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Wrong kind of love

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Just the same old day. Finally, the day is over, this last professor won't let us go without giving us a lot of homework. Its weekend and students should be resting but no. She just gave us a ton of reading materials to report on Monday. Great way to start the school year.

I was busy fixing my things when I saw some of my girl classmates almost run through the door. I just chuckle cause I know why. This is the scene every Friday since last year.

"Hannie!" I heard one of them even call me and I just nod.

"Hey.... can you give this to your brother?" Of course, another heart to be broken. She handed me a box and I think I know what is it.

"Ok, no worries," I told her and she almost beamed in happiness. I mentally rolled my eyes and take note not to talk to her again. Carrying my bag and some books that I will leave in the locker, I went out only to find my older brother, Jeonghan together with his circle of friends. Seungcheol, Mingyu, Jun and DK. I wonder where are the others.

"Hey there Princess..." Jun said and jog towards me to help me with my things.

"Thank you," I said while carefully giving it to him. He smiled at me and even wink.

"Stop Junwei... What took you so long?" Jeonghan asked and I just smile. I hand him the gift and he just sighs.

"I told you not to receive gifts from them." He said looking at it while we're walking.

"If you don't like we can always eat it," Mingyu said snatching the gift from my brother and opening it.

"Haha, now its Belgian chocolates huh. Looks like we will be tasting chocolates from different parts of the world." Seungcheol commented while munching one. I look at the box and even get one to taste it.

"Not bad!" I said and Jeonghan just looks at me. I also get one and ask him to taste it. He just accepts it and didn't say much.

This is our routine. Them picking me up after class then they will stay at our home till dinner where my parents would love to have them around. We're living in the same village and our parents know each other. They have other friends also but it seems like they're busy today that's why they won't make it.