of the day, Josh was startled and he was ripped away from his Alpha headspace. His thoughts started clearing up and he looked back at the counter, seeing Jenna with her usual welcoming smile.

"Who–" the bell suddenly chimed, and Josh turned his head again just in time to see the angel slip away from his sight. His shoulders sagged in disappointment. Every fibre in him yelled at him to follow the Omega and make him his, but he managed to fight his inner Alpha and walked up to where Jenna was. "Who was that?"

"Who was who?" the Beta asked, confused.

Josh huffed, "you know," he gestured at the door behind him, "the Omega."

"Oh! You mean Tyler?" she asked with a smile, which Josh responded with a shrug. "He's a new employee."

"Tyler," the Alpha tested the name on his tongue, instantly liking the way it sounds and feels.

"Yeah. It's been getting busier here lately so I decided to hire someone," Jenna told the distracted Alpha. "But anyways, what would you like for today?"

"Uh, just the usual," Josh answered, taking out some money to pay without even counting it first. "Keep the change."

And before Jenna could even tell him that he had given her a hundred dollar for something that was less than twenty, Josh had already begun walking to his usual seat.


Back at his workplace, Josh found himself unable to focus and he ended up yelling at almost everyone who entered his office. It shouldn't be all that surprising, since he had always been snappy when it came to work, but this time he had even growled and flashed his eyes red at someone. Around seven, Brendon finally decided to convince him to go home after he made someone cry. It irritated Josh, of course, since I'm the boss here, but Brendon gave him an exasperated look and he gave up. It wasn't like he was getting any work done, anyway.

So that night, Josh ended up going home two hours early with a head full of a boy he didn't even know.

It was slowly getting him frustrated because he just couldn't figure out what it was about the Omega that got him reacting this way. He'd met tons of Omegas before, he'd dated a few of them, but none of them had made Josh feel anywhere near this way. All these overwhelming feelings and he hadn't even properly met this Omega.

Something along the line of true mate flashed inside his head, but Josh brushed it aside.

Laying in his bed, Josh let his mind run back to the Omega, Tyler, from his angelic looks to his heavenly scent, and before he knew it, his cock was hardening in his sweatpants. He groaned in annoyance, throwing his arm across his eyes and thinking what the fuck is wrong with me? He'd only seen this boy once for less than a minute for God's sake. Maybe it was his rut?

Josh frowned, shaking his head internally. He'd just had his rut a few weeks ago, so he still had about two months before another one. Besides, he'd passed other Omegas today and nothing had happened. Not until Tyler, at least.

Sighing, Josh pulled his arm away from his face and sneaked it down his chest, leaving feathery touches on his stomach. Images of Tyler ran behind his eyes and he felt himself harden fully.

Might as well enjoy this.

The Alpha gripped himself through the fabric, hissing at the sensation, and rubbed his cock lightly. His fingers found the head and massaged it gently, groaning and bucking his hips up. Josh finally had enough of teasing and took both his sweatpants and boxers off at once. His fat cock slapped against his stomach, the tip already red and begging for attention.

Josh spat on his hand and took his member in his hand. He pictured Tyler's red lips and growled as he stroked himself. God, the things Josh wanted to do to him.

Even more turned on from the thought of the Omega, Josh tightened his grip and moved his hand faster, hips bucking up uncontrollably. Unsurprisingly, he got close much faster than he usually would and before he knew it, he was coming all over his hand and stomach with a loud moan.

Panting, Josh took his hand off his dick and took some tissues from his nightstand to clean himself up with. He sighed and ran a palm down his face. After another moment, he put his boxers back on and pulled the blanket over his body.

Tiredly, he told himself to come back to Jenna's cafe tomorrow. He knew that the Omega would've started working then, so hopefully Josh would be able to meet him sometime during his shift. That was, if he had the time to between all the works tomorrow had and the ones he hadn't finished today.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Josh knew that he'd make the time no matter what, anyway.

With a sigh, the Alpha closed his eyes and let the silence of his house lulled him to sleep with the thought of a certain Omega clouding up his head.