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Little Hero Academia

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And that concludes our in-flight announcement passengers. Oh, and would the three foreign exchange students kindly calm down? ” blazed the intercoms of the airplane.


“He’s talking about you two,” muttered Todoroki, gazing outside the airplane’s window.


“Well how am I supposed to keep quiet when Deku won’t stop running his stupid little mouth!” yelled Bakugou, angry at the fact that he had to sit between the window and aisle while also having to travel alongside Deku for an extended period of time.


“I’m sorry!” squealed Midoriya, otherwise known as Deku, shaking his head back and forth in a typical fanboy manner.


Deku tried to string his words together. “It’s just that, we’re almost gonna be training with the Special Air Service for a whole month! They’re Britain’s greatest soldiers and they have the best training program for operators with quirks! Can you believe it? We’re only in high school and they...”


“I got it the first time! Shut up already!” roared Bakugou. “And besides, these special forces guys are just walking corpses. Their numbers are getting smaller while heroes get bigger.”


“You didn’t have to come along you know,” noted Todoroki.


It was almost as if Bakugou’s pupils suddenly vanished as he grabbed Todoroki by the arm. “Hey! If these assholes are only looking for the best then I gotta show them they made a mistake by thinking I’m on Deku’s level.”


Deku gulped, and the reactions from the passengers didn’t help either. For the duration of their flight, Deku would drone on about something he learned about Britain’s forces, which caused Bakugou to yell back at him, which in turn forced Todoroki to defuse the situation, only to anger Bakugou further. The three had been repeating this cycle for quite a while, to say the least.


Had they not been a quarter famous for their quirks, they would have probably been thrown out the airplane by now.


“And I’m sure we’re gonna have a great time,” added Deku with a nervous smile. “We get to go train at Hereford Base for a whole month! I heard they’ve got operators who can turn their fists into mallets, shoot out toxic smoke and disable all things electric with the blink of an eye.”


“Maybe we should’ve brought Kaminari then.” mused Todoroki, actually cracking a small gin.


Bakugou just hissed, which was the greatest thing the passengers could hope for. Deku and Todoroki knew that Bakugou would have probably preferred to stay in Japan rather than in Britain, but he just had to prove himself better than his classmates if he had been put on the same footing as them by another observer.


Deku focused his attention back to his history book on the SAS, from their activation in 1941 to the modern day dilemma of heroes versus traditional armies. The special forces in every nation had adapted the easiest to the changing times and were now almost entirely made up of those who had extraordinary quirks. Japan meanwhile, had all but gotten rid of their SDF in favor of full-time professional heroes.


Just as a few minutes of golden silence ensued, a sudden shock disturbed the plane.


Sorry about that passengers, we seem to have hit a little surprise turbulence, but nothing serious. ” noted the pilot on the intercom.


A few more seconds passed of Bakugou glaring, Deku reading, and Todoroki brooding, before the gang was approached by a rushing flight attendant whose name tag read Angie. The three thought they were done for given the noises they caused on the plane, but she didn’t seem to be in the scolding mood.


“Excuse me,” called out Angie, taking a deep breath to calm herself. “We are arriving at your destination.”


“Wait, what?” frowned Deku. That information would be something the pilot would announce to the whole plane.


“You mean the airport?” asked Todoroki.


“I mean the base you three exchange students are going to be training at of course.” chuckled Angie.


Todoroki raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?”


Angie nodded.


“But we’re nowhere near Hereford base!” noted Deku, pointing to a map. “We gotta make a transition first, so we should still be in..”


Deku was cut off by Angie. “Yes, we were surprised by this too, but our radar indicates that we are above the pickup point, so we must have had an error in our navigator.”


Angie clasped her hands. “Now then, we need you to get up so we can drop you off.”


Bakugou’s mouth dropped. “Um, I don’t know if you’ve noticed lady but we’re still miles off the ground.”


Angie sighed. “Yes, I can see that. We were supposed to brief you on this at the airport during your connection flight as a surprise, but that was when we counted on our faulty navigator. Now, come follow me.”


The trio reluctantly got up and reached for their carry-ons.


“Oh don’t worry about those,” assured Angie. “We’ll tie some parachutes alongside your luggage for the big drop.”


Now everyone at the plane was staring.


“Big drop?” gulped Deku.


“Mhm,” smiled Angie. “The SAS planned for you to airdrop onto their base for a test of some sort. Our plan was to drop you all off on our return flight when there were no passengers beside you on board, but we appeared to have accidentally entered their airspace.”


Another flight attendant was carrying over 3 bags which the trio immediately figured out were parachutes.


“We’re actually going to skydive to Hereford?” checked Todoroki.


“Yep, just like the SAS! Once I open the emergency exit you three are jumping out of here with your luggage!” confirmed Angie.


The three heroes were frozen in shock.


“There must be some other way! This is crazy!” noted Deku. He did technically have experience being high up in the air, but not like this.


“Come on Deku, if these assholes think we can’t do it then they wouldn’t have even asked,” argued Bakugou, grabbing a parachute from the other flight attendant.


“Besides, it is very illegal for us to enter SAS airspace unless it is about dropping you all off so you need to hurry before the airline lands in serious trouble,” added Angie.


“Well, I’d hate to cause an international incident,” shrugged Todoroki. Truth be told it was the least worrisome thing he would have to do in a while compared to previous incidents.


Deku put on his brave face. “Right, but isn’t this kinda dangerous with all the civilians around? Why didn’t we use an army plane or something?”


Angie laughed. “Well, the SAS wanted to test your ability to act in unorthodox situations where you’re thrust into the middle of military operations with little preparing, so they contacted our airline for assistance. We’ve already planned for the scenario if we had to drop you off with civilians on board, so don’t worry.”


“And how did you plan for that?” checked Bakugou.


“Why, my quirk is to keep an enclosed area pressurized. No one is flying out on my watch!” winked Angie.


“Alright, let’s do it,” gave in Deku, grabbing his parachute and putting it on as instructed.


“Now remember, the SAS are planning something for you when you land, so don’t expect a normal drop,” shrugged Angie.


“Nothing about this is normal,” whispered Deku under his breath.


Angie’s body glowed a bright pink and as did the rest of the plane’s interior, clearly the work of her quirk. They couldn’t feel a difference just yet, however.


Another flight attendant opened the door and the roaring noise of the winds flooded everyone’s ears. However, nothing went flying, nobody budged from their seats or reported any discomfort, indicating that Angie’s quirk was working as intended.


“Suitcases first!” yelled another flight attendant, and the rest of the team began throwing out the trio’s belongings in a speedy fashion. As they had parachutes attached to them too, no one had to worry about damaged items and lawsuits over that.


Todoroki looked out the window and bit his lip. “This really is it huh?”


Deku began gritting his teeth and nervously laughed. “Come on everyone, there’s gotta be a more reasonable way to…”


“Outta my way you damn nerd!” growled Bakugou, who assessed the drop for just a moment before he jumped out.


“Kaachan! Wait!” yelled Deku, who without thinking proceeded to jump out himself in an effort to catch up.


Todoroki sighed and followed them down too.


Once he jumped out, the three top students of Class 1A were all officially on their journey down to Hereford base to begin SAS training. Or so they thought.


On the plane, Angie closed the door and finally deactivated her quirk, the plane continuing on as if nobody had jumped off in the first place.


The voice of the pilot blared on the intercom once more. “ Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that the three annoyances are out of the plane and are the problem of the British Special Forces now.”


The passengers of the plane cheered in delight, before quieting down to enjoy a quiet flight without Deku or Bakugou yelling at each other and Todoroki accidentally making it worse.




Deku’s eyes watered as he plummeted down. He had jumped from extreme heights before but doing it out of an airplane was another issue. As he saw Bakugou and Todoroki falling with him, he began to think of the situation at hand, or at least tried to given the rush of events.


For starters, the three of them weren’t completely in danger of death even if their parachutes failed. Bakugou knew how to orient himself in the air with his explosions. Even if the wind wiped all of his sweat, Todoroki could similarly use his flames or ice powers to ease their way down. Deku himself could also use the force from his One for All Quirk to propel himself up in the air before hitting the ground.


Those were risky moves, and also still a last resort if their parachutes failed. Deku reasoned the SAS wouldn’t let them die early and that parachuting from a plane was designed to be the least troublesome activity they would accomplish during their time at Hereford.


And speaking of Hereford, Deku took a good look and what was below. Rather than a high tech military base with airplanes, tanks or helicopters lying about, he was looking at what appeared to be a castle, which he knew Britain was full of, but didn’t look like a training facility.


“GUYS!” yelled Deku.


“What is it now pipsqueak!” roared Bakugou, staring down at the landing zone.


“I didn’t hear anything about a castle at Hereford! I don’t think this is right!” screamed Deku, fighting back the tears in his eyes from shock.


Todoroki himself glanced down. “I’m with Deku on this one, that castle down below doesn’t scream military to me,”


“You idiots!” growled Bakugou. “British special forces dorks probably think they’re royalty! Of course these assholes get castle!”


Deku doubted it, but it did make sense that a group as elite as the SAS would probably have a castle of some sort for quirk based students. It just screamed British. Or maybe it was just a mock-up given that the three were apparently supposed to complete a test while parachuting or landing. Perhaps the real base was a short walk away.


Just before anyone else could make a comment, the three were suddenly jerked in the air for a moment as their parachutes automatically deployed, which at least saved them the trouble of figuring out when they should have activated them.


“So what’s the plan from here?” asked Deku, finally calming down.


“I think it’s a little easier to think while parachuting, but I don’t know,” said Todoroki, trying to get a good view of what was under his feet.


“What are you talking about? All we gotta do is find out what those special forces assholes want to challenge us with and get over it,” muttered Bakugou.


“What do you think that could be?” asked Deku.


“It’s probably an obstacle course. I figure that’s what castle is for. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used live bullets and working machines though.” guessed Todoroki.


That answer made sense to the three heroes. Para-dropping unprepared and surviving in hostile territory sounded like a cliche elite operator set up. Their whole drop from a civilian airliner also sounded like it was out of a movie the more Deku thought about it.


“Hey, do you guys see people on that castle?” remarked  Deku as he squinted his eyes while looking down. He made out several blobs on a platform that was directly under them and where it seemed they were supposed to land.


“Can’t tell from here, but it looks like it.” agreed Todoroki, making out several figures.


“Looks like they’re wearing blue, so those jerks think they’re gonna ambush us when we land,” added Bakugou.


Right when everyone thought they were in for a pre-rumble with Britain’s elite the three would have their supposedly real task laid before them.


The three heroes heard a large whooshing noise coming from above. They quickly glanced up and were shocked at the sight before them.


Multiple red creatures, each with wings and horns, which could only be classified as demons. Roaring, devilish, and fierce looking demons.


And they were heading straight at them.


“What-what-what are those?” cried Deku.


“That’s one tricked out quirk.” gasped Todoroki, wondering if it was an unreasonable number of people with the same quirk or a sort of projection. He also thought if they were mock-up robots.


Bakugou grinned. “Now that is the kind of training I like!”


Deku gritted his teeth as the entities roared and approached them. “Kaachan! We don’t even have a plan.”


“Oh come on Deku! If I was running a stupid boot camp I’d put my jarheads into the grinder first thing and see what they can do without a plan!” roared Bakugou.


Todoroki wanted to make a snide comment against Bakugou, but was too busy preparing his ice powers to face the demons. He didn’t know how they weren’t spotted before or what was the extent of the quirk they were facing, but he wasn’t about to take any risks.


Deku meanwhile was the most limited in terms of combat range. He could only helplessly watch as the demons soared towards him and charge up a part of his arm to smash them if he could. At the rate they were flying at though and with the obstruction from his parachute, it was not an ideal situation for his quirk.


Bakugou of course was preparing his explosions, but even he had to seem a bit of trouble keeping the sweat on his palms with all the wind wiping it away. Still, nothing could break his bloodthirsty smile.


As demons got closer and closer, the boys prepared to unleash everything they had. Their hearts raced with excitement at the prospect of this unique and difficult situation. This was their first chance to prove themselves to the special forces, and they weren’t about to mess it up.


Right as the closest demon got into range, however, it did the unexpected.


Ignore the three heroes and just fly completely straight down.


The rest followed it down.


Bakugou looked below his feet to see the demons swooping down towards the castle. His mouth was agape, angry at being denied the fight that looked so promising.


“What the hell, these are the worst demons ever!” screamed Bakugou.


Deku who had sighed with relief tried to reassure him. “C’mon maybe we’re supposed to face them on the ground so the SAS can watch us properly.”


“I think it would have made more sense to attack us while we were parachuting since we’re more vulnerable like that.” inferred Todoroki.


“Uh, baby steps?” shrugged Deku.


Todoroki raised an eyebrow as he watched the demons fly down. “They seem to be heading to some sort of raised platform. I think we need to para-drop there instead of the ground.”


“That’s what I figured, and I think I can see our luggage heading there too,” noted Deku, especially noticing how all their suitcases conveniently appeared to be heading straight for the platform too. He wondered if the people using their demon quirk were chasing their belongings, but that didn’t make sense and the demons just then zoomed passed the luggage as well.


“Well I ain’t letting those red freaks ignore me anyway!” declared Bakugou.


“And there’s a lot of freaks,” noted Todoroki, glancing at a large number of demons that were encircling a raised platform and blocking off most of the view. Getting closer didn’t seem to give anyone more clarity.


“I swear they’re probably just projections or androids,” insisted Deku. “Never seen this many people with the same quirk at once before, especially a demon one.”


“How flattering! They’re either letting us in on a secret quirk or summoned Satan’s spawn from hell just for us!” grinned Bakugou.


The nature of the demons aside, the landing would still be an issue. As they each thought of their own separate plans, it was just then that the boys heard what appeared to be a high pitched scream.


Deku tried to analyze what was happening, but the demons were so high in number that all he could see was red. He tried to recall the figures he saw on the platform, who didn’t seem to be operators now given that they were the ones certainly screaming in a rather high pitched voice.


“Any idea what that was?” asked Todoroki.


“Oh great,” winced Bakugou, impatient at the long time it was taking to land. “These dorks have a rescue mission planned for us.”