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Dangerous and Determined: We Play Dumb, But We Know Exactly What We're Doing

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Ferrari Research Center- 1990

The Trainer held the colt's hand as they walked into the bright, nicely painted room. The foal went immediately to look out the window, but there was just a sheet of paper with a picture of some grass and a building and a light, and the dimness of the space outside the room with only 3 walls.

[I do not like these clothes,] He tugged at the grey sweatshirt he was wearing. [This is not my color.]

[When you are on a big team with your partner, you will have to wear whatever the team colours are, you will get used to it, don't worry,] He was told.

[I will work for Ferrari. They wear red.] There was no doubt in his statement.

[Alright, it is time to answer questions about your driving. Remember to look at the camera.]

He asked the colt a question, and then waited expectantly while the Colt thought about his answer. When the colt started to move his hands, the Trainer gestured harshly, [Not like that!]

He frowned and remembered how the Trainer had told him how he was to communicate. He looked into the camera. "My name is Sebastian Vettel.."