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Sam waits at Emily's place so he can privately chat with Jacob about what happened with his imprinting. He didn't expect him to choose a one of there mortal enemies. For the wolf's they must respect there brothers choices, it's there most absolute law. As chief he is slowly coming to terms with the decisions.

“I imprinted on someone.” Jacob explains to sam

“I know.” Sam replied

“It happened so fast.” His husky voice echoed through the house

“Do the rest of the cullens know?.” his alpha tone echos

“Edward and the doctor know, Jasper.” He answers the chiefs inner monolog

“Who is Jasper?.” Sam asked Jacob

“My imprintees mate.”

Leah, Seth, Quill, Paul and Jared picked up on the inner monolog between Jacob, Sam. They were not fond of his imprinting since none of them liked the cullens, accept seth. He was thrilled for his best friend. If his best friend started to date Alice, they got married, he would be related to her family.

Sam nodded with every answer that Jacob gave him. He wanted to keep the peace between the cullens after the way he acted towards Bella during her pregnancy. He agreed to an understanding, gave his friend permission to be with Alice. There protection would applies to her from now on.

“Thanks Sam.” Jacob whispered

“You're welcome Jake.” Sam mumbled

The eldest alpha pulls into the cullens driveway, parks bike next to the yellow porsche. Carlisle opens up the front door, lets Jacob inside. He could smell most of the other vampires, found Alice standing like a freaking statue.

The pixie never imagined that she would be the one that Jacob imprinted on. She loathed the intense connection they now share. She couldn't even be near Jasper without feeling guilty for betraying him like this, being the southern gentleman he is, there was no hostility. He wanted his wife to be happy, loved, protected.

Jacob half expected her mates husband to tear his head off, he was much better than that. The blonde curly haired boy steps out of the room, gave them some privacy. As much as it bothered her, being around him made everything feel complete.

“I'm glad you're here.” Her high pitched octave voice fills the room

“Me to.”

He stood ten inches away from her, gravity forced him to stand closer. He didn't know what to say or do. He reached out and touched her ice cold skin, which was rather warm. He held her hand for a few seconds, well two whole seconds if you want to get technical. She didn't flinch from his touch.

“Aside from the wet dog smell.” She chuckled at her snide comment

Jacob takes off his brown jacket, sets it on the floor.

“Is that better?.” He asked

Her nose still twitched from the stupid wet dog smell. There was nothing that he could do. She would just have to get accustomed to it. With her dead rotting body stink in comparison can't be that bad to his.

“So how does this work between us?.”

She needed to know how long this bond was going to last. Her heart already missed Jasper. He completed her first, not some magical connection that was bestowed on her soul. This sort of thing was unnatural.

“I'm not sure.”

Jacob saw the agony in her face. He dwelled in guilt and self pity for running someone's marriage. He couldn't stay away from her. She is his life now. He would do anything, be anything she needed.

“I'm not mad at you jake. This wasn't your fault.”

“I never understood anything, until now.”

He leaned closer to Alice, felt her warmth, saw the tainted pink flesh in her cheekbones. She was so much smaller than him, none of that mattered. He pulled her red lips to his mouth, kissed her.

She didn't resist the passion she felt when there lips meet for the first time. It was like a thousand bolts of electricity zapped threw her entire body. She held onto his lips without biting him.

He pulled back slowly, came up for air.

She rested upon his forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

He locked their fingers together, gazed deeply into her golden eyes.