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Importunate - Ice Skating Version

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Tony looked outside at all the lovely icicles forming on the trees and he couldn’t help wishing that he could stay inside by the fireplace with Gibbs. Unfortunately, his importunate father had called and demanded that Tony meet him at a fancy restaurant. He’d considered bringing Gibbs along, but his lover would take great glee in any opportunity that would allow him to tear Senior limb from limb and Tony didn’t want to have to watch Senior’s back.

He knew it probably wouldn’t happen, but he couldn’t help wishing that whatever Senior wanted to talk about was worth freezing in the cold and snowy weather outside. As Tony started getting ready to leave, he grabbed Gibbs for a big hug to fortify him through the upcoming minutes or hours as the case may be.

“Call me if you need anything,” Gibbs offered, holding his lover close.

He hoped that Senior would not screw this up so that Tony needed Gibbs. Gibbs had plans for while Tony was out of the house. He hadn’t actually paid Senior to get Tony out of the house for a little while, but he was definitely going to take advantage of the opportunity to set up a surprise for Tony that he’d been planning for a while.

Tony had mentioned many times that he loved going to Rockefeller Center and skating there when they had the big tree up. Well it was a bit too far to go to Rockefeller Center even for Tony, so Gibbs had decided to bring it to Tony. He was going to get something setup for ice skating and a huge Christmas tree for people to look at.

He’d enlisted Abby and many others to help as soon as he realized that Tony would be gone for a significant period of time. It took hours for them to get everything done, but Gibbs was happy with the way things looked. So far he hadn’t received any panicked texts or anything to indicate that Tony needed rescuing from Senior.

Gibbs hoped that was a good sign. Everyone who helped out waved goodbye and left. They wanted to be gone before Tony came home. It would ruin the surprise if the street was filled with cars that Tony could recognize.

When Tony finally returned from the outing with Senior, he stopped in the driveway stunned. He almost thought he’d made a mistake and had turned down a wrong road. Gibbs never decorated for Christmas.

It was rather late, so Gibbs led Tony inside and up to bed. “Tomorrow, we ice skate.”