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Daughter of the Ancient Wolf

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"Why do you weep, little wolfling?" The ever-present and familiar voice of the creature inquired as the one it protected lifted her head from her arms with tears streaking down her cheeks and looked up into six pairs of curious blood red eyes that were set into a lupine face. 

"I am crying because...all those who I believed to be my friends... have proven themselves to not be..." She looked down towards her knees as the tears stung her eyes once more. "I feel alone in this world..." 

"But you are not. You have me."

"I know. But the only time I am able to see in my dreams when I am sleeping. The waking world... I am alone..." She told him as he moved to lay down and curled around her. 

"My offer still stands, little wolfling," He told her as she found herself automatically leaning against him. "I can bring you to my world. Teach you the ways of Old. Protect you and guide you more so then what I can now."

Her hand went to his shoulder as his head turned so he could look at her as she pet the soft ebony colored fur that she so dearly loved. "Let me think on it some more, at least until tomorrow night?" She inquired as he nodded. 

"Very well, little wolfling, tomorrow I will ask again." He promised as she continued to pet along his dark fur. 

"Will you tell me another one of your stories?" She asked of him as he thought for a moment. 

"I have told you all I can, wolfling."

"I don't mind repeated stories."

"Very well..." She snuggled close to him as he began a story. But soon he stopped and she opened her eyes.

"What is it?" 

"Someone has broken into your home. You must awaken, Ashamaya!"  The moment those words came from him, the young woman's eyes snapped open and she looked around and listened only to discover that the wolf was right. Careful to make no sound, Ashamaya slowly stood and began to head towards her closet but stopped in front of the large mirror the moment the footsteps drew nearer to her bedroom door. "Forgive me, little wolfling." She heard the voice of the wolf before she felt arms wrap around her and yank her back towards the mirror where instead of breaking the glass, she phased right through it.