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Modest Lust

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Jane took a deep breath as she leaned against the door. She was headed into uncharted territory but judging by the wetness between her thighs, Jane was so ready to start the journey. The detective took a moment to smooth down her uniform, wanting to look pristine for what she was about to embark on. As she reached her pants, Jane couldn't resist readjusting the bulge that protruded from her crotch. She had to work hard to stifle a moan when the end of the toy rubbed up against the rough patch just inside her tunnel.

It was now or never, so Jane pushed off the wall and headed toward the parked car. She took one more cleansing breath before she knocked authoritatively against the window. The glass lowered slowly, revealing a heavenly creature with honey blonde tresses, a heart shaped face, and the most beautiful hazel eyes she had ever seen. The detective fidgeted for a moment but stopped abruptly when she remembered she was in control here.

"What's the problem officer?" came the soft voice of the gorgeous woman enclosed in the expensive car. Jane caught a whiff of a floral scent that made her mouth water. She had to swallow several times, her salivary glands working overtime as the delicious aroma reached her nostrils, causing them to flare with her rising desire.

Clearing her throat softly, the detective adjusted her stance to look more intimidating, making sure to jut her hips towards the window, letting the alluring woman inside see just what she was working with, before she responded, "it's detective. You really don't know why I stopped you?"

Jane watched as hazel eyes fixated on the bulge in her uniform trousers, a pink tongue peeking out to lick plump lips. The detective ached to take those lips and claim them as her own but she had something to deal with first.

"I am sorry, detective, I have no idea why you stopped me," the voice replied innocently. Long eye lashes batted at Jane coyly and it took all her willpower not to laugh at the woman. Many suspects had tried to flirt with her before to try to get out of a citation or worse. However, the detective had to admit, this woman almost could get Jane to bend the rules a bit.

"In that case, please exit the vehicle." Wide eyes looked back at her so Jane put more bass in her voice and practically barked, "NOW!" This spurred the elegant woman to open the Mercedes door and gracefully get out of the car, exposing a well toned leg and a foot encased in a 5-inch red heel. Jane barely stopped herself from groaning out loud at the sight.

When the woman had extracted herself from the vehicle and closed the door, Jane moved closer to her as she growled out, "turn around and put your hands on top of the vehicle, ma'am."

Jane had her thumbs tucked into her belt, the fingers of her left hand brushing the handle of her gun, her right, her shield. Jane knew full well how she must look and let a smug smirk form on her lips when the sophisticated woman in a sinfully tight dress licked her lips again before complying with Jane's orders.

"I still do not know what I have done to garner this treatment, detective," the socialite stated haughtily, her pretentiousness irking Jane. The detective stepped even closer to the disobedient woman and used her knee to push against the toned legs, forcing the woman to spread her legs.

"You're suspected of harboring an illegal substance. I'll have to frisk you, ma'am," Jane rasped lowly, her lips inches from the suddenly shivering woman.

The detective smiled to herself as she began to trail her hands up from the woman's sculpted calves that were accentuated by the unreasonably high shoes, moving slowly over a firm backside, continuing their journey to quivering shoulders before she leaned into the smaller woman's body to finally join her hands to those still on the roof of the car. Jane made sure to rub her package against the pert backside that was at the perfect height. She felt more than heard the moan that rumbled from the smaller woman at that action.

"Detective, it appears that you are the one who is harboring something. Perhaps a concealed weapon." The voice floated to the detective's ears on a cloud of lust, desire clear in the breathy delivery of those words. Jane was really struggling not to break down and take what she wanted right here, out in front of the world.

Instead of responding, Jane ground her hips against the firm bum, entwining her fingers with the slender ones below hers, essentially confining the smaller woman between the car and her taut body. This time, both women let out a moan, neither able to hide their raging desire.

"Jane, as much as I am enjoying this, I need you, now," Maura begged, thrusting herself back against Jane, breaking character. Jane groaned as her doctor became more forceful with her motions.

"I know, Maur, I know. Let's get inside before we really cause a scene that may get us both arrested."


Flashback to earlier in the night

Jane was getting ready in their bedroom, fussing over the way her uniform fit. She hated how masculine it was, encouraging her fellow officers to make disparaging remarks about her sexuality. Jane was already self conscious enough, having to accept a commendation in front of everyone she knew and a bunch of top brass, let alone being in her formal uniform. While Jane was fretting, Maura walked in, rambling with her head down.

"Jane, dear, we need to get going, if we don't leave soon we-" the doctor stopped speaking suddenly, causing Jane to turn and look at what had caused her girlfriend to go speechless so abruptly.

What Jane saw was a gaping Maura Isles who had fire in her eyes. Jane felt the heat of that gaze scorching her entire body, setting her libido off and running. Maura finally met her eyes and Jane had to use all her will power not to throw the smaller woman on the bed and devour her, or more accurately, judging by the way Maura was licking her lips, let the doctor devour her.

"Maur, is there something wrong?" Jane asked in faux innocence, taking a small step toward her love. Maura watched the movement with a predatory gaze. Jane felt goosebumps erupt across her skin under the stodgy uniform. Maura closed her eyes momentarily, taking a deep breath before she responded to Jane's question.

"I have never seen you in your dress blues before," was the throaty answer. Maura's pupils were blown when she reopened her eyes, the hazel having fully been taken over by black pools of desire. Jane loved the look on her girlfriend and really wanted to ditch the event that was being held in her honor to honor something else completely.

"You like?" Jane asked, turning slowly with her arms held out wide, allowing Maura to get a look of every inch of her.

The detective had her wild mane of raven curls tamed into a tight, slick bun, the style accommodating the regulation hat she had to wear in her dress uniform. Jane usually felt about as unsexy as she could get in this getup, but right now, the way her lover was looking at her, she had never felt sexier.

The only thing that stopped the couple from throwing their plans out the window for more pleasurable activities was the sound of Jane's phone ringing, the Darth Vader theme song letting both women know exactly who the caller was. Maura sighed before she finally turned away from her intense staring.

"Jane, it is your mother probably wondering where we are." Her voice was so sad and reluctant, it almost broke Jane's heart.

Jane didn't rush to answer the phone, instead choosing to rush forward and take her doctor in her arms, engulfing her in a heated embrace. Nuzzling her nose against Maura's ear, Jane husked, "to be continued." Maura whimpered before forcefully separating the pair, both of them knowing if they stayed so close in each other's proximity, they would never leave the room.

"Come along, detective, the guest of honor can be only so fashionably late." Jane watched as Maura walked out of their bedroom, hips swaying more than usual, entrancing the detective. Jane groaned to herself as she grabbed her hat and exited the room. This was going to be the longest night of her life.

And Jane had been right. The evening dragged on as speeches were made, dinner was served, and more speeches followed. Throughout the whole shindig, Maura was plastered to her side, her hand never leaving a part of Jane, whether it was her thigh when they sat at the table, or her lower back when they were standing schmoozing with all assembled. It was driving Jane crazy and the detective knew that her doctor knew exactly what she was doing.

That was why when the night was finally over and Jane had gotten her award, the detective had rushed the couple to Maura's Mercedes, making Maura drive them back to their house as fast as possible. Jane couldn't wait to pay her love back for all the teasing she had been dishing out all night. She had started the minute Maura had pulled away from the curb and had been completely taken by surprise when Maura had beat her to the punch.

At a red light, Maura turned to her and looked longingly, eyes trailing all over her frame. "Jane, love, I have a request," the doctor had asked while biting her lip in such an adorable yet extremely sexy way. Jane was dripping in her nether regions and would have agreed to just about anything right then. After a grunt of acknowledgement, Maura continued with a slight smirk.

"You see, Jane, you in that uniform has reminded me of a fantasy I have always had…" Maura trailed off as the light turned green and she turned back to face the road as she restarted their journey home. Jane was all ears, loving when she got to fulfill one of her love's fantasies, appreciating how much trust Maura had in her to even tell her about them, let alone live them out with her.

"Tell me," Jane's gravelly voice filled the car, her desire simmering just below the surface. Maura whimpered at the sound and licked her lips before continuing.

"It involves an officer, a certain appendage, and a traffic stop…"


Jane was so ready to take her doctor in every way possible. She just managed to get Maura inside the house without tearing her panties off and fucking her hard against the car. If the car had been in the garage, Jane might have considered it. Mmmm, Jane thought, I'll have to save that for another time.

The detective was forced back to the present when sharp teeth bit hard into the place where the sinews of her neck met her collarbone. She yelped out, before roughly squeezing the deliciously firm cheeks that were filling both her hands. Her doctor moaned at the sensation.

"Jane," Maura panted, now soothing her harsh bite with her talented tongue. "Take me, please, baby. I need you so badly." Jane loved it when her put together doctor begged. It spiked her arousal even more, and that was saying a lot.

Not wasting anymore time, Jane lifted her love off the ground and carried her over to the kitchen island. She quickly ripped off Maura's panties, feeling how soaked they were. Jane let out a moan as she worked her long, slender fingers through the dripping folds at the apex.

"Oh, baby, please, baby, please," Maura begged, withering her hips as Jane teased her entrance. The toy she selected was on the larger side and the detective wanted to ensure she wasn't going to hurt her love. But, as Maura continued to beg and started clawing at the buckle of Jane's uniform trousers, Jane knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

"Tell me what you want, Maur?" Jane rasped out in her best seductive voice as she stepped back from between the doctor's spread legs. Maura looked at her so wantonly as her eyes settled on the bulge in Jane's pants. Stretching out one hand, all the fingers but the index finger retracted until Maura pointing.

"I want that, in me, now," her love growled. That was all the detective needed to hear. Quickly, she unbuckled her pants, and began to wriggle out of them before a stern voice stopped her.

"Leave them on, detective. I want Detective Rizzoli, the youngest and most decorated detective in Boston, to fuck me tonight," Maura purred. Jane felt her inner walls clench at the thought and immediately made her way back between Maura's legs.

With one hand, she spread the doctor even more open for her and with the other, she pulled the long, black cock from her trousers. In one swift motion, Jane buried the toy to the hilt, loving the way Maura's lips parted and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The detective began a punishing pace, encouraged when her love hooked her legs around Jane's back, pulling her even closer, the doctor's hips thrusting forward to meet every one of her thrusts.

"Yes, detective, harder! FUCK! Just like that, JAAAANEE!" Maura began thrashing below the detective who didn't relent as Maura crashed into an intense orgasm, the climax surprising the doctor at both its intensity and quickness.

Jane continued to work her woman through her aftershocks, intent on sending the smaller woman right into another mind blowing orgasm. Jane herself was teetering on the edge, the toy rubbing perfectly against her hardened nub and tickling the rough patch just inside of her.

Maura's face was frozen in a silent scream as Jane lifted her slightly, changing the angle of her thrusts to hit that spot within the doctor that only Jane had even been able to manipulate just right. And then she was screaming Jane's name again as she tumbled over the edge.

Jane slowed her thrusts, placing Maura gently back down on the island. The doctor was spasming as the aftershocks from so many strong orgasms back to back worked through the smaller woman's body. The detective placed soothing kisses all over the clammy skin of her love, loving the goosebumps that erupted at each spot her lips had been. When Maura stopped shivering, Jane slowly eased the large toy from inside the thoroughly used channel of her love, causing the doctor to moan in both arousal and disappointment.

"Baby, where you going?" Maura asked breathlessly. It made the detective feel so proud that she was allowed to do this with this amazing woman. Instead of a response, Jane quickly removed her pants and took off the harness, moaning at the feeling of all her juices dripping off the toy. Her pants were also soaked, from both Maura and herself. She wasn't sure how she was going to explain that to the dry cleaners. The detective felt Maura watching her every move.

After Jane stepped out of everything, she moved back to her love and resumed her place between the creamy thighs of her doctor, caressing the smooth skin of her legs, starting from her ankles and gliding them up until she reached the apex.

"Don't worry, doctor, I'm not done with you yet." Jane smirked as Maura gasped when her fingers connected with the sensitive bundle of nerves that was still straining from its hood. The detective looked at Maura for an extra minute, both of their eyes still smoldering from their shared desire.

"Hold on Maur, I'm starving and I know exactly what will satisfy me," Jane husked before dipping her head between Maura's thighs and going to work.

"Fuck JAAANE!" The detective smirked as she ravished the woman she loved, slowly fingering herself in the process.


An hour later found the couple sprawled out in their bed, naked with limbs entangled, completely spent. After Jane had coaxed out two more orgasms from Maura with her mouth, the detective had carried her exhausted and jelly limbed doctor upstairs. When she had placed the woman down on their bed, Maura had surprised her by suddenly pulling Jane down on top of her and using her impressive strength to flip them over.

"Did you have fun detective?" Maura had purred as she removed Jane's shirt that was soaked from sweat and cum. Jane was too aroused to speak so she just nodded her head. Maura gave her the smuggest grin before she yanked Jane's shirt off in one motion, tearing it from her body.

"Good, because it is my turn now." Then Maura had began evening out the score, bringing Jane to the heights of pleasure, with her mouth, her fingers, and her delectable body. It had been amazing and some of the best sex the couple had ever enjoyed.

"God, Maur, maybe we should play out your fantasies more often," Jane gasped out, still trying to recover from the last massive orgasm Maura had just given her. The doctor was sprawled out on top of her, the blonde tresses spread across her chest, the doctor's lips lazily kissing Jane's impressive abs.

"You do not have to ask me twice, Jane. I have so many left to share with you," her doctor practically purred out, her voice slightly muffled from her position. Jane moved her arms to engulf the smaller woman, bringing her to lay more fully on top of her so that she could kiss the swollen lips she would never get tired of.

After placing a slow, lingering kiss, Jane pulled back just enough to whisper, "I love you, Maura Isles. I am so glad you came back to me and I never want to let you go." Jane almost let slip something she had been thinking about a lot lately, but just managed to refrain. This wasn't the time, but soon, Jane would ask her love the four words that would link their fates forever.

Maura slowly opened her eyes, fixing Jane with adoring hazel eyes that had been the catalyst of everything that had happened to them over the last three years.

"I love you, Jane Rizzoli. Nothing and no one could ever make me let you go, not even you." Maura gave a cheeky smile as she proceeded to koala hug Jane.

They both let out bark of laughter and nuzzled into each other, sleep starting to overcome the couple as their exhaustion from their marathon love making caught up to them. As they drifted off to sleep, both women knew that this is how they wanted to spend the rest of their lives: together, forever.