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You're Welcome

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Draco was on his way to the library when he rounded a corner and collided fully with someone he didn’t have a chance to see.

“Ouch!” cried a familiar female voice, as she stumbled backward from the crash.

“Hey watch where you’re going you-“ he began, then stiffened, realizing who it was that he’d just run into, “Granger, are you- are you okay?”

She’d slammed face first into his chest and was now cradling her nose in her hand, eyes watering from the impact. Yet, as she heard the words he’d involuntarily spoken, she looked up though the fingers pressed over her face, confused.

“Am I- Am I okay?” she asked, accusingly.

Realizing his mistake, he looked around the corridor feigning annoyance, and did not reply.

“And since when in the bloody hell do you care whether I’m okay, Malfoy?” she said as she removed her hand from her face, revealing a trickle of blood coming from her nose. His eyes widened, and again he was gripped with a sudden need to ensure she was alright. He lunged forward, taking her face in his hands and shouting, “You’re bleeding!”

Hermione, taken aback by this incredibly uncharacteristic move was rendered momentarily speechless as he reached down and pulled out his wand, aiming it at her face.

He didn’t know what had come over him, but felt that reverting to calling her names and keeping up his act of loathing her would just be juvenile at this point.

“Hold very still, Granger,” he said as he wordlessly flourished his wand at her nose, casting two spells in quick succession, the first of which made a loud cracking sound.

Hermione yelped, making an effort to re-grab her nose which he thwarted in favor of cleaning the blood off of her face. His seeker reflexes had aided in quickly restraining her by the wrist as she’d attempted to soothe the pain from the mending of her bones. Realizing what he’d done, and the pain swiftly vanishing, she let out a few shuddered breaths before looking up at him, a mix of anger and confusion in her eyes.

“You’re welcome,” he drawled.

Then, they simultaneously looked down at her wrist, which he still held in his hand.

“M- Malfoy, “ she stammered, “let go of my wrist.”

He hadn’t meant to keep it held tightly in his hand, though now that she was here, under his mercy, he noted that he rather liked the sensation. He smirked playfully, cocking his head to the side and teased, “Or what?”

As he said it, he subtly stroked her inner wrist with his thumb, pressing ever so slightly on her pulse point there and felt her shudder in response.

“Or I’ll hex you into the next century, regardless of the fact that you’ve just healed me… for some inexplicable reason.”

He looked down at her side, noting her wand sticking out of her pocket right next to her free hand. His smirk vanished as he leaned in closer to her face, thoroughly enjoying the tiny gasp that left her lips as he did so.

“Seems as though you could have done that already, nothing’s keeping you from it,” he said, speaking almost directly into her mouth. Her breathing sped up, while he remained steady, in control but for the small smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He examined her face, realizing that he’d never appreciated how lovely she was. It would have been difficult to, seeing as she was always scowling at him, a crime he must also be guilty of in the reverse, he suspected.

He wasn’t scowling now, however.

In all the years that they had played out their roles as rivals and enemies, he had never appreciated the fact that Hermione Granger was actually drop dead fucking gorgeous. Maybe it was the fact that his Father was in prison, no longer there to poison his opinions with pureblood elitist horse shit. Perhaps it was because she, Hermione, had shown up to testify for him at his trial, keeping him in Azkaban no longer than a fortnight and restoring him to a normal life. Possibly, it could be the fact that he’d lost favor, even among the Slytherin girls, ever since returning for his 8th year, and hadn’t had a sexual encounter of any kind in years…

But in that moment, Draco Malfoy wanted to grab Hermione Granger by the bun of messy gathered curls on the back of her head and ravish her.

As he leaned closer, her eyes widened in fear… or was it excitement?

“Malfoy what are you doing?” she asked rather stoically. Her voice was decidedly free of panic, which gave him the green light to do something he never thought he would.

Sinking his fingers into her hair, he pulled her hungrily to his mouth and without any pretense, slipped his tongue between her willing, already parted lips. She exhaled gratefully, responding with an equal amount of apparent pent up desire. He felt an electric shock course through his body as she interlaced her fingers with his in the hand previously gripping her wrist, and brought her other hand up to glide through his silky white blonde hair.

He let out a gasp of surprise as she thrust her hips forward into his, pressing herself into him and most assuredly feeling the hard length that had sprung up there only moments ago. Much to his delight and confusion, he heard her let out a small giggle as she began grinding her hips into him. He’d only ever been under the impression that she was some prudish bookworm, and yet her she was, seemingly ready to fuck him right in the middle of this abandoned corridor. Her mouth devoured his, sucking his tongue, then biting his lips, upper and then lower as he fought to do the same. It was like a fight for marking territory, and both he and she were unrelenting in their task.

They began rotating between mouths and necks, licking and biting each other in a way that was certain to leave more than a few marks.

She released his hand, and his hair, and began raking her fingers over his chest and abdomen, seemingly to relish his tight, muscular physique. She caressed him as though there would be a quiz on his every bump and curve after they were done and she needed to memorize him so that she could ensure top marks. He began exploring her as well, expertly unbuttoning her blouse, the top two buttons of which had already been undone. With a quick flick, he gained access to her lacy bra and immediately sought out her taut nipples, grazing them tantalizingly with the tips of his fingers. She squealed, and thrust her hips into him even more enthusiastically.

Impatiently, he slid one hand down between her legs, cupping her gently at first and then applying pressure, which made her hips buck needily into his hand, a groan of pleasure escaping her lips. There they stood, writhing together in the middle of the corridor, Hermione Granger silently begging him to provide her release. He had to keep telling himself it was really happening, because it was simply that unfathomable.

Then, just when he thought it couldn’t get more bizarre, she pulled back, pushing his hand away from her and began unbuckling his belt as she stared greedily into his eyes. She undid his trousers as swiftly as he’d done her blouse and before he knew it, she had wrapped her demure hand around his throbbing cock and was stroking him mercilessly. He lost all feeling in his legs, and as she pushed him towards the wall he accepted her direction gladly, allowing her to slam him up against it. She licked his lips as he gasped for breath, eyes forced shut by shock and pleasure. When he opened them next, she was still staring directly into them with fierce determination, as though she had something to prove.

And then she was gone, head bobbing down out of his line of sight as he leaned his head back on the cold castle wall, and he felt the greatest spasm of shock yet as her plump lips enveloped his manhood and took him in completely. He had had this treatment in the past, but no girl had ever been able to handle his girth. Hermione seemed to have an undetectable extension charm on her own throat, because the only resistance he met was after he was fully inside her greedy mouth, and he thought he might faint from pleasure.

She sucked on him like he was a treat from Honeydukes, once popping him out of her mouth to look up at him and say, “you taste soooo good,” before resuming with even more fury. His throat had gone dry from gasping, and his fingers scratched and gripped the castle wall in an effort to remain upright.

Then she said something that made him sure he would keel over right there in the corridor.

“Draco, will you be a good boy and come for me?” she asked, panting, “Come right in my mouth, please?” and as she resumed her position, he obeyed almost instantly, exploding into her mouth as she gratefully swallowed every bit of him, both moaning in ecstasy.

His head slumped to the side, as the last few surges of his orgasm enveloped him, and he saw that she had a hand between her own legs, knees splayed out on the cold stone floor, bringing herself to climax right along with him. He didn’t have much room in his mind, however, to formulate any thoughts about this. He had just experienced the most incredible pleasure of his life and was mostly focusing on not collapsing to the ground.

She removed her mouth from him, and whipped out her wand to perform a quick cleaning spell before gently putting him back inside his trousers, and even re-clasping his belt before standing up to admire the aftermath of her hard work. He stood, slumped against the wall, head to one side, sweating and panting but looking at her. He couldn’t even manage a grin, he was so spent.

She reached up and re-buttoned the button he had plucked open, wiped the corner of her mouth, and in her best impression of his drawling voice said, “you’re welcome.”

Then she smirked, again in an imitation of him, turned on her heel, and strode away… leaving him helpless, mouth agape against the cold stone wall.

Draco closed his eyes, the world was upside down and the corridor was spinning. He suddenly became aware of a cushioning feeling behind his head, causing him to throw his eyes open in a panic.

He’d just woken up in his private, head boy dormitory, gasping for breath.