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Terrible Titans...

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At the time, it had been an odd, inconsequential detail. Filed away for later, but not useful at the time. After coming back from the Deep Roads entrance in the Storm Coast, she hadn't thought about much after she discovered that they couldn't get past the cave-in to find the Titan's heart. She'd been down in her private library, in the lower levels of Skyhold, researching other things. Morrigan hadn't been much help with the voices from the Well of Sorrows, so she wondered if there might be something in her private library. She highly doubted it, given the ancient nature of the well and the temple, but it didn't hurt to look. And it gave her something else to think about.

"Inquisitor, are you still awake in there?" a voice called out. She turned to look, spotting Dorian carrying a tray of food. "Leliana said we should make sure you eat while you're sequestered away down here."

"Thanks," she said with an apologetic smile.

"Any luck with the research?" He asked.

"Nothing," she admitted, closing and moving various books to make room for the food. "But I wasn't expecting to find anything. This level of magic is just another thing lost when Arlathan fell. There's almost no records from the time of Andraste, let alone as far back as Arlathan." She winced as the voices from the well clamored for her attention. "The voices aren't any help either. The ones old enough to remember that far back are hard to understand, and-" she winced again. "They just got mad at me for calling them old."

"Yes, people tend to do that," Dorian said after a moment. "Now, eat." So she did.

They talked for a while about meaningless things. A time or two, the conversation turned into a debate over the finer points of magic.

"And the red lyrium, we need to find a way to-" She went silent suddenly, eyes going wide. A moment later, she choked on the bite of bread she'd just taken. Dorian quickly jumped into action, giving her a few good whacks on her back before she straightened again. "Red lyrium! Fenhedis lasa! How did I not see it earlier?" She put the half-eaten bread back on the tray and rushed back to a shelf. She pulled off a leather-bound book, and when she opened it, Dorian saw that it was full of her cramped yet fluidly loopy handwriting. He never could make heads or tails of it. "Dorian! Remember what Bianca said she discovered about red lyrium?"

"Not really, no," he admitted. "I was a little more concerned about the darkspawn."

"She said it has the Blight," the elf reminded him. "But the Blight only infects living things, right? Right." She was speaking quickly, as she tended to do when she got excited. She flipped through the journal. "Yes, here it is. When we discovered the existence of Titans with Valta off the Storm Coast. If Lyrium is the blood of Titans, and red lyrium is corrupted by the Blight, that can only mean one thing." She looked up from the journal, meeting his gaze. In her pale blue-green eyes, he saw a combination of nervous excitement and, possibly, a hint of fear. She hesitated, though, to speak it aloud.

"What does it mean?" he prompted, curious.

"The red lyrium is coming from a corrupted Titan," she reasoned. "There were no records of it until Varric and Hawke discovered the idol in the Deep Roads, after the Fifth Blight ended. What if something happened during the Blight... And the darkspawn corrupted one of the Titans?"

"There's a frightening thought," Dorian muttered.

"Fenhedis, but there's no way to find out more!" she said, frustrated. "No, wait. I can ask Josephine to send someone to Orzammar to ask King Bhelen about it. Or maybe one of Leliana's agents would be better... Did they even believe us when we reported about the Titan? Wait. Did we even tell them about it?"

Dorian watched her cram the bread into her mouth, fervently searching through her shelves for books that might help, and shook his head as he took his leave. An important conclusion, surely, but not one that he could help with. He wondered, though, if she could find some way to prove it.