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Sherlock gave it a critical look. "Are you, er, sure about this, John?"

His best friend patted the bronze statuette proudly. "Yup. Mary let slip that she went to Fort Pulaski as a kid and was really impressed by the cannons. So I had this one shipped here specially from their gift shop."

Sherlock glanced over at Molly, who shrugged and grimaced as if to say, who are we to burst his balloon? Unfortunately John caught the look. "What?" he demanded, clutching the cannon closer. "What did that mean, that look?"

With another glance at Sherlock, Molly walked over and laid a hand on John's arm. "John, you know Mary loves you, right? And you love her?" He nodded warily. "Well, the thing is…she also mentioned how glad she is not to have any reminders of her old life around, now that's she's made a new one she loves so much better. So if it was me, speaking strictly as a friend…"

"…you don't think Mary needs the cannon to know how much I love her," John sighed. He gave it one last, regretful look, then passed it over to Sherlock. "How about you, mate? Fancy a cannon?"

"Nah," Sherlock said, tossing it onto the sofa and pulling a giggling Molly into his arms. "I'll take a real relationship over a fake cannon any day."

John grinned as they kissed…but wondered what the heck to get his wife for their anniversary now.